Thiển nghĩ đến lời Thánh Ngôn Đức Chí Tôn truyền dạy: “Vậy Thầy khuyên các con đứa nào có trí lực bao nhiêu khá đem ra mà thi thố, chớ đừng sụt sè theo thói nữ nhi, vậy cũng uổng cái điểm linh quang của Thầy ban cho các con lắm. Các con hiểu à”. [Thánh Ngôn Hiệp Tuyển Q.I]. Với lòng trắc ẩn, ưu tư về mối Đạo vàng, người dịch chí nguyện truyền tải lời vàng, tiếng ngọc của Đức Hộ Pháp hầu đóng góp vào cơ xiển dương phổ hoá triết lý của Đại Đạo. Với tài hèn, sức mọn trước biển Đạo Pháp vô biên, người dịch không sao tránh khỏi sự sơ thất trong việc chuyển dịch. Ước mong sao tài liệu này sẽ được những bậc cao minh xem xét, tu chỉnh, hoàn thiện để dâng lên Hội Thánh Đại Đạo.



I think about the teachings of Supreme Being: “So I advise you that whoever has mental power much or less, he should use, do not be shy like female characters. That is very useless regarding to the sacred light blessed by ME” [Collection of Divine Messages, Volume I]. By compassion to precious Religion, I wish to translate preachments of His Holiness Hộ Pháp, containing sublime philosophies in order to contribute propagation to Great Way. Due to limited ability in infinite Tao, I may not avoid error in translation. I wish to be corrected by intellectuals, so that the book will be respectfully submitted to Sacerdotal Council of Great Way.


 Khai Tâm Quách Minh Chương

Holy Letter of His Holiness Thượng Sanh.






No.: 121/TS


( 45TH YEAR )





Respectfully addressed to: Hiến Pháp [Juridical Renovator]

Chief of Justice Department

Ref.: Sage letter No.: 15/ĐS dated 12th June 1970

Dear Gentle Brother,

In according with your suggestion, I agree to let Department of Religious History publish to propagate His Holiness Hộ Pháp’s Preachments from 1946 to 1955 at Tây Ninh Holy See.

Selected lessons for publishing must be censored by Bible Censoring Department.



Holy See, 14th May Year of Dog

(17th Jun. 1970)





These preachments in this book are the precious speeches of His Holiness Hộ Pháp, a Head of Great Way - Third Period - Universal Salvation, a great man of generation, so the edition and collection Board was founded with Đức Thượng Sanh’s agreement to promote the edition and collection toward those Preachments. Now, this work has been obtained a satisfactory result, consequently the Board carries out to print for all followers to comprehend these precious speeches.

In the History Religion Board of Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation, the Easter-Wester, ancient and modern books in library are available for researchers and believers. The books of “Preachments” of His Holiness Hộ Pháp will be stored in this Library for readers coming to study.

His Holiness Hộ Pháp is one of predecessors founding the Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation, who firstly implemented Three Ways: “Virtue way, Service way, Speech way”.

About the Virtue way, He is the first person who followed sacred call to found a Religious source for all humankind to enjoy the great favor of the God - Supreme Being.

About Service way, He both did the virtue way and did service of founding religion. From nothing, he created the material things, held the winds to create a Great Work of Religion on this earth. If he was not a Venerable Man, how could he be successful?

About Speech way, He handed over the precious speeches in Preachments that we are reading. The readers and all followers should pay attention that there are other sublime teachings.

For the sake of Juridical Renovator [Hiến Pháp] of Divine Alliance Palace [Hiệp Thiên Đài] holding the position Chief of Religion History Board, I respectfully introduce this precious book to the readers that these book are worthy to be handed down forever.

Yours sincerely.

Juridical Renovator Trương Hữu Đức.





For each chaos, it is the time books become bait for the fire. Looking back the history: events of “Part of Books”, appropriations of book happened as a corollary toward history events. This status has been lasting for era; those are the methods of malefactors in targets for carrying out the Ignoramus Policy and Strict Acculturation.

Those sad experiences are reasons pushing us to try to carry out collecting these documentaries.

We think that: “If documentaries of prayer-book were just stored in a concentration place, it could not prevent cruel people destroying books”. Consequently, we have decided to make many copies for many entrusted people who were faithful to the Religion to be able to die in order to preserve Immortal’s speeches that He represented the God to preach the Tao.

If the situation changes unfortunately, the separations of books will happen again. We think that among these separations of books, some will be fully kept by the enthusiastic people.

This work is not a work of a person or an association but a work of nameless persons devoting all abilities in order to serve the preserve ideal for the dogmas tradition of Caodaism. While this book is giving to you, there are some passionate persons exhaustedly slump down in acting this ideal.



Our action was not a superficial idea in a short time, but an aspiration during the chaos. We always prayed the Supreme Being and Mother Buddha/Holy Mother to be blessed that we could a fortune chance to act that aspiration.

Nowadays, the vista of the sky has been bright, the aspiration has been completed. We would like to fully submit to the Sacerdotal Council all documentaries written and collected by us in years with following up the purpose of preserving the precious speeches of His Holiness Hộ Pháp.

From this time, the copyright fully depends on the Sacerdotal Council. We would like to hope that the Sacerdotal Council authorize to be censored and published so that everyone can know the cherish teachings of His Holiness Hộ Pháp that He loved to teach us when He was here, on this earth.

Holy See, 15th June Bính Ngọ/Horse Year (1966)

Shorthand Department










His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at Holy See at night of 1st January, Ất Mùi year [24th January 1955]

Today is the new year eve of Ất Mùi year [year of Goat]. Similar to previous years, Bần Đạo/I remember this time of 15th October Bính Dần year [Tiger year] for beginning Đinh Mão year [Cat year] that the Supreme Being founded the Tao at Từ Lâm Tự pagoda [Gò Kén]. At this night of that year, after attending the ceremony and holding the automatic pen apparatus of séance, the Supreme Being asked all HIS children to be present at place: “I/Master raise the pen apparatus, all of you cross under it, so that I Bless you”. His Holiness Cao Thượng Phẩm and Me were pulled up by the Supreme Being in the middle of the Great Altar to raise the Pen Apparatus so that HIS children crossed under it.

Bần Đạo/I obey the Supreme Being’s order to Bless all male and female children of the Supreme Being at this night. All of you pray to the Supreme Being blessing with “Divine Favour”. His favour will be covered all of you.



Tonight, Bần Đạo/I do not preach, but read the letter that I have sent to all Vietnamese. Attachment with this letter is my “Manifesto” to Heads of States and leaders of race in the world. Bần Đạo/I will explain the letter cursorily.

Now, Bần Đạo/I read the letter that I have sent it to all Vietnamese.


Dear all Vietnamese compatriots,

In the beginning new year of Ất Mùi year, Bần Đạo/I pray to the Supreme Being by heart to grant the divine blessing to all Vietnamese to quit from the mutual murder and chaos soonest.

Bần Đạo/I would like then to speak out some speeches to all Vietnamese.

For almost indomitable ten years of delivering the dependent yoke, of obtaining the independence for nation and race; all compatriots have been contributing many drops of blood and miseries. The fight standpoint to obtain the freedom and happiness of race after 80 years of domination induces each Vietnamese citizen’s intense compatriotism to trend to the Independence and Union for fatherland.

How harmful! the fight structure for that target has separated the race into many methods and wills: Vietminh and National Mass.

Although they are Vietnamese compatriots with methods of fight, do their nouns and marks perhaps have ability separate children of a nation, a race and consider as mutual hostiles?

How painful! The mutual murder has happened because of different definition of methods and nouns used in sighting task.

From the 9th March 1945, the national liberation began. The methods applied to seek glory for nation has not obtained completely. Conversely, it occurred the disaster of land separation. From 17th parallel to Southern area, it belongs to National mass. From 17th parallel to Northern area, the Vietminh controls it. Disaster of separation of two Emperors in the past happens again.

Bần Đạo/I make a question: For whom did that struggle for slavish deliverance bring the interest?

Is it because of the Nation and all compatriots? What induced this Vietnamese race to be separated? If there is one race, there must have one Nation only. We try questioning: who created the internal chaos of race? Was that the power of foreign country, which made our race separated?

Two international policies are the society democracy doctrine and society communism, which promise that the humankind will modernize and reform society because the present society organization has brought disappointment to humankind much. It has brought the pains more than bliss. Two sides also promised to seek an amendment method to seek the good and destroy the bad. That promise is still alive to the humankind’s miserable mind for foremost poor civilians and backward nations, who always wish that the achievement comes soon.

Those two new society doctrines are fighting together to meet the whole humankind’s confidence on this earth. Their fight is very drastic and chaotic with an enough power to separate the humankind into two senses of purpose.

How harmful! The humankind has not seen any bliss except for a mutual tragic drama. We should let our belief follow the time and space for their failure and success, but at this time, we have been suffering pains too much. We want to lend for interest, but we have not seen any interest because the promise was done by mouth only without engagement and at this time, we lost our capital seriously, painfully and unjustly.

The race catching the shadow and ignoring the real thing of Vietnamese is always in that way that made a disease of race. The Compatriots will ask that which method Bần Đạo/me use to prevent damage. Bần Đạo/I will only answer simply:

- Whenever all Vietnamese are awake in their National soul, they will be able to stand and protect their life firmly at that day.

- Whenever the intense compatriotism of Vietnam is delivered from the situation of exploitation to transform into a holy torch sacrificed to their National altar, they will can stand their Nation and race firmly at that day.

- Whenever the mind of Vietnamese esteems the past to fix their destiny to be a powerful nation with enough prestige against the world, in order to fix the national destiny due to their ability without relying on foreign power, they will be able to deliver from the dependent yoke over spirit and material.

The current position is the Northern Vietnam is dependent under the China Communism, the Southern Vietnam’s life is in hands of other country. Consequently, we cannot know on where we can rely to reach peace and security. If this situation elapses continuously, the peace that they have ever promised is a visionary peace only.

Bần Đạo/I wish and petition to all compatriots to be lucid to fix our destiny and future ourselves.

Bần Đạo/I am welcome to wish all families enjoying the bliss.

Bần Đạo/I also sent this letter to the Saigon broadcasting station. It was broadcasted already at this time of tonight.

Bần Đạo/I reckon that the yoke of national separation will make the humankind painful and dangerous that we cannot imagine about it because of the destructive power of modern weapons for foremost atom bomb.

If the humankind does not attempt to seek peace and bliss from the Supreme Being’s divine path, the humankind will be destroyed. If the humankind is in distress of destruction, it is because of their sin. There is one issue that Bần Đạo/I want to let the France know: “This race is not familiar with independence. There was nothing, which could prevent  their fight in delivering their slavish yoke over China in the past. Hốt Tất Liệt [忽必烈] had dominated all nations in Europe, but he met an utter defeat when going to Vietnam”.

Bần Đạo/I petition to two governments to unite together in oneness. All Vietnamese do not discriminate party, Religion to unite together, not to separate into two.

Bần Đạo/I pray that they are lucid to fix their future. Our future is dominated by us that we do not need any petition. Especially, Vietnam wants France to speak to America that the Vietnam has overturned France’s power and they never need another power replaced.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp’s teaching on occasion of spring wish of Religious Organs to Him on 1st January, Ất Mùi year [Year of Goat]

Dear Supreme Being’s Holy Body [Thánh Thể], Canonized Dignitaries of Two Sexes, the Great Merciful Father’s beloved children, today Bần Đạo/I am honored because the Supreme Being has granted a favor to let me have a pleased life of awakening path. Qua/I need to speak one necessary issue to all Supreme Being’s children, so that all you understand thoroughly.

Before opening the Caodaism, the Supreme Being had said: if there is a new Religion, which brings us an incomparable bliss, it is still not interesting. For that reason, the Supreme Being used our internal Way as our Ancestor’s Way to found an International Religion. My happiest thing is that point. Despite of being a Religious Head of an International Religion, it requires to ignore my blood, spirit, courage, will. If it was not due to our Ancestor’s favor and virtue, how could such this feeble race in Orient enjoy an incomparable favour? For just that amount, we also find that we must sacrifice our life bravely to return to favor of that highest and noblest Spirit.

My friends of Hiệp Thiên Đài [Divine Alliance Palace], you have been present from the embryo to this time. When the Religions just appeared, you came to share all miseries in painful situation and glorious situation. Nowadays, nobody is better than you about directing the Religion. The Tiếp Đạo [Religious Legislator] reminded my two journeys to Europe and Asia to make the Religion’s fame glorious.

Dear friends, we sacrifice one life to be a sinless crane, a crane of peace. Nobody knows that the Supreme Being also used His crane to replace white dove that people call it as a dove of peace, but there is no peace. The mission of a divine crane forces us to carry the Tao on this everywhere on this earth. If whichever race on this earth does not know the Tao, fault will belong to us.

