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Holy Letter Of His Holiness Thượng Sanh. 1

Foreword. 2

Confidence Of Shorthand Board. 4

01. His Holiness Hộ Pháp Exhorted Caodai Military In New Year 6

02. Troop Dispatching Ceremony. 7

03. First Cycle Ceremony. 9

04. His Holiness Hộ Pháp Preached In Ceremony Of Lotus Throne Move Of Rev. Khai Pháp Chơn Quân  14

05. His Holiness Hộ Pháp Did Sacrament Of Liberating The Soul For Đạo Nhơn Phạm Công Đằng  18

06. Reality And Falsity Of Interest 21

07. Feast Of Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm.. 26

08. Vietnamese Race’s Spirit At This Period. 29

09. The Anniversary Of Thành Thái King. 31

10.  His Holiness Hộ Pháp’s Journey To Europe. 35

11.  His Holiness Hộ Pháp Exhorted Religious Organs Seeing Off Him To France  39

12.  His Holiness Hộ Pháp Returned From France. 41

13.  His Holiness Hộ Pháp Preached After Return From Europe In 02 Months  42

14.  Divine Missionary Mission. 46

15.  His Holiness Hộ Pháp Exhorted All Followers Before Going To China  49

16.  His Holiness Hộ Pháp’s Declaration On Occasion Of Welcoming Mr. Cường Để’s Relics At The Tân Sơn Nhất Airport 51

17.  His Holiness Hộ Pháp Declared On Occasion Of Welcoming Mr. Cường Để’s Relics  53

18.  The Feast Of Rev. Interim Pope. 54

19.  The Feast Of Rev. Interim Pope – Caodaism Foundation History  57

20.  Method Of Establishing Personal Dignity. 68

21.  Authority Grant Ceremony For Female Chief Assisting The Caodaism Military  76

22.  Inauguration Ceremony Of New Citizen Market “Qui Thiện”  77

23.  Anniversary Of Jesus Christ’s Birthday. 81

24.  Comparison Between Religious Exploit And Secular Exploit 84

Tài Liệu Lưu Hành Nội Bộ. 89



Thiển nghĩ đến lời Thánh Ngôn Đức Chí Tôn truyền dạy: “Vậy Thầy khuyên các con đứa nào có trí lực bao nhiêu khá đem ra mà thi thố, chớ đừng sụt sè theo thói nữ nhi, vậy cũng uổng cái điểm linh quang của Thầy ban cho các con lắm. Các con hiểu à”. [Thánh Ngôn Hiệp Tuyển Q.I]. Với ḷng trắc ẩn, ưu tư về mối Đạo vàng, người dịch chí nguyện truyền tải lời vàng, tiếng ngọc của Đức Hộ Pháp hầu đóng góp vào cơ xiển dương phổ hoá triết lư của Đại Đạo. Với tài hèn, sức mọn trước biển Đạo Pháp vô biên, người dịch không sao tránh khỏi sự sơ thất trong việc chuyển dịch. Ước mong sao tài liệu này sẽ được những bậc cao minh xem xét, tu chỉnh, hoàn thiện để dâng lên Hội Thánh Đại Đạo.


I think about the teachings of Supreme Being: “So I advise you that whoever has mental power much or less, he should use, do not be shy like female characters. That is very useless regarding to the sacred light blessed by ME” [Collection of Divine Messages, Volume I]. By compassion to precious Religion, I wish to translate preachments of His Holiness Hộ Pháp, containing sublime philosophies in order to contribute propagation to Great Way. Due to limited ability in infinite Tao, I may not avoid error in translation. I wish to be corrected by intellectuals, so that the book will be respectfully submitted to Sacerdotal Council of Great Way.


 Khai Tâm Quách Minh Chương

Holy Letter of His Holiness Thượng Sanh.





No.: 121/TS


( 45TH YEAR )




Respectfully addressed to: Hiến Pháp [Juridical Renovator]

Chief of Justice Department

Ref.: Sage letter No.: 15/ĐS dated 12th June 1970

Dear Gentle Brother,

In according with your suggestion, I agree to let Department of Religious History publish to propagate His Holiness Hộ Pháp’s Preachments from 1946 to 1955 at Tây Ninh Holy See.

Selected lessons for publishing must be censored by Bible Censoring Department.



Holy See, 14th May Year of Dog

(17th Jun. 1970)




These preachments in this book are the precious speeches of His Holiness Hộ Pháp, a Head of Great Way - Third Period - Universal Salvation, a great man of generation, so the edition and collection Board was founded with Đức Thượng Sanh’s agreement to promote the edition and collection toward those Preachments. Now, this work has been obtained a satisfactory result, consequently the Board carries out to print for all followers to comprehend these precious speeches.

In the History Religion Board of Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation, the Easter-Wester, ancient and modern books in library are available for researchers and believers. The books of “Preachments” of His Holiness Hộ Pháp will be stored in this Library for readers coming to study.

His Holiness Hộ Pháp is one of predecessors founding the Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation, who firstly implemented Three Ways: “Virtue way, Service way, Speech way”.

About the Virtue way, He is the first person who followed sacred call to found a Religious source for all humankind to enjoy the great favor of the God - Supreme Being.

About Service way, He both did the virtue way and did service of founding religion. From nothing, he created the material things, held the winds to create a Great Work of Religion on this earth. If he was not a Venerable Man, how could he be successful?

About Speech way, He handed over the precious speeches in Preachments that we are reading. The readers and all followers should pay attention that there are other sublime teachings.

For the sake of Juridical Renovator [Hiến Pháp] of Divine Alliance Palace [Hiệp Thiên Đài] holding the position Chief of Religion History Board, I respectfully introduce this precious book to the readers that these book are worthy to be handed down forever.

Yours sincerely.

Juridical Renovator Trương Hữu Đức.





For each chaos, it is the time books become bait for the fire. Looking back the history: events of “Part of Books”, appropriations of book happened as a corollary toward history events. This status has been lasting for era; those are the methods of malefactors in targets for carrying out the Ignoramus Policy and Strict Acculturation.

Those sad experiences are reasons pushing us to try to carry out collecting these documentaries.

We think that: “If documentaries of prayer-book were just stored in a concentration place, it could not prevent cruel people destroying books”. Consequently, we have decided to make many copies for many entrusted people who were faithful to the Religion to be able to die in order to preserve Immortal’s speeches that He represented the God to preach the Tao.

If the situation changes unfortunately, the separations of books will happen again. We think that among these separations of books, some will be fully kept by the enthusiastic people.

This work is not a work of a person or an association but a work of nameless persons devoting all abilities in order to serve the preserve ideal for the dogmas tradition of Caodaism. While this book is giving to you, there are some passionate persons exhaustedly slump down in acting this ideal.

Our action was not a superficial idea in a short time, but an aspiration during the chaos. We always prayed the Supreme Being and Mother Buddha/Holy Mother to be blessed that we could a fortune chance to act that aspiration.

Nowadays, the vista of the sky has been bright, the aspiration has been completed. We would like to fully submit to the Sacerdotal Council all documentaries written and collected by us in years with following up the purpose of preserving the precious speeches of His Holiness Hộ Pháp.

From this time, the copyright fully depends on the Sacerdotal Council. We would like to hope that the Sacerdotal Council authorize to be censored and published so that everyone can know the cherish teachings of His Holiness Hộ Pháp that He loved to teach us when He was here, on this earth.

Holy See, 15th June Bính Ngọ/Horse Year (1966)

Shorthand Department





His Holiness Hộ Pháp as the Supremely Honored Governor exhorted ranks of Commander and Caodai Soldiers in beginning New Year of Giáp Ngọ year [1954]


Master/I used to tell you that: Founding a nation is easier than dominating a nation. For spirit aspect, founding a Religion is difficult, but dominating a Religion is more difficult because the success or failure of wining human’s spirit is due to that cause.

Your Military founded was due to all gathered powers upon the foundation of humanity and morality. Wherever your misery saving flag appears, that people living that place are protected, saved by you, so that you can make hero’s fame of fatherland and race. Master/I also entrusted the Religious Flag to you because I essentially want you maintain your loyalty to keep our Ancestor’s fortune steadfastly, which has been built for 4,000 years. Nowadays, the heroic blood of Lạc Hồng race has been spreading everywhere in Vietnam.

Your obligation becomes more difficult due to that reason. Your responsibility also becomes noble because of that cause. If you determinedly overcome that difficulty to obtain success, your fame will be carved in Vân palace to bequeath an imposing page of history for next generation.

Although, Master/I do not speak out, you still know well that in the past for person loving their nation, if they helped people, people would love them. If they hated people, people would hate them. Consequently, you use whichever interest, which is corresponding to humanity, to consider it as a common interest. You should forgive up whichever interest, which is contrary to the humanity.

To close this Instruction, Master/I only tell you in summary: your affable will is the essential tool and your heart of virtue is a steadfast bastion.

In the beginning New Year of Giáp Ngọ year, Master/I grant blessing to all children to reach desire of saving the Nation from danger, and of opening the glorious path for your race.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at Holy See on 9th January Giáp Ngọ year [1954]

Today is the seventh anniversary of Caodai Military Dispatching. Bần Đạo/I would like to say thanks to all Secular guesses and Religious Dignitaries with your attendance here to make the ceremony more solemn. Bần Đạo/I thank you and let me instruct soldiers.

Master and Major Officers of Caodaism! The Supreme Being Himself taught me to make Religion promptly appeared. You lean on that.

When Master/I returned fatherland after exile, your race was suffering a dangerous situation. One side as International Communism determinedly used force to seize your National sovereignty and race and another side as National party did not let independence from Communism.

How harmful! Among the battle, your National force was in middle under two arrows. If we want to express all people’s misery, at least we write down in a book, but it is enough by expressing the meaning in a forum only.

Children! When Master/I returned from my exile, Master/I petitioned for your blood sacrifice to save nation, people, in order to unite nations and to appear a real justice.

Master/I have understood your great merit and your heroic spirit to have such this fight. Although, it still gets ambiguous, Master/I dare to assert that: Your sacrifice is due to the predestinated natural framework. The justice always wins force. Therefore, the future bliss that you bring it to your race and Nation and Master/I assert that: you will reach purpose with a glorious victory.

Master/I desire and wait your will of sacrifice. Master/I wish that your heroic spirit must become the Divine mission to save the nation from situation.

You have overcome a final strict and dangerous stage already and now, you just bring the glorious victory to your race and nation only.

Master/I only know that: Behind you, there are other nations for foremost France race, who has lived with us over 80 years, known the bad and good, known how your race’s intensely compatriot spirit is. The France will help you execute your Divine mission completely and well.

After all, Bần Đạo/I would like to say the thanks to guests and all soldiers. Master/I wish that this year will be a glorious year under your victory.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at Holy See on 14th January Giáp Ngọ year [1954]

 Today is the full moon day of lunar calendar of January. According to the Religious Law, foremost Buddhism’s doctrine, one year is separated into three cycles: First Cycle [Thượng Ngươn], Middle Cycle [Trung Ngươn] and Last Cycle [Hạ Ngươn]. For yearly cycle under our knowledge, the Great work of Universe over the Buddhism’s doctrine, the spirit and matter of all living creatures will be reformed. Due to that doctrine, nowadays souls are under the amnesty of Supreme Being, even they enjoy an evolution favor of more progress.

