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Holy Letter Of His Holiness Thượng Sanh. 1

Foreword. 2

Confidence Of Shorthand Board. 4

01. Supreme Being’s Feast – Who Is The Supreme Being?. 6

02. Few Words To Caodai Militaries On Occasion Of Caodai Military Going To Battle  8

03. First Circle Ceremony: Our True Obligation Over Moral Principle  10

04. Feast Of Đức Thái Thượng – Taoism Anniversary - Word Of Cultivation  12

05. Quan Yin Buddha Feast, His Holiness Hộ Pháp Does Sacrament In Ceremony  17

06. Assembly About Phạm Worship House. 20

07. Đức Cao Thượng Phẩm’s Feast – Value Of Three Previous Things  23

08. Đức Cao Thượng Phẩm’s Feast – His Miseries And Great Merits Bequeathed  27

09. International Humankind’s Destiny. 28

10. Open Circle And Change World. 32

11. The Feast Of Sakyamuni Buddha And Female Cardinal Lâm Hương Thanh  35

12. The Dead Anniversary Of Female Cardinal Lâm Hương Thanh – Remind Her Merit And Property  38

13. Our Legitimate Mission To All Living Creatures. 41

14. The Caodai Military Celebrate The Birthday Of His Holiness Hộ Pháp -His Reply- 44

15. The Word ‘Cultivation”. 45

16. The Word “Belief”. 50

17. Difficulty Of Religious Faith. 54

18. Law Of Causality. 57

19. Three Educations: Physical Education, Intellectual Education And Moral Education  60

20. We Should Form The Value For Honorary Dignitaries. 62

21. Feast Of Quan Thánh Đế Quân – Power Of Third Governor 67

22. Do Deliverance Mystery For Justice Commissary Phạm Ngọc Trấn  71

23. Middle Circle Ceremony Is The Day To Pray For Souls. 73

24. The Feast Of Universal Mother Goddess [Diêu Trì Kim Mẫu] As The Great Mercy Mother 76

25. The Feast Of Universal Mother Goddess [Diêu Trì Kim Mẫu] 78

26. The Union Ceremony With Universal Mother Goddess [Diêu Trì Kim Mẫu] 79

27. Feast Of Spiritual Pope As Our Eldest Divine Brother 82

28. The Confucius’s Feast – His Religious Doctrine. 86

29. Two Poems Of Seventh Immortal And Eighth Immortal At The Opening Time Of Caodaism   89

30. Ancient Phrase: “Unique Heart, Unique Virtue”. 92

31. Religion Over Modern Civilization. 95

32. Tomorrow Is The Feast Of Interim Pope Thượng Trung Nhựt 98

33. The Supreme Being’s Religion Reaches One Further Age. 104

34. Extraordinary Power Of Faith. 107

35. Sketchy Explanation About Five Branches Of Great Way: Buddhism, Taoism, Saint Way, Human Way  109

36. Mass Of Welcoming The Divine Spirits Coming In New Year 115



Thiển nghĩ đến lời Thánh Ngôn Đức Chí Tôn truyền dạy: “Vậy Thầy khuyên các con đứa nào có trí lực bao nhiêu khá đem ra mà thi thố, chớ đừng sụt sè theo thói nữ nhi, vậy cũng uổng cái điểm linh quang của Thầy ban cho các con lắm. Các con hiểu à”. [Thánh Ngôn Hiệp Tuyển Q.I]. Với lòng trắc ẩn, ưu tư về mối Đạo vàng, người dịch chí nguyện truyền tải lời vàng, tiếng ngọc của Đức Hộ Pháp hầu đóng góp vào cơ xiển dương phổ hoá triết lý của Đại Đạo. Với tài hèn, sức mọn trước biển Đạo Pháp vô biên, người dịch không sao tránh khỏi sự sơ thất trong việc chuyển dịch. Ước mong sao tài liệu này sẽ được những bậc cao minh xem xét, tu chỉnh, hoàn thiện để dâng lên Hội Thánh Đại Đạo.



I think about the teachings of Supreme Being: “So I advise you that whoever has mental power much or less, he should use, do not be shy like female characters. That is very useless regarding to the sacred light blessed by ME” [Collection of Divine Messages, Volume I]. By compassion to precious Religion, I wish to translate preachments of His Holiness Hộ Pháp, containing sublime philosophies in order to contribute propagation to Great Way. Due to limited ability in infinite Tao, I may not avoid error in translation. I wish to be corrected by intellectuals, so that the book will be respectfully submitted to Sacerdotal Council of Great Way.


 Khai Tâm Quách Minh Chương

Holy Letter of His Holiness Thượng Sanh.






No.: 121/TS


( 45TH YEAR )





Respectfully addressed to: Hiến Pháp [Juridical Renovator]

Chief of Justice Department

Ref.: Sage letter No.: 15/ĐS dated 12th June 1970

Dear Gentle Brother,

In according with your suggestion, I agree to let Department of Religious History publish to propagate His Holiness Hộ Pháp’s Preachments from 1946 to 1955 at Tây Ninh Holy See.

Selected lessons for publishing must be censored by Bible Censoring Department.



Holy See, 14th May Year of Dog

(17th Jun. 1970)





These preachments in this book are the precious speeches of His Holiness Hộ Pháp, a Head of Great Way - Third Period - Universal Salvation, a great man of generation, so the edition and collection Board was founded with Đức Thượng Sanh’s agreement to promote the edition and collection toward those Preachments. Now, this work has been obtained a satisfactory result, consequently the Board carries out to print for all followers to comprehend these precious speeches.

In the History Religion Board of Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation, the Easter-Wester, ancient and modern books in library are available for researchers and believers. The books of “Preachments” of His Holiness Hộ Pháp will be stored in this Library for readers coming to study.

His Holiness Hộ Pháp is one of predecessors founding the Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation, who firstly implemented Three Ways: “Virtue way, Service way, Speech way”.

About the Virtue way, He is the first person who followed sacred call to found a Religious source for all humankind to enjoy the great favor of the God - Supreme Being.

About Service way, He both did the virtue way and did service of founding religion. From nothing, he created the material things, held the winds to create a Great Work of Religion on this earth. If he was not a Venerable Man, how could he be successful?

About Speech way, He handed over the precious speeches in Preachments that we are reading. The readers and all followers should pay attention that there are other sublime teachings.

For the sake of Juridical Renovator [Hiến Pháp] of Divine Alliance Palace [Hiệp Thiên Đài] holding the position Chief of Religion History Board, I respectfully introduce this precious book to the readers that these book are worthy to be handed down forever.

Yours sincerely.

Juridical Renovator Trương Hữu Đức.





For each chaos, it is the time books become bait for the fire. Looking back the history: events of “Part of Books”, appropriations of book happened as a corollary toward history events. This status has been lasting for era; those are the methods of malefactors in targets for carrying out the Ignoramus Policy and Strict Acculturation.

Those sad experiences are reasons pushing us to try to carry out collecting these documentaries.

We think that: “If documentaries of prayer-book were just stored in a concentration place, it could not prevent cruel people destroying books”. Consequently, we have decided to make many copies for many entrusted people who were faithful to the Religion to be able to die in order to preserve Immortal’s speeches that He represented the God to preach the Tao.

If the situation changes unfortunately, the separations of books will happen again. We think that among these separations of books, some will be fully kept by the enthusiastic people.

This work is not a work of a person or an association but a work of nameless persons devoting all abilities in order to serve the preserve ideal for the dogmas tradition of Caodaism. While this book is giving to you, there are some passionate persons exhaustedly slump down in acting this ideal.



Our action was not a superficial idea in a short time, but an aspiration during the chaos. We always prayed the Supreme Being and Mother Buddha/Holy Mother to be blessed that we could a fortune chance to act that aspiration.

Nowadays, the vista of the sky has been bright, the aspiration has been completed. We would like to fully submit to the Sacerdotal Council all documentaries written and collected by us in years with following up the purpose of preserving the precious speeches of His Holiness Hộ Pháp.

From this time, the copyright fully depends on the Sacerdotal Council. We would like to hope that the Sacerdotal Council authorize to be censored and published so that everyone can know the cherish teachings of His Holiness Hộ Pháp that He loved to teach us when He was here, on this earth.

Holy See, 15th June Bính Ngọ/Horse Year (1966)

Shorthand Department











At Holy See, 8th January Nhâm Thìn year [1952]


Tonight is the feast of Supreme Being. Who is the Supreme Being? Bần Đạo/I will explain and repeat, so that His children believe Him to be saved.

We call the Supreme Being as the Jade Emperor. Although races and nations on this earth call Him under different names, the Ruler of Universal power, who masters our physical body and soul is the incomparable Spirit that human always recommend our spirit to Him. By this occasion, Bần Đạo/I preach why the human always seeks the Tao from the time of creation to this time. What is the “Tao” that we must seek it? Do they know the word of Tao when they named it? Indeed, their search is to seek the principle, which produced them. It means that it is the sovereignty power creating their physical body and soul. It is unnecessary to repeat the meaning of Tao because all you heard and understood what the Tao is.

Actually, Bần Đạo/I would like explaining clearly why the human tries to seek the Tao: as being a human on this earth, we understand ourselves that: if the sovereignty forces us to live to nourish this physical body, to endure sufferings; we will never accept it. For that reason, we are born and know our sovereignty, which contains enough ability to control our soul on this earth. However, we endure pains and we want to understand that value for the Tao. For what purpose do we study that value? We do to solace our spirit under the “Four Noble Truths” of Buddhism bequeathed that we have received them and we cannot deny them. We are miserable, but we do not know where we can recommend our spirit. Our fellows should have taken a pity for our pains to love us, to seek methods to solace us. For our misery, they do contrarily that they do not love us. Consequently, we have to seek the solace method.

Now, whom do we seek to recommend our spirit for our pains? We seek persons, who have enough ability to solace us. We make questions, we obviously answer them: We do not know the Sprit creates us, but we understand that He is the Supreme Divine Being holding the universal power. We assert surely that He creates us, creates our physical body and soul. We know that we have a direction only; we do not understand the reason why we are born here; we endure sufferings and we seek the person who creates us to recommend our spirit to him. If that Spirit exists as our spirit has guessed, that Spirit carries the obligation to solace us because He creates and masters us. He is not our lord of our physical body but He has the power to dominate and punish us, has the right to destroy this physical body and to sink our soul down the hell. That Spirit hacccccccccccccccccs such this power. Whom should we select another person except Him to recommend our spirit?

Actually, with an earthly heart, although people disgrace and deny Him and although that Spirit exists or now; we recommend our spirit containing sufferings on this earth to Him that nobody upholds, solaces. We still recommend our spirit to Him. We always assert that: He master us and we recommend us to Him, who grants us the sovereignty, ability and solace method for our spirit.

Our spirit recommendation to Him means that we seek the Tao.


At Great Terrance of Universal Concord, 8th January Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

Bần Đạo/I would like to great all Guests to make this ceremony more solemn. Bần Đạo/I feel sorry, now because Bần Đạo/I have many necessary issues to express to Caodai Militaries, as youths of Caodaism. Bần Đạo/I am sorry because Bần Đạo/I need to talk to my children, as militaries at this important time.

Children! I/Master often tell you that: no better bliss of Father or Master can be compared with the bliss that He sees the achievement of children or students. Bần Đạo/I have an honor to say the thanks to all children. Children! You have also known that the morality does not belong to whichever family or society, race but it is the public legacy of whole humankind. Your Caodaism also used the moral spirit from the creation of mankind, in order to create an essence to harmonize the humankind’s psychology.

Why is there this present assembly? We also see that the humankind separates in mutual rancor because of different ideal.

A question is made that what have people done and sought. One noble purpose is that we have been awake: the great family of humankind is unique and necessary. They must do how to induce humankind to unite to become a great family. That is the pursuing purpose of societies and humankind at this time. The United States Association is the great family of world that they try to carry out this purpose that they make the humankind, races without a discrimination of skin on this earth united together in one to be a great humankind family. Therefore, we can see that they go to a worthy that united states are the international united association.

Children! Your society is the national society of all human beings. The Bảo Đại Emperor has ever said, it means that He tried to display our ancient civilization of Ancestors as a basis to have a method to unite you in a great National family in Vietnamese race, which means that it belongs to all human beings. You are the blood brothers under His initiated doctrine to make Vietnamese race gradually to become a part of Religion, to bring the humankind to the same blood relationship, to lead humankind to the world concord. Only that method brings the peace to the humankind.

As there are not the united spirit, common consent, common ambition, common authority, common position; they must fight together. That fight seeds pains for humankind that you can see in front of your sight. I/Master am due to the Head of State’s tendency, therefore I/Master hope that you can take it as a medium, so that your whole race knows that on day, you can unify the great national family with the great humankind family to take them to the condition of world concord and peace.

Bần Đạo/I can see your ability and Bần Đạo/I felt honorable and happy when I see that you have behaved your compatriot in love. Bần Đạo/I may say that: Bần Đạo/I do not feel disappointed about the important future because Bần Đạo/I entrusted, wished you to execute it so that the humankind can live peacefully.


At Holy See, 14th January Nhâm Thìn year [1952]


Today is the fifteenth of lunar month of First Circle [Thượng Ngươn]. By this important occasion to pre-dead and post-dead Souls, Bần Đạo/I preach the topic of our true obligation over the moral principle; it is over the whole humankind on this earth.

Indeed, an individual has an honorable right, as the right to become a member of humankind. We are a part of two thousand five hundred million persons on this earth. In order to know our true obligation over two thousand five hundred million persons on this earth, which we used to call it as World, at least, we have to know what the World is, to specify our true obligation over them under standard point in our special obligation. If we do not know the value of humankind, it is afraid that we do not know our value too.

The Supreme Being kept in his heart. Consequently, He takes His Divine Teaching to come to establish His true doctrine, in order to create the real throne for His children. For His children’s real throne, from the ancient time to this time, the humankind has understood it a little bit. Our Orient civilization bequeathed under very meaningful speeches. They are “Thiên Hạ”. “Thiên Hạ” contains a clear meaning the lower God. “Thiên” is the God. “Hạ” is “lower”. The lower God is the God, who is next the upper God. “Thiên Hạ” is the humankind, which expresses the mankind’s special obligation on this earth.

What throne does the Supreme Being want to save for humankind? What is their obligation that they must execute? From the world creation to this time, we have seen the humankind’s history research documentation and have known that if although somebody wants to deny his life, it is impossible. Why is it? It is because of that he received a divine light of spirit from the Supreme Spirit, who had granted it to them, so that humankind evolves from human position to a sublime power to be a visible God on this earth.

We know that the Supreme Being lets them be a visible God on this earth. For meaning of that obligation, Bần Đạo do not need to explain it again, I want Supreme Being’s children to study. As we call the Spirit creating the Universe, as the Lord of Universe, Master of Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha with a noble, glorious, and incomparable power, therefore Bần Đạo/I assert surely that the inferior God also has such a power as the Supreme Spirit. Consequently, the Supreme Being as the Creator of Universe wants and grants them to obtain such throne and value. By clearer way, the throne value of humankind is the throne of visible God on this earth. When looking at their authority and throne, we can know our obligation that we must become a servant to serve that Spirit only, but we never want to be their lord. Many persons have tried to get near to become the lord of whole humankind on this earth by weapons, by cruel methods, by occupying the weak persons as their slaves. They only make up a minority. If the humankind wants to reach that throne of lord, their Lord will be able to decide their life and death.

We find that on this earth, there is no difference among races with different color skin. For humankind, they are our fellows. The humankind is our great family, blood brothers and we do not have the right of lord except that we are servants according to the Supreme Being’s Holy will only. Whenever the humankind does not keep the Supreme Being’s law of love, as the natural law in their mind, they will not be brave yet to shoulder their servant obligation to serve the humankind a successfully, happily, honorably, in order to help us live together to enjoy a peace on this earth. To become a Lord, we must execute the psychology peace firstly and conformation peace secondly. However, only Love of Supreme Being put in mind as a medium tool to guide and support them helps them enjoy that bliss.



At Holy See, at night of 14thJanuary Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

Today is the feast of Đức Thái Thượng [太上老君. He is the Lao-Tzu], as the anniversary of Taoism. By His Fest, Bần Đạo/I continue to preach the word “Cultivate” that Investigator Trấn [Truyền Trạng Trấn, the Dignitary of Divine Alliance Palace] preached it last time. That preachment got missing points; however the main subject was explained correctly. In his conclusion, he said: only the path of cultivation can guide the humankind to the purpose of world concord, to bring the peace for humankind. This point is right. The preachment about the word “Cultivate” missed many points.

We see that people detach the word “Cultivate” into two directions as the metaphysical direction and physical direction. They are the Materialism and Spiritualism, which are often mutually contrary. Why does the Communism and Society doctrine of whole humankind appear on this earth?

Actually, Bần Đạo/I incidentally explain the word “Cultivate” clearly and study the humankind’s direction. What subject must we group it? It is a subject that from the ancient time to this time, Ancestor, Sage, Saint, Immortal, Buddha established Religions and composed many dogmas, books, but it is impossible to express fully. Consequently, I never express that subject fully when standing at this pupil.

Bần Đạo/I only explain its essence. What are the Materialism and Spiritualism? We study their principle and study why two principles appear. According to Buddhism’s prayer, we know that the mankind appeared on this earth one hundred eighty three million years. We discuss its principle in fifty million years only; the essence of mankind is the animal nature as other animals. However, in their animal nature, the Supreme Being fixes their Holy destiny. They contain two parts of nature, which are animal Nature and nature of God.

We mention the animal nature; its nature is like an animal. Its nature forces it to earn living when it feels hungry, to seek clothes when it is cold, to seek method for bliss when it is miserable, and to seek something to make its earthly life happy when it is difficult. When it desires something, it must seek method to be satisfied. That satisfaction is the nature of animal.

It is born on this earth to sustain the natural law as Four Noble Truths much less. It obviously seeks method to escape from the miserable condition. To quit from the misery and seek bliss for conformation, it will never become possible that it never enjoy the bliss from its conformation always enduring sufferings. It means obviously that its animal nature comes to endure misery. Therefore, that wish is opposite to the divine law, which fixes its nature.

Actually, when it still maintains the animal nature and it wants to be satisfied for its animal nature, its personality will be destroyed, its personality will not be preserved long; the celestial life does not have preservation method; its spirit does not have method to control it. Consequently, it must become an animal. Thus, the Religions and doctrines seek methods to dominate its animal nature according to its real existence. It means that they seek methods to preserve its life of animal nature according to the personality. In order to execute that issue, it must solve its misery. If it wants to quit from the misery, it has one path of preserving its spirit, which means that this is a good method to protect its Celestial life.

Actually, it masters its animal nature to take care of Celestial life. It means that it must cultivate and train its conformation and spirit to escape from the animal nature to preserve its personality. It means to preserve the Celestial life. That is called as “Cultivate”. The cultivation and perfection are to essentially escape from the animal nature to protect its personality.

