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Holy Letter Of His Holiness Thượng Sanh. 1

Foreword. 2

Confidence Of Shorthand Board. 4

01. On Occasion Of New Year’s Greeting At Pope House. 6

02. Troops Dispatch Ceremony. 11

03. His Holiness Hộ Pháp Admonishes Caodai Soldiers. 13

04. The Religion’s Material Dharma. 16

05. Feast Of Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm – Supreme Being Creates Fortune For His Children  19

06. Feast Of Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm.. 23

07. Issue Of Building Meditation House. 25

08. Fundamental Truth Dharma. 29

09. Feast Of Sakyamuni Buddha And Female Cardinal 32

10. Cause Of Nature And Wisdom.. 35

11. National Prosperous Anniversary. 38

12. His Holiness Hộ Pháp Mentioned His Birthday. 41

13. Reply To Longevity Wish Of Organs. 44

14. His Holiness Hộ Pháp Exhorted The Pardoned Offenders. 48

15. His Holiness Hộ Pháp Preached The Pearl Of Relics. 49

16. Reward Ceremony At Đạo Đức Học Đường School 53

17. Reward Ceremony At Lê Văn Trung School 56

18. Enthronement Ceremony For Buddha Relic At Holy See. 60

19. Humble Character 64

20. Spirit Power Over Conformation. 68

21. Opening Ceremony Of Training School In Giang Tân. 71

22. Law Of Truth And Falsity. 73

23. Law Of Love. 76

24. Inaugurating Ceremony Of Management Board Office Of          “Flower Dragon” Market 79

25. Exhortation In Inaugurating Ceremony Of Management Board Office Of Long Hoa Market 79

26. Dignitary Appointment Of Music Department For Local Religious Service  83

27. Great Unity Doctrine. 86

28. Feast Of Spiritual Pope Li-Tai-Pei 89

29. His Holiness Hộ Pháp Preached After Coming Back From Saigon  91

30. Last Cycle [Hạ Ngươn] 95

31. What Is The Supreme Being’s Holy Body. 96

32. Promotion Ceremony Of Major General Nguyễn Thành Phương Of Caodaim Military Genealissimo  98



Thiển nghĩ đến lời Thánh Ngôn Đức Chí Tôn truyền dạy: “Vậy Thầy khuyên các con đứa nào có trí lực bao nhiêu khá đem ra mà thi thố, chớ đừng sụt sè theo thói nữ nhi, vậy cũng uổng cái điểm linh quang của Thầy ban cho các con lắm. Các con hiểu à”. [Thánh Ngôn Hiệp Tuyển Q.I]. Với lòng trắc ẩn, ưu tư về mối Đạo vàng, người dịch chí nguyện truyền tải lời vàng, tiếng ngọc của Đức Hộ Pháp hầu đóng góp vào cơ xiển dương phổ hoá triết lý của Đại Đạo. Với tài hèn, sức mọn trước biển Đạo Pháp vô biên, người dịch không sao tránh khỏi sự sơ thất trong việc chuyển dịch. Ước mong sao tài liệu này sẽ được những bậc cao minh xem xét, tu chỉnh, hoàn thiện để dâng lên Hội Thánh Đại Đạo.



I think about the teachings of Supreme Being: “So I advise you that whoever has mental power much or less, he should use, do not be shy like female characters. That is very useless regarding to the sacred light blessed by ME” [Collection of Divine Messages, Volume I]. By compassion to precious Religion, I wish to translate preachments of His Holiness Hộ Pháp, containing sublime philosophies in order to contribute propagation to Great Way. Due to limited ability in infinite Tao, I may not avoid error in translation. I wish to be corrected by intellectuals, so that the book will be respectfully submitted to Sacerdotal Council of Great Way.


 Khai Tâm Quách Minh Chương

Holy Letter of His Holiness Thượng Sanh.






No.: 121/TS


( 45TH YEAR )





Respectfully addressed to: Hiến Pháp [Juridical Renovator]

Chief of Justice Department

Ref.: Sage letter No.: 15/ĐS dated 12th June 1970

Dear Gentle Brother,

In according with your suggestion, I agree to let Department of Religious History publish to propagate His Holiness Hộ Pháp’s Preachments from 1946 to 1955 at Tây Ninh Holy See.

Selected lessons for publishing must be censored by Bible Censoring Department.



Holy See, 14th May Year of Dog

(17th Jun. 1970)





These preachments in this book are the precious speeches of His Holiness Hộ Pháp, a Head of Great Way - Third Period - Universal Salvation, a great man of generation, so the edition and collection Board was founded with Đức Thượng Sanh’s agreement to promote the edition and collection toward those Preachments. Now, this work has been obtained a satisfactory result, consequently the Board carries out to print for all followers to comprehend these precious speeches.

In the History Religion Board of Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation, the Easter-Wester, ancient and modern books in library are available for researchers and believers. The books of “Preachments” of His Holiness Hộ Pháp will be stored in this Library for readers coming to study.

His Holiness Hộ Pháp is one of predecessors founding the Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation, who firstly implemented Three Ways: “Virtue way, Service way, Speech way”.

About the Virtue way, He is the first person who followed sacred call to found a Religious source for all humankind to enjoy the great favor of the God - Supreme Being.

About Service way, He both did the virtue way and did service of founding religion. From nothing, he created the material things, held the winds to create a Great Work of Religion on this earth. If he was not a Venerable Man, how could he be successful?

About Speech way, He handed over the precious speeches in Preachments that we are reading. The readers and all followers should pay attention that there are other sublime teachings.

For the sake of Juridical Renovator [Hiến Pháp] of Divine Alliance Palace [Hiệp Thiên Đài] holding the position Chief of Religion History Board, I respectfully introduce this precious book to the readers that these book are worthy to be handed down forever.

Yours sincerely.

Juridical Renovator Trương Hữu Đức.





For each chaos, it is the time books become bait for the fire. Looking back the history: events of “Part of Books”, appropriations of book happened as a corollary toward history events. This status has been lasting for era; those are the methods of malefactors in targets for carrying out the Ignoramus Policy and Strict Acculturation.

Those sad experiences are reasons pushing us to try to carry out collecting these documentaries.

We think that: “If documentaries of prayer-book were just stored in a concentration place, it could not prevent cruel people destroying books”. Consequently, we have decided to make many copies for many entrusted people who were faithful to the Religion to be able to die in order to preserve Immortal’s speeches that He represented the God to preach the Tao.

If the situation changes unfortunately, the separations of books will happen again. We think that among these separations of books, some will be fully kept by the enthusiastic people.

This work is not a work of a person or an association but a work of nameless persons devoting all abilities in order to serve the preserve ideal for the dogmas tradition of Caodaism. While this book is giving to you, there are some passionate persons exhaustedly slump down in acting this ideal.



Our action was not a superficial idea in a short time, but an aspiration during the chaos. We always prayed the Supreme Being and Mother Buddha/Holy Mother to be blessed that we could a fortune chance to act that aspiration.

Nowadays, the vista of the sky has been bright, the aspiration has been completed. We would like to fully submit to the Sacerdotal Council all documentaries written and collected by us in years with following up the purpose of preserving the precious speeches of His Holiness Hộ Pháp.

From this time, the copyright fully depends on the Sacerdotal Council. We would like to hope that the Sacerdotal Council authorize to be censored and published so that everyone can know the cherish teachings of His Holiness Hộ Pháp that He loved to teach us when He was here, on this earth.

