The portrait of His Holiness HO PHAP Pham Cong Tac is blessing


Preachment of His Holiness Hộ Pháp

First Book

1946 - 1947

Translator : Khai Tam Quach Minh Chuong





Holy Letter of His Holiness Thượng Sanh. 5



1. The Preachment done on 15th September Bính Tuất year (1946) at Gratitude House [Báo Ân Từ] 10

2. The Preachment done on 30th September Bính Tuất year (1946) at Gratitude House [Báo Ân Từ] 13

3. The Preachment done on 15th October Bính Tuất year (1946) at Gratitude House [Báo Ân Từ] 14

4. The Preachment done on 10th November Bính Tuất year (1946) at Gratitude House [Báo Ân Từ] 16

5. At Khách Thiện Từ House before feast for worker on 15th November Bính Tuất year (1946) 18

6. Phát thưởng cho học sinh. 19

07. On 15th December, Bính Tuất year [Dog year-lunar calendar] 19

08. On 15th December, Bính Tuất year [Dog year-lunar calendar (1947)] 21

09. Night of 24th December, Bính Tuất year [Dog year-lunar calendar (1946)] 25

10. 8th January, Bính Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1946)]. 26

11. At the Holy See, 8th January, Đinh Hợi [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)]. 28

12. Night of 9th January, Đinh Hợi year [lunar calendar (1947)]. 29

13. Holy See, 15th Januar, Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)-Upper Cycle  30

14. 30th January, Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)] 30

15. At Temple of Gratitude, 1st February, Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)] 31

16. Meeting of National Affair Department, 9th February, Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)]. 34

17. 15th February, Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)]. 39

18. Holy See, 15th Bissextile February, Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)] 42

19. At the Holy See, 15th March, Đinh Hợi [lunar-calendar (1947)]. 47

20. At the Holy See, 29th Intercalary February, Đinh Hợi [lunar-calendar (1947)]. 49

21. At the Holy See, 29th March, Đinh Hợi [lunar-calendar (1947)]. 53

22. Holy See, 29th April, Đinh Hợi [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)] 57

23. Holy See, 15th May Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)]. 59

24. 14th June Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (31 July 1947)]. 62

25. Holy See, 24th June, Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)]. 65

26. 29th June, Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)]. 68

27. 30th July, Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)]. 70

28. Holy See, 1st August Đinh Hợi [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)]. 73

29. 14th August Đinh Hợi [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)] 76

30. 15th August Đinh Hợi [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)] 77

31. Explanation of Holy Mother Prayer at the Cửu Long Palace (Temple of Gratitude) at 4pm 15th August Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)]. 80

32. 15th August, Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947) 89

33. Đạo Đức Học Đường school, 16th August Đinh Hợi year [1947] 92

34. 16th August Đinh Hợi year [1947] 93

35. The fest of Hiss Holiness Giáo Tông [Pope] 18th August Đinh Hợi year [2nd October 1947] 95

36. Holy See, 1st September Đinh Hợi year [1947] at 12 pm.. 99

37. Holy See, 15th September Đinh Hợi year [1947] 102

38. All Saints-Day (Tous Saint) at Tây Ninh Holy See on 21st September, Đinh Hợi (03 November 1947) 106

39. Holy See, 30th September Đinh Hợi year [1947] 108

40. 1st October Đinh Hợi [1947] 113

41. 10th October Đinh Hợi [1947] at Divine Alliance Palace. 115

42. At 8am of 13 October Đinh Hợi [1947] at His Holiness Quyền Giáo Tông [Interim Pope] 118

43. Holy See, 13 October Đinh Hợi [1947, Anniversary of Interim Pope. 120

44. Holy See, 15th October Đinh Hợi [1947] 125

45. Holy See, 1st November Đinh Hợi [1947] 131

46. Holy See, 14th November Đinh Hợi [1947] 135

47. Holy See, 15th November Đinh Hợi year [1947] 143

48. Holy See, 1st December Đinh Hợi [1947] 147

49. 8th December Đinh Hợi [1947] 152

50. At the Administrative School, at 4pm 10th December Đinh Hợi [20-01-1948] 156

51. Holy See, 13th December Đinh Hợi [23 January 1948] at 4pm. 161

52. Holy See, 22nd December Đinh Hợi [1948] 164

53. 22nd December Đinh Hợi year [1947] 166

54. Holy See, 24th December Đinh Hợi [1948] 167

55. Holy See, 24th December Đinh Hợi [1948] 168



Holy Letter of His Holiness Thượng Sanh.






No.: 121/TS


( 45TH YEAR )






Respectfully addressed to:                                           Hiến Pháp [Juridical Renovator]

                                            Chief of Justice Department

Ref.: Sage letter No.: 15/ĐS dated 12th June 1970

Dear Gentle Brother,

In according with your suggestion, I agree to let Department of Religious History publish to propagate His Holiness Hộ Pháp’s Preachments from 1946 to 1955 at Tây Ninh Holy See.

Selected lessons for publishing must be censored by Bible Censoring Department.


Holy See, 14th May Year of Dog

(17th Jun. 1970)




These preachments in this book are the precious speeches of His Holiness Hộ Pháp, a Head of Great Way - Third Period - Universal Salvation, a great man of generation, so the edition and collection Board was founded with Đức Thượng Sanh’s agreement to promote the edition and collection toward those Preachments. Now, this work has been obtained a satisfactory result, consequently the Board carries out to print for all followers to comprehend these precious speeches.

In the History Religion Board of Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation, the Easter-Wester, ancient and modern books in library are available for researchers and believers. The books of “Preachments” of His Holiness Hộ Pháp will be stored in this Library for readers coming to study.

His Holiness Hộ Pháp is one of predecessors founding the Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation, who firstly implemented Three Ways: “Virtue way, Service way, Speech way”.

About the Virtue way, He is the first person who followed sacred call to found a Religious source for all humankind to enjoy the great favour of the God - Supreme Being.

About Service way, He both did the virtue way and did service of founding religion. From nothing, he created the material things, held the winds to create a Great Work of Religion on this earth. If he was not a Venerable Man, how could he be successful?

About Speech way, He handed over the precious speeches in Preachments that we are reading. The readers and all followers should pay attention that there are other sublime teachings.

For the sake of Juridical Renovator [Hiến Pháp] of Divine Alliance Palace [Hiệp Thiên Đài] holding the position Chief of Religion History Board, I respectfully introduce this precious book to the readers that these book are worthy to be handed down forever.

Yours sincerely.

Juridical Renovator Trương Hữu Đức.




For each chaos, it is the time books become bait for the fire. Looking back the history: events of “Part of Books”, appropriations of book happened as a corollary toward history events. This status has been lasting for era; those are the methods of malefactors in targets for carrying out the Ignoramus Policy and Strict Acculturation.

Those sad experiences are reasons pushing us to try to carry out collecting these documentaries.

We think that: “If documentaries of prayer-book were just stored in a concentration place, it could not prevent cruel people destroying books”. Consequently, we have decided to make many copies for many entrusted people who were faithful to the Religion to be able to die in order to preserve Immortal’s speeches that He represented the God to preach the Tao.

If the situation changes unfortunately, the separations of books will happen again. We think that among these separations of books, some will be fully kept by the enthusiastic people.

This work is not a work of a person or an association but a work of nameless persons devoting all abilities in order to serve the preserve ideal for the dogmas tradition of Caodaism. While this book is giving to you, there are some passionate persons exhaustedly slump down in acting this ideal.

Our action was not a superficial idea in a short time, but an aspiration during the chaos. We always prayed the Supreme Being and Mother Buddha/Holy Mother to be blessed that we could a fortune chance to act that aspiration.

Nowadays, the vista of the sky has been bright, the aspiration has been completed. We would like to fully submit to the Sacerdotal Council all documentaries written and collected by us in years with following up the purpose of preserving the precious speeches of His Holiness Hộ Pháp.

From this time, the copyright fully depends on the Sacerdotal Council. We would like to hope that the Sacerdotal Council authorize to be censored and published so that everyone can know the cherish teachings of His Holiness Hộ Pháp that He loved to teach us when He was here, on this earth.

Holy See, 15th June Bính Ngọ/Horse Year (1966)

Shorthand Department


1. The Preachment done on 15th September Bính Tuất year (1946) at Gratitude House [Báo Ân Từ]



In Bính Tuất year (1926), Supreme Being descended the earth to found the Religion as an Organ of Saving Earth to teach the living beings to do good and avoid the bad. After the Caodaism had been propagated in provinces, on the fifteenth of June Đinh Mão (1927) the His Holiness Lý Giáo Tông [Spiritual Pope] prohibited the séance by auto apparatus, the Great Dignitaries canonized did not understand the reason of it, as His Holiness Quyền Giáo Tông [Interim Pope] adored the séance much for a rather long time of listening to Divine Teachings, therefore He was going to invite Diêu Trì Kim Mẫu [Mother Buddha] and Nine Fairies to study the virtues.

On 14th November Đinh Mão year, His Holiness Lý Giáo Tông descended by a séance and he seemed angry much but nobody understood what was He angry for, then He gave a Divine Teaching:

“Great to Good Friends and Younger Sisters, human beings, good meeting! So sorrow for humankind, so miserable for humankind!

Human beings are very cruel, those crimes, those punishments are just adequate a little. Because of My love for human beings, I joined the meeting during teen days at White Pearl Palace to change to pass the karma of human beings, but Heaven Laws are not easy to revise. The destruction is coming nearly with killing each other, damages of diseases. I see the punishments that I am heartbroken but I endure in heart and kowtow, pray while disciples have not been understanding and have been confused and ignored like a person without a soul.

I see and feel heart-rending. Needless to mention more, just considered as a small country – Vietnam with name of Holy Land, however I could not procure amnesty for city of Sài gòn, Chợ Lớn, Gia Định, Huế, Hải Phòng, Hà Nội. What a tragedy!... What a tragedy!... What a tragedy!...

This is a prediction spending 20 years, the human beings may see the result clearly.

His Holiness Lý Giáo Tông assigned a punishment for Interim Pope with 10 incense sticks, Hộ Pháp with 5 incense sticks, Archbishop Bính [Phối Sư] with 5 incense sticks. It is considered coherently that He was angry with someone, not us. What a regret for human beings that in Great Way opened if they put their nature in adoring one Religion, cultivated their virtue, did good, had close relation with a love, lived in peace, there would have no disaster nowadays. In contrast, the Dignitaries canonized are person holding the “flag of evoking soul” to guide living beings to escape from misery but wherever they come, they are always disparaged, degraded, criticized, and neglected to perfection. While Dignitaries of Sacerdotal Council took Supreme Being's favour to spread everywhere for human beings, they considered that as a meaningless, useless and unvalued thing, they devoted themselves to science, attached special importance to material civilization, they caught up the fight as eradiation mechanism, they never knew to preserve the renovation to antiquity. Until now, they have not been awake yet.

About Supreme Being's Disciples, at the beginning time of laying down their life to Caodaism door, when making the initiation ceremony of adopting Caodaism, they kowtowed in front of Altar with “Ngũ Lôi” altar [Five Thunder Spirits] to take an oath that: “From this time, venerate Caodaism Doctrine of the Emperor, not change mind and heart, collaborate other Disciples, keep and protect Cao Đài laws, if afterward I change heart, Heaven and Earth howl” Alas for those persons with their oath, they have taken an oath but they have not believed faithfully in Supreme Being, they have changed their heart, returned to secular life, taken their Religious dress off, thrown their head-dress to trend to the earthly path, those are reasons for present fight.

Consequently, whoever has broken the oath to Supreme Being must be hurried to awake, repent, and petition to Great Merciful Father and Holy Superiors with mercy in order to be forgiven previous crimes. In that way, on that chance, they will enjoy the Supreme Being's favour given later.

Whenever, all human beings know to return to the good way, consider the Heaven Religion as a saving Organ to execute the love doctrine actually, they may enjoy the universal peaceful concord on that day.


2. The Preachment done on 30th September Bính Tuất year (1946) at Gratitude House [Báo Ân Từ]


When Mencius Master [Mạnh Tử] going to meet the Lương’s King, Mr. Huệ Vương asked Mencius: What interest do you counsel when Old man do not mind great distance to come to my country? The Mencius Master replied: I only talk about charity and justice, not about interest. If the country desires interest, the court officials having hundred units of interest will desire more thousand units of interest, the low and high-ranking mandarins having thousand units of interest will desire ten thousand units of interest, and Son of Heaven/Emperor having surplus ten thousand units of interest will desire more million units of interest.

If the country aspires the interest so, all human beings will endure imprisonment, misery, how can we govern the country? And if the country attaches special importance to the charity and justice Tao, all people may enjoy all happy things in praise of peaceful life.

After Mencius Master had explained all disadvantages and advantages, the Huệ Vương King accepted to admit. In the epoch of money, the advantage wins disadvantage, the strength wins weakness, the wisdom wins the unwisdom, the people one the earth always trend toward interest regardless of charity, justice and spiritual morality, therefore those are reasons of wars destroyed and congener kills together, such many tragedies happen every day pitifully that eyes get tired, ears get uninspired. That provokes the tears of people taking care of the world not to stop shedding.

The Religious Dignitaries take the seed of charity and justice to spread everywhere but human beings do not accept and admit because they do not know how strong their competence is, they needn’t pay attention to. If they use the charity and justice at important function for a period, they will recognize how result it brings about. Remind the Holy Teaching of Supreme Being mentioned the charity and justice…

The human is first of all,

Due to human, people become mandarin.

People have the charity, country is governed,

Country with true charity in one body.

Whenever all people execute two words of “charity and justice” in a true face, any society will enjoy the happiness, the war of world will become peaceful and content.



3. The Preachment done on 15th October Bính Tuất year (1946) at Gratitude House [Báo Ân Từ]


Long since, the Religious has used the words “humanity and mercy” to teach human beings with the key purpose of preserving people’s life, of setting up the happiness for people. The words of humanity and mercy are not strange.

Bần Đạo/Poor Monk/I say about them, the male and female Dignitaries, Sub-dignitaries and Disciples also understand clearly.

The meaning of “humanity and mercy” is not profound and complicated at all, old and young people can execute easily, however how pitiful! Human beings do not execute it.

What is the humanity? What is the mercy? Bần Đạo/I explain the word of mercy that everybody has it in heart readily. The child reaching five or seven years old knows the love for his parents, brothers as his relatives. When reaching adulthood, having a wife and children, friends, he loves more commodiously. Whenever he finds difficulty, misery and accident o people around him, he becomes moved and pays attention to love without limitation. That is the merciful nature.

The Humanity is due to the God’s nature in loving all living beings without limitation. When seeing living beings doing good, executing charity and justice, the GOD and Buddha feel happy and love them infinitely. That is the nature of humanity.

Nowadays, human beings lack of humanity and mercy, therefore they cause wars fighting together, killing their compatriots with blood relation. The Supreme Being descending the earth to open the Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation essentially uses the doctrine of humanity and mercy as the guideline so that human beings reply on it as an organ to preserve life and protect Country in peace.

Whenever all human beings, compatriots awake the true heart in order to execute the doctrine of humanity and mercy in true face, the human beings will enjoy the all happy things, any race or society will also enjoy that happiness.


4. The Preachment done on 10th November Bính Tuất year (1946) at Gratitude House [Báo Ân Từ]


The quality is divided into three aspects:

- Self-confidence.

- Confidence in another.

- Confidence in God.

1. What is the self-confidence?

We are confident of our ability in ensuring our life. At the young age, people know eating, know talking and know loving their parents and brothers and sisters. When reaching adulthood, their parents teach job, affairs of world in communicating with exterior people, teach good and bad things. Their parents instruct definitely as a book found basically. Besides, we hear and see plays happening in steps from the good to bad, from successfulness and unsuccessfulness, and then we learn the experience carefully and filter the good and cleverness in order to join into the book found by our parents for long since. After all we take that book to the Holy Palace, we will follow it as standard for our actions and we will have belief enough from it. That is the preservation mechanism for body that is called as the self-confidence. There, the self-confidence is considered as the body improvement.

2. What is the Confidence in another?

The Confidence in another is to know the way to make the cause of ancients bright and hand over generation, we believe in our Master teaching us for lesson to establish our position in life in order become a noble person. And many people in society do not purposefully teach us, however their study and all good, bad, sinful, virtuous things often are appeared in front of us. That is a lesson that we should pay attention. We gather all acts of people to make a second book then we consider, filter and select good suitable things to take them to the Holy Palace (that is our brain) in order to create the method of protecting and preserving our life. That is the confidence in another.

3. The self-confidence and confidence in another are not enough, there must have the confidence in God that we believe in the Supreme Being completely with His full power to protect our life and all living beings on the earth. If we believe in the Supreme Being completely and follow the Supreme Being’s lesson by take the humanity and mercy, harmony charity and justice put into two books mentioned above to unite to create one special religion, then we build with Cao Dai name, we execute thoroughly according to that. That is our eternal preservation as of all humankind.

If having Self-confidence and Confidence in another as a visible power without Confidence in God as invisible miraculous power, that power will be fallen into the destroying mechanism. Therefore, we must have the enough religion in Supreme Being, must esteem human’s life because Supreme Being bears one man as His precious thing. If someone destroys that precious thing, it means he breaks the Heaven law, it is considered as great crime. Whenever, all human beings act as the doctrine of “Mercy, Love, Humanity” completely, they might enjoy the prosperous and happy world together, that will be the construction of epoch of Minh Đức (Illumination), Tân Dân (New Citizen) in order to re-build the new world.


5. At Khách Thiện Từ House before feast for worker on 15th November Bính Tuất year (1946)

Feast for Merit Doer and Explaining the Third Path of Great Way.

In order to step on the “third way”, we must practise not to desire anything for ourselves any more, must consider the visible act of Supreme Being as our duty, must love and be pious to Supreme Being and Mother Buddha. Those love and piousness must be extraordinary due to spirit’s control, must love human beings and all living beings more than us and consider them as us, must create and keep the Sacred Heart Perfectly Holy and obtain three thousand merits enough, at that time we will reach the destination, overcome all obstacles steadily.






6. Phát thưởng cho học sinh.


Regarding to a citizen’s duty, when the country faces on a matter, all students must know an important thing, that is the national prestige, it means to the individual’s assembly in that nation. Consequently, each citizen has to have an individual which is the personality and quality. In order to have a worthy individual, our ancestor has handed over two very precious words, those are “self-improve”


07. On 15th December, Bính Tuất year [Dog year-lunar calendar]


Dear Members of Parliament and Members of Two Sexes,

It has been over five years from the time Bần Đạo/I was oppressed in foreign country that I ever endured many spiritual sufferings and worries of Religious future, worry of national destiny from mutiny, I ever deeply attached with nostalgia to all Supreme Being’s children, over one million souls who have been nominated to be protected by Him.

I do not need to describe but Gentle Friends and Younger Sisters have been also clear that we felt bored of immediate retribution: we only love one person, that lover power induces us to obey it enough. Alas! Although that power is invisible, its power is so strong. If I did not have enough strong spirit to reply on religion, it was afraid that it might kill my life one billion of time.

The more we share and endure destituteness and poverty, the more power of love increases its degree higher. Bần Đạo/I have determined to win, win to live, live due to Master and Religion and due to His children. It is real that Bần Đạo/I am a revived person with a most Holy Transcendent.

For homeland, after enduring all mournful tastes enough, we thought that it took enough causes to truthfully display the real face of Religion for all living beings that have steeled under unlimited miseries in order to draw the blood and tear, humanity for world. It was contrary to what was expected that a sorrowful play is happening in front of us that the homeland falls into the decay, bones accumulate, blood continues course. A murderous air covers the whole nation, the sword of death is swung rapidly everywhere making child have no father, making student have no master, making wife have no husband, making internecine fight happen, making people reduced to misery.

The crane going fatherland back then looks at but does not remember its nest and see its changes of appearance, the crane feels heart-rending with tears at heart and it is going to have a heart-to-heart talk to hurry listener for reply. Alas! In front of this mournful situation, who is the man of confidence and heart-to-heart to me? Whom did I find besides Gentle Friends, Younger Sisters? It is thought that you maybe commiserate this sick crane and listen attentively. Alas! Where is the Supreme Being’s living mass lost to let His two beloved groups endure destroying fight each other…?

Now, Bần Đạo/I am in front of you but I still think that it is still a dream. Consequently, Bần Đạo/I lower my head to reply on you for a very necessary thing: sharing your sorrowful harmony with this crane to hurry the heart of universal love to reach a leisured and holy world for all living beings. Bần Đạo/I have worried much for destiny of Supreme Being’s children when drifting away in foreign country and worried credulousness of some members of Master’s Holy Body, thus I just came back the Central See and forgot this shabby body then hurriedly governed to beautify the true doctrine, found out demerits in order to cultivate more. Consequently, I immediately opened the Popular Council to serve the power of All Creatures as before.

Bần Đạo/I entrust to you completely. Bần Đạo/I [Poor Monk] kindly open the Assembly.



08. On 15th December, Bính Tuất year [Dog year-lunar calendar (1947)]


Today, the assembly of Great Council of Charity is also a Council belonging to the power of All Creature. Bần Đạo/I need to explain the very important duty of Charity so that Dignitaries and Representatives may understand its meaning.

For a long time, the Dignitaries of Charity conferred by God have just understood a little bit of supreme duty, they never understand thoroughly. Thus, many people did not understand their duty, and did not execute according to True Doctrine, contrary to the value of Charity Body. Their actions were not meaningless, therefore the Charity Body has not reached any effect; by contrast it still showed the mutual scramble.

The Sacerdotal Council has two Bodies: The Administration and Charity are often contrary together, however the truth has not been found to harmony together. If whenever they are not in harmony, it proves the unwise aspect, no ability. In that way, that can not show the very significant duty with its real role and aspect.

You also know well that the Caodaism was created under only one supreme and most important truth, therefore this world thirsts as people thirst for a rain, as a criminal living in misery thirsts for Holy Water Drop [Giọt Cam Lồ] of Supreme Being blessing to reduce misery. The Supreme Being comes to found the Religion in order to release all His children’s spirit. The Supreme Being also creates the image of Holy Body of Him by borrowing younger brothers and friends as His body in order to release the misery of world toward the physical body.

The Charity Body has a supremely important duty of Supreme Being: Deliver both physical body and soul from sufferings, He replies on you to foster His children, to care hungry and thirsty status, to help poor people and solitary people. Whenever the whole pitiful organ of humankind is shouldered by us, at that time it is exact to the mission entrusted by Supreme Being. You should wonder that: what have you done already for a long time? You have just cared brothers and sisters in same religion only, do not mention the other ones living outside the religious gate. All living beings are Supreme Being’s children, they are not just Caodaism disciples only. It has not been enough yet! The delivering organ of Supreme Being is depended on your control. At the beginning time, I endured much sufferings, ate greens and rice soup to cooperate together in setting up the Phạm Môn [Buddha Gate]. I have been enduring until the Charity Body appeared as its real aspect, I created enough force for you in executing duty.

However, at that time although you had many advantages, your character was selfish for five years from my absence to my return time. I still might see poor people of whom nobody cared, might see ragged people of whom nobody cared, they were outcast, the junior generation recommended by me was alone, therefore they could not be content with Caodaism, then they had to find other friend to have a secular life because if they were content with their religious life, there would have nobody caring them.

Besides, I also hear that when I was absent, whoever had a position might control oneself and seized to occupy. Is it asked if you are meritorious? If I commanded the Religious Court to conduct an investigation, there would have nobody who are worthy in front of me to call oneself “great merit” because your necessity accused that you can not refute anything.

I tell the truth, the face of Caodaism has not been perfect yet, so do not expect to found the real aspect of Religion. If you only obeyed teaching, I would open the Octagonal Palace’s door so that you could make friend with Holy Superiors who would teach you more on the way and you would not be bad like this.

Nowadays, the Religious doors are open due to Sanctified Martyrs. If it was not due to them, the doors would be still closed. If you are worthy, I will open the doors so that Holy Superiors may teach and instruct the Tao for you.

I tell you so that you understand, I am sitting here and Holy Superiors in Octagonal Palace have been still waiting you and I myself will guide and knock the doors of Octagonal Palace so that you can go back to become friendly friends of Holy Superiors. If you do not complete your duty and just have a little bit of secular thought, the Holy Land will never insert you into the Great Merit list. The Octagonal Palace unites with you just when you take the great responsibility for Supreme Being’s children only.

If you can not hold a pearl yet, you will not have ability to preserve All Living Creatures of Supreme Being.

I said that I would open the door of Octagonal Palace to guide you, however you can go there or not, it still depends on your spirit and heart.

Actually, you endeavour to fix your spirit to control yourself in order to make a sample for next step of generation. If a secular mass still exists in your mind, you will be never able to reach the highest and most important purpose. You must have a sacred mind in order to replace the image of Holy Body of Supreme Being for His children as all living beings.

Up to now, I kindly declare the Assembly and let the power of Sacerdotal Council of Charity have enough wisdom to work. Bần Đạo/I have every confidence in demanding to advance in grade worthily and equitably.


09. Night of 24th December, Bính Tuất year [Dog year-lunar calendar (1946)]


The prayer has an induction with the holy politics, it means that invisible superiors may know all actions on the earth thoroughly. For philosophy for physical body of man, he receives a sperm of father, a blood of mother, therefore among child, father and mother, they have a holily mutual and close sensation. The physical body of a child working far away has a presage such as body twitch, wink or a dream of seeing teeth lost or other issue when his parents face on an accident of a sickness. That is about the constitution and temperament as people’s form. For divine character as a conscience given by Supreme Being has a sensation with Supreme Being, consequently when we have any trouble, we normally pray by heart.

The Religion contains an extremely mysterious sensation, it is said that “Man’s heart thinks something, Heaven and Earth are immediately aware”. From now on, the Dignitaries and Sub-dignitaries, male and female Disciples endeavour to pray that the Religion and way of life may reach the security and order from this time to the beginning of Đinh Hợi spring [Pig year-lunar calendar], you will find the extraordinary evolution and sacred mystery. If all National citizens believe in the power of Divine politics and unite in praying by heart, the chaos will become peaceful, secure and order, the world will reach happy and republic things.


10. 8th January, Bính Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1946)].


