The Sydney Centre for Studies in Caodaism is permitted to introduce :

Collection of Selected Holy Messages , Volume 2
Thanh Ngon Hiep Tuyen , Q.2

Translated by :
Sister Hong Dang Bui and Brother Hum Dac Bui
English translation edited by:
Sister Ngasha Beck-Huy

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May the Dai Dai Tam Ky Pho Do be proclaimed widely.

  51- The Supreme Being teaches: I am grieved by the division among you.

Tây Ninh Holy See, the 5th day of the 5th month of the year Mậu Thìn (6-22-1928)

Your Master is here!

Children, each of you have chosen your own path. I am grieved by the disagreement among. I shall leave you alone to decide how to be: virtuous or evil. If you are of a determined and strong character, the Tao would be in harmony, and you shall advance toward My presence; if you vacillate in your virtue, the road of notoriety shall lead you to the abyss. Expending your strength on dividing yourselves would simply exhaust you; you would have nothing left over to uplift, support or counsel one another.

The fair and just path that can save living beings is the path of the Tao. The divine light is always illuminating that path for you. It’s totally averse to Evil. Remember My words. Do not neglect them, but instead contemplate them carefully in order to understand.

What a disaster! Many times you did not heed My words, and I was heartbroken to see you get lost. Alas, such challenges must be put to profane minds!


p. 163, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  52- The Supreme Being teaches how to refine sugar in comparing sufferings to black sugar.

Holy See, the 11th day of the 5th month of the year Mậu Thân ( 6/28/1928 )

H…, let me tell you how to refine sugar. Do you know how to make black sugar into white?

(H…H… Master, I don’t know).


Pour black sugar into a jar with a hole in the bottom until two-thirds full. Then fill the jar with mud to the rim. Expose the jar to the sun for one week. When you remove the mud, you will have sugar all sparkly white and delicious.

Your sufferings are like this sugar*, My child. Do you know that I have wept as you do?

If I had not, how could you be My child? Just remember that I love you; that would be enough. You should not trade the love of the world for My discontentment; rather you should suffer the hate of the world but deserve instead My love. What would you gain if you meet with My discontentment?

C…, CH  Take care of the meditation hall along with your younger brothers.

T…, you have become lazy!

C…, call your two older brothers to attend the great corbeille à bec. Don’t let them continue to be skeptical!



p. 164, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

*Comment from the translator: the heart exposed to sufferings would be purified like the sugar under the mud.

   53- Tiêu Sơn Taoist teaches: Be cautious of your steps so that your efforts are not wasted.

The 4th day of the 6th month of the year Mậu Thân ( 1928 )

            You are a ship aware of its own destiny,

            A soul tossed on tempest’s wave.

            It’s time to pray for God’s mercy,

            As one who recalls the blessings He gave.          

                                         Tiêu Sơn Taoist

The Tao has just passed through many difficulties; however, it is still endangered. Be cautious of your steps so that your efforts are not wasted.

Know yourself, know the Tao. Know the situation, know the people; know the difference between good and evil, right and wrong, in order to adjust your actions.

The Tao is not yet manifest because people still lack virtue. Virtuous people lack clear vision. Intelligent people lack godliness, modesty, sincerity. People on the whole still yearn for wealth and honor.

Bustling upon the same road, pushing toward the same destination, most fail to yield to one another. Those who are downtrodden are accosted by others sure of their bearings; others rush forward without heeding pitfalls. In this situation, nobody wins, no one is wiser, and the road to Glory is deserted. Persons of evil hearts and stained souls are incapable of guiding others on the right path. Do not count on the notorious as exemplars; better to take account of yourself.

The followers of the Tao have witnessed dignitaries engendering separation; this is the fruit of evil minds. The Hiệp Thiên Đài, a miraculous and precious organization, has become useless because of the errors of some dignitaries. No wonder the Tao is in turmoil! The Hiệp Thiên Đài is supposed to be the foundation supporting the Tao but is no longer trustworthy, dooming the Tao for the foreseeable future. The world has become a nonsensical realm where might makes right. Be careful!

The Hiệp Thiên Đài is headed by the Supreme Being, Who bears supreme judgment over all. The New Code is still deficient because dignitaries from the Hiệp Thiên Đài do not themselves heed it. This chaotic situation has resulted in the power of the Cửu Trùng Đài. You will receive more instructions later. Many parts need clarification.

If you followers know your limits and keep yourselves from defaming the Tao, you will hold its miraculous key in the future.

Transgressions will receive judgment; good works will be rewarded. Try to maintain your position. Try to understand Me.


P 164-165,Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

   54- Chơn Cực Lão Sư teaches about the destiny of the Tao.


Chơn Cực Lão Sư (Taoist Master)


Greetings to followers:

You have listened to Holy Teachings regarding the destiny of the Tao. Have you understood the forthright goal of the Tao? M.N., try to tell me.

It’s the administration. How about the goal? What is cooperation for? What is brotherly love for? You understand, but not profoundly.

You should know that before spreading the Tao to foreign countries, you have to develop a secure connection with people of this Southern country, to guide them out of this suffering world and create a peaceful life. At that time, just like birds returning to their nests, and fish to the streams, people will climb back upon the spiritual ladder.

As long as there is no concordance in the Tao, people strive to control each other rather than show the way with a clear, impassioned mind; the disciples remain greedy and base-willed, attracted by honors and wealth.  The Tao cannot succeed under such circumstances, and none of you may find the way home to your divine position. You disciples need to be selective in your choices to find people with sincerity and determination to cooperate in building a common house, so that sometime in the future you may enjoy the prosperity of the Tao, rather than still subsisting on the physical plane, frantic in mind and spirit all day with no time to think about the future of your souls.

The Tao is not a funeral home nor a market; nothing is for sale here as you may have thought.

What a sadness! Some followers are as ungainly as a newlywed stumbling blindly into the bridal chamber for the first time, both mind and feet numb. Some untalented souls still battle with and denigrate each other, only proving themselves inferior.

Out of love, the Supreme Being has sown seeds of the Tao, to bring the lifeboat ashore for all people to sail to Nirvana.  But how can one who cannot comprehend escape drowning? The Tao deteriorates with the separation between people; though gathered from many disparate places, you must finally reconcile the disparities between yourselves.

M… N… Use rituals as instructed at the Cầu Kho’s séance. Do not invent new ones

(Văn Pháp addressed….)

Indeed, but there is still insufficiency. You need to abandon anything that is not useful save the music and the solemnity of the rituals.

There is still deficiency in the music as well. The music for greeting Superior Spirits should be different; musicians should dress cleanly and purely, and musical pieces should be played in clear harmonies. You should improve it.

You should not attend any temples where the rituals differ from these instructions.


p. 165-167 , Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  55- The Supreme Being teaches: You would be awakened, realize you have strayed, and return to the right path.

Cholon, July 28, 1928 (year Mậu Thìn)

Here is your Master, children!


You have been without My holy teachings for quite a while now. I felt your desire for Me to come back to guide you. I am sad to see you children foundering in this mundane existence.

Children, out of love, I guide you like a father raising a child, watching them grow, expecting them to mature into a great person, leaving their name to future generations. The manifestation of the Tao greatly moves My authority, My honor, even My position. I am glad in your success, sad in your failure, and I suffer when you suffer. In this world, both contentment and repentance are like rivers and mountains that I created. They may merge, rivers into rice fields, mountains into valleys and oceans, sadness into elation, fame into ignominy and scorn, peace into disasters.

I have mercy for those of you who dare to denounce your secular life, to follow Me to guide your incredulous younger brothers and sisters. But alas, how cruel mortality! A lowly insect may ruin a golden harvest; the men at the helm of karma can founder even the Heavenly Lifeboat. I hope you may understand.

Children, the more I am moved by your sincerity, your impartiality, and your modesty, the more I would like to erase all cunning and treacherous people, who are always running after honors and wealth, from the Earth. Alas! I have belabored myself over your plight, hoping each of you would be awakened, realize you have strayed, and step off your interminable paths to return to the right path and follow Me once more. That would please Me most.