It is lucky for Vietnamese race, as Lạc Hồng race: We replied on our Ancestor’s Way to have a doctrine that people feel surprised when they see Vietnamese race holds a doctrine suddenly. This is also due to the Supreme Being’s Divine favor as our Great Merciful Father applying the truth that our bequeathed it. Nobody knows that our sublime religious foundation doctrine is ready. In spite of faith or society is same, which means that our Ancestor’s Religious spirit is very simple, but true. Bần Đạo/I have preached Supreme Being’s children that we have no query, we just believe the truth to fix our spirit because it is not utopian. Nowadays, due to the science and truth of humankind’s mind spirit with an advanced level, people can understand doctrines. Actually, our Ancestors only worshiped the God and Grandfathers only and they fulfilled their filial respect to their Nine Generations of Genealogical Line and Seven Generations of Ancestors [Cửu Huyền Thất Tổ].

That Way of spirit will become a rudiment for humankind’s spirit in future stage. At this time, people are studying if the Hell exists or not. How pitiful! The noun “Hell” induces people to study forever, but they have not been satisfied. As they have not obtained the truth of spirit, they want to study it.

Bần Đạo/I often say that the natural law of Creator is unique in spite of visibility or invisibility, its nature is unique. As people pointed out two phrases of “Hell” and “World of livings”, they Religious seekers always query and do not understand their meaning profoundly.

The Supreme Being comes and teaches simply. He says:

“The sight in which you are living now with your physical body is the visible sight; the sight to which you will return after leaving the body is the Divine world”. The Supreme Being calls it as the Divine World of Eternal Life.

How strange! The humankind considers their life as a real life. Unexpectedly, it is the dead sight. They look at the dead invisible sight and think that it does not exist, is the eternal sight. In the Divine Sight of Eternal Life, the Supreme Being has created readily and founded a Divine Fortune for each His child. He said: For that fortune, each his child has readily, except somebody refuses, He has the right to give it to others.

Bần Đạo/I explain the Divine Sight of Eternal Life. On this earth, we see a ready framework of society with all things of good, bad, success, failure. The cruel people are punished, so that they scare to cause sin. Good people become mandarins and talented and high-minded people help human beings to create the society body to assist humankind’s life. Every action happens according to its law. How the visible sight happens, the Divine sight also happens in same way. When discussing this point, Bần Đạo/I recollect Communism on this earth that they want to destroy classes of society. This means that they want to destroy the natural law. We try giving some questions: if whenever we can make a civilian to become a governor with his ability, we will able to oppose classes at that time. Whenever we can help a cow tender become a judge, we will be able to oppose classes at that time. Whenever we can help a child become an old man, we will be able to oppose classes at that time because classes on this earth are under the law that there is not any power, which can change that natural law.

On the earth, we see mandarins, civilian, slavers, masters and servants. How the sight in front of us is, the Divine sight is same.

We are living here to establish our fortune essentially. If we are bad, we establish a bad fortune. If we are good, we establish a good fortune. If we are damaged, we establish a damaged fortune. The Hell that people consider it as a place to torture, punish is described too excessively to make people afraid. The status of Divine World of Eternal Life is different from this world of livings. Its image and punish is the status of spirit and mind only. On this earth, the persons who create sin have a horror face like cruel animals such as tiger, panther or crocodile.

One day, when we leave this body, our soul will show the status as we did before. It is same to the case that many people who let their spirit attached in an animal, will appear their feature as that animal.

Actually, Bần Đạo/I tell generally: how the visible sight is, the Divine Sight of Eternal Life is same. We have Ancestors who are waiting our return to the Divine World of Eternal Life. They are alive in the Divine world to wait us coming back.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached in Ceremony of Lotus Throne Move of Rev. Khai Pháp Chơn Quân on 28th January Giáp Ngọ year

At this time, Bần Đạo/I and all Supreme Being’s children of two sexes suffer the mourning. Although all you do not speak out, you want Bần Đạo/me to speak. What do you want me to speak for? You want to know my intimate friend’s sentiment of Rev. Khai Pháp Chơn Quân [Juridical Reformer Trần Duy Nghĩa – one of Twelve Zodiacal Dignitaries of Divine Alliance Palace], want to know how he suffered misery with me.

Indeed, on the earth, people only enjoy their luxurious riches in a short time. All their shadows bliss will decline as a drop of dew on grass blade. The sentiment of misery share is steadfast and noble. Bần Đạo/I am standing here and afraid that my tears induce me to show whole sentiment in front of Supreme Being’s children as a golden rule for the Supreme Being’s Holy Body. Today, Bần Đạo/I wish one thing that two sexes of youth of Caodaism should pay attention and keep in your mind because your future is still very long.

The Holy Body and all children of Supreme Being know who Rev. Khai Pháp Chơn Quân [Rev. Juridical Reformer Angel] is, in 12 Chơn Quân [Angel], of 12 Animal designations are the miracle to create the Universe; all Supreme Being’s children understood thoroughly.

Bần Đạo/I want to tell one more important thing that He is not strange to this 68th Globe. He was the humankind’s friend and suffered misery with humankind. He is an important personality to help the Supreme Being to create a modern civilization. Bần Đạo/I assert that: He is an important Spirit who took power of humankind’s civilization spirit. His reincarnation is to make that civilization how to unite with the antiquity civilizations on this earth, so that people are united in spirit and moral.

Rev. Khai Pháp Chơn Quân came the humankind’s universal concord to act as a witness, in order to fulfill His Divine mission. For His conformation, He is same to everybody.

For a short while, the religious organs let Supreme Being’s children know that Bần Đạo/I need not to repeat again. This physical body is same an animal. It is unchanged although it is good or bad, rich or poor. It is meaningless to the most important civilization of Rev. Khai Pháp Chơn Quân.

For His great merit, Bần Đạo/I desire one thing that one day, all Supreme Being’s children follow that will of exemplary, in order to make the Supreme Being’s Holy Body stronger and stronger, more and more powerful. If His Holy Body is stronger and stronger, more and more powerful; the Supreme Being easily serves His children on this world of misery.

Bần Đạo/I emphasize one point that the Caodaism is a Religion to save humankind from misery. The Caodaism is not the master of people, but a slave of people to create real bliss for people. Today, Rev. Khai Pháp enjoys the Divine World of Eternal Life that He had understood the truth. Consequently, Bần Đạo/I, He, Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm and Interim Pope Thượng Trung Nhựt have made merit by suffering the misery together with a determined heart to shoulder the Supreme Being’s Religion, in order to protect, support and execute the conformation of misery saving organ. Today, there is one most significant truth: We only wish one thing how to make the injustice of society all changed at this time. Generally, if we have no method to amend the injustice, there will a feeble method that we use our body of infinite virtue to be a method to solace humankind to help humankind induce misery, pain, so that we show a future exemplary of loving world for Supreme Being’s children.

We are afraid of one issue only that the Supreme Being’s children should remember the end of life. If we lose moral, we will not be worthy to be a child of Supreme Being and Holy Mother, not worthy to be Divine friend of Deity, Saint, Immortal and Buddha. We scare death which people call it as the end. Bần Đạo/I have explained that the dead sight is the living sight and the living sight is the dead sight. They do not understand how the Divine Sight of Eternal Life at all. They always seek bliss in this misery sight, which they consider as a living sight. However, it is the dead sight. If we lose the obligation and moral, we will scare our end of life. If we are utterly loyal to Sacerdotal Council, are utterly filial to the Supreme Being and Holy Mother, utterly faithful to Divine Spirits, our bliss after leaving this earth will be a glorious bliss.

Indeed, today Rev. Khai Pháp Chơn Quân enjoyed the bliss that Bần Đạo have described. He is enjoying the real bliss. Conversely, we are so sad because we have to face on separated visible aspect. Bần Đạo/I feel honored because He obtained the Dharma. Rev. Khai Pháp Chơn Quân obtained the Dharma on when he was alive.

Bần Đạo/I act as a witness to all Supreme Being’s children about that issue.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached after doing Sacrament of Liberating the soul for Rev. Đạo Nhơn Phạm Công Đằng at Holy See on 10th February Giáp Ngọ year [1954]

Phạm Công Đằng was a Disciple of Phạm Môn [Buddha Gate] in the beginning time.

Bần Đạo/I recollect the time that I went to Kim Biên [in Cambodia] to open the Foreign Missionary Sacerdotal Council. When coming back, Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm taught one group of Disciple. Among them, there was Phạm Công Đặng’s father. At that stage, Mr. Đằng followed his father for religious work. There was one special issue that his family was so happy because all members in family were very religious.

In this 20th century under French domination, Phạm Công Đằng’s family kept custom and habits that his Ancestor bequeathed. It means that it is the Way of Confucianism, for foremost Phạm Công Đằng’s father.

When Bần Đạo/I came back, his father and he abolished the secular life for Religious life. Although their family was in Thanh Phước [proper name], all male female children believe Caodaism. Phạm Công Đằng served the Religion continuously until the vacillation with Religious trials. France oppressed to induce Great Brothers who took the Religious power, separated together. People induced chaos and contrary sentiment.

The Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm went back Thảo Xá Hiền Cung [Thatched Cottage], only the Interim Pope was left. We could not image the dangerous situation. They arrested and prisoned all persons who left the Holy See for Religious work. France intended to destroy the Caodaism in embryo stage. They oppresses to such extent that there was food. There were many people. Money begged for many times for Holy See building was spent all. That made followers disheartened in spite of internal and external believers.

For external side, they rent French lackey to arrest, to prison followers. They humiliated Caodaism followers that we could not have any imagination.

For internal side with separation condition, one group followed the Interim Pope, one group followed Mr. Tương and another group followed Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm (three-four factions).

They were mutually contrary to such extent that Master and Disciples had nothing and people considered as persons of heresy. They separated to become factions and to slander to France. They arrested people of Phạm Môn, sentenced by punishment and imprisonment.  They made the Religion dead to such extent that they did not permit the persons who helped Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm. The persons who sacrificed their life at the Religious gate were driven away.

At that time, Phạm Môn was driven away from the Holy See. Master and children went away and sought a land piece to form the Phạm legacy [“Phạm” contains two meanings: Surname of Rev. Phạm Công Tắc and Buddha. “Phạm Môn” is Buddha Gate] to make the Caodaism revived.

How lucky! Due to “God never ignores good human”, the Supreme Being has been staying with us, therefore the contradiction and extermination schemes could not do anything.

Among 72 my Disciples, there were really 26 ones serving the Religious work. However, the Religious fortune can reach such this achievement. If there was Phạm Môn, the Holy See would not be completed. If there was Phạm Môn, the Caodaism would die.

For merit of building and reviving the Caodaism, Phạm Công Đằng deserved well of that merit.  



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at night of 01st March Giáp Ngọ year [year of Horse]

Tomorrow is the Feast of Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm. Bần Đạo/I hope that all Supreme Being’s children will be fully present to attend the ceremony to make His soul pleased.

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach the falsity and reality of interest in the 20th century that whole humankind is hard up spirit. Actually, from the time of antiquity to this time, this is the time that humankind suffers spirit misery most.

At this time, the population of this earth has raised too excessively. It is not same to the antiquity. If we base on the population from 3rd century to this time, we will find that it is approximately double. Therefore, the humankind’s life becomes difficult and their fight for life also becomes noisier. We try thinking that for a born person, to achieve fame and position in society, it is very difficult issue.

We find that the class of civilians is much more than intellectuals. That is the natural law. Thus, the fight and protection over their interest become difficult and dangerous.

