by His Holiness Hộ-Pháp Phạm Công Tắc
Translated from the Vietnamese by:
Dr Christopher Hartney & Dao, Cong-Tam



* Foreword

* 1.- What is the Divine Path to Eternal Life? There are three methods of creating a Divine Position  

* 2.- The Realm of Thế Thiên Hành Hóa  

* 3.- The Form of the Bát Quái Đài.
The Sea of Suffering

* 4.- The Distance Between the Sea of Suffering .
And the Bát Quái Đài and the Ô-Trì Lake.

* 5.- The Paradise of Extreme Joy.
And the image of the Divine Mother

* 6.- The Power of the Divine Mother.
Who looks to us like our own Mother.

* 7.- The Ngân Hà River And the Prajna Boat of Quan Yin

* 8.- The Secrets and Mysteries of the Bát Quái Đài.
And the motion of the Eight-levels of Souls.

* 9.- The Dragon Flower Assembly. Where positions will be decided for the Souls

* 10.- The Essential, Secret Philosophy of the Religion.
What is the Perispirit?

* 11.- The True Happiness of Human Beings.
How to conquer Suffering.

* 12.- The Power of Protecting the Souls of Human Beings In the Religion.

* 13.- The Governing Power of the Ngọc Hư Cung.
The Teaching Dimensions of the Paradise of Extreme Joy.

* 14.- The Method of Cultivating the Way though each of the Five Branches are Different, they all have the same Aim: that is to free Humanity from Suffering.

* 15.- The Secret Dharma that develops an Altruistic Life where Selfishness is Destroyed.

* 16.- The Law of Love and the Right of Justice.
How to Lead Humanity to Union through Belief.

* 17.- The Power of the Law of Love.
The Dharma of Justice.
And the Agreement between the Supreme Being and Humanity.

* 18.- The True Happiness of Humanity.

* 19.- The Supreme Being Created the Caodaist Religion In order to Create Happiness For All Human Beings and Peace For This 68th Planet.

* 20.- The Image of the Divine Mother on the Earth is the Image of Shiva.
The Divine Extended Family of Each Individual Will meet at the Cung Diêu Trì.

* 21.- The Secrets inherent in what we have done, What we are doing, What we must do: The relation between Angel and Animal In Each of us.

* 22.- The Philosophy of Civilization.

* 23.- The Desire to Progress on this Path to the Eternal is Limitless.

* 24.- Our sins are recorded by the hands of our own Perispirit, Therefore there is no way we can deny them.

* 25.- The Phục-Linh Realm Where we find our Extended Divine Family.

* 26.- The Method of Governing the Universe Lies in How We Govern Ourselves.

* 27.- The Secret Dharma that Liberates the Self.

* 28.- Linh-Tiêu- Điện (Ngọc Hư Cung) And the Governing Body of The Supreme Being.

* 29.- The Difference between the Process of Rising through Heaven And the Process of Falling into Dark Realms.

* 30.- The Paradise of Extreme Joy: Where we are Temporarily Liberated But this is not the Ultimate Realm for Souls.

* 31.- The Supreme Being preserves for us Our Extended Divine Family.

* 32.- What is a Drop of Holy Water? What is the True Physiognomy of Nirvana? What is the True Physiognomy of the Paradise of Extreme Happiness?

* 33.- Many People practise the Way But few achieve a position because the Way to the Paradise of Extreme Joy is blocked by Lucifer?

* 34.- The Hổn-Ngươn Thượng Thiên .
Where the Great and Merciful Father Appears .

* 35.- Lôi Âm Temple Where Amitabha Buddha Reigns.

* Glossary