Nowadays, the flag of Secular Branch [Chi Thế] comes out with Thư Hùng Kiếm [“Male and Female Swords” – a pair of sword created to represent the Yin-Yang in universe, used to administer the world aspect. When the Thượng Sanh he wears a great vestment [Director of Secular Branch] celebrates the Great Ceremony to the Supreme Being, he lays the Thư Hùng Kiếm crosswise the back] as the Supreme Being’s promise founding the National Religion as an organ to rescue the life of all living humans.

 The secular people do not understand easily due to His holy and mysterious issues determined. The Caodaism Army is a divine squad founded by Supreme Being in order to protect His organ.

 Although, it is just a normal organ under earthly eyes, it actually contains enough heaven soldiers appearing due to the purpose of preserving the humankind. What I wish is that Caodaism Army has a model spirit for world squad with a purpose of keeping humankind intact in order to re-set the peaceful foundation up. The Caodaism Army is not due to the personal interest to destroy and kill people.

 Bần Đạo/I have an earnest speech to advise whole Army in order to remember that: even how our force is strong, we cannot be against the destroying force of atom bomb.

 The Caodaism Army should know our strength by ourselves that the strength is due to the humanity and loyal spirit in rescuing the world.

 Consequently, in order to yield the strength of atom bomb, we just use the humanity strength and loyal spirit only. The Caodaism Army becoming real with its face is due to the Master’s will that the Caodaism Army becomes a model for International Army and its success or failure is due to Supreme Being’s power.

 Thus, the Caodaism Army must keep the loyal sword and flag of humanity steadily. If doing like that, the Supreme Being’s power is always in Caodaism Army.

Continuous preachment for symbol meaning of Army flag

 The yellow background essentially belongs to the Nation with yellow race; the blue represents the immense and generous heart. Among them, the fire wheel with nine limbs is considered as the rotating dharma chakra, it still shows the nine grades of divine superior. The flag has three colors: yellow, blue, red representing the Three-Religion unification and Five Branches unified. It is called as “Flag of Protecting Life”.

The Caodaism Army shoulders the holy responsibility to make the life secure in order, to create the happiness for humankind. It is essential to make a model for peace, a sample for Foreign neighboring countries. At the present, the powerful countries apply the modern tools such as atom bomb, it just massacres together only while the Caodaism Army as “Blue Army” reaches the complete victory by a knight-errant sword of destroying evil and keeping truth, cancelling the falseness and enhancing the reality to reply on the Flag of Protecting Life in order to execute the humanity, to keep defensive about the Moral spirit, not to do anything against conscience. In general, the Caodaism Army is a World Peace Organ.

11. At the Holy See, 8th January, Đinh Hợi [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)].


Today, the Heavenly Globe [Quả Càn Khôn] was moved to the Holy See, the Supreme Being has been seated in His throne. We should be happy because the humankind may be affected by this Holy See to evolve forever.

 From this time, nobody considers the Holy See as a mass of whitewash, sand, cement any more. In contrary meaning, it is created by a mass of religion of all children of Supreme Being.

 By your skillful hands, you, masons, carpenters have endured poorness for over 10 years to build this Holy See. From this time, whichever race living in wherever location has enough belief in Supreme Being as an Overlord of all living creatures will head the Holy See to pray every day in order to desire His bless.

 The Holy See is complete, the foundation of Caodaism is firm, and we gradually yield the cruelties of life to lead the humankind to order and peaceful way with power of humanity. We will bring people happiness at this transmutation time of world.

 We should be glad because the humankind will reply on our religion mass to receive Supreme Being’s gift.

 Bần Đạo/I remind that nowadays, we can see what Supreme Being has promised with His children. He has gifted us due to His promise. I am standing at the pulpit to witness that. The extraordinary merits in past time are evidences. As the Vietnamese had gotten lower belief in Him, the delivering organ for our accident came late that we now still see the fratricide and heart-rending status. If our National People try believing and praying, we will examine if the Suprme Being will gift us as His promise.

12. Night of 9th January, Đinh Hợi year [lunar calendar (1947)].


Among Vietnamese, some ones lack religion to Caodaism, they never believe that the God opened the Caodaism to found the World, Brilliant Nature, New Citizen, it means to the organ of delivering world to make all people peaceful, to make universe static, to ovoid mutual fights and mutual murders. At the present, the war disaster is spreading everywhere, people are miserable, the fight of blood continues, those are due to some people who do not believe in the God, not to follow the justice law of Creator, the chaos obviously happens. Whenever the humankind knows to consider the Heavenly Religion as a delivering guideline and to found it as a National Religion in Vietnam and to the humankind the security, peace and order, that is the day the Supreme Being sprinkles a holy water drop for humankind in order to bathe by happiness.



13. Holy See, 15th Januar, Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)-Upper Cycle



The offerings to Suprme Being are: Flower, Alcohol, Tea due to Three Treasures [Tam Bửu] of man: Essence, Gas, Spirit. Those are the most precious things on the earth. When offering to Supreme Being, we must beautify three treasures how to be pure, do not let them be contracted earthly impurity to become unavailable.

 Consequently, the Dignitaries, male and female Sub-dignitaries need to beautify the physical body, mind and spirit how to be pure.

 Whenever we offer to the Supreme Being, we need to offer those treasures to Master so that they become a seed in order to cultivate, then human beings may receive the Master’s gift and bless together.

 Therefore, the necessary thing is that the Dignitaries belonging to Holy Body must cultivate three treasures highly how to be pure in order to offer to Supreme Being.



 14. 30th January, Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)]


The Hội Yến Diêu Trì [An alcohol party held every 15th August according to lunar calendar] is an organ of acquiring the great wisdom on the earth. The Holy Mother [Mother Buddha] with nine female Buddhas and Dignitaries compose extempore poems and preach. That is an Assembly of Divine Superiors on the earth.

 The Supreme Being belongs to Buddha throne; the Holy Mother belongs to Dharma [Pháp]. If there is Supreme Being without Holy Mother, there is nothing in universe for visible aspect. All living creatures are Samgha [Tăng].

 We are only aware of Supreme Being’s creation and development. However, the evolution of Universe and creation of humankind are due to the union of Yin Yang to bear all living creatures. Therefore, they call parents as a Small Universe of Heaven and Earth. There are many senses that we cannot describe all.



15. At Temple of Gratitude, 1st February, Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)]


From now, we are very honourable of adoring Holy Mother at the Gratitude Temple. At the beginning of founding Caodaism, Bần Đạo/I knew how the Holy Mother’s merit was, the Holy Mother and Nine Female Buddhas guided the children of Supreme Being until we handed over Master back.

At beginning stage, due to that sentiment, the Great Dignitaries canonized by God petitioned to adore the Holy Mother in the Holy See, then the Holy Mother let us know that Supreme Being is the Father and Mother Buddha [Holy Mother] is the subject, therefore the subject can not be equal to the Lord. We recognize that the Buddha Mother esteems the Supreme Being extremely that we can not know. The whole organ of visible creation is created by Mother Buddha. When coming this earth with a physical body, the soul coming or going back is due to creation of Mother Buddha. The Holy Mother is the soul’s mother. If the more thankful we are to great merit, the more we esteem the creation and nourishment of Holy Mother.

Nowadays, we are on the way of advance, the reaching the peak of the Way or not also replies on Holy Mother’s nurture and assistance because nobody loves their children more than Holy Mother. If we could know the Universal visible creation organ of Holy Mother, we would have the respectful sentiment much for Holy Mother. The Holy Mother’s children petitioned to adore Her in the Holy See, however She denied, it proclaims that She has a honour to Supreme Being much and excessively on this earth.

The womankind should follow the nature of Mother as sample to amend and awake on the way. It is not surprised for common and secular characters; the matron victimizes mankind, be unrespected to her husband, neglects her children and lets them be outcast. They just did not get the passionate love of their mother.

Now, we talk about Mother Buddha’s existence cause firstly. The Supreme Being appears from nothing. If considering everything as nothing, that nothing is the Immaterial Superior without image in incorporeal milieu. As the Supreme Being expected as an earthly man that, when being born, he grew up then wished to create a fortune. The Supreme Being is the origin of whole Dharma; therefore we call Him as the Buddha. The pristine Dharma divided into the Yin and Yang. The Yin part is the Mother Buddha creating the material mechanism of universe. Therefore, the Mother Buddha’s power is the Mother to our fluid body as the perisprit, and from that we have three bodies as Three Precious Treasures.

 Three Treasures are three fluids creating the physical body as an animal. People misunderstand that there is nothing after the physical body destroyed. It is wondered that if the Heaven and Earth and everything are destroyed, is everything ruined without creation?

 Due to earthly eyes and secular body, we can see nothing. If we had an eye of wisdom, we would see our physical body containing three forms: first form considered as a physical body belonging to matter’s creation, second form as a perisprit created by the essence of matter belonging from Genie of Earth to Genie of Heaven, the third form as a fluid from soul belonging to grade of Saint and upper one.

 Obtaining the dharma is due to the union of three forms. Do not think that we cannot do that. If we could go, we might go forever and everywhere. However, in order to obtain the dharma, we must refine. In the beginning, we had to execute the material dharma and later we could not obtain the true dharma, it is same to a man with trousers without any blouse.

After the Mother’s material organ had created, the Supreme Being did not let the Mother see Him. The Mother Buddha [Holy Mother] is just shy and respect but she does not see the Supreme Being. Therefore, our Mother feels happy with Her children and feels consoled from Her children. It is not strange for womankind’s love, they do not love and comfort their children much when their husband is present there. Just when their husband is absent, they really love their children so much.

 When the Holy Mother sees Her children facing the death and leaving the dress of physical body to go back with Her, She is very happy to welcome Her children as a woman may meet her beloved child after long separation.

 This Temple is a place to worship the Mother Buddha when the humane doctrine is completed to go ahead the old throne.



 16. Meeting of National Affair Department, 9th February, Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)].


 Today, we discuss and explain the National Affair. Therefore, before discussing some National Affairs, I bring out some issues so that we outline a path on which we will go on or we will do because we have to have a clear purpose.

 As we know very thoroughly that the powerful nations such as France, England, United State, Russia, every nation also has a different politics regime. We should understand that the politics regime is from a purpose, a doctrine, a spirit created by people.

 In the past, the France under the dictatorial Monarchy regime induced the French not to be able to endure cruel injustice of King. Thus among people, many philosophers such as Jean Jacques Rousseau, Montesquieu wanted to bring the justice for civil right, so they thought to create a democratic politics spirit. When this appeared, the politics regime of civil right would be founded.

 After the appearance of regime, the French acknowledged it as a doctrine of civil right and they found the method to carry out successfully in order to oppose the dictatorial Monarchy regime. The Russia was same, in the past the Russia was writhed by the dictatorial Monarchy regime, thus Lenin also thought to find to create the democratic spirit and that democratic spirit became a right civil regime of Communist.

In general, the people of every nation due to the dictatorial monarchy calamity or due to a Leader will create a revolution spirit, then the people will create a regime of right civil.

If there is the politics regime spirit of right civil, the people consider it as a doctrine that they must pursue patiently or abolish the regime, which is not suitable for people’s heart.

Coming here, I kindly have a question. How do the people have to do in order to abolish the cruel politics regime to apply the regime of right civil?

In my opinion, I see that the people use two following methods:

The first method: Struggle by spirit such as demonstration, reaction or fight diplomacy or non-cooperation of fighting in economy in order to overturn a regime that people consider it as an unsuitable regime.

The second method: Because of fight mentioned above, the people are defended and repressed, therefore the people unify to become a party as an equivalent armament force in order to support their doctrine.

Talking up to this point of view, you may understand thoroughly, due to supporting a doctrine, the people may found an army to protect their doctrine or purpose.

 When we know that because of support to a doctrine and that doctrine found an army as a backing, thus have to acknowledge that the politics create the army but the army never creates the politics.

 Nowadays, we do the same. It is wondered that which doctrine we follow.

 Do we follow the Caodaism? If it right, the Caodaism needs to be existed, the Army must be founded. Consequently, the Army is founded by the politics, and the army must follow the politics guideline. The army must be controlled by the politics because we engage in politics.

 Engaging the politics is the engagement in National affair, therefore every nation has a Department of National Affair. If the Department of National Affair wants to obtain its way of politics, the army is an organ to support the politics.

Please think if it is right! If it is right, we should acknowledge that: the army must be controlled by the politics so that we may do the national affair. We have the Department of National Affair engaging in politics, so the army must obey the politics guideline. About the control of army to operation, the Department of Staff may decide completely and may require war tools from the Department of National Affair.

 In general, we have defined that: Department of National Affair must issue politics guidelines to control the army, if the army does not obey and does against the order of court, the court will be powerless, the chaos will happen. If in a nation, the fight happens, the strength wins the weakness, then there will have no humane politics.

 The explanation mentioned above is the reality of evolution history to politics or method of engaging in politics.

As the people due to engaging in politics are to fight for interest and power, they found the army as a backing for politics. Thus, the army belongs to the people, the people do not belong to the army. In broad sense, the court founds the army.

 Nowadays, we engage in politics, so we must have the army. If we do not engage in politics someday, the army will be dispersed.

 However, the situation forces us to engage in politics. Consequently, we must ballot to acknowledge in founding the Department of National Affair in order to be on behalf of people to do the National Affair, to save the their life and interest. Therefore, we should support the National Affair Department of Sacerdotal Council completely in order to do against the disastrous politics of plundering regime or as an Imperialist.

 There is an obvious proof that we can see Mr. D’ Argenlieu going to the Indochina and leaving the responsibility assigned by France Cabinet? What is that responsibility? Are those Orders, guidelines and conditions of Politics forcing Mr. D’ Argenlieu to obey?

 Nowadays, we should consider how it is. We see that the France wanted to apply a federation politics regime for this region in order to reap their interest and power, consequently the France Cabinet asked Mr. Bollaert as a talented politician to go to the Indochina carrying Orders, conditions and politics guidelines to catch up the politics purpose of Indochina’s civil, especially it is the Vietnamese.

 Thus, the France army in Indochina is under the Mr. Bollaert’s power, it means that Mr. Bollaert has the right to decide the war or reconcilement or which opponent and where they need to fight or to decide where their army must not touch.

 Consequently, we know clearly that Mr. Bollaert coming here to engage in politics. We know for what purpose and politics purpose they fight. Now, we manage to do the national affair to reach our doctrine, thus we have got the Department of National Affair taking care of lucid politics path in order to discuss and decide and solve against the lucid politics of Bollaert carried from France. The news has been broadcasted that Mr. Bollaert and Prime Minister Hoạch will come to Holy See soon.

 Nowadays, we are on the way serving our nation, we must compete in politics to reap what we have the right to receive it worthily.



 17. 15th February, Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)].

Preachment for Three Precious Treasures:


 The man has three precious treasures: “Tinh” is our physical body born by our parents, the concerned thing is the ether/gas, which gets in touch and protects life. It nourishes the physical body by vital fluid created by Holy Mother, the concerned one is our soul given by Supreme Being. Three ones become one, one becomes three ones called as Three Precious Treasures: Body, Gas, Spirit.

 The Supreme Being chooses precious thing as flower (Body), alcohol (Gas), tea (Spirit). Its meaning is that the Supreme Being wants to require His children’s precious things to which are offered by us. It means that He wants His children to live with Him forever.

In order to deny the Supreme Being’s love, we must improve our second body [perisprit] to become pure and light. To reach that result, we just have two things: fasting and follow the virtuous laws. When our perisprit exists round us and protects the vital fluid in contacting the third body as the soul. When leaving the smelly physical body, it will combine with the soul if it is pure. If it is cruel [inhumane], it will have to be involved in this smelly physical body and will have to be far away from the soul, the Death will lead away and it will be in exile. For this reason, the Supreme Being has given us the Brahma (Procedure of cleaning body of dead/absolution of dead) to cut the bond of karma to be apart from the first physical body and to become light to rise in order to unify the soul in one, it means the eternal life.

Humankind is very cunning, smart with latent desire of sensual body. That is the reason in causing many terrifying things. The non-stop wars are due to greed of civilization development, of up-to-date mechanical development such as atom bomb to kill man. At the present time, in United States, the Museum stores 200 millions of books. If reading one book per day, to finish that number of those books, we have to live some incarnations.

The Supreme Being knows that the humankind evolves highly and becomes self-satisfied and just pays attention to the sensual body but the perisprit [second body] and spirit [soul]. Therefore, the Supreme Being comes to open a Religion in order to teach humankind the offence and merit, to help them improve to become greatly good in order to unify with Him. If we may know that thoroughly, all artful things will disappear, the Death will never come to us in this world.

 If we might reach through the Ethereal World, we would see all creatures killed hard-heartedly. As the man engenders a feud with them, they are ready in detesting. Consequently, the borrowing, payment and reincarnation are continuous and the humankind cannot leave the circle of earth.

From now, I desire that we appreciate that thing to improve your perisprit to become pure. It means that we must love all species of animal in order to stop the karma bond so that the marvelous drug as the morality can be propagated to save all living beings completely with delivery from the banishment.

The humankind of whole world may acknowledge like that, the disastrous status will not re-happen surely. The humankind is created from one origin only. Due to the mentality, habit of different countries of races, the mutual division, mutual contrary, mutual animosity continue forever in circle of non-stop fighting.

Consequently, the Divine Will of Supreme Being opening the Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation with Three Religions in Unification and Five Branches in Union is to want to harmonize the mentality of whole His mankind in order to completely save 9,200,000 Men of Original Soul banished here. The Supreme Being had the great mercy and love to counsel the origin and bless us to obtain the divine position that we must improve how to make Essence [Tinh/Physical Body] unified with Gas [Khí]. The Essence and Gas unifying with Spirit [Thần/Soul] is the mysterious mechanism to reach the peak of Tao.

The important value of Three Precious Treasures [Tam Bửu] that Supreme Being likes to be offered in Great Service is the cause to stop disaster of hatred competition in causing the retribution for whole world.

Actually, in order to maintain this concord harmony is also due to the origin of that Dharma only there is not any profound and moral philosophies of Religions cannot overcome that. If there is nothing reached, the perisprit [second body] will be impure and sinful and the world will become destroyed and devastated.



 18. Holy See, 15th Bissextile February, Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)]



Today, Bần Đạo/I continue to teach the Three Treasures. I explain Three Treasures firstly because the Supreme Being uses Flower, Alcohol, Tea to represent three forms creating all living beings.

Just soul is us, the perisprit is the essence of material transfiguration. Our soul borrows the material mechanism to be close with the organ of universal creation.

What do we come here under the physical body for? Which reason do we come here? Bần Đạo/I gradually explain why we must lead a religious life. What is the usefulness of leading a religious life? What is the cause forcing us to lead a religious life?

I will preach the origin of man, and then I will continue to preach the Cửu Thiên Khai Hoá [Masters of Divine Beings of Nine Heavens] and the Supreme Being creating the Octagonal Divine Palace.

Now, Bần Đạo/I explain the Three Treasures [Tam Bửu] as three organs creating the man’s body. The Soul [Third Body] is born by the original fluid, the original fluid is created by the Fluid of Ante-Creation, the Perisprit [Second Body] is agglomerated by the Fluid of Post-Creation and the physical body [First Body] is from material.

It is wondered that which organ our desire of living is due to. The life is due to the Soul. The Soul has an unknown power that there is no science may research and know it thoroughly. Its power is given by the SUPREME BEING. The Soul’s power is unlimited, it is the power protecting the life way of all living creatures of physical body. The Perisprit belongs to the Fluid of Post-Creation protecting the material fluid.

Among those fluids creating our body, the soul is the divine light born by Supreme Being to preserve the life of physical body. Whenever the destiny is determined the end of great source of vital fluid [khối sanh quang] that power goes out the physical body, the physical body must be destroyed, it is called as a death.

Actually, we try studying what the Fluid of Ante-Creation, Fluid of Post-Creation and Material Fluid are. We will see that any visible object always has three forms:

We may see the material.

The taste belongs to Fluid of Post-Creation.

The power belongs to Fluid of Ante-Creation.

Those fluids create the man’s body. If how the material, taste and power are, the man is same like that. We may see a grain cooked well, the man eats to reap its essence as the Fluid of Post Creation restoring our original vital fluid and we may exist here.

The material essence taken into our body makes the physical body able-bodied. If we feel exhausted, it means we lack of vital fluid.

As the perisprit [Chơn thần/second body] belongs to the fluid of post-creation, we cannot see it but do not think that it does not exist. The rice is taken in to the stomach purifying the essence to create blood to nourish this mass of creatures [physical body]. We know its existence but we cannot see it. Our perisprit called as a vital spirit, ethereal body,…[second body] by people is true.

Why are people often afraid of ghost? That is because that they see the image from the transfiguration of material fluid, which may appear or disappear, however that appearance is normally different. Thus, it make people afraid.

Whenever we may see a perisprit appearing in front of us that we have a fortune to be close to him, he will love us much more than other earthling

As the earthling with a physical body often has seven feelings and six desires, he has an analysis about invisible matter, this make the love reduced because we are afraid.

When we go back the immaterial world and live in creation mass, we will recognize that the Tao takes the duty in protecting all living beings, advising, teaching and pushing the grades of soul to advance on the evolution way. We just have the right to love and uphold but we have no right to harm together.

Bần Đạo/I explain the divine world. If we may reach the dharma to leave the physical body to meet the immaterial friends, we will find the difference from our earthly thoughts.

In the Divine world, the holy superiors, Saints, Immortals, Buddhas just wish a practical thing how to help the living beings. Those superiors are very lucky in order to reach occasion to console the spirit [heart] of all living beings with no lack of love every day and every time.

We come the earth as a human, the key point is to obtain the creation mechanism [it means the Dharma] to become Divine and Holy. We learn a step in an incarnation to wish to become a Creator someday.

As you know the Sakyamuni Buddha as a Master called that the priests call as Teacher. If the souls may meet, see and get close to the Buddha, they will become close friends to the Buddha.

On this earth, the Buddha never disparages anybody belonging any rank of man because the Buddha enlightened the path. Whoever is vulgar or divine will go to the destination later. The Buddha only knows one thing that is to show the bendy path happily so that his friend may reach the position of Buddha.

They do not dare to disparage anybody, not only humankind but also all living creatures. The living beings are their younger backward brothers.

The animal killed that we may see, has no way to protect itself. Today, we kill to eat it, our backward friend will evolve up grade of man and higher grade. We sill may see them next us. At that time, they will look at us and ask: “Last time, Buddha/you ate my meat once”. I should think that there is nothing more shameful. Therefore, we must fast.

Nobody is hard-hearted to kill the man to eat meat and nobody has the right to kill those backward friends to eat meat.

We come here to make friend with all living beings. All living beings help us study the mystery of Tao mechanism thoroughly to become divine in continue the work of Supreme Being.

The Master says: The Master saves the ready patrimony for us; the Master never retrieves it except for somebody refusing. Don’t we believe in the Great Mercy Father? The earthly father loves his children much. Before his death, he still calculates to leave his patrimony.

We may see one thing that the earthly father does a small scale and small method secularly. For divine father, should he be worse than the earthly father? The Master says: Master saved the ready patrimony and throne; it means that the Master has no right to hand over other person, except we disparage it. Bần Đạo/I think of humankind, youth having position [Youth have the position in Caodaism Army] firstly, if you acknowledge that organ, there is no other happiness which is that we offer our physical body to Supreme Being. Bần Đạo/I am sure that the Master never accepts any debt to anybody and the Master never forgets that love debt of His children. If He does not compensate that debt, Hộ Pháp promise to reincarnate to compensate that debt enough.

As people dare offer their body to sacrifice to the Master to form a Nation determined by God on this earth, Bần Đạo/I promise surely that the Nation will be successful. The Supreme Being has formed a small door for His children even it is difficult to step on, but I am sure that whoever dares die because of Him, they dare push the door to go ahead. If we had a divine eye, when they came across us, we would divine Superiors in spite of Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha as honor souls would have to bow to them.

We do not know how many debts the Master will pay His children, the Supreme Being never pays His children for one only, but He will pay more. This is allowed whole male and female to make the copy from the original one to spread the doctrine.


19. At the Holy See, 15th March, Đinh Hợi [lunar-calendar (1947)].



 Today, on occasion I perform the baptism of expiation for our brother, Bảo Đạo [Religious Conservator] Hồ Tấn Khoa, Bần Đạo/I continue to preach Three Treasures. In reminding that theme, I declare so that all male, female Disciples and Dignitaries canonized by God of Two Visible Palaces may understand thoroughly. For the change situation of world, from the time of my exile in foreign country to the time of my return, it has been nearly eight years. I see the country as everybody sees, it is not necessary to remind because have explained many times.

It is wondered that for the true doctrine of Supreme Being to the opened Religion as a right way, what does the guideline require us to do? And which path must the Caodaism Religion lead? We see that our Great Mercy Father uses three Religions: Confucianism [Nho], Buddhism [Thích], Taoism [Đạo] as an unique organ in spite of divine aspect or material aspect in order to become a secret true doctrine to guide our soul and physical body, that is also a method to reach the deliver for our soul. The Confucianism applies the charity and justice as the basic. The Taoism applies the just and right as the basic. The Buddhism applies the love and mercy as the basic. Those three doctrines unified together both help the Life aspect and Religious aspect to make body and soul go to the end of way where the Supreme Being is waiting His children to meet Him.

What are the humanity and justice? Whoever has the humanity does not recent and hate, whoever has the justice is not thankless. What are the just and right? Whoever has the just is not ungrateful, whoever has the right is not evil and does not never deny the truth. Whoever has the mercy is tolerant, whoever has the love may protect and love all human beings. If referring to the true doctrine of Supreme Being in advising us how to do, we must obey that teaching. We must be tolerant, must forgive, love, must have justice. If we follow that true doctrine, we must not hate and resent nobody. Moreover and in contrary, the Supreme Being forces us to love our hostiles.

Referring that true doctrine, for world, nation and races, how do all religious followers behave? Should Caodaism Religion have to yield and condescend the party? The Religious spirit condescends nobody; much less condescend to become a slave for party. That self-control is the power given by Supreme Being. The Master is never a slave for nobody, therefore the Religious power just control as a Master.

It has own power itself which never depends on any other power of any people. It owns a possessive power, not obeys any body and any party. It must set up the power of just right and mercy, it has the responsibility to build the work for life but it is not the slave of life. The world is in slavish round, which guideline must Supreme Being’s children follow? Everybody knows that the Divine life of Supreme Being’s children is the Divine Body as the God on this earth. As the God does not yield anybody, do as slave for anybody, the Supreme Being’s children only have the duty to help His children’s innate conscience because that innate conscience is the basic to create the power for people. As His children, we obviously know the duty to the society and Nation; we are living in degenerate situation. We just know and acknowledge one power of Vietnam civil only. In chaos, the civil has no right, the nation is controlled by many parties, divided into sections. It forces us to have to set up one right of King, the King and people as two rights are related to the destiny of Vietnam. We find that one, not the other one. We have to hold the whichever possessive right found by us in order to help the King in setting up the right for Nation and society.