Tr…, Don’t fret! I have pre-arranged an appropriate position for each of you. The disaster will soon be over. Take comfort and be at peace so that I can rely upon you. Understand My divine authority is reserved to guide all of you, not for its own sake. Be of noble mind in order to bear the hardships which befall all beings.

Secular life is mundane and rife with temporal attractions, but the Tao is eternal.

Weigh the true importance of matters taking place in the illusory world; trust in Me. I have arranged your life and your destiny.

Tr…, you understand?

Tr…, try to console your spouse, and follow Lý Bạch‘s words. Those are two matters that I entrust to you.

Blessings to you all.


p. 167-168, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  56- The Supreme Being teaches about the current situation of the Tao as a disease. Everyone likes to enjoy personal sovereignty and to fight against you.

Cầu Nhiếm, the 19th of the 6th month of the year Mậu Thìn (August 5, 1928)

Your Master is here, children!

Tr…, Th…! You two have dedicated your time to travel to spread the Tao, yet you don’t comprehend the current situation of the Tao. The Tao presently is an undiagnosed patient at the threshold of malignancy; without treatment, the malady expands from within, unrecognized, with deadly power over the life of the patient.

You might think the Tao has prospered, but there is internal poverty.  Consider the Sở dynasty trying to control the Tần dynasty; in the Sở dynasty, people are divided behind an aura of external strength. If this division is not rectified, the Sở dynasty will fall. Everyone likes to enjoy personal sovereignty.  No different for spokesmen of the Tao, but they become like merchants battling merchants for ownership of the goods! What is the reason for such a farce? They lack self-regulatory skills, are arrogant and thirsty for high titles and honors, and do not possess the necessary virtues to administer people, thus creating animosity. You two should realize this weakness and find ways to create harmony and cooperation between disciples so that they would look to the Holy See and pray for blessings. Each of you has the responsibility to cease your own hatred, correct your attitudes, rally educated persons to the cause, and lead people to recognize the pricelessness of the Tao. In time, vacillation will yield to surety, the few to the millions, and the guidance of disciples will hold sway in the face of obstacles.

One day of delay in the spreading of the Tao means one day of harm to the people. If each of you keeps causing animosity among people, the Tao would become a farce, and when would there be completion? When would the Tao be spread across the Earth?

If you still harbor confusion within, how can you create harmony without? You are well aware that since antiquity, anything going against people’s hearts would not last. The practice of cooperation in peace should be the only practice to be applied to the Tao.

The arrogant want only to be served; they care not for the humble or modest among society. Such are the kings who destroy their own kingdoms. Organizing a congregation is not much different from organizing a country; in fact, your duty and responsibility are greater and more difficult. You must correct yourself, and reconcile with others so as to prevent the destruction of the Tao. Create harmony, cooperation, solidarity and freedom among people. This would be the most precious achievement ever.

Out of love for living beings and empathy for all your striving, I have no heart to let the congregation deteriorate, but if among you, no one takes the responsibility to create harmony, then animosity between people would cause chaos, ruining My efforts of guiding you since the beginning. Then would you drown in the ocean of suffering evermore. If you won’t love one another, then the more numerous, only the more turmoil, animosity, and disparities you would create, until you all become totally useless. Understand!

I bless you all.


p. 168-170, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  57- The Supreme Being teaches about precept "Not to kill"

The Year of the Earth Dragon (1928)

Children, your Master proclaims:


I have told you that when there was nothing in this universe, the cosmic ether gave birth only to Me, and My throne is the universal monad. I divided the monad into the diad which is Yin and Yang, and then into the tetrad and then into the eight trigrams. The latter changes continuously to form the universe. I then divided My spirit to create ten thousands things, constituting the elements, and finally living things: plants, insects, animals and humans.    
You should understand that everything emanates out of My spirit; wherever there is life, there am I. I am the progenitor of life. My love of life is unfathomable. Life is given freely to all living beings out of My Being. I distribute life everywhere in the universe. Life erupts like a flower from a tree: it develops from the bud into bloom, and evolves to form fruit that seeds more trees ad infinitum. If someone cuts that flower, the fruit of life is interrupted and future evolution is prevented.     
Each life has its own Karmic plan. It does not matter whether it is an original or secondary living being,* its life on this earth is divinely appointed. If you kill any living being, you shall be punished; no one knows whether a living being may have been an Immortal or a Buddha reincarnating to Earth. As I have said, all life is Me. To destroy life is to attempt to destroy Me. And it is not easy to destroy Me. Teach that to human beings.

* Original living being: a living being whose spirit is directly coming from God's spirit.
Secondary living being: a living being whose spirit is coming from the original living being. The original living being may divide his/her spirit to form many living beings, who are called secondary living beings.

p. 170-171, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  58- The Supreme Being teaches about precept "Not to steal"

The Year of the Earth Dragon (1928)

Children, your Master proclaims:     


Alas! When I created you, I loved and respected you so profoundly, I sent you to this world with a sacred body made in My own image, so that originally you did not need to eat in order to live, or to make clothes to cover yourself.     
However, you did not listen to Me but were seduced by materials, tastes, sexuality, power and wealth, which ultimately led to suffering in this world. I reserved enough wealth for all of you to share, but because of greed, some of you took too much, leaving others to suffer and hunger without sustenance.     
I granted the same powers to you that I granted to the Genies, Saints, Immortals, and Buddhas so that you could discipline yourselves to respect and honor My saintly love of life. Unfortunately, these powers have become a tool to treat other beings as slaves. Alas! What a travesty! I am so disappointed! Do you know why people become so dishonest and greedy?     
The principal needs of people are food and clothing--no one can avoid those needs. Unfortunately, many people bicker for exclusivity over the distribution of these necessities, and put their own needs above others’. They struggle for material goods beyond all reason, stockpiling beyond all possible need, regaling in trickery and evil to satisfy their cravings for material gain. And how do they acquire this power? They bend the meek to their will until the power is betrothed to them to call evil, good. The brutes acquire all, while the meek lose all. Thus society falls into chaos. There is no justice as God's laws are no longer observed; this is the cause of all suffering on Earth. 
When dishonesty and greed penetrate your heart, there is no room for virtue. When they penetrate your home, there can be no moral teachings. When they penetrate your country, there can be no honorable administration. When they penetrate the world, Genies and Saints cannot arise.     
Crime is the natural outcome of dishonesty and greed; therefore, dishonesty and greed in the heart, even unmanifest, are crimes against God’s laws.

 p. 171-172, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  59- The Supreme Being teaches about precept "Not to be obscene"

Year of the Earth Dragon (1928

Children, your Master proclaims:    

Why is obscenity a severe crime?    
Ordinary people see the physical body as a single unit. In reality, it is a mass of innumerable living cells, assembled to form a body with a divine essence. This body is nourished by still more living things such as vegetable matter, fruit, and rice; these all contain vital matter, as all these foods are fresh with the essence of life and potential, they are not dead. Foods already dead do not carry this life essence, this potential. Cooking by steam or quick-frying simply disinfects foods and prepares them for our digestion. The nutritional energy of these foods does not disintegrate after being cooked like this.* Foods are then transformed in your gastrointestinal system into "Khí" (vital energy), and then their life essence is carried into the blood. As you have been taught, there is spiritual energy in "Khí" and in blood. It is transmuted from spirit into the human body as a result of the cycle of [death and] birth. Therefore, even a drop of blood has a certain amount of spiritual energy contained within it.     
Since sexual "Tinh" (life matter) is composed partly of blood and partly of "Khí," excessive sexual activity thus causes an unnecessary expenditure of Tinh and therefore of spiritual energy. After your death, you will be confronted with and judged by this spiritual energy, and the manner in which you wasted it, at the "Nghiệt Cảnh Đài."**  You will not be able to deny how you wasted your spirit. So, you should observe this precept closely.
     * Foods change only in form during the process of digestion and absorption. Foods do not die after being cooked or digested because they constitute elements comprised of atoms. Atoms are not destroyed--they only change their arrangement, form and purpose.
     ** "Nghiệt Cảnh Đài" is a place in the spiritual world where the spirits, after the death of their physical body, will revisit all their actions—both good and bad—they have committed during their physical lifetime.

p. 172, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  60- The Supreme Being teaches about precept "Not to be drunk"

January 18, 1927. Year of the Fire Tiger.