Holy See, 15th June Bính Ngọ/Horse Year (1966)

Shorthand Department










The His Holiness Hộ Pháp’s reply at the Pope’s House on the occasion of new year’s greeting of organs to Him

[1st January Quý Tỵ year]


Bần Đạo/I feel moved after hearing the confidential speeches of Religious Politics organs for Bần Đạo/me.

Before Bần Đạo/I returned to homeland after 5 years of exile in Foreign Country, I had thought that the Vietnam’s destiny would wait my return to use the bliss ability to reach achievement, and the all national people’s heroic spirit would rise to destroy dependent chain. Bần Đạo/I heard when staying at the Island of Ocean.

Alas! Conversely, when Bần Đạo/I returned the fatherland, I saw that the indomitable will and heart of national independent recovery did not exist except the Caodai Military’s ability.

Dear Religious Politics Organs, Administration, Divine Alliance Palace [Hiệp Thiên Đài], Charity Body [Phước Thiện], Military, please you all stand quietly for 5 minutes to commemorate Marty sacrificed because of national destiny, regime of true Religion to execute their Divine mission by their blood. Bần Đạo/I would like asking you to meditate for praying.

Dear my friends in Divine Alliance Palace, foremost Cao Tiếp Đạo [Religious Legislator – one of twelve Zodiacal Dignitaries] with your precious speeches have come to my spirit profoundly. Actually, if this life can be considered: this life on the earth is an animal but she is an useful one, it will also make Bần Đạo/me pleased.

The upper Supreme Being and Holy Mother love and all lower children of Supreme Being despite of male and female support. Bần Đạo/I think that there is not another better Divine reward. All greetings of all Supreme Being’s children respond my merit by an expensive value that nobody perhaps knows.

My friends in Divine Alliance Palace! You are holding the Divine just balance of Religion that the Supreme Being places on this earth. The bliss or misery of whole humankind also depends on your Justice one day. Bần Đạo/I would like to remind the Supreme Being’s essential speech signed with us: “Justice”, which Bần Đạo/I have recommended it to the Divine Alliance Palace.

Bần Đạo/I like to say the thanks to the Administration. From my return fatherland, due to the ability of whole Supreme Being’s Holy Body, Bần Đạo/I have enough ability, power to execute my Divine duty strongly and stately. Bần Đạo/I thank you and pray that the Supreme Being grants divine wisdom to all male female followers to understand the Supreme Being’s holy will more thoroughly, in order to establish the misery saving organ for people, to make bliss for Vietnamese race, as the race of the Holy Body of this period.

For a next short time, the Sacerdotal Council of Đường Nhơn [Chinese’s Sacerdotal Council] will should a significant mission. Bần Đạo/I predict so that you prepare and know your duty in advance.

For Charity Body’s Sacerdotal Council [Hội Thánh Phước Thiện], alas! The more Bần Đạo see misery of human beings, the more Bần Đạo/I get the hope from Charity Body.

After a period of stabilizing nation, the national people’s misery will fix the power, for foremost soldiers who sacrificed because of their nation sustained miseries, poorness, who wanted to save their future bring the bliss for them; we need to give them a little of happiness. Bần Đạo/I only wait the Charity Body.

Caodai heroic Soldiers! I/Master say the thanks to you again.

During six or seven years, I was guiding you to step on the path of infinite sacrifice. If you meditate by your heart about the action of using your moral to fight because of homeland and Religion, you will see that you have reached the victory. Bần Đạo/I assert surely that: my speech is not excessive and you have overcome two stages.

In the first stage, you created a revolution ability to oppose government by Vietnamese race’s fight ability to have such a strong play. In front of Bần Đạo’s sight, I can see the government opposing day indomitably of your race.

Nowadays, it steps into the stage of national independence recovery and it also depends on the strong opposing stage. Thus, you your national independence recovery can last continuously. For that reason, your brothers wish a day to fix the nation’s destiny soon only. However, how pitiful! Your brothers with that desire will have to repent at their final time.

Consequently, Master/I let you know that the stage of national independence recovery has elapsed and the national decision stage comes, as the stage of forming your nation regime. The Vietnam independence is steadfast or non-steadfast, Bần Đạo/I do hesitate to say: your nation independence protection ability with a steadfast glory depends on the international ability only.

How happy! Although the independence lost in 80 years has just regained, over powerful countries admitted. By any way, nobody has the right to usurp that independence, to destroy it. Your nation reforming regime of stage will come soon.

Today, Master/I will tell you clearly and you will feel surprised to query why we were in a quiet stage, a complexion happened. Be calm! Master/I explain to let you understand. That situation came and Master/I will guide you gradually to the correct position. That is your mission that you must do. My body only pushes you to one more step. You should not think that your mission of nation independence recovery is all, but you will have to do more. Master/I will push you to the step of forming the national regime and of creating the your independence protection method steadfastly.

When returning from the Foreign Country, Master/I made a paper agreement with France governor. In that agreement, Master/I forced him to restore Vietnam domain from Cà Mau province to Nam Quan frontier, which means that it must be restored to the power of Bảo Đại king who succeeds our Emperors. In Nguyễn descent, only He has enough power to face the international aspect. Thus, when returning, Master/I stopped over in Hongkong to speak to Him: According to the international law, the King is the Emperor maintaining. For all Vietnamese in stage of King abdicated, I also said that: The King places the national people’s bliss on the King’s precious throne because of “God child does not tell a joke”. Over the King’s national people, He is also a State Head. I would like to promise to the King that this stage will reach the stage of “constitutional monarchy” only, not reach the Republic.

The State Head accepted and promised so. Consequently, nowadays, He has executed promises done with Bần Đạo/me on the time of forming the regime of People Right, Bần Đạo/I have to keep my promise that Bần Đạo/I will set up the Constitutional Monarchy.

Bần Đạo/I assert that if you gather faith mixed with the completely national faith of races, the Head of State will never change His promise, your Master/I will not fail to keep my promise. Thus, Master/I can make your race independent.



The His Holiness Hộ Pháp’s lecture on the Caodai Troops Dispatching Ceremony on 9th January Quý Tỵ year


Dear Mandarins, foreign Ambassadors, our Prime Minister of Government, Lieutenant General Bondis and present Gentlemen,

Today is the day of Caodai Troops Dispatch. Bần Đạo/I feel very moved.

Dear Gentlemen, please feel pleased to let Bần Đạo/me advise my soldiers some speeches with foremost religious aspect. Bần Đạo/I have ever told, Caodai Master Sergeant, Sergeant to let you understand thoroughly.

After your master’s exile in Foreign Country, when returning to the fatherland,  Master/I appointed you a new significant mission that you perhaps know that mission as the national salvation. Your Master/I have no worthy gift for you for your sacrifice during continuous 10 years, except for two Religious Flags that Master/I granted to you with my placed spirit. When the anniversary of Troops Dispatch, your Master/I am your Divine Father. Consequently, you commemorate Martyrs sacrificed because of Nation. Master/I need not to explain, but you understood that deep sentiment.

Today is the national decision stage. Master/I grant a new significant mission to you, which is more dangerous and difficult.

In order to have Caodai Soldiers to be united in one, steadfast and strong to save national future, to create bliss for your race, your Master/I do as a Head as the Professor to teach Vietnam race. However, my blood is from your race, thus I do how to be worthy in role of a citizen. Therefore, Master/I execute the Divine mission to be worthy.