According to “examine matters to penetrate all things thoroughly” to debate the metaphysical issue, we see that this animal [refer the human body] has a same life in all things when it stays awake. The law of all things forces it to earn living in all things to preserve its life. According to material dharma over its animal nature, it wants to escape from the animal nature because it is extremely aggressive and violent, unfaithful. The inborn nature, as the Celestial life cannot control it sometimes. The human sometimes feels that he cannot win his animal nature. Therefore, the human seeks the metaphysical path. When this animal stays awake, it is very aggressive and violent to protect its life. When it sleeps, it means that it becomes calm without cruelty to dominate its animal nature to reduce its violence. It is same to us that when we stay awake, we seek all methods to preserve our life, to preserve our bliss on this earth. However, seeking that bliss is same to our dream. When we sleep, we are solaced. When we stay awake, our spirit always falls into the miserable condition. For this staying awake, the metaphysical doctrine contains two equivalent theories. From the ancient time to this time, is there any doctrine, which explains it? We see minority of doctrines only. We see the doctrine of “couple cultivation of life and nature” clearly. We can say that those two doctrines are same to the theory of Pythagore and Supreme Being. The Pythagore used the theory of “examine matters to penetrate things thoroughly” as a basis to reach the metaphysics theory while the Sakyamuni Buddha used the metaphysics as a basis to examine matters. We see that those two doctrines are opposite. We also see that the Pythagore could not hold matter. we know that the Pythagore never holds it actually. It does not contain its conformation. That doctrine reckons that the life of all things on this earth comes from the appearance from invisible world, which means that the metaphysics is the basis of “examine matters to penetrate things thoroughly”; if there was the “examine matters to penetrate things thoroughly” in that doctrine, we would never meet together. Therefore, He bequeathed the word “Dyade” that Bần Đạo/I explained this word this noon, but most Vietnamese have not translated clearly. When Bần Đạo/I hear the word “Dyade”, I think that we have opportunity to clarify the metaphysics, which means that we meet Him by using the word “Dyade”. That word has not been cleared up.

Actually, the Supreme Being’s speech on this earth includes two methods that the metaphysics and hyper-material also exist in Caodaism. Why is it? It is because there is one Tao and He comes alone. All His children reincarnate on this earth firstly and He comes later. He unites His children into one Holy Body [Thánh Thể]. He asks them to offer Three Germs [Tam Bửu] as physical body, perisprit, spirit. It means that they must offer their life to Him, so that He makes the word of “Gas” [], after that, He turns back that “Gas” word of Universe by granting the life to humankind, so that they cultivate and perfect themselves. He asks all people to offer their physical body to Him, then, He turns back the Universal life to them, so that they can live to be His Holy Body. We image that one day, all human beings become members of His Holy Body to serve all Living Creatures [Vạn Linh], which means that they serve the humankind, unite all minds and spirits to offer to Him. At that time, there is no obstacle that the humankind will reach a greatest importance and people will have one great family as the Supreme has been wishing.



At Holy See, 18th February Nhâm Thìn year [1952]


For every Great Ceremony, from 12am to 2am, during 2 hours, if you worn such this martial vestment with a string roped like me, would you be able to sustain? From attendance time to end of ceremony, I am never idle but I always do sacrament incessantly. When the ceremony finishes, I go to pulpit to preach for Supreme Being’s children. One day, if I am advanced in years, I will not be able to do perhaps because I cannot stand and sustains more.

The sorrowful issue is that I look at followers, who are lazy to attend ceremonies. How disheartened! Bần Đạo/I remind you finally. For such Great Ceremony, if Bần Đạo still find laziness Supreme Being’s children, Bần Đạo/I will not preach. This time is final.

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach the very important topic: Does the Tao seek human or human seek the Tao? From the ancient time to this time, many people know that naturally: All natural laws of universe [Yin Yang] are the Holy will predetermined of Great Merciful Father. The natural law of creator forces us to admit His essential and important law. Among all living beings having the life, we see that we are the first rank because we are more miraculous than all things. Therefore, when we are youth, we are not enough learned, and we often follow a law that we seek our life only because method of our life protection is the natural law predetermined. When we seek life, we naturally do how to can exist. It means that we do not bear other people for life. By clearer explanation, it is the play of fighting for life that Bần Đạo/I have preached the basic reason of humankind on this earth to specify their future destiny. That essence is most important. If bearing the life, they exist together. If they fight for life, they self-exterminate together.

Actually, what is the research for Tao? It is to escape from the animal nature to preserve our celestial life. Despite of individual, humankind, they are dominated all by one law only.

At last time, Bần Đạo/I preached two forms: our Physical body and Soul. They must associate together closely to moderate together on the path of perfection, which means that for our Way, we have the couple perfection of nature and life because we know that our nature still remains the animal nature in this physical animal body. Therefore, we must seek method to escape from it, not to let its power dominate us, but we must obtain the incomparable divine spirit. We have a same form compared with the Supreme Spirit, which means that we have the same form with the Tao. The Tao is an organ that whole humankind has been seeking from the ancient time to this time. What do they seek when they want to seek Tao? They seek the Tao to obtain the delivery dharma for their reincarnation. The Buddhist seeks method to destroy their karma to reach the deliverance. What is the purpose of reaching the deliverance? It is to obtain the throne of Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha to have a same form with the Supreme Being, in order to hold power of Universe. That is meaning of desire of humankind seeking the Tao from the ancient time to this time.

The query is that if they have sought it yet. We make an ambiguous question. The Spirits who obtained dharma are Religious Heads. How are about their disciples after they left this world? We make a query if they also obtained throne as their masters. All you surely think with an ambiguous query. At this time, Bần Đạo/I standing at this pulpit am a person, who have a most steadfast faith compared with humankind, but Bần Đạo/I still make such an ambiguous query. Consequently, there has been anybody who obtained the deliverance yet.

What purpose do we need to obtain the deliverance for? It is to reach thrones of Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha as God too. Is it right? All of us agree that is it right. At this time, the Universe Ruler, as the Lord of Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha comes to us, brings His thrones to each child. That throne is His supremely Holy throne. He comes to use our physical form to be parts of His Holy Body. If we base on that truth for research, we will see that: the God coming to us is the God on this earth. Nine Immortal ranks in His Holy Body are Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha that He places at our hands all. The reason is that the Tao seeks us, but we do not seek the Tao. At the ancient time, many Spirits desired to see as we see now and they wished to have a condition as us. However, they were impossible while we are possible now.

Actually, Bần Đạo/I assert that people sought the Tao very hard long since, but we see that the Tao comes to us at this time.

In this noon, brothers talked about Tao together. We were reminding Him, He came to moan that:

“Hoarse chuckle and cry because of loving you,

Not want one child lost, completely pitiful herd.

Not wait to lean against stick due to the aged,

Humour stupid children to get such this plight”

He feels pitiful for us that children as humankind are sinful under karma circle. He Himself leans a stick to come to His children. Firstly, He seeks method to destroy their sins. Secondly, He seeks to the deliverance dharma, in order to place at their hands. If all His children from Disciples to Canonized Dignitaries do not reach divine throne, the dishonor will be infinite when we return the Divine World to Eternal Life because we will see that our friends will be waiting us in the Divine World. There is nothing, which is worst than the impossibility of dharma obtainment.



At Enlightenment Palace, 25th February Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

Today, Bần Đạo/I attend this assembly under the capacity of Phạm Công Tắc, not Hộ Pháp. Bần Đạo/I come to my Family and just use a blood relationship for behavior.

For the Way aspect, the Phạm Worship House [“Phạm” is the family name of His Holiness Hộ Pháp] was initiated by my seventh brother and sixth sister. Bần Đạo/I entrust authority to them fully. We consider that they are our elder brother and sister because of age and virtue over our Family. Bần Đạo/I determine to entrust both of them to execute the Human Moral. The filial piety is at the head. Without the filial piety, we cannot do other things. We want a Religious work, which is perfectly good, perfectly beautiful and great and we want that the reputation exists on this earth steadfastly. That is our great work. For the work of spirit morality, our ancestors say that: “Cultivate oneself on religious path to bequeath reputation on earth”. We can cultivate ourselves to establish the reputation, but in order to execute it, we must fulfill the filial piety firstly. The filial piety is the first basic facture. If we can establish our Worship House of Phạm, there will have many useful things in Phạm Families existing everywhere. All you know that the family of Phạm Vi, Phạm Đăng is not strange. The Phạm family has been worshipped at altar in the Southern Court capital. Consequently, our Phạm family exists sparsely everywhere from South to North. We do consider our Family in North because it came from China. Our Family still maintains in Northern Three Provinces, which are the China that our blood still exists there.

The Phạm Worship House establishment is not only for the Caodaism or Vietnam. We can direct Northern Vietnam, China and Family at seashore. Thus, it is a great organ. Our first piece of brick placed here is only a first step. Bần Đạo/I assert the future of worship house that if we believe the granted favor of Supreme Being at this time, in our Family, it appears a person, who holds the Religion completely, which is the Ancestor Religion of Vietnam. We can understand that noble favor that we do not need show off. 

The Phạm Family does not unite all Families but it just displays the filial piety, so that hundred Families imitate it. Bần Đạo/I assert that we are very bad because we lack responsibility to the secular aspect. A few of brothers and sisters is noble and luxurious. Most of them are poor painful that we cannot deny this issue. If we establish the Phạm Worship House as the common house for them at this period, our descendants of next generation will inherit a great work, as a basis for them. When they see that their Family is not vile, their get a solace to live truthfully not to become vile. At that time, our Family can avoid their inhumanity. If they inherit this great work, they will not deny the Caodaism. I am sure that this first piece of brick never gets failure. I dare to say this issue surely and our Family also desires it very much. We understand the Tao and we execute this, which means that we execute the great duty to our Family according to the filial piety.

Actually, we do this because of filial piety. The filial piety is the top of all human behaviors. In the Religious gate, if we cannot execute the filial piety, we are a statue of wood that I am sure that it never becomes useful. We depend on this school of Worship House to be steadfast or weak in the Caodaism gate. The Supreme Being has granted the first school in the religious gate to make reputation bequeathed to next generation, to make Family extremely infinite glorious. We only behave together steadfastly, hold special bless favor granted in the Buddha Gate, hold the bliss eternally. That is the infinite bliss. The Family’s bliss is so great that everybody sees that and hundred other Families imitate. It is good or bad; you should draw a first stroke.

Actually, the younger brothers of hundred Families do badly because there is not any Worship House, which worships their Ancestors forever. Until now, we can see that people do reverse. However, the framework of Families in China is still intact, steadfast and unshakeable. We see that they see the Tao in Religious faith by their heart. The Phạm Family is steadfast because the Family framework is completely dutiful, solid without upset. Therefore, there is no force, which can destroy this family. 

For long since, the Caodaism has been leaning on the Family as a basis for Caodaism. From this time, we will push it more to be more magnanimous. You do not do according to the Religion but you do due to the Family. When you do, hundred Families also imitate. One day, persons who do not follow Religion, will return their Family. Your establishment for this Worship House is the indirect merit over the Caodaism. You do not miss the Way. In contrary, your merit is great in Caodaism gate. 

There is one essential issue that I let your authority discuss together for election. From this time, we start for assemblies in this family. The family register starts to admit. For the family registers that people come to admit, we admit in a common register.



At Enlightenment Palace, 25th February Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

Tonight, by this occasion of His Holiness Cao Thượng Phẩm’s feast, Bần Đạo/I preach the value of Three Previous Things, also point out the meaning the Sacerdotal Council over the Supreme Being.

From the antiquity to this time, humankind always worships the Creator forming the Universe. At the time of antiquity, the humankind thought simply that we only worshipped the Spirit, who created Universe. Although humankind’s mind to live and admit that power only, they lived together and admitted that Spirit only. They did not who Supreme Being was. After that, one Spirit pointed out clearly that the Great Merciful Father of All Living Creatures was the Supreme Being. That Spirit is the Jesus Christ. In Three Precious Things, they show the humankind’s things offered to the Supreme Being.

At the beginning stage, the humankind used sacrifices that they thought they were precious, to offer to that Spirit. Their sacrifices are very different from the meaning of three precious things. Bần Đạo/I give examples: At the antiquity, what did they offer to Supreme Being? The sacrifice used in the antiquity to the Supreme Being was human’s life. When humankind got miserable or got disasters in their state, they used life, which were persons to offer to Supreme Being. When humankind’s spirit reached a higher level, they selected thing with a value and meaning, which were same to human’s life to offer to Supreme Being. It means that they offered Three Lives. We consider the Heaven Worshipping Ceremony, at the antiquity, the Emperors offered three things to the Supreme Being: buffalo, pig, goat considered as Three Lives. For next time, the Supreme Being got a converse with the Catholicism, not to offer life of animal anymore; the Jesus Christ offered His physical body as a sacrifice of animal to Supreme Being. It means that He endured the torture and died on the Cross to be a sacrifice of animal to offer to the Supreme Being, so that the Supreme Being saves humankind from their sins. We have known long since that when humankind progresses their civilization, the sacrifice to the Supreme Being becomes different. Nowadays, the Supreme Being comes and asks us to offer Three Precious Things to Him: Physical Body, Gas and Spirit.

He uses Follower, Alcohol, Tea to replace them. Bần Đạo/I image that it does not contain meaning. Alas! It is so great if Supreme Being’s children know what He needs. For the Physical Body, He asks us to offer our body, which is our life on the earth to Him, so that He uses it as a tool to serve His children; it is the follower; we must offer our body, which must be fine, fragrant, clean, pure and precious as flowers. We must know that He wants us to be clean and pure because He wishes His children to love together, to cultivate our nature to be like followers to be worthily Holy Body, in order to serve His children.

About Alcohol, He uses it to represent our perisprit, as our wise mind aspect. He shows the image of wisdom because He wants that His children’s mind must become the tool for Him. Whenever all His children get wise to replace Him to serve humankind, we can say that: we know nothing beside the divine mission that the Supreme Being assigned us. Whenever the humankind can say that verse, it means the humankind offers very precious things to Supreme Being. 

About Tea, He uses Tea to represent the spirit [soul]. He asks to combine all souls to become a mass. Whenever, humankind unifies all spirits in one, this spirit will become a sample of spirit for humankind. Whenever, all His children can show the humankind’s image of spirit, His Holy Body can serve all living creatures, as His children well and happily. On that day, we can say that: the humankind can enjoy His special favor. Just by that way, people can reach the peace and world concord. For Three Precious Things in Sacerdotal Council, all our brothers, sisters and younger ones are the Physical Body, as His Form on this earth. The Supreme Being’s form includes these all. Whenever the humankind’s mind appears and says that the unique Tao contains the Celestial Tao and Human Way united in one and whenever, the humankind understands that they come with a mission to beautify the humankind’s life to reach point of bliss, in order to preserve the life of all living creatures in bliss, the image of “Gas” of this globe will appear. 

Mentioning the spirit of Eight Diagrams is to mention the Soul, which is our soul that we can know it. If we said that the human did not have three precious things, we would not able to live. If there was not soul or if there was the soul without enough mind to protect life, the persons without his soul would be half-witted, the person having the soul without mind would never specify his destiny. Mr. Pythagore says that “Dyade” needs a harmony. We cultivate by a religious life to make those three precious things harmonized. At this time, we should imagine that before we need a harmony, the whole Sacerdotal Council offers the will and sacrifice to Him only. All His children sacrifice to serve all Living Creatures, which means that we serve humankind. We must know to understand our bliss coming from living together, from conceding together to create the mutual bliss. Whenever, the humankind gets wise to determine their life as the Supreme Being predestinated us so that we are compatible with the “Gas” word, which means that our “Gas” word, as the precious thing offered to the Supreme Being successfully. Whenever, we reach an achievement at Eight Diagrams Palaces, that divine power can have enough ability to change the Celestial booking to create the bliss for humankind on this earth for humankind. At that time, humankind will enjoy peace and world concord only.



At Đức Cao Thượng Phẩm’s Tower, 1st March Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

When yearly the anniversary comes, all you have known Him with an intense sentiment. Especially, Bần Đạo/I am His friend enduing misery with Him, a young friend, a secular friend, a Religious friend. The meaning of His reincarnation over My reincarnation is impossible to express the close sentiment in words. In front of His altar, all you are different from me. Alas! His evidences are uncountable to express the mutually close intimate with overflowing virtues, sentiment and talents in his life. If He calls someone as a closest friend, Bần Đạo/I think that Bần Đạo/I am one person in that group.  

We know well that he is talented and patriotic because His sentiment, patriotic heart must be superior than other ones. The speciality is that He loves the fatherland and race. Bần Đạo/I also know His nature under a dilettante spirit. 

His patriotic heart is different form His appreciation to Vietnamese race, which is different from that we see a talent and love and respect him, which is not different from that we see the successful happy persons declined. We used to feel pitiful as we do to His sentiment for Vietnamese race.

Alas! At the dependent stage, the more He looked at compatriot and state, the more He shed tears.

Consequently, in the opening time of Caodaism, the Supremely powerful Spirit came. He recommended His heart to that Spirit as Bần Đạo/I did that they just prayed to petition that the incomparable power would show the divine justice on this earth under an exemplary. Especially, it would be to help uncountable persons with spirit miseries. Except for person who had an ability to sustain miseries, for persons who could not sustain miseries, we just petitioned to have a solace method for them.

If all Vietnamese know that the spirit under dependence is impossible, they should know one solace method granted by that Spirit only.



At Holy See, 4th  March Nhâm Thìn year [9th April 1952]

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach the international humankind’s destiny. I feel sorry because there is not enough time for preachments at this pulpit. For any topic, it must be reduced by expressing its essence only. Therefore, for topics done long since, there has not been any topic done with its enough complete meaning. Tonight, the preachment lasts long to make you tired and Bần Đạo/I like to make an apology. Bần Đạo/I preach the humankind’s pressing spirit at this stage that to where will it push the humankind? Bần Đạo/I have got the information in daily newspaper. There is a meeting of an international Doctor. Especially, the persons who care about human’s spirit meet together to suggest their Head of States of societies for foremost powerful states that they would have to dissert dead persons to know if they were crazy or self-controlled. Bần Đạo/I think that it gets profound. It means that according to the Doctor, the more the talent’s mind get high level, the more they advance forward to the crazy status. We try considering the value of State Head of a powerful state under a position and a strict standpoint. The aspect of strict standpoint is about the case that they do not have enough ability and method to protect their race’s independence. In order to escape the dependent slavish condition, we need a powerful force, which means that we need to establish the strong military with enough methods, weapons to maintain our independence. How harmful! If we are weak, we will be oppressed. If we establish a strong force against people, it means that we provoke. If provoking, people will recent us. It means that we are provoking. People will not be able to avoid wars happening to kill together. That status induces them to seek the Middle Way for peace. However, they always seek it but it is unsuccessful because they always reckon that they gather their force to have enough ability to protect their state’s independence. All they reckon in that way. How harmful! The more they establish weapons, the more they kill together. That is the reason why the metaphysics Doctor attaches much importance to the spirit doctrine. 