Why abstain from intoxication?
I have taught that your body is composed of a mass of everlasting spirits contained within living units. You should understand that the internal organs of your body are also formed by these living units whose function, whether they are aware of it or not, is commanded by Me. I therefore use your body to teach.    
Firstly, I’ll explain why alcohol is harmful to your physical body. Your physical body is still like an animal’s and needs to eat in order to live. When alcohol is ingested, it is absorbed into all internal organs of your body including the heart which is the foremost mechanism of life. Alcohol forces the whole cardiovascular system to function excessively, and the lungs do not have adequate time to purify (oxygenate and purge carbon dioxide) the blood, so that waste products will accumulate in the whole body, polluting the living units, leading to progressive sickness and finally to demise of the living units of the organs and then of your whole body. Many people’s bodies are half-dead just because of alcohol.    
Secondly, I’ll explain why alcohol is harmful to your spirit.
I have said that the soul forms the “second body.” It is composed of the "Khí," which surrounds your body like a mold. Its center is the brain, and the portal by which your second body enters and exits is the fontanelle on top of the head which is guarded by the Hộ Pháp. (With meditation, there is unification of the "Tinh," the "Khí " and the "Thần," leading to enlightenment.)     
The brain is thus the origin of the "Khí." When polluted blood accumulates in the brain, the brain is disrupted by confusion and languor so that your spirit and human intelligence are clouded, no longer in control of the body. The body will lose its human personality and revert to its animal essence. Lost is the hope to advance to the states of Genie, Saint, Immortal, and Buddha. At the same time, when the brain is confused, it becomes an open gate for evil, wreaking havoc on your environment and pushing your soul into continuous reincarnation. Therefore, listen, I forbid you to drink alcohol!
p. 173,  Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  61- The Supreme Being teaches about precept "Not to sin by words"

Year of the Earth Dragon (1928)

Children, your Master proclaims:
Why is lying forbidden?
I have said that I have set up a spirit in your physical body that protects your life. As you have been taught, this spirit is impartial and can communicate with the Genies, Saints, Immortals, Buddhas, and Superior Spirits of the Ngọc Hư Cung (Cabinet of God) and can record all of your good and bad actions. They then transmit this (Akashic) record to the Celestial Judgment Court. All will be recorded there.          
Moreover, this holy spirit not only has a duty to protect you, but to educate you as well, through what most people describe as the "conscience." Thus, Confucian Saints have said: "One who despises people despises one's own heart. God has determined that this is a crime from which there is no escape." When you lie to people, you first lie to yourself, to your own conscience, and thus to your own spirit (which is a part of God).
As I have said, this spirit will submit your every word to the Celestial Judgment Court--and even though you may never have acted on your words, you will be punished for them just the same, because the effect on the spirit (and therefore on God) will have been the same. Therefore, at the Celestial Judgment Court, none of your words will be omitted. This is why I have instructed you to be careful in your words and your virtues. You should be twice as careful in your speech as in your actions, because the punishment for morally reprehensible speech is the same as punishment for morally reprehensible actions.
It would be wise for you to remember this.

p. 174

  62- The Supreme Being teaches: Your self-cultivation of virtue is stalled so that the congregation would be shattered.

Year Kỷ Tỵ (February 10, 1929)

Here is your Master, children!

Time is creeping by, yet the road to the Tao seems endless. Each year, you have to walk a mile, but in looking at you disciples, I find you still hesitating to take a step forward. Alas! Time inexorably flows, and while your self-cultivation of virtue is stalled, your tendency to stray off the path is not! You would let the great spiritual foundation I have set out for you all go to ruin, as you compete to be the worst of the worst, leading to deep division among the congregation. Brutish people are still entranced by honors and wealth; there would seem to be no way to cure this disease infecting the Tao. I am so heartbroken, but I Myself will not change you. I have entrusted important responsibilities to the most reliable among you, but they were too disillusioned to manage these responsibilities, and the congregation was invaded by evildoers.

Alas! Time has flown away; so has your life and the life of the Universe. Children! If you could only bear the difficult situations of life, concede honors, sacrifice self for others, shed tears in exchange for the joy of others, sustain hardship in your livelihood, keep your mind clean and clear, to be touched by others’ sufferings, your soul would be purified, and you would be able to return to Me.

You should correct yourself without delay. Try to cooperate with each other to shun the evildoers; this would sustain your merit.

I bless you all.


p. 174-175, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  63- The Supreme Being teaches about the death of the Thượng Phẩm

Tây Ninh Holy See, April 16, 1929 (the 7th day of the 3rd month, midnight)

Your Master is here, children!

M… Ng…, ask your brothers to call the female disciples up here, the poor women kneeling down there!

I told you clearly that Thượng Phẩm had to return to Me before all of you, but out of sloth, you did not read My holy teachings in order to know.

T…! Do you remember I told you that the Tao is the nothingness; if Thượng Phẩm does not return to his divine position, who is going to guide souls to the celestial gate? Moreover, you are guiding living beings in this world on My behalf; so, there should be someone on the divine plane to receive those souls. (Smiling!)

Th…! You have to build a tomb for Thượng Phẩm in front of the tree with three branches, facing East, like facing Me at the altar. The roof should be of three levels, and covered with tiles exactly like the roof of a Chinese pagoda. Don’t build it like Bảo Đạo’s tomb, because their titles are different. Around its base, the octagonal tomb should look like it has posts. There should be a hole at the top center to allow the sunlight to shine upon the coffin.

You will be reprimanded by Thái Bạch. Try to follow his counsels to correct yourselves and make peace with him. Heed Me!


P. 175-176, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  64- The Supreme Being teaches: If you cannot love each other, I forbid you to hate each other.

January 11th, 1930 (the 12th day of the 12th month of the year Kỷ Tỵ)

Here is your Master, children!


I’ve often told you that you are the body of love, and you don’t even know what it is, where it is from? T…, try to find out.

(T… responded)

No, child! Love is the source of life in the universe.

With love, all living beings can be at peace and the universe tranquil. With peace and tranquility, there would be no animosity, no mutual destruction, and subsequently there would be maintenance of life and evolvement.

Do you know who is against life and evolvement? T…, try to find out!

(T… responded)

No! You are blaming evil spirits, but in reality, Satan is the one who destroys evolvement. I am life and Satan death. Tell Me how Satan can harm you.

(T… responded: Satan induces people into hatred to create turmoil among people).

Why don’t you use the word “death” to express it more profoundly? Because of hatred, people would despise, then fight each other, leading to the destruction of the world. Therefore, from now on, if you cannot love each other, I forbid you to hate each other. Obey!


p. 176, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  65- The Supreme Being teaches: The practice of the Tao is the opposite of living the secular life in order to get closer to the divine illumination. You cannot practice the Tao and run after secular desires at the same time.

Tây Ninh, February 7th, 1930 (the 9th day of the 1st month of the year Canh Ngọ)

Here is your Master.

Children, I am determined to manifest Tao out of Love, to save humanity in this last era. But the congregation is not perfected; the path has not reached its goal. Many of you have not had good faith in listening to Holy Teachings, thus the congregation is shattered.

Virtuous people became sad and discouraged, and sincere people are not happy to participate. Evildoers have invaded the congregation; wicked, ill-minded people, leading to the deterioration of the cultivation of love and virtue, straight to the wrong path.

The Tao is invaluable and miraculous. When one understands the Tao, one knows self, knows people, knows the situation, knows the moment, understands the non-permanency of honors, distinguishes persistence from death, develops a conscience. One would know that life is a farce full of suffering for its human actors.  The wise man distinguishes honorable actions from shameful ones, and thus knows how to manage one’s life. He overcomes the present kind of infighting and competition, through which there would be no hope of reaching immortality or Nirvana.

My blessings were shattered by greedy and ignorant disciples, under the influence of greed for honors and wealth.  With the perpetration of these evils, they have led humanity into the abyss, rather than to the Tao; thus has the spirit of the Tao become faint for thousands of years.