Your Master/I granted the Military Flag with four words “Utter Loyalty to Country”. The world will perhaps contest that those four words are without correct action, they just show form only.

For that contest, Master/I tell you to remember that only Mother of Nhạc Phi Bàn Cử [1103 – 1142- a Character of China] wrote four words “ Utter Loyalty to Country”, so that Nhạc Phi saved Tống dynasty from the decline country.

For Vietnam, there are two Generals:

Võ Tánh

Ngô Tùng Châu

They sacrificed to restore Nation. Your Master/I assert determinedly that: you may see that those four words will change the race spirit, will help you be more imposing and powerful.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp said thanks to Guests and admonished Caodai Soldiers on 16th January Quý Tỵ year

Dear Guests, Secular and Religious Dignitaries,

Firstly, Bần Đạo/I would like to bow my head to say the thanks to all compatriots of both sides of Secular and Religious crowded, solemn presence to make the Caodaism more glorious. Bần Đạo/I lower my head to say the thanks to you all.

Dear all compatriots,

Bần Đạo/I would like to tell You while the National destiny comes to the significant stage, which is considered as the difficult stage to decide its future destiny. Especially, Bần Đạo/I have some speeches to writers, ambassadors. Over 9 years of sight, today is your significant mission because this time is the stage of spirit fight, or called as: “we continue to fight for psychology aspect”. We think that over nine indomitable years in restoring the nation’s independence, you have a national history readily that your precious pen point maybe bequeaths a framework as the old spirit of Ancestor bequeathed, to your generation one day.

The indomitable will after 80 years of domination induces our compatriots to desire to escape and restore our Ancestor Nation’s independence bequeathed. With such a beautiful nation, it forces us to sacrifice our blood as habits long since.

For natural law on this earth, we cannot petition anything, but we must buy, ransom by investing a value, which is same the value of object we want. Alas! The object that all national compatriots want is too expensive, therefore we had to pay by a very expensive price, as the blood during nine fight years.

Dear compatriots, writers who are guiding the spirit of our current race, you perhaps made a query when you were free “The path of Caodaism calls itself as the National Religion. The query: by its complete character, it became a Great Way for World while Vietnam is in such that situation, what is their solution method? When you have free time, you perhaps make a query. In that case, which path, solution must all intellectuals select, especially the situation is after my exile from 5 years in Foreign Country? In 1946, you also understood deeply the nation’s situation. Bần Đạo/I confess that at that time, Bần Đạo/I was at a loss without exit. One side as Việt Minh took advantage of patriotism spirit of all compatriots with one aim of national salvation standpoint. By that powerful force, they kept all lives of race and nation in their hands from South to North. If their fight structure has been an authentic national structure, the result and national union would have been done in achievement. Harmfully! They trended to two tendencies of two blocks such. They especially looked at the strength of Communism block. Their falsity was to follow that block to decide the Vietnam’s future destiny. If their decision brought victory of interest for nation’s race, Bần Đạo think that we need not to explain, but everyone would be able to know it thoroughly as a change of master only. We can see the independence flag, but the dependent status is still old. In that case, how can race have bliss? When I came back, the danger was that this side scrambled people and other side also scrambled people. This side was Việt Minh, other side was France and the National block was in middle danger situation with two weapons of two sides.

Dear all compatriots, which path could I lead in that situation? There is one ready path that our Ancestor bequeathed, which has been spending 4,000 years that I have to step on. Alas! That path contains uncountable blood and pain. We have sacrificed blood of Caodai soldiers to be the rampart to protect the race’s life under the flag of Life Protection of Humanity and Universal Concord. If all compatriots understand its secret thought, you will shed tears to understand Bần Đạo/me.

Bần Đạo/I have ever declared “Caodai Military appears to be a partition of sacrifice in death, so that race can avoid the death, to protect race’s life, to preserve the “Charity and Justice” bequeathed by Ancestor”. Bần Đạo/I sometimes feel very painful, but when thinking about that noble Divine mission, the solace also comes in mind a  little.

Caodai Soldiers from Master Sergeant, Corporal to soldier, Master/I push you to sacrifice to save race and Nation again. You still fight for your nation’s future destiny to obtain the independence of your race and Nation.




His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at night of 29th January Quý Tý year

In previous services, as our time was for oath ceremony of Military, I could not preach. You all perhaps want to hear. Bần Đạo/I get rather tired, therefore the voice becomes hoarse in preachment. The Supreme Being’s children try to listen.

Nowadays, the varying status of Religious youth has been attached by the chaotic movement. Their heart and morality becomes shifty and anxious. Consequently, today Bần Đạo/I preach the Caodaism’s Material Dharma, which means that it is: our Caodaism’s law. Bần Đạo/I have ever preached the Secular Way of Caodaism as the Confucianism of changing the world that the Confucianism is our Ancestor’s Way bequeathed long since.

Indeed, only the essence of Confucianism becomes the exemplary for current life. We find that our Confucianism is a society Religion that its trait is that the Supreme Being comes to establish the Confucianism to dominate the world.

What is the essence of Confucianism? Is it the tactics of “Improve oneself, dominate country, pacify people” as the noble guideline of Rev. Mạnh Tử with “Great Learning is due to making virtue brilliant, to making citizen new, to stopping tip good”.

Now, all Supreme Being’s children gradually listen to my preachment over the phrase “improve oneself” firstly: From the Antiquity to nowadays, Sages always use two words “improve oneself” as the basic. Those two words have appeared for long time. If we read the Confucianism history, we will see that it appeared in Huỳnh Đế dynasty before Jesus Christ’s birth thousand centuries ago.

Actually, although it is the very ancient method, it appears in all epochs. The aim of Religions is to improve oneself despite of individual, society, or complete humankind that human’s heart always examines things to differentiate good, bad. However, they do execute while they can differentiate bad and good. That is the opposite point that no Saints on this earth can find its reason.

Consequently, the human’s psychology trends to bad and lives far away good. Thus, Religious Heads form the Religions and teach how to “improve oneself”. The individual or society must lean on two words “improve oneself” as the basis. Bần Đạo assert that it starts at the method of making virtue brilliant.

Harmfully! The human on this earth ignores virtue, not to create virtue. How can their Way reach the achievement? People can see that darkness of virtue only because they do not know that the virtue has no image and nobody can control its power. To form that virtue to be respected by people, his heart must be complete. Due to that virtue, we can know people’s secret. However, they just make virtue by using the vility only. As they choose that path, they only seek people who do not know method of making virtue, so that they show their unreal virtue because if there is no virtue, the human never forms the reputation.

We find that from the Antiquity to nowadays, in spite of a citizen or a King who wants to establish his position, he must lean on the virtue. If we find them using the vile virtue, he will never maintain that virtue. When he reveals his nature by ignore his unreal virtue, he will use cruelty as Sở Bá Vương [西楚霸王], Tần Thủy Hoàng [秦始皇]. Therefore, although his fortune is steadfast, it will also decline.

For persons who never take care of reputation, Bần Đạo show an evidence that Hứa Do [a recluse of China history] is a Righteous Talent. Nghiêu king sought and invited Him to succeed throne, however He considered riches and fame as the pomp, wind, cloud only. Therefore, He did not take interest in it. The value of Nghiêu King over Him was meaningless, therefore there is a sentence: “A bird makes nest in forest in chattering on a branch of tree. A mouse drinks water of a river to become full. As I/subject am acquainted with my leisure, even you give throne to me, I will not do. I only make virtue. All positions, riches and fames on this earth are valueless if they are compared with the virtue”.

