of Selected Holy Messages

Translated by
Hum D. Bui, MD. and Hong D. Bui, M.D.

Edited by Ngasha Beck-Huy.

Table of Contents

1- What is the Tao?
2- Ly Thai Bach teaches about Sub dignitary election.
3- The Supreme Being teaches: If all the world practiced their faiths, the world could change the divine will.
4- The Supreme Being teaches: Visible matters may be destroyed, but the Nothingness couldn't be.
5- The 8th lady Immortal: The duty of virtuous person is to be selfless, to take care of the comfort of humanity.
6- The Supreme Being teaches: When you are successful, don't be hasty to express joy, when you fail, don't be hasty in your sorrow.
7- The Supreme Being teaches: Pay respect to Superior Spirits. Practice sincerity and justice.
8- The Supreme Being teaches: if the Tao was established late, there would be damage for humanity.
9- The Supreme Being teaches: Do not offend the Superior Spirits.
10- The Supreme Being teaches: You have to endure more sufferings in order to reach divine position.
11- The Supreme Being opens the female college.
12- The Supreme Being teaches: we must love and help each other.
13- The Supreme Being teaches self cultivation and performance of human duty in order to reach Nirvana.
14- The Supreme Being teaches that repentance is invaluable.
15- The Supreme Being teaches: Services to humanity need to be accomplished to attain noble divine positions.
16- The Supreme Being laments: Few persons bother to look for the holy way but many rush toward the evil way.
17- The Supreme Being teaches: If I do not found the Third Amnesty to save the predestined souls, the whole world would be destroyed.
18- The Supreme Being teaches: The Tao was founded to guide people back from the suffering world, but if they do not hurry to heed the Tao, they will be exiled into hell.
19- The Supreme Being teaches: You must endeavor to fulfill your special responsibility in order to attain a noble position.
20- The Supreme Being teaches: In following the path of the Tao, you will find a peaceful and contented life.
21- The Supreme Being teaches: With perseverance, you cultivate self in the Holy way, you will reach the noble position
22- The Supreme Being teaches: Be patient, maintain your virtue, be good moral examples for future generations, earn merit by serving humanity so that at the end of your life, you will be able to return to your spiritual origins.
23- The Supreme Being teaches: Try to cultivate yourself following religious rules in order to reach Nirvana.
24- The Supreme Being teaches: I founded the Great Way in the southern part of this country to compensate a country which has been greatly affected by My rage.
25- Teachings given by Quan Thanh De Quan, Quan Am, and Ly Thai Bach
26- The Supreme Being teaches: You have to put all your heart into spreading the Tao and to love and to help each other.
27- The Supreme Being teaches: Misery and disasters from East to West, according to divine arrangement, will befall cruel countries that have generated animosities in this world.
28- The Supreme being teaches: You have to work cooperatively with one another to walk the road to Eternity.
29- Ly Thai Bach teaches about the construction plan for the Holy See.
30- Ly Thai Bach teaches: In order to surmount difficulties, you must have perseverance and dedication and try to put the Tao above all.
31- The Supreme Being teaches: Use your merit to surmount obstacles and to reach Eternity.
32- The Supreme Being teaches: You should work harder in order to surmount difficulties.
33- Quan Am teaches female disciples: You have to cooperate with each other in order to guide future generations.
34- The Supreme Being teaches: You have to love and help each other while guiding humanity. If because of secular ambition, you become divided, hating and fighting each other, you would make poor examples to future generations.
35- The Supreme Being teaches: If the Tao were not created, people, because of their cruelty, would reincarnate again and again to pay their karma, and no one would be fully blessed.
36- The Supreme Being teaches: At the end of this 6th month, I will stop all initiation sťances, and from then on you have to use only your sincerity in order to spread the Tao.
37- Ly Thai Bach teaches: You should follow the holy teachings of the Great Mercy. You may submit to me the petition of promotion for whoever has closely followed the rules and regulations of the Sacerdotal Council.
38- The Supreme Being teaches: I use peace and tranquility to lead you on the divine road, but if dignitaries are concerned more about titles and positions than cultivation of virtues, their punishment would be doubled.
39- The Supreme Being teaches: I have trained each of you so that you will have all authority to realize the divine will to lead humanity and to spread the Tao to all the world. Whether you fail or succeed, I would wait until the end to judge on your accomplished work.
40- The Supreme Being teaches: In antiquity, many martyrs were not as well blessed and recognized as you are now. I just aspire you to love one another following My holy example. Love is the key to the thirty-six heavens, to Nirvana, and the White Jade Palace.
41- The Supreme Being teaches: Before I stopped the sťances, I had clearly given orders, but you did not deliver My words, and they became confused, it is your responsibility.
42- The Supreme Being teaches: I have worked hard to guide you in the Tao, and you keep giving Me disappointment every day. I wonder when you would succeed.