Consequently, we must make the King closer to set the civil right up, the right is the Caodaism policy helping monarchy create the civil right. For this reason, Bần Đạo/I have made a public to Government already. Bần Đạo/I will declare to all people to know that: We will turn to Monarchy of Civil Right to make a future for national destiny. We see no different path, except for this unique noble path that the Caodaism religion must execute successfully. Bần Đạo kindly request all of you to listen and study that truth, then you try to pray to decide the destiny future of our race.



20. At the Holy See, 29th Intercalary February, Đinh Hợi [lunar-calendar (1947)].


 Bần Đạo/I explain the power of Belief. Today, as there is attendance of Army Rank, I need to explain that power thoroughly for all Caodaism followers.

This stage is the stage that all Supreme Being’s children raise hands to help and save the national destiny together. Therefore, I will explain the power of Belief so that all of you conserve your mind to pray to Great Mercy Father blessing the national Religion to be soon complete in order to save our race of Vietnam from the mutual murder.

The all followers should believe in Him, just by that way the national religion to be in shape. The Supreme Being creating this organ of saving life faced on difficulties and dangers, which have not been solved soon because all national people had not prayed to Him. I repeat the speech of His Holiness Jesus talked to His Disciples: “Disciple! My Father on the Heaven teaches that: if all of you have a belief as a sesame, that belief is enough to make a mountain fallen that nothing can prevent”.

What He said is the diminutive belief just like the sesame. If all national people had it, we would endure this distressing sight like this.

Harmfully! Although 25 million people called ourselves children of Fairy and Dragon, knew the race coming from the original cause of sublimely divinity with the blood of Fairy and Dragon, isn’t the belief equal to the sesame? If each Vietnamese had a belief like the sesame, that would be enough to do everything as moving mountain or equaling sea.

Bần Đạo/I tell the truth that at the beginning, the Supreme Being came here to set up the national religion for this race of Fairy and Dragon [Vietnamese], He himself took the automatic pen [cơ bút – the means to communicate between the man and divine superiors] to house by house in Provinces in order to call child by child with uncountable teachings. From that reason, the Caodaism Religion appeared as a National Religion. Bần Đạo/I see think that there is nobody showing whole spirit, righteousness to do good for the other people like that. The Supreme Being coming saved, founded the Caodaism and asked to take an Oath.

We wonder why He asked to take an Oath and forced His children to cooperate together. Each one had a diminutive belief, the Master asked to gather that belief together and asked to have the mind in mutual love and belief. We had to acknowledge the existence of Master and the belief to Him.

Harmfully! Many children also obeyed, also studied the Religion, acknowledged the Religion, also took an Oath in religious regulation. Many followers came to the Master, kowtowed at His legs but when leaving His legs, they became unfaithful to Him and His children.

Bần Đạo/I determine that: the accident of race of Vietnam has been happening like this, we must acknowledge that it is our sin as the deficient belief in Him causing this result.

If we had acknowledged the Superior coming to guide, love and help us, had believed in Him, had obeyed Him, the blood sight and mutual murder of race would not have happened.

Bần Đạo/I want to say that this blood sight is due to the sin of unbelief in the Great Mercy Father. Alas! If Bần Đạo/I described the Religious situation in past twenty years, you would see how strong the power of belief was. When I came here, whoever pushed, I did not yield. Whoever dismissed, I did not leave even I existed or died, even I got success or failure. The Supreme Being asked Bần Đạo to sit here, to stay here and even that order could make My body destroyed to protect the National Religion, Bần Đạo/I would not step out just with a footstep. If Bần Đạo/I treasured this life, Bần Đạo/I would have enough time to hide. My uncountable friends advised Me to hide. I could hide, avoid but I did not accept that. As the Supreme Being asked to stay, even I might live or die, I sat here and embraced His legs only. Bần Đạo/I just prayed to offer this physical body and heart as a sacrifice to national Religion so that it could appear with a shape. I just petitioned a little bit but it was gotten success surely because all Supreme Being’s children had to gather the belief as a power helping us win the evil power and win the strong force which repressed to destroy the Caodaism Religion.

We could protect the national Religion because of that power of belief. We gathered that belief to protect the Tao mechanism; we would be able to avoid the mutual fight, mutual murder with blood sight.

If all male and female followers acknowledge the Supreme Being to set that power up, and we reply it absolutely to pray unanimously within a day and an hour, we will wait if the Supreme Being will deliver us or not.

Since Bần Đạo/I came to gather His children, I delivered from the calamity for Caodaism many times. If we pray more within some months and try to complete the duty confided, the day of reaching aspiration will be not far and we will be able to see the mystery to that power or not.

21. At the Holy See, 29th March, Đinh Hợi [lunar-calendar (1947)].



Today, Bần Đạo/I explain Three Treasures as the origin creating the Universe.

For long time, people often say that they follow a Religion, believe in a Religion, but Bần Đạo/I think surely that nobody understands what the Tao is. Therefore, I gradually explain the Tao’s real meaning; explain the relation and origin among the Tao, man and all living creatures. After that, I will explain the origin of Three Treasures as an origin of Tinh [Essence], Khí [Gas/Fluid], Thần [Spirit/Soul]. The Supreme Being is the Eternal Creator by Himself whom no divine superiors has thoroughly understood His origin long since.

Regarding to the word of His Holiness Nguyệt Tâm Chơn Nhơn [Victo Hugo], He does not understand the Supreme Being’s origin thoroughly except for knowledge of unlimited and boundless power. Bần Đạo/I have asked His Holiness Nguyệt Tâm Chơn Nhơn an unintelligible matter that long since there has been no Religious Head asking like Me. When Bần Đạo asked about the origin and power of the Supreme Being, the Religious Head [Head of Society of Foreign Missions is His Holiness Nguyệt Tâm Chơn Nhơn] described by a French poem translated into Vietnamese. However, His Holiness Nguyệt Tâm Chơn Nhơn confessed he did not know the cause of Supreme Being except for the boundless and unlimited power.

For preachment to that matter, Bần Đạo/I only say that Eternal Supreme is His Holiness Supreme Being as the Father of all souls of all living creatures. Foremost us, we know profoundly how that divine light is. For a long time, so many Superiors, so many people have been wondering, considering by themselves whichever reason they have a soul, which is more sublime than all living beings. Due to so much intelligence, so much learning in research, that is the cause that the humankind never forgets the Tao. By seeing and acknowledging, understanding or not understanding, in spite of desire or refutation, we also determine that there is a sublime object in our body. What is that object? Long since people have been finding the cause of it.

For the continuous foundation of present Religions, no Religion mentions the exemplary with a sublime doctrine as the Buddhism, however the Buddhism has not explained thoroughly. We see and understand people having soul, we have been also observing the human reasoning of Buddhism from the beginning time, therefore we say surely that: We have a Religion which is the Supreme Religion of other Religions because it is the origin of Religion and it is the Religion existing by itself from the time of creation of Heaven and Earth. The mass of human soul is the soul’s Father, the Father of unique divine light. How can we understand that divine light? We saw that the Supreme Being used that light fluid to create the human and the Heaven and Earth due to that light fluid created all living creatures. Until not, the humankind becomes wise due to the evolution as all living beings are almighty and omniscient due to the evolution. The philosophers have discussed much, however it is examined carefully that they have not been clear for that origin. The Buddhism: that divine mass divides itself to create all living beings. The divine mass before dividing is called the Brahma as the Buddha. After dividing, the second creator is the Civa as the master of Dharma. The Supreme Being holds the mutation power, not creation power. The Dharma operates to create the gas that is the reason why we can see it is immense in front of us. What is the gas? The gas is the mass of vital fluid that all living beings breathe to live. Therefore, the word of Gas is the life of all living creatures because the gas is created by the Dharma creating all living creatures. Thus, the second Creator governing the vital fluid is usually called “2è LOGOS” belonging to the Yin. That is the Mother Buddha who governs whole organ of creation.

We know that creation organ to all living beings and human is due to the transformation from the combination of Yin and Yang. The Buddha partitions the Nature to create the Dharma as the second throne belonging to Yin as the Mother Buddha but we have not known the secret thing that it is born by combination of Yin Yang gas and we have not known what did Mother Buddha us to create this visible organ. The Mother Buddha [Holy Mother] uses the vital fluid containing the operation ability in gas that we cannot see it. The gas creates the fire and wind. The wind and fire operate to create all living creatures. Everything is from the Hỗn Ngươn Khí [temporary: Fluid of Chaos] to Khí [Supreme Ether or Cosmic Fluid] and to Huyền Ảnh Khí [Subtle Image Gas] creating the visible material. That is the gas called Atomic gas by scientist. The Atomic gas has a boundless power, however the humankind has used it but they have not understood its origin and nature origin. When the humankind found that atomic gas as the vital fluid of universe, they did not know that someday, the world would reply that atomic gas to unify the Holy Body. We wonder that what reason the Supreme Being let the humankind find that atomic gas. We should also study that secret mystery that any Religion is studying in aspiration. Nowadays, the Atomic gas is used to kill man. No one knows that it will be a remedy to save the death and to resuscitate the man and it will lead the human to the immortal position.

As the atomic gas is the origin of life of all living beings. If it can make the human died, it will also make the human resuscitated. That gas creates the water, fire and wind firstly operating to create the visible world as all living beings, thus how the image of human and universe are, the creator is also same. Therefore, the Càn Khôn [Universe including: Heaven (, ||| ) and Earth (,::: ) is considered Great Macrocosm and the human is considered the Minor Microcosm. The human life is same the Universe, it means that the life must be interrelated to the Supreme Being while the Supreme Being is holding the unlimited and boundless power.

It is wondered that whom does the Supreme Being create that work for? For all living Beings, among them that is the human. If the human may receive it, the Supreme Being will give to. Someday, among His male and female children there will have a child receiving that power. When the Supreme Being founds the great work, He also wants us to be able to do as He. It means to take the Minor Microcosm to the Great Macrocosm.

Actually, for the organ of reaching the great work, the Supreme Being just advised us only one word “Tu” [lead a religious life/perfect oneself/cultivate]. We must cultivate to become virtuous in order to be able to receive it. However, the people have not been virtuous yet, still very bad, when will we be able to reach the peak of Tao?

22. Holy See, 29th April, Đinh Hợi [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)]



 Today, Bần Đạo/I preach about the reason of coming of human. Before we study that truth, we should know that the creator is the Father of all visible living beings, and we study the origin of Supreme Being.

We have seen the holy reading handed down, we see the whole visible organ in front of eyes to make us aware of the creator as the Great Mercy Father. Regardless of different races and different doctrines of Religions, they also acknowledge that the creator of Universe creating the all living beings and humankind. That is the Father of all living creatures. Those are the Religions from the antiquity time to present time. The Buddhism shows us to know that there is a boundless creator without description creating the Universe and all living beings. That creator has come to live with the humankind, also endured many miserable things, pains with alternation from human to Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha. That creator holds the boundless, mysterious and unlimited power in hands in order to create the Universe determining the justice with the obvious good and bad. Consequently, the human venerates Him as the God governing all living beings. That is the Supreme King of universe.

The Religions believe that the God is the invisible creator because of no image. However, there is nothing that He cannot know. In Confucianism shows the sense: “The Heaven net is immense, but nothing can get through”. It means that even the Heaven is very high and immense, nothing can pass through His hands and His Heaven net. Therefore, they venerate Him as the God governing all living beings with a rule, as a Judge governing the world.

The God who creates the Universe and all living beings, brings up, protects and gives a divine soul in physical body to acknowledge: As He gives us the self, the Creator who gives us that divine soul us the Supreme Creator as our Father. Beside that Creator, nobody can be the Lord of all living creatures. In the way of veneration, the Father is more generous than the secular Father. Therefore, the people venerate Him as the Great Mercy Father. Actually, if the Buddhism considers Him as the Great Mercy Father, it is more exacter because if He did not give us a divine light [soul], we could not have a way to protect our life.

We obviously see that even the animal just born still close their eyes, they can find their mother’s breast. When the plants are born, they spread leaf to catch dew and to absorb the vital fluid to nourish them. We obviously see that even the animal just born still close their eyes, they can find their mother’s breast. When the plants are born, they spread leaf to catch dew and to absorb the vital fluid to nourish them. If just small object has a divine light like this, the mass of great divine light must be the Father.

The Great Mercy Father is the Father of all living creatures, we are His children. It means that we do not only enjoy visible gift but we are reserved for more precious part as the divine light by Him. We reply on that to evolve from matter to animal and humankind and then to the position of Buddha equal to Him. The Great Mercy Father is a Buddha, He also wants His children to become a Buddha in order to reach the secret power as Him and in order to create another Universe. According to the Holy law, when a father creates a work, his children will follow their Father way to create another work.

In Third Period of Universal Salvation, Bần Đạo/I know that the Caodaism religion is opened to select a Buddha succeeding among Buddhas from the creation of Universe. In the time of opening the Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation, a board was suspended at Ngọc Cung [Court of God] to select a Buddha to succeed the Supreme Being as the God. Among Buddhas, we see that there are three ones:

1. The Sakyamuni Buddha 2. Maitreya-Buddha 3. Jesus Christ. It is wondered that who will become the God. We know that among three of them, there will have one becoming a God and we surely know that one. Although we cannot determine in advance, we see vaguely and we do not dare to say.

Whoever has enough power to govern the world and has enough supreme spirit to gain the mental sympathy of humankind within the framework of Great Way including the spiritual thought of humankind, will succeed the Supreme Being’s work.



23. Holy See, 15th May Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)].


 Bần Đạo/I was exiled in foreign countries over five years. When coming fatherland back, I see the country’s destiny, see two progresses of whole country with the happiness and sadness. However, one thing making Bần Đạo most surprised is that among civilization progress humankind on the earth, there is one kind of man killing their compatriot iron-heartedly. If we wonder and guess by using our mind, we do not know how their purpose is to our future destiny of fatherland. In my thought, no current organ on the earth that we can see, accepts the murder in front of humankind. For powerful countries, they exceed more like that. We can see clearly how people who want to become the suzerain of earth found a force by the method of killing people. How harmful! The Vietnam race also contains many people gathering together to become a group and they call themselves intelligentsia having the spirit with a strong force to kill their compatriot in order to set up their position dictatorially.

Those cruel people think that they are wise when applying the violence policy to oppress the compatriot. Bần Đạo/I ask if it will be successful: the answer is that it will never happen. Bần Đạo/I see that the cruelty has made the Supreme Being touched, thus a divine army to protect the compatriot’s life. Their cruelty has affected to His Mercy. We say the truth that if the divine army beheads the commander and takes the flag to preserve the fatherland’s destiny, that will be a commander making opportunity and changing situation. For people killing decent civil with cruel method, they are cruel people depriving the party.

Bần Đạo/I guess the country situation about visible aspect and the Supreme Being’s attendance. I think thank the moral doctrine of this Universe is a divine just favor determined. It means that if there is the borrowing, the payment will obviously happen that we cannot refuse this. We may see an unjust organ, we wonder why there are the wise man-intelligent man, father-children, master-slave,…

The boundless justice framework of law is eternal. The science civilization improvement kills the human life on this earth. If there is no justice, the humankind is same to animal and strength wins the weakness, the stupidity is yielded by intelligence. We see that if the people’s obvious doctrine of fighting is maintained, the humankind will be destroyed. Due to just law of cause and effect, we say that nobody can destroy the humankind. They think that the murder is the annihilation. That is ignorant.

Killing humankind is not to end the life of humankind. For example, to cut a tree is not to end the tree, but make it budded. The cruel people think that the murder is the end. It is impossible, we will see the developments of cause and effect.

The Vietnam has endured the law of cause and effect of borrowing and payment due to the old movement killing Ngưu Khôi. Now, Ngụy is still maintained a vestige at the Racecourse, killed to lead them to the Lord. That is the cause of 80 years in slavish circle.

Nowadays, the cruel people think that destroying the Religion is the end. Does Vietnam lack of the Lord? They want to kill people to set up the Lord. Later on, they will kowtow and venerate the Religion. If it was like that, the moral Divine justice law would never exist.



24. 14th June Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (31 July 1947)].



 Today, Bần Đạo/I preach the philosophy about origin of humankind. That philosophy is a matter existing from the time of humankind’s appearance. We have to study the philosophy thoroughly in order to go on the right way as the Tao.

In antiquity stage, the humankind thought that they were unique. It means to have the same life and death. In order to the philosophy origin of Religions, in order to seek the main and important matter, we must understand where the humankind comes from.

It is not strange. On this earth, all Religions have been always seeking that origin. It means to go back the basic cause called as the Tao.

That deeply important and sublime philosophy must be written in book to express its meaning enough. If I explain that philosophy here, it will be useless that you cannot reach the meaning because it is over ability of understanding.

Consequently, Bần Đạo/I promise that I will write that philosophy with a lecture on 15th July about the origin of moral philosophy.

Today, Bần Đạo/I preach the matter applied now as the world concord. Why are all countries, races wishing to seek the method of world concord? Actually, from the time of Catholicism, that matter made a clearer and closer question mark. The concord theory of Buddhism was spending in a stage to be founded and then to the concord mentality.

From the time of world creation, the humankind has a same root, nature and soul. By the shorter way for that philosophy, that began the time of Jesus Christ founding the Catholicism. Now, the Caodaism Religion also seeks that purpose. On the earth, people’s statistic shows 2,700,000,000 persons because the cause of spirit and conformation, human race are the basic reason. They come here to change skin color from black to grey, blue, red, yellow and white. The last cycle of Third Manvantara [Third Period of Third Transition/Third Universal Transition] naturally ends, the First Cycle of Fourth Manvantara comes. Due to the evolution, the humankind must endure the examination to step up the school in order to leave this earth and to enter the more sublime world. If failing the exam, we must stay here as the lucid race appeared from the combination of race of yellow skin and white skin.

Consequently, for philosophy of world concord in this era, the Supreme Being founds the Caodaism to essentially make the humankind acknowledged that the humankind is from a same origin and people are brothers in a same roof, coming from one place. From the ancient time up to now, Religions have been seeking methods to make the humankind awaked to the spirit and to make them acknowledged the same blood. Harmfully! The humankind did not see the truth of Tao but got ambiguous. So the Supreme Being had to come to found the Caodaism to lay a great work down for humankind to gather all situations, to live together with a same basic spirit, to gather all races in order to observe other one’s life, to share pleasure and sadness, to protect and preserve together for pains on this earth.

Mentioning to the nations of Europe and Asia, they are also seeking that policy and outlining that philosophy in order to make humankind unified. For that reason, the master people among humankind divide the politics for each nation by using mentality to divide the interest equally in order to unify whole humankind in one way of life. At the present time, the United States are trying to display while the Russia divides the property, harmonizes the moral mentality for humankind with a same power and dignity. That method, that expectation may not be easy to become successful. We will that those commonplace ideas will not maintain the sublime effect soon because if the power needs to be unify the mentality, they must love, respect together, esteem other one’s life, share miserable pains and sadness, acknowledge the same Tao and must use the blood relation to behave together. After all, the great society family as the whole world will become warm.

In order to obtain that purpose, it may be successful by spiritual morality only. They want to respect, harmonize and consider as brothers in same blood but when seeing their friend having many properties, they feel envious. This people scramble for other one’s. In that way, it is wondered if they may live in harmony. If still scrambling for feed, housing, dress, richness, wealth or high position, the universal concord of mentality will be never reached.

 We may see the phenomenon that for whichever country finding the world concord without unifying the mentality, the policy applied by that country will become ineffective.

For this reason, the Supreme Being comes to found this family containing the most important and sublime meaning to want distinction male or female to have to love in exemplary way, to unify all mentalities of humankind in order to create a model with a generation in same blood under the meaning of both body aspect and aspect of intellectual spirit to live together.

One day, all followers love together as blood relation, all Vietnamese people unify in one spirit, the seed of world concord will spread everywhere to build a permanent foundation. Otherwise, other methods will be just unconscious only.



 25. Holy See, 24th June, Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)].


 Today, Bần Đạo/I preach the Organs of concord world. I explained the meaning of end of Last Cycle of Manvantara for 1st Cycle if Manvantara. At the beginning time, people have to join the final examination. If passing the examination, they will be able to quit this miserable region, if failing they will have to stay here as a Lucid Race [Thần Thông Nhơn].

Therefore, before Bính Dần year (1926) when the Holy See was not founded, the Supreme Being had come and lamented in advance to notify every good male and female people. Our Master lamented that: come to found a Religion in order save all people. The Religion is opened sooner than one day to save the humankind sooner than one day.

Harmfully! At that time, when listening to His Divine Teaching but nobody wholeheartedly observed and studied the reasoning clearly and we thought that: the Creation of Universe is His time not ours. Unexpectedly, it ended at us. We re-considered and saw a miserable situation of race, it was very formidable, painful and pitiful without description. We complained the Great Mercy Father and Divine Superiors and our close friends. We did not know the Religious Heads teaching us who had confessed the guilty to the Supreme Being and divine superiors. That is the mysterious secret of Supreme Being causing the effect nowadays. We wonder and understand that the Supreme Being laments as a Father seeing the misery and urgent situation damaging His children depends on us to go there to save the children getting the death but we justify that: I postpone the route some days, it does not matter. However, when reaching the destination, His children are very close to the abyss of death.

We have a conscience to consider that for 22 years of painful situation, whom does that sin belong to? We ask and answer themselves: We are sinful. If we examine logically, we will understand that the Supreme Being comes to found the national Religion as an organ of world change to save the humankind’s life. Whole Religion with male and female are undertaking a greatly important responsibility that much but we do not have enough energetic spirit to fulfill the duty. The Disciples witness this thing that if one day the Caodaism physiognomy reaches a result as expectation, Bần Đạo/I will never say that I have ever done for Religion and Life. In 1939, the evidence was that the world war was so ebullient. The prediction was not wrong because the Vietnam was a Holy Land of Supreme Being but it could not avoid the palpitating and worried disaster of misery. Until 27th July 1941, Bần Đạo/I was exiled in foreign country. I carried out myself as the head of Holy Body [Sacerdotal Council/Caodaism Religion] and thought I had not fulfilled the duty to the Religion and World. I was rearing an ambition that I would accept to be exiled in pleasure to shoulder the misery of fatherland. It could seem satisfied, My hedonistic pleasure could not be described that one person shouldered while whole country could enjoyed. Actually, the Caodaism Religion has a future of shouldering the cause and effect of whole humankind on this earth. It is not only for Vietnam race or whatever race but for all humankind. We who are Supreme Being’ children are exiled, it means that the humankind’s sin has not been paid yet.

Everybody may see the divine mechanism. However, it is very great for people who have gone to Thiên Thai [Fairyland] to see with own eyes, to consider in the limitation. That is not a dream. That is to look back on all humankind’s activities on this earth. The limitation has not been stopped, it means that the humankind must continue to pay until the good seed of Supreme Being sprouts and becomes the mental peace with flowers and fruits in Vietnam country but the humankind on the world can enjoy the pleasure. Otherwise, due to this sin, the humankind will have to endure one time of suffering. If we did not have enough determined courage to decide using His power, in spite of Dignitaries nominated by God, Sub-Dignitaries, Disciples and younger followers, it would not be strange for future disaster such as wars, hostilities and diseases appearing. We have ever been sunk in storms, but we still live here, it means the Supreme Being save the good seed as a basic for peaceful foundation and world concord. In that way, the mutual affection is more profound than the blood relation.

Nowadays, the humankind on the earth has endured the suffering, therefore we are considered as a Divine good seed selected. If the happy shoot is examined commonly, this mass of boundless love will not be able to be described by a pen. The sublime and absolute influence of love is from that. You should study to build for yours.


26. 29th June, Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)].



On the Birthday of His Holiness Quan Thánh Đế Quân, 24th June Đinh Hợi, Bần Đạo/I preach the organ of saving world of Concord world.

We know that the Holy Body [Supreme Being’s children] as the Caodaism Religion with a holy mission with comes this earth to save all people in miserable and needy situation due to the war. The Supreme Being has lamented: “The Religion preached later than one day damages the humankind in one day”. At that time of quiet peace, we thought that the Supreme Being told us so to hurry us to the true religion. Unexpectedly, then after five years the world faced on the disaster. All male and female followers may see a first thing that from the appearance of humankind, there is no war killing the humankind terribly as this war. How harmful! The humankind is feeble and short of belief and then they must endure many sins to the Supreme Being.

Bần Đạo/I am very afflicted upon the spirit because I see the continuous sight of killing people in our fatherland. If the consideration is done with our wise spirit, the violence murder in blood of our race is due to the people’s sin of breaking promise to the Supreme Being.

If our body got the sin, we just kowtowed and lowered the head to petition the Supreme Being to reduce disaster when I was undertaking mission because the Vietnam country was being attached. We wanted to act but it was impossible, we wanted to say but nobody heard because our race was short of virtue and politics power.

Consequently, we try to pray to the Supreme Being. If getting the error, we will depend on Him to raise hands to help Me in order to save the situation of violence murder of our race. Maybe, he will be greatly merciful to show the way distinctly. We know that: the France and Vietnam are not together revengeful because we may see that they and us have been sharing pains, miseries, humbleness, luxury, honour or dishonour together in civilization for over 80 years. Two nations have got a close and eager relation. Is it impossible to have a method and rebut that: “has no motive”.

As they complained Vietnamese race having no mentality and love in the past, nowadays the violence sight happens due to no precautionary method to last underdevelopment. That this is due to the dissimilar mentality and complaint and the resentment happens. If we want to make them have no complaint, we have a saving remedy that two parties use the love and sentimental attachment to share the pain and misery together, to make the close relation ebullient in raise. Two parties maybe solve the war containing the no way, no value, no meaning and no usefulness.


27. 30th July, Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)].


Today, Bần Đạo/I explain the Supreme Being’s coming to the earth.

I explain the clear appearance. All newspapers of world have published the news with evidence. It is not quibbled.