Many of you have tried to sacrifice self to become leaders of the Tao. But have any of you yet deserved the title? M… Ng   ?

M… Ng… answered: ………….

Alas! For the sake of millions of souls, I wouldn’t have the heart to see all your positions destroyed. Based strictly upon divine justice, none of you deserve to succeed. The practice of the Tao is the opposite of living the secular life. It must be that way in order overcome the mundane and get closer to the divine illumination. I have noticed that many of you on one hand want to practice the Tao, but on the other hand don’t want to abandon secular life; the secular life would extinguish the divine flame. You have to have a very strong mind to resist the secular path, or all your efforts toward illuminating the Tao would be in vain.

You want to wear religious raiment and stand in front of human beings as religious leaders, ostensibly to follow the paths of Saints and Immortals. But at the same time, you are still seduced by wealth and influence, using the name of the Tao to build up your own name. You build mansions on earth, wear suits of silk with gold-lined pockets—of what are you the Master?  Better to be master of your soul, clothed in virtue, building your mansion in heaven! Alas! Alas! What religious garb you do wear! Wayward children who resist my teachings!

In ancient times, followers of the Tao survived dire sufferings, living by self-sacrifice and enduring abject poverty for their souls’ sake, never seduced by honors and wealth. They earned divine positions. They were not like those of you today who prefer wealth to empathy, power to virtue, division to brotherhood. You are averse to sacrifice yet contend to be following the right path. Now I ask you, whosoever would agree?

Your music and rituals are not worthy. You are putting on such airs of superiority, relying on others’ talent and claiming it as your own; it doesn’t take Confucius to quote  Confucian books! You will be tried under divine jurisprudence for your impudence. Whoever realizes his divine origin, and repents his worldly flaws, escapes divine wrath and evil pitfalls on his way to the Tao. But what a shame that this congregation has sunk so low! Now you must take on the responsibility with which I’ve entrusted you, to cooperate with one another in the salvation of living beings for eternity.

M…N…, I allow you to show My holy teachings to your brothers Tr…, Tr…. If the rituals at the Holy See are not perfected as I have previously instructed, evil would come and take control.

I counsel you:

With sincerity, follow the steps of the Tao,

Renounce riches and secular honor,

Bear up under sackcloth and poverty,

That you may avoid the clutches of Karma.

I bless all of you.


p. 177-178, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  66- Nhàn Âm Đạo Trưởng explains the verses

The rooster in the cage, although being fully fed every day, would not know when it is going to be slaughtered,

While the crane, although not having enough to eat, is able to fly freely in the sky.

April 12, 1930 (the 17th day of the 3rd month of the year Canh Ngọ)

Nhàn Âm Đạo Trưởng (Nhàn Âm Taoist Master)

Greetings to all disciples.

It has been a long time since I have addressed you about the Tao. Today, I’d like to congratulate some of you, who have put all your mind and heart into self-cultivation, but I am sad for many others, who value secular life more than the progress of your soul. The Supreme Being has forgiven you out of love, hoping for peace in the congregation someday. Therefore, you have to cooperate with one another and get back to guiding people in the Tao. This is the only way to repent, and to improve yourselves in order to return to your original spiritual positions. You should have concern for your own futures.

H…., are you now more learned in Vietnamese literature?  Many followers have deeply studied the Holy Teachings, so I would ask you to interpret the following poem:


On the way Home, never mind stumbling blocks,

Slowly but surely, you would reach Nirvana.

(1)   Though the stomach is empty, the crane is free.

(2)   Though fully fed, the rooster is caged.

(3)   Behold all the abandoned tombs of youth,

(4)   And the surface of water always rippled by the wind.

Each turn of life leads up one step,

If you hesitate, time evaporates.

(Many people interpreted the poem but without understanding of the four central verses, so explanation is given:)

Verses (1) and (2) are from the poem of Lý Bạch:

The rooster in the cage, although being fully fed every day, would not know when it is going to be slaughtered,

While the crane, although not having enough to eat, is able to fly freely in the sky.

In other words, one would rather be suffering and free, than comfortable yet doomed. Being one with the Tao, one would be divinely free like the crane, although suffering in the physical plane.

Explanation of the verses (3) and (4):

If one looked into who were buried in those abandoned tombs, one would find that they all died young. Life is like a brief ripple in water; one may die at any time. If one does not hasten to follow the Tao, one may die before finding It.

Sakya Muni Buddha has said:

Don’t wait until becoming old to learn the Tao,

For many are the abandoned tombs of youth.

You disciples understand?

Verse (4): The water’s surface rippled by the wind, is like a human face grimacing under the weight of the mortal coil; only the Tao can help one escape this oppression.

Old literature has also said:

The mountaintop is white, not from great age but from the snow,

The lake ripples, not from angst but from the winds that blow.

Try to understand.

Every body understands the last two verses.

You disciples try to learn the Tao. Obey!


p. 179-180, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  67- The Supreme Being teaches: Try to cultivate your virtues in order to prevail against evils.

The 23rd day of the 3rd month of the year Canh Ngọ (4-21-1930)


Here is your Master, children!

Tr…, out of love, I founded the Tao according to the divine mechanism to guide millions of souls to return to their original spiritual positions. I know that many souls have reincarnated with the mission of guiding humanity. They do not mind hard work. So I have asked the Three Religions Court to give them clemency so that they may save My children.

Alas! The Superior Spirits and I have endeavored to help, but you haven’t shown much sincerity. Many times the Superior Spirits have wanted to doom you for your impudence, but I was so heartbroken that I have gone so far as to modify the divine mechanism to give you more time, more strength, to guide each other in fulfilling your duties. However, evil has still prevailed. Secular seductions have led you to the wrong path. I am heartbroken to see you lost to evil; some of you for money’s sake, others by lust, still others by crimes of power and passion. Each by his own weakness have you lost your way and fallen into cavernous evil, creating separation between you and causing animosities that sap all strength. Weakness has prevailed, severing your cooperation, your connection, stimulating you to fight against each other so that you became weakened, having no more strength to resist. I considered leaving you to the abyss, but I looked into the divine book and saw that alone, 80% of you would not prevail, so I deigned to bend justice by revealing secrets to help you to correct your own steps, to treat each others’ wounds and avoid further injury. Evil has often prevailed though I trusted you to resist. And although you have taken the wrong steps on many occasions, thanks to the merciful guidance of Superior Spirits, you have corrected yourselves in time. I have pity for many others who fell into evil beyond redemption.

The Tao is powerful, but evil power is not negligible either. If you cannot control your temper, the fire inside your heart would incinerate itself. Try to understand My words. If you don’t use the authority that I have granted to you to guide your younger brothers and sisters to fight against evil, the latter will lure them all away. You would then be left alone, a single phoenix without strength to rise out of the ashes, and thus the world would change—you would be exiled to the 72nd planet, the lowest planet, with even more sufferings. Realize your important responsibility! If you cannot meet the challenge, you cannot return to your original spiritual position at the end of the divine path.

B…! I have blessed you. You merited My holy blessings, which would have protected you. So why didn’t you fulfill your important responsibility? Why did you hurt others? The chief of the Phnom Penh congregation has taken My order to guide people. The more important the duty, the more difficult the performance; if you don’t have enough patience, and are a detriment to him, he may resign like Lý Bạch did previously, and you would have no hope of accomplishing your mission.

I am heartbroken to look into the divine book; those are the last important words for you. It’s the same right here, as well as in Phnom Penh. You should cooperate with each other to overcome difficulty. Obey!

I bless all of you.


p. 180-182, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  68- Quan Thánh Đế Quân teaches to return to the right path

The 15th day of the 5th month of the year Canh Ngọ (June 8, 1930)

Here is Quan Thánh Đế Quân (Kwan Kung)

Greetings to all disciples,

The congregation has not yet been fully established, and already people are too lazy to cultivate their holy virtues, they would compare themselves to Superior Spirits, in trying to show off their broad knowledge.

