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His Holiness Hộ Pháp is blessing



NO. 209                                                                   Tây Ninh Holy See

                                                                     (Religious year of twenty second)




            Must be intimate with all things that mean to study the reason of All Living Beings and Supreme Being.

            Must be bountiful and tolerant.

Must be leisured not to be selfish.

Must be calm, which means not to be affected by misfortune, fortune, sadness, joy (practice nature of nothing without contamination, may be happy and sad but do not let happy and sad strings infect nature).

Must be clement, charitable, and remissive.

Must be cheerful, equable, and decisive and must self-control.

Keep divine nature as basic. Be dutiful toward Supreme Being and Holy Mother.






The faith and wisdom are the most precious repository. Beside them, all things are valueless.

Whoever hated his enemy is not easy to keep pure mind in justice.

Whoever has no animus, will win his enemy.

The animus is biggest suffering of human beings. Consequently, the gentle human never knows it or he forgives the animus.

If wining our anger, we will not make other people angry.

Take good to exterminate evil.

Take benevolence to exterminate cruel.

Take generosity to open illiberality.

That is the path of wisdom.





            Have pure foods.

            Have pure thinking.

            Have strong faith into the Supreme Being and Holy Mother.

            Love other people infinitely.

            That is the key to open door of Bát Quái Đài [Palace of Divine-Eight Planes] on this earth.


            Holy See, dated on 14th January Đinh Hợi year/year of Pig [1947]

                                                                        Hộ Pháp







1. At Holy See, night of 14th December Canh Dần year [1950]

   Tomorrow will be the Dharma Sanctification at Celestial Cavern of Joy – Enlightenment Palace [Thiên Hỉ Động – Trí Huệ Cung]. Bần Đạo/I feel happy because I have fulfilled my special mission. Long since, Bần Đạo/I have preached the conformation of Supreme Being for many times.

Bần Đạo/I have shoulder the material dharma of Palace of Nine Divine Palace [Cửu Trùng Đài]. Building the cause for Religion is not my mission. Bần Đạo/I have helped them do that. Today is My happiest day that Bần Đạo/I am in good health to hold Secret Dharma entrusted by Supreme Being. That is my special mission.

Hộ Pháp’s coming is essentially to take 9,200,000 men of origin soul as my intimate friends who have been banished on this earth without method to be delivered. To take my intimate friends, Supreme Being asked to use the universal salvation Dharma for living beings.

Today is the day that Bần Đạo/I open the Divine gate and give a power to those Men of original soul to deliver by themselves with two Precious Treasures:

1. Fan of Exteriorization [Long Tu Phiến] of His Holiness Cao Thượng Phẩm handed.

2. My Golden Whip [Kim Tiên].

They are combined with three Invisible Circles as the Miraculous Light of Three Religions as the conformation of Universe and they also represent our Crown Chakra [Huệ Quang Khiếu].

What is the Golden Whip? It represents the Universal control electricity that location contains the electricity as energy. We reply on it to be able to open Eight Doors. In human’s physical body, there are Seven Doors and there is another one called Crown Chakra. As it is the electricity, we necessary to open it.

By clearer way, human has Five visible senses and Six invisible senses which need that Golden Whip with its enough power to open Six senses.

Fan of Exteriorization can operate Universe due trained ether to bear. It has the right to train the ether and collect it to put in energy.

The human who can obtain it reaches the Dharma. The human replies on it to cultivate Sperm changed into Energy, to cultivate Energy changed into Spirit.

That is the Secret Dharma sanctified at Celestial Palace of Joy – Enlightenment Palace. All of you see nothing but it contains an infinite unlimited dharma. The delivery is done or not done due to that only.



2. At Enlightenment Palace, 16th December Canh Dần year [1950]

at Enlightenment Palace


Bần Đạo/I like saying thanks to all male and female children of Supreme Being, foremost His Holy Body.

Now, if we know how the favor granted by Supreme Being is, this will be a happy day that we cannot describe it because we have spent for 20 years to endure miseries due to Religion to have to shoulder painstaking things towards both physical body and soul.

Nowadays, the Supreme Being has opened for us a Divine Path to Eternal Life and Bần Đạo/I obeyed His order to found a delivery station for whole humankind on this earth.

Bần Đạo/I tell you that: From this time, the Divine gate of Religion is wide-open. Bần Đạo/I call all Supreme Being’s children that whoever belongs to the rank of 9,200,000 men of original soul should be enlightened to return to Supreme Being.

This gate is the gate for you to obtain Dharma to deliver yourself in order to return to Supreme Being because Supreme Being has supported. If we do not come, think about it, you will fall into Hell surely. At this time, you must not blame the Supreme Being that: not love His children, not displays the universal salvation organ on this earth to save human beings.

Bần Đạo/I like saying thanks to all children of Supreme Being again.





3. At Enlightenment Palace, 26th December Canh Dần year[1950] at

Enlightenment Palace


Today is the important preachment day. All of your try to listen clearly to avoid the later regret. Bần Đạo/I wish all of you to listen clearly.

Before my speeches begun, Bần Đạo/I thank all of you as children of Supreme Being. Especially, Bần Đạo/I thank His Holy Body as Sacerdotal Council ardently.

Dear friends, now Bần Đạo/I release Hộ Pháp position in temporary. At that time, I am your fellow follower only. Bần Đạo/I release the Hộ Pháp position in temporary to come His children with an ardent sentiment. Hộ Pháp is also a Divine friend of His children.

The Enlightenment Palace [Trí Huệ Cung] is a universal salvation organ appearing at this Caodai gate. Bần Đạo/I tell you that: it is not ours, our special legacy but it belongs whole humankind on this earth because it represents the greatest image of Supreme Being on this earth. When it represents the greatest image of Supreme Being, there is no power, which can have the right to hold it because it is a special legacy for whole humankind as all children of Supreme Being. It does not permit the party, religion or race discrimination on this earth.


The Celestial Palace Gate of Joy [Thiên Hỉ Động] is the Divine Gate to Eternal Life of all souls. Therefore, it never accepts attachment or slavery for any thought but it represents the infinite incomparable power of Supreme Being who always creates great works for His children as humankind on this earth.

It has come. What has it come for?

It comes to make friend with His children all. It must have an ardent tolerance love, not to discriminate thought or conformation. If it unjustly contains a spirit for a direction, it will offend the Supreme Being’s infinite power.

Actually, there is no discrimination towards race, thought, and party for all children of Supreme Being as My fellow believers. Bần Đạo/I have received the Supreme Being’s order to come to make friend with His children for foremost 9,200,000 men of original soul. Enlighten for dream! For people’s conformations coming from human’s mind, there has been nobody, who holds delivery power, therefore, 9,200,000 men of original soul are still banished.