As people wish to execute that virtue theory, but they can not do; the reputation of Hứa Do compared with Nhan Hồi [The best student of Confucius called as Nhan Uyên - 顏淵] when He propagated doctrine in Tề country. The King of Tề country invited Him and appointed Him with a high position. However, he replied that: “I/subject am acquainted with my leisure. The leisure cannot be changed with the value of position and fame. If you want to change it, you should know how important the value of making virtue is”.

How harmful! on this earth, many Sages and Scholars have not understood the value of making virtue yet. Thus, they make dirty for their honor. If they bequeath that unworthy value, it becomes meaningless. Two thrones are mutually opposite as two opponent points.

In the Caodaism, Bần Đạo/I have taken the Supreme Being’s children and Religious youths to be His future Holy Body. If all you are aware of misery to be the method of oneself improvement and virtue, that value is very easy as we eat chili only.

Consequently, the Supreme Being’s children and His Holy Body must spread that Divine virtue over people to save people from misery.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at Holy See at night of 30th February Quý Tý year

From the time of my disease to today, Bần Đạo/I was not preaching. Therefore, tonight offer the petition to Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm for your Divine promotion throne. Bần Đạo/I wish His noble heart whose was applied to Bần Đạo/me and Supreme Being’s children.

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach an important subject.

This today important ceremony concerns the Divine fortune that the Supreme Being establishes it on this earth. At this time, there are three races enjoying the Supreme Being’s special favor.

The first race is the Indian race called as Brahman [Brahmanism]. The Supreme Being came to open the Religion and formed the great Divine Fortune for them firstly.

The second race: He Himself as the Jesus Christ came to establish the fortune for that Hebrew, who exists until now.

The third race: the third time is the period that Vietnamese race enjoys the third special favor. The reason why the Supreme Being came to His children is because this period is the Last Cycle of Third Transition [Hạ Ngươn Tam Chuyển] beginning the First Cycle of Fourth Transition [Thượng Ngươn Tứ Chuyển]. He came to unite all His children in oneness. He came to form one true Religion to select His children to be His Holy Body [Thánh Thể] as a misery saving organ to create the Religious fortune for His children as male female Youths in the Religious gate. Especially, the womankind suffered disadvantages, had to suffered more miseries and poor situation that those still appear in your mind now. However, those obstacles also disappear to yield the leisure that you are going to enjoy a great Fortune that the Supreme Being has saved it for you readily. That great Fortune is yours, thus you must maintain and protect it. To protect that great Fortune, you must love together, support together, suffer misery together to keep it steadfastly.

   At this time, Qua/I stand at the pulpit and say: the children’s future of Supreme Being will be incredible rich. From 1926 to this time, the Caodaism reaches over twenty years; you consider why there is this great fortune. Is it from Supreme Being’s infinite mystery granted to us with this achievement. He gathers His children to be His Holy Body. There is the strangeness that the stupid will become wise, talent become better with his fluent ability to serve the Religion. Consequently, He hands over the great fortune  to His children, so that they use the Divine power to win misery, as the misery saving organ. Therefore, Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm and Interim Pope sacrificed their life to the Caodaism, as Bần Đạo/me. If you esteem the Supreme Being’s True Doctrine, you must nourish your younger brothers, save them from misery and you have to enough method to protect their life. Qua/I tell you that and you perhaps understand that business and enrichment never create such this great fortune and protect His children’s life. If you want to protect your younger brother’s life, you should not use the authority for amendment, but you must use moral to advise them to execute the universal concord of True Religion because the Supreme Being’s coming with Sacerdotal Council establishment is that He wants to fix the Vietnam’s destiny.

   Qua/I tell frankly that if it did not lean on the Supreme Being’s Holy Body, nobody would do successfully. Bần Đạo/I only mention your future. When you enjoyed the Supreme Being’s Divine power, Qua/I reply on you to sacrifice your freedom to establish the great fortune with its appearance. Your uncountable sweats have dropped because of that great fortune.

   On my return after the stage of my exile in Foreign Country, all fortunes done before were destroyed except for Holy See, old Gratitude Temple [Báo Ân  Từ], House of Funeral Ceremony [Khách Đình], Hộ Pháp’s House, Pope’s House.

   From 1946-1947, you began to re-constructed despite of male and female. You all suffered many miseries, sacrifices for building within some years only. This fortune belongs to the poor persons, who constructed devotedly. The more you suffer miseries, the higher you get the Divine Fortune. You are richer and richer. Your riches are not same to the one of Religions on this earth. Your riches are to essentially to protect your younger brother’s poor miserable life. Nobody has the right to master this Great Divine fortune. Have you understood yet?

   How strange! A Religion, which just uses two words “Compassion and Justice” as the basis, contains a brilliant future. You also know its Divine Religious power like other Religions. If the Supreme Being’s Holy Body conversely holds power with a reply spirit, people will look at and go far away all. Qua/I tell frankly that if you execute according to the Supreme Being’s true religion, there will not have any power, which can oppress it.

   If we want to do favor and virtue, we need to execute how to make His Holy Body worthy, which means that His children must share sufferings, rice to be worthy of role of Holy Body, of His misery saving organ.

   You should remember that you are servers of Religion only, which is not same the other Religions that they want to become lord of others. If we want to be a lord of others, we are the Supreme Being’s servant because that thing is better.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached by occasion of Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm’s Feast [1st March Quý Tỵ year]

Dear Canonized Dignitaries [Chức Sắc Thiên Phong] of Sacerdotal Council of Divine Alliance Palace [Hội Thánh Hiệp Thiên Đài], of Nine Divine Planes Palace [Cửu Trùng Đài] and Religious Politics Organs such as Charity Body [Phước Thiện], Military and male female children of Supreme Being,

Today is the anniversary feast of Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm. Bần Đạo/I tell, preach and have a heart to heart to you yearly about this anniversary. If I repeat it again, it will be useless. Therefore, Bần Đạo/I stand here and mention Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm only with one point of His recent death. The Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm and Interim Pope were same. In the stage of embryo, people disdained the Religions very much. Thus, Bần Đạo/I assert that: They used violence to make these two persons suffer misery that we can not describe it.

Such this Feast sometimes arouses the moved sentiment of all Supreme Being’s children and Bần Đạo/me. However, Bần Đạo/I try to restrain it.

Over twenty years has been elapsing. Bần Đạo/I recollect the day that we moved His Lotus Throne [Octagonal Coffin] to the Tower, Bần Đạo/I promised an important thing to Him that Bần Đạo/I would avenge for Him. All you will think surely about the normal secular revenge by sword or cruel scheme. Bần Đạo/I do conversely to use all both masses of spirit of Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm and Interim Pope to make an incomparable infinite love as the psychology standard for Vietnamese race, and as a fight power that the mass of infinite love will be a precious tool for revenge to save the race from the slavery. At that time, some Supreme Being’s disciples as our friends were mean in character. How could we avoid people disdaining us?

About force, there was not any tool in hands. For moral education, there was no person who could hold the Nation’s future destiny. There was no mastermind to undertake and decide achievement or decline of Nation. How could we avoid people separated?