The situation of the world has changed. According to the divine book, global disasters will soon occur. From the South to the North, from the East to the West, chaos has broken out, occasionally destroying cruel people. Even with unmanifest divine spirit inside, if they aren’t awakened, these people would be destroyed. Alas! The divine spark has ignited people’s minds, yet are they confused and try to burn the sun itself. They wish to haggle with the Tao until even the Merciful Father cannot meet their price! How they prize their titles—shouldn’t they instead be humble, and follow the example given by ancient Superior Spirits, who were all-suffering, all-giving, fully deserving of return to their noble position?

In this illusory life, your existence is like water vapor! You should repent, return to the right path, cultivate virtue, and avoid evil. Arrogance digs your grave; remember that, in order to correct yourself. Contemplate the following verse:


The earth’s exemplars fall short of perfection,

Pearls of wisdom grow not from this earthly shell,

Growing old, but still confused with fame and shame,

Only spiritual lessons will thus serve you well.

Gold is poor payment for steadfastness of spirit,

Virtue more precious than pearls at your throat,

The divinely ordained have no reason to barter,

For which the battle of heaven’s already been fought.

The world’s situation keeps evolving, and disasters will rise,

Before smiting your brother, you should lift up thine eyes!

You divinely appointed disciples should explain this poem to living beings.


p. 182-183, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  69- Nhàn Âm Đạo Trưởng teaches to be awakened and spiritually strong to avoid destruction

The 12th day of the 5th month of the year Canh Ngọ (June 8, 1930)

Here is Nhàn Âm Đạo Trưởng,

Greetings to brothers and sisters,

I follow the order of the Supreme Being to address you, my beloved brothers and sisters.

I am sad for human beings, who haven’t found their way unto the Tao, so that they drown in the ocean of suffering until the Judgment Day arrives. It’s difficult to save them. Natural disasters also happen, and it’s heartbreaking to watch suffering human beings battered and foundered in the wide ocean, while their lifeboat is pitched against the breaks.

The Tao stands steadfastly in Vietnam to protect blessed people. However, the unawakened continue to face destruction without the will of strict self-cultivation.

Harken my words, lift your eyes up to the Heavenly Master in sincere adulation in order to receive blessings leading you to the free and blissful path. You may still experience some petty difficulties in your family, but if you still haggle with the extreme love of life of the Supreme Being, and you would miss the bright, virtuous path that would lead you one step closer to divine ecstasy.

When you are one with the Tao, you may have to sacrifice your personal secular life in order to fulfill your responsibility of saving millions of people; but how could one regret this sacrifice and worldly inconvenience?  Such is the attitude of the Saint who practices the true Tao. Remember.


p. 183-184, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  70- Lý Bạch teaches that The Tao is not a commodity that you have to sell.

The 5th day of the 5th month of the year Canh Ngọ (June 10, 1930)

Here is Lý Bạch.

Greetings to all friends.


The Tao is not a commodity that you have to sell; that would be a shame for the Tao.

The Supreme Being has already sown the life-giving seeds; your responsibility is only to care for the plant. If the plant grows strong, it blooms with beautiful flowers and would bear precious fruits. At that time, people from thousands of miles away would follow the fragrance to come and eat of the fruit; you would have no need to denigrate yourselves.

You disciples keep following the straight and narrow path, co-operate with each other to achieve the aims of the Tao, and everything would be successful as ordained by the Supreme Being.

Friend Tr…, you understand clearly? You have been seriously mistaken. You have sold the fame of the Tao once; you should try to claim it back. The Holy See is the origin of fame for the Tao; once it stands here majestically, people would flock here to join. Try to understand and to take care of it.



p. 184,

  71- Lý Giáo Tông teaches: Because you bear a physical body, and therefore could not withstand the full measure of oppression. But for myself, no power of this visible world could touch me. I have to use my divine eyes to recognize the situations for you

Holy See, December 24th, 1930 (year Canh Ngọ)

Here is Lý Giáo Tông of Đại Đạo Tam Kỳ Phổ Độ


Greetings to all friends and young sisters.

I have great affection for you. I have been out of secular life for a long time so that I feel a little strange in evaluating people’s minds. Alas, what difficulty! Because earlier, I saw such a big crowd of children of the Supreme Being in this little country Vietnam, that I cannot imagine the multitude once the Tao is spread all over the five continents.

I grow weary of this great responsibility! Because of my promise to the Great Mercy, and of my duty as an elder brother, although I have to use my power to discipline you, I have to try to understand your mind. My only regret is that I cannot get closer to evil people to teach them. It’s easy to get close to virtuous people, but it’s not necessary, because they all have holy hearts, which are genuinely beautiful in any situation in this suffering world, and which would secure them their divine position without help from anybody. Therefore, what I need to do is to sow the holy seeds into the heart of evil people, hoping for a change of heart, rather than worry about saving virtuous people.

Like you, my duty is to change the world. We would be more comfortable if we know our capabilities. We have to adjust ourselves according to the situation. Difficult situations would produce talented people. If there are obstacles, then thereafter there would be favorable times. We need to be patient to observe all aspects of life.

Dear friends and sisters, you have witnessed many hardships and sufferings during the year of the opening of the congregation. I am well aware of that, and I was moved to bear witness to it. I am determined to stand by you, shoulder to shoulder, to share in all miserable and glorious times.

It’s not that I am afraid for me, because no power of this visible world could touch me. I am just afraid for you, who bear a physical body, and therefore could not withstand the full measure of oppression. You friends and sisters don’t have the power of prediction in order to avoid those situations.

Therefore, I am determined to take back my authority, using my divine eyes to recognize the situations for you, in order to win the battle against evil at this time. I think I could be of use this way.

I have a close affection with a spiritual friend, who had volunteered to incarnate into the world to save living beings, and then had sustained many sufferings. I have to say that the mechanism of the Karmic book is beyond human imagination. Many times, worldly rewards are spiritual punishments in disguise, and vice versa. Therefore, although you could not understand, you should be cautious about the punishments and the rewards that I implement in the congregation administration. You should not argue foolishly, criticize blindly, and then waste your life by committing spiritual crimes. Obey!


p. 184-186, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  72- The Supreme Being teaches: Understanding the divine will, understanding yourself, and understanding living beings are the ways to find the bright torch of the noble Tao's lighthouse, guiding you out of the ocean storm.

The 9th day of the 2nd month of the year Tân Mùi (4-26-1931)


 Greetings to all disciples,

Tr…, the congregation is in disarray because of the divine arrangement. So too, the country is at times in peace, at times in turmoil. Life is at times prosperous, at times in ruins, and so is the congregation. It is at times tense, at times relaxed. The way may be difficult and tortuous before it becomes easy and straight, leading to good organization.

I have founded the Tao for the good of living beings, but many profane people are still confused, attracted by honors, wealth, titles, and power. Finally they fall into the abyss. Justice will judge their crimes, and you may predict the outcome.

If you understand the divine will, you should go straight ahead to the end of your path.

All the heartbreaking vicissitudes in life are already arranged by divine will. In the luck and misfortune of life, you should bear in mind My existence and the Tao, and keep praying. All your worries would be recognized by the Superior Spirits. Understand!

Don’t be disturbed and confused like ordinary people. Your mind must remain optimistic, and so be able to prevent invasion of evil. All these words emanate from My loving heart and are for you to remember. Otherwise, misery will surely come.


Đ…., come to listen to My teachings and try to understand.


The human condition being what it is,

To prevail in secular strife is rare.

Yet always love other living beings

And build your merit by being fair.

Like the crane in solitude, forget lost loves,

Don’t try to mend broken passions,

But rather cleave to self-cultivation

And return to your holy position.


Your Karmic debt has been fully paid, and the Tao would serve as your ladder to return to your original spiritual position. Understanding the divine will, understanding yourself, and understanding living beings are the ways to find the bright torch of the noble Tao’s lighthouse, guiding you out of the ocean storm.


p. 186-187, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  73- Lý Giáo Tông teaches that he takes the responsibility of the Giáo Tông to set out the stepping stones for all his younger brothers and sisters to reclaim their positions.