Indeed, people always follow their interest in spite of a Nation or whole world. They only compete for interest by mutually killing. We lean on humankind’s psychology for discussion that there is not any stage that the humankind’s spirit declines excessively like spirit in this stage. Indeed, the humankind’s spirit falls down an excessively feeble level.

Consequently, whole humankind’s spirit is not holy as spirit of previous stage. The Confucian says: “Ancient people had an ugly body like an animal, but their heart was greatly holy. Present people have a human body, but their heart cannot be estimated”.

Especially, people pursue interest dotingly. If we mention their desire over interest aspect, we will find that: In society, in order to be top of power to control arbitrarily, this issue is the most difficult thing.

Consequently, they never give up mean ruse or method. We should examine if the power which is formed under cruel inhuman methods, can be steadfast. People use the power to bribe people’s blood. That power becomes a cruel weapon and we wonder if the persons enjoying that bliss can be steadfast. We find that Tần Palace, Hớn Tower were built by human’s blood and many dynasties of King were changed. However, there is not any treasure existing. What is the reason? It is because that treasure was bribed by civilian’s blood. Therefore, the receivers never can be eternal.

We observe phenomenon in front of us with their ruses, methods, minds. They study method to form their interest. In the end, we consider their enjoyment that their enjoyment contains a danger like a poisonous cup for them to self-destroy them.

For power, what do we see? In China history, Hạng Vơ [項籍] going to Bao Trung made a promise that if somebody could reach the destination of Bao Trung firstly, that person would become a Lord.

Hớn Bái Công and Sở Bá Vương [西楚霸王] received obligation of destroying Tần dynasty to restore Hớn dynasty. Sở Bá Vương replied on his strength and fought everywhere on the way. Thus, He went to Bao Trung later than Hớn Bái Công. Hớn Bái Công executed everything because of charity and justice, therefore bastions and frontiers posts were open for his journey. Moreover, Sở Bá Vương did not keep promise. He absolved him and exiled Hớn Bái Công in Bao Trung. At the end, the Hớn Bái Công’s fortune lasted in 800 years while Sở Bá Vương’s fortune lasted within one human life only. That is the falsity of Sở Bá Vương and Hớn Bái Công’s reality is the existence of 800 years.

We try thinking that about the false power in the second great war, Hitler, Mussolini, King of Japan wanted to be a suzerain by their violence method because their military force had enough strong force to make world complied with them, to call them as a suzerain. At last, the kingship created many pains in chaos. Many powerful Kings that we have seen, are false because they did not bequeath the world anything. The reality belongs to the person who they sentenced, the person under the superstitious doctrines, hammered with a nail on the Cross. He is the Jesus Christ that His power has existed for 2,000 years. Conversely, it becomes stronger and stronger.

The secondary person was the Old Man carrying a Bowl to beg everywhere, to glean ragged clothes to sew together for poop people. However, His power has still existed even it has been lasting 2,500 years. What is the reality? What is the falsity? Nobody knows them in advance.

Pitiful! For the power creating the steadfastness, the founder faces on difficulty to such extent that he has to face on danger, but if he can obtain that power, the power will be never destroyed. For discussion of “Much wealth in four seas” of Emperors who leaned on people’s blood to form their throne, who considered legacies in nation as their legacy, let us see how their Family is at this time. Bần Đạo/I act as a witness that they are very mean, vile, ruined. They do not bequeath any the steadfast riches for their descendants.

There is one person whom we scare only, that world disdains to look at him if we avoid saying that they feel disgusting. That is the Confucius. His Way as the Confucianism civilization is not ruined. If Chinese has not destroyed, the Confucius’s Way will also exist forever.

It is harmful but lucky for humankind. The population of China reaches 450 or 500 million civilians. In order to destroy such that population, it is not easy. If that race still exists, the Confucius’s Way still exists forever.

The built thrones of Emperors have been destroyed while the Confucius’s Way has carved with a Confucianism civilization in humankind’s mind until end of world. The races with the influence of that civilization are Korea, Japan and Vietnam. Whenever the Chinese is not destroyed, the Confucius’s Way still exists. That Way is the reality while the World is the falsity.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp reminded the Feast of Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm on 01st March Giáp Ngọ year [year of Horse]

The Feast of Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm comes yearly and Bần Đạo/I feel pleased to see that all Supreme Being’s children in spite of Male or Female all esteem Him by your heart. Especially, my happinest thing is that on this Feast, the Supreme Being’s children’s esteem is still like the esteem when He was alive.

From the antiquity to this time, there is not any Religion, which can enjoy a Divine favor of Supreme Being as the Caodaism. Bần Đạo/I repeat His Divine missions to share miseries, so that all you know how He was oppointed to descend this earth to replace the Supreme Being’s image in order share Supreme Being’s children’s misery. We can say that: Divine Spirits become friends of races for our foremost yellow-skin race. All Supreme Being’s children have known fame of Eight Immortals well.

The strangeness is that what the Supreme Being had done, so that Great Immortals undertook the Divine mission, to come to form His Religions. Especially, the Soul of Hớn Chung Ly [漢鐘離], as Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm came to this earth to build the Religion.

Consequently, at this time, Bần Đạo/I recollect and get a regret about His miracle appeaing in the Caodaism. At the present time, the secondary Canonization Pen does not exist here. Acutally, He carried the Canonization Pen, Legislative Pen, Missionary Pen away. If there is a Canonization, He will lean on Rev. Cao Tiếp Đạo [Religious Legislator] to hold the Pen and He will assist with His eletricity. His Canonization Pen does not exist here anymore. That is My regret.

Actually, the Caodaism Soldiers regreted that Pen. If it was still here, it would help you many things.

Bần Đạo/I with a low faith leaned that mysterious Pen to help me have full faith. Bần Đạo/I can say that the Pen saved and helped me with such this noble position. Soldiers! If Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm was alive, it would be very lucky for you. You read His sentences of poem for foremost conclusion sentences. You pay attention much to understand its profounf meaning. You lean on it as an exemplary for your path:

“Forty two years has not been content yet,

   Alive in order to see the triumphal nation”

He desired that issu only. When you can raise the flag of Humanity and restore independence of nation, Master/I can say that: beforen you sing the triumphal song, you read those two sentences, you will repay for noble favor of Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm.

Indeed, when Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm returned the Divine world, we get such that regret only:

“Forty two years has not been content yet,

   Alive in order to see the triumphal nation”

He desired to save your race from the indepenent yoke. You should try, so that when Master/I am alive to see your work, so that Master/I have the “Alive in order to see the triumphal nation”.

Please do a favor to let Master/me see your triumphal Nation and race from the slavish yoke. Master/I wish that you will fulfil your mission and Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm desired such that point only.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at night of 14th March Giáp Ngọ year [year of Horse]

 Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach the Vietnamese race’s spirit at this period. All Supreme Being’s children in spite of Male Female or Bần Đạo/I receive the favor of our Ancestors bequeathing a ancient civilization called as the Way of Confucianism.

The complete civilisation belongs to the Confucianism. From the time of opeing the nation, people leaned on the ancient basis of Confucianism civiliasation to form ournational conformation. When our Ancestors formed the Nationa and thought that the traditional civilisation would exist forever, therefore they trained race’s spirit. Those Spirits never thought that it would change for their descendants in future under an influence. If we mention the traditional manner bequeathed by our Ancestors, our spirit is good, honest, moral. Their frank, good spirit comes from the conformation of Way, which helped them.

After 80 years of domination of France, the France also brought a new civilisation to us: the Civilisation of Catholicism.

Actually, we examine our ancient civilisation and modern civilisation by our mind and we make questions: How did the psychology of Confucianism train our manner? What influence did we get from manner civilisation of Catholicism?

One side applies the Way of Three Moral Bonds and Five Constant Virtures to be a basis only, uses psychology spirit as the exemplary to train people’s spirit only.

Another side applies science to observe the real conformation of life as the basis. We may find that those two images are not different from two woment: one woman is frank, good to use the psychology as the basis to treat to the human relations, to use the heart as the exemplary, even a diminutive action never passes throught the call of spirit.

Another woman leans on the rich and luxurious conformation manner with a beautiful appearance. Consequently, we find that one side uses the glamour as the basis while another sise uses the Heart as the basis. Bần Đạo/I assert by making a question: if there were such a beautiful woman and a simple woman, and there was a lover who was seeking, whom would he select? Bần Đạo/I make sure that I need not speak out, all Supreme Being’s children understand the matter in mind. “Glamour, become cruel” is the ancient people’s speech and it is not wrong.

Now, we examine that if there was courteous human and we taught him to have virtue, humanity, framework as a woman, she would become a worthy woman in people’s sight because she kept Three Moral Bonds and Four Virtues as the basis.

That courteous woman does correctly due to our teachings, it will become great. I think that all men on this earth wish one thing: to seek a wife of humanity, beauty. There will have no bliss which is better that bliss.

If there is somebody who can train such a woman mentioned above, people will praise him so much.

Actually, that is the way of people’s spitit. We wonder if we can train the humankind to be beautiful as our wish. Bần Đạo/I answer that the Caodaism will train them.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached on 15th March Giáp Ngọ year – Anniversary of Thành Thái king [year of Horse]

Dear Canonized Dignitaries of two Sexes, Mandarins, all Supreme Being’s children, three Condolences of Sacerdotal Council, Military and Nation Independence Recovery Association have expressed a painful life of Old King Thành Thái clearly. Bần Đạo/I do not say anything because it is very complete. Bần Đạo/I make a statement to prove the race’s spirit suffering the dependent yoke of 80 years. Actually, He and Rev. Hàm Nghi [Hàm Nghi King], Rev. Duy Tân [Duy Tân King] in the royal family succeeded the throne, they did not want to enjoy the ancestor’s legacy bequeathed. However, due to people, nation and race, they sacrificed and ignored the throne to serve revolution. Bần Đạo/I look at the dependent 80-year-past, Bần Đạo/I feel overjoyed and happy if we avoid using the word “presumptuous”. All people in spite of civlian to king never accepted slavish yoke. Vietnamese always stopped seeking methods to destroy the dependent yoke. Our brothers suffered many pains within 80 years of dependence. Among our brothers, Rev. Old King Thành Thái was a Lord. There is a strange point that the more they worried oppression violence, the stronger they spirit was. They never yielded that violence. In the past, if France accepted to condescend a little bit, He perhaps maintained the throne. Conversely, He did against that violence.

The person who succeeded His will was Rev. Duy Tân as His child in blood. It is correct for Vietnam’s proverb “Like father, like son”. They were very worthy to be lord of Vietnamese race. Consequently, at this time, if France did not accep to return the independence to us, the Vietnamese race would determinedly fight to reclaim the national independence. They would fight under all methods to reclaim the independence.

The essence is that Vietnamese race never accepts dependence. They waited an issue of whole independence only. They never accepted the dependence in spite of a bit. Therefore, all people fought indomitably. Bần Đạo/I recollect the time of exile in foreign country alone in strange area. Two Kings never gave up the family discipline and manner of civilization. Bần Đạo/I still remember that when I was exiled on the Combatant vessel to Ile de la Réunion Island, all people traveled freely on vessel, except me confined in vessel cellar. He heard this news, He sent a message to Bần Đạo/me with an intense sentiment by a letter from Rev. Duy Tân. Thus, many mutual letters were done between Rev. Thành Thái and Rev. Duy Tân. Bần Đạo/I tell clearly that the desire of two persons is to fix the destiny of nation and race only.

Consequently, Bần Đạo/I have kept a special sentiment to the Rev. Duy Tan.