Bần Đạo/I dare to assert and declare strongly that: Bần Đạo/I will avenge because nowadays, Bần Đạo/I am not weak, solitary as previous time.

Yearly, there is nothing, so that people can see the spirit power, as the national spirit power of race. Bần Đạo/I assert surely that: What Bần Đạo/I executed unsuccessfully will be executed by My disciples. Today, the result shows its appearance to prove my prediction. There is nothing happier!

If Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm’s soul is present here, He will bear a witness that He never sees that My predictions happen wrongly.

Is that prediction very efficient because my spirit matched with results happening? One day, when returning to the Divine world, there will have an outburst of laughter happened between Him and Bần Đạo/me that there is nobody on this earth who can enjoy that outburst of laughter. 



Preachment of His Holiness Hộ Pháp done one 1st April Quý Tỵ year

Bần Đạo/I have just met Rev. Cao Thượng Phẩm to discuss about building the Meditation House [Tịnh Thất]. However, He did not tell in detail. The general shows: Wait the Feast of Holy Mother, as the next Mid-Autumn and the Holy Mother [Đức Phật Mẫu] will descend to teach my query about building the Meditation House for Womankind just done, as the Enlightenment Palace [Trí Huệ Cung/Thiên Hỉ Động]. The Myriad Dharma Palace [Vạn Pháp Cung/Nhơn Hòa Động] for Man has not been built yet because it must establish on the mountain. It is impossible at this time according to His speech and He said: At this time, you can lean on the finished Palace of Consciousness [Trí Giác Cung/Địa Linh Động] and Womankind goes there, so that the Holy Mother [Mother Buddha] teaches and discusses about Meditation House.

Today, Bần Đạo/I preach the Secret Dharma, as the Secret Dharma of meditation and evolution framework of Creator of Supreme Being’s children. The Supreme Being brought that miracle to us, so that we can obtain evolution. Bần Đạo/I already explained that evolution law, thus Supreme Being’s children can understand that from all things to human position as souls, they must progress forever, which means that the evolution law forces our soul to evolve from matter to human.

We could see that law among all things via a gold stone, which progresses into an inestimable pearl. We find that its evolution to reach position among matters is very noble.

For invaluable Metal called as platinum, its value is due to the evolution law.

For plants, orchid is different from wild grass. The plywood is not same to pine-tree.

For human, small-minded man never matches with a Hero because the small-mind man’s spirit can not compared with the Hero’s spirit. If we mention Four Souls, the Deity cannot be compared with a Buddha. We find that the evolution law always faces on all things and no way can prevent it.

For our life, we should not misunderstand its death’s meaning. The death helps us step on the progress path. If a reincarnation is not complete, we guess it by looking at the death. That life is same a student standing among a class in a trial. Our body is at a trial and we only know if we can pass or fail after our death. The failure or pass happens in this stage. The evolution law is the miraculous organ that there is no soul who can escape from it.

Now, we mention the mysterious organ of Supreme Being that He placed in the stage of Opening the Cycle and of Changing World [Khai Ngươn Chuyển Thế] with an emblem of “Third Period of Universal Salvation” [Tam Kỳ Phổ Độ]. We know that He comes to grant amnesty to His children. Bần Đạo/I tell you that: If He did not dominate power in White Jade Palace [Bạch Ngọc Kinh] fully, as the Supreme Being, as our Great Merciful Father with a fully infinite incomparable power in hands, the mysterious organ of amnesty would not be granted to His children.

Consequently, in Holy Mother’s prayer, there is “Spending immeasurable reincarnations to meet Tao”, which means that we meet the Tao and meet the Supreme Being. He uses His Divine favor to grant a universal salvation for all His children. We can not discuss completely when we could enjoy that favor. The Supreme Being’s delivery miracle is that He comes and establishes the Caodaism to grant universal amnesty to His children under His incomparable power, which makes all His children follow the Way. He makes His children hear and see everything. If His children obey Him, how will He do because those are His speeches only? If His children know how the secret of delivery miraculous organ is, they will know their real nature. Bần Đạo/I make sure that there is no soul, no Buddha who can create the delivery organ.

About progress aspect of spirits and souls, their delivery obtainment is different. It means that if we want to obtain the deliverance to be a Buddha. However, it is not easy for us to obtain that miraculous delivery. You must understand that point much.

Consequently, Bần Đạo/I preach the Secret Dharma of meditation with an essential purpose as your method to enlighten your crown chakra [celestial eye]. The Sakyamuni Buddha only obtained His delivery life actually. The persons who obtained Buddha throne, also leaned on the meditation miracle to make them eternal, to live three previous reincarnations. After that, we can know our Law of Causality so that we lean on this life to lead to a future to obtain Buddha throne of three previous reincarnations. Only Secret Dharma obtainment helps us know who we are, know how path is. We can say that we obtain delivery organ, it does not mean that we can create the delivery organ. The delivery obtainment is an evidence to prove we enlightened our wisdom.

We find that uncountable Great Immortals, Buddhas living in this earth with a physical body before obtaining the infinite miracle of meditation. Now, they use their wisdom to discover atom, ascending miracle. After all, they die, but they do not obtain the Supreme Being’s delivery organ. How pitiful! If the miraculous organ of meditation, as that secret dharma can help them obtain the delivery organ, we perhaps feel pitiful for Taoism and Buddhism because the Taoism saved 200,000 men of original soul only and the Buddhism save 600,000 men of original soul only. At this time, 9,200,000 men of original soul are staying here to cruel tools to kill humankind. The question is: what did they do before to be able to obtain that delivery organ? If they obtained it, it is so pitiful for Supreme Being with tiresomeness and disgrace in this Last Cycle. He comes here because of their karma. He comes to teach method to obtain the delivery organ. Please do not think that the cultivation and perfection are in bushy beard without miraculous moral. They desire to be an Immortal, Buddha, but they do not know what the delivery organ is. One day, when they enter the Meditation House, Bần Đạo/I will let them see the reality of delivery organ.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp’s preachment done at Holy See, night of 15th April Quý Tỵ year

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I will preach little longer. All Supreme Being’s children will get more tired and do not complain me because each time of preachment comes late.

Tonight, my preachment also includes the Fundamental Truth Dharma. Thus, the Supreme Being’s children should pay attention much to list it. The Religious seekers make a query “why does the Supreme Being come to form the Religion?”

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach the Great Religious fortune over His children’s misery. They make a question “for what does the Supreme Being come while the previous Religious Heads came to form Religions?” The issue is that they see the old meaning as old previous Religious Heads. We study to make the question clear.

Does He come to share misery with His children? Does He come to us with His compassion, mercy to save all His children from misery? Don’t we have another reason beside that reason for explanation?

How strange! He comes to form Religion, but He does not descend the earth via a body. However, He can share His children’s misery by an incomparable Divine love. He has all strange methods by using the Divine power in building a Caodai religion. This issue is not an easy.

Bần Đạo/I tell that: He comes to establish a Great fortune for us, thus we have the way to see and observe thoroughly. He comes to gather the spirit of good humans. He leans on their body to be His Holy Body [Thánh Thể] as the Sacerdotal Council that His Holy Body is present to replace His visible image. The evidence is that He uses the incomparable power to share misery with His children. That is true. The cleverness depends on the union of His good children to be a Holy Body only and He only gives them the right of Master in teaching all living beings. If they are worthy in their mission of Master, they will be able to reach the role of Father, Eldest Brother of His children.