Bần Đạo/I start to call Supreme Being’s children, foremost 9,200,000 men of original soul [Cửu nhị ức Nguyên Nhân] to awake to look at Enlightenment Palace. To obtain the delivery organ, they must enter that door only to enter the Divine gate to Eternal Life that Supreme Being has created separately for each people.




4. At Holy See, 15th January Tân Măo year [1951]


 From 16th January Tân Măo year [1951] as tomorrow, Bần Đạo/I will enter Enlightenment Palace [Trí Huệ Cung].

Bần Đạo/I have heard the anomalous hearsay. Bần Đạo/I stand at this pulpit to explain its meaning clearly why Bần Đạo/I enter Enlightenment Palace.

Bần Đạo/I petition that all children of Supreme Being should know that: The Caodaism founded by Supreme Being is due to the supreme truth. The Supreme Being comes to exterminate superstition. He just carries a true Religion only.

It has two possessive powers on this earth that its existence and disappearance are under the two-power-system. Our physical life contains a limited time. After birth, it grows up to become old to die that nobody can overcome that natural law, which contains a standard law to limit our life as its conformation on this earth. Our soul is dominated by its control power that its master is the Great Merciful Father as the God.

The humankind has been superstitious for a long time. The humankind’s spirit has been duped much. Therefore, it cannot be continuous. There are two powers only without any other laws. We just use those two powers only. The other ones are the falsity.

Bần Đạo/I enter Enlightenment Palace for meditation. This issue does not tell us if Supreme Being will grant favor to us. Bần Đạo/I do not know in advance too. He grants or does not grant due to His special favor. That is the issue that Bần Đạo/I explain the superstition for whole humankind on this earth.

Bần Đạo/I enter the Enlightenment Palace because humankind offended against Heaven Law, because humankind was very cruel to create abundant karma on the earth. Bần Đạo/I assert that if there was that sin, the Supreme Being would never come to teach union for His children in order build the delivery salvation organ for His children. As there is no method to save His children’s sins, He has to come by Himself.

An evidence proves us that we see States push together into the extermination path because of their karma, because they just know their life, do not care other people’s life. Especially, our fellow creatures have killed with uncountable amount. They kill to eat, they eat to live. How old can they live? If their life maintains well, it just reaches eighty years old only. They must die. Under way, how can humankind avoid sin and karma?

The represent Religions try to seek the salvation method. They cannot find this method, they continue to find others. All states also create the United States in order to seek method of peaceful maintenance, to seek a method to avoid the mutual murder.

Alas! They reply on their talent by using intellect to find the death. The Divine power granted to them is used as a weapon by them to exterminate them. That is the atom. They use their intelligence to seek death, not to find life. They disregard their life. They do not care moral ethics and sin and karma. Their death gets just desserts.

They seek method to avoid their sins but it impossible to overcome Heaven Law because they cannot control the Heaven Law, which hold their life. Their death or life is decided by Heaven Law. They are unable to find a method to solve this issue.

Let us see 3 months that Bần Đạo/I will be kowtowing at Supreme Being’s legs, crying and petitioning to Him. We see if humankind is saved. All male, female children of Supreme Being try to help Bần Đạo/me. Bần Đạo/I wish one issue that Bần Đạo/I will be in solitary sight to connect with Supreme Being during 3 months, you try to pray to help Bần Đạo/me.

Bần Đạo/I also wish you to remember one issue that “petition your compatriot and whole humankind on this earth to be saved”. That is the luck!”

Bần Đạo/I just put a radiocasting tool there only. The failure or success is due to children’s spirit of Supreme Being.





5. At Holy See, 17th April Tân Măo year [1951]


Dear Canonized Dignitaries,

Before Bần Đạo/I interpret the spirit morality for all children of Supreme Being, Bần Đạo/I would like to thank all male and female followers. Bần Đạo/I can receive the special divine favour of the Supreme Being due to love of all followers.

From the day Bần Đạo/I entered to meditate at the Trí Huệ Cung [Enlightenment Palace/Wisdom Palace], the Supreme Being’s children maybe wondered that: What does His Holiness Hộ Pháp enter the meditation house for? What does He do? What is the meaning of entering the Wisdom Palace/Enlightenment Palace for three months?

Consequently, Bần Đạo/I interpret thoroughly what Bần Đạo/I have done for three months. That action is old, not new. The action to Religious aspect is similar to 40 days of Jesus Christ going to the desert to pray to the Supreme Being for blessing all human beings so that Jesus Christ’s deliverance mechanism for the world could be spread on over societies with favour, it is also similar to the Sakyamuni Buddha going to the snowbell garden to meditate in order to petition to the God regarding the release for all living beings.

About the earthly aspect, it is similar to the David king thinking about humankind’s sin and going to the desert to pray for a method to deliver the Israel’s misery.

It is similar to Hạ Vơ king wearing the thorn shoes, a straw hat to withstand tiredness in order to pray for his national people out of their sins.

Bần Đạo/I want to say that the invisible actions and karma of all human beings and Vietnamese have caused Me to have to withstand for three months in the dim place in order to pray to the Supreme Being to bless with special favour for them by founding the His deliverance mechanism appeared really for all human beings, and My special beloved compatriot named Vietnamese race.

We try querying that a person represents a spirit of a race named Vietnam. The moral spirit of Vietnam has got a mission in using that moral spirit to deliver the human beings, to correct the people’s cruel action in order to become a Divine drop of water of the Supreme Being. His moral divine water will clean wash the holy path to avoid the dirt. That is His extremely holy water. He use the holy water to sprinkle it to all His children, it means all living beings on this earth. What did that person have to do?

Alas! For high ambition of this period, everyone wants to carry out. The success or failure is depended on their right. The petitioner is different, the giver is different.

Harmfully, the humankind’s karma from the time of creation of this earth, Bần Đạo/I do not know when they can protect their life on the evolvement and release path. I have caused many sins without many charities. Why isn’t there a blood catastrophe?

If we see back the history within tens of year of beginning 20th century to 1951, the humankind did not have a peaceful and happy time. They just lived under the mutual kill and destruction. If there was that divine power: Nobody could release the sins of humankind, Bần Đạo/I surely assert that.

We do not love humankind more than the father who born his children. The person bearing their body and souls is Great Merciful Father. He holds the humankind’s life however, He cannot release the humankind’s sins, and He just endures to fold His hands and to shed tears because of the humankind’s karma. The Supreme Being cannot Himself have any way to modify. If there were a way to modify, I would not enter the Enlightenment Palace to petition because the Supreme Being had carried out in advance already.

Luckily! Replying on religious heart of all His Holy Body and all male and female children, special young children had made the Supreme Being touched, therefore He permitted Me to meet the Divine Power 4 times within 3 months.

Bần Đạo/I want to say that: the humankind’s fate and the fate of Vietnam are in Supreme Being’s hands. I dare to surely assert that:

The law of causality of the humankind has been able to create a joy yet.