Actually, although our mission is painful, tiresome, Bần Đạo/I have not felt satisfied over spirit aspect, over the deliverance and solace for people. At this period, you find that the humankind is so painful that we cannot describe to it. For pain of body and spirit, the Supreme Being has entrusted the misery saving flag to you, thus you need to seek the method to deliver the humankind from misery. If Bần Đạo/I did not shoulder a special mission at the beginning time, you would not perhaps pay attention much.

Now, my old body is impossible to suffer tiresomeness as I have done before. However, I still attempt to execute. Bần Đạo/I find surely: among 9,200,000 Men of original Soul, they do not only live in Vietnam, but also live everywhere under other races.

It is very pitiful that although the Supreme Being’s Holy Body has not executed their mission, their spirit and conformation are lucid and bright under the Religious shadow.

They are waiting your shadow of misery saving flag very much. You attempt your step more because of the divine army who has been following the Supreme Being to escort Him from the world creation. The Supreme Being’s Divine teaching shows: Bần Đạo/I am a Divine Bodyguard [Ngự Mã Thiên Quân]. That dignity and noble power must execute the mission with one question:

Can we repay to the favor, replace the Supreme Being’s image to execute His mission? If we cannot do that, we will be ashamed when we return to the Divine world and meet Him. Although I just have my final breath in any situation, Bần Đạo/I determinedly obey the Great Merciful Father’s order to reduce pains of His children. I think that you have a will as me.

Dear Canonized Male Female Dignitaries replacing the Supreme Being’s image, Bần Đạo/I wish you to look at His children who are miserable and unlearned about moral spirit that they are shorted of decisive spirit for their destiny. Moreover, they are also shorted of the spirit to protect their life. We find that we need to teach, support and solace them.

Indeed, the Supreme Being’s Holy Body replacing His image is hurried to create position for His children. The image shadow of Canonized Dignitaries replacing the Supreme Being’s image is meaningless, but the importance is that the Divine parallel value is compared with the Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha only. If our younger brother creates a divine throne and escape from the reincarnation, our fortune will be so great, much less that at this time, whole Supreme Being’s Holy Body is displaying the path to help them step on thrones of Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha. Bần Đạo/I think that there is not any other mission, which is honorable and noble as this mission.

They have been suffering many miseries of Secular aspect and Religious aspect. Nowadays, the Supreme Being’s Holy Body lets us receive a mission to guide the posterity. There is only one good method for us to protect us from error that for our mission over our posterity, we have one method only, which is our love for them. Although that love goes through foolishness, stupidness, disgrace, we always love and love them only. The love helps us execute our mission fully that we needn’t find other method. Dear children in Charity Body, your Sacerdotal Council of Charity Body [Hội Thánh Phước Thiện] is the Sacerdotal Council of Divine Alliance Palace [Hội Thánh Hiệp Thiên Đài]. Our group has only over ten persons, thus we have no method to solace all Supreme Being’s children.

Over ten persons transformed into you who are our personification to replace us to seek method to deliver the people from misery, in order to make the misery saving flag given to us by the Supreme Being, forever continuous.

This year is the most important called as the year of peace. You should believe so, you believe the peace by your mind. The peace is the time that you solace people in miseries and that is your peaceful sight.

In your mission of replacing our image to deliver people’s misery to overcome the nation’s trials, you may see a painful sight that you cannot describe invalids, miseries, obstacles and all adversities.

You may see the current circumstance that the Northern compatriots leave their legacy to move to the South. How pitiful! Qua/I am afraid that under their discouragement, they become sorrowful and weary. You see them and support, uphold their life. Qua/I scare if the mistreatment and disgrace happens after love for them. In that case, we feel so ashamed for our race. Qua/I entrust our mission via the personification to you to solace house to house, one by one under their pains.

Dear children in the Nation Independence Recovery Association, for things that your Master/I was impossible to execute, you replace me to do. The children in Military also do the same. Is it possible that Master/I ride a horse and help you do your mission? You have sacrificed your blood through your important mission of saving nation, people. Nowadays, it has reached an achievement as Master/I wished that although the 17th up-or-down parallel is separated in people’s sight, your spirit never contains that conception because where your misery saving flag, as the Flag of Life Protection and Humanity appears, that place is your Divine fortune of family. Master/I am afraid that you do not set foots on locations, and those locations are still miserable. Master/I am afraid of that point only. For the work of Nation Independence Recovery Association, is it possible that Master/I am involved in politics over against people? Master/I am Vietnamese; I fight to seek a good future for Vietnam. There are many things that you can execute them, but Master/I cannot do, you have methods to execute while Master/I have no method. Indeed, long since, all victories are due to your service, not due to my service.

Master/I only contribute through speech. Such your path is very long of a half way. You get attempt and get lucid how to make your Divine mission represent the image of your race. You have avoided one issue of people’s temptation and bribery, thus Master/I have a peace of mind and find that the Nation Independence Recovery Association never yields in front of bribery. For that reason, Master/I entrust a part of the world change organ to your hands. Master/I praise for your victories in past years. Especially, the point, which makes pleased, is that your civilian affair organ is corresponding to me. You get attempt on path of civilian affair.

For Northern compatriots, Bần Đạo/I used to say that: the beautiful land bequeathed by our Ancestors from Nam Quan Pass to Cà Mau has been exchanged by much blood of race. There is not piece of land, which does not belong to our sovereignty. You should remember that. Do not feel sad because of emigration from the North, get attempt on work more. Long since, the history shows evidence that if there is a national accident that is the time we unite together. The Northern people and Southern people do not know together. They just consider others as being foreign people; this point is most dangerous.

Nowadays, we naturally meet an union method. All compatriots in spite of Southern people or Northern people get attempt on a necessary thing to and develop the infinite love that our Ancestors bequeathed in our mind, with methods of unifying strongly and closely. Although it is tiresome, you still get attempt to execute it. That execution will recur as two Emperors of Tây Sơn in the history; which means that it happens according to the map of National union of Nguyễn Lord that in order to have a national union, race had to unite all abilities together.

How harmful! there is the most misery that from the time of our Ancestor’s civilization, of National Religion, we were controlled by people under the destruction of nation and race. For this reason, this situation happens. If there was not Việt Minh, our national history would reach a glorious page.

The Northern compatriots should remember that this land is your land that you are not putting up at other people’s land, but you are living in your family of your Nation. Thus, do not be sad to attempt to unite together for National union.

Bần Đạo/I would like to give a good wish to all Supreme Being’s children.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp’s preachment done on 8th January Ất Mùi year [Year of Goat]

  Tomorrow, Bần Đạo/I will go to the Celestial Palace of Joy [Thiên Hỉ Đài] to preach the reason why the Supreme Being was waiting for 30 years in building His Temple. I think that most Supreme Being’s children of two Sexes have known this point well.

            Actually, today is the anniversary of Caodaism propagated into the international scope. If we mention the its propagation to the international scope, we should also mention the current situation of all powerful nations on this earth. Especially, the Supreme Being’s children perhaps know the humankind’s current situation under contrary doctrines well. They fight to obtain the essence of humankind on the earth. 

Bần Đạo/I need not to discuss to avoid offensiveness, but I just say that: It is not correct that they was wishing that thing. By a heart without fame and wealth, Bần Đạo/I assert that: two groups, which want to usurp the humankind’s essence to be the world lord, are two Doctrines such as Democratic Society and Communism Society. 

We find that their fight standpoint steps in the drastic stage because of mutual fight. Bần Đạo/I do not know and guess how they will act over against. We pay attention to one point that whenever they cannot use reason to solve together, it forces them to use the weapon for resolving. At that time, there will have no solution to solve their mutual fight. 

One side just fights artfully, deceitfully according to character of hooligan, who always to win people for all actions, to ignore the gentlemanlike character. That is the mass of Communism, who relies on their ability to become haughty. 

We depend on the diminutive issue to discuss the major issue. When we live in a society together, all Supreme Being’s children always find that if we live next to them, they only know the power as the hammer and axe, take the fight, their crafty character to be their tool. 

The proverb tells: one persons says nonsense, nobody cannot retort. If somebody expresses reversely, they use hammer to make threats against him. It is a thing that the honorable man scares most. Therefore, there is no special method to dominate them, dominate cavemen who use the Communism doctrine to fight for victory only even they ignore the charity and morality. They fight for life to create their bliss even they do despicably, small-mindedly. They just care to enjoy their bliss. 

For Democratic Society, they are the colonialism using all properties of compatriots, gathering all people’s wealth to be their strong power. We find that if we take two sides to put on the Just balance, they are same without any strangeness. One day, people will be awake to find that we were a tool for them to act play to make us miserable. People will be awake not to let them exploit any more despite of the vile play of Religious Heads or parties of robbery. If all people do not look at them, people are not close to them; they will disappear from our sight. They think that they are strong and other people will scare them, thus they still maintain the zeal to hold their prestige. Whenever people hate not to look at them, they will disappear naturally. 

Whenever feeble nations do not let them exploit from those two parties and those nations self-control, people will obtain the peace. Only that method helps them become peaceful. If one person is impossible to do, many persons can combine forces. If one nation is impossible, many nations combine their forces to act over against their power to dismiss those two masses to reach the peace for people.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp thanked guests and exhorted Caodai Soldiers on Troop Dispatch Ceremony on 9th January Ất Mùi year [Year of Goat]

 Dear Mandarins and Dignitaries of Secular aspect and Religion, Bần Đạo/I firstly lower my head to say the thanks to all compatriots of both sides of Religion and Military with full attendance to make the ceremony more solemn and glorious. Bần Đạo/I lower my head to thank you all again.

             Dear all compatriots, Bần Đạo/I would like to state for the current destiny of Nation and race, which are running to an important stage because it is the time for our difficult stage to fix the future destiny. Especially, Bần Đạo/I would like to gently advise writers, historians that after over nine years of night, it is time for your important mission because we must fight over spirit and intellectual aspect if we do not want to say: we are continuously fighting over psychology aspect. We think that over nine years of reclaiming the independence for Nation, you have got the history readily and one day, you will bequeath a national history with a framework like our Ancestor’s old spirit to the next generation under your pen, which is that the indomitable will under 80 years of domination induced our compatriots to retrieve to reclaim the independence of our Ancestor’s Nation. Such that beautiful nation forces us to sacrifice our blood. The Celestial Law on this earth of antiquity and the present time is same that there is nothing that we can beg. We must exchange by an amount how to be parallel with the value of thing that we want to have it. Alas! The thing that all compatriots want it is too expensive, previous without an imagination, thus we must pay by an expensive price of over nine fighting years. 

            Dear compatriots, writers who are leading our race’s spirit and mind at this time, you perhaps have one question at your leisure: For the Religious path as a National Religion that its character obviously becomes a Religion for world, what is their solution when they are facing on the national disaster? 

            At your leisure, you maybe make such that question. For that situation, we try thinking that which path do the intellectuals choose? Especially, after my exile of 5 years from foreign country to fatherland in 1946, you perhaps know the national situation thoroughly. Bần Đạo/I confess that at that time, Bần Đạo/I was hard-pressed with no exit. One side as Vietminh took advantage of patriotism of all compatriots to found a nation saving organization. Due to that strong force and power, they took destiny of race and Nation from South to North. If their structure was a true national structure, the obtainment and National union would be done and obtained already.

             How harmful, the people had to look at two directions of two masses. Especially, people looked at the mistake of Communism that people relied on that mass to fix the future of nation and race. That was the first mistake.

             If their direction could bring a victory for nation and race, Bần Đạo/I think that it is not necessary to speak out, but all compatriots can understand how it was. It is same to the situation of a servant with a new master. We look at the independent flag, but the dependence is same to previous time. Thus, how can we race bliss? Harmfully! This side fights over people, other side still fights over people. This side is Vietminh, other side is France, National mass. Two dangers are in front of people.

             Dear all compatriots, please help me point out one path. There was only one path that our Ancestor bequeathed. The path of over 4,000 year-civilization is the path that Bần Đạo/I must step on. However, to step on that path, we can not count miseries because we have sacrificed blood of Caodai Soldiers who created bastion to protect race’s life under the flag of “Life Protection-Humanity-Universal Concord”. If all compatriots understand its psychology, you will shed tears as me.

             Once, Bần Đạo/I declared that Caodai Military would appear to be a partition of death to let race live, to protect race’s life, to preserve the Ancestor’s humanity bequeathed. Bần Đạo/I used to feel so painful.

             However, when I think about the Divine noble mission, it solaces me a little bit in my mind.

             Caodai Soldiers from Non-comissioned Officers and Master Officers to Soldiers, Master push you again to sacrifice to save your race and Nation. With such this future and destiny, you continue to fight over to obtain the independence for your race and Nation.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp poached on 12th January Ất Mùi year at the office of Charity Body - Sacerdotal Council on Inaugurating Ceremony of Palace

            Today is the Inaugurating Ceremony of Palaces at the same time of Holy See’s Inaugurating Ceremony.