Under any language of Religions, mentioning that event is to the Brahmanism [Đạo Bà La Môn] as a very ancient Religion with a legend of Supreme Being coming firstly called as the first period. The Supreme Being is the Brahma [Chinese calls Brahmanism] going to Tibet citadel that Chinese calls as the Lama which is the ancient Religion (Bần Đạo/I will explain the Tibet by Lama).

Within previous 10.000 years, the Supreme Being went there once per 50 years with a visible appearance that the coming is not like His coming just with a soul nowadays. This event has been published in all newspapers of world. When the Communist Party rose up in wars to yield the Russian empire, most Grand Dukes, Aristocrats were killed. The Emperor belonging to the Bạch Nga was killed by the Communist. In government upset, one Royal escaped and got a refuge at Tibet replying on the virtue of Tibet people. The mandarins assisted the Royal to go to the Tibet Holy See where most people had moral life because the Lama people were governed by Religious power not the world power. Due to the protection and care of Đạt Lai Lạt Ma [Dalai Lama or Grand Lama] and that Loyal’s patriotic heart, that Royal and his family could avoid an accident. When staying at the Holy See for happy 10 days, the nostalgic heart always pursued him because of his love for the Emperor and homesickness. He then visited the Grand Lama. When seeing the Royal’s aspect, the Grand Lama knew the mental sickness and told him that: the term of Supreme Being is coming, advise you to try to wait for some months, the Supreme Being will descend. When you see the Supreme Being, you will be comforted extraordinarily.

The Mandarins had been staying there for two months. They also asked the Grand Lama about the way of Supreme Being’s coming and appearance. He answered: You want to know, try to wait and you will see. We just recommend you one thing that the Bells are suspended around the Holy See. When those Bells ring at the same time, it gives a signal of Supreme Being coming. How lucky! Due to prying character of Mandarins, they wanted to know and they went in the Holy See. After everybody had entered for praying ceremony, all Bells rang at the same time. The Great Bonzes kowtowed and chanted prayer. The other ones also kowtowed but tried to listen attentively and heard the very far sound of horse’s legs in harmony and that sound stopped at the See. The Supreme Being slowly came to the Throne worshiped readily in the Holy See. The Mandarins were very consternated. While the Great Bonzes prostrated themselves but the Mandarins just kowtowed halfway and saw furtively. The Supreme Being’s figure was extremely fine that it could not be described in pen. His halo illuminated brightly all over Holy See.

As usual, every 50 years, He came to predict the future events in next fifty-year stage. I have just read that prediction article but I do not remember if I have read it in Caodaism religion or whichever book. I will find and read it for all Caodaism disciples. Those people saw the Supreme Being as the Recognition Report about His speeches and Preachments. After preaching, the Great Bonzes officiated, the Supreme Being disappeared and His halo also disappeared. Those people did not believe yet. They borrowed the lamp to go to the Supreme Being’s Throne; they still saw the print on the velveteen cushion. The Supreme Being had gone to His Throne for 15 thousand years. He has been blessing this earth for 10 thousand years. On this world, there are three Supreme Being Temples: 1 - Lama Temple (Tibet), 2 - Roma Temple, 3 – our Caodaism Temple founded recently. The Supreme Being has not been seated in the Roma Temple yet. Why is it? We can say that because the Roma Temple does not worship correctly or the period has not been coming yet. We desire His coming. How the Supreme Being comes with His Invisible Perisprit via automatic pen to preach the Tao in the Lama, such we are blessed by Him.

Only Tibet people got the bliss to see the Divine Figure. We have not gotten yet. We wish that all beloved and frank races unanimously keep the dutiful heart to Him, faithful to Religion. He will perhaps come. That pleasure will be engraved in history in thousand years as the Lama Temple.

We wonder if we will be received that favor. It is possible but the quickness or slowness depends on the virtue of Vietnam race. Whenever the Supreme Being comes to found the Religion with a visible body in Vietnam as a consolidation for humankind’s spirit, the world peace and concord will come to us. We wish that we may enjoy that favor soon. They had to spend 15 thousand years to receive the favor, we are not sure to enjoy the favor sooner.

The Vietnam people as His beloved children reach the enough virtue as Tibet people in order to receive that precious and special favor. Otherwise, it will be difficult and late to see the Supreme Being and the damage of humankind division will continuously maintain longer.



28. Holy See, 1st August Đinh Hợi [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)].


 Today, Bần Đạo preach the meaning of MUSIC and RITE.

For a long time, everybody always considers the sound and appearance as an evil while the basic of Confucianism is Music and Rite and the Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation is the Confucianism Innovated [Nho Tông chuyển thế]. Consequently, we have to find its principle and determine how it has an exact meaning. Sometimes, we do not understand the profound meaning when offering the Nhạc Tấu Huân Thiên [Divine Music offered to the God] to the Supreme Being. We may feel tired of our legs and discouraged after the drum act and seven-course music. I myself feel tired so because of thought: As the Supreme Being loves Vietnam partially, He determines Vietnam as a model for concord world. Under that meaning, the rite and music are used always in ceremony. Its meaning will contain the sublime and important purpose.

Consequently, in the beginning time of Religion, I went to the Thủ Đức Temple built by Mr. Thơ. I did not believe and I asked His Holiness Giáo Tông [Li-Tai-Pei-Spiritual Pope], He taught that: “On the God’s Court [Ngọc Cung], there are two parallel sentences: “Eight Souls running commend the Supreme Being on the left” and “All living Creatures chant the title of Supreme Being on the right”. Bần Đạo/I did not also understand what it meant. I gradually asked more and I was taught that: “From the embryonic stage of Universe, the Supreme Being was a mass of vital fluid changing into two vitality masses. Those two masses unified together to become one great mass and exploded to create a sound called as bang by people or “Ni” that the Buddhism changed it into “Úm” [Úm ma ni bát ri hồng]. Replying on that sound, Eight Souls ran to create all living beings and humankind. Wherever that sound went to, the vital fluid followed it and the life existed there. Wherever there was no sound, those regions became destroyed.

Consequently, we use the eight-sound instruments died such as the drum with piece of buffalo leather died but it may issue a sound due to the people’s wisdom. It means to make it reborn, to make Eight Souls run in life to offer to the Supreme Being. Therefore, when the Divine Music offered to God starts, we hear the sound and appearance. However, we understand it in literal sense: When offering the music and rite to the Supreme Being returning to original dharma, we see and hear all Eight Souls running and we offer that life to Him.

Thus, from this time of attending the ceremony, when the Divine Music offered to God, we should value it above Three Treasures even we accidentally go everywhere in the Temple, we must stop going. Prohibit going in confusion. The ceremony makes the venerability to the Supreme Being lower because we make the Eight Souls operated to offer to the Supreme Being. Therefore, if we understand the music and rite thoroughly, we will see that the Supreme Being did not behave partially toward Vietnam and the basic meaning is how to make the Eight Souls reborn. He receives that rite happily. In that way, Vietnam may become a model for whole humankind and that the reputation is not excessive.

Kindly advise all disciples to be completely solemn for Divine Music offered to God.

For five incense sticks, for long time I have let the Confucianist Scholar explain freely. Bần Đạo/I see thoroughly that they are five fluids. The Supreme Being uses five fluids to create Five Primary Elements to operate the whole Universe. They are the Metal, Wood, Earth, Water and Fire. Each matter has a pigment, each pigment has a fluid. We cannot enjoy and know their taste and vital fluid. So using five incense sticks in ceremony is according to the religion rule, it means to return to the dharma. For everything in five fluids offered to the Supreme Being, only the person returning that Dharma can enjoy. Due to clearer way, those are five fluids. Due to more correct meaning, if we want the Eight Souls to be operated, we must reply on five fluids, similar to the meaning of “All living Creatures chant the title of Supreme Being”.

The Caodaism is the Religion converging the dharma of whole life of Eight Souls to offer rite to reciprocate life created the universal embryonic from two vitality masses. Nowadays, we use the solemn rite to offer to the Supreme Being. That means to converge the dharma for that vitality mass. The Supreme Being feels happy and sees the life returned to Him. All disciples should wholeheartedly study that Religious magic meaning to gradually reach the true dharma of Supreme Being.




29. 14th August Đinh Hợi [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)]


 Today, we welcome the mid-autumn holiday of Mother Buddha [Holy Mother] according to the Hiss Holiness Li-Tai-Peo’s teaching. According to the true doctrine, from the utmost antiquity as the first cycle and second cycle of universal salvation, the Holy Mother gave a banquet of Peach to welcome and entertain souls reaching achievement of Tao to return to the Mother. The Religious history showed: the permission of souls to this Banquet is approved by Supreme Being.

In the beginning time, the Mother Buddha went to the Divine Alliance Palace [Hiệp Thiên Đài] to play a part of Mother of “Energy” word as the vital fluid of all living creatures by using the dharma in “ENERGY” in order to create the Universe. The Energy word relates with the Divine Alliance Palace, therefore the Holy Mother came and founded the Divine Alliance Palace firstly belonging to Dharma that is Her seated throne. Then She founded the Cửu Trùng Đài [Nine-Divine-Plane Palace] and called Herself as a friend of human being to show the secret clearly that nobody has known the Supreme Being for long since regardless of the law of God’s Court because She wants to create the work for Her children, She has the right to tell the truth that nobody may prevent.

One day, the Holy Mother said: whenever the His Holiness Cao Thượng Phẩm’s Mother [Director of Religious Affair]dies, at that time the Religion may reach the achievement. Before the Birth Anniversary, the Holy Mother came to preach and used “Mother-child” word toward us. It means the date of Religion achieved belonged to the Mid-Autumn holiday. In previous time, the His Holiness Li-Tai-Pei [Spiritual Pope] did not tell clearly but we could understand that: Caodaism has become a National Religion.

At this time, the Caodaism religion is recorded in the Religious history. Whole humankind sees that the Holy Mother comes to reveal the Divine determination about our National Religion.


30. 15th August Đinh Hợi [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)]


Dear Dignitaries, Sub-dignitaries, male and female disciples, younger brothers and children!

This construction of Nine Divine Planes [Cửu Trùng Thiên] is the second time, this is the place where Bần Đạo/I have ever preached twice. Among them, the special time was in 1936 at the Major Beauty Requiem [Đại Tường-A ceremony held after 581 days from date of death] of His Holiness Quyền Giáo Tông [Interim Pope-Lê Văn Trung] at the Nine Divine Planes essentially welcome Him. If it is calculated again, the Nine Divine Planes has been spending exact 12 years as today. Last time, When staying at the Nine Divine Planes, I predicted that: “our close compassion will be separated”. During those 12 years, too many suffering things happening and torturing the Religion sowed a seed of mentality of advanced humankind. The previous 12 years proved the prediction correctly about separation by appearance of Nine Divine Planes. This proves that our meeting date is the day that the Caodaism religion influences to the world. It means that the National Religion has reached the real appearance.

About the chaos in the country, the Supreme Being and Divine Superiors have been predicting from 1926 already, not once or twice. We should remember that Đức Lý Giáo Tông [Pop] assumed the regent power impressively. We remind the Tết holiday of Cat year of lunar calendar in 1927. At that time, as He went back the Court of God [Ngọc Hư Cung], the autopen for séance was prohibited from 30th. As the Dignitaries nominated by God did not know the severe law thoroughly and daily meeting with divine superiors was similar to daily meal, the abstention made the spirit craved, so the Đức Quyền Giáo Tông [Interim Pope] asked Bần Đạo/I to hold the auto pen in séance, the His Holiness Li-Tai-Pei then descended and told some things: Bần Đạo/I will come back. On 1st, He descended and fined everybody. He lamented that I had been kowtowing at the God’s Court for complete seven days to petition for the annihilation coming nearly to the earth. However, I could not petition for Vietnam as a Holy Land never mind the other ones. You did not know that I had been praying for 7 days to petition for big cities such as: Sài Gòn, Huế, Hà Nội, Hải Phòng, Gia Định, Chợ Lớn, however it was impossible. As the humankind’s sins are too many, it is proportional! The Sacerdotal Council also has the method of solving because the Supreme Being has said: “If the Religion is later one day, it damages the humankind too much”. If all Dignitaries help the Supreme Being in teaching His children, that method is possible. How harmful! During last 22 years, the Sacerdotal Council shouldered too many suffering things, too many followers offering their life to be tortured and in prison. And some ones fasted forever austerely, the Dignitaries nominated by God could not endure and they died and all Supreme Being’s children also endured the same situation.

Bần Đạo/I feel moved when thinking of Supreme Being’s children enduring many sufferings to create His Holy Body in last 22 years. If I witness this, 5 year and 2 months whenever I had been exiled in foreign country must be subtracted. At this Holy See, some ones were banished to Côn Nôn, some ones banished to Sơn La, Lao Bảo.

In this chaos, the Supreme Being’s children wanted to preserve their own life, they had to exchange the death to get the life once, to drive the chaos to bring the peace. Those are Martyrs and the Octagonal Divine Palace [Bát Quái Đài] have bought those honor and perfect good thing and perfect beauty in order to bring the old value to the Religion to become the intermediate people from Nations united to the Universal United Concord to seed the truth and develop the peaceful doctrine.

The path is still long. The Caodaism religion has stepped on the right way leading to the perfect beauty to desire for complete result in order to make the Caodaism reach the real appearance.

We pray to the Supreme Being and Holy Mother to protect His Holy Body reduced sufferings, to make the path reduce obstacles so that we can go on over the world to create the universal concord world. If it is impossible, the war in murder will happen continuously.


31. Explanation of Holy Mother Prayer at the Cửu Long Palace (Temple of Gratitude) at 4pm 15th August Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)].


 Today is the Great Ceremony of His Holiness Diêu Trì Kim Mẫu [Mother Buddha/Holy Mother]. Bần Đạo/I think that all Caodaism followers should know how the power of Holy Mother is and should know how we worship Her.

In order to know that power, I must explain the Holy Mother Prayer chanted everyday by us. Before explaining, I should also tell you who came to give that prayer, when and where?

The Mother Buddha Prayer was given at Kim Biên Religious Country (Cambodia) in Gratitude House belonging to marital pair as Commissary of Justice [Thừa Sử] Huỳnh Hữu Lợi. Before the Holy Mother’s Prayer, we had just known the Holy Mother coming to the Divine Alliance Palace [Hiệp Thiên Đài] to open the Caodaism religion by poems of Nine Fairies showing the cause of founding the Caodaism religion, we had not known the Holy Mother’s power yet. At the Kim Biên, all Dignitaries of Society of Foreign Missions was chanting. Bần Đạo was induced to go there on the Great Feast of Holy Mother. The Eighth Immortal [Bát Nương] descended and held the auto pen [used in séance] and I myself assisted the séance in Principal Palace [Đại Điện] with many people attending such as many Disciples and one person had no religion (calling me as the uncle) sitting at the yard for pleasure. This person saw the bright halo from all sides splashing at the House of Gratitude. After chanting the whole prayer, everyone said that they did not know the bright zoom over as star, they would not have thought the séance in the Temple. My nephew and many Disciples outside witnessed surely. Now, let Bần Đạo explain one by one of Prayer sentence so that all of you may understand.

 Tạo hóa thiên huyền vi thiên hậu,

 Chưởng Kim Bàn Phật Mẫu Diêu Trì

 The ninth Heaven is called the Tạo Hóa Thiên […………..] with a superior called Holy Mother [Thiên Hậu] holding whole Kim Bàn [Golden Basin], it means to hold the Holy ranks to control the souls. That is the Phật Mẫu Diêu Trì [Holy Mother]. The Oriental people often call the Mother Buddha as the Madonna worshipped via statues. This is also due to Nine Fairies [Nine Immortals] preaching, therefore those are still commemorative until now. Replying to the Medium group, all Oriental people can know the Mother Buddha as the Madonna of whole humankind.

 Sanh quang dưỡng dục quần nhi

- Using vital fluid to nourish Her children as all living creatures.

 Chơn linh phối nhứt thân vi thánh hình

- Our soul given by Supreme Being may unify with the physical body called perisprit. When people die, that perisprit will leave the physical body.

 Thiên cung xuất vạn linh tùng pháp

- All living creatures are created by the Celestial Palace [Thiên Cung]. Therefore, all living being come after the dharma of celestial palace for spreading creation.

 Hiệp âm dương hữu hiệp biến sanh

- Use the Yin Yang to unify to create all living beings.

 Càn Khôn sản xuất hữu hình

- The Universe was nihility before. The Mother Buddha created all living beings.

 Bát hồn vận chuyển hóa thành chúng sanh

- Among Eight Souls including the material soul, plant soul, animal soul, human soul, Deity soul, Saint soul, Immortal soul, Buddha soul, all of them are from the Holy Mother’s Golden Basin [Kim Bồn]. Eight Divine ranks of soul operate to bear the matter, plant, animal and humankind called living beings.

 Cộng vật loại huyền linh đồ nghiệp

- Unify all species having life to make an own great work in order to open a path to create holy thrones.

 Lập tam tài định kiếp hòa căn

- Three Thrones [Tam Tài] listed: Heaven, Earth, Human. The Holy Mother determines the origin life and destiny of everybody born on this earth.

 Chuyển luân định phẩm cao thăng

- Our alternation and rotation with way of life and death are the path helping us obtain the high throne: Born to pay the effect of past life on the earth according to the law of causality, born to create work in order to reach the throne or to reply on the secular life to obtain the higher throne.

Bát Quái trị thần qui nguyên                                                  

- To use the Cosmic Fluid [Hư Vô Khí] to make the bagua oven to take the souls to the old position that the Mother Buddha has the power to take souls to the Supreme Being.

 Diệt tục kiếp trần duyên oan trái

- We reply on the Holy Mother’s determination to pay our karma. The Holy Mother has the power change our incarnation to help us make merit and pay karma.

 Chưởng đào tiên thủ giải trường tồn

- In Diêu Trì Palace, the Holy Mother conserves the vital fluid together to become a mass called fairy peach with enough ability to help souls have eternal life in divine world. The Mother Buddha holds the miracle of reviving perisprit so that we may obtain the eternal life in the divine world.

 Nghiệp hồng dẫn tử hồi môn,

 Chí công định vị vinh tồn thiên cung

- Our karma is determined by the Holy Mother. The Mother Buddha takes us to the former throne while the Supreme Being determines our thrones due to that former position.

 Chủ âm quang thường tùng thiên mạng,

 Độ chơn thần nhứt vãng nhứt lai

- The master of Yin Light [Âm Quang] belonging to the terrestrial world to separate the hell and heaven obeys the Supreme Being’s command. The Holy Mother preserves our perisprit and takes us to the eternal world.

 Siêu thăng phụng liễn qui khai

- If we are delivered, we reply on the Imperial Carriage [Phụng liễn] to open the door and go back.

 Tiên cung Phật xứ Cao Đài xứng danh

- In the Divine Palace of Buddha region, the His Holiness Cao Đài [Supreme Being] calls souls who must obey the Holy Mother’s power in saving.

 Hội ngươn hữu Chí Linh huấn chúng

- From the Upper cycle [Thượng Ngươn] to Middle cycle [Trung Ngươn] to Last cycle [Hạ Ngươn], it then turns to the first cycle. That rotation is called Hội Ngươn [Cycle Set]. Nowadays, the Last Cycle of Third Manvantara [Hạ Ngươn Tam Chuyển] is coming to end in order to begin the First Cycle of Fourth Manvantara [Thượng Ngươn Tứ Chuyển], therefore the Supreme Being comes to teach the all-living beings.

 Đại Long Hoa nhơn chủng hòa ki ()”

- Đại Long Hoa [Great Dragon Assembly/Universal Judgment] predicted that: Amnesty Assembly for souls without discrimination of race to unify together.

 “Tam Kỳ khai hiệp Thiên thi

 Khoa môn tiên vị ngộ kỳ Phật duyên

- The Third Period-Universal Amnesty [Tam Kỳ Phổ Độ] is opened accordingly to Celestial Book determined that the examination will be for Immortals to attend the competition-examination to reach the Buddha throne.

 “Trung khổ hải độ thuyền Bát Nhã

 Phước từ bi giải quả trừ căn”

The Holy Mother takes the Prajna Boat [Wisdom Boat/Thuyền Bát Nhã] to save souls passing the suffering ocean. The Supreme Being above sprinkles water drop of blessing because of mercy heart of delivering karma and destroying sins.

 “Hườn hồn chuyển đoạ vi thăng”

- Restore the soul destroyed of all living beings and give the salvation to make them restored, to change from the punishment to ascension.

 “Cửu tiên hồi phục Kim Bàn Chưởng Âm”

Nine Fairies go back and the Holy Mother manages the souls.

 “Thập thiên can bao hàm vạn tượng

 Tùng địa chi hoá trưởng càn khôn”

- Twelve Heavenly Stems [Thập Thiên Can]: Giáp, Ất, Bính, Đinh, Mồ, Kỷ, Canh, Tân, Nhâm, Quý unify with Twelve Sterms Earthly Stems as Tý, Sửu, Dần, Mẹo, Thìn, Tỵ, Ngọ, Mùi, Thân, Hợi [Mouse, Buffalo, Tiger, Cat, Dragon, Pig to create the universe in immense World Universe.

 “Tuần hườn phục vị Thiên môn”

- Let the souls go back the old position as Heavenly Country.

 Ngươn linh hóa chủng quỉ hồn nhứt thăng

- The souls can transform much more, it means to transfigure in order to reach the sublime dharma by descending down earth to create position. The souls of devil are also promoted to accompany with Deity, Saint, Immortal and Buddha to create the work.

  siêu đọa quả căn hữu pháp

- No deliverance, no punishment because the karma has the limitation.

  khổ hình nhơn kiếp lưu oan

  địa ngục, quỉ quan

- There is no more punishment. The Holy Mother destroys the retribution at the hell door. The devil door does not exist anymore.

 Chí Tôn đại nhứt trường qui nguyên

- Because of phrase “great amnesty”, the Caodaism religion calls: “3è Amnistie de Dieu en Orient. The Supreme Being gives the amnesty and take all His children back to unify with Him.

 Chiếu nhũ lịnh Từ Huyên thọ sắc

 Độ anh nhi Nam, Bắc, Đông, Tây

- Referring to the Supreme Being’s command, the Virtuous Mother [Từ Huyên] is our Mother bearing us, who received the command to all souls as Her children from all directions without missing out any one.

 Kỳ khai tạo nhứt linh đài

 Diệt hình phám cường khai đại đồng

- In this period, the Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation creates a holy palace gathering all religions of whole humankind with enough power in order to destroy the devil to lead the humankind to the Concord.

 Hiệp vạn chủng nhứt môn đồng mạch

- Unify humankind in one roof. The Religion will be unique. The humankind will be in one group without discrimination of Nation, race and Religion. Whenever the humankind reaches that, that day is the day of peaceful world. (La religion sera une, le monde sera un, l’ humanité sera une, une nation, en race et en religion).

 “Qui thiên lương quyết sách vận trù

- The Holy Mother gathers Her innate conscience and manages the people having good heart.

 Xuân Thu, Phất Chủ, Bát Vu

 Hiệp qui Tam Giáo hữu cầu Chí chơn

- Using philosophy of Three Religions: The Xuân Thu Book emblems the Saint Doctrine, the Dust Brush of Immortal [Phất Chủ] emblems the Taoism, the Bowl of Alms emblems the Buddhism in order to gather to make one true dharma.

 Phục nguyên nhơn hườn hồn Phật tánh

 Giáo hóa hồn hữu hạnh hữu duyên

- Bring the nature of Buddha to men of original soul. The men of original soul are souls that Supreme Being ordered to descend down to make friend with humankind to save humankind because they are still infatuated with earth. Therefore, the Supreme Being uses the nature of Buddha to save them so that they can go back old region. The estimated number for 10,000,000 men of original souls: the Great Buddha [Sakyamuni Buddha] saved 600,000 men of original souls, the Lao-Tzu save 200,000. It still remains 9,200,000 men of original souls drifted on the earth. The Holy Mother comes to teach then determine their destiny.

 Trụ căn quỉ khí cửu tuyền

 Quảng khai thiên thượng tạo quyền chí công

- The Holy Mother gathers whole men of preserve soul at the hell, opens the Heaven door spaciously to execute the Supreme Being’s power on the earth.

 Lịnh Mẫu Hậu khai tông định Đạo

- The Mother [Mẫu Hậu] is the Diêu Trì Kim Mẫu [Holy Mother or Thiên Hậu Thánh Mẫu [Mother Buddha] coming to the Religion in order to determine our Religious path.

 Ân dưỡng sanh đảm bảo hồn hài

 Càn khôn tạo hóa sánh tài

- The merit of bearing and nourishing the physical body are great, it is compared with the Universe.

 Nhứt triêu nhứt tịch kỉnh bài mộ khang

- We come to visit the Holy Mother like our close relation. “Mộ khang” means: come to visit on morning and afternoon. This is considered inquiry to our Holy Mother.

“Nam Diêu Trì Kim Mẫu tạo hóa huyền thiên cảm bái,

Nam Đại Bi năng hỉ xả, Thiên Hậu Chí Tôn đại bi đại ái.”

- The superior holding universal creation power is called the Supremely Holy Mother [Thiên Hậu Chí Tôn] as the Đức Diêu Trì Kim Mẫu with great mercy and love.

According to Secret Dharma and true doctrine of creation mechanism, it requires enough Yin Yang. Our vital fluid contains the negative and positive poles as all living being have male and female. Just when the Religion has enough negative [Yin] and positive [Yang] pole, it can be eternal.

The Jesus Christ was hammered a nail to the Holy Cross before with ascending head, this is called “positive”. Pierre Saint-the First Disciple hammered in contrary direction is called “negative”. The Yin Yang are unified accordingly to the dharma. Therefore, the Catholicism was being propagated for two thousand years that nobody can destroy the religion. The Supreme Being may ask His children to descend down to found the Religion such as His Holiness Sakyamunia Buddha, Jesus Christ, Confucian,…

In contrary, the Supreme Being extracted His original soul to come here to teach us. We should think that that issue is most important. When founding the Caodaism, the Supreme Being asked the Holy Mother to come to us as friend of us. She protects, nourishes, teaches us that there is nothing compared because there is no one better than a Mother in love. The Holy Mother comes to hold the power of Religious foundation then hands over the Supreme Being. The Holy Mother owns the Yin Light, the Supreme Being owns the Yang Light. The Caodaism religion replies on the union power of Yin Yang. How the universal creation power is, the Caodaism religion in future will have the same power.