When Bần Đạo/I reach this matter, the Supreme Being’s children can see to where the humankind goes? Due to science for discussion, the reason is due to human’s brain containing the line of “nerf de I’ intelligence”. The science found this doctrine. Bần Đạo/I assert that the nowadays science seeks one thing, which is the one that the Way sought and obtained it. 

The human’s life destiny is at the central point of body. The wisdom and brilliance in human life is due to the Crown chakra as the fontanel of a baby. Thus, his head is soft and it becomes hard when he grows up. Why is it soft? It is because that in the Crown chakra, there are three small pips that our eyes cannot see it. We just see it when we use the microscope. Those three pips are not matter, fluid. They are diminutive life seed of sesame, which move from the right to the left. Three ones include one positive pip and two negative pips, which move to create the luminous wave where or soul connects with our perisprit [second body] and physical body. It is the human’s wisdom and the soul due to it to control the physical body. That wisdom must advance one direction temperately in standard. If it stops, that mind must be hazy (it is moving. If it stops, his mind becomes hazy, not brilliant and intelligent). The more it moves, the more agile the human is. However, if it moves excessively, the human becomes crazy. 

Actually, the intelligent person is close to the crazy point. If it runs excessively, he must become crazy. We see cases of learned persons that we often hear our forebears telling the wide learning persons, who usually became crazy. That is its status. 

The excessive talents on this earth nearly touch the crazy point. His talent point easily reaches the crazy point because if it goes ahead a little bit only, it becomes crazy immediately. The point that science mentions is the Wisdom called by the Way. It was not named before. The science sees that it is the essential point of human soul. For the meditation in Buddhism, it must be fired, which is called Samahdi fire [Tam Muội], so that the human can harmonize it to reduce the excessive condition, so that it moves in harmony. 

The Supreme Being opens our Crown chakra to adjust its excessive condition. For aspect of Tao, the Lao-tzu asks us to meditate to enter the absolute; the purpose is to let three pips move soothingly in standard harmony, to avoid the excessive condition as the crazy status. It is a radio; if we let it operate excessively, it will become broken down. We need to let those pips move medium moderately, so that our soul can control our physical body under fixed law. We know well that our body lives due to its heart, our perirsprit lives due to the Wisdom, our soul lives due to the Universe [Yin Yang]. Thus, our soul always connects with the Universe. It cannot be attached in the physical body, but it must be out of body to connect with the Universe in order to control the physical body’s life. Actually, at this time, people with pressing spirit wish a more Supreme Spirit to control the humankind’s spirit who will not use the Religious method, but He will fix soul to have enough ability to control the humankind’s present life on this earth. As if for life of conformation, they just eat to live, wear to be warm as animals, those two conditions will push them to the path of fight and to the self-extermination. 

At this time, if people do not think that we are superstitious, we can say that the Supreme Being knew the humankind’s condition of self-extermination. Therefore, He established His true Religion as the Caodaism, so that the humankind can protect their soul, in order to control and fix their life, to avoid the crazy status. If they touch the crazy, it means that they touch the self-extermination. 

The Supreme Being came and gave a remedy of reviving, so that the humankind can make their life re-live under moral spirit granted by the Supreme Being. The Caodaism is the life of humankind’s soul to protect their life, as the perisprit, so that they can avoid the extermination. 



At Holy See, 29th March Nhâm Thìn year [23rd April 1952]

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach topic of opening the circle and of changing the world. When the Supreme Being came, He used two phrases “open circle” and change world” to teach His children. Actually, the most important meaning of His coming includes the “open circle” and “change world” only.

Bần Đạo/I have preached that: the Last Circle of Third Transition [Hạ Ngươn Tam Chuyển] ended to begin the First Circle of Fourth Transition [Thượng Ngươn Tứ Chuyển]. Bần Đạo/I have also guessed that: Each Transition includes 61 million years. If 61 million years are divided into three, each Circle includes twenty million three hundred thirty three thousand three hundred thirty three years (20,333,333 years). Why did He come? If He did not come, for the power of changing the world, there would have no Buddha who would have ability to execute it. The most important thing is that if opening the new circle and changing the world, it will create the New Citizen. All you know two words in the Great Learning [ ]. People think that it is easy but it is the most difficult thing. If we open the history of Religions bequeathed, we will see that the Buddhism divided into many stages of New Citizen from the creation of universe. 

In the beginning time, the Supreme Being came to create human form for us. At that time, our earthly body was still simple because it was an animal only. Therefore, the New Citizen was a gorilla that we can see them at this time; they are foresters living mountains. They are still backward but they will progress more. They have been progressing much because they are not cruel as them in the beginning stage. 

The human rank after gorilla is a kind that French calls it “L’emuriens” [Black Race]. That is the nowadays India and we can see the niceness via Manou Spirit. The Brahma Spirit came to create that rudimentary Black Race. He did not only come to create that Black Race, but also establish the Way for humankind, which means that the Supreme Being reincarnated on the earth to be the Brahma Spirit. From that time, that Black Races evolved more that we can know the grey-skin race as Spanish. They progressed and their skin became little white. After that, the Ceva Spirit helped them evolve more and more to become the race of green human. Their skin seemed little green and the Kristna Vishnou Spirit came. We see that the race enjoyed the great bliss because they evolved in three levels and the Supreme Being came to them with three different names. At this time, we still see that the Indian race maintains their moral of Buddhism steadfastly and firmly. At this pulpit, Bần Đạo/I speak out that: If we mention the race who has the method to preserve humankind steadfastly, Bần Đạo/I assert that only Indian can do it. 

After the Green-skin Race, the Red-skin Race as a New Citizen appeared. That is the Atlantic race, which bequeathed a trace, as the Egypt. Other races on the world call them as “Peau Rouge”, which means red-skin race. As this race has a red skin, people think wrongly that this race is the Indian race. The Red-skin Race is the Atlantic race ruled in a period. Bần Đạo/I tell you that they obtained a very sublime and mysterious civilization. However, there is a trouble that they received a mission from the Supreme Being to be a brother to guide and establish bliss for backward races, but they did not execute. They did inverse. They used their force, sublime civilization to force those backward races to become their slavish races. Consequently, they were degraded and the Celestial Law destroyed their conformation all that whole Atlantic race was plunged by a Deluge, which destroyed their land all. Their work became the nowaday Atlantic Ocean.

   After the Red-skin Race, the Yellow-skin race appeared that we belong to this race. This race also received a mission to guide backward races. Therefore, they became wise because they came to preserve the humankind’s intellectual spirit. In contrary, they did not execute as a brother to guide younger brothers to teach the humankind. They re-did the old play as the Red-skin race. They also used force backward races to be their slavish races, killed them. Consequently, they were also punished by the Celestial Law. They wanted to be the suzerain of humankind. How harmful! At that time, their civilization reached a sublime point, but the final war called as the Deification Board made them destroyed. Their civilization reached a highest level as the Deification Board. From this race, the White-skin Race called the Aryan appeared, who is the lord of humankind at this time because of their civilization reaching the infinite and mysterious level. We open the humankind’s history and see that born races are also same, just different at almost with a little difference. They are also under a law. How harmful! They do the same replying on their science power to make humankind on this earth slavish. They are being punished by the Celestial Law. If this race is destroyed, there will have a new race called the Magic Human that the Supreme Being said that:

   “Whenever Sky and Earth change their body,

    Buddha, Immortal, Saint descend the earth”.

The Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha stay on this earth in mix. Consequently, the Supreme Being comes to create the New Citizen at this period to establish the conformation for New Race. The Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha come to us to establish the spirit and humankind’s conformation on this earth as the Supreme Being’s Holy predestinate will.

For that reason, He comes Himself to open the circle to create the New Citizen. There is not any Buddha, who has enough power for establishment, except His power. That is the reason why the Supreme Being comes to us.



At Holy See, night of 7th April Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

Tonight is the prayer to the Sakyamuni Buddha and the Female Cardinal. The Female Cardinal’s feast concurs with the Sakyamuni Buddha’s.

If follow the faith path with a superstition, Bần Đạo/I can say that: nobody loves the Sakyamuni Buddha more than the Female Cardinal [Nữ Đầu Sư]. In Her life, Bần Đạo/I think that She observed the Religion as the Sakyamuni Buddha’s doctrine truthfully only. When the Supreme Being came and opened the Caodaism, She followed the Supreme Being’s step. Nobody chooses the path ambiguously when they have a religious faith readily. However, She did differently that Her esteem and worship to the Supreme Being and Sakyamuni Buddha were different, while Her whole family worshipped the Sakyamuni solemnly. It is sure that there is no family as Her family.

When I mention this point, I think that Vietnamese race should have worshipped the Sakyamuni Buddha most. For this Great Ceremony, if you do not adore the Sakyamuni Buddha, you will still remember the Female Cardinal. However, when looking at the womankind in this Great Ceremony, they are sparse. Is that indeliberate? Do the Sakyamuni Buddha’s doctrine and Female Cardinal’s merit became cold because of a rain. Had your esteem been cold and become colder because of a rain?

Bần Đạo/I tell the truth that although the Sakyamuni Buddha’s world domination has expired because two thousand five hundred years ended [2,500 years], His disciples in the Divine World to Eternal Life are many. You do not think that old Beggar does not have enough power, then you despise Him. Only His Bowl can contain all souls in Universe. He was a beggar on this earth, but for His throne in Nirvana, if you petition a Lotus throne, He can give you. He is the Spirit that you should not despise and behave to Him cheerlessly because His Disciples in the Divine World to Eternal Life are many.

Although the Female Cardinal stayed here or stays in the Divine World, She loves womankind much. She defended them. From the Caodaism creation, the Pope had been angry for many times and Bần Đạo/I could not uphold them, even I felt angry too. Only our sister defended and protected womankind, which can exist until now. Without Her support, Đức Lý [Pope] deposed the womankind already. 

Bần Đạo/I tell my sisters that it is not easy for us to awake the Way in our life. Bần Đạo/I know this life on the earth well that it always makes us heavy and miserable for our spirit. However, we must take it to place on the divine balance, must use our just wisdom to guess its meaning thoroughly to know whichever belongs to the physical body and soul; our physical body never exists on this earth until the end of world. Your life on this earth does not last long. The importance is your soul that you must not let it fall into the Hell. If falling there, it is very difficult to escape for deliverance! The physical body is the body and the soul is the soul how to our wisdom to use our middle way with the justice and peace for both physical and soul. We must adjust how to let our physical body and soul be same, not to let them be unequal. It is the best wisdom. 

There is one more important thing that we must always remember to serve the Supreme Being because our merit will be never lost, because that Old Man never accepts any debt to people. Moreover, if we have the method to establish our throne and you still have the redundant merit over Him, our merit as legacy can save our ancestors because we are not sure that all ancestors in our family could reach the deliverance. They perhaps stays at the Hell, therefore we try to save the divine legacy for them, so that we do not waste our life. The Supreme Being said:

             “Noble Tower for Deification Board,

            My legacy for merit and consideration,

            Immeasurable merits, not missed out,

            So many merits, so many recompenses”

That Spirit never accepts any debt to other people and he never tells lie. We have awake the Way, followed the Supreme Being’s step, therefore we must seek the deliverance method. Although we do not wish to save our ancestors of our family, we also care our path of deliverance. We awake the Way but we are indifferent. It is better for us not to attend the Way. The more we stay at the Religious Way, the more we make sins. We try making a query which thing we desire from our religious cultivation. Do not become an ambiguous person to whom the Supreme Being gave a poem:

 “Unmoved to wait Lý Ngưng Vương,

Request to step on Immortal Boat, crush reason,

Bend legs, want to step on, but turn back,

How to seek love and force for love?”

We think about one day that you return the Divine World and see me in sky, you then ask me “save me because I met you on the earth. Therefore, please save me”. How can I reply to you for that condition? One day, I perhaps petition to His Holiness Lý to set up a punishment, which is very strange: not permit the womankind to enter the Holy See for a period to conduct service. If the petition is impossible, they never promote into the Canonized Dignitary according to my regulation.



At tower of Female Cardinal Lâm Hương Thanh, 8th April Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

Today, all male and female followers attend the dead anniversary of Female Cardinal Lâm Hương Thanh. 

Over twenty years ago, we recollect the past time for our union, but at this time, one person stays here while one died. Despite someone with a hard heart, he also feels sorrowful. That is the way of natural law. There is the bliss in our life that we return the divine world to see all younger brothers, sisters to follow Her example to preserve the Religion’s work. If we can enjoy a little bliss, the bliss contains path only. There uncountable sufferings for Her life with a sister’s love for younger ones. In my mind, I think surely that your death was because of excessive violence. She was a sentimental person but she was tried under an excessive method, she would be impossible to live continuously. While she was ill, they took her to appear in court. They did many times, such an extent that she said that: “became unconscious there”. When she went back, she got ill until her death. There is no doubt with an ambiguous thought and without my grandiloquence that she died because of Way. Hộ Pháp only regret one thing: she was rich on this earth and she could say that: “my life is rich with land, castle, pearl, gold, and jewel”. He had them all. I regret one thing that she did not place those properties correctly. If Bần Đạo/I mention her regret at this time, it is the point that she will regret.

Bần Đạo/I recollect the time of Holy See establishment with three times to gather properties of human beings, however it was impossible. When the starting building time came, Bần Đạo/I determined to carry out. To have 13 thousand $ was not easy at that stage.  When opening the cabinet, there was 1$46 left. Building the Holy See was at the very inextricable condition that there was not method of earning money because of no confidence while we needed to make strong to gather people’s confidence. To Due to being in need of money, Bần Đạo/I had to go to Vũng Liêm [City of Vĩnh Long province in Vietnam] because I thought she was comfortable, she should not have been in need circumstance. When reaching there to borrow an amount to start building the Holy See, she let see the full rice warehouse. At that time, a bushel of rice cost about 0$20. For that period, from Asia to Europe, they were hard up all. Alas! One bushel of rice cost 0$20. How flabbergasted! Qua/I tell you truthfully that Qua/I had nothing left. She was thinking for a moment, she took a big safe with full gold. From Grandmother to all members of family, they kept keepsakes inside. The Diamond made up most. She asked me to pawn them. For this harp up stage, if they were pawned, they would cost about 90 thousand $ to 100 thousand $. It would be alright for starting work of establishment. However, how would we do when paying back her? How would we redeem them back possibly? Both of us smiled together. She said “there are the Supreme Being’s divine Spirits above, and faith of male and female below. You do not need these properties, try to build! Believe the Supreme Being to build if it will reach success!” Bần Đạo/I went back with moneyless hands to build the Holy See. 

For that strong faith, if she was still alive, she would never image such this success.

For womankind living on this earth, look at the Great Divine Work of Supreme Being granted for you, so that you can now enjoy it. If your heart does not have enough faith, believe yourself to fix your destiny, to fix destiny of Religion, race. Do not think you are more unfortunate than someone else because she or he has not awaked as you. If at this time, she took a Bowl to beg as the Sakyamuni Buddha to save world, I am sure that she would not deny holding a Bowl to beg, in order to propagate doctrine as the Sakyamuni Buddha. Nobody denies that issue and we must get happy to do that.

Whole womankind! Think about that! Elder sisters: some ones died, some ones become old. The younger generation will succeed. They always execute when looking at the Divine thrones. They do and look at their younger sisters if they succeed their work in order to keep this great Divine work. Although they lose a little bit, there is the next generation to succeed continuously. In that case, Bần Đạo/I assert surely that with them, there is not any bliss, which can be compared with it.



At Holy See, 14th April Nhâm Thìn year [7th May 1952]

Today, Bần Đạo/I preach our legitimate mission to All living Creatures, which is our real obligation to our fellows living with us. Are we miserable with our life every day? When we are alive, the law of life and death makes our sentiment fade to our fellows, which means that as we are very miserable, we becomes indifferent to our friends.

We try to let our mind be calm for a moment as poets to have a free while for mind to look at our fellows living with us, so that we consider how the Natural Law fixed their destiny. At that time, we will know our destiny. All living creatures living with us on this earth have two methods for union. The union is to preserve our life by a majority power, which is more powerful than the individual power despite species of bee, ant,…We see that the law forces us to live in mutual union only. If there is a tricky that he must leave their union, he feels very dismal.

Poets hold a pen under their spirit and look at all things. The sight of all things makes them touched. We try to find feelings in a noon, the sun is going to shade, all things are gloomy, a swallow in sky flies alone because its life leaves its friend without union. How do we feel? We feel very sorry for that bird. In front of our sight, we try looking at a dead ant. The ant herd earns living always but there is one dead ant on the way, they stop earning living to carry that dead ant to the nest. That is a great mission.

If we like to make an experiment, we take a bee in bee nest and throw it to a cobweb; we will see many other ones with a jam at the cobweb. Their purpose is to want to save their friend until there is no way to the cobweb, it will be cut. They can save their friend successfully.

Due to the human’s wisdom, they catch a bird on the sky and bind its legs in a trap. It runs and sings. Its friends feel sorry for its sorrowful condition, and accept to endure its pain to be caught too.

We see all living beings with such their life because the natural law forces them to live so. What about us? How do we behave to our fellows as persons living with us? For all living creatures, do we know their pain and misery? Do we know their endure miseries, sadness, know how they must sustain their living situation? They know friend’s pain, know to specify their suffering in their body and spirit. For all living creatures, we know that thoroughly. In the Religious gate, for our fellows, as friends living with our life, they share sufferings, pains. If they endure as many miseries, as we also endure to share their miseries. After that, we try wondering with a query that what is the legitimate mission to them?

How harmful! For all living creatures despite animal or insect, they also endure result of previous life as the human. They also appear the original soul, impure soul and perverse soul as the human. That law of result of their previous life proves that: only religious cultivation helps human reincarnate to advance to the good and plain condition. For persons without cultivation, they are cruel, aggressive. Those animals are same to human. If they have a good cause, we call them as a good animal. Due to result of previous life called as karma, they must borrow and pay and they become wild beast. We must not become glacial because of those wild beasts because they will place a question: are you very goo? Do you love all living beings? Do you love the tiger? How do your fix their destiny? Bần Đạo/I say that it must pay its cruel karma because it is cruel to other ones. We take no notice of how it is cruel to other beasts. We only love it because its cruel karma. We must not hate and kill it. For mankind, someone asks us: do you love both good persons and cruel ones who rob and kill other ones? Bần Đạo/I also answer with a same way because of their cruel karma. They did not advance the high path but they went down to reach the form of animal. Therefore, we also take no notice of them. We only feel painful, shameful and cry in our tears for them. We must not have the right to hate them because their life also gets misery as our life The maxim tells that:

“Mutual affection because of same illness”

“Same characters seek each other”.

How pain they have to endure, we also endure the same condition. We have no right to hate or kill them. That is the legitimate mission. 