            Firstly, Bần Đạo/I visited Palaces of Divine Alliance Palace [Hiệp Thiên Đài] and Nine-Divine-Plane- Palace [Cửu Trùng Đài]. Bần Đạo/I went there only, did not preach. Bần Đạo/I come to the Office of Sacerdotal Council of Charity Body [Hội Thánh Phước Thiện] and let you know the purpose and reason why the Sacerdotal Council of Charity Body appeared. Due to the Religious Constitutional Law [Pháp Chánh Truyền], the Supreme Being came to found the Sacerdotal Council o Divine Alliance Palace [Hội Thánh Hiệp Thiên Đài] and Sacerdotal Council of Nine-Divine-Plan-Palace [Hội Thánh Cửu Trùng Đài]. Before the Supreme Being came to hand over authority of Religion as the Celestial Law, He had intended to open the door of Twelve Heavenly Creators [Thập Nhị Khai Thiên] to pace the misery saving flag on this earth, in order to save all His 9,200.000 Men of Original Souls [Cửu Nhị Ức Nguyên Nhân]. The Supreme Being entrusted to the Divine Alliance Palace. In Divine Alliance Palace’s Dignitaries, there are 15 Fifteen Zodiacal Dignitaries. Among 15 Dignitaries, there are 4-5 person receiving the order only. The Supreme Being asked the brother Cao Thượng Phẩm with mission of saving the world. He exited to leave the heavy burden for me that Bần Đạo/I used to say in the New Year ceremony at Great Terrace of Universal Concord [Đại Đồng Xã], at Sacerdotal Council of Nine-Divine-Plane-Palace, at the Sacerdotal Council of Charity Body of Hộ Pháp, as the Divine Alliance Palace. The Sacerdotal Council of Charity Body replaces the Divine Alliance Palace to save whole humankind from misery, but how can 4-5 persons of Divine Alliance Palace found the misery saving organ to obtain the Dharma? The Supreme Being asked to found the Dharma Branch [Divine Alliance Palace has three Branches, such as Dharma Branch, Religious Branch and Secular Branch] while the Religious Constitutional Law does not stipulate it. Bần Đạo/I relied on the Supreme Being’s poem to found it, even souls are being banished everywhere, they will rely on the Buddha gate to return to Him.

            The poem is:

            “Awake, sacrifice body to Buddha gate,

            Attempt to cultivate for deliverance.

            No merit, no way to return to old throne,

            Awake to offer body to obtain Dharma”

            According to that Supreme Being’s poem, Bần Đạo/I founded the Phạm Môn [Buddha Gate] to produce the Twelve Ranks of Divine Throne [Thập Nhị Đẳng Cấp Thiêng Liêng]. If there was the Buddha Gate, there would be impossible to found the Sacerdotal Council of Charity Body. The word “Phạm” refers the “Buddha”. “Phạm Môn” implies the “Buddha Gate”, does not imply the surname of Phạm. In the past, there were many persons saying that Bần Đạo/I founded the Phạm Môn [Buddha gate], it meant that the foundation was due to my surname “Phạm”. Bần Đạo/I was like a partition to suffer everything. Why did not Bần Đạo/I reincarnate in other Families such as Nguyễn, Trần, but reincarnate in the Phạm family to suffer misfortune? For those disputes, Bần Đạo/I did not care them, but I just always attempted to finish the achievement. Due to the justice, Bần Đạo/I stand here to confess that the Religious fortune, which can exist here, relied on the Phạm Môn/Buddha Gate. If there was not Buddha Gate/Phạm Môn, Bần Đạo/I would be steadfast here. The Supreme Being had appointed me to receive 72 Disciples. Among them, there were 36-37 persons serving the Religion. At that stage, Master and disciples had to suffer misery to seek method of building the fortune, but people overturned to such extent that the foods from six provinces to the Holy See were also prevented to let us be hungry. How pitiful! Disciples were disheartened to follow Bần Đạo/me determinedly until the time of building the Sacerdotal Council of Charity Body. Actually, the tiresomeness of Phạm Môn’s brothers and sisters were at empty hands to build the Religious fortune. They relied on nothing to create the Religious conformation, relied on nothing to create visible conformation as the Misery Saving Organ appearing from the Sacerdotal Council of Charity Body, which is their important obligation. In recent time, in front of us, Orphanage [Bảo Cô Nhi], House of Funeral Ceremony [Khách Đình] with full rituals. Thus, Bần Đạo/I tell you who go to the Holy See, to use medicine. If you take medicine to become good, it is alright. If the health does not get fine, they let the House of Funeral Ceremony of Sacerdotal Council inter by any way. Besides, they have to also take care of building the great Religious conformation. Bần Đạo/I also mention the its greatness, do not mention the diminutive fortune of building the Trí Huệ Cung [Enlightenment Palace] called as the house of cultivation for Womankind.

            One appearance, which is being begun building, is the Vạn Pháp Cung [Dharma Palace] on the mountain, called as the Rest-Home, which is the Cultivation House of Mankind. The nowadays religious conformation has appeared in front of all human beings. Everybody feels touched because in the past time, there was the physiognomy without the image. Nowadays, both physiognomy and image appeared fully, thus the progress of Charity Body Sacerdotal Council becomes steadfast from this time that there will have no obstacle, which can prevent the Supreme Being’s misery saving organ to be stopped. Bần Đạo/I let the Sacerdotal Council of Charity Body know that: From this time, the Sacerdotal Council of Charity Body can be secured.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp explained the Apostle’s Merit in the Cremation Ceremony on 15th January Ất Mùi year

            Dear Male Female Canonized Dignitaries, all Supreme Being’s children, Religious Youths,

            All Supreme Being’s children perhaps make a query about the meaning of Holy See’s Inaugurating Ceremony and Cremation Ceremony of Apostles.

            It is not strange that you need not to seek meaning on this earth. All followers of all Religions always desire for their enlightenment in their religious life.

            The Prophetic saying of antiquity shows:

            “Predestined to meet Third Period-Salvation

              The title will exist perpetually”

            The quaint point is for us to select the path and obtain the enlightenment skillfully.

            For all national civilians, there are many Venerables and intellectuals for two sex. Why didn’t they compete the position of Mr. Lê Văn Trung, Mr. Cao Quỳnh Cư, Mrs. Lâm Hương Thanh, Mr. Lê Bá Trang? Is it possible that there are at all only? There will have others more.

            Alas! If we think about their merit in their life and there are people who seek their great Divine fortune, they will crave for such those thrones too much. Their fame is worthy in that way. Our Religion and our mission are their personification. Did we make their Divine value more precious and sublime?

            All Supreme Being’s children understand that the Bát Quái Đài [Eight Trigrams Palace] is the soul of Religion, is the seated Palace of Supreme Being and Divine Spirits. The Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha have  sought them to obtain one position there for their seat. It is not easy for one person in one life to obtain such that throne.

            Male Female youths! Think, seek a future fortune, know the esteem or disdain, firmness or fragility, value or valuelessness. Bần Đạo/I think that all Supreme Being’s children have decided method and path already.

            The fire will burn those Apostles, who will transform into Divine torch to make the Caodaism brilliant, to call the humankind’s spirit, so that they seek their deliverance path, their path of saving them from misery. It is also a Divine Torch to guide all Supreme Being’s children’s spirit and His Holy Body.

            For their fame and merit, Bần Đạo/I need not to discuss again. I just find the Great Merciful Father’s divine call in the embryo time of Vietnam’s dependent yoke. Their fame, fortune could be destroyed by the oppressing power to make their body miserable and to also make their future fame miserable, however they also ignored it. Only the divine call of Supreme Being was important for them. Especially, they left the secular life to serve the Religion. All Supreme Being’s children will make a question: Ooh! …Why did Hộ Pháp consider them under a same position because of different merit?

            Bần Đạo/I only reckon definitively that for Law, Bần Đạo/I act as Hộ Pháp, although how the chaos was, Bần Đạo/I only used the power to preserve the Supreme Being’s True Religion only. Besides, they are my friends, my noble brothers. Secondly, all sins of traitors in front my sight are meaningless. Their real or false value will be impacted by the divine torch to flare up the Vietnam’s national Soul, as the ancient spirit and ancient civilization. That is the most important thing.

            All Supreme Being’s children should remember that point.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp’s preachment done at Holy See at night of 30th January Ất Mùi year [Year of Goat]

            Dear Male Female younger brothers and sisters, tonight Qua/I do not preach, just talk you. I apology to Canonized Dignitaries as the Supreme Being’s Holy Body.

            In last time, Qua/I invited the Chiefs of Religious Town [Khâm Thành] and Chiefs of Religious Area to go to House of Hộ Pháp [Hộ Pháp Đường]. Qua/I preached the Great Assembly of Dragon and Flower because it will happen in this Holy See. You also know well that the great Religious fortune is due to your hands despite of Female or Male. The Supreme Being has been coming here for 30 years to say frankly that: The Great Merciful Father is a poor old man expressing in two sentences:

            “Nothing and solitary shows poverty,

            The legs rely on a branch of white lotus”

            He says that He is an old man to come to use one automatic pen to found His Holy Body and entrusts a most important mission, which is to found the fortune for all His miserable children. You try thinking that we are not a lord of this world or a nation. We are here with a pair of empty hands. Nowadays, Qua/I have overcome a distant due to the Great Merciful Father’s guidance and your sacrifice of tears to build such this Religious fortune. If we admit a real status, we confirm that it is not enough rich, but it is a shade, a common Temple, so that His miserable children rely on His Merciful shadow.

            You also know well how your sacrifice value is. Qua/I do not need to explain in detail. In this chaotic stage, Qua/I and Supreme Being’s Holy Body know your up-down situation, know how your life is destroyed. Your difficulty is to protect the younger generation as the entail future of Religion. We should not have pushed you to make you tiresome for your mind, so that you gradually step ahead due to the Supreme Being’s favor of guidance, provided that you gradually go ahead, but you do not stand still.

            Over 30 years, Qua/I have been living with you and His Holy Body. You look back and find that your brothers become old. I am 66 years old. Is it possible that Qua/I live eternally with you to help you forever? This great fortune can be maintained due to your will. You must attempt on your path. Nobody knows when your Ancestor’s path happens again, so that they enjoy the bliss and fortune from you. It is unfortunate that the divine mission that the Supreme Being has entrusted, contains many things, which force our attempt to execute things urgently, which the Supreme Being had predestined. You also know the Đại Tường Prayer [Major Beauty Requiem Prayer], the Supreme Being says:

            “Genesis Heaven under Religious Head,

            Maitreya Buddha holds power of deliverance.

            Descend to amend the true doctrine,

            Universal salvation opened, Hell disappears”

            Qua/I needn’t explain those except the last sentence “Universal salvation opened, Hell disappears”, do you understand it? From this time of opening of Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation, the humankind until the end of world, the Hell disappeared. The Pluto’s invitation of Ten Courts of Hell will not exist anymore. You will not be fallen into the Hell anymore. You have not been dominated by the power of Ten Courts of Hell. This is the most important thing.

            “Dragon Flower Assembly selects Buddha”

            The Dragon Flower Assembly is opened to select a Buddha or many Buddhas.

            “Nirvana exterminates demons”

            The Nirvana mops up demons, who will not go around there.

            “Descend via Hộ Pháp Di Đà,

            Run Evil Control Staff to exterminate demons”

            Those are easy. Everybody knows well.

            “Gather visible Religions in oneness,

            Examination for Immortal and Buddha”

            It is an examination for Immortals to obtain the Buddha throne.

            “Amend world from bad to good”

            Qua/I do not need to explain that sentence.

            “Keep life due to Supreme Being’s love”

           In next year of Rat, the Assembly of Dragon and Flower will be opened to select the Buddha throne at this Holy See. You must attempt to do in time. Qua/I make sure that you will not catch the time. If Qua/I exit in advance, that sin will belong to you, not me. Remember that. Qua/I attempt on loyalty to Religion, on filial piety to the Supreme Being [Đức Chí Tôn] and Holy Mother [Đức Phật Mẫu], thus Qua/I only desire one issue that your Divine blood current can enjoy an important favor but Qua/I do not know when you can have it and Qua/I have no right to fix it in advance. Qua/I promise and wish how to induce your Divine blood current to see the Supreme Being on this earth, with His Divine power as He has ever gone to the Tibet Temple. When we mention the Tibet Temple to where the Supreme Being went, Qua/I should report the story, so that all Supreme Being’s children can understand it.

            In 1917, when the Communism usurped the Russian Empery, the feudal Mandarins of Russia had to flee. Except for the Red-Skin Russian, the White-Skin Russian had to flee from their massacre. Among them, there was an Earl fleeing to the Tibet with His some friends over twenty persons. The Dalai Lama [達賴喇嘛] heard their misery and obstacle and loved them so much, he then protected and took care them.