The desirability of people can reach good result or cannot, it may be done when their mass of Divine Virtue can be greater than their carnal heart. At their time, they can reach their happy time and the Supreme Being’s release organ can be appeared.




6. At Holy See, 19th April Tân Măo year [1951]

 Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach the method of divine throne establishment. On the day of my entering to Enlightenment Palace, there were many letters of our friends petitioning to enter the Enlightenment Palace with Bần Đạo/me at the same time.

At that time, Bần Đạo/I did not know how to select souls to take them to that holy gate. I was worrying not to know method of entering Enlightenment Palace [Trí Huệ Cung], therefore there was no decision. For foremost selection aspect, I did not know how to answer. It was so lucky that Supreme Being had not seen solving method. He let to meet Religious Divine Governors. When Bần Đạo could understand clearly, Bần Đạo/I was satisfied to see that: “the Supreme Being’s True Religion is a right path with a fixe material dharma and true doctrine that it deludes nobody”. Bần Đạo/I also assert that: “people’s charm methods over doctrines will be gradually exterminated by Supreme Being’s True Doctrine all”

To establish our Divine throne, the Divine law forces us to have three services called human morality. Bần Đạo/I taught Dignitaries of Divine Alliance Palace [Hiệp Thiên Đài] already. Đức Trần Khai Pháp [Juridical Reformer Trần Duy Nghĩa] has also explained it already. It is unnecessary to discuss more. Now, Bần Đạo/I only explain why we need three services [Tam Lập].

If someone does not have three services, he will not be able to live with other ones. We are facing on the earthly organ but we have material dharma without any evidence. By that way, nobody believes Secret Dharma, which helps us obtain Dharma and reach the peak of Tao. If we cannot execute material dharma, the Secret Dharma is difficult for us. Who can we obtain the Secret Dharma? When we cannot obtain Secret Dharma, it means we delude human beings only. To have a shadow, we must have its figure. When seeing its shadow, we know its figure surely. The figure and shadow must relate together closely.

Indeed, three services are: Virtue Service, Merit Service, Speech Service. When being born on this earth without three services, the human’s value contains nothing. Those three services fix us. It forces us to have them to live in society.

If human does not have virtue, how can he behave in family and society?

If human does not have merit, he cannot live with other ones. People work hard while we idle to enjoy. How can we live with others when have not justice for others and life?

Other people are frank, good, virtuous while we tell a lie, dupe without benevolence. Consequently, although how talent a human is, but he does not have three things, he will not be able to live with others. Therefore, our position on this earth has not been fulfilled yet…




            Is doing virtue for our children and wife enough? No! Is doing virtue for our brothers in family? No, it isn’t. Is doing virtue for nation, society? It is rather better. However, it has not been enough yet. We must do virtue for whole earth and for all human beings. In order to reach that wish, no path is better that religious gate. If it was unnecessary, the Supreme Being did not need to found the religion. The Supreme Being’s method in founding Caodai religion is for us to do Virtue. There is no way to do Virtue for all human beings if we do not enter this religious gate.




   Bowl of rice, cloth, stalk of vegetable are our debts. If we are unable to pay them, it means that we are still in dept. If wanting to pay them, whom do we do Virtue with? Since we have not yet known to produce rice, cloth for me and not known my helpers; I repay to people who I am meeting. It means that I serve all human beings on this earth. Depending on their favor to help me live, I can live in order to repay favor of parents. My parents give me this physical body, but clothes. My parents can give me my mind but life on this society containing wisdom. My parents may nourish me from childhood but they cannot help me until my end of life. Consequently, the society nourishes me, I must repay that favor.

In order to repay that favor, I must do merit. However, I do not know to whom I repay that favor. It forces me to repay that favor to all human beings. Beside the religious gate, there is no way. I must enter the religious gate to serve all humankind. That is the reason why the Supreme Being opens the Religion.




            When going to school, I was swindled much by them and they only dispute together, never give divine teaching to me to let my spirit be broadened, enlightened and they never give me the honest speeches but quibble only. Thus now, I get wise not to be quibbled more. I myself find holy speeches of forebears and study to know what are good, truthful, worthy, non-worthy. For their books, I depend on those books to create my specific speeches. I find the extremely holy and good teachings. What is the purpose? I do that to imitate them to hand over the good speeches of religion. Surely, to find those good speeches, we cannot go to butcher’s, fish, shrimp shop or secular school.

            It is impossible to find those good speeches if we do not find them in the religious gate, if we do not enter this Caodai gate. The Supreme Being has come and left the Divine Messages and Three Religions have also done too. We must enter this Caodai gate to find those good speeches. When finding those good speeches, I will hand over my descendants. Wherever we get those three points. that is called as action of serving humankind.

            If I do Virtue, Merit, make good Speech on this world, I will be able to build my divine throne. When people acknowledge my three points enough, I can build my own throne.

            Actually, If wanting to enter the gate of Enlightenment Palace, it requires us to have Three Achievements [Tam Lập] called as: “SELF-IMPROVEMENT”. However, how do we know that they have already done three points enough? Even we assign the Justice Department [Bộ Pháp Chánh], it is not sure that they can investigate it successfully because it belongs to half part of visible dharma and half part of secret dharma.

            Bần Đạo/I say: “People who petition to enter the Enlightenment Palace [Trí Huệ Cung], Bần Đạo/I consider cursorily to transfer perisprit to meet the Divine Power. If they have Three Achievements [Tam Lập] enough, they may come in. If they do not have them enough, they are impossible to come in”.




5. At Holy See, 15th May Tân Măo year [1951]


Bần Đạo/I have ever promised about preaching Secret Dharma. This is very difficult to preach. Bần Đạo/I will reveal its whole essence to preach that Bần Đạo/I cannot preach all enough at this pulpit. If there is no obstacle about the trick, Bần Đạo/I will interpret for all children of the Supreme Being to thoroughly understand, to know the Supreme Being’s secret dharma put in this His true doctrine.

Actually, Bần Đạo/I have a desire of seeking a method to help to His Male and Female children have a firm belief that that belief may become a Holy light of wisdom to guide His Holy Body on the Eternal Divine Path named the delivering path.

What is the Secret Dharma? It is the Religious conformation to the material aspect, it means the Sacerdotal Council’s conformation named the Holy Body of the Supreme Being on this earth. That is the power controlling the universe, named the incomparable power in the Supreme Being’s hands. He came to His children to hand over a power with full methods, capacities to save themselves.

Our Taoism and Confucianism explain the spiritual conformation in order to show the material conformation. It has no image, but how reasonable! The Taoism and Confucianism consider us as earthly guests, consider this earth named 68th earth is “Earthly house”. We are the guest, this earth is the house. How profound! There is nothing to be compared and to make this issue clearer.