32. 15th August, Đinh Hợi year [Pig year-lunar calendar (1947)


 Today, Bần Đạo/I discuss the nature of Vietnam race with sisters, younger brothers. In spite of male or female following whichever Religion, we should not forget the knot of basic Religion spreading for Vietnam race that we believe in the Supreme Being.

Whenever all people on this earth know the Supreme Being’s Religion, they will leave their virtuous framework. For long time, Vietnam has been keeping the own good nature. Due to the justice, the Supreme Being comes to open Great Way. He intended to take the good nature of Vietnam race to spread to the people’s nature.

I was born in Tây Ninh province and parents and ancestor live in Tây Ninh province. There is nothing happier than enjoyment to preaching the Religion in this beloved homeland. I think thoughtfully and confess that many brothers and sisters living in this homeland know me well from childhood and you think that I delude people when I preach the Religion. I think that: Nobody dares to operate the Religion while I rise up to spread the Religion and reach the present aspiration. My friends feel surprised and think that “He is our friend, he was not special before but nowadays, he enters the Caodaism he then seems to have a very strange change”. It is because of that use the spiritual virtuous framework which is suitable for moral rites affected efficiently to people in order to make the Supreme Being’s true doctrine achieved and to make my fellow-countrymen can see the holy favor blessed for our race and in Tây Ninh province. We pray that the divine superiors bless the holy divine favor to guide brothers, sisters and younger ones so that you come here, come to Supreme Being’s Temple as the place that the Supreme Being founded the Religious appearance.

You should not be afraid to raise up to create a sample for generation because the Supreme Being comes here to found the Holy great work for whole world. Bần Đạo/I believe that He only does useful things for world. In contrast, what have we done valuable things? The Catholicism belonging to the hungry and suffering poor and a beggar Head could reach the great achievement. What we have been doing is similar to water drop and water-fern. A voice, an action in the family must not be enough, it is same to a megaphone which is just enough for a family only. I think that if we want to create the race spirit of homeland, we have to increase our more ability.

Nowadays is not same to the past period. Brothers, sisters and younger ones can peace up and down at this door leisurely, this door creates an evolution path of race. Nowadays, sisters have come to this Religion, I kindly say the thanks to all sisters as younger ones.


The extract of preachment on 30th September Đinh Hợi year [1947]

 ………The creator of all living beings is the Holy Mother. The spirit is of Supreme Being, the body is of Holy Mother, the mind is of Father, the physical body is of Mother. Everybody can see the rank bonnet that when entering the Principal Palace of Great Mercy Father, but when entering the Palace of Holy Mother, everybody is completely white, nobody is higher or lower……


33. Đạo Đức Học Đường school, 16th August Đinh Hợi year [1947]



 Respectfully invite Teachers and benefactor of Đạo Đức Học Đường school [Moral School] to come to Master.

The Confucianism says: “just facing on poor situation to know the pious child, to know the loyal subject in troubled country”. The obstacle situation makes Master very touched without meditation when seeing your spirit for generation as the homeland’s destiny. The Religion will also reply on them later. The Supreme Being and Sacerdotal Council acknowledge your sufferings.

How harmful! In chaos, the ethics framework of fatherland reaches decline, the world is coming to the visible material to ignore the morality. We have the impending enemy that opponent has the power to destroy us, that is the third Communist who have made people’s conscience degenerate and trended to the fight. If the fight still exists, the destroying germ still exists there. If there is the destroying organ, there will have obviously preserving organ. It is not for us only. The Supreme Being founds the school to teach His children to protect humankind’s life for no this life but for eternal life. For extremely important duty assigned by Him, we have just drawn a first stroke only. The result does not appear in this time but time of generation. You should acknowledge that thing without distinction of position fame, suffering situation, hungry status, being ashamed to enduring tiresomely to Religion [Caodaism] in order to create the mind for younger people. Then there is nothing is greater. The Tần Palace, Hớn Region have been recording for a long time. That is the visible organ. Their whole spiritual mass created by will be eternal that no power can be coped with it.

You are same to “architect” drawing one stroke to one stroke, considering thing to thing, observing all things to correct to make the perfect things and good things. The bastion that Supreme Being entrusted you is due to you as architects founding the future citadels.

Bần Đạo/I thank you and entrust you.



34. 16th August Đinh Hợi year [1947]


In order to answer the Speech of Mr. Chief of Finance Economy Control just read with comment containing frank conscience. If people assume to execute accordingly, the future will be steady.

How harmful! Before our nation had not been occupied and after that 80 years were being controlling by French domination, the economy was still stable. If we admitted the truth, in the beginning time we had a certain economy from ostracizing the coffee tree of Đường Nhơn [Chinese living in Vietnam or Vietnamese has Chinese origin].

For a long since, as our race has a spreading disease trending to officialdom, the economy was confided to foreign countries. However, it is lucky because we confided to Đường Nhơn as our brothers with a same race. If it was falling to other color skin race, the damage would be unlimited.

Nowadays, all people acknowledge the Finance Economy Control as a national destiny, my dream will reach the achievement. It replied on Đường Nhơn using whole ready ability. If they consider us the same race, the issue will be successful. The China capacity has the method and helps us our domestic economy only. Referring the last statistical sheet in 1935, there are one million eight hundred thousand people (1,800,000), if it is except for stray quantity, the it still remains one million people (1,000,000) that most of them are capital famers. We start to do an operation of commercial egg in Religion. If it can live, no one knows that the Religious seed will blossom and bear fruit. It is not only for national people but for whole world. The Caodaism replies on the Oriental ancient civilization that it gets influence of China and India. With support of two those races, our later economy will be very steady. Referring to the situation for guess, if our economy reaches a strong ability to unify with China and India, it will be successful.

We sow that seed but we cannot see its rising. If it can rise up, we will find a method to plant smartly at the rich land as China and India, we will be able to live enough.

 35. The fest of Hiss Holiness Giáo Tông [Pope] 18th August Đinh Hợi year [2nd October 1947]


Today, Bần Đạo/I preach: “Whichever reason of Caodaism in this period”. According to dharma true doctrine, in every transition of earth, one country will get a progress. Every transition includes 36 thousand years divided into three cycles. Every cycle includes 12 thousand years. According to Buddhism, every First Cycle [Thượng Ngươn] or Opening Cycle belongs to the Buddha’s power. The Middle Cycle [Trung Ngươn] belongs to Immortal’s power. The Last Cycle [Hạ Ngươn] belongs to Saint’s power. We acknowledge the Supreme Being’s divine dharma that there are people teaching us when growing up, we learn and create position and fame when growing up. When getting adult, we control by ourselves. The Buddha teaches, Immortal meditates and the Saint controls. As the Last Cycle belongs to Saint, the human beings fight for life as the fighting cycle and the philosophy is essentially to control the creation of preserving organ for humankind.

Nowadays, the Last Cycle of Third Transition is coming to the end for beginning of First Cycle of Fourth Transition. Our earth is very underdeveloped. Three remote thousand years have passed but our earth, our earth is inferior to the Thuỷ Đức, Kim Đức, Mộc Đức stars among seven earths. They have been passing seven transitions already, we just have reach fourth transition. Therefore, the Supreme Being replied on souls from other earths to come here to make friend with us. They are not only men of impure souls, but also for man of origin souls. The Supreme Being also replies on them to come here as our friend and to teach us. We do not know exact quantity but the Buddhism says that there are 24 Wisdom Boat [Thuyền Bát Nhã] take them here with estimate 10,000,000 souls. The Great Buddha [Sakyamuni Buddha] saved 600.000 souls, the Lao-tzu saved 200,000. That quantity remains 9,200,000 souls who are still on the suffering ocean in the Last Cycle. Therefore, the Supreme Beings comes to found the Caodaism.

The Thượng Ngươn [First Cycle of Fourth Transition] belongs to the Buddha’s teaching, the beginning of Fourth Transition also belongs to the Buddha. We need study this doctrine. As the Saint is helpless, the Buddha must come to awake the human beings, to save them leading to the fluent spiritual path, to awake them in this chaos, to help them reminisce that their soul has the origin from the soul of Supreme Being, reminisce to always remember the soul, not to catch up the material life to fall into the reincarnation path. There is nothing strange. It means that the Buddha gets return, the human beings come to the origin text.

Via prophecies to consider each time, we see Brahma, Civa, Christna coming to hold the world administration power. We see obviously in front of us that only the world administration power is not enough because if the world administration power was enough, it could not hold the power of soul of people. It requires the teaching as a basic of administration. If there is just the administration without teaching, it will become impolitic. The Buddha belongs to teaching, the Saint belongs to the administration. How harmful! There is just the administration on this earth. We consider people leading the Buddhism life with a transcendent level in Europe, they can control to export their perisprit to travel in order to see the dharma and see the Supreme Being’s politics divided into two sides:

1.      Universal Politics.

2.      Paradise Politics.

They surely and determinedly confirm that.

We can see the phenomenon of Caodaism founded by Supreme Being and we wonder why it is called Caodaism [Cao Đài = Caodaism = High Palace]. In the past, if Ancient people wanted to pray to Immortals and Buddha, they would build a very high palace made by tree called Tree Palace. Nowadays, the Supreme Being founds the Caodaism [High Palace] as a seated Palace for Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha coming to this world to make friend with Him in order to combine the humankind in one regardless of any race, color skin. Although the spirit is not different, everyone must be controlled by the administration of karma.

The individual or society is due to the law of retribution. The individual or country is also controlled by that law. If the karma is light, it will end soon. If the karma is heavy, it will be slow. Whoever has the heavy karma will process slowly. For France, we may see the noble spirit. What is the reason? There is sin, which means there is the merit. There are some affairs that we acknowledge them as sins but they contain the merit. For example, if seeing suffering and poor somebody, we ignore and pass it, there will be nothing. If minding, loving and embracing them to the deeper and most commodious, happy path, we will reach the boon and resentment as the Teacher teaches the students; if ignoring the student, they will become lazy. If punishing them, they will become hatred. That is the normally natural thing.

If ignoring and passing, it is easy. To correct the people’s good and bad thing also reaches the right and fault. If the teacher hits student, they reckon the teach doing cruelly. With no hit, they do not study. If they study, that study does not bring the usefulness to the teacher.

The France impacted on Catholicism contains enough divine character to teach undeveloped races and to create a world concord body. The mind of serving is ready in the France’s head. When going to foreign countries to teach, but people do not follow the instruction. If hitting them, they will hate because they want to live leisurely. In that way, they will go wrongly to cause sins but it is also to make merit. The sins and merits are weighed to filter the interest in order to contribute to the France’s work replying on gathering all countries in one.

The Europe replying on the Catholicism, after next 2000 years, they enjoyed the divine favor that nobody may have the same. To our region, the Confucius was gentle, whoever like doing will do, it is not forced. It is not same to the Saint Western Asia, it forced us to do. Bần Đạo/I think thank: “the constriction is more successful”.

The Supreme Being came and told that the concord world had been carried out already but it had not been successful. The Supreme Being comes to do successfully to take the humankind unified to the origin, thus the Supreme Being founds the Caodaism as the source. The First Cycle [Thượng Ngươn] is the cycle belonging to Buddhism cycle. If the Saint cannot administer, the Buddha will come to save as if there is the stern people, there will have the enemy people obviously. If the stern administration is unsuccessful, we will advise and beguile. Therefore, the Cycle of Fourth Transition is according to the dharma of Buddha.



36. Holy See, 1st September Đinh Hợi year [1947] at 12 pm


 Bần Đạo/I remember the time of Supreme Being coming to reveal His name. He promised to His Disciples in the first time about world transition organ [ quan chuyển thế]. It made the intellectuals undecided in studying what two words “world transition” mean. According to the philosophy definition, the word “world transition” means: Change the certain era into the other era of unsuitability or over-frame or groove. Thus, it is determinedly changed the divine mechanism.

“Transition” means to change the old thing to the new thing. Depending on the defined meaning, we obviously acknowledge that the moral frame of long time handed over is disparaged because the world is very cruel and inhumane, because the moral spirit is not stipulated without correlative humane psychology, because the law of congener’s life is lost for humankind’s basic, because the law of congener’s life is nearly destroyed. The conspicuous plays are happening in front of us such as war, fight for life to kill each other to make enemy. For that reason, the humankind becomes cruel, the livelihood is facing on a difficult stage. We try considering Buddhism saying: “Oil rain, fire sunlight”. The oil rain and fire sunlight will have a phenomenon as the Bible says. Due to the difficult life, the humankind kills each other. On this earth, due to the people’s statistics, they specify that there is about 2057 millions of life except for destructive wars happening. The life goes ahead more difficult stage. The foods for humankind are more and more reduced. The humankind is more drastic in fight.

Bần Đạo/I study and define two words “world transition”. It means to change the circumstance. Via prayers and bibles, we observe and see that every century and every cycle for long time, many stages were strangely same. These plays were also same to the other previous plays. There was nothing happening outside one frame. Firstly, the black-skin race as Brahma race as Indian. The Supreme Being entrusted the black-skin race with this earth’s destiny because the black-skin race was the oldest brother of Supreme Being. The Supreme Being entrusted the black-skin race to hold the spirit and visible body. Nobody was more honorable than them. The India owned and believed in Religion firstly to become a lord of this earth. They were honorable in most noble power but they then divided races, struggled and killed all other races. And now, we are also falling into the same condition. That was the reason they lost the power. After that, the Supreme Being handed over power for the grey-skin race as the Bengali to amend and administer the world. The Supreme Being took the Brahma Religion to the grey-skin race to amend the world and found the Tao. In contrary, the grey-skin race did not complete the obligation with old cruel plays still happening. The Supreme Being had to let the Olivàtre [French language] be a master to hold the power of administering the world. However, this race did not also complete the obligation, therefore there was destroying disaster with evidence that an Eastern plot of land belonging to the Malacca peninsula was punished by the sea disaster. Only the Presquile de Malacca exists [French language].

The Supreme Being continued to let the red-skin race hold power. This race belongs to Egypt as new generation of new world. The Pérou [French language] also belonged to that race. Before, the new world had not existed. Around the equator, it had been the sea and islets same to Sahara desert where the ancient Atlantan lives nowadays. At the present, when seeing the history, people have to lower their head to admire that race’s civilization of Pérou and Egypt in the past. However, nowadays they do not exist well as before because they were the lord but they killed people because they were not worthy under brother and Master role. The Supreme Being saw that the humankind did not keep the divine nature. The Deluge [Flood] happened to destroy to create this present world.

For yellow-skin race as the Chinese, do not think the China was founded by one race only. They include many races, therefore voice is different only, the script is same. Our Vietnam has also the origin from China. As the yellow-skin race also lost the Religion, the Supreme Being let the white-skin race living next to Mongolia hold the power to unify with Afghanistan spreading over Europe to usurp the Europe.

The Supreme Being let the white-skin race hold the power. This race should have tried to amend administer the world, in contrary they let the world be in mutual murders. If the world transition organ changed the power, the earth would continuously change. The white-skin race was same to the Chinese. The world transition organ founded by Supreme Being in front of us will be very formidable, that play will continue to happen without end.

Bần Đạo/I determine surely that: there will have a very formidable move happened again on this earth. What is it for? The reason is that the white-skin race hands over the power to new race as the Lucid Race [Thần Thông Nhơn] holding power to keep the point of whole earth.

How harmful! The natural law is referred to the ancient Law handed over. We open the book and see how the ancient was, the future will be same. The evolution wheel still goes, and rotates due to one direction. Bần Đạo/I am afraid of humankind that the continuous sins damage humankind much more. Therefore, the Supreme Being founded the Caodaism [Caodai Religion] as a noble palace with great belief existing in front of innate conscience of humankind in order to win the organ of divine law determined in advance.

We are His Holy Body. Can we help Him solve the issue? If it is impossible, this damage will continuously maintain. He wants Vietnam to be a Holy Land so that the humankind may know that: replying on this to solve the organ of saving the world, to preserve humankind done by His children. It belongs to us. If we are powerless, a part of failure will belong to us.



37. Holy See, 15th September Đinh Hợi year [1947]


 Today, we offer rite in the afternoon at horse time. In free time, I explain the Religious doctrine. Ever our action is always mingled with the Holy Body of Supreme Being. We should study in order to reach the purpose and we know surely to go ahead without an afraid psychology because we know the true doctrine. The Supreme Being promised to the humankind that He would come to hand over the True Religion by teaching His children truthfully depending on the truth and by using reason to study that truth thoroughly.

Last Friday, Bần Đạo/I heard from the radio that the United Nations had gotten the meeting to plan for method of founding a global politics foundation. It is not also for union of nations in one but also for humankind race incorporation in one. That theory contains enough certain reason to found a politics foundation with a constitution and politics circle with enough enemies as any nation. That promoter argued that: whole humankind is still equivocal to say no to the impossible achievement. However, they have to re-consider the previous time when mentioning to the water, which could operate and make the earth changed. But now we can see the battleship carrying 800,000 tons, running everywhere on the sea. People did not believe in luminous wave. Nowadays, it appears everywhere and radiates over the earth. Before people did not believe in radio and humankind flying on the sky, but now those may prove obviously. Bần Đạo/I believe surely that: They will reach the achievement that the Supreme Being’s promise will become real.

The Supreme Being comes to unite His children in one roof as He determined it in the Divine Message. He comes to create a new world to make the humankind concord. If the arranged potentiality doe not become real, the Supreme Being will break His promise to His children. Bần Đạo/I believe surely that: He never break the promise because of 99 things already completed by Him. Is it possible that we can not complete only one thing?

Bần Đạo/I try to study the natural visible relative law of whole humankind and all living creatures on this earth. What is the relative law? There are two laws: relative material and relative spirit on over this universe. That natural law creates the universe, society, humankind. Any society or any individual including humankind or us are also controlled by that relative law in which everyone is impacted on seven feelings. The image of seven-head snake that we can see it is the image of people. Those seven psychologies create the human’s body from seven psychologies: if there is the pleasure, there will have the anger. If there is the sadness, there will have the happiness. If there is the love, there will have the hate. Just the desire in middle decides only. The desire can make hateful, angry, loved, sad and happy. It contains the enough special control power. That is the natural aspect of creator. Therefore, the Supreme Being said that there were Yin and Yang [Negative and Positive], hot air and cold. If there was the Yin [negative] without Yang [positive] as the Sun, the seven of terrestrial globes would not exist. If there was the Sun without Moon as the Yin [negative], all living creatures and humankind would not be born. This means that if there were not Yin and Yang, there would not have the Universe.

The Universal creator relative law for invisible or visible aspect is identical. If there is the success, there will have the failure too. If there is the good, there will have the bad too. If there is the victory, there will have the defeat too. If there are strength and fierceness, there will have the weakness and gentleness. The relative natural law must be in such way. The world is still fierce with Immorality, what for is it? It is to create the relative law. It means to the Morality. There must have the relative law to lead the world to the hearted innate conscience. The Supreme Being lets the humankind at a great position that the humankind may have the right not to deny the Heaven and Earth. He arranges the existence of fierceness and gentleness. Whom does the Supreme Being hand over for? As the relative law is impartial, the humankind will have to expiate their sins, will enjoy the favor due to their gentleness done. The invisible divine power holds the destiny of humankind and universe. Everything is under one law. If it is contrary, what for should we do good? The moral life faces on the sufferings without favor while the fierce life leads to the swanky and honored life, if it is in that way, this life is obviously unjust at all. For that reason, the philosopher, Doctor Sterm said: “The relative law has a power to decide the destiny of global society”. He mentioned its visible law only but He could not argue its invisible law.

If there are the visibility and appearance, those are also due to a particular power. The fierceness reaches the rule of whole world because there is the relative thing. Thus, the good power can not destroy it and it is forever fierce. Whole world is fierce, they can live due to that fierceness. However, that fierceness has a limited power and will be destroyed. The whole world obviously contains two groups: Communist and Nationalist. At the present time, there is an almost half of people following Nationalist to make the level balanced with a half good people. A half fierce of people belongs to the very cruel Communist. Thus, the good is used to amend the world. That is the reason mentioned that He wants to create a New World. He has promised and He will keep that promise perfectly to His children.


 38. All Saints-Day (Tous Saint) at Tây Ninh Holy See on 21st September, Đinh Hợi (03 November 1947)


 Today is the mass for Saint-Martyrs of Catholicism as the Way of Saint. As we know that whichever race also has a great doctrine which never passes the Tao. That is the shiny mirror for all children of Supreme Being following. Even how the world is in chaos, the humankind never keeps aloof from the Tao because the spiritual power is unique. Any race with sublime civilization can not refuse the Tao.

In front of us, we can see that the France is an unreligious nation and for whole Europe, all of them are not unreligious. If asserting that due to the truth at the Lourdres temple in Vichy, we see that long since nobody has mortified oneself as one action due to the virtuous, beloved and religious to the Supreme Being to walk by two knees over 10 kilometers to kowtow the Supreme Being. We thought there was nobody, but there was that case in France. Everyone knows the Great Ceremonies that the European can not go if turning shoes off and there is no heavier punishment if asking them to go without shoes. For every ceremony, they turn their shoes off and carry the Christ image to go for 10 kilometers. It is inferred that nobody refuses the Tao.

Nowadays, the French Government, Southern Government and we celebrate a Requiem for humankind. On this earth, the humankind differentiates the race, kinship, ancestor, color skin and appearance. But our soul is not differentiated for race, female, male to join the eternal Holy Body when escaping this physical body. How harmful! There are souls regretting with sufferings when escaping their body that they recognize the unfounded fights on this earth and they feel very miserable in Invisible World.

The French and European understand that noble doctrine of Religion. Disciples! Do not depend on My speeches to disregard. They have understood but we have not done yet. Those souls of battlefield will regret, moan, embracing in cry when passing the First heaven and Sinful World [Cõi Âm Quang]. There is no hostility when returning there. On this earth, as we have the carnal body, we go wrong. The people maybe understand that Religious secret that the souls in invisible world regret and repent of their errors because of having same blood in observing the national appearance how to be noble for moral spirit. For form on this earth, we love it nobly.

The justice on this earth is to enjoy the fruit when planting without strangeness. How the earth is, how the invisible world will be also same. Brothers, sisters, younger ones younger women! Do not think that the death is an end. Planting is to enjoy the fruit much less. If the death is the end, the divine justice becomes meaningless, is it right? They will enjoy the much noble spirit. If it is contrary, the justice law will be ineffective.

If bringing this seed of spiritual blood mixed with other race seed, that seed will help all humankind on this earth enjoy the happy flower and fruit.


39. Holy See, 30th September Đinh Hợi year [1947]


Kindly address to Holily Nominated Dignitaries, Sub-Dignitaries, younger Male and Female brothers, nowadays the Caodaism reaches an honorable stage with its appearance. Therefore, Bần Đạo/I construct the title of two words National Religion to explain. The Supreme Being indoctrinated the Doctrine in the beginning time in order to let ambiguous people awake to understand on which school we are going, whichever method and stage we are stepping on. That is a very good thing about mentality for all present people.

Two words National Religion written in first time by Supreme Being made Bần Đạo muddy. Due to two words of National Religion, it made Phạm Công Tắc [real name of His Holiness Hộ Pháp] died when he was 35 years old to sacrifice to pursue making the real meaning. Alas! Two words of National Religion was an object that Bần Đạo/I had to study then to understand by firstly loving race, loving fatherland and pursuing the aspiration with no matter what in youth age, even being enlightened in Tao by myself. When I was 35 years old, Bần Đạo/I felt dying and wondered why the Supreme Being had known my spiritual privation to give me. I had a doubt that there was a superior having a holy power and understanding my intense psychology with an aspiration and understanding my present study in order to seduce. How harmful! Because of feeble belief, now I repent very much. What do we see after 15 years? All people say that: the Vietnamese race does not have a Religion. How strange! We wonder if it is right. Actually, it is right. We have many religions but it becomes nothing. We just borrow and petition other one’s Religions.

I well know that Vietnamese race appearing at China land, so we do not hesitate to say that Vietnamese is the Chinese. The Chinese race is really Chinese. Our nation’s land is not here, but Three Northern provinces as Quảng Đông, Quảng Tây and Vân Nam including Đông Kinh [Tonkin], it means the Nội and Hải Nam which are our fatherland. That is our real motherland.

Bần Đạo/I consider if we found the Confucianism tradition or it had existed. We see that this Vietnamese race are the seed of Lỗ nation while the Confucianism appeared from Lỗ nation. If it is said that the Lỗ race found the Confucianism, the Confucianism is surely mastered by us. Mentioning the mastery is to mention our propriety. If the Confucianism preexists, it means that we have the Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism as three Religions considered as the essential Religions on this earth that any race or any power nation always acknowledge their origin from this oriental region. Moreover, the Genius Doctrine appeared in Phù Tang [refer to Japan] mastered by Japanese was propagated to China then to our nation. We were impacted the power from that time. We reply on the Confucianism developing right and differently with an expectable particularity which is more special than Genius Doctrine. Evidence is that we have been worshipping Deities in villages. Otherwise, the religion psychology of Vietnamese race is hearty and truthful to any Religion. In 19th century, the Catholicism was propagated in Vietnam with a new theory to create a noisy drastic competition and to conquer all other Religions. Bần Đạo/I think that if whoever red the report in 1937 will understand the cause explained by me thoroughly. Therefore, Vietnam has many Religions to become a status without Religion.