How harmful! the God did not please human’s heart. His plan and solution were destroyed after His death.

The fight of Caodaism is not different from a suture shirt. Actually, when He returned the fatherland, Thành Thái Emperor and I met together once in Saigon. I still recollect that although He was old, His will was strong. We discussed about the future of Nation and race. When saying goodbye, He saw off of and turned back to say that: You do not think that I am old and You ignore me. You give me one horse and a sword, I will show my ability to let you see. For a Hero or Wise King, they are same that their never changes. There is a regret that if people said that the Vietnam was independent already, but Thành Thái Emperor came back, they did not permit Him to come back to such extent that Bần Đạo/I made a petition for Him to come back and hold power. However, we still find that He did not any power, until He died, we could take Him back the fatherland.

Bần Đạo/I determinedly make a question that: is our present independence an unreal cake? That witness expresses that our fight schedule of Vietnam will continue without the end.


Dear Sacerdotal Council, Dignitaries of Holy See, Major General and Central Committee of Nation Independence Recovery Association, I feel honored to be invited the our Father’s Memorial Service with a solemn rite. I do not know how to repay your favor. Thus, I on behalf of our family show our warm gratitude to You.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at Holy See at night of 15th April Giáp Ngọ year [17th May 1954]

Next Tuesday is the day after tomorrow. Bần Đạo/I will go to Saigon to go to Europe because of State Head Bảo Đại’s invitation and my consultative mission for Him. At this time, He is undertaking an important mission how to bring a whole independence in national union. He also has to attend the Genève assembly with all Nations. Consequently, He invited Bần Đạo/me to go to Europe. The fact is that He says that He invites a highest Advisor to cooperate with Him, in order to manage solutions for the National bliss of Vietnamese race. Moreover, France invited Bần Đạo/me one year ago, but Bần Đạo/I could not go there because of internal national situation. By the occasion of State Head’s invitation and France’s invitation, Bần Đạo/I visit at the same time. At this stage, my journey to Europe will bring many important missions. Especially, the misery saving flag of Supreme Being is brought to the Europe, so that the Supreme Being has enough power to save humankind from the complicated chaotic situation. Indeed, the humankind is under a heavy trial with the spirit crisis because they are afraid the situation of third war, which people cannot avoid. They are seeking method to solve it, which means that they do something to protect the peace of humankind.

His sons called as His Holy Body [Thánh Thể] is the Supreme Being’s Holy Body, who is worrying about Vietnam compatriots at this time. It is the mission that Supreme has entrusted from the beginning time of Caodaism’s embryo. His Holy Body is our Vietnamese race.

He teaches that the True Religion will essentially become a Religion of whole humankind. Especially, He entrusts one special mission how to destroy the race’s dependent yoke and to protect Vietnam nation. All Supreme Being’s children find that this mission is very difficult that we have to sacrifice much to reclaim a real independence.

Consequently, He entrusts the heavy mission to us. He leans on Vietnam race, which is a feeble race in dependence yoke, to be His Holy Body. He purposefully express the truth to humankind that He does not want His Holy Body to be in dependence anymore. Is it possible that the God is in dependence of people? For that reason, He entrust that mission to us. Moreover, His Holy Body includes whole Vietnam race and blood, He entrusts that Divine precious mission to Vietnamese race and Vietnamese blood. He entrust the Divine precious mission to Vietnam race to unify the nation from South to North. That is my thought. The Supreme Being’s Holy Body, as His children have been suffering many miseries, dangers. Uncountable Martyrs were pioneers to protect our life and legacy, were to face on murder and chaos. However, the Religious commander and  Religious soldiers still ardently sacrifice because of that mission.

They sacrificed because of that Divine mission, thus the Supreme Being allocates a position of Martyr. We should examine if that noble sacrifice appeared in the previous time. From the ancient time to this time, nobody can execute it. Bần Đạo/I continue the mission of highest Advisor for Bảo Đại Emperor for Vietnam’s future. As France signed agreement of returning the independence to Vietnam, now Bần Đạo/I want France to keep the agreement by returning the Independence to Vietnam fully. Bần Đạo/I will continue my mission how to make the Vietnam united.

Recently, Bần Đạo/I have heard that two parties of Nation and Communism will separate the Vietnam into two parts by using the 16th parallel as the frontier. According to the Supreme Being’s predestined Holy Will, Bần Đạo/I wrote a letter without seal to Nguyễn Ái Quốc, as Hồ Chí Minh to tell that Vietnamese race cannot be divided into two parts and all national people do not accept two Lords as Nguyễn and Trịnh King in the past.

From the Hoành Sơn to South, Nguyễn Lord dominated. From the Hoành Sơn to North, Trịnh Lord dominated. Those two parties made uncountable lives of sacrificed because of unreasonable thing.

Nowadays, the Supreme Being’s Holy Body does not accept the status of two parts of nation like the past. The Holy Body will only lean life to be riches, ignore other parties due to fight for interest, despite of National party or Communism. It does not have any meaning. Bần Đạo/I will guide the Supreme Being’s Holy Body to step on the Middle position.

We try looking at a family. Bần Đạo/I taught frankness already: When we find that a frank brother is oppressed by a cunning younger brother, we must uphold the brother. Besides, we are not due to fame, interest. Conversely, we attach much importance to the Nation.

Nowadays, the Supreme Being’s Holy Body reaches a stage of being a professor to mediate, in order to bring the bliss to the Vietnamese race firstly. After all, we will take pains to place the golden rule on this earth, to bring the happy future to the humankind. The change of Supreme Being’s children from misery to triumphal condition is a natural sense.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp exhorted Religious Organs on occasion of seeing off Him to France on 16th April Giáp Ngọ year

Dear Canonized Dignitaries of two Sexes, younger Brothers and Sisters, Supreme Being’s children and youths of Military,

Today, Master/I receive the Divine mission to take the misery saving flag to the Europe. I pray that the miraculous crane wing of Supreme Being will bring His infinite love to solace races in Europe. Due to the boundless love and infinite power of Supreme Being, it perhaps makes the chaos peaceful and happy for humankind on this earth. Bần Đạo/I only wish one point that the spirits of million Supreme Being’s children are same my spirit.

When I am absent, all Supreme Being’s children remember to pray to Him to bless and pardon all humankind. That is the most important issue. We will take the True Doctrine to found the Religion for them, so that they can deliver from their previous karma.

We find that for two great wars, the cause was the Europe. The murder battle appeared in front of us that it was not due to this Orient, but the Europe begun that war. At this time, the humankind wishes a peace and bliss very much.

How harmful! Instead of that the leaders of humankind know the Divine important mission to help humankind be out of pain, cruelty, to take the Supreme Being’s love to be the basis in union, they have done so. In order to make the humankind recognize us as a human, there is One only.

One is about Race.

One is about Society.

One is about spirit Morality.

Today, the Supreme Being takes His True Doctrine to spread on over the world. It appears so. He Himself does to protect the bliss, to preserve life of humankind steadfastly. There is one important point that when Bần Đạo/I go to Europe, whole Holy Body, all Supreme Being’s children, children of Military must behave together by a harmony love as Bần Đạo/I am present.

One more important thing is that all you pray that the merciful flag will cover this earth. If we wish to execute to have no destruction, Bần Đạo/I make sure that there is nothing which can make the Great Merciful Father happier.

Bần Đạo/I would like to say goodbye to you and to wish that when I come back, everything will be same to the time of leaving.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp exhorted in the welcome ceremony of Him returning Fatherland from Europe journey on 24th June Giáp Ngọ year [Year of Horse]

Dear Canonized Dignitaries of Two Sexes, Supreme Being’s beloved children, Soldiers, Officers of Caodaism and Secular faction,

Bần Đạo/I feel touched to enjoy the bliss of all Supreme Being’s children in the warm solemn welcome ceremony with full sentiment.

How lucky! Over two months in France, due to the Supreme Being’s incomparable infinite power, Bần Đạo/I was satisfied to method to make two friends who have lived together over 80 years understand together. As they misunderstood, there was no peace for two nations.

Bần Đạo/I leaned on people’s knowledge. Especially, French people understood how my spirit was, and understood the request of two nations in bringing the peace to two races soonest, who have lived together over 80 years. Bần Đạo/I spoke the sentence as I had spoken in the National Assembly: “Que la France nous aide. Afin que nous puissions réaleser notre indépendance national et édéfier le Temple de l’Union Francaise”.

Due to that sentence, all people understood that: All people have an intense desire that we do how to bring the independence to nation. Due to hurry for independence, Vietnamese race is separated into many parties.

Bần Đạo/I said: If we cannot reclaim the independence fully, we will be able to use the bell sound of Religion to make Vietnam united, and to make the desire of all people satisfied in independence and bliss.

Bần Đạo/I replied on the help of Divine favor to execute that thing.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at night of 1st July Giáp Ngọ year [Year of Horse]

Tonight, the Supreme Being’s children attend the service fully. Bần Đạo/I know the reason of the crowded attendance. In two months of my absence, all you waited me to hear the news.

Due to the Supreme Being’s Divine favor, Bần Đạo/I and Hồ Bảo Đạo went abroad and we can come back here. Without the Divine power, this old body could not come back. During two months of going abroad, it is a journey of Religious mission in the Europe.

During two months, I was like a top. How could we avoid pain? We should pay attention that the Supreme Being said and promised determinedly that: “Where you come, Master stays there”. That is an evidence promise, thus Bần Đạo/I replied on it a little bit. However, everything elapsed.

In the past, the Supreme Being came to teach Bần Đạo/me when Bần Đạo/I did not have any faith. I did not know how He would build the True Religion, did not understand why He asked to offer the body, mind and soul to Him to build the Religion. Bần Đạo/I did not believe and say and reply with an excessive attitude. Bần Đạo/I replied: “Master! I know my feelings and I know Your Religions and You ask me to do the mission as the Rev. Sakyamuni, Rev. Lao-Tzu, Rev. Confucius or Jesus Christ. I will not be able to do. I only know that I am Tắc”. He answered: “Tắc, if Master/I use your nature to build the Religion, what do you think?” Bần Đạo/I got a blind alley.

Long since, Bần Đạo/I reply on myself. Wherever I go or stand at the pulpit for preachment, Bần Đạo/I always state everything, but Bần Đạo/I do not understand if I state correctly or falsely. Unexpectedly, it is correct. There is the strangeness when Bần Đạo/I went to Cambodia’s Court, the Cambodia Emperor declared to all Cambodians that: “This Spirit comes here to bring the peace for Cambodian race”

When going to the Europe, they also declared this thing that Bần Đạo/I would bring the peace to people. I do not know how to do it. Bần Đạo/I only believe the Supreme Being. There is the real peace for Vietnam obtaining it. Alas! The karma of Vietnam is so dense. Bần Đạo/I petitioned to the Supreme Being for two things. The peace was successful but the bloodshed of race never stops.

Supreme Being’s children! My pain is to see the bloodshed of our race. As Bần Đạo/I love Nation, race; I sacrificed a half of life to follow the religious path to suffer miseries. Bần Đạo/I only wish one thing how to make free from the slavish yoke, to make independence for nation. As Bần Đạo/I wished those, Bần Đạo/I sacrificed a half of life for desire.

Besides, the Supreme Being requested Bần Đạo/me to be a slave of humankind. Although how I must exchange, Bần Đạo also accept. However, the wish of karma destruction is impossible.