We try thinking that the whole boundless mysterious organ of the Supreme Being created in the universe and the material substances. We can see in front of us, we know that everything is created from the relative natural law. If there is the relative law, essentially there must have the contrary landscape. Due to the law to create the conformation, if there is the image, the landscape exists, if there is the relative law, there must have the contrary landscape. It means, if there is the image, the shade must exist. If there is no shade, there is no image.

We try thinking about the relative law. Primarily, we observe and see that life in the sleep and sleepless time. Sleeping is to live with all souls, staying up is to live with all living beings. We may observe two contrary cases of living to compare with the universal law, we will see nothing difficult. That means there is life and death. There is nothing strange. How we are when living, we will be us so after our death. We are the guests of this earthly house when living, we will return to our homeland after our death, it means we enter the Eternal Holy World.

Now, we try thinking how two aspects have an intimate relation to us. Simply, we compare scientifically that when staying up, we hope something and do something in our normal activities, when sleeping, we will dream and say something as a contrary landscape of our life, it means our sleepless time of life. Staying up and sleeping belong to law of life and death. There is the life, surely there is the death. How our activities of life are, after death, they will intactly appear in that way. Therefore, there is nothing strange.

Now, interpreting about Holy aspect, it means our soul. I say that each individual as a child of the Supreme Being always has his position long since. The law never changes. We see the secret dharma of the Sakyamuni Buddha, He has obtained the secret dharma and put the method of delivering on the earth. We wonder why the Supreme Being did not put “Three Noble Truths”: Old, Ill, Dead to lead the True Doctrine, but Supreme Being let the Sakyamuni Buddha enlighten Three Noddle Truths. When the Sakyamuni Buddha enlightened Three Noble Truths, the Supreme Being added one “Born” Truth more. It became Four Noble Truths: Born, Old, Ill, Dead. The Sakyamuni replied on the Supreme Being’s secret dharma put ahead so that He could obtain the delivering organ. To avoid Four Noble Truths, do not create any cause. There is the cause, surely there is the effect. If we want to avoid “Born, Old, Ill, Dead”, we must liquidate all Effects. That is the evident truth. The Secret Dharma was given to the Sakyamuni, surely the Supreme Being may give to each His child to deliver oneself.

If His Holiness Lao-Tzu (老子) had not been a Minister of the Châu dynasty, if He had not gone to the bibliography, library of the Châu dynasty to open the Eight Diagrams handed over by Phục Hy (宓羲), He would not have obtained the dharma surely. He studied the Eight Diagrams in the library of Châu dynasty, it means the Secret Dharma of the Supreme Being given to Lao-Tzu. When understood Eight Diagrams thoroughly, then He became a repute Head until now.

Now, we interpret the case of the Jesus Christ, the present reputation Head believed by thousand races of Europe about His moral aspect. If there had not been 40 days of meditation in the desert, the Supreme Being would not have come to Him. If he had not been seduced by demons, His Secret Dharma would not have revealed.

Now, interpreting Confucius, He was born at the chaos stage of China divided into Nations (from the century III to VI before the Christian Era). If he had not got any misery on His way of humanity and social misery with invader’s fight, if He had got misery to position and fame, If He had got misery to His spirit because of filial piety, He would not have surely seen all races, it means all His compatriots. I think that His Confucianism never exists.

If the Supreme Being did not put His Holy Body 60 years ago, before founding a Religion, If He did not order Immortals to descend down the earth to create the image of Divine Beings of Nine Heavens, and He did not widen the Bạch Ngọc Kinh (Jade White Palace) door on this earth, the True Doctrine of the Supreme Being would not surely appear here.

How mysterious for the Supreme Being’s true doctrine! It has taken His boundless power to create the Material Dharma. For HIS Secret Dharma, He depends on the essential souls. He creates the positions of Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha on this earth.

Consequently, Bần Đạo/I want to say that our Caodaism door may be considered:

A place we see off our friends, and a place we welcome our friends. There will have more and more children of the Supreme Being seen that Secret Dharma. Because it is has just been opened, its image is still not clear. Someday, it becomes perfect, the Supreme Being’s children will see how its Holy object is. Believe in the Holy Body of the Supreme Being vehemently, so that the Supreme Being changes the earth and human beings and blesses human beings with happiness.




8. Enlightenment Palace, night of 25th December Canh Dần year [1950]


Mediums: Hộ Pháp, Tiếp Đạo

Pen holder: Thừa Sử Lợi




            Greet Hộ Pháp, Tiếp Đạo and Thừa Sử,

            (Smile)…Hộ Pháp, if you see the boundless joy at Diêu Tŕ Palace and Ngọc Hư Cung [God’s Court] from the day of precious dharma sacrament, your hardship can be considered worthily.

            The Supreme Being feels happiest. For female friends, there is one thing that Eighth Immortal: “That friend does not let others have joy with her”…(smile)…Eighth Immortal sent a poem and Bần Đạo/ I cursorily send it.



Mở rộng đường mây rước khách trần,

Bao nhiêu t́nh gởi nhắn nguyên nhân.

Biển Mê Cầu Ngọc liền phàm tục,

Cơi Thọ Sông Ngân tiếp Đảnh Thần.

Chuyển nổi Càn Khôn xây Vũ trụ,

Nhẹ nâng Nhựt Nguyệt chiếu Đài vân.

Cầm gươm HUỆ chặt tiêu oan trái,

Diều độ quần sinh diệt quả nhân.


-         Hộ Pháp!...Diêu Tŕ Palace intimates that: “Holy Mother wants to visit”. Please kindly decide the welcoming day.

            Hộ Pháp: kindly let Holy Mother have complete decision.

-         Thus, Bần Đạo/I address: 7th January [lunar] at 12am midnight. Can Hộ Pháp manage?

-         Hộ Pháp: Yes. Will Tiếp Đạo hold the séance?

-         Yes, nobody except Tiếp Đạo. Thank you.






9. Enlightenment Palace, night of 9th January Tân Măo year [1951]




            Greet Hộ Pháp, younger brothers.

            Tiếp Đạo, you hold pen so that Holy Mother [Phật Mẫu] descends for teaching! Smile…unfamiliar in writing, so write slowly. Hộ Pháp and you take note in see carefully.




I/mama greet God’s order Executer [Thiên Mạng].


Hộ Pháp, listen….


Từ vô cực vào trong giới cảnh,

Mới để tâm so sánh Tiên phàm.

Chẳng trừ ô trược dương gian,

V́ thương trẻ mới băng ngàn viếng thăm.

Vầng Thiên sắc độ phàm thoát tục,

Đóng phong đô giải ngục đoạ đầy.

Máy linh cơ tạo nơi tay,

Giác mê cứu đám lạc loài nguyên nhân.

Nên ôm rải hồng ân khắp thế,

Bỏ ngôi linh gương huệ trau giồi.