Our beloved friends thought about Nation future, cared of upholding and extending more freedom, there were people obviously opposing. Bần Đạo/I did not whichever year, people in Lower House upholding us were opposed. Vietnam without Religious spirit was very difficult to reach the political article because we did not have a basic of moral spirit that we could not deny and we hand to endure a disadvantage from calumniation. Therefore, Bần Đạo/I felt desolate and miserable to spirit and found out if our race had a Religion. How harmful! In front of us, there are the necromancy, psychic making the Religious spirit mucky, making Bần Đạo writhed. On the random date of Supreme Being coming, because of being very fond of poem , the Diêu Trì Cung [refer the Fairies of Diêu Trì Palace] firstly enticed by admirable poem making the spirit bewitched. How harmful! If I was not a poet, it would not be surely seduced easily. Because of being fond of poem, He tried to teach. The Supreme Being initially came as a beloved friend, after that He revealed the real name to ask Bần Đạo to turn down the world to follow the Master to found a Religion. At that time, Bần Đạo/I did not belief yet because our Vietnam race still maintained many mixed beliefs without a basic foundation. In clear way, there was no belief. Bần Đạo/I replied to Supreme Being a thing that now Bần Đạo/I feel timid when reminiscing. If that was not the Great Mercy Father, that sin would be fantastic: “Master, If you request me to be the Lao-Tzu or Jesus or Sakyamuni, I will not be possible. I am just Phạm Công Tắc only. I also think that I with this immoral incapability will determine to follow Master without any leave, however it is not inwardly useless to Master”. That Superior answered: “Tắc, If I use Phạm Công Tắc’s nature to found a Religion, how will you think?” Bần Đạo/I replied: “If that is the case…” He immediately said: “Master/I come to found a National Religion for Vietnam”. After hearing that, Bần Đạo felt floated in the sky as a dream. When I could hear the thing that I had been wishing, therefore Bần Đạo/I could not deny it. Alas! What is the National Religion? The Nation is a country, therefore the race founds a National Religion in belief. Bần Đạo/I pursued completely to watch how it is founded with whichever appearance. That is the reason that I have been pursuing until now. I see its appearance as Caodaism, I also see how it becomes a National Religion of Vietnam. He gave a poem that nobody can understand thoroughly. Whoever can see the root will not be able to see the top. Whoever can see the top will not be able to see the root that all truthful good poem and national affair of parties are also exploited nowadays.

“From now, race is not divided into three”- It means not to be divided into Three Religions, not three periods.

“Master/I unify you in one roof”- The Master holds the power to unite Three Religions. If it distinctly mentions the race in unifying South, Middle and North, it is very insipid.

“From South, North then to foreign countries”- It obviously means that the true Religion as National Religion is not only for us but also for humankind. We must firstly, propagate it in South and North with a real appearance, then propagate into Foreign Countries to become a Global Religion.

“Master of true religion controlled by only me”- He masters Three Religions of world to unify the beliefs. He holds the humankind’s belief that Supreme Being is the Universal Lord mastering the True Religion in Vietnam, which controls the humankind’s spirit with a full power to found the National Religion. He comes to give a great work for this race. For form, who is chosen? The Holy Mother as creator of all living creatures is chosen. The spirit is of Supreme Being, the form is of Holy Mother, the mind is of Father, the body is of Mother that everybody can see the bonnet and gown in every position in Principal Palace of Great Mercy Father, but when entering the Holy Mother’s Temple, everybody wears the white dress, nobody is higher than other one. If understanding, we will see that the Supreme Being’s secret dharma is extremely sublime. The Supreme Being says that: For this National Religion, He gathers the intellectual moral spirit of humankind specially with high and low positions and order dignity. For physical body of humankind, the life in front of Him, nobody is higher than other one, everyone lives and dies together to bring the National Religion as a medium for concord world in order to create a future of humankind having a noble authority position. If understanding, the Holy Body, Sacerdotal Council, male and female Nominated Dignitaries or all disciples will be are same to receive a holy mission entrusted by Supreme Being in founding a Religion. It means to require the order, dignity and rank. If understanding His will, when turning dress off and going out of Principal Palace, all ones are mutual bothers and sisters that nobody is higher or lower without contempt or respect, with a full love in Mother’s hands. Male and Female are same. Whenever the humankind on the earth understands that noble reasoning that will be a day of Caodaism with a real appearance.

40. 1st October Đinh Hợi [1947]


 Bần Đạo/I explain the previous lesson continuously because many sisters and younger ones have not understood that lesson clearly. Let Bần Đạo ask and you reply correctly and well!

We have a Mother as Holy Mother [Mother Buddha] holding the power to create our physical body. The Supreme Being is the Father of soul as one unique essence, the Holy Mother is the Mother of carnal body as one unique Fluid, the earthly parents obey the order of Holy Mother to create the carnal body, but the power to the body is mastered by Her. The Holy Mother has a nature of a Mother. Bần Đạo/I kindly act as a witness that: How the earthly Mother’s nature is, the Holy Mother’s nature is always exactly same except for more loves, more cares, more protections.

When we enter the Great Principal Palace of Supreme Being as the Cửu Trùng Thiên [Nine Celestial Dimensions] among positions of Divine Beings of Nine Heavens [Cửu Thiên Khai Hóa] with an order, power and rank, therefore we must wear the Divine Dress to assist a ceremony. When entering the Holy Temple, everyone must wear white dress in spite of Giáo Tông [Pope] or Hộ Pháp, they must also turn holy dress off. Why is it? Depending on the usual nature of a Mother, there is nothing strange. In spite of a person having a high office, in spite of a judge, an inspector or a prime minister, when entering his house as his position, the Mother does not only dislike but also feels troublesome. Be a mandarin to other ones, not to family! The authority is just for outside, that authority cannot be applied to the Mother in spite of any rank, they are still children. Have you/sisters understood yet? What do we understand from that lesson? If you study that sublime doctrine thoroughly, the Caodaism future will reach an achievement. Bần Đạo/I have told that: Thập Nhị Thời Quân [Twelve Zodiacal Dignitaries], Thượng Sanh [Secular Affair Director], Thượng Phẩm [Religious Affair Director] and Hộ Pháp are called the Ambassadors of Supreme Being [Ngự Quân]. The Holy Mother was afraid that the Supreme Being founded the Caodaism without reincarnation, the Holy Mother let Twelve Zodiacal Dignitaries with noble dignity. However, everyone is equal in front of Holy Mother. The more honored and noble Her children are, the more worried and afraid She is because the nobility may make the haughtiness. It perhaps damages their immense future due to authority. Everybody should reply on that doctrine to admonish by yourself. Now I have to conclude: Return to the Mother, everybody has the same life, death and mutual affection. Do not let heart disdain the hierarchy to fade for pattern that the Holy Mother always wishes. Everyone in spite of male or female with dignity of Divine Beings of Nine Heavens [Cửu Thiên Khai Hóa]is not same here, you even love beyond side, you have to also miss the Mother and behave how to be worthy as children of Mother, as brothers and sisters of same blood brothers in the same roof. That is suitable for morality.

 41. 10th October Đinh Hợi [1947] at Divine Alliance Palace


The literature lesson of Supreme Being is very simple (cours rhétorique). The method to French or Vietnamese is not different, speaking or writing is same to a poem. The literature composition (tenue) is divided into paragraphs:

Subject: for outline.

Development: for proper arrangement.

Denouement: for near conclusion.

Conclusion: for final end.

The lecture should be kept a prosody containing a scope like an article in a fixed pattern, or else it becomes strangling without an existence. In Religions, that is a very significant thing. For example to the Catholicism, twelve Apostles learnt in Mrs. Sainte Maria’s house with a help of magic master. One day, the Jesus Christ said: “Your mouth is My mouth, your ethical speech spoken out is Mine, you must go to propagate the New Testament”. Twelve Apostles were ignorant but they were due to soul in incarnation. If there is an incarnation, the wisdom will become enlightened.

When I have not been understanding a Religion, I did not believe that issue. Until I was at Gò Kén pagoda in front of some thousand people, I paced up and down about 16 rounds. But when raising eyes to see the teem head of people, I could not preach because of being afraid. After that, I felt drunk and did not see any one. It was dead drunk in spite of speaking, but I did not what I speak. Until stepping down, when people complimented, I could then acknowledged. It is lucky because of practice in advance. The Supreme Being taught me and brother Cao Thượng Phẩm that if this person preached, other one had to listen. As the brother Cao Thượng Phẩm was presumptuous, we tried to preach. However, when stepped on the pulpit, the eyes were still dazzled. I request brothers and sisters to practice to be hardy. If we want the Caodaism propagated, we need to preach. That is the divine book without character. The books written and propagated can not be compared with preachment in prosody. It is accepted when being afraid of other people, but for Vietnamese race we have got a civilization with four thousand years as a basic. There are three intermediaries: “Phú”, “Tỉ”, “Hứng”. “Phú” means to read books in comprehension, to explain the word for word clearly. “Tỉ” means to see the past to consider the future, to use old story to explain the present. “Hứng” means to lecture under inspiration when stepping on the pulpit. The backings of three intermediaries are Prayer, Story, Principle. In order to satisfy the “Phú”, we have to know by heart. We have to use stories as examples in comparison for “Tỉ”. “Hứng” can not be over framework without speaking nonsense beside the truth. We need to remember three basics firstly and then remember three backings. One poem is enough for us for preachment. Nothing is difficult for Supreme Being. Such as:

“Formerly, Yến Tử Hà in front of miserable destiny,

Still worn the tattered sandals to Quang Trung.

Now, not understand the Way thoroughly,

Still follow up my footsteps to go ahead”.

He cites a situation then uses a story such as two first sentences. It is asked why Yến Tử wearing ragged sandal went to Quang Trung. The Yến Tử was a subject or Hàn nation. The Hàn nation lost their power and found method to revenge their insult. Sở Vương despised the Hàn people. Therefore, Yến had to miserably worn the ragged sandal to Quang Trung to find Hớn Bái Công. Two final sentences mean to request us to follow the Master and if we put footsteps at the Master’s footmark, we will never lose our way. Yến was mistreated, the Hàn nation was occupied (Trương Tử Hàn also belonged that dynasty). So what story did Supreme Being use? Our nation is also occupied as Hàn nation. The Yến became a subject for Hớn to take a revenge of Hàn. The Supreme Being wanted to mean: If you want to take revenge if fatherland, do as Yến going to Quang Trung. If wishing to keep our country, follow the Master.

That is all, now do an experiment. You give me a subject to let me preach. Such as:

“Do not think the Apotheosis as an equivocality,

Whoever has ever met the Đông Pha mid-sea”

Do not think that the Apotheosis story written as a tale. Đông Pha is an ancestor of Japan. Amazingly, there was Đông Pha at the sea, it means there were race of Japan. If someone has ever met, that person and meeting prove the truth.

“Reply upon world to find a method to make world enlightened”

Reply on the world and immoral cruel people to awake them.

“Same to borrowing a pen of Hồ fellow”

Mr. Hồ held a pen to write the Vương Kiệt’s history victoriously. He was not afraid in spite of seeing Vương Kiệt killed, it is same to the Master coming the cruel humankind but the Mater replies on that cruelty to awake the human beings as Đổng Hồ did not scare a death. The Master will be victorious as Đổng Hồ in order to make His children successful. In Hồ dynasty, the was a talent general of Tần dynasty but he was idle without acceptance to the resistance war. Đổng Hồ wrote: This improper sin to country belongs to him. Why? Because he was idle to lose a fighting spirit, he had to be charge for sin. This preachment is full of meaning under the framework.


42. At 8am of 13 October Đinh Hợi [1947] at His Holiness Quyền Giáo Tông [Interim Pope]


Today is an anniversary date of His Holiness Interim Pope Thượng Trung Nhựt. Bần Đạo/I determine that this is a very significant date for Cửu Trùng Đài [Palace of Nine Divine Planes].

Bần Đạo determine an evidence because of being a fellow of same way, knowing the real value of Thượng Trung Nhựt.

Even the Pope throne of Caodaism is controlled by His Holiness Ly Tai-Pei for protecting the sacred quality and harmonizing a half of Tao and a half world, the earthly position creation belongs to Thượng Trung Nhựt. Actually, Thượng Trung Nhựt created the Pope throne for Caodaism as the Saint Pierre had created Pope throne PhaPha for Rome.

Alas! The Supreme Being came suddenly and casually in 20th century that the humankind has been living miserably from physicality to spirit. His announcement for a name made everybody surprised. Especially, we were going on a gloomy path. At that time, the eldest person was Thượng Trung Nhựt. We asked him because we were still ambiguous: Est ce possible? [Is it possible]. We were not different from stepping in a cave to find a light path. How lucky! He had a determined destiny to come to lead us to exit the dreary cave replying on his enlighten eyes ahead the Religion.

When we asked: Is it possible? He answered: C’est bien possible [It is possible perhaps]. As people were very miserable, His coming was not strange. We understand a family in front of a misery with a father’s existence, that father will show his passionate love for his children. He determined that: “The Superior coming in this period is just the Supreme Being” If he was not the Supreme Being, nobody could endure that tragic situation. As His sincerity, aspiration vibrated the Heaven to make the Supreme Being and Deity, Saint, Immortal and Buddha touched. How lucky! The Supreme Being came to found a National Religion for us in Vietnam that there is no other reputation which is better than our race.

If the Caodaism becomes a standard medium for an extreme civilization, I surely determine that that civilization is created from the psychology of Thượng Trung Nhựt. Oh! How many merits! Wet think and reminisce the beginning time of anxious psychology for existence. Especially, The Vietnamese race psychology intended to foil a slavery standstill. No one could believe in what we said things that everybody also thought that those were ambiguous because their psychology was still anxious. Only colleagues having a same situation and psychology with full intellect and understanding His noble ambition followed Him. At the anxious and unfaithful situation, He still cared much less Vietnam. He made a belief to create an appearance of National Religion for Vietnam race, however just people became hostile and made His whole life miserable with much tears before death.

Bần Đạo/I determine that: In complete incarnation, we can not find another person loving race passionately as Thượng Trung Nhựt. Bần Đạo/I have ever seen two persons. If it was due to an immense love, he would never renounce the fame to form the Religious appearance for people. The deeper the spiritual great work is, the longer people may enjoy. The deeper it is, the more precious the value is. The people will see the heart of heart of Thượng Trung Nhựt transforming a steady national soul.

Whoever is Vietnamese must lower head and obey that noble will. There is no sword which can destroy His work handed over Vietnam race.




 43. Holy See, 13 October Đinh Hợi [1947, Anniversary of Interim Pope.


 Bần Đạo/I remind once, when offering Three Germs [Tam Bửu], it is a principal sacrifice. When raising it up, it means to let us know what that sacrifice means in order to pray to offer to Supreme Being. When the sacrifices are offered, we lower our head to offer those previous germs to the Master.

The Secret Dharma is very significant: Flower is the body [physical body]. Offering flower means to offer whole physical body as a sacrifice to Him. Offering alcohol means to offer whole spirit/mind. Offering tea means to offer our soul to Supreme Being. We are just a carcase offered as a sacrifice to Supreme Being’s heaven by a Principal Sacrificer.

Today is the Anniversary of Đức Quyền Giáo Tông [Interim Pope-Thượng Trung Nhựt] as our noble Dignitary. Bần Đạo/I continue to explain more word “save”. On occasion, Bần Đạo reveal to let whole Sacerdotal Council as Supreme Being’s Holy Body and whole children know that: He is a sublime soul. Even the physical body has disappeared but the divine quality still exists forever without any decay. Bần Đạo tell: The Supreme Being suddenly came to make my mind surprised, but I understood the word “save” of Supreme Being thoroughly after studying for some years.

How strange! Đức Cao Thượng Phẩm and Đức Quyền Giáo Tông could understand the Supreme Being’s sentiment when He mentioned the two words “cứu khổ”. “Cứu” means to help to exit the dubiousness with full power to determine a unique decision. “Khổ” is a spiritual and physical pain. We see other people in order to love them, in order to hold the power to priests in Religious door, in order to save human beings and we just love other people to create a medium for our love to whole humankind.

Alas! For words of “save from misery”, whoever has ever endured miseries and spiritual moral pain will feel dying for spirit as something significant. It is same to that we are hungry, someone gives us a rice bowl. Its smell and meaning are very profound and subtle.

Alas! for words of “save from misery”, the Religion uses the conformation for people applying. It is for Vietnam then for whole humankind on over the world. The humankind has not known a evolution level reaching a civilization trait but remained in a slavery. Therefore, the still weak savage rude, stupid race as Vietnamese was in distress. It is similar to that people arrested salves and sold last time. Bần Đạo/I also sold salves that the foremost Roma kingship did not consider a human without a value as an animal. They had a full power to kill other people bought their life by them. Those slaves were considered as animals. Until now, the Roma violence must repeal that slavery. Therefore, the slavery appeared from buying poor man who became a servant. At that time, Maurice did suddenly against the Roma Emperor in order to exist that painful circumstance. After that, people considered Maurice as Supreme Being coming the earth to save the human beings from misery. In Orient, foremost China was not a special nation with a complete love but many races united to become China. Due to ancient time, China replies on combination of backward races as slaves. As our race could not endure, we did against to find a mutual saving method. Now, the misery is brimful. It is not strange in front of us, we may see that they know to entice together. If doing nothing, the life must face on falling into the slavery for other people with poorness without richness.

The way of world is not strange. When doing extraordinarily, we become alone solitary without other people’s support.

On this earth, we see that as the alone solitary people are oppressed slavery. We are in slavery, we have been bored to see our brothers in same roof overcoming pains and poorness, but they are still oppressed indirectly. The usual way is in slave, so nobody has a stronger power to conformation and spirit.

The Sakyamuni Buddha teaches: The birth, oldness, sickness, death are four miseries of human that all people on over the world need to find a method of exterminating those miseries and to find a method to make the humankind living in satisfaction. The birth passes, then the oldness comes. We see that civilization areas more and more progress, they care of building old people houses. There is no nation on this earth not feeding the old people. To sickness on this earth, as many people, as many hospitals there are to cure people. If it is not efficient, it will make humankind worried. For death, the civilization societies are finding a treatment how to let people face a death without misery and do how to make races gathered to become a civilization nation.

Which method is there to reduce four miseries? There is only one method of working single mindedly to reduce the spiritual misery. Actually, where does the physical misery come from? It is that because we want to live happier than other ones. There is no power, which decides our destiny. Only justice sense decides. As the human beings know themselves that their honor is over living beings, as Supreme Being’s properties handed over earth to guarantee His children’s life are not enough, there are the poor, rich people, stupid, enlightened people. People immediately think about unfairness. However, where is that unfairness from? It is because of moral shortage. How must we do to liquidate that misery? At this time, what did principal people do to gain the sympathy of people, to determine the politics power? It is just to develop the love for world, to use a faithful, righteous heart in love to save the human beings, to hand over their life as their master. It is questioned that who guarantees to have a compassionate heat on people. I would like giving a question. There should have many families. If that power with a full psychology appearing truthfully, they may seed a love for people of a nation, appeal people to behave in harmony with a peace life. If a nation reaches a luck with an enlightened master obtaining a purpose, the national people may enjoy happiness with peace and happy families. It is same to a nation or society. They just think of them, do not know other ones, they murder together. Due to that reason, the Caodaism appears. It is questioned that why the Caodaism appears. When a family comes up against a misery, there is a same father enduring that misery with his children. In a nation, if the human beings met a misery, the master as King or President goes forward as a protector to find a method to release the misery of human beings.

At this time, it comes up the power of nation and society for world, who can master to carry out that duty? All nations are miserable, who has the responsibility to guide to exit from the miserable situation? If that was not the Supreme Being, there would have no person who could master this earth.

Actually, in a family, the Father endures the misery for children that Nations and all people on the earth can not share that misery. The Supreme Being comes to cry out for love of humankind, so that they acknowledge siblings together, love together, uphold, care and respect together, use the harmony and love to sow to humankind conscience to say that: “I am you Father coming here to make you know me so that you know you, when you love together, it means that your Father saves you from the misery to the physical body and soul”.

44. Holy See, 15th October Đinh Hợi [1947]


Yesterday, Bần Đạo/I preached the saving method of Supreme Being brought to His children over the visible aspect as the physical body.

Today, Bần Đạo/ continue to preach the saving method of Supreme Being over spirit. It means to our soul.

The spiritual misery of humankind is more sorrowful and severer, more dangerous and noisier than a physical misery in thousand times. For the spiritual misery, we may see that many people have to suicide because they can not sustain. They think that their misery can end when exiting the physical body. The is the reason of suicide. They are mistaken! For a misery of spirit or soul, although this physical body is ruined, it is consoled, the spirit is still miserable as usual. They think that the suicide helps to avoid the physical misery, in contrary that spiritual misery still exits in the invisible world more frightfully.

Actually, even how the misery on this earth is, if it is not comforted, it will be agonizing in many times on this earth. Why is there the spiritual misery? We use whole sensible brain to consider the cause of appearance. We see the way of world with ranks of human beings. If we make a statistic, the essential figure is infinite that as many people, as many psychologies are different. Why is it? If we understand the Religious truth, it is due to the progress position of souls to determine people’s figure, it is not created due to people’s decision. It is due to the mind spirit position progress from the Supreme Being’s location. It is unnecessary to discuss because we know the psychology, mind to act and live to differentiate everything. Therefore, the Supreme Being’s Tao explains clearly: Whole miserable organ is a good lesson to hurry the spirit to progress into a final sublime position to become a Supreme Being among living beings. We do not need to discuss.

What does our physical body see? We seem to see an justice in front of us. If we do not know the Tao, the criticism to unjust creation mechanism is right. Why do we see that people on this earth are same, but there are talent people and bad people, intelligent people and stupid, good people and cruel people? Everybody contains a personal psychology separation. We see a mutual living fight as a student going to a school with his classmates feels stupid while his friends are intelligent. He feels study to such as extend that he stops learning to become a mean people. The classmates are more intelligent to reach a noble position as a mandarin holding the destiny of human being to amend manners, as a leader for world. Why is there such a strange differentness? Every student always determines to try to learn, but why can’t he have ability to learn? The competition Endeavour is not successful, he becomes miserable over spirit. That is a reason.

When growing up in the world, we are bored to see enough good jobs to keep their family, also see other ones living happily. We want to learn and do the same, but we are not capable to learn. The copy becomes unsuccessful because we are more stupid. We become annoyed and ashamed to feel miserable over spirit that other one can do why we can not do. Other ones create enough power while we also understand as them in whole life, but we are still a servant with a falling position for them. We feel recent that why them can reach that position while we just reach such this position. We see an obviously injustice of world, we then feel recent. That is the spiritual misery or soul.

In addition, a dealer like other ones with their same methods just loses with falling failure while other dealers collect many interests with splendid castle, comfortable luxurious wife and family. He feels very irritated and it leads to the spiritual misery.

Over unjust reasons, people obviously find the method. There are people finding the mysterious reasons forever and waiting for other people having enough a method to save from the spiritual misery, but it has been founded yet. With a physical body, we have to endure a misery. We wonder why we are talented with many actions more than other people, but when doing, we just collect a failure. The colloquial term is considered as: “talent and fate are opposite”. Actually, they do not know which power makes them miserable in that way.

For miseries that I am explaining, people always find a method of saving from misery but it is impossible. Therefore, nobody living on the earth is satisfied. The mean people and rich, intelligent people and stupid people invest to find a solace method. A pair of poor husband and wife sees their poorness and other one’s richness. They must attempt their livelihood miserably. They do not understand why other ones are rich. They really moan but they console together by crooning to comfort their spirit:

“Rich having enough dress and trousers,

We are poor, cut wood and set fire to charcoal.

Thou, please do not moan,

Free from debt, I buy silk to sew for you”.

After such croon, the wife subsides tears but he also feel funny.

 For intelligence of Khổng Minh, when setting fire to Tư Mã Ý to preserve the Lưu’s fortune because Khổng Minh was afraid that it would fall into Tư Mã Ý, but when setting fire to him in a half, it rained to stop the fire. Tư Mã Ý escaped from a death. He felt angry and did not know how to do, he then looked up the sky to moan: “Calculation is from human, success or failure is due to God”. If he did not comfort in that way, he would become mad maybe.

Hồ Địch saw Nhạc Phi killed mercilessly by Tần Cối because of following the stupid loyal’s advice and Phiên carried out the force to combat the Tống. They waited the result of a combat over two sides. Especially, they waited a retribution of Tống dynasty, however the Heaven had determined the combat not belonging to Tống dynasty. Phiên had to withdraw troop to go back their nation. They felt irritated to moan that: “Heaven and Earth are partial, Godhead is unjust”. That is a violent solace.

Whenever the human beings find a solace method to reduce misery, that way is always too excessive as finding a wind to catch clouds, as going to Confucius [Khổng Phu Tử] to ask that: “do you have a solace remedy to our spirit?” The Confucius answered: “Method of world transition is unlimited, in spite of obtaining the Dharma to use a mean in action [middle way], it could not be satisfied”. Turned to knock at the door of Sakyamuni Buddha: “Do you have a remedy to treat our spiritual misery?”. The Buddha shown the truth of four miseries as the birth, oldness, sickness, death. Those are the truth. The human beings as us examined by ourselves that we did not want to be born but who born us, now we had to endure earthly misery in that way. We did not want to live because the life was a cause creating four miseries. Those miseries were not mine but who made us miserable. Then we were not satisfied over our spirit. We found nothing at Buddha’s gate, we went ahead at Lao-Tzu [Lão Tử]: “Dear, do you have any solace remedy to our spiritual misery?” We were told that we should follow the morality as rudiment, should quit the earthly attachment, go up a pleasure mountain away the karma with a freedom. If we did not that, there was no way to have a dream of exiting the misery.

Regarding to that teaching, we climbed up a mountain but when carrying rice for meals, it was too hard. We also became hungry and despondent then climbed down. The solace method became meaningless. We continued to knock the door of Jesus [Jésus de Naza-Reth]: “Savior, do you have any remedy to treat our spiritual misery? Answered: “If you determine that you are children of Jehovah as Supreme Being, do as He has ever done in order to solace your spirit”. In the method framework of Supreme Being’s children, many people could speak without action like a good play written without talent actor for real play.

Everybody do not deny: there were some ones who could solace their spirit by their steady belief. Most of remaining ones stepped upside down. They did not stay in arm of Supreme Being at all. They became disheartened, did not have any way.

Now, which method does the Supreme Being do in 20th century to solace humankind’s spirit? He comes with His children and determines surely that: If His children as Holy Body [Thánh Thể/ Dignitaries of Sacerdotal Council] create a Religion [Caodaism] unsuccessfully, He shall descend with a life. Is it too important? He came the earth to found Religions and from the creation of world, all organs were controlled by His hands. Ngự Mã Quân [God’s Ambassadors scare frightfully because He had to endure all miseries over both physical body and spirit when descending the earth.

Every time of coming, He especially wanted how to use His miseries as a saving organ for all people. Because of scaring Supreme Being’s misery, His Ambassadors on behalf of Him descended down with a life to found the Caodaism. Why is it? Truthfully, nobody has a power as the power of a mother’s lullaby to her children, nobody has a power as the father’s love to his children. When the children are painful with a cry, the mother embraces, the children immediately finish a cry. When the father has a kiss to the children, they immediately end the sorrow.