At Enlightenment Palace, 5th June Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

Today, the Military feasts Bần Đạo/me with one more age. A query is made if Bần Đạo/I have enjoyed the Supreme Being’s favor in my life. The favor that the Supreme Being grants, is that I can see His children’s bliss. 

Now, Bần Đạo/I enjoy the most bliss, which is my great righteousness placed in mind of all Disciples, foremost militaries. My life with unique purpose is to build the human love for humankind, in order take them to the most important bliss, which is the world concord. My Divine mission just contains that amount. Thus, all sacrifices of Caodai militaries, as all Religious children are drops of My blood. Those sacrifices are the value of Caodaism reputation. 

As our race does not see the love, moral righteousness and people forget their human moral, such this situation happens. If people could enjoy the bliss, the blood drops of Caodai youths would not blood under the flag of Life Protection-Humanity-Universal Concord. The Caodai military is considered “sacrifice” if they can execute three things. 

Bần Đạo/I used to say: there is not sacrifice, which is more high-minded than the sacrifice because of other people. There is no sacrifice, which is more high-minded than the sacrifice to preserve the humanity to destroy the violence. There are two high-minded sacrifices. If it is said that: The Caodai Military has been fulfilled those, Bần Đạo can say that it is the truth. 

Actually, that execution has made the Religious reputation. At this time, Bần Đạo/I would like to say the thanks to all Caodai militaries with noble, incomparable sacrifices for all Vietnamese races. That sacrifice perhaps becomes a medium for humankind, races on this earth, so that they can step on the path of world concord.



At Holy See, 14th May Nhâm Thìn year [6th June 1952]

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I imitate friends standing at the pulpit to preach the word “cultivation”. 

The Indian language calls it as “Dyana”. The Cambodian calls it as “xaxona”. The French or European language calls it as “Se perfection”, which means “Rendre parfait ou plus parfait”. It means that we do how to reach the perfect good and beauty. The word “cultivate” encompasses that meaning. Despite thousand prayers of Religions bequeathed, they just encompass that meaning only. Therefore, I cannot stand here to express all meanings thoroughly. Bần Đạo/I summarize its essence even it is not complete, all children of Supreme Being pay attention, listen to understand it. 

Despite matters, does the Natural Law of Creator force the ranks of soul to cultivate to obtain the human position? When we are a human, we have to cultivate perfectly to gradually reach the Buddha throne. 

We are born here, but we will die for next reincarnation to continue our cultivation to reach our Divine position gradually. We perfect the human position to obtain the highest position, as the Buddha throne. 

In our path of cultivation and perfection, we always do. He did from the time of being born on this earth. 

What is the “cultivation”? 

A baby has not been able to speak. How can he induce his mother to suckle him? When he feels thirsty for milk, he will cry. He knows methods to let his mother understand him, which means that he cultivates. When he is aware of love for his parents, it means that he is cultivating himself. When he has younger brothers, he loves them, which means that he is executing the cultivation. When he grows up with his wisdom, he seeks method to be better than his friends, which means that he is cultivating. When he becomes wise, he is aware of learning to be better than other people, of seeking the methods to do against for his life in society, which means that he cultivates himself. When he becomes a youth, he knows to select an intimate friend, as his wife, which means that he also cultivates. For society, he knows to methods to exist in society under his position, to exert himself to the utmost to avoid the vile condition; he seeks good method to progress every day, which means that he is cultivating. 

The cultivation from the time of being born to be a human is the cultivation belonging to the Human Way, called as self-cultivation. What is the self-cultivation? The human must know that self-cultivation to have conditions to make merit in society. He makes merit by whichever methods to create bliss for humankind on this earth. If he has a method to execute that great work, that action is his self-cultivation. 

Now, Bần Đạo/I preach the cultivation method in Supreme Being’s true doctrine bequeathed in this Caodai gate. Every day, we use Three Precious Things to pray and offer to the Supreme Being. Bần Đạo/I will preach the Cultivation of Essence [Body] and Cultivation of Spirit in path of making merits. We worship our Essence, as a first precious thing, as our physical body. We mention a crazy or mad man. We and he know that he is mad, however when we speak to him “you are mad and crazy”, he feels angry immediately. That anger in his spirit contains the natural law to force him to cultivate, not to let him be stupid. If someone considers him as the stupid, he feels that he breaks the natural law. Therefore, he feels unacceptable and angry even he is stupid. 

The human existing on this world receives a favor of Supreme Being that when we are born, our natural spirit contained a power to understand the humankind. They always tried to reach learning despite the Ancient or Medieval time. That spirit has enough power to obtain the humankind’s overall natural mind spirit. 

When the mankind appeared on this earth, they wanted escape from their nature of animal. If they could escape from their nature of animal, they would become a Saint on this earth. We can see many living Saints appearing from the beginning time of humankind’s birth. The infinite miracle of creator is that point. 

Actually, the natural law forces us to cultivate our mind. If we are stupid and obscure, we will be always slave for our life. We see that a child still seeks method to understand all things that people understood. When he does not know, he makes a question for his learning. The natural law requests him to cultivate his mind. What purpose does he cultivate the mind? He cultivates his mind to be enough wise to cultivate his virtue, conduct, then cultivate his speeches. He cultivates his mind to make good in making merit of speech. That is the cultivation of “gas”. 

For cultivation of spirit, when we are well learned, our spirit becomes brilliant. When it is brilliant, we know that: our life on this earth is the unreality even our life consciousness or physical body is also unreal. How an animal is, our physical body is same. Our death is not different from an animal’s death. If we are aware that our life is unreal, we need to seek something. We seek something more steadfast. That will be our conscience, soul. As we understand our immutable soul, which exists forever in the Eternal Life world, understand its eternal life; we must beautify and protect them to be eternal and perfect. 

For previous Religions, foremost Buddhism, the noun “conscience” did not appear, the soul that people use the word “heart” [] as a symbol was shadow, not a real form. Using the word “heart” only mentions the mind from the basic spirit. Therefore, the word “heart” replaces the spirit, but it is not the real form of spirit. 

Actually, when we spent the stage of mind cultivation, we step forward the cultivation stage of heart. This cultivation forces us to have to observe actions in life of Saints, Sages. We use the speeches and actions of Buddha, Immortal bequeathed on this earth as our basis to seek a framework, a special method for our cultivation method. 

Al you know that the spirit cultivation does not only bring us a sentiment to all living creatures on this globe, also leads us to go ahead forever on the infinite, limitless path because the cultivation takes the Universe for path of cultivation. It takes the Universe as his basic home, therefore its mind faces on our heart, but it is not mediocre because the heart is more exalted and limitless, infinite. How the invisible is, the heart is also same that nobody knows thoroughly. Due to the word “heart”, the Supreme Being places the love and justice, which replaced the status of word “heart”. Moreover, it can communicate with the Buddha nature, Celestial nature. In order to step forward the communication with the Celestial nature and Buddha nature, there is one door called “solitary door”. People on this earth desire it so much, but they have not reached it most. It is the Absolute Peace door in the Divine world. 

At this time, the Caodaism still lacks it. It means that the Caodaism lacks the spirit [heart] cultivation. If the spirit cultivation can be executed, it is the love for living beings. The action of His Holy Body serving all Living Creatures is the spirit cultivation. 

However, the turn of heart does not include such that ways because it is infinite and boundless that we are impossible to create it in our life. We only lean on bless to be able to create it. Therefore, we really need it. If we have not reached it yet, we can say that: our path that we must execute is still removed because the service for all Living Creatures that the Supreme Being entrusted is the essential point. He says that: If you are aware of serving all Living Creatures, you just enter the path of your spirit cultivation. If you have not been aware of spirit cultivation even you reached the “Mercy, Love and Justice”, you have not obtained enough because you have not observed the infinite status of universe. Consequently, that path is really called the spirit cultivation. When we have the path of spirit, we will have method of making Virtue. The main purpose that the Supreme Being teaches us to serve all living Creatures is to ask us to cultivate our spirit. Our spirit cultivation can be dualistic to the spirit power of psychology to make Virtue. That is Three Merits because they relates together in that way. 

The speeches done by me for a moment can written into a book. However, Bần Đạo/I only summarize such that amount. Thus, you should think and study its brimful meanings. 



At Holy See, 14th May Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach the word “Belief”.

The “Belief” in Vietnamese is “Tín Ngưỡng”. The Great Merciful Father said that the “Ngưỡng” must be “Ngưỡng” but the “Ngưỡng” was prohibited for use because it was same to name of some King. Thus, Vietnamese amended in spelling it (this custom is not strange for Vietnamese). 

The “Tín” is “faith”. The “Tín Ngưỡng” is the belief that Vietnamese has been using long since. In the past feudal time, the “belief” meant: “trust respectfully to some heroic Emperor”. 

The word “belief” in Religions is considered as an very essential importance. Therefore, they join one more word “đức” [virtue] to become “đức tin” [faith]. Bần Đạo/I also explained the belief of the faith to the French Government. People always need the belief. If people do not have it, they will never fulfill their human obligation accordingly. By other way, they cannot become a full human.           

The Belief is separated into two stages of form: Belief to others and Self-belief. The Belief to others means that we believe others or we have a method for our clear belief to force us to have a belief. The Self-belief means that we know us, understand our ability to have a belief. The human always steps on those two stages. 

As being student, we have to learn. It requires us to have to query and believe. We have to know to examine previous matters to know next matters, to know to learn firstly and to execute later. Learning is to obtain the Belief to others, to cultivate or create the Self-belief for us. From the ancient time to nowadays, our Ancestor of Confucianism taught: “examine the previous matters to know the next matter” is a method of human to create the Belief to others. Even he is a Saint or Buddha, he cannot ignore that law. Bần Đạo/I have showed that issue clearly. 

If the Sakyamuni Buddha did not have the Belief to others for previous dogma as the Brahmanism or Civaism or the dogma of Krishna Vishnou, Bần Đạo/I assert surely that He would not know propagation method or He would not intend to propagate truth because the previous propagation method gave Him a lesson, so that He could propagate His dogma to humankind, so that they could understand thoroughly. 

The Taoism of Lao-Tzu was same. His Self-belief is that He obtained His dogma to existence and universal cause and He called it as the “Tao”. Due to Belief to others, He could propagate His dogma. 

When the Jesus Christ obtained the salvation for humankind, He had the method to know that: He had to show His gratitude to the Supreme Being. The favor is the favor birth, nourishment of him and all people. He became a sacrifice of animal to destroy the sins and karma of human beings, which is called Original Sin in Catholicism. However, we understand that He essentially destroyed the debt, so that our spirit avoids to be a slave of animal [refer the human’s physical body]. He became a sacrifice of animal offered to the Supreme Being, so that the Supreme Being admitted the humankind as His children. The Dharma obtainment is due to His Self-belief. For His propagation method, He learnt the method of Moise Saint and previous Religious Heads. His propagation is due to His Belief to others. For His Dharma of true doctrine is due to his Self-belief. The Taoism did not overcome that law. If there was Đức Hồng Quân Lão Tổ Head’s propagation [洪鈞老祖], He would not know how to propagate His dogma to humankind, too. 

All humankind on this earth must learn to practice later. Nobody born can know without learning. Đức Khổng Tử [ 孔子, 孔夫子] said: “not learn but know, isn’t that the Saint?” and He only expressed his statement: “despite of thousand books of prayer, dogma, are not compared with a good teaching to others”. People bequeathed two million books on this earth, but all them contain the: “seek method to teach others to be honest. That law is unique for long since. 

We wonder what the Supreme Being wants to seek when He comes to us by showing His true doctrine in His Holy Body, as the Holy Gate nowadays. He really seeks the good. He wants His children to be good because the cruelty on the earth is excessive. He comes to seed the good plant to create remedy to save humankind; it is the remedy of saving from the misery. Bần Đạo/I tell that when His children know the Belief to others and Self-belief, they will know to take the example of our forebears, Sage, Saint in order collect their spirit and action to establish the Self-Belief. The Self-belief and Belief to others are same to Female and Male. The foremost Holy Body should obtain the Secret Dharma because the Supreme Being wishes that issue. It means that a method, which is to lean on human to make Holy virtue for His children, to be a tool to save all Living Creatures. 

Bần Đạo/I preach that: If His true doctrine is an incomparable good mass, it is a precious thing that people on the earth are wishing to enjoy it. Enjoying it is to protect their life. If this good mass is not done, the humankind’s cruelty will push them to the extermination. 

Actually, before executing the Divine mission that the Supreme Being entrusted us, we must know how important that mission is. His Holy Body will be alternated by continuous generation. His Holy Body must perhaps exist forever to maintain His good mass because it is the reviving remedy for humankind. In order to obtain that wish, His children must obtain the Belief to others of humankind, or know their good and cruelty to create our Self-belief. The Self-belief leads to the method to save their life. His Holy Body must obtain this thing to have enough ability to save humankind’s life, as the children of Supreme Being. 

Whenever the mass of Self-belief in this Religious gate has not been established, the Vietnamese race continues to endure mutual disasters of fight firstly and other races, also endure a painful accident if we have no method because the Vietnamese are the Supreme Being’s tool to create that belief. At that time, it will make the Vietnam destroyed firstly, people will be destroyed later if the deliverance organ is not done. The Caodaism must try doing the mission. Bần Đạo/I let you know that: The failure or success depends on the good spirit of Supreme Being. He has readily made the spirit and Holy Body. Bần Đạo/I recommend the good mass to His children’s hands. All you are the deliverance method to build bliss for humankind. 



At Holy See, 29th May Nhâm Thìn year [21st June 1952]

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach the difficulty of religious faith [Way of Interior Spirit] because we have to face on the earthly nature. Bần Đạo/I also explained the “Đạo Tâm” [Religious Faith] clearly. Our Ancestors of Confucianism did not have any word to express the mystery of Creator, they used the “Tâm” [Heart] to show the invisibility: “use that noun to show the invisibility” only. Actually, the Supreme Being comes and teaches the “Heart” used to show the human’s soul. The earth also includes the mystery of Universe. If we use the word “soul”, we also know that the soul is created by the Supreme Spirit and in that way, it is a part of all living creatures appearing from the Supreme Being. It means that the whole Universal organ contains a part inside. If you guess the sovereignty body of Universe, we can say that: it can master the creation body on this earth. How great the Universe is, the soul must also obtain that level. Consequently, Bần Đạo/I often say that humankind’s future will reach the purpose of being a master of universal creation organ on this visible earth or of being a God on this earth. If we say that it contains the Universal nature, it must be generous because how mysterious the Universe is, our soul is same under that way.

Consequently, it oneself knows its Celestial sphere; it see misery that the humankind endures. As it knows its misery, it identifies and respects people’s misery. It knows its life containing the misery, therefore it must love and sympathize people’s life. It knows its unreal misery, therefore it must love people unreality. It knows that its illness is miserable, it must love people’s illness. It knows its death containing misery, it must love people’s death.

That is the nature of our soul, as the interior spirit Way [Religious Faith]. It must have the sovereignty power to master its ability. It can change power of reincarnation karma, can change the deliverance organ to decide its destiny. That is the way of our interior spirit/religious faith. 

The secular nature always does according to its nature of animal. If everything meets its desire, like and ability, it will be satisfied for beauty. When it hears a refined sound, it likes dotingly. When it smells a delicious, fragrant odour, it becomes greedy. When it looks at a luxurious position, it induces to usurp that. It uses all methods to ask its spirit to obtain its desires in contrary. It desire riches, wealth on this earth. Although its animal meets its desires, it still uses the spirit how to obtain its desires. We see that situation that the secular and religious paths are happening. One side as the Religious Faith determines to win the Secular nature. How harmful! it is impossible for it to win successfully.  

Our Ancestors of Confucianism that an army can win a war with thousand armies, but our victory by our secular nature is very difficult that you cannot guess or image. If we win our secular nature, our religious faith has enough ability to win; it means that we can win the self-aware organ. 

If we obtain the organ of self-awareness, we will be able to win people. it means that we enlighten people for their self-awareness. That is the way of “self-awareness and enlightenment for others”. The Sakyamuni Buddha of Buddhism, Jesus Christ and other Religious Heads found that recipe to show secrets of Religions. For the word “cultivation”, we make a query that has their cultivation and perfection practice found the self-aware organ for them yet? All we place an ambiguous question. If all they obtained the self-aware dharma organ, Bần Đạo/I assert surely that all people on this earth are Saints. However, at this time they are earthly. Therefore, Bần Đạo/I tell that just a few persons obtained that dharma, not all people did. 

The Supreme Being came and taught one thing: “You needn’t to seek more unattainable philosophy, you need seek your fellow’s life only, you respect and serve that life. If you serve that life of all living Creatures by heart, it means that I/Master places the deliverance organ in your hands”. 



At Holy See, 30th May Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach the law of causality.

The two words “causality law” are the phrase that the Confucianism has used. The Vietnamese is “Nhân Quả”. According to its real meaning, the “nhân” means “correct or investigate”. If “Nhân” is put with “Quả”, the word “nhân” is same with the word “đại” [great] [This is explained due to Chinese language]. We normally use the “strongly sure” or “assert”.

The causality due to meaning of Indian language means “Karma”, which means that we do something, we will have to receive its result, or to compensate. We can understand that it is the law of “borrowing and paying”.

That law is very miracle because it relates to the word “karma”. The Supreme Being’s power expressed under Indian language “Boudha, Shama, Saya”. It means that those are our prayer phrase “Buddha, Dharma, Sangha”. The word “karma” relates to the Dharma in that way under its divine law because we cannot use our wisdom for guess or discussion. We also see all people despite Saint, Sage to observe and know that the invisible law is extremely decisive, sure. When people study that law and see that: there is an incomparable power, as the Supreme Being’s power. Only the Spirit of self-existence holds that law.

We see that the law of causality of individual, family, society is same on this earth. People have studied that law thoroughly. The more they study, the more great we find. 

For examples, if the establishment of a family is due to cruelty, that family will never exist. If a society, a country creates its work due to the cruelty, it will be never steadfast. Actually, we have not still wanted to use the word “extermination”. We cannot discuss about people and humankind at this time. 

If discussing about causality law to individual or a great work, we say that: Tần Thủy Hoàng [秦始皇 ] wanted the Indian culture to replace the Confucianism, and he dared to disdain Confucianism, burned books, killed students because he thought that the executing that ruse would destroy the Confucianism. We see that the Confucianism has existed and the Tần’s legacy has been destroyed. It is not only for Tần’s legacy but also for Tần Thủy Hoàng. Sở Bá Vương [西楚霸王] went to Ly Sơn and found out that Tần Thủy Hoàng fixed many precious things in ground. When excavating, those precious things had been destroyed. We consider the great legacy of Hớn dynasty. Hớn Bái Công used virtue for his establishment and humanity. It was maintaining 800 years. When the destruction was coming, there was Hớn Hiến Đế [汉献,漢獻帝] succeeded legacy. Hớn Chiêu Liệt [漢昭烈帝] as Lưu Bị [劉備, 玄德] knew that the destiny of destruction was coming. He wanted to maintain for a while. He bequeathed a next Emperor a pair of precious amour and spoke to the next Emperor as Á Đẩu [(阿斗]:

 “Don’t think that we can do bad because of diminutive bad,

Don’t think that we needn’t do good because of diminutive good”. 