            Dalai Lama was Buddha King of Tibet. You know well that he did not stay in the Tibet as a hiding persons, but he protected and nourished other people. One day, the Earl felt sad and remembered His wife and children because he went there alone and His mandarins also left their family in Russia. The Dalai Lama understood the Earl’s feelings. Nobody understood that He preached to the Earl. One day, the Dalai Lama made preparation to enter the Holy See. He worn dresses strangely from other normal days. That induced mandarins surprised to ask him. He could not conceal. He confessed that: “Tonight, the Supreme Being comes”. The persons in misery situation felt very happy when hearing the title of Supreme Being. They asked: “Can we enter the See to meet the Supreme Being?” The Dalai Lama answered: “You just follow me”. He guided them to enter the Temple. They queried with a question: “how can we know the Supreme Being’s coming and How does the Supreme Being come?” He answered: “I advise you that when you see bells around the Temple ringing at the same time and you hear the sound of horse running loudly, that is the time the Supreme Being comes”. The Dalai Lama guided them into a room with muddy light. He took the Earl and other people to the room and asked them to pray. The Earl was very sorrowful and he prayed. Nobody knows that it was due to the Earl’s prayer or Dalai Lama’s miracle or the Great Merciful Father’s Divine miracle to make strange that behind the room, there was a piece of black felt cloth to spread a large room.

            The Dalai Lama asked the Earl to look at there. All they prayed and looked at the cloth piece. At the first time, it seemed as a mass of smoke flying into the room where the Dalai Lama was drawing. The smoke overflew to mix with the black smoke behind. The white smoke appeared a room of Earl’s house to show that the Earl’s wife and child were sad. He saw that sight and lowered head, cried. Others also shed tears. The smoke disappeared and the piece of felt cloth got previous status. After looking there, the Dalai Lama guided them into the Temple at time of Rat [12am] as we always attend the service at night. The fact came truthfully. All bells around the Temple rang at the same time and they also heard the noisy sound of running horses. All Venerables stooped their heads down. At that time, only the Earl and other Russians were curious to raise their eyes to look. The Temple was muddy, not bright as our Temple with electric lights. However, the Temple became brilliant as daytime, the halo lighted to make the Temple radiant. It seemed that one shadow entered the Temple from external space. At that time, they felt frightened and lowered their heads. When the Supreme Being preached, they could look at the Supreme Being with a beautiful appearance in radian halo. They just described that amount only.

            After preachment, the Supreme Being said: “For 40 years, the humankind always suffered miseries”.      Every 50 year-time, the Great Merciful Father [Đức Đại Từ Phụ] comes to the Tibet Temple. Therefore, we calculate that from 1917 to 1955, it is a period of 38 years. The humankind will reach peace after two more years. Consequently, Qua/I find that it happened correctly. However, we will consider if it is correct. The Tibet Temple enjoyed the Supreme Being’s favor that we do not know how the Tibet’s profound virtue was and when their Religion appeared, but they could enjoy such that great favor.

            For the Jerusalem Temple in Palestine of Near East, the Supreme Being has ever gone there once. He went there too imposingly. People remind it and make me afraid. In the Jerusalem Temple, the Monks served about sacrifice such as incense, flower. They belonged to the descent of Lévis who was the youngest child of Mr. Abraham.

            Qua/I make sure that the Supreme Being will come to this Temple. He has not come yet. Why hasn’t He come yet? The reason is that we have not been perfect yet.

            You must attempt more. From this time to the Great Assembly of Dragon and Flower, it reaches failure or success and Qua/I open the Great Assembly of Dragon and Flower successfully or unsuccessfully, Qua/I entrust the obligation to you.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp’s preachment done at Holy See at night of 15th March Ất Mùi year [Year of Goat]

            Tonight, the preachment is rather long. In Great Ceremony, it is not enough time for preachment, but we are not very tired in Minor Ceremony and although you listen to the preachment little longer, you are not too tired.

            Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach why the Supreme Being comes, why purpose He comes and preach how His True Religion is. Bần Đạo/I have been complained by younger brothers and sisters. Especially, the Administrative Section [Bàn Trị Sự] as the Sacerdotal Council called as the youngest Holy Body of Supreme Being, called as the Supreme Being’s beloved children complained and penetrated to me.

            We do not know how the world situation is, all Supreme Being’s children in spite of Male and Female have been made corrupt use of blood, property and good heart too much by people to such extent that if the Supreme Being’s Holy Body [Thánh Thể Đức Chí Tôn] can be open for their Holy eye to recognize the truth or they are still unquestioning.

            That is the reason why tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach three important subjects that all Supreme Being’s children understand that it is not for Secular aspect, but the Divine Religious Gate with Male Female followers also find that the humankind’s spirit has been in trials. Long since, there was no spirit crisis of humankind on this earth like this. Nowadays, the situation induces that the more strong and powerful whichever nation is, the more it falls into a situation of deep crisis that we cannot imagine and describe it. They must live in a palpitation spirit and fear. There is the strangeness that the more powerful they are, the more the Supreme Being lets them know that their power and strangeness are their death. Strangely, that is all. Nobody had thought that people would apply their mind and wisdom to knowledge to find the incomparable atom power and continue to find the stronger one as the atom bomb, which kills human,’s life as an ant, a mosquito, now.

            Their strength menaces them and they scare it to such extent that the Prime Minister as the Mr. Churchill of England have suffered the death in two great wars. He was an extraordinary top-ranking general of England. By a justice, we can say that there is not any a Prime Minister who is extraordinary like him. One day, he moaned and said “I confess to you that from the day of atom bomb, I have no peaceful sleeps”. He used to say that he did not have good meals, peaceful sleeps. I think that there is not him but scholars, great talent politicians, whole humankind, all nations are living in fears. People confess haughtily but it is very funny and strange that they make a statement that people’s fear over atom bomb is not different from that the powwow fears for Souls. They created the power of atom bomb and they must face on them, but they scared them extremely and correctly. That fear is real, not false or a fear of pretence.

            For that crisis spirit, we have been following the Great Merciful Father’s foots, thus we know His nature. That is a good incomparable Father that there is no earthly Father like Him who loves His children extraordinarily, strangely. How can’t he come in front of the humankind’s spirit crisis? Only the humankind’s spirit pain forces Him to come here.

            Consequently, He comes. For what does He come? It is same to the second question. He comes to share His children’s miseries. Thus, in the beginning time, He told frankly that “Master/I come to unify good people to be a body to save the human beings”. However, He comes to select His good and virtuous children to bring them to His Divine gate as the Religious gate, so that they can become His visible body, visible physical body on this earth that it is called as the Holy Body or Sacerdotal Council. What purpose does He found the Sacerdotal Council to be the Holy Body? There is not other purpose that He makes it be His image to share His children’s miseries. If He had no method of sharing His children’s miseries, He would come to teach and solace over His children’s pains.

            Actually, for His True Religion, the display of His Holy Body is to be His physical body to share miseries of His children as the humankind. Bần Đạo/I repeat again that this is not called as the lord of people as other Religions, but the Great Merciful Father’s Sacerdotal Council [Hội Thánh] is founded to be His image as a servant of His children. This is the most important point.

            Indeed, we may find that the misery of world does not only spread all over the world, but Qua/I have said that: The tide of world rises as a storm and flood cover all, even the Great Merciful gate in order to sweep His children, to push them into the ocean of misery. You may find that although whole Holy Body or Qua/I have not saved you all from misery in powerlessness, you admit that: Your misery is from the attraction of earthly civilization and you are flooded. We as the Supreme Being’s Holy Body must rush to you, to be flood there to save you. The persons who make corrupt use of you to make to become a wave of world. Do you want to avoid it? We want to avoid it so much. There is another bliss, which can be compared with the bliss that we avoid it successfully. If we cannot avoid it, we have to suffer it because if you were possible to avoid it, you would avoid it already and we would be not flooded there. You cannot avoid, thus it induces all us to join also forces His Holy Body as the Sacerdotal Council [Hội Thánh] to suffer misery with you. How can be like that? In the entire misery, there is a part of your self-production. Thus, you try to confront it not to let the tide attract you. By that way, we also avoid it because we look at you in flooded situation, we have to take pains to follow you. If you were not flooded, nobody would ask us to follow you, no power would ask us to do that.

            Nowadays, you moan with the Sacerdotal Council. The Sacerdotal Council can see that clearly and clearer than you, but we do not know how to save you.

            Actually, we have an unique spirit and method that the Supreme Being bequeathed to us. That is an amour covering us. We need to wear that amour. Each person tries to prepare that amour, which is your virtue.

            If your virtue and faith are strong, your moral becomes steadfast; Qua/I am sure that you will get a victory and will also help us win. You attempt on fight by your moral to win cunning ruses, so that we create bliss together. Qua/I find that the wave of earthly civilization attracts you, but you do not need to observe, consider to self-control and love together. Reversely, you fight for housing, interest, power. In this Religious gate, there is not any excruciatingly humiliating thing, which is more than what I have to suffer it. You have not conceded the housing together. You still fight for method of living, but you do not cede to protect together. Therefore, that penalty is also proper.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp’s preachment done at night of 30th March Ất Mùi year [Year of Goat]

            Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach over the subject of a comparison between the Secular power and Religious power. All Supreme Being’s Male Female children, and foremost Youth try to pay attention to differentiate the Religious sight and Secular path, which are mutually removed. However, there is a strange point: Although we differentiate so, they have a close relation. Before preaching the Secular power and Religious power. Bần Đạo/I have to explain how the Religious aspect is, how the Secular aspect is, then explain their power. All Supreme Being’s children often listen preachment and understand the Religious power well. As the Supreme Being does not descend via a human incarnation, He comes to His children via a strange miracle called as the mysterious Pen. Consequently, He does not speak, but we can hear Him. He does not have a body, but we can see Him. Bần Đạo/I often explain normally why He comes. The Great Merciful Father has come. He said determinedly that He came to share His children’s miseries. If He has no body, how can He share His children’s miseries? Thus, He must do how to have a body to share those miseries. In order to have a Holy Body, there is no better way that the solution of that He gathers His good children to create His Holy Body that we often called as the Sacerdotal Council. Indeed, He comes to share miseries. His Sacerdotal Council foundation means to found His image, which contains the order ranks. From the Canonized Priests [Giáo Hữu] and up are His Holy Body, which is same to a head. All Student Priest [Lễ Sanh] and down are similar His legs and hands. He uses the great power as his True Religion to be a Religious Family.

            Indeed, His replaced True Doctrine on this earth is His Religious family, called as the spirit family. Now, we discuss about the secular aspect that for any society, Bần Đạo/I have ever explained that people have to gather in union to protect their mutual life to create nations and societies in order to create a great conformation called as the humankind. At this time, Bần Đạo/I reckon that the humankind still wishes to live in union under a great confirmation of humankind.

            Indeed, each society has a Kind, a Lord or a Head of State. Under his power, there is a Court or Government. All members of Government combined with the Head of State are the head while civilians as all members of Nationals civilizations, Intellectuals, Famers, Workers, Businessmen called four social classes and four conditions are legs, hands and body. That society has a method to fix a Great Family of a whole race. The Great family of a race is called as the family and society. Those are the conformations of two aspects.

            Now, Bần Đạo/I discuss about the power. The powers of two aspects are always fixed by the law of Sacerdotal Council. The law of Sacerdotal Council is to fix the Religious power for Religion, for Great family of humankind. We find that the Religious Constitutional Law of Caodaism is the real conformation to found His Holy Body, thus we do not need to discuss about it. We only discuss about New Religious Code, which the Supreme Being and Spiritual Pope taught in the beginning time of Caodaism, which required to be finished within three months. In New Religious Code, all Supreme Being’s children understand thoroughly that Bần Đạo/I do not need to repeat many times uselessly. We just pay attention to the New Religious Code that the Supreme Being fixes Five Prohibition Precepts [Ngũ Giới Cấm] and Four Great Commandments [Tứ Đại Điều Qui], to essentially protect Three Moral Bonds [Tam Cang] and Five Constant Virtues [Ngũ Thường] of all His children. In fact, He has ever placed His Celestial Law in His children’s mind. The unique Law is the Law of Love only. The unique Power is the Power of Justice only.

            People have founded too many laws, but we find that although their laws are revised until the end of world, it will not be able to have the method to be suitable for human’ heart. The Supreme Being comes to found one Law only. That is the Law of Love that all you understand it. You think if there is somebody who can avoid that law. If they were not concerned about that Law of Love, they would never exist. Especially, they want to live with fellow creatures; they either leave from the humankind, or it forces the humankind to eliminate them if they do not obey that law. For a law of justice and uprightness, in spite of a unlearned person, he learns those two precious characters, I think that all people lower their head to esteem and love him. The Supreme Being’s Celestial Law is in that way. The Supreme Being’s New Religious Code is to essentially want us to protect Three Moral Bonds and Five Constant Virtues of humankind. For this Orient, although any country, any society attaches much importance to civilization, they have not escaped from that framework. If they want to escape from it, which means that they want to refuse their society; their society will become a whichever conformation, not a society.