The Supreme Being sent Religious Heads on behalf of Him to come to found Religions with His title under His order to teach His children. No Religious Head could solace the world miseries perfectly. The mass of misery appeared from the appearance of people. It has been piling up innumerably.

He comes to embrace the humankind and rings that: The mass of spiritual misery is because of you, not Master. The misery is due to each one’s karma inducing to make mutual miseries. In order to quit the misery, you must destroy the ranks of spirit, unify humankind, acknowledge humankind as brothers and sister with a same blood with a same origin in order to share mercy, misery, respect and hierarchy. The senior does not oppress the inferior, the intelligent people do not browbeat stupid man without a rich or poor status. The spiritual ruler must be same to dignity and power.

Whenever the humankind respect together in spite of richness or poorness to consider as brothers and sisters in same blood, on that day the method of saving from misery is not difficult. If you follow My teaching, that misery will be naturally disappeared. If you are still miserable, you punch your breast and say: “This misery is created by me. It is not the Master’s punishment”.

The Master comes to reorganize the humankind’s psychology to avoid the fight, confusedness, mutual murder, the misery naturally disappears without any strangeness.

That is His saving organ.



45. Holy See, 1st November Đinh Hợi [1947]


 Today, Bần Đạo/I preach the concord. Before preaching that theory, I would like preaching the idealistic and materialistic. If we do not understand two theories thoroughly, we will not be able to the concord theory. Bần Đạo/I have explained Three Precious Germs [Tam Bửu] as organs creating human: 1. Essence [Tinh], 2. Gas [Khí], 3. Spirit [Thần].

What is the Essence? The Essence refers the visible human as our physical body.

What is the Gas? The Gas is our mind.

What is the Spirit? The Spirit is our soul that Supreme Being calls it as “Chơn Linh”.

Those three precious things concern together because each germ has a special Material Dharma that those three germs combine together to become an earthly human.

We differentiate: The Essence is a Body, it means to a beast like other animals. It means that the body belongs to animal rank. The Gas is our vital fluid of mind. The Spirit is the soul created by Supreme Being. Three organs concern together with the Gas as a medium. The gas is our mind coming to the earth to combine with the soul to create our wisdom. In contrary, if it cannot unify with the soul, it will unify with the physical body. It means that the gas incarnates into the sensation nature. What is the sensation nature? The sensation nature is the primitive mind. It just lives as an animal as a new-born animal knows nothing but it can find its mother’s breast in order to preserve its life. The protecting law over life teaches it find that amount to live only. Three precious germs concern Universe. The Spirit concerns the Buddha as Supreme Being, the Gas concerns the Dharma, the Essence concerns the Clergy as all living beings.

Actually, the materialistic trends to the Essence. The Idealistic is the theism concerning Buddha as the Supreme Being. The Religions normally name or title, it means to find the Creator bearing all living beings, means to use His form to create a divine light for humankind. That is the Father of our divine light or Father of all living beings. Therefore, due to Religions, the Catholicism especially says: “The human is Angel prisoned by our soul. The Angel and Supreme Being are homogenous”. We carry this physical body like staying at an earthly prison. The Buddhism tells us know to three precious germs that they are not different from a horse and rider. That horse is an animal as Essence. The Dharma is the rein of horse. The more important thing is about the a means to force the horse with putting a bit on horse in order force it to run straight as we want. It is the Gas. The rider is our soul as a Spirit. The Spirit is an image created by Supreme Being. Thus, the human gets an ambition that even we have not obtain no sublime things, no wisdom but we think that we are a small God. Therefore, the human always want to be a God. Why is it? It is not difficult to understand: A student sitting in a class sees a mandarin coming in, he is not afraid at all but he whispers that: You are a mandarin firstly, I will also become a mandarin later except for throwing books away to tending buffalo.

The soul realizes to cultivate to become a Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha and it can be equal to Supreme Being because His throne has left readily for His children if some one can do as Him on day. Therefore, although we do nothing, we know that we are a God on the earth. One funny story happening, when the Expert Doctor Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm was a boy going to school, there was a chief of district going to check the school or to visit the school. He was reported about the infant prodigy. At that time, He had a small stature, the body was not high but He worn a borrowed loose dress. Because he seemed funny, the mandarin teased Him. The Chief of District initiated a parallel sentence: “The pupil is a pupil of boy wearing a wide dress that is child of pupil”. He immediately gave a retort: “District Chief is the District Chief of chap speaking in undignified way, that is the chap of District Chief”. He replied immediately impartially without concede.

Actually, the idealistic creates the genius, the materialistic creates the talent. Bần Đạo/I will later preach the genius and talent in special preachment. For a short while, I have been extending the subject for your more knowledge. You should remember and listen to the preachment continuously about the concord theory.

The Concord is to unite everything in one. Therefore, which basic does the concord bas on? I are sure that if asking what the concord means, nobody can explain it. The concord is a same life. It means to the living creatures. Whoever was born as we, is our friend as our brother because all visible creatures receiving a boundless power of Supreme Being come to this earth with a same life in spite of matter, insect, plant, animal and human. They are considered as living beings as mutual friends. If there is a same life, we must admit the mutual brothers in Supreme Being’s heart. Moreover, the Buddhism forbids to kill animal because they are our friend with a same life as us.

Therefore, what is the Concord? The real meaning means to a fellow with a same life acknowledged together and unified in one primitive cause. It is called as “concord”. Why does the concord theory appear nowadays? It is easy for our guess. It is to respect, esteem the life of all living beings. The humankind on behalf of Supreme Being with a highest rank is a master for concord. The humankind is wicked. They do not only kill their fellows with a same life, but also annihilate together for eating, fighting, to use force to oppress as a standard to become a lord of people. They do not use the spiritual morality. The cruelty is not easy to master people. The materialistic is for a determined visible framework, the idealistic is for the natural framework only. If nations on over the world using the materialistic find many law methods to make people concord, that will be a dream only because it is never reached. There is nobody understanding the meaning that a talent having a profound mind must make himself cheap to become a stupid man. There has not been any power, which takes a stupid man into the position of prime minister of court. The destiny rank is always determined by Supreme Being. We know that nobody can force and no law framework forces a great writer as a beggar in a market.

If there is not any law framework, which can carry out and amend, the concord theory for people will not be successful. That theory can be destroyed just when we use the idealistic theism as a general medium with a mutual respectful love under a same basic cause, a same blood race. That is the reason that Divine Superiors descending in Europe said: “The humankind will obtain the highest throne wished by them that the humankind will have a race, a nation, a Religion”. Whenever the humankind obtains three things, the world will become concord to appear a new form. The Supreme Beings came to humankind, His Ambassadors scared that He would face a danger. He came to create a race, nation and a Religion for humankind. However, as His Ambassadors did not want Him to come, they on behalf of Him came to make three wishes real with an achievement. If those three wishes do not become real, the world concord theory is still a daydream.



46. Holy See, 14th November Đinh Hợi [1947]



Today is the 1947 from the date of Savior as Jesus Christ at Nazareth village in Palestine obeying the order of God as Supreme Being to come to save races of Europe. We should observe and I myself observe and see that the true doctrine of Saint Doctrine as Catholicism still has a same basic as the Buddhism. That is the Inferior Category Buddhism [Hạ Thừa] [下乘], it contains nothing different. In spite of Secret Dharma of true doctrine or Material Dharma are same.

If for a long time, the spiritual separation theory has been existing, it is due to the earthly human putting that theory in belief of Europe races. As that calamity, nowadays, we see that people must endure the mutual murder happening on over the world.

Bần Đạo/ I would like preaching the primitive cause of Jesus Christ.

I sometimes show the primitive cause of Jesus Christ of Catholicism to preach so that all male and female disciples can understand thoroughly.

Who is the Jesus Christ? If we see the true doctrine of Nébreux race as present Hebrew handed over, according to law of Saint Moise had predicted to mention the Savior’s Christmas. If we study a paper by paper of Catholicism Bible, we will never see the name “Christ”. Bần Đạo/I say surely that in the heaven, the Jesus Christ is the Soul of Christna as the Brahmanist Trinity.

The Christna Buddha is not strange to us. Therefore, He came under a humble duty because the humankind has been very haughty and complacent. Using that humble method is to awake races of Europe. He descended in a poor family. Bần Đạo/I would like saying that: He descended down a house of Maria as a Sister in the Jerusalem Temple. The Mr. Joseph was also a monk in the Temple. The Temple law forced that girls at the marriageable age had to go out to get married. At that year, Ms. Maria as female Sister in Jerusalem Temple reached the marriageable age. The Temple regulation forces monks in the Temple to get that girl because they were referred to the Supreme Being’s advice to Adam and Eva on day: Unissez vous et multiplies” [You must live together to bear much more].

The ceremony of recruiting a husband for Maria due to Temple regulation was to force that every male monk had to choose followers put in Temple within 3 days. If that follow was still fresh, the person owning that follow could marry that girl.

How harmful! There were many young men, but Mr. Joseph over 50 years old had to obey that regulation. If we mention the position of beauty queen, the Ms. Maria is listed. Her marriageable age made many men fascinated. Mr. Joseph also brought follower to the Temple as everybody in that selection. Many flowers were selected by many men. Mr. Joseph thought that he was old already, so a wife was not necessary. However, the law of Sacerdotal Council forced monks to do. Whoever did not do would be punished such as “quì hương” (Smile…) [a punishment to Caodaism followers who breaks the religious law, kneel basing on the incense burned. When the stick of incense burns at the end, the Caodaism follower may stand up]. When stepping out the Temple, he saw a tuberose thrown by someone, he picked it up and put in a vase. Unexpectedly, that tuberose was strange. The already bloomed flowers fell down, the buds got absorbent to live beautifully. Other flowers got ruined. He had to marry Ms. Maria.

How harmful! The monk had to get out the Temple after a wedding while both of them were followers as monk and Sister without a family, house, living means. It was very mournful.

How lucky! When he was a child at the Temple, Mr. Joseph worked as a very good carpenter. He then calculated that a pair of poor husband and wife went out. The husband was a carpenter, the wife was a tailor because Ms. Maria’s household art was very good. She could knit well. Therefore, they could live stably in temporary. The time elapsed in day by day, they born a first-born as Jesus. The pair of husband and wife nourished the child by poor conditions. Especially for the day as today was the birthday of Jesus Christ bequeathing a vestige for us that it is worthy to pay attention. At the night of Noel in the Temple ceremonially as we organize nowadays, they came in the Temple from Nazareth village. They thought that they had a religious root, so they could not stay at home in spite of pregnancy but went to attend the ceremony norm generally.

In the Town, people had rent all houses. They could not find a rest place. It was impossible to stay in the open. They then insisted other ones for a temporary place in an ass cage. It was at winter as now we feel rather cold. It was especially cold and strange for two religious persons sleeping in the ass cage miserably. At exact 12am at midnight, she began labor to bear the Jesus Christ.

In the bible, on the descending day of Jesus Christ, there was a star appearing, called as a comet without strangeness. That is the “Commete de Halley” [French] coming every 75 year. The Kings had predicted that: “The day of Comet coming is the day of Christ descending, so remember to find him”. There are many mysterious things that we can not image as people tending ass had cages in the open, they suddenly heard sounds in space of Angels saying that: the Savior descends. Therefore, the King, Maures people and ass tenders went to conduct the service firstly.

How harmful! At that time, the nation of Juifs race was occupied as a colony by Roma Empire. An Envoy Derode Antivas controlling Palestine always paid attention to kill the Savior because the prediction shown He would become a King of Israel. Thus, in the beginning time of defending Palestine, Herode killed the Saint Jean Baptiste.

At that time, Predictors shown that the Savior would be born on determined day but nobody could know who the Savior was. They wanted to kill but they did not where he was. Thus, they arrested and kill all babies born on that day with a thought: “Among those babies, the Savior perhaps belonged to that group”. How lucky! Mr. Joseph felt tired and had a dream with Angels advising. He immediately took the baby to escape to Egypt. A pair of husband and wife could escape in time, otherwise the Jesus Christ would be killed.

They were living there. When the boy was 5, 6 years old, they heard the news of their peaceful nation and they received the teaching of divine order that they might go back Palestine. The husband worked as a carpenter, the wife sewn to look after children. They born 3 or 4 girls and boys. For that reason, their life was very poor and humble. The road along the Jourdain river is the place that the Jesus Christ carried water every day to help his mother by some cents.

When growing up to reach 12 or 13 years old, he followed his father to work as a carpenter. He did what he was taught. One day, Mr. Joseph received an order to build a house for other person. He made pillars shorter due to his mistake. He was claimed compensation from the owner, however he did not know how to do. They did not have money for compensation because of poor family. He cried so much, the Savior then prayed. After that, the father held one tip, the boy held one tip to strain to make pillars enough over length for enough compensation. Otherwise, they just went into owner’s service. It was very strange because that was the first time that the Christ practiced the dharma.

In the year of 12 years old as the time he straining pillars, the Jesus Christ went to the Temple. The soul of Christna descended. As most of Religious Heads as doctors heard the prodigy reputation of Jesus Christ, when going to the Temple, they gathered around to question Him about Religion. The Superior Christna descended and stayed among those Religious Heads then preached. It made people surprised.

The husband and wife attended a Sablat ceremony in the Temple. They went back home after ceremony. They did not see the Jesus Christ and asked other ones if they could see him. Both of them looked him, but they could not find. They came back the Temple hurriedly and saw the Jesus sitting among doctors. The Religious Heads sitting around questioned about the Tao.

Although she had been told when staying in the Temple: “You will give one thing to humankind because you will bear the Savior”, because ran to look he child and she was at once tired and afraid, when meeting and seeing him sitting to preach, she complaint, then called the Jesus and told: “Why do you make me miserable in finding you?” The Jesus Christ immediately replied: “Mother, don’t you know that I am doing the mission asked by my Father?” She then awaked and understood herself. Therefore, she offered an apology toward that speech. From that time, the Christ also lived as other boys, also carried water, also carved as a carpenter to serve his parents dutifully.

At home, his younger brothers were disagreed together, but the Jesus was very virtuous with a long-suffering nature. Thus, his younger brothers usually victimized him. He could not stay at home, he went outside to earn money to look after parents day by day.

When he was 30 years old, he heard the Saint Jean Baptiste propagating at the Jourdain river. The Christ came to meet him while he was doing a sacrament to exculpate from charge for people. When seeing the Christ coming in a distance, he knew the Savior, then said: “From morning up to now, I just waited this person”. The Jesus Christ received an instruction over Tao from the Saint Jean Baptiste and received a sacrament of karma. After sacrament, when the Christ just stepped up from the river bank, the air appeared a bright halo as white pigeons swooping down the Christ’s head, a voice from the air: “My beloved child, whole My grace is for you”. From that time, the Jesus Christ was the soul of Christna descending down. Thus, when propagating, it was not same to His birthday, He became supremely Holy. He was the soul of Living Saint in front of people and Religion. He observed whole earth. The Jesus Christ was not lower than any body among Religious Heads. He kept mind to love people intensely and honestly. How the Sakyamuni Buddha was, the Jesus Christ was also same. For that reason, people followed His Religion. As the Juif race with Heads and Kings of Palestine saw that the Jesus Christ preached a Religion with a doctrine which was opposite to their guidelines, they hated to find many ways to kill the Christ. They reported to Cesar that: “That man has a scheme to rebel by taking he Juif out of Roma domination”. They accused the Christ over many things but they could not because the Christ could not break those. They found to reject the Religious Law by founding a propaganda board to make people implicated so that people did not dare to be close to the Christ. The Heads arrested the Christ and led to Marshal Pilate to promulgate a capital punishment. They propagandized by many ways. On the Paques ceremony as a acquitting day, the cruel General Barabbas killing much with many sins was cleared from accusation by all Juif people. The Jesus Christ did not clear from an accusation but they gave an capital punishment. They hammered nails on the Cross.

What is the meaning of Jesus Christ’s death? He used the precious Holy body as a sacrifice to offer to Supreme Being. The died Holy body on the Cross is the sacrifice similar to Three Precious Germs which are offered to the Supreme Being by us nowadays.

Consequently, the Jesus Christ did as a sacrifice to the Supreme Being in order to redeem humankind’s sins especially for Europe races. Thus, His reputation assigned the word “Savior” is not excessive.

Actually, the Savior is the third Buddha descending in Brahma Trinity.

47. Holy See, 15th November Đinh Hợi year [1947]


Today, Bần Đạo/I preach “Genius and Talent”. However, before preaching that theory, we should extend an alley so that all of you can understand thoroughly why we reach the genius or we just reach the talent only.

Bần Đạo/I have explained many times about significance of Three Germs that we have got three bodies, seven vital spirits. We call them as Essence, Ga, Spirit regarding to Caodaism.

The first: our physical body is carnal body.

The second: is the invisible vital body that we can not see by our eyes. If seeing it, we reach the great wisdom [peak of Way]. It is the Dharmakaya.

The third: is the Divine Body as the soul. Three Germs combined together appear an image of a human.

If we can see it, we will know that this body is a same substance as matter. It is an animal. The Dharmakaya relates to the Universe with a form as vital fluid. The vital fluid creates the cause of humankind that the cause is used to represent the image of our divine body. The divine wisdom is due to the Great Mercy Father [Supreme Being]. Three bodies in us look after this physical body. The Dharmakaya both protects the physical body perfectly in a life, and relates to the determined power of Divine Superior and Supreme Being. Consequently, it is divided into two standpoints:

1.      The standpoint to the matter.

2.      The standpoint to the Supreme Being and Divine Superiors.

To the Supreme Being, the Dharmakaya must have the instinct intellectual spirit trending to the invisible power to study the primitive cause returning to the Creator, to know the leave and return. It is called as a pure wisdom. If it does not awake except for protecting the life of all creatures only, it becomes a nature. Between soul and nature of sensation, it is at the middle.

Now, you can understand already. I would like preaching the “Genius and Talent”.

Our Dharmakaya mind contains two trends. If trending to the nature gift, we will reach the innate conscience as a sublime mass reaching a sovereignty life toward the visibility. This issue is not different from a depot containing the powers obtained by us. In the incarnation law, we found a depot containing matters, properties, gifts reached in life by refining from the miserable lessons of creator mechanism. We endure the misery and endure punishment by punishment. If that depot still exists, the gift does too.

For sensation nature, what do we see? It knows to protect its life as all living creatures as a buffalo eats grass, as a monkey eats fruit. The sensation nature creates a trend to matter. It then oppresses the dharmakaya. It only wants to find happiness that we know that there are many relative examples toward the Universe for study happiness on the earth. As the weak physical body wants to method to protect it, it can do everything because of that target. If the humankind is compared with animal, the humankind is inferior to animal. For example, we often call a tiger as Mr. tiger. We are defeated in open. If we want to win it, our mind will have to a method to win it by making gun to protect us. Thus, we can control it. The sensation nature finding a method of self-defense must trend to the path of materialistic.

What do we see for talent? A depot of book in New York has 2,000 books. People are smart or intelligent combined together but they have not been able to determine the humankind’s destiny.

What has the talent made humankind happy. We see that although they examine matters into the point of wisdom. They can not pass, they go back the visibility. What did we see? They find methods to kill together. It is not strange because the materialistic only master the living creatures as a lord. That is the Talent. The method of people to find modes in order to take the human conformation into a lord position, it is the materialistic. The smart schemes reached by them to master all living creatures as a lord belongs to the Talent.

Now, the next is the Genius theory. The Genius is due to the person having the Dharmakaya who trends to its spiritual basic cause. We wonder that we are similar to animals but why we are more intelligent than them, why we have a divine spirit [soul], a basic. Why is it? Studying that basic is to cultivate the Way. Cultivating the Way is to find the cause of our soul as the innate conscience. Smartly, when our spirit follows up the innate conscience, we can enlighten strangely.

Why doesn’t the confirmation instinct obstruct us as an obstacle but it with us finds oneself. To cultivate the spirit oneself is the Dharmakaya to reach the great wisdom. If reaching the great wisdom, the mass in the infinite depot for long since will be opened and we will take them. The incarnation with a physical body only contains one lesson. For other lessons, if we can open the eternal book, nothing will be out of sight.

The Genius can gather at our mind. There is no power on this earth dealing with the genius successfully. That Genius does not only has a power to create the happiness for our physical body, but also may create the happiness for other people. That is the organ of reaching the peak of Way. The Religious Heads hold Talents to protect the humankind’s spirit, it means to save humankind because we win the visible destruction conformation. Daytime and night have 24 hours, we may see the life and death in front of our sight. It does not only mean this life, but also mean the death. So many people endure miseries sorrowfully toward their physical body, the have to follow the saving way from the misery. They can not find it, they have to feel sorrowful to their spirit. Which path must we step on if we want to solace them? The misery is only solaced in the sleep. When staying up and opening eyes, we see the sorrow of this life. We then find the solace method to make spirit calm and meditate our innate conscience in a sleep. When staying up, we see the sorrow in the life.

Two theories of Genius and Talent are explained clearly to consider which one is better and which one is worst. How harmful! People know the matter but do not know its silhouette, they just know the matter but do not know the innate conscience. For this reason, in the way of world, the Talents find the method to fight for life to be happier than other ones. The Talent appearing formidably becomes gradually beautiful with a power which may suppress the human’s spirit in its way. We have not known yet that it will exist continuously. The situation in front of our sight shows that the world is coming to the end, not a path of eternal life. If we want to reach the power of eternal life, we must use the Genius as a basic.

If wanting to reach the Genius, we do not follow any body, beg nobody. Nothing is better than that we follow the Great Mercy Father [Supreme Being]. Although how we are so stupid, we may beg within one day. Within one day, we can not reach it, we wait two day or one month, one year. If we follow Him forever but the Father can not give, we will determine to please, service and forever follow patiently. Although it is difficult, it must be given because He does not the heart not to give it. If He already gave it to us, there is no thing which can be compared with it.

Bần Đạo/I advise: Let other people be luxurious in the earth, we determine to follow the Supreme Being, the great work will be lost. Whoever as His children are loyal and pious to Him and Sacerdotal as His body on this earth will lose the work and obtain the low position”.



48. Holy See, 1st December Đinh Hợi [1947]


 Bần Đạo/I would like to remind again about the ceremony of offering Three Germs [Tam Bửu]. To offer Flower is to offer our physical body, we then lower our head and pray: “I respectfully offer my physical body to Supreme Being for any use:.

When offering Alcohol, we pray: “I respectfully offer my mind and spirit to Supreme Being for any use”.

When offering Tea, we pray: “I respectfully offer my soul to Supreme Being for any use”.

If we are wise, we pray the last sentence as: “All of my soul, mind and physical body created by Master belong to you, thus they are due to your unique power of decision”.

Bần Đạo/I explain Three Germs [Tam Bửu] and why the Supreme Being uses the flower to represent the physical body. He wants to see His children through the good value as the eyes see flower.

He uses the alcohol because He wants humankind’s spirit to be powerful and strong as alcohol.

He uses the tea because He wants our soul to become harmony as the tea. Those are the reasons that He wants to choose three things.

Now, Bần Đạo/I explain three throne united in one of Supreme Being. Everybody comes in the Holy See every time, you can see the vital fluid [sanh khí/Khí Sanh Quang] which creates this visible organ in spite of steel , stone, plant, animal and all visible living creatures. Those belong to Tăng [Sangha – All living beings]

The head is the Supreme Being as the Buddha holding whole secret organ to create the Universe.

This Religion has a doctrine, other Religion also has a different doctrine , but they are not different from the Buddhism.

For example, the Catholicism also has a trinity: Le Père, Le Fils et Le Saint Esprit [French] [God the Father, God the Son, Dove]. The God the Father is the Buddha. The God the Son is the Dharma. The Dove is the Sangha.

There is no Religion which explains the creation clearly. Due to the ancient theory of Chaos: “The pure gas raising becomes the Heaven, the impure gas falls down to become the Earth”.

Whole conformation matters are due to two power of creation:

1. The Supreme Being throne.

2. Holy Mother [Mother Buddha].

How the power of our earthly father is, the Supreme Being’s power is also same in creation. The law for our earthly mother is not different from the infinite power of Holy Mother who uses it to create the Universe. We can not know or guess but that law is not distant.

The Supreme Being is the Buddha, the Holy Mother is the Dharma, The Universe is the Sangha.

The power of controlling as the Hạo Nhiên Pháp Thiên [Great Heaven of Divine Dharma] is determined by Supreme Being. This earth can not determine due to a different way. There is only this Sun, there is not any other Sun. The 24 house are one day. The Divine Superior holding the power in the universal dharma as Cao Thiên [Heaven of Highest Void] obeys the Great Heaven of Divine Dharma] to cause the universe not to collide together. If there is not the moral rule on this earth, it will become unseemly and people will not be able to live safely.

Now, we observe the Hổn Ngươn Thượng Thiên [Hổn Ngươn Heaven]. Nowadays, the Maitreya Buddha is staying there to hold whole activities of Universe. He controls all living creatures.

Before reading name of Divine Superiors, we make signal to pray: Namo Buddha [Nam Phật], Namo Dharma [Nam Pháp], Namo Sangha [Nam Tăng. It is sure that nobody can understand that trinity thoroughly.

Nowadays, Bần Đạo/I explain: What is the Buddha? The Buddha is the Omniscient, Pantocrator. People misunderstand that people do not see any form, it means that this is nothing existing. People misunderstand so much. The people died are same to people living. Their difference is that they do not have a physical body only. That Omniscient and Pantocrator is the first Superior united with the Supreme Being.

Bần Đạo/I have preached that the Buddha has three special worlds:

1. Hạo Nhiên Pháp Thiên [Great Heaven of Divine Dharma] relates to the Supreme Being.

2. Cao Thiên [Heaven of Highest Void] belongs to the Dharma holding whole Divine Law.

3. Hổn Ngươn Thượng Thiên [Hổn Ngươn Heaven] belongs to the Creator belonging to Sangha. The Buddha throne has three ranks to hold the power of Universe.

Phi Tưởng Diệu Thiên [Mysterious Heaven] holds the power to create the humankind belonging to Buddha, its form is same to Buddha.

Tạo Hóa Huyền Thiên [Heaven of Creation] belonging to Dharma has three infinite powers to create this visible world. The Creator holds the vital fluid to create the living creatures.

Those are Phi Tưởng Diệu Thiên and Tạo Hóa Huyền Thiên. The Phi Tưởng Diệu Thiên receives the mission of Supreme Being to hold the cosmic fluid of human, to protect life of all living creatures as living beings.