The individual or society is always under that law.

For the Religion, the Sakyamuni Buddha only took a Bowl for begging to nourish the poor at “Cấp Cô Độc Viên”, but His doctrine is still steadfast even it lasts over 2,500 years. The Buddhism civilization has been propagated over this Orient and it is impossible for us to count the limitless legacy. 

There was other Spirit, who sustained indignity and sufferings to beg every day, He was hammered a nail on the Cross, sentences under a name of ruffian, violent person, robber. He established His Religion. At this time on the earth, there is nobody who is noble as Him. 

For the causality of the person who makes karma and person who makes virtue, two are very important that we cannot discuss. 

We have mentioned other person’s issues. Now, we have to mention ours. The Supreme Being speaks to His disciples that He depends on the poor. Especially, he comes to a humble country depended on others. He takes this as His Holy Body to create His True Doctrine. He takes the slavish race to build the Religion. 

Although His children did not rob or petition to others, they established such conformation. How precious! Moreover, the representative over visible body is the master to establish it, whose body had to sustain a humble, up and down condition. He had to be oppressed by others such extent that he had to be exiled, prisoned. Nowadays, how is that disgrace considered in law of causality? All children of Supreme Being can examine and understand thoroughly.



At Holy See, 14th June Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach Three Educations.

In our life on this earth, we need three necessary important things to fix our destiny. Those are: physical education, intellectual education and moral education. Mentioning to the “education” is to refer to nourishment. Three things include three special sovereignties. Our body moving here gets an infinite favor in our life from our parents. If those two Spirits did not nourish us, we would die already that Bần Đạo/I needn’t explain clearer because all you have children and understand that issue. Therefore, our Ancestors of Confucianism say: “nourish children to know the grace of parents”. 

Indeed, the nourishment power over physical education over belongs to our power of our parents. If there was no feed, mother’s milk, our physical body would exist here, it would be destroyed. If there was this destruction aspect, there would have another destruction aspect. If there was nourishment, would our physical body be able to live? It is easy to understand that we needn’t to discuss more. 

For the intellectual education, when our mind is skillfully wise, we are talented. Who uses our talent and where could we collect that mind? Obviously, we remember our fellows living with us in society because we depended on them, so that our mind became initiate. Just by living with them, they open the “secular book” to let us be wise and talented, so that we can live with them. If we miss it, Bần Đạo/I assert obviously that: if we tried leaving the society to stay on any mountain when we were a baby, our wisdom, intellectual would be shorted, not initiate as persons living in society with their fellows. For what purpose does society need our talent and wisdom? The purpose is that we help them. If we are not talented and intellectual, we would an animal as parasite in society; we are useless at all. Bần Đạo/I tell you, so that you observe to know a half-witted person without enough wisdom, who always does wrong that we cannot ask him to adjust his correct action. The top rank that society scares is that rank of person. For that reason, they need to educate, broaden the intellectual of all people. Actually, they must build schools, publish books, must show doctrine of life reason, must use all methods to create talents to help life of all their races. 

The intellectual education belongs to society’s obligation. By clearer way, it belongs to the extremely important mission of society, nation. 

For moral education, people must make virtue. Where can they seek it? They cannot own it from the divine power. We must ourselves make it, not to have it by begging. On this earth, as they always fight for life, we know that they never make virtue [moral]. By their drastic fight, they still use the word “moral” as an oral presentation. Most of them used the oral presentations. At this time on this earth, Bần Đạo/I stand at the pulpit to assert that: they have not known where they can seek method of making virtue.  

If complete society and humankind had virtue, the present noisy fight would not appear. As they are short of virtue, people are shifty, painful with mutual fight, the humankind never touches the peace. Our Ancestors of Confucianism teaches human a good sentence: “we are not sure that our children keep the gold if we save it for them. Saving books for them is to want them to become mandarin, to be wiser than others; however we are not sure if they will read books. If we save virtue for them, it exists forever”. 

For making virtue, we should make a query that where we can see from? Bần Đạo/I explain surely that: Besides the gate of moral spirit, we only seek the divine nourishment only in this Caodai gate. Bần Đạo/I continue to assert surely that: Any Religion helps us obtain the virtue, that Religion is considered a true doctrine. For Religions, although they contain sublime theories but they induce human beings to live ruthlessly immorally, those Religions are false doctrine only. Let us think our Caodai gate! What doctrine does the Supreme Being use to let us make virtue? We should consider if we can make virtue. He comes to select good humans to be His Holy Body in order to serve humankind who are miserable. We think that there is not any true religion, which contains methods and ability as the Caodaism.



In Sacerdotal Council of Charity Body, 17th June Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

Before opening the assembly, Bần Đạo/I make some confidential speeches to Honorary Dignitaries about issues, which make the Supreme Being pleased.

For long since, as the Sacerdotal Council bases on the their merits, the Sacerdotal Council lists Dignitaries over sixty years old to rank of Honorary Dignitaries, so that they can rest for their old age, called as retired age. There is one issue that the Sacerdotal Council feels pitiful when all Caodaism followers feel contempt for these Dignitaries, sometimes consider that they are lower than disciples. According the Supreme Being’s justice, He saw His children’s pains in the beginning time and He came to form the value for Honorary Dignitaries. The essential purpose is to want the Sacerdotal Council to admit those merits, so that the next generation of Caodaism follows that example. If there was this way, it is afraid that they would be impolite to them. The Sacerdotal Council also bases on the justice and the Supreme Being’s grant power to brothers and sisters. Due to the individual’s propriety right, they could form their value in Sacerdotal Council of Honorary Dignitary protected by Commissioner Board. Bần Đạo/I needn’t remind many times, but you all know meaning why He comes to establish His great Temple on this earth. You may see that the Secular tragedies are changing conversely. The global life involves glory and wealth with an existence of life only, ignores humanity. The Supreme Being saw that on the catastrophic battle, the humankind is fighting for life. They are going to kill together. If we are Good Father seeing the mutual murder of children, will we feel secure? He obviously seeks method to disaster. As the human beings lost human moral ethics, the humankind’s life gradually faded the human nature, the greed lust more and more broadens; the self-destruction is coming. Actually, to have a remedy to detoxicate disaster to save life to make it revived, we must immediately restore the moral ethics as they appeared in the first time of the world creation, in order to gather the good mass. If one day, the human esteems the humanity as the importance, the organ of world will not include the destruction power. Consequently, the Supreme Being sought that remedy to save the mankind that all people are seeking. How lucky! Our Ancestors set the work up four thousand years ago under feeble, oppressed, miserable conditions, but they still keep the human morality. Therefore, the Supreme Being decided to select the remedy of Vietnam [refer Vietnam culture/race], to use the Human Morality to found the National Religion for us. We consider carefully and see that it is not a strange thing because He uses the precious thing and purify it cleanly to display it on this earth. We needn’t learn from others but execute as ready things. The Supreme Being appoints Divine mission that He is the master of all things. If He could not create throne for His children, who could do? Is He keen on the Holy Body on the earth? We needn’t explain and guess, but we can understand that: He entrusts the Holy Body to preserve the human morality. It does not mean that He asks us to achieve the sainthood, but He only wants us to replace Him to teach human morality, to teach human beings. By those merits, He will Himself fix throne for us. At this period, the superstition on the earth makes human’s mind and spirit troubled; their soul are destroyed because of that root. We are lucky because we have a true Religion in our hands; we just use the domestic precious thing. Nobody can cram us. Actually, if the Vietnamese awake from the dream to exactly follow the Caodaism’s true dharma, nobody will not be able to cram our mind by superstition.  We do not feel pitiful for persons with superstitious mind, who induced to separate Parties to destroy the Religious work, also betrayed country to behave Ancestor undutifully. During 13 years, the Supreme Being selected old followers, who torn many drops of tear under the Religious pain to be listed in the Honorary Dignitary. The truth is that the persons who established the true form of Caodaism are not next youth. You restored spirit of Vietnamese to requite the Ancestor’s deep grace, in order meet your wish. If you died unluckily to meet Ancestors, you would not feel ashamed because you had repaid your duty to the Religion. For the present Religion established by you, nobody knows that instead of protecting it, the next generation perhaps will destroy it. You never ignore to see ungraceful persons destroying freely. When the Supreme Being came to build the Religion, He also arranged the ancient Spirits to recommend the true doctrine. It is not different from a new nominated mandarin going to somewhere, who always needs veteran men with their guidance to know the compass. How couldn’t the Sacerdotal Council esteem veteran men? Brothers and Sisters! Remember to look at the next generation to know that their mind becomes reverse that they have the Vietnamese body, but their mind has not contained the Vietnamese essence at all. For that reason, the Caodaism’s achievement or failure does not depend on the new generation, but it depends on you. You thought that you were old without mission, then petitioned for rest. If this Religious work became destroyed, would you feel pleased? We reflect upon this great work that even our complete race enjoys it until the end of world, it still exists. How can they feel cheaper than your small family. Bần Đạo/I on behalf of Sacerdotal Council entrust the domestic Religion to your hands because you are wiser and worldly-wise to preserve the Caodaism. If the Caodaism became damaged, you would expiate that sin. Now, Bần Đạo/I mention the stay at home without use; if it is impossible to pacify the world, is it impossible for teaching, too? Wherever there are the Honorary Dignitaries, we needn’t care a Disciple, if the Hộ Pháp or Pope is immoral, you will be complained. If we attach much importance to great work of our fatherland, someone destroys it and makes it cheap, should we have been calm to look at that situation? From this time, regardless of Hộ Pháp, Pope or Disciple, if they are immoral against the true doctrine, those sins will belong to your obligation. For a half month or one month, if someone is immoral, we invite him to teach. If he does not obey, even we kowtow him with betel and alcohol to repay the grace to Ancestor, we think that it is not ashamed. Whenever for Religion or Secularity, if the immorality happens, but Bần Đạo/I do not see any your letter, Bần Đạo/I will become your hostile. If in front of our sight, we see a Dignitary or organ executing wrongly to damage the Religious reputation, we needn’t say and we gather evidence enough to send documentaries to the Sacerdotal Council. It is up to level of sin, he will be dismissed his duty or nominated in other place. However, he must promise with the Sacerdotal Council that: assume authority until there is a new nominated Dignitary replaced. Despite of male or female, from this time, Bần Đạo/I entrust the control over the Caodaism to the Sacerdotal Council of Honorary Dignitary, entrust the journey, entrust the moral spirit of the next Vietnamese generation to you, so that you teach them. Therefore, wherever there is the Honorary Dignitary, they have the right to elect a Veteran Control Board with a Chief, a Vice Chief, a Bark of Mercy [Từ Hàng], a Vice Bark of Mercy. For Member, elect within 12 ones to teach and control the Religious area due to quantity of Veteran persons.




At Holy See, 29th June Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

On occasion of feast of Quan Thánh Đế Quân [(關羽162? - 219, 關公), 雲長, 長生], Bần Đạo/I mentioned the authority of Third August Governor, which relates our significant ceremony, as the Three Precious Things  offered to the Supreme Being. Bần Đạo/I have preached Three Precious Things already. For an example, one person studying the Tao will make a question when he sees that we offer three things called three precious things. Are three things precious? What are they? Bần Đạo/I explain that those things represent our precious things: The first one is our physical body belonging to “Essence” and the Flower represents our physical body. The second one is our mind, which is wiser than all things, called “Gas” and the alcohol represents our mind. The third one is the Tea representing our soul as our divine eternal thing. Therefore, they are called as precious things. Actually, we know that there is nothing, which is more precious than our physical body, mind and soul. 

The Supreme Being comes and asks us to offer those three precious things to Him and He does not require other things beside three things. For Antiquity, the humankind offered the human life to Him, therefore they killed human for ceremony. After that, humankind replaced the human life by Three lives as cow, buffalo, pig. In Europe for Hebraism, they offered a white sheep to the Supreme Being; they had to seek a completely white sheep. 

Nowadays, the Supreme Being asks us to offer Three Precious Things: Flower, Alcohol, Tea. People perhaps think “Are they called precious things?” Unexpectedly! What we offer to Him are the precious things because He is our Lord, He creates us, He is our Father for our physical body and soul. He requires three sovereignty things. 

Now, if that Tao seeker says “I do not know for what He requires three precious things. I do not also know for what He requires three precious things as our physical body, mind, soul”. When he asks us, we have to obviously reply. 

We can see that the Supreme Being comes to unite Three Religions: Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism, to take the moral spirit of three Religions all to become a standard medium. Why does He found Three August Governors [Tam Trấn Oai Nghiêm]? Is it to protect us? Do Three August Governors have the mission offer to the Supreme Being. That is true. If it was not due to that purpose, He would not found Three August Governors so that we worship them. Actually, Three August Governors represent three precious things. 

The Quan Thánh represents the Essence, as our physical body because for nowadays society, there is no thing, which is valuable as the Essence, Gas, Spirit. Actually, I think surely that: If we want our this earthly life to steadfastly achieved, worthy on this earth; the Confucianism will be our tool to do that because in our life, there is framework or religion has a special guideline over society as the Confucianism. 

Indeed, on His feast, Bần Đạo/I told that He represents the Essence. It means that He represents the Confucianism changing the world. Bần Đạo/I have also explained that for our behavior in life, we learn His exemplary that we base on the Xuân Thu book [春秋] to train our will. If the complete humankind trains will and serve society such this way, there will not have any bliss, which compared with it. 

Now, we mention the Lao-Tzu, as our eldest Divine brother, who is the Divine Spirit coming to hold the Pope power in Great Way – Third Period – Universal Salvation, as the First August Governor [Nhứt Trấn Oai Nghiêm] on behalf of the Taoism. What do we see from the Taoism? We may see the Taoism framework in Tao spirit. Does He let us know and see what the Tao is? The Tao is the life that people know it, but they do not understand its status and conformation and its secret on this earth. Bần Đạo/I give an example that a man and a woman copulate together to bear a baby. What is that secret? If one egg is a cock one, it will bear a chicken when it is hatched; how is the life? The Lao-Tzu calls those as the Tao. The Tao exists in diminutive life and great life. It is same to our secret life happening at this time with our fellows living with us. Besides that life, there is another life that the Supreme Being calls the eternal life granted to us. That is the Tao. 

Indeed, the Lao-Tzu teaches the humankind the mind to broaden the secret life correlated to all living creatures in life of Universe. If the human protects human’s life, the human must respect and esteem the life of all living creatures. That is the issue that He teaches us to esteem the life. It means that our mind will be broadened. Understanding the life is the Tao while the Spirit replaced the Taoism is the Lao-Tzu, who keeps our standard life. 

Actually, the Lao-Tzu represents our whole mind, spirit to protect the Tao, which means that He protects the life of humankind. It belongs to “Gas”. 

About the Quan Yin Bodhisattva, She represents our soul. We are born on this earth with a secular physical body due to our karma. Is it right? Bần Đạo/I do not encompass all persons with their karma because there are Spirits with their mission entrusted by the Supreme Being. They come to guide all living creatures. How harmful! 9,200,000 men of original soul were due to that significant mission to be banished because instead of fulfilling their mission, they indulged the life very much. The teachers coming to teach their students became worse than their students. 

9,200,000 men of original soul make a most query at this time. We see that among all living Creatures, the human is the most miraculous, but we still see that many persons are not human because although they have a human body, they are very cruel, deceitful, crafty. This induces Divine Spirits or persons who obtained the dharma on this earth, to make a query “they evolve to rank of human, are they worthy to be a human? Are they worthy to attend the position of this great assembly? On the other hand, they are just worthy in minor assembly of animal! If we group them to the minor assembly of animal, it becomes unjust because they themselves evolved to human position. If we group them to the great assembly of human, it becomes unworthy. Consequently, the Religion names the “Maya” position, a particular position as the “devil position”. 

Indeed, the Quan Yin Bodhisattva is the Spirit often travels the Southern Ocean. The doors of Hell are Her path on which She steps on always. Her path never stops to save souls. She represents a divine body to deliver from sin and karma, so that the human beings can obtain divine throne, as the deliverance of human. We make a query that is there any Spirit who represents as that Spirit? Those are three special examples that we cannot do as them. 

In next time, Bần Đạo/I will preach close relation of guideline of Three Religions and Five Religious Branches.



At Holy See, 9th July Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

Today is the dead date of Justice Commissary Phạm Ngọc Trấn. Bần Đạo/I would like to offer condolence to the Palace of Divine Alliance [Hiệp Thiên Đài] and Military because you lost one friend who shared mutual misery. 

From the Caodai creation, for life of Justice Commissary Trấn, he was not interested in secular life, but he sacrificed his life to the Religious gate. Over twenty years with pains that we have been sustaining, he also endured. He did not also share the Religious burden, but also dared to sacrifice for the Secular burden because of country, fatherland, race; He sacrificed his complete life. The question is that has the Justice Commissary Trấn enjoyed bliss for long since? Bần Đạo/I say no that He enjoyed nothing. 

Although we know that the human on this earth must live. If there is the life, there will have the death because nobody overcomes Four Noble Truths. Even how the death is, it is still a death. Everyone must die because the natural law never influences on everybody. With this physical body, the death is still a death even how the death is. 

There is a most luck for Justice Commissary Trấn that as he knew the secular life with a physical body, he was not keen on the secular life. If we mention the divine mission for Religious establishment, the Justice Commissary Trấn is the person who waited the Supreme Being to unite with the Supreme Being, in order to found His true religion. 

Nowadays, someone killing Trấn is the person, who delivers him from debt and endures his karma if Trấn still involves karma. From the time of his soul, he came to pay his debt but that man did not accept his payment. He obviously endures his debt. 

How pitiful! He went everywhere, but he did not die. The heart-rending issue is that he died when staying at blood home. 

We thought that the flag shadow of saving from suffering and flag of humanity shadow could protect his physical body. However, that disaster has happened in that way. We feel sorry for that point only. 

The killer thought that he would live steadfastly to enjoy bliss on this earth until the end of world, he did not think about the death. What does his conscience enjoy happily? If Trấn’s hostile killed, there would have nothing for discussion. If in this Caodai gate, there is the persons who betray Religion, Master, friends and shot Trấn, they do not think that: “They kill their Religion”; they do not think that they destroy their reputation. We just feel sorry for that only. Besides it, the Supreme Being’s children should feel happy for Trấn. That is my determined speeches.



At Holy See, 14th July Nhâm Thìn year [1952] 

Today is the full moon day of Middle Circle [Trung Ngươn], which is the anniversary to pray for souls. Bần Đạo/I have ever preached that there is no abandoned soul, but there are souls only. 