            Now, we discuss the Law of Sacerdotal Council. The Law of Sacerdotal Council is founded only in stage of that the Supreme Being’s children are trespassed over the spirit and conformation by the secular mind. The Sacerdotal Council have to set up the Law, which is not different from a method to protect followers. It is same to that we see one person going to a hole of well to jump down and we call him to come back. The Law of Sacerdotal Council must be changed due to condition of society. Especially, it is for Supreme Being’s children. Actually, it is meaningless because of no punishment. Now, we mention the criminal Religious Law. The Religious power forces for genuflecting punishment, forces to chant the Penance Prayer [Kinh Sám Hối] or to expel from the inner Holy Land. The higher punishment is to expel somebody from the Religion, but it does not force to kill follower without imprisonment or murder. That is the Religious Law. Indeed, that Religious Law of Great spirit family is to help the Supreme Being’s become Saints. It hurriedly teaches the Supreme Being’s children to become Saints, so that they hold the Supreme Being’s Misery Saving Flag steadfastly and strongly to replace the Supreme Being’s image successfully.

            For that reason, the whole power framework of Religion is to create Saints. Now, we discuss about Secular power, which is called as the Way of Human. To be successful over the Way of Human, people must be intelligent, street-wise. The intelligence requires the study. The street-wisdom requires the professionalism. Consequently, a low mandarin gradually reaches higher level by learning more their expert profession. What purpose do they hold the domination power? What do they wish? They wish all people to have bliss under protection and mutual love. Actually, they do not act beyond the framework of Three Moral Bonds and Five Constant Virtues bequeathed long since. In order to protect them in mutual peace and love, we have to use the Morality in domination. They have to rely on the Religious civilization of our Ancestor with a basis of Three Moral Bonds and Five Constant Virtues. The family and society want to be basic, they must rely on the Religious shadow. With that basis, they can bring use to nation, can exterminate toadies.

            How harmful! The law, which they set up, is very strict. We sometimes find that it is inhuman and cruel; they  use force to dominate people. Therefore, the current societies are chaotic because they use the moral in domination. They do not rely on psychology, but rely on force only. There are prisons, swords, guns, full of ranks of weapons. Whoever obeys their domination framework can live and they will kill people who do not obey their law. Bần Đạo/I recapitulate that the spirit family called as the Way is the self-cultivation way. The society family belongs to the “nation domination”. We lack the “family management”. The “family management” is not about the secular family unit of individual, but it is the divine family management and society spirit family. If two sides of Secularity and Religion combine method to use that family management method closely mutually and accordingly, the world will reach the peace. If another better method does not have that management, the nation will be always in chaos and human beings have to suffer misery forever. Consequently, Bần Đạo/I say that: “Religion without World does not have strength. World without Religion does not have authority”. If they do not combine management of family, spirit and society; they will be always powerless.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp’s preachment done at night of 8th April Ất Mùi year [Year of Goat]

            Tonight is the Feast of Sakyamuni Buddha and Female Cardinal Lâm Hương Thanh. Was it a random event or predestined event of Supreme Being? The sister Female Cardinal loved the Sakyamuni very much. Although the Supreme Being went to her and call her to come to Him, her spirit just followed the Sakyamuni Buddha only. If we consider her awakening over the Religion, it is not strange.

            The soul of Long Nữ [女龍] assisted the Quan Yin Bodhisattva for some reincarnations, but when descending, Her cause of Buddha is still unchanged. Bần Đạo/I would like to explain the Buddhism doctrine of Sakyamuni Buddha. He had obtained the Dharma already, thus our Sister understood the miracle of human life. He discovered the secret cause called as the Law of Cause and Effect. His Law of Cause and Effect is correct to the truth strangely. We try refusing that there is no effect of past life as the doctrine of materialism showing that the human on this earth is due to random and the human’s is same to animal’s life. If that doctrine is the truth, we should make a question: why is someone at the riches or at the throne when he is just born? Why are there another invalids, stupid or blind men? If there was the natural just law of Great Merciful Father as the Supreme Being, how would we explain that injustice? The Sakyamuni Buddha sought that secret doctrine, which is the law of cause and effect. The “cause” is what we have done. The “effect” is the result that we must receive it.

            That Law of Cause and Effect is the basis of our life. Many people work hard and want to display their ability, but they are always unsuccessful. That unsuccess is not due to their bad ability. In difficult situation, people often say that “I do not know how my destiny is”, “I do not know what I did to have such that result”. Those persons follow the Buddhism. For other Religions, we need not to discuss because we can understand them when looking at them. The Buddha says: our present life is due to the cause that we created in the past life. In that doctrine, if we want to have a good life in the next reincarnation, we must not cause sins in the present life. Therefore, the people in a same system of Buddha faith can recognize that their karma is heavy or little via their unfortunate events of affection or subsistence or position and fame or richness-poorness. The human has to suffer all results of the past. It makes their miseries combined with miseries of the past.

            How do people do when they suffer beyond human’s ability of mind? They have to seek solace solution. Thus, the Buddhism often solaces spirit of painful people, so that they awake themselves, to understand their karma that them caused in the past. Now, they have to seek solution to destroy it. It means that they avoid the next life that they just pay the debt in this life only and not to cause sins anymore.

            Consequently, Male as well as Female shave their head and leave their secular life to commit themselves into the Dharma and Sangha to rely on the Buddha door of Sakyamuni Buddha to seek the solace method. If they have enough knowledge, self-consciousness, they can produce their future destiny. Actually, the doctrine of Buddhism solaces the miserable spirits strongly. The Buddha also relied on that doctrine to be a Buddha because He wanted to create a layer of Lotus for Him. He descended to be from the Plant, to Animal, to Human, to Buddha throne to complete the circle of deliverance. He knew the humankind, knew how their misery was, because He was living on the world to know the misery of world. The good physicians who know the human’s disease correctly have ever suffered diseases and they spent experiments in treating them. After that, they obtained good methods.

            The Sakyamuni Buddha also lived and suffered that Law of karma from matter to the throne of Buddha. His karma was very true. If that karma was ignored, there would have no doctrine, which could explain the human’s life standardly.

            Now, I discuss the materialism. The mankind evolves from the monkey species, but they are not born by the God. Bần Đạo/I consider  Indian race and find that the Sakyamuni Buddha was the Indian race, who was the Black-skin race. However, His skin was rather rosy instead of black. Thus, people called Him as the Golden Body. That is the reason why people painted His statues by yellow. He belonged to the black-skin race who was a race coming to this earth soonest.

            Let us consider that if the monkey species evolved into the black-skin race, would be possible that their mind was too excessive that their spirit could observe the world in that way. Especially, the sublime doctrines over invisibility of India were highest among other races. We look at races, who followed the evolution law, for foremost newest White-Skin, race and we find that they have evolved much from the Black-skin race, Green-skin race, Redskin race to Yellow-skin race. The humankind’s path of evolution has spent much and profoundly. However, we look back the White-skin race and find that they are not better than the Black-skin race because the Black-skin race had come to this earth firstly. By other way, the Black-skin race is  the Mother of other races on this earth and they are extremely sublime. Therefore, Bần Đạo/I do not believe that the human comes from the monkey species. That theory is pointless if we do not want to reckon that is an odd theory. For the Buddhism doctrine, no person can obtain the Dharma to know the Divine secret of Natural law legitimately, truthfully. Our Great Merciful Father acts as a witness about reincarnation of karma via His poem:

            “Deification handed over Palaces,

            My legacies handed over to remind.

            Thousand fortune things are not missing,

            So much merits, so many portions”

            By that way, the Great Merciful Father Himself says that: the human’s karma and cause-effect law are still actual.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp’s preachment done at night of 15th April Ất Mùi year [Year of Goat]

            Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach to Male Female Youth. Pay attention so much. Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach on the word Piety. At this half-twenty century, the moral is decadent and human ethic is shifty. The traditional manner from the good spirit of ancestors bequeathed has been lost authority over moral spirit because of science civilization. We look back and consider what the civilization of 20th century has brought to the humankind. Actually, the humankind’s living has changed toward the materialism more than the science spirit. If we think thoroughly, we will find that it creates the bliss for humankind’s body, but it destroys the humankind’s spirit.

            For philosophers of Europe, especially the France tells a very legitimate sentence about science lacuna. They says: “The science without conscience is a danger for the humankind’s living”. Indeed, if the whole humankind’s human ethics does not have any method of preservation, they will be shifty; how can that human ethics be the basis for humankind?

            Nowadays, due to being short of human ethics, the humankind does not love together, but they fight for living to wish to be a global suzerain and they cause so many miseries; not only murder the human life, but also diminish the riches of the earth. How can the humankind avoid the miseries? They did an action contrary to the Natural law of Creator that the Rev. Saint Nava at the Tibet Holy See had to express opinion: The parturition does not require the male. It means that a woman does not need a man, but she can have children because the science helps her have children. If that condition happens and pushes the humankind to a specific point, what will we see? We find that the humankind’s human ethics will be destroyed. If that condition happens, how can’t the humankind’s spirit direct to the materialism? They will ignore the Way of human. A child is born without his father. His father is just a syringe. What will we see how the humankind’s human ethics is?

            Consequently, the materialism of Communism appears, which pushes the humankind such that situation and the human does not care about the Ancestor anymore. The Grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother,…are comrade. Everybody is comrade. That doctrine comes from the immorality of human ethics.

            Now, we discuss the value of Piety. What is the civilization of our Confucianism? I think that it is unnecessary to speak to adult, but I only preach to the Male Female Youth.           

            Youngster! Do you that your parents born you, nourished you with so many miseries?

            Parents teach their children with scold. Many self-willed children sneakily say: “He is severe to browbeat…” They sometimes go behind and say many things sneakily. Until they become wise, their mind  becomes conscience-stricken with a punishment. At that time, they get wiser.

            How harmful! Parents nourish a newborn badly with uncountable miseries and difficulties. They sometimes sacrifice their bliss, contribute whole mind and spirit with tears to nourish their child. Many families are not due to low ability. They are miserable because of children. Youngsters have not known that. You can know that when they are married with their children. At that time, you will suffer tiresomeness in nourishing your children and you will know that the gratitude of your parents is great. The Confucianist says: “Nourish children, know the grace of parents”. The tiresomeness in nourishing children helps the human know the great grace of parents. The moralists in our Ancestor’s Confucianism often moan and it easily makes us touched when we read it: “How piteous! Our parents bear us miserably. Want to return the deep favour but that favour is like the above immense Heaven that we never repay all”. We cannot describe and image the very filial piety spirit. For Vietnam, all you enjoy bliss with prosper. Although it is said about the misery, the Vietnamese race is happier than races of the world.

            Bần Đạo/I recollect my time of being 9 years old. People had perhaps a poor crop, thus people were hungry. Bần Đạo/I heard a very heart-rending miserable situation that there was a family, which did not have ability to nourish their children because price rice was high. One day, the children abstained from food for some times and they lamented so much. Thus, their parents could not stand, but they could not also find food for children. They then cheated to fire by putting the rice husk in pot. While the children were sitting around the pot, their parents furtively went behind home and garrotted. Do you know that if you do not show gratitude to your parents, you will be never achieved? It is said that “Among one hundred virtues, the human’s filial piety is top”. If the human does not fulfill the filial piety, he will never reach achievement.

            Bần Đạo/I tell a lesson that my teacher of Confucianist taught: “The Virtuous heart connects with the God, the filial piety connects with the God”.  In the history, there was a master telling a story that I never forget it.

In Đại Minh Hùng Võ stage, there was a poor student whose widowed mother died, but he studied very well. He both studied and worked to take care his mother. One day, his mother got sick and died. According to the custom of Minh dynasty, people of suburb were not permitted to go in the city through a wall. All people who were ragged would be driven out. People wearing the mourning clothes were also driven out. That poor student went in the city to beg to bury his mother. If he worn the mourning clothes, he would be driven out. Therefore, he worn the “Heart of mourning”. He tore a piece of mourning headband. Its dimension was like a finger. He sawed his breast and stuffed inside. His body worn a student clothes to go inside the city.

At that time, at the suburb, there was a blaze flaring up with a formidable violence to make Mr. Đại Minh Hùng Võ frightened to go to the imperial Palace. We saw people’s misery, he then prayed to the God, so that the fire would stop. He looked at the fire and saw the Quan Thánh Đế Quân [關公/關羽/長生], Quan Bình [son of Quan Thánh] and Châu Xương appearing the fire to extinguish the fire. At that time, the fire burnt around except one house, which belonged to the student whose mother died. Mr. Đại Minh Hùng Võ was standing at the tower to look at Quan Thánh, Quan Bình and Châu Xương standing on the fire. He then kowtowed and waved his hands. They went to Mr. Đại Minh Hùng Võ. Quan Thánh lowered his head and said: “I salute eldest Brother”. Mr. Đại Minh Hùng Võ then acknowledge that he was Lưu Bị [劉備/玄德] in incarnation and asked: “Where is the Third Younger brother, now?” . He asked where Trương Phi [張飛] was. The answer was: The Northern Shogun …..governing. Bần Đạo/I forgot his name. After answering, three Spirits disappeared. Mr. Đại Minh Hùng Võ knew that news, He then immediately sent an order to the frontier to ask the Northern Shogun to go back. As they scared slanderous people to cause dangers, they planed to submit the petition to inform that he died. After that, put him in a coffin with a advice that if the situation was undisturbed, he would revive. If it was disturbed, they would carry him back the frontier.