The tragic play of Nation in two-part-separation re-happens in front of all Male Female children of Supreme Being. We recollect our national history of two Lords and we find that the present situation is not different from status of Tây Sơn in the past. All Supreme Being’s children can see the evident karma of separation of two parts. We must overcome the payment and borrowing to build the nation.

When reached the Paris, Bần Đạo/I with delegation went to the Notre Dame Temple to pray for the failure of Genève Conference. If the Genève Conference reached a success, our Nation would be separated into two parts. We prayed all by heart, but it was not efficacious because that was the karma that Vietnam would pay the karma with a painful value. Our spirit feels sorrowful for the situation of Nation in two-part-separation.

Bần Đạo/I make a question that: was the failure due to the prayer of a delegation with some persons only? Thus, the prayer could not be efficacious. Therefore, Bần Đạo/I reply on all Supreme Being’s children to pray sincerely for the union from the situation of two-part-separation of our Nation. Bần Đạo/I find that the National union is easy, but there is one strict problem that they attach much importance to their party, individual, group. They esteem their honor, interest more than the Nation’s destiny.

Our Nation is separated and our race faces on misery. Our Nation was suffering the independent situation over eighty years, but they are still ambiguous with their ambition at this time.

Bần Đạo/I would like to once reply on Supreme Being’s children, for foremost Supreme Being’s Holy Body to pray in order to destroy their ambition to unify the spirit.

Bần Đạo/I wish that thing only.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at night at Holy See on 15th  July Giáp Ngọ year [Year of Horse]

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach to all Dignitaries and Youths with Divine missionary mission. You should pay attention. Bần Đạo/I used to preach that the humankind of 20th century is under the trial of spirit and mind that it had not appeared yet from the creation of world. Especially, 9,200.000 Men of original Soul are under painful and miserable trials.

With the mission that the Supreme Being entrusted, our physical body must be flexible with a strong spirit to deliver the humankind from the mutual fight. However, it is very pitiful for persons receiving the mission, who did not help humankind. Conversely, they sought things to make people miserable. Especially, the problem is that they created weapons to murder people.

The atom epoch makes them repent. The most trial is for intellectuals whom the Supreme Being granted with a noble position of True Religions. They obtained the Divine miraculous Dharma of Supreme Being, they then called themselves as an earth Immortal. Therefore, they built atheistic doctrines. Those doctrines pushed them to think that other people are inanimate.

How harmful! Nobody knows that they will accept to follow situation to be a sacrifice animal for world! They will not perhaps do. For that reason, it is very pitiful for intellectuals belonging to 9,200,000 Men of original Soul banished on this earthly world because that for this rank, many people purposefully damage the Religion. Therefore, they must suffer the law of payment and borrowing. Bần Đạo/I look back and find that many people are hungry as sick people are waiting medicine. They esteem the Religion extremely because they had been suffering too many designing trials.

It is very pitiful for Spirits who enlighten the way, but they have not enjoyed the Supreme Being’s favor, they can be close to the Divine Spirits only. The Spirits who were granted favor of Supreme Being can enjoy the sublime position because they had ever suffered misery of spirit that we cannot way to describe it.

You are younger brothers and sister, who will receive the Divine mission to take the drop of Holy Water to sprinkle to the humankind’s painful spirit one day. They are waiting you. Bần Đạo/I assert surely that at this time, they are waiting you. If you try to fulfill the mission, they will esteem you intensely and frankly. Bần Đạo/I act as a witness evidently because Bần Đạo/I and Hồ Bảo Đạo have ever recognized that issue.

How lucky! At this time, the Supreme Being places gift for each His child, for your life. Thus, you can be in the Holy Body [Thánh Thể]. Bần Đạo/I only wish one issue as the Supreme Being has ever said: you enjoy the bliss, but you should look at 9,200,000 Men of original Soul in spite of far or near or outer relationship. You should study and seek method to help them in the Religious path, so that they can quit the banished and miserable situation even you do never know who are Men of original Soul or Men of pure Soul. Nobody knows that those poor people are Souls in 9,200,000 Men of Original Soul reincarnated. If they reincarnate and live with you with a poor situation, as you find that they are feeble and stupid, you disdain them; you will be obviously guilty to them.

Actually, Bần Đạo/I advise you in spite of Male or Female of Supreme Being, for foremost Supreme Being’s children that you try to be careful, because one day you return the Divine world, see them, but you will not dare to meet them.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp exhorted before going to China on 20th July Giáp Ngọ year [Year of Horse]

 Dear Governors of Religious Politics Organs, Male Female children of Supreme Being, Major Officers, Noncommissioned  Officers of Caodai Military,

Today, Bần Đạo/I receive a new mission due to the Supreme Being’s will that Bần Đạo/I have just received the China’s invitation to go to Taiwan. Their purpose of invitation is due to the Religion only. All Supreme Being’s children have understood our Ancestor’s antiquity civilization philosophy bequeathed. It is also an antiquity civilization of Chinese. Nobody knows that the Supreme Being’s children are close to Him at this time to be His path, they then enjoy the infinite Divine bliss. Today, He wants to share that bliss for a race, which is same to us. Bần Đạo/I do not need to remind, but all Vietnamese still know that: our race is the Chinese race. Our Vietnam was usurped all. Our Fatherland just remained the Đông Kinh called Northern Vietnam. Today, we are afraid that it will fall into Chinese.

Actually, we have the name of Vietnam, but we have lost Fatherland. Our Vietnamese have suffered many Supreme Being’s trials of secular aspect to pay the karma created by our Ancestors.

Today, Master/I have an honor from the Great Merciful Father to the misery saving flag to deliver the humankind from the misery. We suffer misery, but we can receive a Divine mission to solace people’s misery. That point makes us meditate hard.

Indeed, there are two miseries. One is over spirit and one is over physical body. The misery of physical body is better than the misery of spirit while the Supreme Being attaches much importance to spirit. He does not attach importance to the physical body because His boundless power wants that thing.

How harmful! He does not come to other races, but He comes to us because He wants the feeble pusillanimous race which lost the sovereignty to be His Holy Body, called a the Sacerdotal Council in order to sprinkle His seed of infinite love, called as the Great Mercy and Great Compassion.

Today, Bần Đạo/I hold the flag and the mass of love to spread over the China, which is same to our race.

When you stay here, Bần Đạo/I reply all Supreme Being’s children and Religious Politics Organs to help me pray, so that Bần Đạo/I can fulfill my mission successfully and efficiently.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp declared at the Tân Sơn Nhất Airport on 12th October 1954

Dear Vietnamese compatriots,

This is the relics of Đức Kỳ Ngoại Hầu Cường Để named Nguyễn Phúc Vân, who was the eldest son of Rev. Đông Cung Cảnh called as Tông Chi Hoàng Hoàng Tộc that all you have known His history.

He sacrificed an exile life in foreign country to purposefully pursue method to restore the National destiny and independence.

He was same to me that His spirit was corresponding to my spirit. He never discriminated the political color, party, delegation and Religion.

His life just contained one purpose of seeking methods to serving National destiny and Vietnamese compatriots.

How painfully! Over forty years of exile in foreign country, He did not obtain His desire. He did not gain laurels, but He became defunct in foreign country.

Today, His relics are taken back the fatherland: Therefore, His Soul also comes back to unit with the National soul of four thousand-history.

How mournful! Before of a half hour of his death, He had tried to sit up and advise Vietnamese Youths that they would have to determinedly restore the force of Nation to save the Nation. After that, He was half-asleep.

Before final breath, He tried to exclaim “Long Live Vietnam!”

Bần Đạo/I heard the report and felt so touched. His fellows in same exile cried too much. Bần Đạo/I hope that that patriot spirit mass will be a holy torch to heat all spirits of Vietnamese to give up prejudice, party, in order to combine effort to save the national situation together in the dangerous stage.

Before ending the statement, Bần Đạo/I would like all compatriots to succeed His miserable echo, which was calling all compatriots. Bần Đạo/I exclaim as He screamed sorrowfully before His final breath. 


His Holiness Hộ Pháp declared on occasion of welcoming the Mr. Cường Để’s relics to place in Holy See on 20th September Giáp Ngọ year [Year of Horse]

 Dear Canonized Dignitaries of two Sexes, Supreme Being’s Holy Body, Male and Female Sacerdotal Council, Religious Politics Organs,

Bần Đạo/I continue the my declaration in Saigon about the life of Đức Kỳ Ngoại Hầu Cường Để. Bần Đạo/I need to repeat many times because all Vietnamese and Religious followers know His incomparable sacrifice well. His life only contained one indomitable will to deliver from dependent yoke to restore the independence and Nation for compatriots. When going to Tân Sơn Nhất airport, Bần Đạo/I called according to His essential doctrine of Đức Kỳ Ngoại Hầu Cường Để when He was going to leave this life. As His whole life of sacrifice was to create bliss for race, He had to suffer many miseries, pains because of His incomparable patriotism.

All Vietnamese Youths should memorize His advice before a half hour of His death. He tried to sit up to advise all Vietnamese Youths over indomitable will  to save Nation determinedly. Although, He stayed at the final breath, He tried to exclaim “Long Live Vietnam” for His decease.

Bần Đạo/I did not see, but I heard the report of overseas Vietnamese in Đông Kinh. It made me cry. Bần Đạo/I only cried.

To succeed His sorrowful appealability, Bần Đạo/I also would like all Supreme Being’s children of two Sexes to repeat the sorrowful speech before His death. Bần Đạo/I shout and all you then shout: “LONG LIVE VIETNAM”.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at the Rev. Interim Pope’s Tower on 13th October Giáp Ngọ year [1954]

Dear Canonized Dignitaries of two Sexes, Supreme Being’s Holy Body, Religious Administrative Organs, Male Female Followers, children of Male and Female,

Today is the Feast of Rev. Interim Pope Thượng Trung Nhựt. For His yearly anniversary, Bần Đạo/I do not preach new point. Do Supreme Being’s children have any new points?

The evident case happens in the way of world. This time is to decide Vietnam’s future destiny and the race’s future destiny. We should pay attention and meditate the strange change. Within thirty years, the Caodaism has a training ability to change the situation of Vietnam remarkably. Especially, its evident influence makes the humankind’s psychology and all nations look at. We wonder if that important and highest power were done by us. No, it was not! If when an unbeliever or a philosopher looks at its status, he will reckon that the Caodaism has a power. He thinks that power is a normal power of world that the strength, power, fighting ability of world helped to reach such this achievement. No! Bần Đạo/I act as a witness that that is not all as they thought because we should observe the national situation and the evident situation of our race. It was not due to our ability to create the noble prestige. That power is the invisible infinite power in the Supreme Being, called as our Great Merciful Father.

Bần Đạo/I have observed and mediated that when I sacrificed my body to go to international countries under a role of a Religious crane, to take the noble spirit moral psychology to solace their painful spirit, Bần Đạo/I knew that it was not my power, but the Supreme Being’s infinite power.

Before I had left the fatherland, the Religious power as whole people knew the real appearance of Religion. People had sought and known firstly. Indeed, Bần Đạo/I reckon that the Holy Water [Cam Lộ] of saving from misery of Supreme Being will not been sprinkled within in this Vietnam only, but it will be for all Supreme Being’s children and whole humankind. We consider that point and turn back the past of Rev. Interim Pope at the beginning time of embryo Caodaism. The Religion was like a newborn baby as one pleases. If they wanted to kill, they would kill. They plotted to destroy it. Thus, when it was born, it had an extraordinary power that people scared it appallingly. Firstly, they wanted it to be a Monk as normal. They wished that point. They made ignominious. For that ignominious, Bần Đạo/I assert surely that Rev. Interim Pope and Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm suffered.