Cơi Thiên định vị phân ngôi,

Vạn linh gặp hội phục hồi thiện duyên.

Từ khi sơ để khuyên buổi trước,

Nay duyên may, mừng được con nên.

Chừ nay đă toại thừa nguyền,

Độ sanh vững nắm chơn truyền Chí Tôn.

Đă thấy nẻo Thiên môn rộng mở,

Hội Long Hoa rỡ rỡ soi đời.

Nhập vào Thiên Hỉ an nơi,

Cơi Tiên cảnh tục một vời không xa.

Con đă biết quyền già cùng trẻ,

Mạng Chí Tôn đă để đủ phương.

Cứu ngay độ khổ là thường,

V́ rằng Bát phẩm chơn hồn Mụ sanh.

Hễ làm Mẹ quyền hành dạy trẻ,

Con đừng lo mạng Thế thi Phàm.

Huyền-linh Mẹ chịu phần cam,

Ban cho con trẻ vẹn toàn pháp môn.

Độ cho hết các Hồn Địa-giới,

Độ vong-linh từ ngoại Càn-Khôn

Cửa linh cầm Phướn chiêu-hồn,

Độ trong Cửu Nhị Nguyên Nhân nhập trường,

Các chủng-tộc c.n đương tầm ngỏ,

Soi huệ-quang cho rơ cửa Thiền.

Máy linh để sẵn diệu-huyền,

Giải-căn đợi kẻ hữu duyên định phần.

Con nên vui phận an thân...


            Tiếp Đạo, re-read for all Female disciples and let My children know that: “Mama/I sends greeting to them”.






10. Preachment of His Holiness Hộ Pháp done on 30th May Quư Tỵ year [1953]


            What is the Phạm Môn [Buddha Gate]? Why is the reason of Buddha Gate appearance?

            “Phạm Môn” is the Buddha Gate. “Phạm” is Buddha. “Môn” is the Gate. It is the Buddha Gate of doing Buddhism’s doctrine.

            In “Collection of Divine Messages” at page 119 upon Preachment Poem containing a four-sentence Poem that the Supreme Being gives:


“Tỉnh ngộ xá thân tại Phạm Môn,

Khuyến tu hậu nhựt độ sanh hồn.

Vô lao bất phục hồi chơn mạng,

Tỉnh thế kỳ thân đắc Chánh Tôn”


            What does “Tỉnh ngộ xá thân tại Phạm Môn” mean?

It means that the Supreme Being calls His children to awaken soon to sacrifice their life to the Buddha gate [refer Caodai religion].

Khuyết tu hậu nhựt độ sanh hồn” means that advise all living beings to try improve their religious life according to the Buddhism’s discipline, so that they will be delivered from earth.

Vô lao bất phục hồi chơn mạng” means that the Supreme Being teaches His children that if there are no merits and difficulties in religious life, there is no way to return the divine throne.

Tỉnh thế kỳ thân đắc chánh tôn” means that in this 20th century, the Supreme Being open Buddha gate widely to save all children, only advise us to awaken, ignore secular things, sacrifice life into the Buddha gate in order to take over sufferings in religion. By that way, we naturally reach the peak of Religion.

Dear Male and Female Nominated Dignitaries, this poem was given by Supreme Being written in the Divine Messages passing over twenty years. However, less people pay attention to deep meaning with many hidden magic and mysteries in Religion.

Because of secret screen, it is too difficult to understand it. Though, there were many people who could open that screen. Consequently, the human being can enjoy the Supreme Being’s holy water [cam lồ] blessing for all human beings.

As the earth was too cruel, the Supreme Being descended down earth to open Religions for His children to know that many of Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha have been descending in volunteering to save earth. The more they descended, the more they lost way. At the period, Bần Đạo/I obeyed the Supreme Being’s command to open Caodaism, the Supreme Being asked me that “When obeying the command and descending down earth to open the Religion, will you firstly open Secret Dharma or Visible Dharma?” Bần Đạo/I replied “Open the Secret Dharma”. The Supreme Being said “If you open the Secret Dharma firstly, you must bear sufferings. While the earth is in competition and cruelty, if you firstly open the Secret Dharma, the Earth can see all secrets and mysteries of Religion and gather for scramble together for destroying. How will Religion become? Hence, the Visible Dharma [Thể Pháp] is opened firstly. Though the earth is too cruel with competition or destroying and the visible body is exterminated, it is still harmless because if Secret Dharma still exists, the Religion will still exist”.

The Hiệp Thiên Đài [Divine Alliance Palace] keeps Secret Dharma.

While the Cửu Trùng Đài [Palace of Nine Divine Planes] widens the Visible Dharma in order to spread the True Doctrine, for Divine Alliance Palace, Bần Đạo/I obey the Supreme Being to open Phạm Môn [Buddha Gate], use secret screen to cover all actions that less people understand those.

Over ten years of sufferings in Buddha gate, I was patient to create such visible body. Harmfully, the devil lord knew the mystery. Thus, they cooperated the government of France to study essential mysterious meaning of Buddha Gate and they immediately gave command to close the Buddha Gate. However, it born hundreds and thousands of departments of Charity Body.

From the day of Charity Body’s appearance to this time, for all human beings of Male and Female entering this Charity Body [Phước Thiện], many people reached divine thrones evidently as things in Great Merciful Father’s poem that Bần Đạo/I have just read it above.

Dear divinely nominated Dignitaries of Male and Female, the Caodai religion founded in third period by Supreme Being is essential to save 9,200,000 people of original soul mixed in Disciples who are finding the way to divine throne.

The school creating Saints of Religion has been widely opened by Great Merciful Father. However, how harmful! The concierges are too selfish and strict and Charity Body-Buddha Gate appears to call in desperation. However, the rank of People of original soul [Nguyên Nhân] cannot enter because of closed door. Hence, when the salvation for human beings be carried out completely?

In the Collection of Divine Messages, the Supreme Being also says: “For people on this earth, if they want to be rich, they must find method to create property. The Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha who want to reach divine throne, must have merit. Your Master/I come here to establish a Merit School.

Consequently, if you want to reach divine throne, you must come to My school to have examination. You will never reach peak of religion if going to other gates”.

Actually, the Charity Body-Buddha Gate is the Supreme Being’s Merit Examination School readily founded everywhere. All villages, hamlets also have department of Charity Body for all disciples at bucolic location to take examination, to make merit, to reach divine throne that the Supreme Being gives His children readily.

The Charity Body department-Buddha Gate is a pronoun of whole humankind, not for any individual. Nowadays, the secret curtain has been opened already that we can see it clearly. It is not hidden as previous time.

Hence, Bần Đạo/I want Male and Female holily Nominated Dignitaries and Two-Sex Dignitaries to widely open the Divine Door, so that 9,200,000 People of Original Soul can gradually step on the Supreme Being’s merit school.