August 1, 1931 (Tân Mùi)

Here is Lý Giáo Tông of Đại Đạo Tam Kỳ Phổ Độ


Th…Tr…Nh…., I have given you one half of my authority, now I just want to see whether you deserve it or not. I have rescinded the authority of the First Governor of the Three Religions in exchange for the responsibility of the Giáo Tông to set out the stepping stones for all my younger brothers and sisters to reclaim their positions.

Many times I have seen the difficulties that responsibility has wrought, so I went proceeded to disturb the calm so that evil would rear its ugly head and so could be decapitated by the Sacerdotal Council. I am watching your practice of justice in your Three Religions Court. And I implement divine justice, giving many of you a chance to repent by the mercy of the Supreme Being. Otherwise, I would have to excommunicate all of you. Don’t think that the degraded situation of the congregation could make me submit myself to you. This is my firm resolution. Try to fulfill your responsibility.

Ng…Tr…Th…, I congratulate you. The future of the Tao is in your hands. You should keep your authority. I am in You, and you are in me. My ability to move the divine mechanism depends on you. Try to follow the order. The Supreme Being is happy for you.

Th…T…Th…, I am happy for you. I promised to The Supreme Being to create a worthy position for you. You have to co-operate with me with all your sincerity.

Now that the administration is established, you should show your capability as the guardian of humanity. No emperor on earth could be compared to this divine position. Try to realize the importance if this responsibility in order to avoid evil seduction. Understand?

I have not seen anyone who builds up the name for the congregation with all his heart and mind. Instead, a lot of people are spoiling the congregation. You should co-operate with me to fight them. Otherwise you could not avoid the fate that I have predicted. You have to get together with all great dignitaries of the Sacerdotal Council to eradicate evils. Otherwise, I would not promote any of you. You should understand that if you don’t have enough spiritual majestic power, you could never win in the battle against these evils. You took the responsibility to teach and train living beings about the Tao in order to save them. I have ways to make evil show its true face. If you listen to false words, you would become their instruments to harm the Tao. Obey!


p. 188, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  74- The Supreme Being teaches the Sacerdotal Council to fulfill the duty assigned by Thái Bạch. Any order from Thái Bạch and the Hộ Pháp should be studied thoroughly and implemented by the Sacerdotal Council and High Council.

Thảo xá Hiền Cung Tây Ninh, December 23rd, 1931

Here is your Master, children!

I am pleased to meet you all today.

Listen to this important recommendation to fulfill your duty assigned by Thái Bạch.

Remember there are two powers in the universe: Above is My supreme power, below is the power of living beings. I have created My visible body, which is the Sacerdotal Council of the Great Way, so I have to empower it so that it can save all living beings. You all are among the living beings and have also a power, the counterpart of mine. All living beings are My children, and may progress to the positions of Angels, Saints, Immortals, and Buddhas. There are many levels in the powers of living beings, and human beings holds the chief power. I have declared: “The supreme power is Mine, living beings’ power is My counterpart. Once those two powers become united, the Tao would succeed, reaching its true form. I have granted supreme power to the two leaders of the Sacerdotal Council, who are Giáo Tông and Hộ Pháp. Therefore, when the Giáo Tông and Hộ Pháp are united in one, this supreme power would be perfected. All living beings have their own power, My only counterpart.”

Thái Bạch has been upset with you, because you did not obey the orders that he and the Hộ Pháp together have promulgated. From now on, any order from both of them should be studied thoroughly and implemented by the Sacerdotal Council and High Council. Thái Bạch has promised Me to promote more of you after the meeting of the Three Religions Court of female dignitaries.

Try to obey him.

I bless all of you.


P. 188-189, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  75- Nguyệt Tâm Chơn Nhơn teaches: Few souls appear at the gates of Heaven, but a myriad can be seen at the gates of Hell.

Phnom Penh Temple, the 4th day of the 2nd month of the year Nhâm Thân (March 20, 1932)

Here is Nguyệt Tâm Chơn Nhơn (Victor Hugo)

Greetings to Quyền Giáo Tông, Hộ Pháp, Tiếp Đạo, and Overseas Mission.


Male and female dignitaries, listen.

Few souls appear at the gates of Heaven, but a myriad can be seen at the gates of Hell. I have never seen any man who is useless to the universe, respecting neither others nor himself, who could reach the position of Angel, Saint, Immortal, or Buddha. These divine positions are never reached by mere chance.

In humbly accepting the ordination by the Supreme Being to be leader of the Overseas Mission, I follow the mercy of the Supreme Being, offering openly the spiritual path to all sentient beings, no matter their origin as primary or secondary; and even evil spirits, so they can build credit for service and evolve. All are free, free to make the decision to build up merit depending upon their situation. I will follow the law of justice; if they succeed, they will be accepted into their divine position, if not, they will be eliminated, as the spirit is loathe to abide ineffectual people.

I order you dignitaries to evaluate yourselves and confess yourselves to Giáo Tông and Hộ Pháp for their judgment.


p. 189, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  76- The 8th lady Immortal teaches about the Yin energy.


(Explanation about Âm Quang)


Âm Quang or Yin energy is the primordial, chaotic cosmic ether existing before the Supreme Being created the universe of form. This Yin energy was stored at the Diêu Trì Cung (Jasper Pond Palace) for the creation of the universe like the ovum for the formation of a human embryo. When the Supreme Being promulgated warm Yang energy, the energy of life, to interact with Yin energy to create the universe, the Âm Quang became the center of creation and nurturer of all beings. As the Yang energy expands, the Yin energy is pushed back and down into darkness. Wherever the Yang energy has not yet reached, the Yin energy remains dark, indistinct, and shadowy without life or incarnation and is therefore called theYin dimension, or Hell, dimension of sulfur. Many religions believe that it is a place of punishment for souls with base karmic attachments awaiting reincarnation, but in reality, it is a dimension of purgatory, a stopover between Hell and Nirvana, where souls stay to reflect on their past deeds before they are able to ascend. Souls are most afraid of passing through this dimension, but because of this fear, any spiritual conscience remaining in their human body would help them to follow the Tao. Many souls have to stay at this dimension for hundreds of years depending on their level of purity. The Supreme Being suggests a vegetarian diet for humans to have enough purity to go through this dimension. If you could be fully aware of this dimension, you would be immensely terrified. If your soul is not pure you cannot return to the Supreme Being. I am aware that many souls have to stay there for thousands of years. The 7th Lady Immortal dwells there to support and guide them. All souls need help, whether or not they are corrupted. This is the truth.


  77- The 8th lady Immortal notifies about the final arrangements by the Supreme Being to preserve the destiny of living beings. The 6th lady Immortal teaches that all Superior Spirits are happy about the changes of the procedures.

Tây Ninh (Phạm Môn) February 12, 1933 (the 29th day of the 12th month of the year Quí Dậu)

Here is Bát Nương (the 8th female fairy)


How joyful to see us helping one another to succeed,

How joyful to see the Tao becoming bright and prosperous,

How joyful to know the physical body grows stronger,

How joyful for the conscience becoming more noble,

How joyful for human beings to take steady steps toward the Tao,

How joyful for the blessed soul not being damaged,

How joyful for the Tao supporting the world,

How joyful for the right path becoming manifest.


I am content to witness the final arrangements by the Supreme Being. I remember when the Jade Palace ordained the Hiệp Thiên Đài to preserve the destiny of living beings and to establish the congregation, The Great Gentle Father changed the procedure and entrusted that power to the Cửu Trùng Đài. All angels, Saints, Immortals, and Buddhas of the Jade Palace marveled at this. The Great Gentle Father then proclaimed: “It is very good, not bad! You will come to understand My reasoning later.”


Lục Nương Diêu Trì Cung (the sixth female fairy of the Jasper Pond Palace)


Greeting to all brothers!

I was at the Ngự Quan Cung; when the 8th female fairy announced that you were waiting, I hurried to come. This morning, I learned the good news: The Jade Court has changed the procedures. All divine records were destroyed, all rules were changed. Angels, Saints, Immortals, and Buddhas were happy. The Holy Mother of the Jasper Pond was extremely pleased so that she was shedding tears in giving this poem:


Children who suckle at the breast,

Are unaware of the kiss of fate!