How strange! Nowadays, those ignominious things transform into the incomparable glory. Bần Đạo/I think that all our spirits must be united to compare with the value of two Spirits. If that was not due to the invisible Divine power, incomparable power of Supreme Being, nobody would be able to create it successfully. They still disdained, disparage and trample the person sitting at the Divine Throne of Supreme Being. Nowadays, His children and younger brothers have a power to amend world and make the world freshly. For our special ability, we do not imitate or beg from somebody. We found it by ourselves.

We look back the past and see the present situation. That condition proves surely that our Eldest Brother suffered many miseries in the beginning time, so that nowadays, we enjoy that noble and honorable glory. Actually, the Supreme Being is very just and powerful.

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I have a poem to joke Rev. Interim Pope:

“Such your desire was satisfied already,

I succeed your endeavor and will.

By wine gourd, iron stick, you secure world,

By demon domination Pestle, I help world.

Steadfast to push united civilization in spite of old age”



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at Balcony of Holy See on occasion of Feast of Rev. Interim Pope on 13th October Giáp Ngọ year [1954]

At this year, the Caodaism reaches 30 years. This year is perhaps a worthy anniversary.

There are many history writers to let foreigners understand the Caodaism. In things written, there are many things, which are not correct for foremost séance events. How was the embryo Caodaism? Many persons mentioned and expressed the Religious history, but it was not correct at all. The truth is:

In Ất Sửu year [Year of Buffalo], Masters and Persons from Interpreter of District wanted to study the reality, which made reverse the present intellectuals: “Human can communicate with Invisible Divine Spirits”. Especially, this doctrine made the Europe noisy. Many books were distributed over the world by Spiritualism Association and Theosophy Association researched clearly: “The human can live in the Divine world as we are living here”. That doctrine made many people, foremost intellectuals surprised to want to research it profoundly.

Among intellectuals, the deliberate person is Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm. In beginning time, he did not know anything. Therefore, he only followed the method applied in Europe or France, which is called as séance service. Our enlightenment fortune was not pushed by the Divine power at that time. We wanted to study the divine secret of Supreme Being creating the Universe. Indeed, many books expressed this point, but that doctrine did not help us have faith decision.

We held séances and Divine Spirits, foremost noble Souls came to make friend with us. Especially, the Immortals of Heaven Palace of Creation [Cung Diêu Tŕ] came to us: Seventh Immortal, Eighth Immortal, Six Immortal. Female Immoral and Buddha gradually came to make friend with us too. We have not found such that esteemed friendship on this earth. We had the bliss an enjoyed it. Only the Religious friendship can bring it to us because at that time, we loved together intensely and strangely as they were living with us under a physical body, under same life and same death.

At that time, our faith begun due to the first Spirit as the Seventh Immortal in Creation Heaven Palace [Cung Diêu Tŕ]. After that, the Supreme Being came under a strange name A Ă Â because when He came and knocked three times according to the convention of séance that one knock expresses A, the second knock expresses Ă and the third knock expresses Â. This Spirit A Ă Â only taught Tao. When He called A Ă Â, we continued to ask who He was, the Supreme Being said nothing. At that time, Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm said: “We know name you as A Ă Â. How old are you?” He knocked forever with uncountable times of thousand and hundred thousand times. Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm asked: “ Why are you million years old?”

We did not know that Spirit A Ă Â was the Supreme Being. Now, we meditate why He called “Three” [knock three times in séance] because Three refers the Universe’s creation [Yin Yang]. Three shows number divine 3 clearly to create all things.

Until the Supreme Being asked Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm to invite the Đức Diêu Tŕ Kim Mẫu [Holy Mother/Mother Buddha] to come to us, the Supreme Being Himself taught us to celebrate the strange welcome service. In the Feast of Peach and Immortal Alcohol [Hội Yến Diêu Tŕ], the Supreme Being called name of this Feast by Himself. We thought that one day, we would obtain the Dharma and return the Divine World of Eternal Life as the Immortal sight, at that time we could only enjoy the bliss and attend the Feast to enjoy the Immortal Alcohol and Peach. We never thought that this Feast was to meet Immortals on this earth. The Supreme Being asked to celebrate to welcome Diêu Tŕ Kim Mẫu [Holy Mother], which is called the Feast of Peach and Immortal Alcohol [Lễ Hội Yến Diêu Tŕ]. We just know so when we hear so. The Supreme Being Himself asked and taught Madam Tư as the Female Principal Archbishop Hương Hiếu to undertake that ceremony.

Actually, Diêu Tŕ Cung has 10 Spirits. There are three earthly persons such as Hộ Pháp, Thượng Phẩm and Thượng Sanh. At that time, we did not know how the Hội Yến Diêu Tŕ was. We only sat and looked at the ceremony. The Female Archbishop Hương Hiếu invited foods to one by one of Immortals and Female Buddha.

In the Ất Sửu year [year of Buffalo] of meeting with the Supreme Being and Holy Mother, the Holy Mother [Đức Diêu Tŕ Kim Mẫu] taught us a little bit of morality and at that time, we knew that the Spirit called Himself A Ă Â Supreme Being was the Supreme Being.

When the Supreme Being came to us, the opened the Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation, but did not open the Caodaism. One day, He asked us to the Pen [used in séance] to go everywhere to admit His Disciples. The essential point was that He admitted Apostles who were born with their mission in the Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation to be a medium to push the Religion later. The Supreme Being asked us to hold the Pen of spiritual séance, so that He used the Divine power to call those Apostles. Expectedly, there were full of Twelve Zodiacal Dignitaries [Thập Nhị Thời Quân] just in a short time. Among them, Cao Tiếp Đạo [Religious Legislator Cao Đức Trọng] lived in Kim Biên [in Cambodia], but he did not live in Saigon. After admitting Twelve Zodiacal Dignitaries, the Supreme Being opened the Religion. At that time, He told us that there was a person who had worshipped Him already. He was Ngô Minh Chiêu who was the person that the Supreme Being wanted to admit him to be a first Pope [Giáo Tông]. There was a strange thing that we could not think thoroughly that the Supreme Being asked Female Archbishop Hương Hiếu to sew Pope Vestment for Him within 10 days. It was just 10 days. We did not the reason why Mr. Ngô Minh Chiêu could not enjoy that throne.

Mr. Ngô Minh Chiêu was a District Chief in Hà Tiên [belongs to Kiên Giang province of Vietnam]. Due to the séance, the Supreme Being came to Him and admitted Him as a first Disciple, who was called as “Cao Đài Tiên Ông Đại Bồ Tát Ma Ha Tát” by the Supreme Being. Parallel, the Supreme Being came to us to open the Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation. The Supreme Being told us the way to Mr. Ngô Minh Chiêu’s house and said: “Ngô Minh Chiêu has been worshipping me for a long time. You go there to make friend with him”. Therefore, we know Mr. Ngô Minh Chiêu.

One day, we were attending a séance to learn as normal. The Supreme Being asked us and Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm to go to Chợ Lớn [in Saigon capital] to go to our Rev. Interim Pope who was Mr. Lê Văn Trung at that time. Mr. Lê Văn Trung was working as a Member of Upper House. The Member of Upper House is same to a Minister at this time. In the French domination, the position of Member was so great. He was a Vietnamese who reached a highest position. However, they said that He lived towards a secular life. I and Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm were not suitable at all. When hearing that request, I myself felt to dislike that issue because they said that His fame expressed a secular life and he led a lost life without any imagination. There was no word to describe a mandarin. We carried the Pen to His house, so that the Supreme Being admitted Him because we had to do what Supreme Being asked and taught us. When we reached the destination and confessed to Him: “We received an order to go to your house, so that the Supreme Being teaches you. It is up to your decision”.  It was so strange. He knew that Spirit more than we have ever known that Spirit. He arranged furniture, table for a séance. We then welcomed Him, admitted Him. We did not know if He was religious. We sometimes thought that He did not believe the Supreme Being. In His house, He had an adopted child called as Thạnh about 12 or years old. Both of them found a Pen and prayed to the Supreme Being. When holding the Pen for séance, that child slept and He was awake. The Pen moved always. The Supreme Being taught Him many things and we did not know issues. When He asked, the Supreme Being answered and both them understood together only. From that time, He believed the Supreme Being.

From the time that the Supreme Being came to admit the Rev. Interim Pope, the Sacerdotal Council was founded. If we act as a witness, we can say that: Due to the Rev. Interim Pope, the Sacerdotal Council of Nine Divine-Plan-Palace appeared. How the throne of Saint Pièce Pope of Catholicism in Rome was, the throne of Rev. Interim Pope is same because the Supreme Being Himself came to admit Him and asked Him to found the Sacerdotal Council. Where He went to, I and Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm carried the Pen of séance, so that the Supreme Being admitted new disciples. As many we admitted, as many we handed over for His teaching. He Himself petitioned to the Supreme Being to admit disciples. He always went everywhere to give a salvation to people. Especially, before the Caodaism’s creation, the Supreme Being asked all of us as Twelve Zodiacal Dignitaries to go everywhere. Some people went to Western South, some people went to Middle area. After admitting the disciples, the Supreme Being taught us to go to Tây Ninh province to open the Religion. Without empty hands, and land, how could we open the Religion?

At that time, the Supreme Being admitted Mr. Nguyễn Ngọc Thơ, as the Archbishop Thái Thơ Thanh, who was the husband of Female Cardinal Lâm Hương Thanh who was the top of womankind. For that reason, individual shouldered a specific mission, but nobody could know in advance.

After admitting, the Supreme Being asked two husband and wife Thái Thơ Thanh to borrow the Từ Lâm Tự Pagoda in G̣ Kén to open the Religion. The pagoda had not been completed. The Middle Altar was finished, but there were not the Eastern Corridor and Western Corridor. Great Brothers contributed money to finish the Pagoda.

On 15th October Bính Dần year [year of Tiger], the Religion was opened. We sent petition to French Government to declare the Religion. In the petition, first Disciples were shown in the petition. After opening the Religion at the G̣ Kén pagoda called Từ Lâm Tự temple. The followers were more and more crowded. French scared that we would make chaos, thus induced Giác Hải monk to reclaim the pagoda, to cast us out to stop opening the Religion. The French started to raise difficulties over the Religion. They made threats against Dignitaries and built up a file to punish Religious followers.

For Bần Đạo/me as an officer, when I obeyed the Supreme Being’s order to go to G̣ Kén to open the Religion, Bần Đạo/I asked permission for six months. When returning to resume the work, they did not let me work in Southern Vietnam any more, but they appointed me to work in Kim Biên, as the Nam Vang [Cambodia]. There, Bần Đạo/I propagated the Religion while working. The purpose was to push the Religion into achievement soon. For great Brothers belonging to Districts with position of mandarin for French Government, they were intimidated with many things. If they followed the Caodaism, they would arrest them. People made threats against Supreme Being’s children that they would be arrested absolutely by French Government. For that reason, great Brothers scared. The fear was very unreasonable. However, at that time, French kept the life in hands. If doing favorably over their will, Vietnamese could exist. Vietnamese could touch a death of doing against their will. Nobody felt surprised about that issue.