In general, Buddha Gate-Charity Body [Phạm Môn-Phước Thiện] is a school of Soul, a 12-step Divine ladder that Supreme Being readily puts in Third Period-Universal Salvation of earth evolution to call all His children to try to step on. One by one gradually steps to the top of that Divine ladder. It is the time we meet our Master and it is the happiest time in the Divine world.





11. Preachment of His Holiness Hộ Pháp: Sight: No.3


            The Enlightenment Palace belongs to (mountain).

            This is the Third Path: “True Meditation-Secret Dharma”.

            Whoever is People of Original Soul with ready inner morality, needs to cultivate Sperm becoming Gas, becoming Spirit, becoming Nihility, becoming Nothingness. That is the Inner Morality.

            The nothing mentality reaching three things of nothingness means that people can give up Fame, Interest, Power and they can reach the Dharma to return to origin, which is the origin of True Meditation, which means that we combine Three Religions. Using the virtue to establish power is the true doctrine in order to return the Divine throne.

            Whoever has inner morality should study the following:

            Sight number three: Reclaiming the soil of Enlightenment Palace. As this Palace belongs the Secret Dharma, it appears Saints. This Palace officially combines Three Religions. The Enlightenment Palace is meditation house of Female belonging to the Palace of Đức Diêu Tŕ Kim Mẫu [Holy Mother]. As when the visible Dharma was founded with hidden inner Secret Dharma, the Dharma was put here on 15th December Bính Dần year [1950]. The inauguration and Dharma Sacrament at Divine Joyful Palace-Enlightenment Palace [Thiên Hỷ Động-Trí Huệ Cung] were done with three wu-wei circles: Yellow, Green, Red.

            The Red branch just concerns Green branch. The Green branch concerns Yellow branch in order to represent Dharmakaya [Pháp Thân], Dharmadhatu [Pháp Giới], Holy Dharma [Pháp Thiên]. It is to unite Sperm, Gas, Spirit, is the Tao. This Dharma is moved to put here from Holy See in order to the visibility of Three-Religion combination or Universe.

            We having inner morality need to cultivate heart because the Secret Dharma helps to reach wu-wei mystery and order. The Saint must obey Immortal, the Immortal must respect Buddha’s cabala and Buddha must obey the power of God who is the Supreme Being in order to maintain order and clear throne to make the Universe and world steady and concord.

            The Caodai religion opened at Last Period [Hạ Ngươn] must do “phản tiền vi hậu”. It means that we must open the gate Saint, enlarge the path of Immortal, then establish the door of Buddha. Consequently, it is called “Tam Kỳ Phổ Độ” [Third Period-Universal Salvation].

             As the Heaven Gate opens the Buddha Gate, Holy Gate opens the Elysium Door; we feel secure to enter the Meditation Gate which is the Buddha Gate.

            The Enlightenment Palace is the Third Path of Great Way. If discussing the name of “Great Way”, which is wu-wei of Dharma. Hence, the visible ensign is Three Wu-Wei Circles: Yellow, Green, Red. The sight of emptiness is the Secret Dharma. Consequently, the visibility must be established with Dharma sacrament put at Enlightenment Palace. The transverse hang refers the justice of Buddha, Immortal, Saint connected together to represent Three-Religion combination without any separation. And the With Cloth, White Dharma controls union and unifies that it is the mysterious subliminal secret.

            We are disciples with religious faith, hence we must have faith and wisdom about reason of Tao in order to understand the True Dharma. In order to cultivate the mind, we must make character pure. It means that we make our spiritual mind purely white to own whole visible body for holding life of all human beings. Đức Quyền Giáo Tông [Interim Pope] in throne must wear white dress. Thus, the right of all living beings is the People.

            Đức Quyền Giáo Tông is he Eldest Brother of all Living Beings, thus he wears white dress. Whether there is, 8 words on dress and hat: ☰ (God),☱ (Lake),☲ (Fire),☳ (Thunder),☴ (Wind),☵ (Water),☶ (Mountain),☷ (Land) represent Eight Diagrams [Bát Quái]. Entering the Eight Diagrams [八卦] is to enter Ngọc Hư Cung [God’s Court] which is the Supreme Being’s Holy Body on the earth (body aspect).

            The Dignitary of Divine Alliance Palace [Hiệp Thiên Đài] wearing the white dress refers that the power of all Living Beings [Quyền Vạn Linh] is opposite to the power of Supreme Being [Quyền Chí Linh]. Consequently, the white is decisive for other colors. Thus, in order to have a True Tao as wu-wei Buddha gate without appearance which is upright, we must have clear conscience intention in order to return to original one which is the basis of reaching the peak of Tao. It is thanks to the True Doctrine.

            The Dignitaries of Nine-Divine-Plane Palace [Cửu Trùng Đài] belong to Nine Thrones of Immortal [Cửu Phẩm Thần Tiên]. Consequently, the Nominated Ranks from making merit are selected Branch by Đức Lư Đại Tiên [Great Immortal]. When promoted Rank must not be changed Branch, it represents Three Religions and belongs the Secular Branch that means the Secularity belongs to the Religion.

            The Nivirna World [Thế Giới Cực Lạc] belongs to the Religious Branch [Chi Đạo]: His Holiness Hộ Pháp divides Twelve Divine Ranks [Thập Nhị Đẳng Cấp Thiêng Liêng]. Consequently, hence making merit in Charity Body Sacerdotal is to reach Thrones. Three Ranks of Saint Branch, Three Ranks of Immortal Branch, Three Ranks of Buddha Branch include nine Ranks. Three Ranks promote Grades enough and they receive same Three-Color Command String [Sắc Lệnh] for Male and Female in order to represent the soul. Consequently, especially this Sacerdotal belongs to Hộ Pháp.

            When attending to offer to Đức Diêu Tŕ Kim Mẫu [Holy Mother], all males and females also wear same white dress although dresses of Giáo Tông or Hộ Pháp must be put outside. It implies that mandarin’s title is available against somebody, but when returning to Mother, everybody is mutual brothers belonging to the great Divine Family without Dignitary name; the Tao is in justice.

            The Divine Dress and Three-Color Command String of Charity Body’s Dignitary are for holding service to the Supreme Being at Holy See or local Temples only. They must not be used for going outside because that way is unlawful. The Great Dress must be used as civics because the Three-Color String of Command belongs to the Dharma.

            If we want to enter the gate of True Improvement [Tu Chơn] as Buddha Gate [Phạm Môn], it forces us to give up all appearances. Consequently, we must give competence. As “High power is difficult to reach high throne”, the Divine Sight to Eternal Life [Cảnh Thiêng Liêng Hằng Sống] is from Bonnet, hence the knighthood must be separated. Thus, the Tao is in justice. If holding power, it is unlawful in wasted merit, difficult to purify mind, unclean, difficult to be delivered.