43- Nhan Am Dao Truong teaches: If you want to cultivate your virtues, you should start right at your heart.
44- The Supreme Being teaches: Anything consented to by all disciples pleases the divine will. I forbid you to set up sťances or automatic writings.
45- Ly Thai Bach teaches: If the title is granted to someone, this person would bear the title only, but there will never be two persons of the same title.
46- The Supreme Being teaches: Life is like an examination. If the examination is difficult, and yet you pass the examination with honors, your success would be more valuable.
47- The Supreme Being teaches: Each of you has an important responsibility to spread the Tao which, if you fail to fulfill, would lead to divine punishment according to the balance between your good and bad deeds.
48- The Supreme Being teaches: You should try your best to guide living being and fulfill your responsibility.
49- The Supreme Being teaches: I have treated all disciples as equals regardless of their titles
50- Teachings given by Thanh T‚m explaining the verses: No people walk the street or plough the field. No one is aware of the Tao; I fear for their destruction!
51- The Supreme Being teaches: I am grieved by the division among you.
52- The Supreme Being teaches how to refine sugar in comparing sufferings to black sugar.
53- Tieu Son Taoist teaches: Be cautious of your steps so that your efforts are not wasted.
54- Chon Cuc Lao Su teaches about the destiny of the Tao.
55- The Supreme Being teaches: You would be awakened, realize you have strayed, and return to the right path.
56- The Supreme Being teaches about the current situation of the Tao as a disease. Everyone likes to enjoy personal sovereignty and to fight against you.
57- The Supreme Being teaches about precept "Not to kill"
58- The Supreme Being teaches about precept "Not to steal"
59- The Supreme Being teaches about precept "Not to be obscene"
60- The Supreme Being teaches about precept "Not to be drunk"
61- The Supreme Being teaches about precept "Not to sin by words"
62- The Supreme Being teaches: Your self-cultivation of virtue is stalled so that the congregation would be shattered.
63- The Supreme Being teaches about the death of the Thuong Pham
64- The Supreme Being teaches: If you cannot love each other, I forbid you to hate each other.
65- The Supreme Being teaches: The practice of the Tao is the opposite of living the secular life in order to get closer to the divine illumination. You cannot practice the Tao and run after secular desires at the same time.
66- Nhan Am Dao Truong explains the verses The rooster in the cage, although being fully fed every day, would not know when it is going to be slaughtered, While the crane, although not having enough to eat, is able to fly freely in the sky.
67- The Supreme Being teaches: Try to cultivate your virtues in order to prevail against evils.
68- Quan Thanh De Quan teaches to return to the right path
69- Nhan Am Dao Truong teaches to be awakened and spiritually strong to avoid destruction.
70- Ly Bach teaches that The Tao is not a commodity that you have to sell.
71- Ly Giao Tong teaches: Because you bear a physical body, and therefore could not withstand the full measure of oppression. But for myself, no power of this visible world could touch me. I have to use my divine eyes to recognize the situations for you.
72- The Supreme Being teaches: Understanding the divine will, understanding yourself, and understanding living beings are the ways to find the bright torch of the noble Tao's lighthouse, guiding you out of the ocean storm.
73- Ly Giao Tong teaches that he takes the responsibility of the GiŠo TŰng to set out the stepping stones for all his younger brothers and sisters to reclaim their positions
74- The Supreme Being teaches the Sacerdotal Council to fulfill the duty assigned by Thai Bach. Any order from Thai Bach and the Ho Phap should be studied thoroughly and implemented by the Sacerdotal Council and High Council.
75- Nguyet Tam Chon Nhon teaches: Few souls appear at the gates of Heaven, but a myriad can be seen at the gates of Hell.
76- The 8th lady Immortal teaches about the Yin energy.
77- The 8th lady Immortal notifies about the final arrangements by the Supreme Being to preserve the destiny of living beings. The 6th lady Immortal teaches that all Superior Spirits are happy about the changes of the procedures.
78- Quan Am teaches: The most precious element of the Tao is harmony.
79- Quan Am teaches: According to the love of life of the Great Merciful Father, we have to open the heart to love all living beings because they are all created by the Merciful Father.
80- Quan Am teaches: You should participate in worship ceremonies frequently in order to be attuned to Superior Spirits, to pray to the Great Mercy to forgive you and all living beings, to be receptive to the Great Mercy, and to open the loving kindness.
81- Nguyet Tam Chon Nhon teaches: the Law is established. If you follow the laws, the organization would succeed; if not, it would fall into ruin.
82- The 7th lady Immortal teaches about the Yin energy
83- The Supreme Being teaches about spiritism (conscious and unconscious mediums)
84- The Supreme Being teaches about the curing diseases for living beings
85- The Cao Thuong Pham teaches: Please help people out from suffering. Don't make anyone suffer.
86- Thai Thuong Dao To teaches about some indispensable secret matters
87- Ly Thai Bach congratulates the Ho Phap for his patience and hardship in improving the congregation.