Though the title of Ngự Mã be lofty,

The destiny of the Hiệp Thiên is safe.

The holy heart fades in the light of desire,

The youthful body will turn to dust.

It’s best to keep moving ever forward,

While I’ll worry for you, as I must!


Brother 2! That poem made every one of the Jasper Pond Palace shed tears. You should contemplate on it so that you won’t get lost on your way to divine honor. Brothers Qu…, Th…, Kwan Yin orders you to be patient and wait for her help.


p. 191-192, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972


  78- Quan Am teaches: The most precious element of the Tao is harmony.

The 17th day of the 3rd month of the year Quí Dậu (1933)

Here is Thường Cư Nam Hải Quan Âm Như Lai.


Greetings to all younger brothers and sisters.


The most precious element of the Tao is harmony. Try to imagine it. The creation of the universe is born from the harmony between Yin and Yang energies. The creation and sustenance of all living beings depends also on harmony. Even the organs inside of a body, need to have harmony to function; if not for homeostasis, beings could not live. As for the soul, if the six desires and the seven emotions rise up against the conscience, and if they prevail, human beings would live solely according to the physical body’s needs, without realizing the divine will. What would be the value of such a person without harmony?

If there is no harmony in the family, there would be conflict between children and parents, separation between husband and wife, and unrest between brothers and sisters.

If there is no harmony in a country, there would be turmoil. If there is no harmony in the world, humanity would take to war. Therefore, I recommend you to create harmony first in any situation.


p. 192, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  79-Quan Am teaches: According to the love of life of the Great Merciful Father, we have to open the heart to love all living beings because they are all created by the Merciful Father.

April 21, 1933 (year of Quí Dậu)

Here is Thường Cư Nam Hải Quan Âm Như Lai.


Greeting to all younger brothers and sisters.

Do you know why we have to love all living beings?

Because the Merciful Father created all living beings in the universe, therefore they all have the same spiritual constituent. The love of life of the Great Merciful Father is unlimited. We are one of many species in the universe and are affected by the laws of creation and sustenance. If we take one life, we take away from the Great Mercy. When the Great Mercy is hurt, so is Heaven and Earth. People do not understand this; you think people would dare to hurt the Majesty? Therefore, opening the heart to love all living beings including the lowliest species is a way to avoid Karmic law; the divine law is completely impartial. Even though we haven’t eyes to see it, nothing could ever escape the divine law. The other reason is that when we are born on this Earth, the Great Mercy grants us all a part of His spirit, which is more intelligent than that granted to other beings, so that we may have dominion over and guide all other weaker species. Try to imagine, in this world, would any father who happens to have a non-pious child, not be sorrowful? Thus, what happens when the Great Merciful Father has a child without universal love of life? Why do human beings try to go against God, the Great Merciful Father?


p. 192-193, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  80- Quan Am teaches: You should participate in worship ceremonies frequently in order to be attuned to Superior Spirits, to pray to the Great Mercy to forgive you and all living beings, to be receptive to the Great Mercy, and to open the loving kindness.

May 8, 1933 (year Quí Dậu)

Cultivate a sincere heart in a clear and just way,

The more one serves humanity, the more The Tao shines.

Immortality is reached by enlightenment gained

With a gentle body and a cultivated mind


Greetings to all younger brothers and sisters.

You should participate in worship ceremonies frequently.

1-     First, your soul would be attuned to Superior Spirits,

2-     Secondly, you may pray to the Great Mercy to forgive you and all living beings,

3-     Thirdly, when you perform rituals, your mind is receptive to the Great Mercy,

4-     Fourthly, when you have these positive feelings, you would open the loving kindness in your heart and your conscience, and you become more enlightened.

Try to remember.

Regarding the spreading of the Tao, don’t hurry too much, but don’t be lazy either.

Your sincerity would touch the Great Mercy, and your care would lead to success, even if it concerns petty matters. Moreover, the great Tao is extremely important for the salvation of all living beings, who have foundered in the ocean of sufferings.

Try to follow my words so you may find Glory one day—the Glory beyond anything on Earth.


p. 193-194, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  81- Nguyệt Tâm Chơn Nhơn teaches: the Law is established. If you follow the laws, the organization would succeed; if not, it would fall into ruin.

Overseas Mission, Phnom Penh

The 3rd day of the 4th month of the year Quí Dậu (May 26, 1933)

Here is Nguyệt Tâm Chơn Nhơn, or Victor Hugo.

Greetings to great dignitaries, friends, and younger sisters.


When the Law is established, out of its very nature it would necessitate cooperation between people in order to create a great foundation based on brotherhood. The Law has many aspects, which are applied according to the different organizations; we may also establish needed organizations and drop unnecessary ones. The laws that the Supreme Being has created are useful for the executive organization of the Great Way. If you follow the laws, the organization would succeed; if not, it would fall into ruin. No exception can be made for any member of the Sacerdotal Council. We have to follow His laws so that the Sacerdotal Council could acquire its authority. Anyone who acts against the laws would cause turmoil.

Whoever acts against secular laws would be judged by the society. Whoever acts against divine laws, would be excommunicated by the Sacerdotal Council, or be destroyed by divine power; from then on, we should consider those people as enemies of the Sacerdotal Council, and should have no dealings with them. I have obeyed the order of the Jade Court to work for the Tao, so I could not pardon them. From now on, The Overseas Mission will implement the laws strictly. I pray that the Giáo Tông and Hộ Pháp would cast out the law-breakers.


p. 193-194, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  82- The 7th lady Immortal teaches about the Yin energy

The 9th day of the 4th month of the year Giáp Tuất (1934)

Here is the Seventh Female Fairy of the Jasper Pond Palace.


I regret that even though I informed you of the time I deigned to come, you didn’t evoke me at the correct time and therefore I could not come to meet with you, and in my stead some usurpers claimed the name of the Jasper Pond Palace in order to deceive you. The damage done is not negligible from the spiritual point of view. If we were dealing with evil spirits, I would have ways to deal with them, but this problem was caused by the medium, and I have no power to sway the minds of superstitious people.

Dear sisters, I have to remind you that at the meeting at the Jade Court Palace regarding the reception of the laws from Nirvana, I overheard lamentation from The Địa Tạng Vương Bồ Tát (Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva) that he, as a Buddha, could not approach female souls to counsel them. Therefore, in the Yin dimension, there are more females than males who committed crimes waiting in limbo for counsel. He wished to have a female fairy to take responsibility to counsel female souls in order to save them from the Yin purgatory. I am very concerned and have already taken care of this issue. I am dismayed to see many souls suffering badly just for petty deeds. I have plans to help those souls avoid the Yin purgatory.

First, I should explain the Yin dimension so that you may understand.

The Yin dimension is a purgatory that Theosophy calls the “waiting area” for those who have just passed away, or who are ready to reincarnate. The Great Merciful Father has assigned that place as a meditation hall for the souls to contemplate on their good and bad deeds during their life. It is a place of self-evaluation. If all living being knew to self-evaluate throughout their lives, they would not face the purgatory of this Yin dimension. As a last resort, even if they have committed many crimes, they may still repent in the last minutes before death and pray to the Supreme Being for forgiveness and salvation and thus they may receive blessings from the Supreme Being and may be able to avoid Yin purgatory.  For in the case when the soul repents, then receives and understands the teachings, they may save themselves, or may be saved by the benefit of their children’s prayers.

Alas! Despite generous blessings from the Supreme Being, innumerable souls are still exiled to the Yin dimension every day, because they didn’t have enough faith in God, and violated their oath. I am heartbroken to see that so many of them are female.



p. 195, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  83- The Supreme Being teaches about spiritism (conscious and unconscious mediums)

July 20, 1934

Here is your Master, children!


Previously, the mediums were ignorant and did not have such strong minds as yours. In every séance, they were exhausted after getting only a few words from the spirit. If the mediums are totally unconscious, they may obtain excellent poems, yet they may become confused afterward. That method is no good way to spread the Tao.

(Question about the Superior Spirits entering the physical body of the mediums)

Your spirit is disturbed when coming in contact with discordant energy. I use My energy to protect you and sometimes have to enter your physical body to do so. For the same reason, when you take the oath, My energy enters your body every time.