            Hộ Pháp has let us know in advance that: The Charity Body Department is the Visible Dharma [Thể Pháp] put in society. Consequently, the dignitary nomination is temporary. When the Rank is promoted into Đạo Nhơn returning the gate of True Improvement, he may descend down Minh Đức Rank for instance because this gate belongs to the hidden merit and wu-wei virtue. The Tao attainability depends on Heart, does not depend on appearance, dress, exterior power. Only throne attainability in this was takes eternal value.

            When we want to enter the gate of True Improvement, we must wonder ourselves whether our conscience has been true yet. If it has reached already, we are resolute to create hidden merit. The Virtue will reach Dharma at the Buddha gate to be elevated and metaphysical that it forces to have enough Three Achievements [Tam Lập]: speech, attitude and action. Just a minor thing also completely belongs to Tao. By that we, we can reach the delivery path.

            Actually, attaining the Tao is too arduous, difficult. We must practice to be perfectly faithful, perfectly unfeigned to gradually reach Perfectly Saint [Chí Thánh]. It means that it is perfectly good as Perfectly Goodness [Chí Thiện] in order to reach the mysterious delivery.

            The gate of True Improvement is to select virtuous people having Faculty Condition [Căn Tu] in order to establish the Saint Time [Đời Thánh Đức], to establish the Ancient Time [Đời Thượng Cổ] of “Tam Hoàng Ngũ Đế” [Three Kings-Five Kings: 三皇五帝] that the Ancient Time is the Time of Nghiêu Thuấn [帝舜-帝堯] that people lived in group and house’s doors were unclosed, nobody took dropped property. The time of Bright Virtue [Minh Đức], New Citizen [Tân Dân] are the innocence.

            The Religion is opened with the Register of Caodai Dignitaries [Tịch Đạo] of Thanh Hương and they lived, worked in group without class, old, young Male, Female and “Kỳ Lăo Phạm Môn” [Old people of Buddha Gate is not the Hospice for the Aged.

            The old people or weak people undertake slight jobs, keep public property. The strong healthy youths establish many campuses, work honestly, enlarge agriculture-industry-commerce activities in order to create many interests to meet public life. It means that they share food in justice, eat in same Vegetarian House [Trai Đường], do charity and justice, help together in accident, assist solitary and invalid class, nourish old people and children with full love, act charity, support helpless people... Doing them is to deliver the physical body. In the Religion, the respect life of all Living Beings is to reach the exceptional Dharma, to deliver the soul aspect in the Buddha door of humanity and mercy.

            The Gate of Thiên Hỷ Động [Divine Joyful Gate] is the Divine Door of Eternal Life, is the door to the Heaven. We establish the visible legacy [nghiệp hữu h́nh], which is symmetrical to the sight of Sight of Supreme Being as God. The legacy on this earth contains no private thought.

            This door is for people without discrimination of Religion or Secularity, race. Everybody who wants to enter the door is welcome but it requires to have enough Three Achievements [Tam Lập].

            The Enlightenment Palace is True Dharma [Chánh Pháp]. Consequently, the visible Sacrament is put there, so that power of All Living Beings can see that clearly to obey he Dharma, in order to save 9,200,000 People of Original Soul. Replying on the Supreme Being, (Hộ Pháp) loudly call people belonging to the rank of Man of Original Soul that, be awake to lead to the Enlightenment Palace [Trí Huệ Cung] in order to attain the delivery to enter the Divine World of Eternal Life.

            The delivery gate is the door of Bạch Ngọc Kinh [White Jade Palace]. However, the religious followers feel contempt and the thought of the Meditation House for Womankind is not is the unclear thought of Secret Dharma.

            This salvation door saves enough 9,200,000 Men of Original Soul. The Souls of whole Vietnam are not enough. Hence, it must unify whole world, all races of world to meet the salvation enough.

            The Enlightenment Palace [Trí Huệ Cung] is the Salvation Agency appeared in this Caodai gate, which is not private without Religion, Party, race discrimination for people coming to reach the delivery. Consequently, it is helpful for Secularity, Religion and everybody has right to come for improvement. However, we must follow the Law of True Improvement gate.

            The Enlightenment Palace has been established in mysterious form with 12meter-height, three floors with each same one. Four sides include each 12 square meter-side as a box. At the middle, there is a pillar sustaining three floors called “Nhứt Trụ Sang Thiên” which is mysterious [One Pillar drops Heaven].

            The visible form belongs the Wu-Wei of Dharma Branch with no appearance, with nothing but it contains the mystery, boundless dharma, unlimitation. Consequently, we adore the invisible Father, Holy Mother. At the time of Mouse, Chicken, House, Cat [12am, 6am, 12pm, 6pm], three acts of bell are done enough. Each act contains 36 ringing tones of Yin Yang. Totally, 72 tones are to awaken the human beings standing up for meditation.

            In four-time service, four prayers are chanted as following:

1.      Bài Niệm Hương [Incense offering]

2.      Bài Khai Kinh [Prayer Beginning]

3.      Bài Ngọc Hoàng Kinh [God Prayer]

4.      Bài Phật Mẫu Chơn Kinh [Holy Mother prayer]

After offering Tam Bửu [Flower, Alcohol, Tea] for chanting Five Invocations [Ngũ Nguyện], the service is end. The Four-Time Service [Tứ Thời] has no incense, light. The Tao is wu-wei, thus holding the service also reaches wu-wei. It is the True Dharma [Chánh Pháp]. Though where we stand or sit, when hearing the tone of bell, we immediately stand up for “Ấn Tư” [Join two hands at Tư], turn to direction of Enlightenment Palace [Trí Huệ Cung] for meditation. Only Divine Joyful Cave [Thiên Hỷ Động] or Temples around it are authorized to hold service with enough Yin Yang at the same time. It means that the Father and Mother worship is accorded that it belongs to the Tao.

The wu-wei praying is from Heart. In spite of going over Enlightenment Palace, we must stop when hearing the tone of bell.

When we improve ourselves, we need to seek the reason why the Caodai religion appears and the combination of Sperm, Gas, Spirit [Tinh, Khí, Thần] is to reach the peak of Tao. Thus, the Supreme Being forces us to offer “Tam Bửu” [Triple Refuges] enough and completely. It is the Secret Dharma.

§  Triple Refuse of Heaven: Sun, Moon, Star.

§  Triple Refuges of Earth: Water, Fire, Wind.

§  Triple Refuges of Human: Sperm, Gas, Spirit.

The Heaven has three treasures to nourish all living beings, to bear all living beings rotating from daytime tonight, from light to obscurity. The Earth has three treasures to harmonize wind and plants become fresh upon four seasons-separation: Spring, Summer, Winter, Autumn. The human depends on those three treasures to reach Immortal, Buddha when disciplining Sperm, Gas, Spirit to reach the peak of Tao.