The evidence is that in His Holy Body from Priest [Giáo Hữu], Bishop [Giáo Sư], Archbishop [Phối Sư], Cardinal [Đầu Sư], Censor-Cardinal [Chưởng Pháp] to promote to Pope [Giáo Tông], this position of Pope is called as Eldest Brother only.

For what does He use right of eldest brother? Is it the brother right replaced for father? It is true. In a family, to maintain the family ethics, the Father perhaps has to select a the eldest male brother, who has enough ability to teach his younger brothers in standard. That selection is the natural reason. What does he, as the eldest brother take role of Father in the family for? Does he replace their father to manage the family, to nourish his younger brothers? The is the natural cause.

If the Father selects to replace the father right in nourishment, guidance over his younger brothers, the sure issue is that the eldest brother has enough virtue, thus the father entrusts him. The most important issue is that he has to do how not to let his younger brothers poor, miserable, up-and-down, slavish in secular path. He must do that to be worthy of role of Eldest Brother.

The Supreme Being comes to establish the Religion and says: “Master/I come to share my children’s misery”. He forms the Sacerdotal Council to create the body essentially, so that it transforms into the Great Divine fortune of Way.

Today, we can say that: the Great Divine fortune power of Way becomes rich. What purpose does it become rich? In front of our sight, the previous Religions are very rich, luxury. However, have they shared His children’s misery? Not yet! If it happened, that is the Supreme Being’s Divine power, as the God only.

Does the humankind raise their head to moan with the God when they face on more miseries because they do not know to whom they can moan, except the God? Numerous miserable spirits moan to Him, scream for miseries in miserable life.

We try thinking that the brothers can see misery, poorness, slavery, all difficulties in life over their physical body. His children fall into such bad situation while brothers do not guide, solace, support, nourish His children for one day only. They do conversely; they take advantage of their young brother’s misery to change it into their honor and luxuriousness. When the Father knows His children’s misery, petition in that situation, we try thinking how the Father’s spirit is. If in a family, the mission of a Father is all, the Supreme Being perhaps gets same and more.

Bần Đạo/I explain it so and Bần Đạo/I assert that if the great Divine fortune of Way cannot protect beggar as a wanderer among markets and they cannot enjoy the Religious riches, this great fortune is false and waste.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached on occasion of anniversary of Female Cardinal Lâm Hương Thanh on 8th April Quý Tỵ year

Dear Female representative Dignitaries of Religious Politics Organs and male female Followers,

Today is the Feast of Female Cardinal Lâm Hương Thanh, who is the eldest sister of womankind.

Bần Đạo/I recollect the beginning time of Religion opening stage from Bính Dần year to this time. I feel that it is short as a dream. A Sister, who suffered all miseries with the Supreme Being’s Holy Body in order build this Religious fortune, did not see how achievement’s appearance was when She died. Bần Đạo/I thought that if She regretted at the final time of life that She queried how the Caodaism would become; She wondered if Her younger sisters would have enough determined energy, talent to make the Religion in form. That is the issue about which She worried most. Bần Đạo/I recollect the Supreme Being’s prediction: “If the Religion is achieved, I Myself will come”. I think that the most important worry at final time of life did not only come to Sister, but also come to Brothers who died.

Dear all Female sisters, younger brothers of Supreme Being’s Holy Body, we should think about that to know that our action is the bliss, which is granted to us by the Supreme Being because He sees our misery. Consequently, nowadays, we are satisfied to see the Religious misery saving organ in its conformation. Thus, the true doctrine is placed everywhere on this earth. The happier thing is that even there has not been any person of Holy Body going abroad for propagation from Vietnam, all nations answer and admire. If we think about that, we will find that: the Supreme Being’s never has enough ability to do that. Only the incomparable power of Supreme Being can execute that.

If we consider the aspect of merit, we get interest, but never get loss and we contribute little but we enjoy much. We have to admit that that issue is the reality.

How harmful! There was one bad thing that Her legacy was more honorable, wealthy, happier than others. According to common thought, Her bequeathed legacy can be eternal. Bần Đạo/I Đạo feel most heart-broken that Her legacy has been destroyed. When I recollect this issue, Bần Đạo/I regret much. In the needy stage of building the Holy See, Bần Đạo/I went to Her to borrow money while the international finance crisis happened. The importance was that the foundation of see was done, but we did not have money to continue build the body. Bần Đạo/I went to Her to borrow money. Bần Đạo/I met Her when She was in debt; rice’s price went down; one bushel of rice cost 0.2$. Her rice was stored full in warehouse. If they were sold, the total amount would be low. Her poorness was very strange, not same to others persons that nobody imaged. She did not have money, but She showed a safe [5 inches] including gold and diamond fully and spoke to me: “In this difficult stage, there is no way to have money. Therefore, you take these to pawn them in Sài Gòn. The amount is not lower than eighty to ninety thousand Dong”.

Bần Đạo/I can borrow them. When paying back, how can I do? I felt tired of situation. Bần Đạo/I said: “No! these have been handed down for three generations. Now, you let me pawn them. How will we do if we can not redeem them? She said determinedly: “I am not always poor. You should accept my suggestion. I will manage method to pawn them. Bần Đạo/I determinedly denied and went back with empty hands to build the Holy See.

If at that time, I used that legacy for building the Holy See, it would help her a great merit. As I felt mudding and afraid not to have ability to pay debt, I could not help her a great work.

Dear sisters, as our life on the earth belongs to the Supreme Being’s Holy Body and we step on the Divine fixed Path of Supreme Being, we should not worry poorness, miseries. Do not misunderstand! At the Divine gate, it does not mean that we can make merit when we are rich and we can not do if we are poor. You should remember that point and you should not forget it. In front of you, you can see many rich men and we think that they have a great merit, method of serving the Religion imposingly. They think that they are more efficient than Spirits in the Divine World. The justice does not depend on this aspect and you must remember this key point. Qua/I advise that you, foremost womankind consider the previous path of Eldest Sister to know the old and present condition. You look at the bad and good points in order to decide your Divine mission proudly. You try to follow your eldest sister’s previous path. You should follow do as your eldest sister did.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp’s preachment done at Holy See, night of 1st May Quý Tỵ year

Bần Đạo/I feel that the Supreme Being’s children are dimer and dimer. Tonight, just a few followers attend service thinly. I should not have preached today. However, even one follower is present only, Bần Đạo/I also preach.

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach the cause of nature and cause of wisdom.

The human’s nature always shows its native features that we need not to observe it. We find its cause, which appears the spirit of previous life. The wisdom belongs to life, which means that it appears via our reincarnation. We can obtain a highest position because we suffer obstacles in perfection and cultivation. When our wisdom appears, we normally understand that we obtain the Dharma.

At the Antiquity, the Orient philosophers observed profoundly the status of wisdom and spirit. The previous Sages as Saints were in that case. Therefore, every day they queried “Can I have a method to harmonize my nature with spirit wisdom? If there is no method, how can the wisdom harmonize with nature?” Actually, if we find that our nature is backward over our wisdom, we can know that we have not obtained the throne yet.

At the Antiquity, we find that from uncountable theories, people leant to know, but they did not the cause. Thus, Sages reckoned that: must reach the Sprit [Thần] to obtain throne, so that we can do correctly.