For that reason, that is the custom why people bore a hole at the bottle of the coffin. When he went back the Court, Mr. Đại Minh Hùng Võ felt happy and cried because of hearing his friend’s death. He felt happy because of seeing the Northern Shogun going back. He thought that although his younger died, he could see the body. He just thought about such that plan. However, when he opened the coffin, his younger brother had died on the way because of suffocating. He both asked for that man and gave an order to interrogate why all houses were burned except one house. After interrogation, they knew that the house belonged to the student with the filial piety. He immediately called that student, confered a title of Văn Minh Điện Đại Học Sĩ [Academician/ 大學士]. Consequently, you can see that the filial piety connects the God such that way. If you behave to parents by the filial impiety, how will the Celestial Law judge you?

From this time, I advise that you must not complain or chide your parents. You are still young, thus you should rely on your good and knowledge of your parents. If you are hard-headed, when you are hundred years old and your cry and tear will be useless. Bần Đạo/I sometimes stay somewhere and want to remember speeches of my parents, but I try to see to near of my end. Seeking is to remember the speeches of my parents.

Now, your parents are alive to teach, advise, scold you; but you complain and chide. In this Religious door, Bần Đạo/I wish all youngsters to try to the filial piety as the exemplary.



The Rev. Master’s teaching done at Gratitude Temple at 4pm 17th April Ất Mùi year 1955 [Year of Goat]

            After inspecting the Hành Thiện [Good Doer] who received the obligation of helping the Northern compatriots and Twelve United Families.

            You keep silent, so that Qua/I remind your obligation. You know that the Sacerdotal Council of Charity Body is the Sacerdotal Council of Divine Alliance Palace [Hiệp Thiên Đài]. In the past, the Sacerdotal Council of Charity Body [Hội Thánh Phước Thiện], there was a few Dignitaries. The Sacerdotal Council was then founded readily by the Supreme Being’s predestination. He continued to entrust that mission to me, which means that the Hộ Pháp [Dharma Protector] governed the Divine Alliance Palace. That mission was so serious. At that time, only three Dignitaries of Divine Alliance Palace received the mission. The Supreme Being said: “I want where three you go, that the misery does not exist there” and the Supreme Being let us know that: “The humankind’s misery is over the world. Therefore, My Holy Will want your misery saving organ to be done how raise that flag to make e humankind’s misery disappeared everywhere on this earth”

            Qua/I did not know how I was, but the Master asked Qua/me to execute. The Master then taught the transformation Dharma in hundred thousand. At that time, the Supreme Being taught, thus I had to obey Him, but I did not understand the transformation Dharma yet that the Supreme Being had granted. When there had been the Sacerdotal Council of Charity Body, Qua/I was so reserved. Until the Supreme Being taught that in order to build the Sacerdotal Council, we had to build the Twelve Divine Ranks [Thập Nhị Đẳng Cấp Thiêng Liêng]. What a supremely incomparable power! It was not long from the time He granted to Qua/me, the Sacerdotal Council of Charity Body, as the Sacerdotal Council of Divine Alliance Palace was built. Now, there are you to succeed to serve the Sacerdotal Council of Charity Body to shoulder the miserable saving organ together. You replace our image to be close to the human beings. Consequently, the Supreme Being had helped Qua/me much by granting more hands to serve the misery saving organ to be done soon.

            For the Sacerdotal Council of Nine Divine-Plane Palace [Hội Thánh Cửu Trùng Đài], the Dignitaries from Student Priest [Lễ Sanh] to Pope [Giáo Tông] while for the Sacerdotal Council of Charity Body, and the Dignitaries from Minh Đức [the lowest position of Charity Body. Mean: Brilliant Virtue] to Phật Tử and you attempt on mission that Qua/I entrusted to you. If you fulfill it, you will be an Immortal on the earth. The gift is not only for you. If other races on this globe suffer to shoulder the misery of earth they will also obtain the Tiên Tử [Immortal throne]. Therefore, if you can execute it well, the misery saving organ will be built. Although the mission is very heavy, you have a good cause because the Supreme Being permits you to stand among the Twelve Divine Ranks. Qua/I wish that when I return to the Divine World, Qua/I still you succeeding my fortune. That will make me happy. The Divine miracle had predestined. Therefore, my interested bliss is to see one person, who will have fulfilled the obligation to obtain the Tiên Tử throne living on this earth.

            You remember not imitate as officialdom. You must dominate desire of authority as Qua/I dominate Seven-Head Snake. We only practice the nature of love, not to hate anybody, to keep calm to shoulder sufferings done by somebody.

            Before Qua/shouldered this mission, the Spiritual Pope had let Qua/me do but Qua/I had not ever done yet. Qua/I want that for each your difficulty, Qua/I am always present with you. If Qua/I can sit on the ground with you in frugal meals, Qua/I also feel happy. Nowadays, you sacrificed your life fully to replace me to serve the misery saving organ. We have selected a low position, although you unify to eat cold rice, you also feel happy and remember “The sufferings, obstacles I have been shouldering are that we together shoulder them for my Master”. For any miserable situation, you lay the blame f me to let you be light in burden. The Divine power forces you to do that; have you understood yet? If you think that Divine invisible Spirits supports, your misery will be also reduced despite facing on miserable situation.

            You should ask your brothers to know that your brother’s misery was excessive from building the Religion. You can ask Hiền Nhơn Cương whether they caught wind to form the conformation. Your responsibility is to undertake the misery saving organ for Sacerdotal Council of Charity Body, thus you have to do and the Sacerdotal Council also helps you because you undertake one your family hard, but you continue to receive 12 more families. Qua/I know that you cannot overcome Giáo Thiện [Good Teacher], therefore Qua/I create 12 fortunes of family for you. It means that I create a boat, so that you pass to obtain the Hành Thiện [Good Doer]. The promotion to Giáo Thiện [Good Teacher] as the promotion to the Giáo Hữu [Priest] in Nine Divine-Plane Palace [Cửu Trùng Đài]. If Qua/I did not create a boat for you, how would you pass the ordeal?

            The number of Charity Body Sacerdotal Council is limited. The Good Doer [Giáo Thiện] is forever promoted to the Phật Tử [Buddha]. The Sacerdotal Council of Nine Divine-Plane Palace is limited about number. If giving an initiation to the Caodaism and obtaining the position of Student Priest [Lễ Sanh], he has to wait for lack there because 3,000 Priests [Giáo Hữu] are enough. There are 72 Bishops [Giáo Sư], 36 Archbishops, 3 Cardinals, 3 Censor Cardinals and 1 Pope only.

            Your responsibility is not strange that you have the responsibility of father to build the fortune for 12 families, to preserve legacy, to guide job as your family. Although you have ever done that job, your attempt will be successful. Qua/I advise one that you should remember that if one of 12 families sues for your low responsibility and morality, you will fail in your promise done with me. The families are in difficulty and misery, but you ignore. One day, they proceed against you at the Justice Department, then you will not fulfill your responsibility. You should remember the father obligation and fulfill it. Do not be lazy to acquire bad reputation “”No teaching for son, that is father’s error”. You undertake your obligation as you nourish your descendents with tiresomeness.

            You pray by your heart and conclude the assembly.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp instructed the Teacher Board of Đạo Đức Học Đường school on 3rd May Ất Mùi year [Year of Goat]

            Dear Secular Mandarins, especially Bần Đạo/I like to say the thanks to the Chief of province attending the reward distribution ceremony for students.

            Dear Sacerdotal Councils of Two Sexes, Divine Alliance Palace and Nine Divine-Plane Palace, Bần Đạo/I would like excuse me because Bần Đạo/I want to give some words of instruction to the Education Office and Male Female students.

            Today, your Master/I understand you in the Education Office most. I know your will of sacrifice well that you have deprived of all aspects and there is nothing which can be compared with your tiresomeness. The Religious serious future is to build the spirit of children that you are the persons create their future.

            Male Female student, you will grow up. For your world, race future and national destiny, the age as Master, as the Sacerdotal Council always expects of your mind and spirit. Each race obviously has a specific culture and custom. We may use some more high-minded  culture to compare with our culture and we cannot admit that it is exactly same to ours because every spirit of every race has a specific feature. Especially, our Vietnam has been impacted by the antiquity Confucianism of custom and habits. The whole spirit of Vietnamese is the framework of our Confucianism antiquity civilization.

            Every Religion obviously creates one specific civilization that we can compare civilization manner of every race; or we may divide every civilization into two features. One civilization creates one Religion while one civilization trends to society more than the moral and spirit. Are your race and society backward? It is not sure. If we observe carefully, we will find that our society framework of Confucianism can be a future foundation for the humankind. We only suffer disadvantage that we have not yet known to let people know the value of that noble civilization. That is the disadvantage. Nowadays, in front of your sight, you can see your country with influence of two civilizations of Europe and Asia. European civilization is the Catholicism and the Asian civilization is your possessive civilization as the Confucianism.

            At the transitional period, the education method has not been appeared firmly to become a natural spirit path accordingly to your race’s mind and spirit. Bần Đạo/I find that the mixed education of France still exists and spreads our race’s spirit after 80 years they had been living together. However, it is not sure that it induces our spirit to trend to it fully because the culture, civilization, language are different from our intellectual.

            Actually, the best method is that you do how to harmonize two civilizations, which are two educations.

            Bần Đạo/I have observed in Taiwan, Japan, Korea already. I have also calculated to know their method that how they had reformed their civilization and guided their youths about their learning. Bần Đạo/I have found their best thing that if all things are external, they let them be external. If things are internal, they let them be internal and enclose carefully.

            For their external modernist, when we go to their country, we may see all modernists from dress, to gesture, character. However, there is the best thing that Bần Đạo/I feel happiest. It is that they still maintain and preserve their traditional manner civilization surely not to let external things penetrate.

            Actually, your race’s knowledge spent 2,500 civilization years. If you keep the traditional custom of Confucianism as nations where it came from that you separate two ones. For external things, you let them be external. For your possessive things, you keep them internally smartly.

            Especially, for Ancestor’s knowledge and ones of Confucianist bequeathed, they only wish one issue that you learn to execute, not to learn to be a teacher of Confucianism as philosophers. Your Ancestors forces you to learn those theories to execute them.

            For that reason, your Ancestor’s teaching methods bequeathed, they only wish one issue that you learn for execution, however your  good or bad execution relies on your service over your race and nation. If saying “serve all people” is excessive. The serving your family and race is the knowledge framework your Ancestor bequeathed.

            Your Master/I infer from Tam Tự Kinh [三字經)]. I refer clearly that: “The knowledge is not for philosopher, but it is essential to serve Nation and race”.

            We look at a framework to say that a dog keeps a house. A chicken alarms. A silkworm produces silks. A bee gives honey with a conclusion “unlearned person is lower than an animal”. Four those examples imply the services only. That ability is the top and you have absorbed teachings of Masters over moral and spirit. Bần Đạo/I only wish that you learn those theories to execute them worthily.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp’s reply to the Religious Politics Organs on occasion of His Birthday at Hộ Pháp House    [5th May Ất Mùi year]

            Tonight, Bần Đạo/I perhaps talk much a little. Thank God with sunshine! If it is in sunshine, all Supreme Being’s children and His Holy Body can stay and try to listen to preachment.

            Bần Đạo/I would not reply to different organs as occasion of Tet New year. For speeches that Bần Đạo/I am going to speak out, all Supreme Being’s children and His Holy Body [Thánh Thể] pay attention and understand profoundly, please. Bần Đạo/I also save a private space of thought, so that every person may meditates. Everybody knows that on my birthday, the Supreme Being’s children come to congratulate me on longevity. Especially, Bần Đạo/I know that I am 66 years old, I also understand the bottom of all Supreme Being’s children that what they are thinking and afraid. Bần Đạo/I know that I am so old, know the Supreme Being’s children’s sentiment  placed in this body for 30 years. Consequently, they obviously scare that the body destroys. That is a natural thing.

            All Religious youths and followers look back and wonder whether there is any worthy reward in a life on the earth? Last time, the organs listed my merits, but do you know its real value? Nowadays, the whole visible fortune appears from the incomparable mass of love. Bần Đạo/I have nothing inside. That is the reality.

            Dear Canonized Dignitaries of two sexes of Two Palaces and Charity Body, Soldiers, Nation Independence Recovery Association, Council of Holy Land and Northern Religious Faction [Bắc Tông Đạo], Bần Đạo/I feel sorry.

            On this occasion, Bần Đạo/I have many things to express to Saints as the Sacerdotal Councils of Nine Divine-Plane Palace [Cửu Trùng Đài], of Divine Alliance Palace [Hiệp Thiên Đài] and Charity Body [Phước Thiện], who are my friends. We have been suffering the mutual misery over 30 years, building the religious fortune together, protecting the bliss and future of all Supreme Being’s children. Now, we observe whether our actions are worthy to be the Supreme Being’s Holy Body firstly, consider our actions of 30 years whether they are worthy to the Divine mission that the Supreme Being entrusted it to us.