In the Divine Alliance Palace [Hiệp Thiên Đài], there are three Branches: The Dharma Branch [Chi Pháp] is in middle, the Secular Branch [Chi Thế] is on the left, the Religious Branch [Chi Đạo] is on the right. Those represent Sperm, Gas, Spirit as Three Refuges. The Heaven, Earth, Human are Tam Tài [Three Essential Elements of Universe]. On the Divine Alliance Palace [Hiệp Thiên Đài] of Holy See, the power of All Living Beings is ultimate, the Secret Dharma is front. The Divine Mystery is “Phản tiền vi hậu” [Return first thing, carry out the last one]. Consequently, wherever Thượng Phẩm stands, the Tao is there.

The Thượng Phẩm belongs to Religious Branch [Chi Đạo] as the Host with enough power to control Meditation Houses [Tịnh Thất]. Thus, Enlightenment Palace [Trí Huệ Cung] belongs to the conk of Prajna Boat [Wisdom Boat] of Divine Way [Thiên Đạo]. Hence, Thượng Phẩm as the Chairman stands at boat head. Thus, the people of Charity Body are Thượng Phẩm’s disciples as Immortal students, but nobody understands that.

The Buddha Gate establishment means to open the Buddha gate. At the first time, Bần Đạo/I selected 72 disciples to create enough virtue in order to found Meditation House for weaker sex as Womankind.

Master/I established it completely and do sacrament eternally. In future, if I depart this life, the mankind will compare and establish the “Vạn Pháp Cung” [Dharmas Palace] at Điện Bà Mountain as Meditation House of Mankind [Nhà Tu Nam Phái] [Las word of His Holiness Hộ Pháp made speech at office of Charity Body Sacerdotal on 6th January Ất Mùi year [Year of Goat-1955].

The Phạm Môn [Buddha Gate] is the forebear showing the path, basing nothing to create the visibility, taking the wind to create the form. Those rely on Wise Bonze’s guidance.

The delivery creation is the “Thiên Hỷ Động” [Divine Joyful Palace] – Trí Huệ Cung [Enlightenment Palace] for human beings coming to make merit, hidden virtue with enough 3,000 achievements of suffering that we are vilified but we happily face on it to steadily step on the Third Path of Great Way easily. Depending on cultivation from True Dharma of receiving the religious sufferings, ignoring us to create public enterprise for people, we can reach the holy path to enjoy the leisure in Divine world. That is due to the pre-destined fate.

Consequently, as we improve ourselves later, we must follow forebear’s example. In order to have True Cultivation in Buddha gate, we must purify our mind, let mind be clean, not to let it observe dust of world because it is not easy to be delivered.

As people have innate goodness, good fate and improvement from many previous lives, they clearly know the true Religion of sublime and mystery. Our religious way has books and Master. Hộ Pháp handed over book teaching “Oneself Improvement” as golden rule [Khuôn vàng thước ngọc]. The follower of True Improvement needs to try to study by heart to study sentence by sentence in order to enter the Third Path of Great Way.

We must cultivate it by heart and understand discipline, then study Ten Commandments [Thập Điều Giới Răng]. If we gave up Law, we were not Master’s disciple, how would we be able to enter “Bạch Ngọc Kinh” [White Jade Palace]. As the mind cultivating to return nothingness replies on opening the mysterious hole under sternum [Huyền Quan]   , the improvement without wealth and fame is called Religious Heart.

The Heaven is the reason which is extremely wisdom covering the whole universe. Just the find of nothingness reason helps us attain the Dharma, helps us gather earthly eyes into the Mind to become Throne of Universal Monad [Ngôi Thái Cực] as the Divine Eye [Thiên Nhăn], in order to see Three Wu Wei Circles of Dharma Branch [Chi Pháp]. That is the Secret Dharma put at the Enlightenment Palace – Divine Joyful Palace that all of us can see that. There is nothing, empty, but the Visible Boundless Dharma [Huyền Pháp Vô Biên], metaphysical world exist inside.

The improvement to be delivered with success or failure just depends that thing.

If the believer of True Improvement does not purpose of sacrament of Three Visible Circles, how can he be delivered from six passions [Lục dục], seven feelings [Thất t́nh], how can attain the Six Supernatural Powers? It is untrue path.

The bonze in Enlightenment Palace is a very lucid bonze. Ringing the bell is the True Dharma. Ringing 36 tones hints 36 Heaven Planes gathering enough Yin Yang as 72 Globes. It is mysterious. If we did not follow the law of True Improvement, which means that we do not stand up when the bell rings for praying, we would never reach the delivery.

Consequently, the bonze holding the Dharma has mission of ringing Bell: Mouse time, House time, Cat time and Chicken time. Otherwise, we lose the Dharma.




Dated on 10th Oct. Kỳ Tỵ [Year of Snake-1989)


Rounded Rectangle: 110 COMMANDMENTS
of His Holiness HỘ PHÁP was especially gave for Disciple of Buddha Gate-Charity Body-Divine Joyful Palace
1.        Must strictly follow law of True Doctrine of Supreme Being.
2.        Must be completely pious with Family-Parents, completely upright of husband and wife affection, complete responsibility of father.
3.    Must observe fasting.
4.    Must keep away party.
5.    Must enforce charity, help alone people, look after the old, nourish children.
6.    Must not usurp property of human beings.
7.    Must consider people as brothers in blood.
8.    Must not be ungraceful to master, unfaithful to friend.
9.    Must live as Sage, do not commit an offence of being thankless.
10. Must love all people and animal, respect life to be matched with divine nature of Supreme Being as Lord of life.






























Rounded Rectangle: The His Holiness Hộ Pháp’s speech done at old Female Cardinal House [Nữ Đầu Sư Đường] made by wood in 1946 at meeting with enough Holily Nominated Dignitaries and all Male Female disciples when he just come from foreign country:
            “Before going abroad, I had given you 10 Items of Precious Treasures. If you enforced, you would be a Saint on earth that you did not go anywhere.
            Saints of Two Palaces bear witness for My speech on this earth and divine world”
He read 10 Commandments for Sacerdotal and Disciples.
Đổ luỵ Thầy phân cũng nghẹn ngào,
Các con đau Thầy há vui sao!
C̣n lời c̣n dạy chim chung tổ,
Vắng tiếng vắng khuyên ngựa rẻ tao.
Xét quấy lo tṛn nhân đức trước,
Độ đời mới vẹn nghĩa ân sâu.
Thương nhau phải lúc chung vai gánh,
Danh giá đừng quên Đạo đứng đầu.
Enlightenment Palace, dated 15th Jan. Year of Cat.
The Old Board of Enlightment Palace-Buddha Gate



























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 Kỷ niệm Mùa Xuân Di Lặc

 Năm Bính Thân (2016)

 Khai Tâm Quách Minh Chương