At that time, all Supreme Being’s children just remained three whom they considered as three dogged persons: Rev. Interim Pope, Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm and Bần Đạo/me. We determinedly made the Religions successful unanimously to please the Supreme Being because we did not know the reason why we understood that: we must show gratitude to the Supreme Being and that Divine power helps us know that this Caodaism will save the nation and race in future. We understood that thoroughly, thus we determined sacrificed our life, sacrificed personal bliss to found the form of Religion. In spite of death coming, we also determinedly made the Caodaism achieved to save our race from misery. Due to that determined will, we had to leave the G̣ Kén pagoda, as the Từ Lâm Tự to come to Long Thành village, Tây Ninh province to found the Holy See here.

At the stage of chaos, it was very pitiful that the Rev. Interim Pope and Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm returned the Divine world firstly, Bần Đạo /I live here alone, and I find that: The national yoke is in danger of slavish situation. They based on nothing to create the conformation under uncountable miserable things, to make the Religion achieved for Supreme Being’s children. Nowadays, the successful Religion includes the bloods of Supreme Being’s filial children.

Over thirty years of misery, all Supreme Being’s children found the Religion successfully. We look at the past and current time and we find that they are different as an abyss and sky. We look at the weakness of the past and strength of this time, look at the disgrace in the past and glory of current time. Their value is removed in thousand miles.

From the Caodaism’ creation, all Supreme Being’s children have been suffering miseries, difficulties, disgraces and tiresomeness. Therefore, we reach such this glory. Nowadays, the Religion’s success is due to the mass of infinite virtue of Supreme Being’s children.

By this way, Bần Đạo/I replace the Supreme Being’s image to say the thanks to all Supreme Being’s children, who made the Caodaism glorious, and brought a steadfast future for nation and race. Bần Đạo/I would like to say the thanks to you.


His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at the Holy See at night of 14th November Giáp Ngọ year [1954]

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach to Youths of two sexes. It perhaps last long. Do not drowse because of being tired, but attempt to hear preachment.

Bần Đạo/I preach how you have to set up your personal dignity and which method you follow. In this 20th century, Bần Đạo/I often say that: the humankind’s living method is to fight, to attempt to use their mind to protect their life.

There is no strange thing whether we like or not, whether we follow or not. We are born on this earth and we exist among all things, thus we are same to all things. We have the body and obligation, thus how must the human set up the personal dignity? Sages often say that:

“Being born on the earth and sky,

  Must have a fame over mountain, river”

If the human does not have fame, his spirit perhaps ignores the human obligation. The life forces us to live together with all things. It forces us to be wiser and cleverer. What purpose must we live?

We live with all things, which mean that we appear from the energy mass. We are a part of that energy mass of all living creatures. We must have the obligation to protect that life. We have no right to destroy that life or to do contrarily to that life. For example, a lake with full water, if we scoop water out of lake, that lake’s water volume will reduce.

Actually, we live, thus we receive a debt of life. When living with our co-born-fellows, we must do how to exist gloriously forever. We have no miracle and power to lose the life and destroy the life.

How harmful! We must understand thoroughly that: the life does not contain interesting things, but the life forces us to seek method to delivery from misery. At this time, we are living and we can not also deny that we are living with our co-born fellows and we must set up the personal dignity to protect that life.

As our Ancestor of Confucianism wanted to protect that life, they handed over a doctrine: “Cultivate oneself, Manage House, Dominate Nation, Pacify people”.

What is the “cultivate oneself”? It is to cultivate us. We know us; know all things to fix our destiny. We should not have been stupid, but we have to be wise. That wisdom is due to our cultivation. Which basis does the self-cultivation depend on?

Although there are thousand cannons, prayers; the essential point is to cultivate virtue of heart and we use our compassion under the exemplary. The basic standard is the self-cultivation.

Actually, that is it all. We research to understand that: in order fix our destiny, to make our position and fame; those depend on the basis of compassion and virtue.  If it happens conversely, it is just a fortune. The cruelty, cunning, cheat are all false.

“Make previous persons bright; hand over bliss to next generation”. We look at the life of our co-fellows to know what they have displayed their actions. Despite of a thief, a robber, a cruel person; he never scares forgive the Three Moral Bonds and Five Constant Virtues. The crueler he is, the more he needs to force him to go under the framework of love and virtue because he takes advantage of appearance of love and virtue to dupe people. If he does against the rule of virtue and love, he will never reach a great position in other people’s sight.

The robber or cruel person wants to be a brother of others, wants to reply on appearance of virtue, love and humanity forever to cheat people because there is only one way to induce people to follow them.

Conversely, for the person who has obtained the framework of virtue and compassion, he obtains everything naturally that he needs not seek it.

Long since, we open the humankind’s history and find on evidence that: in any stage, the eminent heroes on this earth, who want to found their position and fame, must reply on the appearance of love and virtue. Bần Đạo/I find that if a robber wants to be a lord of people, to dominate people; he must treat to his inferiors by love and virtue, in order to gather all bloods of inferiors to beautify his position.

If people reply on cruelty to found the fortune as Sở Bá Vương, Tần Thủy Hoàng, the fortune will be destroyed all.

Bần Đạo/I find one issue that if we observe it more carefully; we recognize that when we have steadfast compassion and virtue, we need not seek position and fame. They will come obviously despite of other aspects.

The Sage in history is Nguyễn Hiến: Nguyễn Hiến was Confucius’s beloved student, was also full brother of Đạo Chích [盜跖] Bần Đạo/I tell you and you will find there is a second person as the Master Nguyễn Hiến.

One day, the Master Tử Cống wearing a sheep feather coat traveled by a carriage and four through the Master Nguyễn Hiến. The Master Nguyễn Hiến was so poor that His house’s roof and walls were covered by crass. When He heard that the Master Tử Cống was crossing, He hurriedly stepped out to welcome. He worn coat of ragged status. He worn shoes, but the shoes had the holes of heel shoes. He worn hat without tie. He stood right in middle of road to wait the Master Tử Cống. The Master Tử Cống came and saw Him standing next the road and moaned: “Alas! Don’t you think about position and fame?” The Master Nguyễn Hiến answered: “Ancient Master says: Even a person, who knows the Way, is not poor. It means not to have mandarin position. That is the person, who has no grave. The person, who knows the Way, but he does not keep, is a sick man. I am only a person without a grave, not a sick man”.

We find that who Master Nguyễn Hiến considered as a sick person. Was the Master Tử Cống sick? The Master Nguyễn Hiến was an uncommon person. We do not need noble position as ministers in court or lord because everybody can hand over a position and fame. Nghiêu King [] did not want His child to succeed the throne, thus He sought good man. When He did not meet Mr. Thuấn [], He heard that Mr. Hứa Do [許由] was talented and virtuous and He invited Hứa Do to go to court. The Nghiêu King said: “I heard that you are very talented and virtuous, thus I want to let you succeed this throne to be a Lord of people”.

Hứa Do answered: “A bird amusing itself in forest makes its nest on a branch of tree only. A swallow tries drinking at a river to make it full only. Your humble subject used to enjoy a specific leisured life. Your Majesty’s will of ceding the throne is useless”. After that, he left and went back. When crossing a stream, he hunched his back to clean his ears because he had heard the throne ceding for him.

Sào Phủ [巢父] was a buffalo defender. While he was taking his buffalo for drinking, he saw Hứa Do hunching. Thus, he asked Hứa Do: “Why do you clean your ears?” Hứa Do reported: “Nghiêu King wants me to succeed His throne. I do not want speeches to be around in ears anymore”. Sào Phủ said: “You did something to let people know that you are a talented virtuous man, thus they want you to succeed the throne. If they know you as a talented and virtuous, it means that you want to let them know you as a talented virtuous man surely. Moreover, you express that you are a talented and virtuous man. If you do not prove that you are a talented and virtuous, how can they know to let you succeed the throne? Why do you need to clean your ears? After speaking, Sào Phủ took his buffalo to go to water current above for drinking. Hứa Do felt surprised and asked: “Water is here, why do you take it to another stream?” Sào Phủ answered: “I worry that you clean your ears and my buffalo will drink that dirt”. Those are the position and fame of Sages.

We look back our Vietnam long since. There are many persons who make their position and fame with cunning schemes, such as Nguyễn Huệ and Nguyễn Nhạc founded a great organ called as Tây Sơn. How the Trịnh king was cunning, the Tây Sơn was also cunning like that. Trịnh served Lê dynasty to exterminate Nguyễn dynasty, which means that they replied on the fame of Lê dynasty to exterminate Nguyễn dynasty. Nguyễn Nhạc and Nguyễn Huệ also did the same that they replied on the service for Lê dynasty to exterminate the Trịnh dynasty.

We find that the cunning always replies on the virtue and love. People take advantage of virtue and love to make position and fame. The cunning schemes never exist steadfastly. Although the position and fame are strong, they cannot exist. The Vietnam history displays for our consideration.

Now, we mention the China. The person who founded emperor throne in 800 steadfast years was the Lưu dynasty. Lưu Bang was just a Chief, as a steerer only, but he could win people’s heart, love people, uphold week people, and face against strong people. He dared to do against Sở Bá Vương to save hundred families and civilians in dangers. He used the live and virtue as the basis point for foundation, this his fortune was maintaining for 800 years while Sở Bá Vương used cruelty to found his fortune, thus it maintained within one life only. From the antiquity to this time, there was not any Emperor who handed over a vestige as Tần Thủy Hoàng [秦始皇]. However, that fortune was built by cruelty, thus it maintained within three generations only.

The first Napoleon was a civilian. He started form a soldier to obtain the Emperor throne. France received a glory from that. How harmful! When He obtained the Emperor throne and nominated mandarins for all His commanders. When the Waterloo battle happened, luxurious persons became chicken-hearted to lose heroic will, thus He lost the battle. For all His commanders, only Mr. Nai was loyal to Him. The other commanders were unfaithful. The action of taking advantage is the shadow of falsity. The powerful fortune is same a drop of dew on the blade of grass. It is never steadfast.












His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached about the Authority Grant Ceremony for Female Chief assisting the Caodaism Military on 15th November Giáp Ngọ year [Year of Horse] [19th December 1954]

Master/I frankly praise the lucidity of High Command Department in building the Military Assistant Association to appoint the Caodai Woman’s mission.

Long since, many holy torches of woman have made the national soul brilliant: Frances has Jeanne D’are. In Vietnam, there are Trưng Triệu who helped the nation and race quit the foreign aggression to reach a glory. Nowadays, Bần Đạo/I wish how to find that holy torch. The holy torch of patriotic spirit is at your heart. You must hurry it and make it bright in order to save the nation from the national danger, in order to deliver the race.

The France has one Jeanne D’are only while our Vietnam has two Trưng and one Triệu Ấu. Thus, France has one while our Vietnam has three. We should look back that to feel proud, so that we attempt more to avoid being ashamed when we have an honor of woman of Lạc Hồng.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp exhorted on Inauguration Ceremony of New Citizen Market [Qui Thiện-meaning: “Return the Good”] on 29th November Giáp Ngọ year [Year of Horse]

Dear Canonized Dignitaries, Religious and Secular Governors, all Males and Females,

You have been granted a Divine favor due to your moral spirit. Therefore, you can enjoy this honor, which is that you found a visible fortune for people.