Bần Đạo/I preach Three Circles of this earth. The year Circle is the mid Circle. The century Circle is 12 old-Circle. The secular Circle is the mid secular Circle. If we calculate, it includes 120 years old. I have explained the cycle Circle and transition Circle already. For tonight, Bần Đạo/I would like Supreme Being’s children to calculate the dharma mathematics with me. 

Indeed, the Supreme Being comes in this period to open the First Circle [Thượng Ngươn] of Fourth Transition [Tứ Chuyển]. We have not known how the time in the Fourth Transition except we have known that it has just spent the Last Circle of Third Transition and we base on the Third Transition as the basis only. For those three Transitions, 3X61 million years = 183 million years. Thus, this globe spent twice of restore spending 183 million years. 

Now, we mention the humankind on this globe. At this time, souls coming to this earth are 2,700 million. It means that 2,700 million souls have existed on this earth. 

We guess that this globe’s capacity is sometimes higher than humankind, but it can be less. Especially, we do not know total humankind on this earth. Of course, the more the humankind involves, the more the human on this earth increases forever. The natural law fixes that the more it increases, the shorter its life is, because it has its limitation. However, to be destroyed, it must reduce its capacity of life. This globe seems full because of 2,700 million humans. The humankind will destroy their life until their duration due to the natural law. 

Now, we get a half ratio of 2,700. We needn’t extract much sometimes, and extract more sometimes. We just get the demonstrative number. The number of 500 million is the smallest number. Now we get “500 million” to multiply with 183 million = 91,500 million centuries. The question is that how many persons on this earth are there during time, who they have lived, died, come, left within 3 Transitions only? Only 10 million meters reaches the highest capacity of 10 thousand million. However, the reality occurred numerable millions.  For a small piece of land that we are standing here, there is one soul standing there but we cannot see just by our eyes. The place that we point by our finger contains one soul. 

For that reason, Bần Đạo/I tell you that there is no our action without evidence because those evidences are moved and because they exist there forever. We think of a person who was keen on mandarin title with 100 reincarnations. I do not want to get example for thousand and thousand reincarnations and for soul evolving from matter to human rank. We just discuss the man of original soul coming this earth, banished in 100 reincarnations. The one hundred reincarnations created innumerable bloods, loves, families, relatives. We discuss persons with one hundred reincarnations, existing here; they are solaced due to love, pleased due to their morality to reincarnate under human title to create their throne. 

It must be in that way. Especially, this period is the time that the Supreme Being comes to live with His children. Alas! Many souls volunteered and many souls are seizing His way to seek Him. It is very pitiful for previous souls, who want to meet Him as us. They want to meet the Supreme Being, but they could not meet Him. They are still staying in the invisible world and we think how they wish for their destiny to be ours. 

The natural law forces individuals predestinate destiny, which means that not someone wishing to come can be possible. The law is eternally unchanged. We can see that there are too many lives on this earth, therefore the divine power fixes under the standard exemplary, so that they stay here or leave because our physical body must sustain the karma from this globe, which is the bad and painful globe.

Actually, we examine our life of one hundred years, we reach one hundred years old. Our pains are too many for us to have no time to love and hate others.

We can see the complete humankind around us under the number 2,700 million. We glance to see many solitary painful persons living among markets without foods that nobody knows, to see many invalids that nobody cares and helps them. Their life is too solitary. There are too many ranks of human that we cannot control them all.

Our sinful spirit and cruelty will bring the karma to us one day. We will be punished as an animal. At that time, our awakening and repentance became late.

At this time, if we do not protect and uphold our life and our friend’s life, the better way is that we should not desire the life.


At Holy See, 14th August Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

Dear Canonized Dignitaries, Male and Female Disciples,

Tomorrow night will be the night that I will preach the Feast of the Creation Heaven [Diêu Trì Cung]. Bần Đạo/I have preached the meaning of ceremony already. According to “Old Law”, when our perisprit as called “second body” can return to our Mother Goddess as the Diêu Trì Kim Mẫu, it means that we have obtained the Dharma, which means that we have reached the peak of the Tao. 

For long since, innumerable Spirits sought the Tao hard with hundred reincarnations on their Dharma way. At that time, the mankind sought the Tao but nowadays is too strange that the Supreme Being comes to found the Religion and lets the Tao seek us. When the Supreme Being comes to found the Religion, He entrusts His complete Holy Body to the Holy Mother, it means: after Great Mercy Father comes and admits His children, He immediately recommends His children to our Great Mercy Mother. 

It is very happy for humankind who has got both Father and Mother. Don’t we have any better bliss when we lean on those two Spirits? 

On this earth, if we receive that divine favor by enjoying the infinite love of our parents, people call that we are too happy. 

Nowadays, our divine soul born on this miserable world welcomes the coming of our Parents, who share our pains. We wonder that if there is another bliss, which is better. 

Dear co-livers with Bần Đạo/me! All you have understood the meaning of coming of the Supreme Being and Holy Mother already. What is it for? It is to remind us “although you are living in miserable situation with your physical body to endure Four Noble Truths, you should remember that your brothers and sisters as the co-livers also endure that misery. If you know your mission, significant Divine mission; you will have to admit complete humankind as all living beings as your co-livers enduring misery with you. When you know that the Religion leans on that noble reason, you will understand that your mission is the seed of infinite love, so that one day you will not feel ashamed  when you return and meet together that the life in spite of one hundred years old, is just a dream. This painful dream never contains bliss and we know that all we endure the same misery.

If we creep into the “deeply painful grave” to get the precious gem that the Supreme Being has save for us readily, which is the His mass of limitless love and mercy  placed in our spirit in which we are living together; our life reaches the boundless bliss.

In contrary, our life’s present karma will mutually fight and kill. Bần Đạo/I assert surely that the insipid life perhaps pushes us to the extreme point of misery or the reincarnation gat of hell eternally. We try comparing two points for us to select whichever path. By the wisdom, all Supreme Being’s children can know that misery and consider much. Bần Đạo/I only desire that the Mother Goddess and the Great Mercy Father bless their children to be wiser to fix the mission over their co-livers. Our failure or success of bliss is due to factor if we enjoy the love of those two Spirits or not, so that we use that infinite love to spread it to complete humankind. That is our responsibility when the Supreme Being was tiresome to come and entrust the mission to us.



At Holy See, 15th August Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

Dear Mandarins and Dignitaries,

Dear representative Envoys of foreign countries,

Bần Đạo/I would like to ask leave from you, so that Bần Đạo/I need state a few words to Vietnam’s Prime Minister, as my Prime Minister.

Dear Prime Minister,

We have understood well that founding a regime of a country is due to the basis of human beings gathering in a family. From the Vietnam creation with lords or emperors, those heroes were also due to one race under our Great Vietnam family.

Dear Prime Minister,

We base on diminutiveness to discuss major thing. One family always includes some members whose spirit, mind, trend, will are not worthy. It is unlucky for families, which have many such members. That family sustains unfortunate things in broken-hearted situation and they only moan with their children. We have not known how the psyche of those parents is, that if they resign themselves to ignore their infinite love to apply the strict law, to destroy those members or they just know and accept the real situation of their family facing a fortunate condition.

Dear Prime Minister,

You are the Vietnam’s Prime Minister receiving the order of our Lord as the Bảo Đại Head State. You are the Parents of people. I think that your query is just for the method to preserve our traditional manner that our Forebears bequeathed for long since. With that query, you do not have your heart to kill the undutiful and immoral persons only and it does not mean that we do not have enough ability to solve our future destiny. If there is the query, that is because of love. Bần Đạo/I would like to offer an apology to you with my confidential speeches that our minority race had endured the oppression of great powerful country as the China, but we had been able to protect the independence and race to be perpetual until now. That race perhaps has enough decisive wisdom to fix their future destiny. That solution is their intense patriotic spirit.

You wait wisdom bequeathed for long since in people’s mind. They will be able to know the path of right or false path. At that time, they will stay behind you and you will fulfill Your divine mission to obtain the future destiny for all compatriots.



At Nine-Dragon Pulpit Palace, 15th August Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

Today is our union date with the Universal Mother Goddess. Bần Đạo/I recollect the beginning time that the Supreme Being came and did a Sacrament that nobody has thought about it. He issues an order to celebrate a solemn vegetarian feast, which is not same to a secular feast. The feast had 13 persons including Nine Female Buddha, Holy Mother and 3 living persons. It means that the feast included 3 visible persons and 10 invisible Spirits. Three visible persons was Đức Cao Thượng Phẩm, Đức Thượng Sanh and Bần Đạo/me. Bần Đạo/I think that there is no strange thing that the living persons entertain with invisible Spirits. At that time, Bần Đạo/I did not believe yet and I felt hatred. However, when attending the feast, I did not understand why the spirit changed as we attended a solemn feast with full relatives around. The Supreme Being did that secret Dharma, but at that time, we understood nothing. I also studied the meaning. The dharma obtainers, who reached the deliverance in seeking their deliverance path, perhaps received the divine favor for the Peach Feast as the Hội Yến Diêu Trì.

We try making a query for profound meaning why the Supreme Being came to ask us to celebrate the Peach Feast. He perhaps wanted something. He wanted something for His children all, not for three persons only. The “deliverance obtainment” is the phrase that we often use it. He wants his children to obtain the deliverance. For that reason, Bần Đạo/I have ever made a statement: People formerly sought the Tao, but the Tao seeks human nowadays. Alas! if we understood the Supreme Being’s infinite favor, we would not be able to express our status of bliss.

Actually, our present meeting will become a future custom, which is same to the Catholicism with a spiritual communication with the Supreme Being.

It is so happy for persons who attend the today Peach Feast, who receive the blessing to meet our Divine Mother. They obviously shoulder the divine mission. All male or female children of Supreme Being despite of Western persons, Eastern persons, Southern or Northern persons take the divine secret of the Supreme Being, as His love to seed and spread for His children all.

We enjoy the mutually yearly union. The more crowded Bần Đạo/I meet you in the Peach Feast, the happier I feel.

Bần Đạo/I still remember a historic story that there was a mother having many children. They rotated to take care their mother. After the eldest brother’s care, they weighed their mother. For the next brother, he had to get weight or maintained the same level. However, among her children there was a poor youngest brother. The mother loved and supported him more. Due to the needy situation, he had no method to take car his mother to maintain the weight. Therefore, when he took care for her, she became thinner because there was not enough food. When weighing, she hid a piece of lead to be heavier. For that reason, people often say “As Mother loves her children, she has to hide lead”. Our Divine Mother is same. I think that in the Divine world, nobody upholds our soul more than that Divine Mother.

We yearly meet Her once. We should examine that Her children will be solaced to enjoy bliss with an inspiration when meeting Her. I do not know if your have such that inspiration, but Bần Đạo/I attend the Peach Feast [Hội Yến Diêu Trì], it seems that Bần Đạo/I drink a bowl of restorative. My spirit becomes interested, wholesome. Is that mystery only for all Supreme Being’s children as Canonized Dignitaries, who received the noble mission in Caodaism, or all children of Supreme Being? Bần Đạo/I dare to assert that in our Holy Temple, She never cares about Her children’s opulence, but She loves, upholds the pusillanimous honest children.

Actually, Qua/I make state that: among these followers, if there persons who are short of spirit and property in honest invalid misery, Qua/I make sure that our Divine Mother will stay with those ones happily. My speech is not to solace you, but that is the reality. Qua/I guide you a Secret Dharma that when you are too miserable, painful about your spirit, you do not feel mournful. You kowtow in the open to pray to the Divine Mother. Bần Đạo/I assert that: She never refuses you. Qua/I had an experiment. All Holy Mother’s children should take an experiment.

For exile in foreign country next to the death, Qua/I see Her existence there. For Her miracle, Qua/I assert that: from the past time to the present time, there has not yet been any Religion, which can enjoy that bliss. You should make an experiment and consider to know that we have a Dharma that if we want Her to love us, we must love the invalids, the stupid, miserable persons. At that time, you will see Her miracle. Qua/I wish that Her Divine blessing spreads everywhere for all male and female as Supreme Being’s children, foremost youths and orphaned children.



At Holy See, night of 17th August Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

This night is the Feast of Spiritual Pope, as our eldest Divine brother.

Two long years spent, but Bần Đạo/I feel that it is same a dream. In the beginning time of Caodai foundation, the Supreme Being came with His infinite love and lived with His children. According to the usual human moral, for the Father who comes to seek His children, that infinite love is uppermost for all sentiments. He never cares about his children’s poor, rich, pusillanimous condition. Consequently, when the Supreme Being opened Caodaism, He embraced His children all. Bần Đạo/I obviously see that: the Supreme Being does not care about men of original soul [Nguyên nhân], men of impure soul [Hóa nhân], or men of perverse soul [Quỷ nhân]. The evidence is that there was a woman that I should not tell her name. She kowtowed and carried the petition on her head until end of ceremony. I did not what she petitioned, but she kowtowed such that way via many ceremonies hard. One day, the Supreme Being called her name and spoke “Do you want very much?” That woman prayed something and the Supreme Being spoke: “It is alright. I grant the Priest to you”. Therefore, we see that: the value of Priest position contains nothing because everybody can petition successfully. His Holy Body contained valueless members, which made the Spiritual Pope too agonizing when He took the Religious Divine power. At that time, Bần Đạo/I understood nothing. When the Supreme Being came in the beginning time, the Great Mercy Father taught me the Secret Dharma only. For Material Dharma, the Sacerdotal Council did not know anything. Just by the Secret Dharma, the Great Mercy Father propagated and opened the Caodaism at Từ Lâm Tự pagoda. On the opening ceremony, Bần Đạo/I smiled under many ways. Therefore, demons made a fuss. Bần Đạo/I had to resign myself to complaint because I was silly not to know anything. About the Material Dharma, Bần Đạo/I was disparaged that the Spiritual Pope disparaged and complained many times. Bần Đạo/I did not dare to speak anything. Moreover, the Supreme Being and Holy Mother used the Supreme Power that He is unique in the Octagonal Palace. For the Supreme Power of visible Holy Body, he asked to unify with whom to be face on Him. Only the union of Pope and Hộ Pháp can hold His Supreme power. Thinking again, the Spiritual Pope asked that I should obey His teaching or the Supreme Being’s teaching. Bần Đạo/I obeyed the Great Mercy Father that I never obeyed the Spiritual Pope at that time. The Supreme Being’s Holy Body was valueless, unordered that they separated the religious branches. Whoever was strong would win with all situations. Those made the Supreme Being’s Holy Body dirty that it was impossible for us to think about it.

The Spiritual Pope convened Saints to cope with the Supreme Being. It was the reason that there were dissidences to separate religious branches. Due to that situation, He requested Bần Đạo/me to go to Thủ Đức district [Saigon city] within 7 months with Him, so that He taught Material Dharma. At this time, Bần Đạo/I stand at this pulpit and recollect that the sentiment was so intimate, intense. He taught everything in detail without shortcoming. When Bần Đạo/I understood the dharma, He resigned the throne of Pope within 3 years.

When Bần Đạo/I returned from Thủ Đức district, the Spiritual Pope guided me to dress the Sacerdotal Council, but the Supreme Being told that “Phạm Công Tắc! do not obey Lý Thái Bạch [Ly-Tai-Pei]!” One side pulled while another side strains. It made Bần Đạo/me not to know that path. Bần Đạo/I was dazed in half-sense and half-passion. He came at 11pm and wrote until 4am to teach clearly. Especially, He asked Bần Đạo/me to unite with Him to appear the Supreme Power on this earth: “Do you/Gentle Friend want the Caodaism to be existed or want it to be disappeared when obeying the Supreme Being?” Bần Đạo/I was thinking, the Supreme Being came. The Old Man was really sad. He said “Tắc! you prepare to celebrate the Enthronement Ceremony for the Spiritual Pope”. The Old Man stayed there and followed the Spiritual Pope’s government.

The Spiritual Pope requested to canonize all Dignitaries of Nine Divine-Plane Palace and Divine Alliance Palace, so that He mounted the throne. After mounting the throne, He took the pen and made a Speech of Enthronement Ceremony. Until the end of world, there will have no Pope who has such a good Speech. His Speech points up the very good spirit path. Especially, that Speech let the complete Sacerdotal Council know that when He took the Pope’s authority, all followers should not slight order because of their service. He never forgives. Bần Đạo/I myself see that He teaches the visibility. For invisibility, we He is mysterious that we never have the ability of imagination.

The skill is that He does not take advantage of His Divine power, but He punishes justly only. Bần Đạo/I do not know what He has done, but Bần Đạo/I only smile at all children of Supreme Being that you do not know to select Spirit in adulation. At this night, sparse followers attend the ceremony, but this ceremony is the feast of august exemplary Spirit. On the religious path, there is the Spirit protecting them, but they do now know to flatter Him. How can they reach achievement? Bần Đạo/I want to give a recommendation to them.



At Holy See, 27th August Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

This night is the Feast of the Confucius [Đức Khổng Thánh]. Bần Đạo/I have an occasion to explain His incarnation and Religious Doctrine yearly. We should pay attention for one issue only that the Supreme Being comes and uses the form of Confucianism to change the world. Consequently, the Caodai doctrine is the Confucianism to world change.

Bần Đạo/I has ever told his incarnation already, therefore I should not repeat again. However, we ourselves study sublime meaning why the Supreme Being comes and uses the Confucianism as the basis.

We know that the Confucius was born at the stage of Easter Nations and know that there is no nation, which is troubled as the Easter Nations. Today, it is the China coming from six nations fighting for power together. Their glorious race killing together expressed the mutual murder play. They sought living method in universal concord, however they did not something to establish marvel despite of simple experiments. Therefore, the Confucius came to them. 

If we base on the Confucianism, we may make a statement that: the Divine power always exists on the earth. All human spirits gather to be a society called people. When there is the chaos, people seek methods to control their society. 

The Confucius was born at that chaotic period. Consequently, He sought a method to save His country, to save all lives of Chinese race. If there was not His method, the mutual murder play would never stop.

 For that reason, the Supreme Being said that we just know that it is alright for us to live one more day because we never have ability to do against the Creator law. Bần Đạo/I tell that to save and awake Eastern Nations: we must maintain the moral method to stop the mutual blood murder of China at that time. Therefore, the Confucius showed His doctrine of human morality to be the basic for life. Thus, He only sought one method, which is the Human Way to save the China’s disaster. At that time, as there were wise metaphysicians, nobody thought that His doctrine was a false one.

 The Reverend Confucius went to Lỗ state to query about the rites. The Reverend Lao-Tzu spoke to the Reverend Confucius: “The virtue of honorable man is thriving, the appearance seems to be the stupid”. We know that our Religious doctrine is metaphysical. There was a strange issue that when the Reverend Confucius and His disciples met the Reverend Lao-Tzu, His disciples asked Him something. He answered that: “Dragon leans on wind and cloud”. His reply was very good but they continued to ask Him more. He answered: “A fish swims in water of lake by branchia, an animal runs on plain by its legs. We have known basic figure of each species. There is only dragon flying in cloud that we do not know its figure and we cannot guess it. Reverend Lao-Tzu is the Dragon”.