            For Military and National Independence Recovery Association should pay attention to this point much because you acquire the name of Sacerdotal Council, which means that you acquire the name of Supreme Being’s Holy Body in adventure. Thus, we should wonder what and how we should do to be worthy to the Sacerdotal Council’s reputation and Supreme Being’s Holy Body. Everybody knows that the Supreme Being is different and the world is different. Two spirits and conformations are not united together. Although the natural law forces the destruction, everybody knows that the secular sentiment and God will must be executed accordingly.

            All you see that over 30 years, how has the Sacerdotal Council been treating to the world but they have still doubted? They have still doubted the Supreme Being’s Holy Body?

            Bần Đạo/I say that on this earth, there has not yet been dignity which executes the “using the grace to treat the resentment”, but the Sacerdotal Council has executed. Although the Supreme Being’s Holy Body has no right to praise somebody, to disdain somebody, to show somebody’s sin. If we had a critical right, we should criticize us only. That power will be able to teach the world to reduce misery and to be very useful for Supreme Being’s Body. However, we ourselves prohibit us to do that because people may praise or disdain and we just keep mouth, suffer that.

            Bần Đạo/I make a question that is there anybody who knows the disdain or praise of Sacerdotal Council? Nobody knows all well. Do not decide you when you see the indifference or unassertiveness of Sacerdotal Council, because the Sacerdotal Council’s praise may be a great mistake.

            “Use grace to treat to resentment”! Is there any body on the earth, who shows his incomparable benevolent hands to pardon for hostile’s sins, and to cooperate with them? In this Divine Religious door, the Religious children will do that. Do you know the Religious rebels, persons of Religious destruction, persons of Religious damage? Due to their unjust guideline, they everyday intrigue to destroy the Caodaism, but the Sacerdotal Council dare to let Caodai children cooperate with them. Nobody says to save their dangerous guideline and nobody does that. The Supreme Being’s Holy Body never speaks out, but they just let all people understand underground.

            Now, we make a question that: how is the Religious situation compared with the Secular situation? The Supreme Being’s Holy Body should give an opinion while we are impossible to praise or disdain. We just stand at the medium level to harmonize. That harmony standpoint will be disdained because the Supreme Being’s Holy Body’s life and the Supreme Being’s action are in time and space, in humankind’s history, not in individual or every nation. Only time and space will explain them clearer.

            We mention the Northern compatriots more on the earth that the Sacerdotal Council’s misery of special stage is your blood. You feel so painful because way of world pushes the Vietnamese race and fatherland to the dangerous location. Every night, Bần Đạo/I only pray for one thing that this dangerous miserable situation of Vietnam can quit the dependent yoke painfully. The Supreme Being can give Bần Đạo/me 6 months only. 3 months are for me to save the situation. Bần Đạo/I am afraid that the independent yoke will put down the Vietnamese race that we have no method to save that situation.

            All Supreme Being’s Holy Body and His children have wished Bần Đạo/me to live. My life is long or short due to all His children’s wish. At this time, the death or life over me is meaningless. Actually, my death is my peace.

            Bần Đạo/I would like to say the thanks to all Supreme Being’s lower children to higher children. Especially, I thank His Holy Body.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp’s preachment done at Holy See at night 15th May Ất Mùi year

            Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach specially for Sacerdotal Council of Two Sexes and Divine Alliance Palace. Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach the Great Majesty and Great Mercy. Two those phrases of Great Majesty and Great Mercy are the Great Merciful Father’s special power to create the Universe. He dominates all living creatures due to two those natures. The discussion on the Great Majesty and Great Mercy, we can mention about the good and cruelty and then we can refer to two society models. It is same to the Confucius and Đạo Chích [盜跖] of Confucianism, same to Jesus Christ and Juda of Catholicism, same to the Sakyamuni Buddha and Dévadata that the doctrine is infinite. We only rely on the meaning and power, so that the Supreme Being’s Holy Body  go ahead correctly.

            How harmful! two paths are separate and the Supreme Being’s Holy Body steps on one path only. Simply, they are Monk only, or they are Powwow only, which means that they step on the Secular path absolutely or they step on the Religious path absolutely. How painful! The Supreme Being’s Holy Body receives His order to be a servant of His children completely. We wonder whether our Great Merciful Father hands over us the Holiness or Secularity. Due to our thought, we think that our Great Merciful Father has handed over the Secularity more than Holiness. We can see in front of us.

            Long since, people just carry on one shoulder despite a great strength. The Great Merciful Father forces His Holy Body to shoulder two shoulders of Religion and Secularity. We see two models of Religions in front of us that the Buddhism leans toward the Religion while the Catholicism leans toward the Secularity. One side is Secular and one side is Holy. The Supreme Being comes to found His Holy Body and asks to stand in the middle. By profound discussion in detail, His Sacerdotal Council must not lean on the Secularity and not lean on the Religion, but it must be in the heart of Secularity and Religion.

            The difficulty of Divine mission is about the Great Mercy. We try finding the spirit of Great Mercy, Great Compassion, which means that everything must come from the comparative law and we must be merciful and tolerant. To avoid the mistake, there must have the street-wise and tolerant spirit and understand the Supreme Being’s Great Mercy. The street-wise character is that we know us and other people. In the humankind’s history, there is not the second street-wise example that the Nghiêu King [] had 9 children with 7 sons and 2 daughters but He sought Mr. Thuấn [] for succeeding throne. When He found Mr. Thuấn, He married 02 daughters as Nga Hoàng and Nữ Anh off. We should see how Mr. Thuấn was. He was an unlearned person, and ploughed only. His father was Cổ Tẩu. His younger brother was Tượng who hated him too much for foremost His Stepmother. He was oppressed unlearned and He just ploughed. We wonder why Nghiêu King selected Him for succeeding. It was because Mr. Thuấn was in filial piety. With the street-wise character of Nghiêu King, He thought that the filial piety was enough. If somebody has the heart of piety to his parents, has the uprightness to brothers. Two those characters were enough to dominate people. He guessed and selected Mr. Thuấn. Actually, His selection was not wrong that Mr. Thuấn became an Emperor that there has been the second Emperor as Him.

            Due to the street-wise spirit of Nghiêu King, the feeble points of Thuấn disappeared. The Nghiêu King just used the filial piety of Mr. Thuấn only. That is the street-wise tolerant example that He handed over His throne for Mr. Thuấn that we call it as the Great Mercy and there has been not the second body doing again.

            Now, we discuss about the Great Majesty, which contains many complicated points requiring us to have the inferring spirit and pardon for other people’s sins. We just select one point of my Great Majesty when we dominate us. We must do that way because that we become the ruled persons and manage the domination. Our Great Majesty is a remedy to treat the sick person.

            The presumable character is sometimes never-ending. There is one issue that Bần Đạo/I should speak out that there is a pair of French husband and wife. The wise was impossible to treat because of tuberculosis. The death was very near. The wife knew that she would not be able to live and the life would make her husband and children miserable. The mutual love was so intense and she was next to death, but she could not die. Therefore, she asked her husband to kill her. It was very pitiful because she cried and petitioned to her husband for many times. The husband just cried to look at her. Until he felt that her pain was too excessive to escape that sick, he agreed his wife’s request. He shot his wife. The Court sentenced to the murder. However, everybody knew his gentle nature, therefore they acted as a witness that his wife requested to kill her. Thus, he was pardoned. This is the first example.

            Bần Đạo/I read that story when I was at school age child. This is the second story. There were two brothers learning in a same school. The High School exam was coming. One friend who failed the exam lost heart and wanted to kill himself. Luckily! He shared sentiment with other friend. Although other friend solaced by all methods, it was impossible.

            One day, that frustrated person decided to catch a train to kill himself by rushing into the train. However, his friend followed him behind, but he did not let him know. The frustrated person went ahead of train. His friend followed and obstructed him and insisted. That man rose up and said that: “Do you think that you love me? You just lengthen  pain only.  That is not love for me” . The friend of frustrated person knew that it was impossible to use the dissuading method, but he had to apply another policy by arguing: “Your body is bad, stupid and failed examination. Now, you want to kill yourself, then if you die, your soul falls to the Hell to become a stupid prisoner. Although the Supreme Being grants you the throne of Saint, you will be a stupid Saint”. Two persons fought, wrestled and argued together. As this man planed in intention, he did not have a heart to fight his friend painfully. Another friend was bad-tempered, thus he fought heavily to such extent that his friend had to be carried to hospital. In the hospital, this friend said: “I essentially save you, but you made my body like this. There is nothing to say more”. That man felt touched to embrace his friend and cry. After that, that man always followed this man  until he could pass the examination. That is the Great Majesty. Those are two Great Majesties. Now, we think that if the Great Majesty can help that, we should do.

            Now, we discuss about the Sacerdotal Council. Younger brothers are crowded about some millions. Those are right, but others are wrong. They are not same. For that reason, the Supreme Being founds the Religious Constitution [Pháp Chánh Truyền], so that the younger generation is taught to understand the Religion profoundly to live for their friends.

            This great Divine family must be in mutual affection to live and die together. If the Supreme Being’s Holy Body do not teach them to understand the meaning of life in this Divine door, in this great Divine family thoroughly;  it will be sure that the right person opposes the wrong person. The wrong person will not suffer to fight the right person. Therefore, the play happens at this Divine Religious door. Male or Female is our younger brother. We look at their interest for decision. We follow the solution of European people that we will rely on many votes for decision. If our most younger brothers accept something, we follow them and help them do that. If most of them do not agree something, we try to avoid it. There is one issue that we should pay attention most that in front of the Great Merciful Father, the Great Merciful Father considers His children as orphans in spite of Male or Female. Due to His orphans, He leans the stick to come. He declared that His children were orphans. Now, we also consider them as orphans who follow their brothers. Therefore, we have to look after them, teach them. We do not only teach them by speech, but also teach them action. Especially, the womankind whose psychology is normally fond. There are many orphans who have not received the love from their mother’s nostril. They crave for one kiss, thus them seek in their mother’s Religious door. Boys also seek in their father’s Religious door. The whole Supreme Being’s Holy Body tries to be a father, a mother of them. You try to teach them everyday.

            Bần Đạo/I just feel sad one issue that instead of teaching them the Holy Virtue, many people teach them to follow a path, which Bần Đạo/I should not speak out.

            From this time, as being the Supreme Being’s Holy Body, please imitate a little bit like Him to be same His Great Majesty [Hồng Oai], Great Mercy [Hồng Từ].

            Tomorrow, Bần Đạo/I will express my majesty. There is no money to build the market for younger brothers, but we tried to build 04 cages of market, so that they take refuge from rain and sun. Somebody used tin camps to bar the way. There was the imploration to move away, so that younger brothers have a way to go inside for trading, even they were casted out, but they did not leave; even they received land for moving, they did not move. Tomorrow, Bần Đạo/I show the majesty to give an order to remove it all. Bần Đạo/I try showing the majesty once.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at Holy See on 12th August Ất Mùi year [1955] in Major Requiem of Khai Pháp Chơn Quân

            Dear Mandarins, Dignitaries and Male Female younger brothers,

            Today is the Major Requiem ceremony of Rev.  Khai Pháp Chơn Quân [Rev. Juridical Reformer Angel]. Bần Đạo/I needn’t repeat, but all Supreme Being’s children know that He is an Angel of the Divine Alliance Palace that the Supreme Being had appointed in advance.

            When reminding His merit, Bần Đạo/I feel very grieved. Bần Đạo/I never forget His painful merit for Religion. Bần Đạo/I am sure that among the Dignitaries of Divine Alliance Palace [Chức Sắc Hiệp Thiên Đài], I relied on Rev. Khai Pháp most with an evidence that He left, Bần Đạo/I lost a hand of shouldering the great Divine fortune of Supreme Being on the earth.

            Bần Đạo/I find that His life had not got any interesting thing. He never took interest in His rich honorable fortune, but He sacrificed His body to the Religious door fully.

            The Supreme Being had appointed very worthily. At the stage of founding the Divine Alliance Palace, the Supreme Being taught: “If you want to shoulder the Divine fortune of founding the Religion, you must firstly set the Law up, the Religion can be steadfast”.

            At that time, Bần Đạo/I let the Supreme Being select, did not let the secular hands select. When receiving the Automatic Pen to seek Dharma, Bần Đạo/I was guided to go to Gò Công province to find Mr. Trần Duy Nghĩa. The Supreme Being just let me know the Gò Công province. When I met him already, I did not know whether he was correct because I had not ever went to Gò Công and I did not have any friend there. However, I also obeyed the order for seeking. When I just reached the Gò Công province, I stopped and asked for information. The persons talking was the person that I needed to seek. Mr. Trần Duy Nghĩa was standing at the veranda. He said: “I am Trần Duy Nghĩa” then invited me inside. Bần Đạo/I did not hesitate over the Divine power to express all Religious issues. After that, He promised that He would renounce the rich and honorable life for Religious door. Bần Đạo/I did not believe in doubt and trick. When He went to Saigon, He only carried one bag and never went back his family once.