In the past time, as people did not know the secret of Tao yet, philosophers such as Đông Pha reckoned in book with three ranks of human.

“Uneducated Superior Human is still good.

Educated Middle Human becomes good.

Educated Lower Human is not good”

Why is it? It is because that they have not understood yet. The cause of Superior Human reaches a specific point due to their perfection and cultivation. They can understand Celestial will thoroughly, can see the Geography. That obtainment is not from one reincarnation only, but it must spend many reincarnations.

According to the Buddhism, they believe a doctrine that before a new reincarnation, human must eat dull-witted gruel by an old woman, so that we forget our previous lives. It perhaps happens according to faith. For aspect of philosophy, we can see that: If we believe the karma, we know how our previous and present lives are. If the previous life suffered misery, this life has to face on a great misery and we cannot stand for this misery. If the previous life enjoyed honor, in this life we receive a solace of previous honor, so that we can exist on this earth. Unluckily! In previous life we suffered misery, we continue suffer another misery in this life; we will never stand and we will not be able to exist on this earth.

Consequently, the Divine law forces us to forget the nature and wisdom. Thus, when we are born as a baby, we have to learn, study. When we can understand them, the knowledge helps to open the crown chakra, so that we fix our cause. The evidence is that the Buddha as Dalai Lama reincarnated to be a King. In the King’s court, there was a Priest who kept doctrine and law. When He reincarnated as a baby in the Priest’s family, the Priest knew that the baby was a Buddha reincarnated, but he still taught that baby.

Actually, the cause is not parallel to the fate. The fate never happened contrarily because in the Kiều work, Nguyễn Du poet expressed that the word “talent” and “fate” are not parallel. Thus, the cause and talent are nothing. They are just a surplus tip. If the life is talented without good cause, he can do nothing. If we have no good cause, we will never win our karma.

Indeed, tonight Bần Đạo/I let the Supreme Being’s children know that: Our perfection and cultivation depend on the cause of previous life. Thus, at this time we meet the Supreme Being coming to us. Our nature can harmonize with our wisdom. That is due to our cultivation and perfection.

Mr. Tô Đông Pha said: When we reach the level of the Superior Human, we can know that our religious life has reached the throne.

Consequently, all Supreme Being’s children try to execute your path. One day, you enter the meditation house to pursue the word of “fate”.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp’s preached at the General Headquarters on 2nd May Quý Tỵ year

Today is the National Holiday Ceremony, as the Pacifying Ceremony of Vietnam of Rev. Cao Hoàng Gia Long. [Gia Long King -嘉隆].

According to the history, the Pacifying stage from 1502 to 1789, the Vietnam’s separation of North and South happened over the Lê emperor with two Kings. The South was considered from frontier of Hoành Sơn mountain to southern direction controlled by Nguyễn King. The South was from the frontier of Hoành Sơn mountain to northern direction controlled by Trịnh King. The nation was in chaos. In South, parties with fights happened because Lord of Tây Sơn Nguyễn Nhạc and Nguyễn Huệ made chaos. Everybody can understand because of clear national history. Bần Đạo/I need not to repeat it more again.

In 1778, Nguyễn Nhạc [阮岳] declared as the King and appropriated Northern Vietnam. This means that chaos happened in whole Vietnam. In that period, there was a person who made the Vietnam glorious against the China was Nguyễn Huệ [阮惠]. When He received Nguyễn Nhạc’s order, He expelled the Chinese troops off Thăng Long capital. Nguyễn Nhạc nominated Nguyễn Huệ as Bắc Bình Vương [北平王]. However, Tây Sơn [家西山] applied the theory of “restore Lê dynasty and destroy Trịnh dynasty”. However, Tây Sơn desired to gain the nation. At that time, the ground from South to North belonged to Tây Sơn.

As the Nguyễn’s destiny was coming to the end, one hero as Nguyễn Ánh [阮福暎] appeared. He traveled everywhere to suffer many miseries. He was a hero to save the Vietnam from separation. He bequeathed a glorious history of Vietnam. He pacified the Vietnam from South to North.

In the journey of pacifying the nation, Bần Đạo/I show that there were two Loyal Subjects that they called “Loyal to King”. Those are Võ Tánh [武性] and Ngô Tùng Châu. When Tây Sơn used whole force to gain the Bình Định, Võ Tánh and Cao Hoàng Gia Long King did not need to rescue Bình Định bastion, as the Qui Nhơn. Therefore, by taking occasion that Tây Sơn did not beware, they gained the Phú Xuân successfully. Both Võ Tánh and Ngô Tùng Châu died out of loyalty. Actually, our Vietnam united from Nam Quan frontier to Cà Mau province was due to Cao Hoàng’s force and two loyal Subjects as Ngô Tòng Châu and Võ Tánh. We feel proud to say that: those two persons were our compatriots in South.

Besides, the Gia Long’s work is not only from the pacifying merit, but Rev. Cao Hoàng Gia Long as Nguyễn Ánh also gained two provinces in Vietnam map as the Sơn La province and Lai Châu province. If we open and read the history, the France declared firstly: “Le Grand Legislature du Vietnam” for the person, who took the Vietnam’s destiny in law greatly. The noble point was that in 1802, He reorganized internal and external divisions. He used His Old Laws, which were great without description, to reorganize, renovate fully. He brought us the new geography, new mandarin, new law, new military equipment, new politics form, new people. All things were reorganized by Him. If we were not under the safety regime long since, Bần Đạo/I make sure that: Rev. Gia Long Cao Hoàng’s great merit would become a great work over the Nation. Today, we come here to place our spirit in His spirit essentially.

Bần Đạo/I wish that the Supreme Being’s children, all heroic Caodai militaries look at His heroic will to execute and make Vietnam independent.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp’s preached at the Holy See at night 4th May Quý Tỵ year

Bần Đạo/I would like saying thanks to all Supreme Being’s children, government, Religious politics organs, both male female followers and children of chorus.

Today, all Supreme Being’s children come to Holy See to give wish for my longevity. I think that the Supreme Being granted bliss to me on this earth very much. One day, when returning to the Divine World of Eternal Life, I never forget this favor.

Bần Đạo/I would like to repeat a story: about 9am of tomorrow will be the close of market. My Mother said: I do not know what time of 5th [lunar calendar] it is. It is my birthday. Tomorrow will be the day that Bần Đạo/I reach 64 years old only without a spare or missing day.

Bần Đạo/I think that 64 years lasting are same to a dream. During 64 years, Bần Đạo/I never enjoyed bliss. Due to melancholy, sentimental nature, I only worried pensively much than enjoying enthusiasm. Due to the fate, I have to suffer many miseries.

Bần Đạo/I would like to summarize my biography. I was born in a family with many members. Bần Đạo/I belonged the second blood child. The family united together that I was the eighth in family. My father stayed at An Hòa [belongs to Trảng Bàng, Tây Ninh province]. He followed the Confucianism. The family was well-to-do. My father was the sixth in my grandfather’s family. My father faced on a calamity concerned an event in Cần Đước [belongs to Long An province], thus French sought to escape him. Due to poor family situation, my father had to go to French army to save from situation. Consequently, Bần Đạo/I recollect that he suffered a miserable play to the spirit. He was going to die, but he himself solaced him when looking at his children to continue life. When he promoted to the Sergeant of French Army, he called for capitulation, thus old military arrested and fought him by 10 strokes of whip. With 10 painful strokes of whip, he regretted not to forget until end of life. After going to army, all my brothers followed the father to be officers. Only Bần Đạo/I and seventh brother did not know French and stayed.