 Everyone understands that His words are so skillful, however He was not decisive. He did not himself know His Disciple’s death and life. The life that we own will be known after we die. He made a state simply with a theory among other theories in society.

 That is His doctrine of human ethics that we know well. The Supreme Being comes to place into the First Cycle of Fourth Transition and He seeks us to create a basis. However, the humankind’s moral spirit has not been maintained as antiquity. We may make a statement as our Ancestor of Confucianism that: “Men of old’s body is same to animal but their character reaches great holy good, nowaday persons have ostensible appearance but it is different to measure their heart of animal”. All humans in this civilization society are intelligent, but it is pitiful for one issue that they make our mind troubled and they do not have holy virtue. 

How harmful! As they needn’t holy virtue, they do not have obviously method to protect their human ethics for their life. In that case, they direct to material life of animal only. Besides, they direct to life of animal, they do not know another things. Therefore, the holy virtue is valueless for them. 

For that reason, the humankind falls into chaotic stage. Their path of human ethics is converse to the holy virtue path. Thus, the Supreme Being uses the previous Confucianism as the basis. How the Reverend Confucius saved the China, the Supreme Being also comes and save humankind by that way. 



At Holy See, night of 30th August, Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

Today, Bần Đạo/I explain two poems of Seventh Immortal and Eighth Immortal at the opening time of Caodaism. For two poems, complete Holy Body of Supreme Being as the Sacerdotal Council and His children regardless of male of female should think to know the prediction happening now strangely. Especially, Bần Đạo/I explain it to the Luật Sự [Student of Law/ Juridical Agent] of Divine Alliance Palace [Hiệp Thiên Đài], who received mission to hold the Divine balance of Religion to protect Religious law. 

In reality, Caodaism doctrine expresses human beings to know Buddhism’s prediction: End of Last Cycle, the Supreme Being would come to open Assembly of Dragon and Flower [Hội Long Hoa] to form the throne for Meitreya Buddha. However, all Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha in Ngọc Hư Cung [God’s Court] petitioned to replace Him to undertake mission. Thus, He did not descend, which means that He did not come under the human reincarnation. 

Long since, Bần Đạo/I have never mentioned my Divine mission. As the Supreme Being did not descend, His Hộ Pháp came. His Hộ Pháp comes to replace Him essentially to form throne for the Meitreya Buddha in order to open the Assembly of Dragon and Flower, which means that the Hộ Pháp’s mission is to hold the Divine balance that the Supreme Being entrusted, to hold spirit psychology of this earth to mediate and amend humankind’s virtue. He obviously came before opening the Assembly of Dragon and Flower for throne of Immortal and Buddha by correcting their virtue of their Holy path, so that they gradually reach their throne on this earth.

When human beings take advance to reach the Buddha throne but Bần Đạo/I just mention one person only, the Assembly of Dragon and Flower will be opened on that day. If the Dragon and Flower Assembly has not been opened, the Meitreya Buddha has still not come. Listen and remember: do all our mind of Holy Body and His children see the Secular situation as the society in chaos, among them, the race that the Supreme Being came to select to be a part to become His Holy Body as Vietnam, is now in chaos? However, if there was the chaos, there would not have the pacification.

We understand that the relative natural law directs the troubled water to become clear. It must be troubled to be cleansed by alum, so that the water becomes clear. That is the present situation. Now, the Vietnam destiny also falls into such that plight. It requires the pacification because of chaos as we are aware of that the doctrine has appeared. By that doctrine, people admit our Sacerdotal Council. However, do we scare something? Bần Đạo/I make a statement that: never scare! Bần Đạo/I assert that thing. This evidence that Supreme Being’s children saw thoroughly is: From beginning of Caodaism, there were difficulties but Bần Đạo/I never scared somebody who created objection. For more chaos happening, Bần Đạo/I also looked to know its end. Bần Đạo/I never felt horrible because there is no reason that we must fall into that state! The Supreme Being asks us to offer our Three Precious Gems as our physical body, mind and soul to Him. Thus, our body is the sacrifice for Him. Although in which way we die, it will be all right because: we are living on the World, but we leave from the secularity because our life is due to the purpose of Way. Therefore, there is nothing for us to scare terribly. The terrible thing is our feebleness. The more converse the world is, the more Bần Đạo/I have methods to show my mission to make the world in exemplary. Otherwise, Bần Đạo/I wish such that chaos occurring in the beginning time. The Supreme Being came to hand over the Religion His children as elements of His Holy Body that found. He Himself handed that chaos and difficulty to His Holy Body’s family. Bần Đạo/I look at brothers and I faced on uncountable sufferings when offering the body to His Holy gate. That is all there is to it when mentioning our significant mission.

If family occurs chaos, suffering; society also contains chaos. Why does the society get that way? That method is essential to show misery, difficulty to humankind, society to, which means that the human must endure misery to be able to overcome misery.

The poem granted by the Eighth Immortal in the beginning time, is about pristine difficulty of His Religion. Bần Đạo/I felt afraid that element of Divine Alliance Palace had not reached achievement to loose courage.

Once the Eighth Immortal called our Female Chief Cardinal as Reverend Cao Thượng Phẩm’s companion and granted a poem. Let Bần Đạo/me read it containing the strange lines of verse:

“Help op buy cloth to fly a kite,

Must tie string on face of kite.

 Balance its wind frame correctly,

 Adjust its string to be even.

 Impetuously windy has just raised,

 Brothers become in sound mind, blast off.

 Fly it highly through nine divine planes,

 Will see meaning of spiritual communication”

After the visit to Foreign Missionary Sacerdotal Council Kiêm Biên of Cambodia, the Reverend Interim Pope and Bần Đạo/I were going to come back Holy See, but the Eighth Immortal wanted to keep us and to grant such this poem:

“Seem to wait Blue Female Phoenix to Hớn Palace,

Not drunk because of being not enough holy wine.

When hearing reputation of Tắc (1), Y (2) leaving plain,

Hear repute of Nghiêu king, Thuấn left plough.

Thành Thang loved species and human beings,

Hạ Võ worn thorn shoes because of love for people.

Wait rain, has been waiting for three years,

Whom hate? Want to save people, but not show ability”

(1) The gentle man belonging to Nghiêu Thuấn dynasty of China, (2) Y Doãn belonging Thương dynasty of China.

When the Supreme Being had just open the Great Way, the Sacerdotal Council of Foreign Missionary celebrated séance. The Eighth Immortal asked us to show our ability to save human beings. For mission of saving world with miseries, difficulties and dangers, Bần Đạo/I let Supreme Being’s children think yourself thoroughly because it is not difficult for study.



At Holy See, 14th September, Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach the ancient phrase “Unique heart, unique virtue” [Nhất tâm, nhất đức].

For this phrase, the heart and virtue are unique only, thus we needn’t make a treatise and study hard. Bần Đạo/I have preached the word “heart” that ancient human did not know it is our soul. The soul’s name is the Heart or the word “Tao”. That Heart is obviously our Soul. Why is our Soul unique? It is because it comes from the word “Heart” as we always want that it must be the Heaven Heart.

We needn’t study the word “virtue” because we only know it as the Heaven Virtue. The Supreme Being came to place the Heaven Heart and Heaven Virtue in front of us. We have known that our the Supreme Being created our Soul, which means that all united Souls of human beings are the Supreme Being’s Soul. For that reason, the Supreme Being places “God and Human” [Thiên Thượng và Thiên Hạ]. The Human is whole humankind. Now, we should know if the humankind is unanimous. We know its original cause, it means that it is produced by the Supreme Being and all souls united will become the Supreme Being. Do all they know that they have a same root? If complete humankind knows that they are in same basis appearing from the unique Heart, the mutual fight and murder for on this earth will be invalid for their life.

They have not known the “unique heart”. When we mention the word “Heart”, we obviously talk about the incomparable conscience to be our basis of life. It means that the humankind leans on the human moral as the basis under one union. However, they have not sought that. They are seeking a destination. We may see that they are curios to step up one incomparable condition as the China, United States, Orient, Europe, America are seeking one spirit that we wish.

Indeed, we know the unique heart coming from the God. We basically lean on Heaven Heart only and that Heaven Heart requires us respect life, as soul of others that we must not live in separation because of “disdain over human means the disdain over heart, disdain over heart means the disdain over Heaven”. When we disdain other people, it means that we disdain us, disdain our soul. That disdain means the disdain over the Supreme Being. If we disdain the God, we become sinful because of “Khi Thiên vô sở đáo”, which means that it is impossible to hide when disdain the God.

Conversely, He advised by an significant issue: He said “you would be rather rude to Me/Master, I forgive you because of mercy; than be rude to Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha because they never forgive you”. The Supreme Being advises us clearly not to slaughter because nobody knows that a some flower may be a Buddha descending. When we break it off, we will become sinful.

How harmful! Souls of high level have come to this earth. There is the most dangerous thing that they descend in basic incarnation of pusillanimous disadvantage. They sometimes select a stupid incarnation.

How harmful! Those persons do not respect souls of other human, even they also disdain human. On the earth, they never avoid punishments.

Bần Đạo/I see some evidences that despite throne of Immortal as a noble soul, if he commits that sin, the Heaven will never forgive him. Bần Đạo/I show you the Interim Pope as the Immortal throne. When he was alive, for person disdaining Him, the Supreme Being’s children observe how they are at this time. Even the persons with a same position compared with Him disdained, nobody existed at this time. For other condition, Bần Đạo/I see the Phối Thánh Màng [Saint Màng], who was very decent, poor. However, people disdain victimized him. At this time, their family is destroyed and they cannot deny their sin. The Phối Thánh Thoại was same. All Great Canonized Dignitaries and male female children of Supreme Being must be very reserved. Do not disdain your younger brothers because they are poor, feeble, stupid. Nobody knows if the Supreme Being lets us have a sudden event. We must not disdain, try to be careful. Especially, in the Caodaism gate, nobody knows at where the noble soul stays.

Bần Đạo/I would like to advise an important issue: do not disdain human.



At Holy See, night of 29th September Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach the Religion over the modern civilization. 

We need to study the word “civilization” [văn minh] that people have used it, so that we know its origin. For the “văn”, people also use it in “văn chương” [literature] or “văn hóa” [culture]. Due to the culture with records of previous events of humankind’s history happenings, history of a country, a society, a culture, those are words, which have performed the knowledge propagated in a race, a society, or complete humankind. 

Actually, the word “literature” has bequeathed and performed the history of a generation, a society in an epoch. We need not discuss the literature’s usefulness because we have known it well. Strangely! The human always contains the holiness because the human’s soul is too strange. One human exists about 100 years old. He studies and remembers the history all and he forever studies. He lives at the some epoch but he has the ability to know the basis of lasted epoch, and he can predict the next epoch too. It is extraordinary thing, but people never have method to bequeath except that we have a basic method how to make it run from the moving and remembrance factors only. 

The literature performs the history as a lesson for human to study the humankind’s status. Therefore, it must propagate spirit and secular form of human. If we want to propagate the human’s form, we know that the history literature needs an ability, which rears both spirit and form of human. 

Rearing their form is easy, but it is not easy to rear their spirit because if that spirit is not due to Tao, it will never have ability of propagation. We take a note that when the Supreme Being came of gave an order to some Religious Head; they always founded a new Race firstly. When the civilization is established, the Way had been founded firstly because the Way is the basis of civilization. 

The Way is the framework while the civilization is the figure. The Way is a body while the civilization is the body’s shadow. We observe and see that the civilization produces form and spirit because the Religion helped it in production. We see the Buddhism, which produced a generation who could have the ability to create form of New Citizen of Buddhism. This means that their appearance showed that: they are the followers of Buddhism. We look at Monks of Buddhism, they wear yellow cloth, shave their head and their appearances such as going, stand, sitting, lie, gesture of life always appear from the Buddhism framework. Especially, we look at the Catholicism takes a specific gesture. The Confucianism is same that Bần Đạo/I need not describe much. 

The most important issue is the civilization, which performs by its ability to preserve the New Citizen created due to the basis spirit’s control. At the current time, there are two civilizations remaining. Actually, from the antiquity to this time, many civilizations had performed on this earth, such as ancient civilizations in Europe: Greece, Egypt, and Rome. In our Orient, there is the civilization of Buddhism, civilization of Lao-Tzu, civilization of Confucius, civilization of Châu Công [周公]. Bần Đạo/I need not explain those civilizations because all you observed and knew them well. 

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach to male female youth, the Supreme Being’s children should pay attention much. We look them and understand that the way of present civilizations comes from the Religions. At this time, there are two important civilizations as the Buddhism and Catholicism, that their spirit civilization is very noble. Bần Đạo/I want to say that: it is beautiful that we cannot describe out. Why are them beautiful? It is because of life protection ability for humankind, which can protect their divine spirit life. 

The Supreme Being’s children know that: the birth of Religions is very useful for humankind on this earth. Their form and spirit must do how to preserve humankind’s life, in which is not easy to preserve the life of spirit. The question is that if there is any method to solve human’s misery. Bần Đạo/I have ever preached “overcome misery”, “receive misery”, “deliver from misery”, etc…The significant issue is to seek method to make those civilizations share life, not to fight for life because if they share, protect life together, we will maintain the humankind’s life; if they fight together for life, they will fall into the path of destruction. The example of two Religious Heads of Orient and Europe produced two special civilizations. Who were those Religious Heads? One was beggar holding a bowl to beg rice in order to nourish the poor persons, to seek, save pieces of cloth for others. That is the Sakyamuni Buddha. 

The person, who shared pieces of bread, fish to nourish miserable persons is the Jesus Christ. He took His life to share for others such extent that He abstained from food for life of others. 

Two examples of two Religious Founders are too beautiful!



At Holy See, 12th  October Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

Tomorrow is the Feast of Interim Pope Thượng Trung Nhựt. Bần Đạo/I think that all brothers, sisters miss Him very much.  He is our first eldest Brother. The Supreme Being granted the incomparable Divine blessing with a first Pope [Giáo Tông] of Caodaism on the earth. 

By the Feast of Interim Pope, we should pay attention to recollect and guess what His example has bequeathed. Bần Đạo/I would like help to explain clearly, so that the Supreme Being’s children can understand that example. 

At the stage of Vietnam race in French domination, Bần Đạo/I point out that the Interim Pope was a poor man. His father died, His mother nourished her child in widowed condition only. She did not remarried. Although she was poor and unfortunate, she worked hard to nourish children learning successfully. 

Bần Đạo/I still remember a strange story that the Interim Pope told me. Bần Đạo/I tell and womankind should pay attention much for your useful lesson. When His mother died, all persons in village loved her so much without description. The village Dignitaries celebrated her altar with the phrase “Ancient Mạnh Tử’s Mother” [Mother of  Mèng Zǐ/ 孟子], which means that all they were in mourning as the funeral of Mạnh Tử’s Mother. He knew His destitute circumstance, therefore He always looked at the shabby persons like His young age. He always expressed His will to make helpful things for people as compatriots. Consequently, He objected bravely in dependent stage we cannot imagine and do as Him. In our country in Southern Area [Bần Đạo/I use the old word] at that time, If there was the top rank of Vietnamese people, there was Him only because He could attend the French Upper House only. 

Indeed, if He have wanted to promote the path of reputation, all position and fame would have been in His hands that He never petitioned, never condescended for bootlick someone to reach those. 

We could own fame and wealth because of His talent and virtue. Bần Đạo/I reckon that He was an aristocratic person. However, He looked at sufferings of compatriots in front of Him. The injustice always performed in front of His sight. Therefore, although at how luxury position He was staying, He never felt pleased such extent that He struggled in powerless status and He went to the path of death. Thus, He used opium to die early, so that He would not see the people’s misery. However, He could not die easily because the Supreme Being selected. For that reason, He was alive until the Supreme Being came to open the Caodaism. For one word of teaching, He considered His riches and honors as water lathers. He ceded great work to others within one day only. He sold properties and left lonely. At that current time, He spent tens Dong [Vietnamese currency], but He gave up smoking and ate vegetarian from the date of Supreme Being’s coming. Bần Đạo/I Myself witness this event. 

We see such that faith from two persons in the Caodaism gate: The first one is the Interim Pope and the second one is the Cao Thượng Phẩm. Did that faith lead the Caodaism to this present achievement? 

The most difficult mission was that Bần Đạo/I recollect the time of Supreme Being’s coming, people became Immoral. All national Vietnamese traveled on the materialism and modern civilization, they were far the traditional manner. To revive it is not easy. We must pamper, indulge as a mother gives a baby breast, feeds her baby; thus the Caodaism appears its form nowadays. For the most difficulty, Bần Đạo/I show the evidence that the Supreme Being Himself came to open the Caodaism and He also moaned difficulty. Although He is the Supreme Being with the incomparable power, He also moaned the difficulty via the poem: 

“Cao Đài descends the earth,

Also ignores the White Jade Palce.

Pampering sometimes seems secular,

Not shed tears, must have hoarse smile”.


 “Hoarse chuckle and cry because of loving you,

Not want one child lost, completely pitiful herd.

Not wait to lean against stick due to the aged,

Humour stupid children to get such this plight” 

That is the evidence that the Supreme Being also moaned. Therefore, we recollect to know how the Interim Pope and Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm spent with difficulties to execute their divine mission. Actually, they had to pamper people’s heart at time that we cannot imagine. Bần Đạo/I confess that at that time, there were three brothers such as the Interim Pope, Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm and Bần Đạo/me shouldered that divine mission. We thought that the difficulty of Caodaism would be same the Buddhism, Minh Sư, Minh Đường that we would cut our head to go to pagoda to be Monks. We thought that it would be very easy. The life at that period faced on spirit misery and misery of body. He asked to lead a religious life. Nobody imagined that thousands and millions children of Him came to Him within a short time only. At that time, I felt afraid. The Interim Pope went to the back of building and asked Bần Đạo/me: “What does the Great Merciful Father do? As He saw many people attending the Religion, He asked “Why does the Great Merciful Father do strangely?” Bần Đạo/I Myself did not know what He did. As He came to receive many disciples, the Interim Pope moaned: “come what may! We do not know how to do!” 

From that time, we faced on trial continuously. The Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm sustained  trials until his final day. He lied on the bed and died. We had to always face on trials and disgraces because the natural law never lets us petition, but lets us buy. 

Bần Đạo/I would conclude to show the buy by the disgraceful trial of world to protect His reputation. Nowadays, He is extremely noble and honorable. 

We may see the example of Sakyamuni Buddha as the Lord of humankind’s soul in Orient. The Jesus Christ is the Lord of souls in Europe. Among them, one took a bowl to beg for poor persons in the Cấp Cô Độc Viên garden, not for Him without an unbroken cloth in whole incarnation. He gleaned ragged clothes to mend. When meeting poor persons who got cold, He took off and gave them. He always lived without a shirt on. The Jesus Christ did not have two shirts, without a residency. He moaned one harrowing verse: “bird leans on its nest, fox has its hole, but I do not know on where I can lean!” 