            Bần Đạo/I showed the Holy Message that the Supreme Being taught to seek Him. He spoke two sentences to me. It made me respectful and kept in heart to believe that this person would be able to join force with me to shoulder the fortune that the Supreme Being entrusted.

            He said that: “I think that the descent of Vietnamese race died for 4 thousand years. Nobody knows that the Supreme Being comes o found the National Religion. The Vietnam will revive surely to save the nation and race from the slavery yoke of violence France”

            From that time, He determinedly helped Bần Đạo/me and He never wanted to abandon me.

It is alright when we do not remind this issue. However, when reminding, it makes my tears shed incessantly. Bần Đạo/I did not only lose one person of deep affection, but the whole Religion lost a Divine friend.

            When the France exiled to Madagascar Island, there were Great Canonized Dignitaries suffered the situation.

            Bần Đạo/I saw Him and brother Thánh Hiền, who wholeheartedly helped Bần Đạo/me. Other persons were due to interest to drive away me extremely. I made no comment about Brother Trọng. Especially, Mr. Thái Phấn Thanh and Gấm relied on the interest of Communism-Russia to use strength to punish Bần Đạo/me harshly. However, they did not feel satisfied. They induced the Government to exile to the poisonous position to kill me indirectly. If there was not help of Divine power, Bần Đạo/I could not come back the Holy See of Holy Land, nowadays.

            How pitiful! At that situation, the brother Thánh Hiền and He also petitioned to accompany. Although people fought them, they hid to think about method to take care me. As Thánh Hiền followed Bần Đạo/me and drank poison water, he died at deep forest of unwholesome environment. He embraced Bần Đạo/me and cried with a pray that: Pray to the Supreme Being [Đức Chí Tôn] and Holy Mother [Đức Phật Mẫu] that we would be able to send the body after death. The pray came true.

            When returning the Holy Land [Thánh Địa], Bần Đạo/I tried to get strained to be happy. Actually, Rev. Dharma Reformer and Bần Đạo/I never forgot the imprisonment situation.

            Bần Đạo/I knew that all Supreme Being’s children paid attention to that issue much, but Bần Đạo/I endeavoured and advised Him to contain Himself without speech because Bần Đạo/I was afraid that speaking out would make more grudges and clashes in the Religious door and it was impossible in description.

            From the time of returning the Holy Land back, the Rev. Dharma Reformer often moaned with Bần Đạo/me because He worried about the mutual fight of same blood. The France was external, the Việt Minh was internal and Caodai Military was middle. Somebody felt excited, but He everyday worried about the mutual fight and internecine war of Vietnamese race.

            After the Lieutenant Colonel Trấn [Truyền Trạng Phạm Ngọc Trấn] had been murdered by Thành’s Military, He usually went to Trí Huệ Cung [Enlightenment Palace] embraced me to moan that: “ Master! My fear is coming. I moaned with you at the Island as our prison. I thought that we would be peaceful when returning the Holy Land. Unexpectedly, as the Military appeared, the plight comes”. He moaned, then cried and He became consistent. “Master! Due to the advice, master and student came back to guide the Supreme Being’s children, but they do not understand our state of mind. Nowadays, Trấn has died, I find that the dangers are coming. The betrayal gradually happen to make the Supreme Being’s innocent band scattered. Where will they be able to live peacefully later all? Dear Master, If I could know such the result and situation, I would rather stay in prison in Island of unwholesome environment than came back here to see the bloodshed of a history. The Vietnamese race will be chaotic, the nation is not reformed, people are devastated. The Religion falls due to that situation”.

            The heart-rending moan made Bần Đạo’s tears shed incessantly. However, Bần Đạo/I tried to get strained in solace. Bần Đạo/I then relied on pretence to solace Him, so that He diminished pains. Bần Đạo/I said:

            “It is not correct. Our younger brothers are under youth thoughts, which are not same to seniors. They are hot-tempered, thus they act in that way. They still treasure the talent, interest. It is impossible to force them to do as you”. Bần Đạo/I found that He was sad, thus I sought many ways to make Him diminished sorrowfulness. Bần Đạo/I built the Trí Giác Cung [Consciousness Palace] and advised Him to enter it to enjoy the peaceful time, in order diminish the tragic situations happenings in front of sight.

            Bần Đạo/I reflect that I received the mission, therefore I had to suffer to get strained despite of pain in order to execute the mission, which is Great Divine fortune to build the future bliss for the humankind enjoying the peace and universal concord.

            Bần Đạo/I have ever saved every smallest bit. In that case, Bần Đạo/I could enjoy the peaceful life with my family. In front of sight, they just know the dream of interest only.

            They do not know the Eternal Divine endless life over there.

            Nowadays, you rely on the Military and follow the interest and violence excessively to forget the fortune of Great family as the Holy Land, which is the endless location.

            They most relied on the merciful shadow of leaders of Great family to build the personal fortune with a honorable power as other persons. Conversely, they destroyed it ruthlessly. They did not recognize the noble value that they had relied on this Great fortune of family.

            Bần Đạo/I tell truthfully that if they do not rely on this Great family and they disdain it, they will be destroyed in recent time.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached about the Inauguration Ceremony at the National Pantheon on 16th August Ất Mùi year [01st October 1955]

            Bần Đạo/I would have a honor of thanking the Secular Mandarins and Canonized Dignitaries of Caodai Sacerdotal Council and National Militaries to make the Inauguration Ceremony of National Pantheon more solemn.

            You are same to us who have been suffering a tragic situation of 80 slavish years. The 80 years are too long with all pains of national people who wish an indomitable day to save the nation. In that long struggle, many compatriotism ancestors suffered and sacrificed to the national destiny and race.

            The work because of people and nation is continuous. Our compatriots carry out the same struggle due to the justice, however there are differences about method. Thus, the mutual destruction happens.

            The well-known men and revolutionaries died because of the nation are worshipped. For unknown heroes died because of the nation, we perhaps carry a sin over them because we do not think about their sacrifice of noble position fame and blood. For combatants in current battles, we also know their name a little bit. We do now know them most. Therefore, their fame and position will be gradually lost in oblivion.

            The Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation [Đại Đạo Tam Kỳ Phổ Độ] only permit the Disciples to serve the nation and Vietnamese race, does not permit to discriminate Parties.

            At this Temple, you may see the Tablet of Death of Emperors and Kỳ Ngoại Hầu Cường Để. However, please do not misunderstand that: The Religion trends to the “Monarchist”. Those Spirits are listed into the royal and patriot Spirits of Vietnam society only.

            Due to their struggle to deliver from the dependent yoke, they are same to the merit of other revolutionary fighters.

            Due to commemorating that Ceremony, the Sacerdotal Council decides to build the National Pantheon to worship all Souls of Heroic Fighters, Meritorious Officials, Combatants died in battles.

            We think that you have understood the Religion’s actions thoroughly. The local Religion appears firstly, so that it then becomes the International Religion. Due to the tolerant Religious thought of our Ancestor, we take the unique faith of method by worshipping the God and Human that we follow our Ancestor’s example. Indeed, we have mentioned the home Religion, thus we are also due to our home as the Nation and Vietnamese race in serving firstly, in order to fix the national soul, to unify the spirit and force in the Great Unity of National Mass to be enough method to save the Nation from the danger.

            Nobody knows that if this model is executed successfully, it will not be an unique method only, but also becomes a method for small and weak nations to claim their independence and freedom. We think that our brother’s struggle work helps to solace, and to help you and to serve the Nation.

            Conversely, if we are indeliberate and glacial to let them fall into oblivion over both body and spirit, we are impossible to refute the ungrateful sin. Nowadays, the hallowed memories, heroes, forebears, descendants are seated in the mass of National soul around us.

            At this Divine time, Bần Đạo/I wish you all to join spirit in one with me to commemorate those Spirits, so that we pray to those Spirits to help our race to quit the chaos, the internecine war, in order to bring the bliss and peace to our nation and all people.


His Holiness Hộ Pháp expressed some words to all Followers on occasion of New Year’s Greetings on 1st January Bính Thân year

            Dear Canonized Dignitaries, the Sacerdotal Council of Nine Divine-Plane Palace [Hội Thánh Cửu Trùng Đài], of Divine Alliance Palace [Hiệp Thiên Đài], of Charity Body [Phước Thiện] and all Supreme Being’s children of two sexes, you and Bần Đạo/I  get one more age. It means that Bần Đạo/I am 67 years olds.

            Dear Brothers and Young Brothers,

            In 20th century of decline moral, shifty human ethics, falling manner, the Supreme Being comes to suffer misery with His children, to build one World Saving Organ, to open the True Doctrine of His Great Way. The Holy Body finds that one ancient Religion reforming the Vietnam is the Confucianism. Our Ancestor bequeathed the Confucianism to essentially preserve the human moral of Humankind.

For that reason, the Supreme Being comes to use it as the “Golden Rule” for whole psychologies of humankind. Therefore, He used two words “Change World”. It is unnecessary to discuss profoundly, but the Holy Body [Thánh Thể/ refer the Sacerdotal Council] knows well that at this difficult and dangerous stage, the Great Merciful Father [Đại Từ Phụ] comes to assign us such that Divine mission which does not contain the body. He comes to appoint us to be a Father, a Master that how the Divine mission of Father and Master is to preserve the creator rule, all Supreme Being’s children know well. The Father mission is to create the fortune and bliss for children. The Master mission is to help the mind, spirit, fame, position and future bliss for them. Carrying out two missions is too difficult!

            In the Great Divine family of the Supreme Being assigned us is up to that natural rule, which is the rule of small family. There is nothing strange.

            Nobody feels surprised about this era. We have known the human’s psychology well. In a family with mutual inharmony brothers, all sins are laid the blame at their Father. In a school, if there are fights, competition over stupidness or wisdom, fame, position; all those are laid the blame at their Master. That is the natural thing.

            In a family, although the Father is extremely just, a dissatisfied, extravagant, nonsensical lays the blame at his Father. He says that his Father harms him.

            In a school of personal dignity, if that man cannot be come achieved in career, he will reckon that his Master is bad in teaching. That is way of world.

            My younger brothers and sisters of two sexes! Qua/I tell truthfully that: “That case happens because followers of Religion do not have enough mutual love, the moral spirit basis. Thus, it occurs such that way”. You know that if the unfortunate thing happens in a small family, how is that family? Much less the Great Divine family that the Supreme Being has assigned. In the Holy Body that He assigned me, how can we avoid such that case? One Father creates His children from His blood, sperm, for their body. It means that they are same possessive master, but he cannot sometimes own over spirit, much less the Supreme Being’s Great Divine family assigned that there are uncountable minds, spirits without same thought.

            The Master Confucius founded a school, had a right to select his Disciples. Contrarily, in the Supreme Being’s great family, His Holy Body has no right to select. Thus, how can we avoid nonsensical persons? You should not consider that it is important. Reversely, you must fix your mission, attempt to teach younger brothers who are the future portion of your great family and the Supreme Being’s Holy Body in the future.

            Qua/I used to say that this old weak body attempts to serve the Religious fortune because of them. If Qua/I am not due to them, I am not silently creating this Divine fortune. Qua/I am a crazy man to be worthily arrested and confined in the Biên Hòa madhouse!    

            Qua/I have been suffering the misery in whole life. Your brothers also suffer the miserable situation as me. When Qua/I am alive, I cannot stand if I see their misery. For that reason, Qua/I create the future bliss for them.

            You try thinking that all Supreme Being’s children have been sacrificing their tears and perspirations for 31 years to found the Great Religious Divine Fortune. You should make a question: whom have they done for? You will feel very painful!

            For the case of the Supreme Being coming to us, that poor old Man came with a Flag only. He came under a feeble and poor body. Because of being feeble, it made a great fortune, which contained your uncountable perspirations, tears and blood to appear that result.

            There is one issue that you should not misunderstand. All Supreme Being’s children must remember this point: “The riches of Religion are the riches of all Supreme Being’s million children united. If you all members of millions were poor, miserable, but you can enjoy this Divine glorious fortune; you must remember that this result is the achievement of tears and perspirations.

            We carry the purpose of Divine mission to replace the Supreme Being to create the Divine fortune for you. That is the Religious fortune. We wish about the riches and glory really. The glory and riches are the noble thing of Religion.

            Reversely, although how luxury and glorious the Great Divine Fortune of Supreme Being is, but you are poor and miserable; the riches are the figure of riches only. It is meaningless. It is a falsity only.

            We have been poor and miserable for 31 years, so that the Sacerdotal Council [Hội Thánh] only wished one point that there would have a method to nourish all Supreme Being’s children, we did not know that the Great Divine Fortune would be like this. Qua/I wish one point which is that I can create the bliss for you. That is the most important purpose.










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