The next is the Tạo Hóa Huyền Thiên [Heaven of Creation]. The Mother Buddha holds the dharma to transform the creation mechanism infinitely for human, plant, steel, stone, grass. They can progress due to the Holy Mother’s hands holding the Dharma to create. All of physical body, soul, dharmakaya mind alternate in a circle of birth and death. The debt of birth and death is a lesson of Creator in that body. The humankind learns to know. What is it for? It is to be able to create a mysterious Dharmakaya with a perfectly beauty and good as Omniscient and Pantocrator as the Mother Buddha did. We do to study the way of creating the Dharmakaya basing on the power of Dharma. The physical body belongs to Sangha. We are born, then die in incarnation circle as the Buddha sitting at the highest position which is near to the Supreme Being at Hạo Nhiên Pháp Thiên [Great Heaven of Divine Dharma]. Those Superiors have the birth and death and know the karma of all living creatures, can travel in universe to save the living beings to lead to the Buddha throne.

Those Superiors endured as we do nowadays to the perfectly good, to know perfectly. They went firstly, we go after. They are lofty, we are very low. We will also reach the path that they have ever stepped. We should rather pay attention to one thing that we must understand that: On this earth, we can not know who is higher or lower. In Hạo Nhiên Pháp Thiên [Great Heaven of Divine Dharma], one great Buddha as Omniscient and Pantocrator next to the Supreme Being descends this earth to learn. If learning the miserable lesson, he may be a stupid man.

We see that the sample of Mahasarouth Buddha as Great Buddha as Sakyamuni Buddha coming this earth carried a bowl to beg for rice to nourish miserable people. He was a beggar on the earth, but he has the infinite incomparable power in invisible world. The Jesus Christ as the second incarnation as Christna Vichnou of Supreme Being descending the earth was a destitute miserable person begging bowls of rice, pieces of bread to nourish hungry people. That is the earthly lesson in front of our sight.

The Creator shown the hands to beg for humankind. That is the Person holding the power to nourish the all living creatures in Universe. The people have not known and seen yet.

Next time, Bần Đạo/I will continue the preachment.



49. 8th December Đinh Hợi [1947]



When I left the secularity to offer this physical body to Supreme Being as an instrument to create this Caodaism for Vietnam, I did not have an inestimable value as I have it today with a glass of wine. Regarding to your response, you know that if people use the earthly strength as an agency for a personal action, nobody will accept. The person laying into a miserable situation with a mercy has been never appearing for long time. Why is it? I have understood that secret. I have understood thoroughly. Therefore, I let you understand.

People think that there are self-existent and eternal Superiors. They misunderstand much. They think that there is not any Superior. That Superior appeared at the beginning of creation of world. I know, understand, endure misery to replace the happiness of world. Why is it? It is not due to my family or me. It is not sure that it is due to the Vietnam. It is because of humankind. Although that mercy father sees the ungrateful children, that father always loves them. The love of gentle father communicates with me because I can hear and understand Him thoroughly.

What did that Superior have infinite wish? Especially, the Supreme Being’s Ambassador knew firstly because He had taught that He would leave the Huỳnh Kim Khuyết [Golden gate], Heavenly Palace for this earth to teach His children in finding a saving method from misery. If I did not get a mistake, the séance let me know where the friends of Divine Alliance Palace [Hiệp Thiên Đài] appeared from. Due to the protection to the Divine power, Twelve Zodiacal Dignitaries [Thập Nhị Thời Quân] as Twelve Earthly Branches [Thập Nhị Địa Chi], those are our invisible sight. I think that I have completed my play in invisible sight. One day, when returning to the divine world, you will see and understand that my duty over you is infinitely affection because of same heart, same will, same spirit that everybody accepted and followed my proposition to a situation. Bần Đạo/I would not complete the duty. The fact is that Bần Đạo and friends of Divine Alliance Place promised Supreme Being.

Bần Đạo/I take care of humankind, I do not only love an individual or one group or one nation. I doe not do as a servant for secularity or Religion, it is because of that invisible power only.

Before receiving the order of Bạch Ngọc Kinh [Jade Palace] to found a true Religion, the Supreme Being had determined to descend the earth. The Ngự Mã Quân [God’s Ambassador] did not agree. Therefore, there had to person to represent Him as His Holy Body on the earth.

He wanted to descend, but He was prevented. There had to have His image as the Sacerdotal Council of Nine-Divine Plane [Hội Thánh Cửu Trùng Đài] and Divine Alliance Palace [Hiệp Thiên Đài]. There was not any better wisdom that Hộ Pháp entreated other ones to descend with Hộ Pháp in order to create the Holy Body [Thánh Thể]. Only Hộ Pháp was not possible. Therefore, He had to reduce these palaces, other temples and Cửu Thiên Khai Hoá [Divine Beings of Nine Heavens] to make sure the feasibility.

You continue to do because of the duty of world, to the promise done in divine world. We do not if it is equilateral. Are the promise done and present action same? Bần Đạo/ I have been doing all the way, but I do not know how to finish. I care from the Cửu Trùng [Divine Palace of Nine Planes] to Charity Body [Phước Thiện]. Hộ Pháp’s mind has been enduring with you. We continue to do forever until the last breath. It is not due to this life, this location with a Holy Body, or Vietnam that we appear here. We are only persons setting a pilot up, not a founder. We found the Caodaism for the generation. They are standing in front of sight, we do not know who will take charge of it.

The brothers have the duty to create work for younger brothers, to prepare the way firstly for generation. In the future, the Holy Body of Supreme Being will reply on them to exist continuously. The Master does not only comes the earth in this life, but also come here eternally. It is not the present Holy Body. They will come or they have come already, they may be in a jumble that we do not know him.

As we know that there will have other next ones, we have to open a path for them to create their work. I am a servant of Supreme Being, I only know that. I always continue to undertake and support the Religion and Secularity determinedly.

If I still owe to Supreme Being, I will reincarnate. I do not know how it is but in this life, I have been a slave of Vietnam and have been enduring suffering to the physical body and spirit for 35 years.

I do not petition. I know why I descend down Vietnam. I feel moved extremely that Vietnam has been endured the feeble and weak situation. As the Supreme Being saw the humankind enduring suffering, the Supreme came to found a Religion [Caodaism] as a mass of vital fluid for humankind. That is an honor for Vietnam, which has been enduring sufferings.

As the Supreme Being’s love is for Vietnamese race, I must sacrifice my body and die to compensate worthily.

There is another issue of moulding for mind. He has been moulding the mind for mind of Vietnamese race from the creation of Caodaism to restore the nation’s destiny. It is too enough for us to sacrifice our physical body in exchange.

Consequently, our action must be determined and patient for everything. We must not be afraid and must accept happily because we have understood already how the favor value of Supreme Being is. In order to pay all, we must learn the lesson that we become a servant of servants of Supreme Being. If it is possible, we will be able to pay all love debts of Supreme Being.




 50. At the Administrative School, at 4pm 10th December Đinh Hợi [20-01-1948]


 This preachment is referred to the Speech of Nguyễn Hữu Lương on behalf of newly nominated Student Priests [Lễ Sanh] in thanking to His Holiness Hộ Pháp and Giáo [Bishops].

That is a remarkable literature containing the full truth directing to my spirit with a strange and strong power. Bần Đạo/I should think that if all of you execute the same due to the speech just done, the Caodaism will be incomparably perfect. Bần Đạo/I have sympathy even you consider this a simple party but if we see the Religious history for Sages in Vietnam for long since, no party has been appeared like this party. The history of Confucius [Đức Khổng Phu Tử] of Châu dynasty restores by this party.

Actually, from the first time of Caodaism, the Hạnh Đường [School of training Dignitaries] but it has not existed yet. By this party, it now exists obviously and preciously. Although there is nothing precious, Bần Đạo/I can enjoy a precious thing that I have not enjoyed it yet.

Firstly, I explain the meaning of obvious politics power as the secular power and the obvious Religious power in this 20th century. The Catholicism civilization was being propagated on over the world for two thousand years. How the Catholicism founded the Religious power with sights, nowadays the Caodaism also occurs like that.

The phenomenon of Religion of Supreme Being has a framework similar to the sight of Catholicism’s sights propagated. Everybody must admit that: The work of Catholicism is great divined two powers:

1.     Obvious secular power.

2.     Power of spirit.

That spiritual power appeared a special politics power as the Vatican Holy See in Roman is a nation among other nations. That is a spiritual nation. The Caodaism future will reach that point, it is not a dream. It will become like surely.

The power foundation for Caodaism Politics is same to the Politics foundation of Catholicism at the Vatican See of previous 2.000 years. At that time, the secular power and Religious power of Catholicism were opposite together while the Catholicism Politics was founding the moral spiritual power. The achievement of Catholicism Politics was due to gathering the small pieces of spirit to found a big mass.

The Caodaism Politics is same. However, one difference is that they did firstly, we do after them. Our path is more careful. Before, I thought that it would face on many obstacles and dangers as the Catholicism requiring two thousand years to found the power steadily.

Although the True Religion as Caodaism of Supreme Being has passed 23 years, it has a strong conformation. It is due to the favor given specially by Supreme Being for Vietnam. The previous Heads on this earth did not enjoy as us. Although we have endured many tries, we see back for Religions, the Religious Heads did not happen.

How the Catholicism foundation was founded hardly, we also try to take that model to create one more foundation. That responsibility is very easy. That politics is a politics to decentralize the secular power. For the secular power, it is not necessary for us to explain because it is happening in front of our sight. Bần Đạo/I only explain the Religious Power just reached by us.

It also has an authority as other ones. However, the most significantly different thing is that the secular power and Religious power are very separate as the right and left. Although there is no border determined, but when other side touches this side a little bit, people can see it. Two powers are special without same properties. Our sword of wisdom is not the care sword of the visible world, but an invisible sword of wisdom as our moral spirit.

Bần Đạo/I have told you many times that: The Holy Body [Sacerdotal Council] of Supreme Being is the official school. If the officials ape the cope to the secular power, it will become strange and odd. The Religious power has a different conformation, which is not odd as the secular school that we may see in front of our sight.

If an artist has enough talent to hold a pen to draw a conformation, there is not any thing more incomparable precious on the earth because it contains the Immortal origin Buddha nature inside. It is not necessary to mention the beauty of Immortal and Buddha, but everybody also knows clearly. We must create the Caodaism conformation as the conformation of Immortal and Buddha. How the conformation of Immortal and Buddha, we also hold the pen to make the Religious school of official same to conformation beauty of Immortal and Buddha.

If it is unlucky with a stain on the conformation, it will become very odd and impure. It must be beautiful, good-looking, holy. It is same to the girl going outside with a stain on her face, she will become unseemly. In general, it must be essential. If it has a stain, it will become ugly, deformed.

I determine to say that if the Religious Politics with a little bit of secular power, it will be deformed and ugly because the spirit does not accept the matter and the matter never accept the spirit. The Official School of Supreme Being’s True Religion as Caodaism is different from the secular school. Thus, we just use the morality and humanity as power. In contrary, they use the compelling power. Two ones are altogether different.

In the Religion, if we do not know what our power is, to copy the people psychology, to compel other ones immorally and inhumanely, it is very wrong. Our power is to use the spiritual morality of our Ancestors handed in 4,000 years, as a sword of wisdom to preserve the national soul of race. Other methods are wrong.

I say little but you understand much. I only reply on you. Consequently, I only put my belief replying on you in your heart as the Supreme Being’s conformation to execute the humanity of Supreme Being put in front of the Holy See for world so that humankind may enjoy the immemorial natural merriness handed. It will be lucky for Lạc Hồng generation [Vietnamese].

We should use the Confucian manner as the basic to restore the national soul devastated after 80-slave- years to let our national soul restored with a status of previous 4,000 years. If we can draw skillfully and well, people are wishing its conformation appeared. On that day, if we do not want to sell, people still want to buy. The buyer is not this Vietnam but global buyer insisting to buy it.

However, we must do how to make its conformation with enough power to protect the global humankind existing so that they can live under the spiritual morality, in justice and love seeded by Supreme Being at the Caodaism gate. At that time, we can suspend a board: The Caodaism is a basic medium for concord world.

Bần Đạo/I think that this glass of hot wine is the eternal glass of wine because this location is a place creating the eternal seed. For this eternal glass, do not despise it.

Before saying goodbye, I thank Teachers and newly nominated persons who let Bần Đạo enjoy the delicious smell and good taste.

Bần Đạo/I kindly say the thanks.


51. Holy See, 13th December Đinh Hợi [23 January 1948] at 4pm.



 Bần Đạo/I have an honor of saying the thanks to Saints of Two Visible Palaces. Although Bần Đạo/I do not help the Sacerdotal Council due to the force of true dharma, I have been observing the Sacerdotal Council step by step for one month. Many matters could not be solved. It needs me to solve them. However, the Constitution does not let Bần Đạo decide. The Popular Council [Hội Nhơn Sanh] has a power of Popular Council. The Sacerdotal Council [Hội Thánh] has a power of Sacerdotal Council. The Upper Council [Thượng Hội] has a power of Upper Council. The Sacerdotal Council must not touch the Popular Council. That is a strict law of true exemplary that nobody has a right to modify. Bần Đạo/I only help the exterior aspect. If there is an unsolved significant issue, Bần Đạo/I will only help by an idea, I will not attend the special power of Sacerdotal Council.

I find that the Sacerdotal Council has been progressing much for two months. In this year, the Sacerdotal Council shows a standard framework of law to the generation that it has not appeared yet for long time.

This is a Religious Politics foundation, which is not different from the ones of Europe nations. In Orient, there are many developing nations such as: Japan, China, Myanmar, Thailand having a determined framework. Although they belong to the Constitutional Monarchy or Democracy, they also have as same standard divined into two powers:

-          Democracy chamber.

-           Chamber of Decision Law.

The chamber of decided law is the conservative chamber. The democracy chamber is a progress chamber. The democracy chamber of France belongs to the civil liberty “La Chambre des Députés” [French]. The chamber of decision law or military law has no Lord but we want to know the military law chamber, we may see the England having “Chambre des Lords” as the “Sénat” [French] of France.

We see that two France chambers are not harmony. If we do mention the complete opposite, they harmonize difficultly. What does the Principal France harmonize for? It is to lead the politics to the perfection, true exemplary. If they do not do like that, there will not have any progress. The politics divined into two separate groups is very difficult in harmony. Two parties will upset together.

The government of France had to upset many times that we could see. We see the democratic nations divined into two chambers. Whenever the democratic chamber was rejected and not trusted, the democratic chamber as the cabinet chamber would collapse. If the cabinet chamber collapsed, the government would collapse too. The secularity aspect is divined into two special chambers. The Caodaism is completely different. The True Dharma of Supreme Beings lets two chambers as the Divine Alliance Palace [Hiệp Thiên Đài] and Divine Palace of Nine Planes [Cửu Trùng Đài] united in one. The Divine Alliance Palace is the Justice Chamber and the Divine Palace of Nine Divine Planes is the democratic chamber. How does it avoid the disagreement? One side is to persist, other side is to hurry the progress. If two sides use the obvious truth, they may reach the harmony. Without using the truth, they will be surely contrary. In this case, the issue cannot be submitted to the upper authority, but it will become unclean. That is a sieve; it will be fallen if it is always sieved.

Regarding to the true dharma, Bần Đạo/I knew it in advance that on day, two sides would have a disagreement. On that day, Bần Đạo/I felt very calm but all followers were noisy. Bần Đạo/I only said: “Be carful that two Councils in the contrary to submit to the sole authority will bear the result”. Therefore, two sides were afraid to find a harmony method. It just refers that Bần Đạo/I only hold and shake the banner of Upper Council, I did not use any other power.

The Sacerdotal Council has obtained an achievement in a short time. It is afraid that one day Saints increase, the power Sacerdotal Council will become enlarged, the disagreement will be also drastic. We will see that future.

For merit decision and power, Bần Đạo/I understand in my heart that we must not hold the justice balance on behalf of Supreme Being unevenly. For the possible speech or impossible speech, do not say well or just say only. This sentence cannot be uneven for Bần Đạo.

For person having a great merit to the Caodaism, Bần Đạo/I would like to guarantee that there is nothing overtaking my sight. However, the situation has not reached. Whoever has a great merit to the Caodaism should not think that the Sacerdotal Council forgets or ignore that merit.

Today, it is impossible to mention. On day, it will be possible. The Sacerdotal Council never forgets any body. On day, the Sacerdotal will decide their merit.

Today, Bần Đạo/I am still here. There is not any unfair issue overtaking Bần Đạo. Bần Đạo/I determine that surely.

I would like declaring the concluding Sacerdotal Council and say the thanks.

(After concluding prayer, when stepping out from the Holy See, He said: “There is an issue worthily paid attention that here there is a Great Dignitary nominated of Đường Nhơn [Chinese] as a head of Sacerdotal Council. In future, people will be very surprised”]




52. Holy See, 22nd December Đinh Hợi [1948]



“Gather visible Religions in one,

School for Immortal, Buddha by examining fault in life”.

The special promise of Supreme Being creates its conformation. If it is unlike in that way, the Caodaism will not be meaningless. Why did the Supreme Being decide to gather visible Religions in one? It is not strange because a physical body is divided into the humankind’s conscience only. That reason is incomparable and its damage cannot be controlled. Mr. Descarie said: The thought gathers the mystery on this earth. The people amending the world must presume firstly. Only presumption helps to understand its conformation. When presuming, deciding the trends, gathering the actions, there is nothing determined by them firstly. Great Men try to study hard to decide the density to pacify the country. An example: a thief does not obviously discover that psychology. He anticipated that already for action. After the competitive action, it means that we determine to let the psychology be first. How harmful! On the earth, the humankind’s psychology using the truthful doctrine is little while the humankind’s will mind cannot go ahead without other different path to their direction.

The Religious Heads have studied the right way. They have stepped over the fancy to found a framework that nobody could follow it. Therefore, it was difficult to avoid looking for a person who could upset and find to amend it. If there is a Religion on this earth, which is upset by the psychology of human beings, it will change into a heresy as a method to divide the many psychologies, camps with many equivalent psychologies. We will see wars starting due to that issue. The murders on the global nations raise fast. How harmful! The individual murder is a liquidated invaluable treasure of world. The Supreme Being is the father, how that life’s value is to the Supreme Being, we do not need to explain. As He is the Holy Father, we cannot compare the parents on this earth with the Supreme Being.

How sorrowful! The humankind does not know to acknowledge together in a same root, same blood. The mutual murder happens. Should He fold his arms to see? He asked His ambassador receiving His order to come to gather His children in one in order to avoid the murder situation, to protect life together.

He should have come in force. However, He could not come. Consequently, His beloved son replaced Him to come to complete His duty. If coming without enough mystery, the ability will be meaningless and invalid.


53. 22nd December Đinh Hợi year [1947]


The Teachers and foremost Lương make Bần Đạo touched when coming to attend for ceremony at School. I come, see children in front of sight and see the miserable situation of present time. The miserable play happens to the races and our nation. Nowadays, Đạo Đức Học Đường [Đạo Đức School/Moral School/Lê Văn Trung School in Tây Ninh Province] knows to undertake duty, Master [refer to Hộ Pháp] know your value with many tiresomeness. At the present time, we have three Religious fronts:

The first Front as the form is to fight against the cruel people killing our race. The front has the soldiers under the humanity flag of Caodaism army for body. For visible aspect, we see that it preserves the Religion, protects human’s life.

The second front is to fight about your intelligence spirit as soldiers. It directs right, progresses and tries to sacrifice in order to win the front as the third front. The Holy Body of Supreme Being as nominated Dignitaries do as soldiers wining the spirit to preserve the National Religion from a little bit to beautify. There is no force, which can destroy it.

The third front is obvious  in front of sight containing the bright future with a good promise rotated in circle to protect the National Religion. If younger brothers and children do not preserve steadily, you will be victimized by the reactionary force of foreign aggression. That future is in hands of you and children. I/Master give a keen advice about the bright future to younger brothers and children.


54. Holy See, 24th December Đinh Hợi [1948]


For jobs of male or female, they are same. If we want a forte job or do not know to do well, we normally find an expert for teaching and guidance.

Sisters and younger sisters have seen plays that people have been killing together too much. The womankind united to object to wars and determined not to let them take their children for battle of sun.

I think that sisters and younger sister have known you are members of Creation mechanism. Especially, the Holy Mother [Mother Buddha] is a Creation expert. What in spite of inanimate objects we have done successfully are broken by someone, we still feel angry, painful much less the love between the mother and children. Nobody has a right to kill a child of Mother as the Holy Mother in the Jade Palace [Ngọc Hư Cung] are also objecting to the annihilating accident for humankind happening more violent my thought. On the earth, sister and younger sister see the situation in front of sight. You have to act as a witness for Holy Mother and submit the documentary to Holy Mother in order object to the holily annihilating mechanism within 7 days to induce the people to submit the misery, pain of Mothers to the hands of Holy Mother as the Mother of soul. Then She has the enough power to object among the Jade Court [Ngọc Hư Cung] in order to reduce the cruel wars. Is it possible to do? All of you can do maybe.


55. Holy See, 24th December Đinh Hợi [1948]



The time gradually passes, today is 23rd December Đinh Hợi year. 17 months has passed from my return. I have enjoyed two times of Tết holidays of fatherland after 5 years of exile in foreign nation.

Bần Đạo/I have seen that whole Holy Body of Supreme Being with male and female, adult and children also put the belief to make the Holy Body of Supreme Being more and more beautiful. Particularly, Bần Đạo/I like to say the thanks to organs in Religious Politics, which helped Caodaism well in a short time in order to restore the framework of true doctrine. Actually, the Sacerdotal Council have been working so much for 17 months. All Supreme Being’s children have consumed psyche, bodies to beautify the True Religion of Supreme Being getting sublime. Bần Đạo/I would like to lower head to say the thanks to all children of Supreme Being.

By the way, Bần Đạo/I wish that male and female children of Supreme Being and His Holy Body may have a wholesome spirit and body to enjoy the special happiness given by Supreme Being so that you overcome the try and obstacles. The happy period of security of national people will come in a near future perhaps because the Vietnamese race has to endure many difficulties.

In seven off-days of praying ceremony, we respectfully pray by heart to the Supreme Being and Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha. Bần Đạo/I assert that if my spirit does not get a mistake, the Vietnamese race will receive a special favor as the independence and freedom for nation in this year. The independence is to the International legal aspect. However, in order to execute that reality, the fight of Vietnamese race still has to spend for long time.

By the way, Bần Đạo/I explain the reason why the Vietnam custom following the Buddhism consider the Lares [Kitchen God] returning the Heaven. Actually, it is the ceremony of seeing the Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha to the Heaven that the previous spirit was still like in this way.

Due to the true doctrine of the time of Supreme Being creating the Universe, He holds the Ten Heavenly Stems [Thập Thiên Can] and Seventy Two Earths [Thập Nhị Địa Chi] in hands to determine the Universal Legislation. In the period of determining the legislation determined about 23rd to 30th and early 1st [due lunar calendar] gathered in Jade Court [Ngọc Hư Cung] in order to determine the subtle limited law for the earth running due to a framework in a new year. The new year is 12:30 am at night of 30th starting from 1 am morning of January in next year.

The Divine Law mastering the earth is a divine law controlled by God Court at this time to determine the merit and sin. The Universe also has a great meeting to found the law in a cycle year of universe. If an earth is not peaceful, the Heavenly Law will change differently for each year due to the psychology progress of human beings. The Ngọc Hư Cung [God Court] determines the Legislation within 12 months as the Universe considering 12 months as 1 year, 12 years as one cycle, 120 years as one century (people consider one century has 100 year, it is wrong), 1,200 years as one circle, 12,00 year as one transition, 36,00 years as one great transition. Every time of that time coming, the Hội Giác Tiến [Awaking Council] is eternal that we never hear it because within one thousand two hundred years, there is one Head coming to amend the Religion to preserve the moral spirit of humankind. Every estimated 1,200 year, one Religion appears to transform the world. For our earth from its creation with all living beings on this earth, 3 great transitions have passed. Nowadays, the Last Cycle of Third Transition is coming to end to begin the First Cycle of Fourth Transition. It is not different from our night of 30th and morning of 1st Tết new year.

When it reaches the middle, the humankind must endure many sufferings. People mention the end of world. That theory does not exist. If we use the speech to explain it, that is a cycle passing. It means to the Religious civilization.

The destiny of this earth is still eternal. It just changes its conformation and humankind only. It still develops forever. We saw time of previous 100 years, the civilization of people did not reach a phenomenon like this. The spiritual and material progress have been coming for 50 recent years. Due to that, how will humankind be in next 500 years?

The Buddhism says: “After white skin people, the mastering spirit will belong to the Cabbalistic Human [ Thần Thông Nhơn]. After Cabbalistic Human, there will have the Supreme Human. At that time, the Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha will stay at the earth. Thus, there will have two ranks of human within 500 years.

Every rank of human will master one cycle. Two ranks of human have not appeared. We see that the world will change in difference in next 30,000 years. The human and matter on the earth will progress forever on the perfection way with nice matters and beautiful people. They will give up the stupidness to find the wisdom to gradually reach the supreme state. At the end day, all will be Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha staying on this earth. The prediction of Supreme Being is determined clearly that:

  “When earth and heaven change body,

Buddha, Saint, Immortal descend the earth”

We reply on the superior point to reason the inferior point, we reply on the inferior point to compare the superior point. How does the Universe progress? Bần Đạo/I wish that the Universe progress in each cycle under a way that Hoy Body of Supreme Being also progress due to the Heavenly determined law, also follow the law framework of Supreme Being’s way determined, and progress in this opening cycle.

Bần Đạo/I wish that Supreme Being’s progress bless increases manyfold comparing with this time. In order to obtain that wish, Bần Đạo/I entrust the confidence to the psychology of all children of Supreme Being. If all of us wish to execute successfully, it is due to the infinite power of Great Mercy Father [Đại Từ Phụ/ Supreme Being] for save.

We must pray wholeheartedly to the Supreme Being, the Supreme Being is never narrow-minded. If we determine to petition to execute for His children, He will give. It is sure.






Bản dịch anh ngữ Lời Thuyết Đạo của Đức Hộ Pháp này chưa hoàn chỉnh, vẫn là bản thảo, chờ bổ khuyết chỉnh sửa. Khi hoàn thành, bản quyền sẽ dâng lên cho Hội Thánh.





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