  84- The Supreme Being teaches about the curing diseases for living beings

Here is your Master, children!

I congratulate you for your faithful hearts, My two children! Previously, I only ordered you to cure diseases for the disciples, because I wanted to observe your attitudes toward serving humanity. Your love toward humanity is in attunement with the love of all life by the Creator. Therefore, you have to care not only for disciples of other religions but also for your enemies.


p. 196, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  85- The Cao Thượng Phẩm teaches: Please help people out from suffering. Don’t make anyone suffer.

The 15th day of the 7th month of the year Giáp Tuất (1934)

Here is Cao Thượng Phẩm.


When I was still alive, I was so angry, I wished that if I only had my divine authority, I would fan them all away to Hell. But since I left my physical body and reached enlightenment, I came instead to love them so much that I was afraid that if they got lost on the wrong path, I would lose a precious spiritual friend. Therefore, I have to guide them with each of their steps, depending on the level of their own mind and heart. If by chance, I failed to guide them back to their original spiritual position, I would try at least to prevent their exile to Hell, by praying to the Three Religions Court to allow them to reincarnate to pay off their karmic debt.

Dear brother! Would you be satisfied to watch the congregation tumble down just because of petty, meaningless matters?

Responsibility is of the primary importance; personal matters are secondary. You should realize your origin in order to avoid routine mistakes. Superior Spirits have often said: “Secular honors and wealth are petty matters. The fame of the Tao is much more important. Treat people equally regardless of their names, even if you have to sacrifice your personal interests in order to fulfill your duty.” The progress of the Tao has been much delayed. It’s wasting the hardship borne by the Master to found the Tao for us to save living beings in the first place. This delay is due to the people’s profane hearts. Please don’t blame anyone. Don’t make anyone suffer. Life is an ocean of sufferings ringed by a shore of confusion. If one may escape from that suffering ocean, one shouldn’t waste their life being confused and caught up in the midst of worldly attractions.


p. 196-197

  86- Thái Thượng Đạo Tổ teaches about some indispensable secret matters

The 16th day of the 7th month of the year Giáp Tuất (1934)

Here is Thái Thượng Đạo Tổ.


Greeting to all disciples.

(Smiles.) Perhaps you all are surprised by my sudden unexpected visit!

(M…Ng…replied: Yes Sir, indeed we are, because Thượng Phẩm has announced the coming of the Supreme Being)

The Supreme Being entrusted me to reveal some indispensable secret matters to guide you through this turmoil among the congregation.

M..Ng…! Do you remember my previous explanation using different ways and terms to guide you?

Divine providence is miraculous to humanity. But to the Tao, it is even more miraculous and important, so that even intelligent people couldn’t explain it. The many roles that the Supreme Being has cast on the stage of the Tao are in the same league as the roles of ancient prophets of Old who were responsible for guiding humanity in antiquity. To be worthy you must try to be calm, to suppress your internal fire, have immense energy and a generous heart so that you would not be angry toward the many disciples who, by following their natures, create turmoil in this furtive, heavy world. You should understand that everything that happens has a term and a cause. You, and even your elders, should evaluate situations based on the virtues of people. You may then understand the colossal providence of the Supreme Being.

In history, even though Hớn Bái Công was not a clear-sighted king, the divine mechanism had fated his dynasty to last three hundred years. He was jealous of talented  persons, was distrustful and easily swayed to doubt, and even eliminated virtuous people in whom he found no use. Anyone other than Trương Lương would get angry and complain. Lots of other foolish kings, such as the excessively lustful Võ Tắc Thiên, the corrupted Tuỳ Dương Đế, the tyrannical Sở Hạng, and the debauched Tần Thuỷ Hoàng, were also arranged by divine mechanism to stay on their thrones for a long time, despite their unjust actions against many meritorious officials! (Smiles!)  Well, that is just worldly life. It is the same in religious life; everything happens according to divine justice. The heroes with heavy responsibility to the country would have to fulfill their duties, and their merits would be reported to the divine court or recorded in history, though dismissed by those foolish leaders.

Alas! Resentment can erase such great works of the past! Some just look at the actions of others, yet know nothing about the divine will of the Supreme Being. You are aware of the situation, but don’t devote your time to create opportunities to guide living beings in time to save them! I ask you four friends, among you, who has ever suffered in life for the happiness of living beings?

(T… Đ… answered)

(Smiles!) That is nothing compared to virtuous people of antiquity. If the Supreme Being did not found the Tao early enough, even 20 to 30 years later, all current primary souls would have to re-incarnate many times more. Time has flown away quickly. Living beings are getting lost and confused, without having the torch or wisdom to light their way.

M…Ng…, do you know what would be the result? Probably not! But for the sake of your divine position, please take care of to living beings. Will you do so?

(M…Ng… responded)

(Smiles!) Responsibility is responsibility. If you like to work, any amount of work would not be enough, any time wouldn’t be early enough. When you think that it’s too early, that is because your mind isn’t made up. The Supreme Being has modified the Way out of love for His children. Couldn’t you make up your mind to become more generous, in order to deserve that love?

Unjust?  Just? (Smiles!)  Even myself, I could not determine whether it’s right or wrong. Nobody could predict the future. In misfortune, there may always be sudden luck and vice versa. It’s difficult to predict. Just do what is needing to be done. Talking about right or wrong, no one in this world with a physical body could say that they are right. Many evil events happen without a revealed cause. That is the case of discord used by the divine will, by the Three Religions Court to challenge people, or by demons to disturb the Tao. But they all lead to divine results. At the end, you just need to return to the Master with your sincere heart and all the service you have given to humanity.

The congregation was divided into three. M…Ng…, where do you like to serve? Holy See, the center, or the Delta? (M…Ng…: At the Holy See)

The Holy See is the head of the Tao. If you’d like to serve there, according to the instruction of the Master, you can go ahead. You may change your way of practice depending on the situation, according to your own responsibility, and I don’t want to interfere with your decision. But if you hesitate, it would be too late. You should evaluate yourself. Secular life is different from religious life. You should recognize your mistakes that have caused sufferings to yourself.


p. 197-199, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972

  87- Ly Thai Bach congratulates the H? Pháp for his patience and hardship in improving the congregation.

Hộ Pháp Residence, the 18th day of the 10th month of the year Ất Hợi (November 13, 1935)

Here is Lý Thái Bạch.

Greetings to Hộ Pháp, dignitaries of Hiệp Thiên Đài, Cửu Trùng Đài and Overseas Mission.

Wait for the Thượng Phẩm to release the corbeille a bec.

I come to the private residence of the Hộ Pháp, so I excuse you from the rituals. You may all stand up. Hộ Pháp, because there was no séance set up, I could not come to chat with you. Secondly, because the divine mechanism has changed, it was useless for me to come. Today because of the enthronement ceremony, I’m pleased to come here to congratulate you all. I want to thank Hộ Pháp for his patience and hardship in improving the congregation. I am ashamed for not helping. Thanks.

(Hộ Pháp addressed:…..)

(Smiles!) Needless to say, even if I would like to do anything, my hands are tied in front of a powerless Sacerdotal Council. What fortune! The divine mechanism has not been corrupted, so now I have a chance to execute my power.

(Hộ Pháp addressed: The divine mechanism has changed; I would like to return to you the responsibility of Giáo Tông, so that you may be fully empowered to handle the divine arrangements.)

(Smiles!) But I am afraid that it isn’t so. Firstly, since I have given it away, I would not take it back. Secondly, it’s easy to administer, but difficult to discipline. If you don’t have half of my power, you would not be able to run the Sacerdotal Council. So leave it as it is for now. Listen to this poem and try to understand:


The lifeboat pushes out from shore,

Saving lives before they’re drowned.

I hoist sail, Providence mans the oar,

Of this ship no storm e’er floundered.

Superior Spirits will bid you laugh

Whilst Karma’s sunk by gale,

Swing wide your evil-smiting staff,

Beat shut the doors to Hell!



p. 199-200, Collection of Selected Holy Messages, Book Two, 1972


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