Qua/I recollect that when the Supreme just came in 1925, at that time, among His Disciples, Qua/I did not know how individual had received a specific mission. Qua/I did not know how the Supreme Being came to them specially. Qua/I only knew my mission that the Great Merciful Father entrusted an essential thing: “Tắc, the World is not very miserable over the physical body, but it is over the spirit. The disaster of humankind is coming nearly. Master/I entrust the Misery Saving Flag. You do not only save humankind over their spirit aspect, but also save them over physical body aspect. That is the important that Master/I entrust it to you. However, you must understand: As the spirit misery appears, it transforms into the misery of body aspect. Master/I tell you clearly that Master/I entrust the two loads of Religion and Secularity. Actually, Bần Đạo/I confess that the Religious load never makes me terrible. The Secular load that He entrusted it to me is heaviest.

You should wonder how a prediction in the past shows nowadays. Do you know how strong and truthful the infinite miracle of the invisible Ruler, who holds the punishment and reward power, is? Thus, when the Caodaism was at the embryo stage, the demon powers intended to destroy the Caodaism. At the newborn stage, the Caodaism was very feeble, ignorant; thus it induced people to use the power to destroy the Caodaism. They foolishly schemed to separate and make the Supreme Being’s Holy Body be in scattered condition. Brothers were naughty to younger brothers and younger brothers treated to their brothers by a disharmony. The Caodaism collapsed conversely. Under the mission of throne of Dharma Protector to hold the Religious Law, was it possible that Qua/I just sat to look at the situation and I would receive the Supreme Being’s punishment? Qua/I had to seek method by using the word “Harmony” that the Supreme Being wanted it, to be a basis thing. Consequently, the Phạm Môn [Buddha Gate] and Qui Thiện [Return to Good] were produced.

They said that I used my surname as “Phạm” to found a personal party for me. Qua/I ask: people propagandized wrongly to degrade my prestige. Qua/I have never answered to anybody even the power at that time was very strong and it would be a punishment. However, Qua/I have not ever told them the meaning of Phạm Môn.

Today, do you know it? Many followers have perhaps known it. “Phạm” is the Buddha and “Phạm Môn” is the Buddha Gate. By a clearer way, Buddha Gate is the True Gate of Caodaism, is a Gate to preserve the True Dharma of Supreme Being. Qua/I have not told the real meaning of “Qui Thiện”.

People are so cruel. Because of cruelty, brothers and sister in Religion do not show a religious manner. The standpoint of “Qui Thiện” [Return to Good] is to essentially gather all good hearts of Supreme Being’s children to preserve the True Doctrine of Caodaism. In the beginning time, I was born in Mỹ Tho. Qua/I founded the Khổ Hiền Trang. Do you know what “Khổ Hiền” means that Qua/I implied? Among seventy-two brothers with their effort, the chief of Qui Thiện is Đinh Công Trứ. According to my teaching, Qua/I entrust the meaning of important and essential Dharma of Supreme Being to him, so that we carry out how to destroy all people’s miseries over spirit and physical aspect. That is the Religious knowledge of Đinh Công Trứ.

I think that he was a victim as me. He was forced by Religious and Secular power.

At that time, people also propagandized wrongly. Qua/I was disdained that Qua/I took care Secularity more than Religion. Đinh Công Trứ also suffered that situation. People disdained Đinh Công Trứ that He cared the Secularity more than Religion.

Younger brothers and sisters! At the stage of stormy billows of world, the humankind is living in the miserable ocean and Styx; one Boat of Wisdom has not been formed to save them. At least, you must combine your effort with me to attempt to form it, in order to save them from misery as many people as we can do.

People still find your misery, which has induced me to shed uncountable drops of tears from the beginning creation of Caodaism.

New Citizen Market [Tân Dân Thị] is your place to seek method of delivering you from misery. Your obtainment of bliss will depend on your moral heart. When Qua/I alive here, Qua/I will seek bliss for you as I can do. Founding that bliss is just by one path that Qua/I must do how to let you deliver you from the misery. That is my Divine mission.

In the Secret Dharma, Qua/I write the word “Harmony” placed at New Citizen Market because the Harmony pushes your love more. It means that Qua/I recommend the word “Harmony” to your heart. Qua/I wish one issue from you that you must combine effort to create your mutual bliss.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at Holy See at night of 1st December Giáp Ngọ year [Year of Horse]

Tonight is the Anniversary of Jesus Christ’s Birthday. Bần Đạo/I preach the Way of Jesus Christ much yearly. However, today Bần Đạo/I still repeat the Way of Savior. In the Prophesies of Catholicism: The Forebear of human is Mrs. Eve and Mr. Adam created by the Supreme Being. He also granted a favor to let them live in Terrestrial Heaven that the Taoist calls it as the Fairyland.

As the Supreme Being granted a holy light [soul], the human was wiser than living species existing together. They were not dead. However, when the Supreme Being let them live in the Terrestrial Heaven, they did not keep the Supreme Being’s teaching and they ate forbidden fruit, thus the Supreme Being punished and casted out the Terrestrial Heaven. Consequently, our Ancestor became earthly and lost the fairy-like manner. They had to suffer the Law of Reincarnation.

However, do all Supreme Being’s children know how His Mercy and Compassion are? He could not punish forever, therefore He managed the method to save them. Thus, He entrusted the world saving mission to the Jesus Christ or Jesus sin of Ancestors who had been disloyal to the Supreme Being.

Consequently, He died on the Cross because of Jewish people’s cruelty.

Today, all Catholics celebrate the Anniversary of Jesus Christ coming to save the world. Bần Đạo/I would like to repeat His incomparable sacrifice. He accepted the death to redeem humankind’s sins and He accepted a death because of humankind’s cruelty. Bần Đạo/I wish that whole humankind on this earth will follow His exemplary because He suffered torture painfully and miserably because of humankind.

For His True Religion, He pointed out a Law of Ten Rules. Therefore, at that time His Disciples asked Him which rule they should keep most strictly. The Jesus Christ said: We must love the Supreme Being over other loves for our fellows and us.

Alas! If the humankind loved their fellows according to the Holy Teaching 2.000 years ago, the mutual murder would not happen. However, the situation is that the humankind never enjoys peace. It is always chaotic.

We try opening the humankind’s history and we find that there was not any century without war under the mutual murder. At this time, it also happens. The co-believers of Religions also do the same. Today, we gather in the Holy See in the Supreme Being’s infinite merciful love to pray for one thing that the Jesus Christ revives. It means that the humankind enjoy that favor and the humankind stops the mutual murder with a replacement of mutual love, so that they admit that they are mutual fellows living together. That is the valuable prayer to the Supreme Being. Bần Đạo/I reckon that how the Jesus Christ with a God’s doctrine was in the past, the Supreme Being comes to us under a same doctrine, nowadays. We only wish one thing that the humankind can reach the peace.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at Holy See at night of 15th December Giáp Ngọ year [Year of Horse]

Today, Bần Đạo/I preach Youth of Two Sexes because you were working very hard in daytime at night for some months. You worked very hard. Therefore, today Bần Đạo/I try preaching to compare the Religious exploit with the Secular exploit. Especially, you get tired after working hard, you then sit together and meditate and you perhaps ask questions together: why do Male Female Canonized Dignitaries as your brothers suffer pains and miseries to follow the Caodaism? Why do they sacrifice their life to follow the Supreme Being’s Divine step? You maybe say that: while people are enjoying a luxurious and rich life externally, Canonized Dignitaries have ascetic meals, but they always devote themselves to follow the Caodaism. There is nothing to solace the misery of spirit and body.

Younger brothers and sister! The Seed of Holy Nature of Supreme Being is here. The Ancestor’s antiquity seed of civilization was bequeathed by our forebear. Nowadays, it becomes a Religion, which can defend the humankind at the stage of misery of spirit and body and the Canonized Dignitaries as the Supreme Being’s Holy Body have attempted to execute it much. Although how many people survive, they also accept to be your servant, in order to build the Divine exploit for you. We have ever suffered disgrace, misery, up-and-down situation. If we still survive, we will attempt to serve to seek a path how to make the generation delivered from agonizing things, which we have ever suffered them.

Let we think that if we compare our Religious exploit with the people’s Secular exploit, our Religious exploit is not lower. Conversely, we are happy and pleased in our life because we have a good fortune to execute a work to have a worthy life, which means that we follow the Divine path of Spirit of love and justice. We practice how to have a nature as that Spirit. How do we love just? What is the meaning of love? We love to have method to solace younger ones. For what is the justice? It is just to have method to guide everyone to step on the Religious path under the exemplary rule.

Bần Đạo/I recollect and find that a throne of an emperor in his life has not been able to solace the spirit as our exploit has been able to solace our spirit. At this time, you suffer misery and you perhaps think about your brother’s misery in the past. When the Caodaism was poor, feeble; people disdained so much. It is the way of world that people look at the poor, miserable, feeble persons and they disdain and disgrace them. In the past, the fact was that the Caodaism also faced on that situation.

When the Caodaism was at the embryo stage under a poor situation, people took no notice. Of course, it is the fact of world. If it was compared with other basic, rich and imposing Religions; it was very removed. At that time, the Religious obligation was same to the poor miserable person, who was disdained and disgraced. It was pitiful for three million children of Supreme Being, who replied the Caodaism and suffered the same situation.

People disparaged us. However, the disparagement over us does not contain any meaning because we consider that it is meaningless.

It was pitiful because people disdained and disparaged Supreme Being’s children over three million Followers worshipping Him without party discrimination. Our disparagement did not make any damage. We only worried one thing that your disparagement was against to people.

Nobody ever listens to the poor and feeble persons. Therefore, how could they teach people? Of course, we had to do how to have a law. In order to want your Religion to become valid, you must suffer misery, nowadays.

The exploit of existing Religions on the earth has reached 10 parts while your Religion has not reached one part yet. You pay attention, mediate if what it has reached! When we live in a thatched cottage, they do not come. They think that we are not worthy, so that they do not come to us The proverb says: “To have a position to do easily”. The World and Religion are also in same condition. Nowadays, your Religious position is not much worthy, but it can be in front of people.

For Religious path, you must mediate it. When you step out, you must wear new and beautiful dress to have a position in being contact in other people. However, your Religion’s beauty is due to the Supreme Being’s Holy Will. Thus, your misery is our misery and your tiresomeness is our tiresomeness that we have ever suffered them.

Your failure or success depends on your mind and hands to establish that Religious fortune. If you want glory, it also depends on your mind and hands to found it.

Qua/I would like to advise you one speech: This old body Canonized Dignitaries of Two Sexes are old and weak to become feeble persons, who can not undertake these work as you are working. Is it possible that you envy us and you do not establish fortune for you.

Morality: If the money pocket of Religion is full, it is due to your contribution. If your do not join force together, Qua/I must borrow money, you find clearly that: your money in your pocket moves to other pocket. If we do not have money, we devote effort of labor to do gradually. That is natural law. Your Religion is still your, therefore you must suffer misery, tiresomeness. You do not pay attention to moralists who look at your tiresomeness and misery and they say that we do not love you. Qua/I would like you to answer back people about that.

All Supreme Being's children have got virtue and love of Supreme Being  readily for thirsty years. Despite of thirty years, you have enjoyed the Great Merciful Father's favor, who came to create your spirit. Those love and virtue in the Religion help you cultivate your
religious life easily. Your self-cultivation is a steadfast foundation to make your position and fame. Do not look back external appearances and reckon that those are true. My younger brothers! It is not true. You must live in the Religious gate and reply on love and virtue to make position and fame. Qua/I dare to say surely that all male female children of Supreme Being should pay attention that the basis of love and virtue is never destroyed and if Qua/I avoid way of saying that you are uppermost over people.





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