Those two persons had works spreading on this earth. One has been spending two thousand years and another one has been spending two thousand five hundred years, which will exist forever. Uncountable emperor legacies, uncountable rich persons on this earth such as Tần palace, Hớn tower were destroyed all without any trace. However, those two poor persons with their great legacies have still existed. 

Bần Đạo/I smile at one thing most that for the secular path with atom bomb, gun, weapon, etc…they use all to kill people to become a suzerain. Reaching the position of suzerain is not easy because they want to become the suzerain of humankind. However, it is impossible because people always oppose to the force. It never stops opposition. 

In the recent time, the Supreme Being’s children may see Buddha’s relic as the Sakyamuni Buddha’s bone burnt to remain a small piece. They shared and distributed it to Pagodas in India. In Indian Ocean Area, they gave a very small piece of Buddha’s relic like a needle tip. However, people welcomed the Buddha’s relic. Although there is no gun, no force, people follow by lowering their head. They consider it under an extraordinary power that we cannot imagine. For the poorest Man, when people see His flaming heart, they lower their head all. All races and power countries of Asia and Europe with 600 million disciples never feel tired when looking His heart. 

The Interim Pope smartly selected the path to the Supreme Being by leaving the position of Upper House. Therefore, people call Him as the Old Man leading the path of Taoism. Bần Đạo/I tell truthfully that His current throne is eternal and His reputation is never destructive. The Caodaism exists continuously, His reputation still exists and His merit over humankind still exists. Strangely! The people, foremost Vietnam are slavish over body; the Supreme Being let one General come to save them. The most precious thing is over their soul, which will be saved. He came to hold soul of humankind to become the lord of humankind. He is the top man. At this time, Bần Đạo/I look back and query: What civilization will the Caodaism produce? How will the civilization be? 

Bần Đạo/I reckon that those two Religious Heads with earthly body bequeathed two infinitely good examples to produce the New Citizen. He came to gather to create the word “Gas” of the Supreme Being, containing His holy virtue. Nowadays, the Supreme Being Himself came to this earth under the Caodaism, the Supreme Being’s children can guess how that civilization will be.



At Holy See, 14th October Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

After this night, the Supreme Being’s true religion reaches one further age, which is 28 years old. We look at the long path spending over 28 years, and we see that it seems to be a short dream.

We should feel pleased because the 28-year old-religion has been able to save souls for religious and secular side in such this way that we may consider it as luck. When the Supreme Being came, He Himself said that: If the Religion is opened late, it damages human beings much. The Great Merciful Father said: on our path, our secular ability faces on many obstacles and difficulties, but the Supreme Being as our Great Merciful Father sustains with us. Moreover, this night is the anniversary of us and our Divine friends even those souls are staying in the Divine World of Eternal Life, or our co-livers sustaining miseries with us on the earth died and returned to their old throne.

By the occasion of ranks of soul’s anniversary, Bần Đạo/I explain an awful story. However, womankind should pay attention not to wake up with a start.

Before founding the Sacerdotal Council, Bần Đạo/I met the Pope [Đức Giáo Tông]. He told how the result of Sacerdotal Council would be. However, I think that the Supreme Being’s children need not to know and study that issue.

By the occasion, Bần Đạo/I discuss the matter: It makes me query most. In recent time, the international reports published news that in United State of America, there was an unidentified flying object fallen. The curious persons wanted to know the unidentified flying object. They mounted a high mountain in a far old forest to seek the fallen unidentified flying object. When reached the destination, they saw nothing except an odd man that everybody always feels awful when they hear the story: the odd man with an estimated height 19 meters, length 5 meters, blue body, brilliant blue halo, his red eyes like blood and it lighted like the headlight of car. They saw the strange body and felt awful, then ran away. His man’s body produced a strange odour as metal burnt and it seemed to the smell of burning of car. When returning back, they could not sustain that status of body and they vomited, felt painful. Among them, there was a curious woman following the mankind, thus there were total seven persons. The woman asserted surely that: that odd man has four legs while others could not assert if he had four or two legs. Only one stayed bravely to observe. When the odd man came to her nearly, she scared and ran away, then got sick at the last gasp.

Bần Đạo/I heard that strange story and queried the Đức Lý Giáo Tông to know who he is.

The Rev. Pope answered: that is the Deity. It turns out that long since they have been Immortal. They never mind Deity, Saint, Immortal, and Buddha. Therefore, the Supreme Being gave an order to one soul to apply the atom power done for experiment, in order to create the conformation of a Deity, so that the people see that issue. Especially, the Supreme Being’s children in Caodaism will see many strange things.

Bần Đạo/I queried: for what purpose did the Supreme Being let people see that Odd Man?

The Lý Giáo Tông said that the Great Merciful Father let humankind know that: “If they return the path of Heaven nature, which means that they do not lean on the original creation of God, do not lean the basis of Great Merciful Father as the exemplary, as the spirit, as ability; the humankind will be destroyed, changed for their different body compared with the current body.

Bần Đạo/I asked that the body of that Odd man is from the power of atom. Are there the Divine Spirits with the boundless power who can do that? Or everyone can do?

The Đức Lý said: The Souls in Universe can do. You [Gentle Friend] will be able to do one day. He is only the soul of Deity. You do not think that: there is only that odd man. For Five Primary Elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth, human in Universe has body created by Five Primary Elements.

- For that case, does that Deity have a body created by metal? What kind of body do we have on this 68th globe?

- Đức Lý said: you have a body of Earth.

- Is there any place with other kind of body?

Đức Lý said: You living on this earth within one hundred years wish to be immortal. If you reincarnate in the Mars, you will perhaps live within some thousand years because the body belonging the Fire is not destroyed. There are many persons because the life maintains too long!

- How can they endure misery because of such that body?

- You know that: Five Primary Elements are incompatible. If there is this kind of body, there will have another kind of body, which are incompatible to produce pains, sufferings without bliss.

Consequently, after discussion, Bần Đạo/I Đạo make a comparison and see that we are happier with our body of Earth. If there is the body of Metal in Mars, the life of Earth body within one hundred years is much happier than their life. There, there are many Souls in Five Primary Elements, who sustain misery much more than us. One reincarnation with whatever power never escapes from the misery. The obtainment is due to the Supreme Being’s power to let us live in the Divine World of Eternal Life.



At Holy See, 14th  November Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

Before preaching, Bần Đạo/I praise all children of Supreme Being taking the service solemnly and chanting due to the prosody regular. 

Bần Đạo/I was absent in some previous services. My attendance can help Bần Đạo/me regain my health. 

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach the extraordinary power of faith of the Holy paths, as the path of love. Bần Đạo/I have ever preached faith many times, also preached how the power of love is. 

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I only preach the extraordinary power of faith or mysterious power of faith and the mass of Supreme Being’s infinite love. We know well that due to the explicit research, the Sakyamuni Buddha obtained the secrete Dharma that no Buddha had done. His faith was extraordinary strong and He used it as the theory of no cause and effect. 

If there are cause and effect, human will be effected the law of Four Noble Truths [Four Miseries]. In order to obtain the condition of no cause and effect, we must obtain the power of love to help us be delivered, must destroy the effect. He reached the decisive path and looked back the living beings in ocean of misery under “Birth, Oldness, Disease, Death”, therefore He showed His doctrine of infinite love, propagated it, so that all human beings could follow that holiness to obtain their secret Dharma. Was His faith strong? He placed His faith in His love. His Way has been spending 2,500 years but it is still steadfast. 

The Lao-Tzu obtained His incomparable organ by leaning on the holiness to see the life to let us know that if we have method to communicate with the living beings in Universe to create a mass of unique love, we will be delivered. We do not think that it is impossible for us. We can do well and return the Divine World of Eternal Life if we obtain the power of no birth, no death. Consequently, He placed the law of no birth and death for humankind’s knowledge to obtain the Dharma as the Confucius used the basic human moral to save the world when He saw that humankind’s human moral declined and they mutually murdered in Đông Chu Liệt Quốc [refer the a history of China]. It is same to nowadays that the Supreme Being forms the true Religion. He uses the Confucianism, as the basis, uses the True Morality of humankind as the saving method, in order to save humankind from sufferings, is same to the Lao-Tzu did before. 

Nowadays, as the Supreme Being loves humankind boundlessly, He preaches, propagates for all human beings, so they respond and understand their birth and death in their self-conscious path. That is the method of saving the world. 

I think that all living beings belonging to the Dignitaries of Supreme Being’s Holy Body despite male or female also know that the faith is a Divine torch and love is the Samadhi fire to light the torch brightly in order to guide all living creatures. 

We know that power in a great family with achievement of failure is depended on that Divine torch to lead into the infinite glorious path that the Supreme Being has readily lighted and saved it for us in the beginning time. 

Bần Đạo/I assert that all sufferings, difficulties that the Supreme Being’s Holy Body [Thánh Thể Đức Chí Tôn] have sustained, can win the all obstacles that the win is depended on the Supreme Being’s infinite love saved readily for us. If you take that strong love to be a basis, there will have no power on this earth, which can make that mass of love moved or destroyed.           



At Holy See, 15th  December Nhâm Thìn year [1952]

 The Rev. Siddhartha live in Cakya area, took His kind heart to cover all people, found the truth of birth and sufferings to establish the Buddhism. He cut the debt to destroy karma, in order to reach method to escape from reincarnation. 

On the heart-breaking world, He took sovereign compassion to dominate the earthly heart, prayed to all living beings, so that they could love together. It is not different from the sweet-scented smell pervaded at the impure and filthy place by Him. 

The sufferings of Oldness, Disease, Death awaked His origin to obtain the method to save humankind from misery.

Đức Lý Lão Đam [Lao-Tzu - 老子] is the Thái Thượng Lão Quân [太上老君], who saved the world. Due to the love, He found spirit truth of control to exterminate the physical cringe. Keeping the mind fixed is the miracle and used the method of tranquility as the method of escaping from the world. 

The world was mournful with difficulties, but He came to show method of entertainment. It was same to that while people were gulping back their tears, He gave sweet smell. 

The power of earthly desire of fame and riches in states fighting with uncountable cruelty, helped Him awake His nature. Consequently, He loved human and taught method of escaping from the misery. 

As the Jesus Christ had humanity, He founded the Catholicism. He used the compassion over human beings to replace the Supreme Being. He considered the civilization as an important thing, thus He always helped miserable poor persons, soothed cruel persons, taught the stupid, acted the good things, eliminated superstition, used the truth to admonish the world, considered conscience as the image of God, took wisdom to draw and beautify the Heaven Sight. 

He always taught that: the misery of earth is the human’s enterprise. The human must face on misery to know delivery profoundly. 

The world was in falsity, He showed the truth to exterminate that falsity. It is not different from that He played music with the refined amiable sound in the noisy cruel area. 

1. He based on the Moise’s law. In that century, as the power was changed and confused, many Heresies appeared, the influence trending to soul pushed the Hebrew to the path of heresy. At that time, the people’s superstition reached great number. 

2. The secular power of Rome of Cesar was strict to make people miserable. 

His good original nature induced Him to consented to shoulder complete humankind’s pains. It is due to the love for humankind, thus He accepted the capital sentence to bequeathed an example of suffering misery. 

Khương Thái Công [姜尚, 姜仔呀] called Khương Vọng or Khương Tử Nha obeyed the Ngươn Thỉ Thiên Tôn [元始天尊] on the Côn Lôn mountain showed the Deifying Board to help Châu dynasty’s enterprise. He was also due to the human beings, thus He clarified the truth of divine reward and punishment to dominate the world perfectly. He was loyal and devoted in eliminating the sycophantic evil. He took spirit as ardour to eliminate cruelty of body, which means that He used invisible miracle to control the activity on the earth. He helps people on the earth have enough experience to prove the obvious evidence the life of cruelty will never hide the death and the divine reward and punishment has enough power over physical body and soul. The world contains the human’s mind and the Tao has Divine Spirit’s observation. The divine doctrine means: the magical Power of conscience. Consequently, it creates the basis and phenomenon operation ability of thought and original divine Dharma for its appearance. 

Alas! As this dharma appeared, the world contained many superstitions. 

Although, He does not master of secret miracle of Deifying Board, He obeyed to execute noble thoughts of Đức Ngươn Thỉ Thiên Tôn, thus His merit was enough for Him to be Head of Deity Way. 

At that time, while the world seemed to suffer mournful pains as a neoplasm, He received a miraculous remedy to beautify the world to be fresh. 

As He saw cruelty of Thương and Trụ dynasty, loved righteousness of Châu dynasty, Văn Vương king and Võ Vương king wanted to enlighten “good nature”, thus even He was old, He dared to suffer misery to support the morality, to eliminate cruelty, to restore Thành Thang dynasty’s enterprise, to save poor humble peoples from dangers. Although Thương and Châu were opposite, His loyal courage was due to the state to ignore His body, to keep impartial for Deity position. He only cared the merits to deify them. 

The Confucius [Đức Khổng Phu Tử - 孔夫子] named Trọng Ni [仲尼 ] also looked human under cruelty of world, thus He planned guideline to reduce cruelty. From that, He obtained the supremely good doctrine as the organ of protecting world. He obtained to the enlightened mind and obviously knew that the universal creation, as the Universe [Heaven and Earth/ Yin Yang] and all visible things had to evolve gradually to the supremely good path. The perfect human and extremely beautiful matter are called the Tao. He properly referred to human’s natural psychology action to examine things besides the method of quiet mind and nature cultivation. He did not admit whatever method to awake the “good original nature” and dominate the conscience, therefore He did not believe marvelous doctrines that human’s mind had not been able to know thoroughly. He understood the world domination method that it was up to regime sovereignty, it was up to the many persons gathered or one person who received the God’s order to be the Lord of world to hold law to dominate people. 

He reckoned that how the political action of body was, the politics of spirit also got same. Consequently, He admitted that there was the invisible power of Supreme Being was over the world domination powers. He called “Nhứt Đại” [refer Chinese including the Nhứt + Đại combined = + = ] to be “Thiên” [] holding the divine law of reward and punishment. The Supreme Being does not only control aspect of soul, but also controls aspect of body. Consequently, the doctrine of God and Human domination also appeared from that. 

The Văn Vương’s enterprise declined in the Đông Châu dynasty. However, He determined to maintain with His wish for union to pacify states. He used the charity and justice to eliminate cruelty. 

He understood clearly that the political power was divided into two parts: 

1. Activity of physical body. 

2. Psychology transformation. 

Consequently, He reckoned that the law was the unique good organ to pacify people while the humanity moral was enough to dominate human’s nature. Therefore, He governed the Châu dynasty to meet His pacifying desire. 

How pitiful! Such Holy Sage had to suffer despair because the world was very cruel. Thus, His fan and blanket as His humanity Way could not have enough ability to prevent hot and cold world. He had to return to homeland and contented His unfavorable lot to teach in whole life. 

Everyone who reads His self-pity “Chi Lan” writings also sheds tears. 

How lucky! By His next paternal grandchild as the Khổng Cấp [Tử Tư -子胥] taught one disciple successfully, as the Mạnh Tử [Mèng Zǐ-孟子] who was a sage to succeed will of Saint, in order to develop the Great Learning. 

The Meng Zi’s doctrine is due to the Brilliant Conscience, due to New Citizen, Perfectly Good.

He traveled through many nations, used charity and justice to encourage human heart, converted satellites, regulated the King moral.

Actually, the societies of Orient are impacted very much by His merits.

In the stage of Eastern Nations, wars happened that history recorded much. However, when the His dynasty came, the condition got restored as normal. His “original nature” was applied strongly because His political talent was very transcendent.

The Confucius also depended on the cruelty of Eastern Nations in fights for interest. It helped His “original nature” obtain the deep dharma of supremely good.

The doctrines of Sages despite of current or ancient time essentially guide the human beings to step on the good path and to reach the end of path, in order to restore human’s original nature that the Religions call it as the Tao.

When the “good nature” is discovered, the human can convert living beings widely. If it is humble, it can help a family to execute the customs and habits of family. If it is considerable, it can help society for justice and good of nation. If it is great, it can help whole people reach perfect good in mission of races union.



At Holy See, 30th  December Nhâm Thìn year [1953]

Dear Canonized Dignitaries and all male female children of Supreme Being, please sit with your quiet mind, so that Bần Đạo/I offer the Spirit to the Supreme Being coming to bless you all (all followers sit down after blessing).

Bần Đạo/I remind the time of that the Supreme Being came to open the Caodaism in Bính Dần year [year of Tiger] at Gò Kén pagoda at the new year’s eva of 30th December, Bính Dần year, which was the morning of 1st of Đinh Mão year [year of Cat]. The Supreme Being descended and asked Bần Đạo/me and Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm to stand up, to show the automatic pen of séance at the middle, to advise all Supreme Being’s children to cringe under it. Everybody enjoyed that Divine blessing of Supreme Being. At this time, His children also enjoy such that divine blessing.

Yearly, this night is most important. Bần Đạo/I dare to assert surely that this time is the most important time. Consequently, Bần Đạo/I offer the Spirit to the Supreme Being , so that He granted the blessing to His children’s physical body.

Bần Đạo/I have ever preached Three Precious Gems many times. That infinite miraculous dharma is for all His children despite of inferior, superior followers or elements of His Holy Body.

If all you offer “Tinh” [Essence/ Body], which means that you offer your physical body and life to the Supreme Being, so that we wait the miracle coming from the Supreme Being for salvation for living beings. If millions of persons are unanimous and although our body and life suffer miseries, the organ of deliverance will come to us.

How pitiful! His children have not been unanimous in virtue and mind. Therefore, the humankind’s misery saving organ has not been done yet.

For “Gas” which is our mind, if all His children always trend the visible matter such as interest, fame, riches on this earth, which are visionary, that life becomes meaningless. We knew the phrase “Illusion phantasm”. Consequently, the Supreme Being said “Human renounces reality. Human leans on falsity to cause debt”. If our heart is pushed into the depraved path, there is no method to escape the reincarnation law that the Supreme Being fixed readily. Therefore, all you offer the “Gas” [Khí” as your mind.

Bần Đạo/I dare to assert that: for human’s spirit misery on this earth, we have the method and solace power. Bần Đạo/I tell the truth that our life is the life of soul and our physical body is the temporary means for us to release our karma only. Our friends in the Divine World of Eternal Life have their soul and live there because they escape the reincarnation.

   Now, they are staying there. They reach the Divine organ of boundless Dharma wheel. They sit at that throne in the incessant motion. Ranks of souls on this earth live with humankind but they are just different between the visible world and invisible world.

   If all Supreme Being’s children fix spirit, one day all persons on the earth will combine in one, the mass of humankind’s power will appear on this earth. The appearance can come here because the humankind suffers misery, win misery, deliver from misery in order to obtain throne.

   At that time, the concord of people does not only come, but the concord of Universe also comes.








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