When I was young, Bần Đạo/I tell truthfully that I never took advantage from others to gain a cent even I was poor. I completely kept upright.

I recollect the time of that Bần Đạo/I was a boy leaning at a school in Tây Ninh province. When I went back from school and sat for a meal, my mother asked my mother: “You let all children follow military, don’t you let any child follow pen?” My father answered: “They follow military, thus they have no victimizing method. The person following pen often victimizes. Thus, I do not accept that way”. My mother indicated me and said “This boy is weak, let him follow the path of pen!” My father said: “alright! If he follows path of pen, but he is corrupt, I will wring his neck”. Due to that word, my whole life was poor, but Bần Đạo/I was never corrupt for cent until my resigning mandarin day to lead a religious life. My sister reported a strange issue happening to me. When I was young, bringing me up was very difficult because when I caught a chill, I died. I often died until 10 years old. Uncountable times of death happened. When I caught chill, whole family had to stay awake next me because they scared that Bần Đạo/I would die.

My parents lived in a Religious faith of Confucianism, but they had to attend the Catholicism, so that they wished me to be baptized according to the Catholicism ceremony. In that situation, my family scared too much. Until 7 years old, Bần Đạo/I died again. When I revived, my body did not have any feelings because before they had knocked my head and neck, pulled hands and legs. I suffered many pains.

The calamity of my family was the death happening often, such an extent that my parents, brothers, sisters became Christian to pray for my life. For that reason, the Catholicism appeared to my family.

If the unluck happened, my sentimental melancholy at 17 years old would kill my mother. As my mother was inflexible to induce obstacle happening and I could not study abroad. If the Divine power met my wish, Bần Đạo/I would study abroad and my mother would die. At that time, Mr. Lưu Khắc Ninh burnt all documentaries, thus I could not go abroad. When I became a mandarin, I just looked at the family’s misery until my father’s return with a family, which did not have enough living place. The brothers and sisters had to live this house temporarily. Bần Đạo/I find that the heart-breaking secular life happened to compatriots who suffered pains, independence. Therefore, they never enjoyed bliss.

From my 17 years old to this stage, Bần Đạo/I always fought, I never rested in peace. Till the last year of return from foreign exile, Bần Đạo/I was happy with this physical body to become servant of Supreme Being. Bần Đạo/I desired to maintain this life to bring bliss for Caodaism. Although it is steadfast or not, Bần Đạo/I always serve silently because I see the Supreme Being’s children’s misery in front of sight. Therefore, Bần Đạo never can take a rest in peace. The generation will know how the previous independence, misery of spirit and body were and know which method Bần Đạo/I saved the generation from the slavery. That point is the bliss if my life.

At this time, although it gets very tiresome, Bần Đạo/I feel happy because I have been enjoying the Supreme Being’s favor by being a servant of Supreme Being and His children.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp replied after Religious Politics Organs had gave longevity wish

Dear Male Female Canonized Dignitaries, Leaders of Religious Politics Organs, male female followers and children,

Bần Đạo/I would like express my thanks to you intensely. That thanks is not expressed by mouth only, but showed my heart.

Dear all Caodai followers, patriotic personalities, comrades in fight journey for Vietnam, Bần Đạo/I confess that if my useful life did not lean on the Divine imposing power and Supreme Being’s special private favor, this life would be same to others. There was no specialty because existence and death with nothingness happen same to beings on this earth. By reason interpretation, if we have head, legs, hands; humankind also has the same. Nobody is better or worse because every person is an element in all living creatures. If there was the Divine special favor, Bần Đạo/I would be just same to others. The difference is the intense compassion at most. That compassion induced the Supreme Being to understand and know to select me to be His essential element.

Dear friends, Canonized Dignitaries [Chức Sắc Thiên Phong] of Divine Alliance Palace [Hiệp Thiên Đài], Religious Legislator [Tiếp Đạo- one of Twelve Zodiacal Dignitaries of Divine Alliance Palace], I have said: we only trend to the spirit morality. Actually, if we interpret the matter by our secular spirit, we will always see a battle for earthly fame, reputation, position that people are infatuated. For me, Bần Đạo/I keep away from them. I am not fond of fame, interested in interest because I know the incomparable mass of spirit of 4,000-year-race, which contains a strong, imposing and noble spirit. I understand that it contains a power, which can transform forever. Due to that thought, Bần Đạo/I only take it as the medium to save the nation from the Vietnamese race’s dangerous situation. This is same to a man, who buys a pearl and sells for interest at most. It does not contain other spirit value except for identification over the pearl to buy and sell for interest. If it can help to fix the race’s happy future, the action will be different from the heroic spirit of people in decision of national destiny only. Bần Đạo/I have no merit at all. Consequently, Bần Đạo/I only fight by spirit. Besides it, Bần Đạo/I do not want to pay attention. Is the strength of Caodaism due to the reason? We should reflect it.

Dear Dignitaries of Nine Divine Planes Palace [Cửu Trùng Đài], you have obeyed the Supreme Being’s order to replace His image, to stay with His miserable children, to teach firstly, to solace secondly, to support thirdly. That important mission is always in my mind. If one day, the emblem of Divinity is showed, executed; how much the honor over your important mission will reach level. No! it is not enough for this life only. Behind us, our younger brothers will succeed to make the Supreme Being’s Holy Body eternal. When it is eternal, the Nine Divine Planes Palace never disappears. That is the reality.

Younger brothers of Charity Body, Qua/I have one body, one head, one brain, one image as you. You should look back to see misery of living beings to understand that the Supreme Being’s purpose of coming is to share misery His children and to save His children from misery. Qua/I entrusted the mission to you via the word “Charity”. Qua/I desire one thing that you look at the misery of world you then support, solace, uphold them. That is my desire placed in your hands. When I think about your merit and Divine mission, which are difficult and heavy that the more you have to shoulder, the more moved Qua/I feel. Consequently, Qua/I have been living with you for over twenty years under the sentiment of master and students with misery.

Qua/I say the thanks to you.

Children, Caodai heroic soldiers, every time Master/I look at you, Master/I can see your spirit, which makes Master/me solaced. Master/I often tell you that Master/I have one Father, who gave Master/me two tools such as the Boat of Wisdom/Prajna [Thuyền Bát Nhã] and Vehicle of Books of Nation [refer the National Civilization]. For the Boat of Wisdom, Master/I can entrust the Supreme Being’s Holy Body by the guidance. For National Vehicle of Books in danger and difficulty, its progress will lean on your ability to push it ahead. For my purpose, you have fulfilled two parts. One part still remains, thus Master/I entrust you to push it more. Master/I only say: a few people on the National Vehicle of Books make heavier while you are pushing the Vehicle together. You must do how to invite, petition, kowtow them to go off to be lighter, so that you can push it ahead.

The Nation Independence Recovery Association decides the future destiny for people safety policy. The future regime exists inside that association. Master/I hope that: the spirit of Nation Independence Recovery Association helps to our program form to go to the end in achievement. In that case, the Vietnam’s future will become nice and perfect. The future has not come yet, but Bần Đạo/I feel happy and satisfied in advance. Bần Đạo/I hope that the Nation Independence Recovery Association will let me enjoy that bliss, not let me be disappointed because it is so sorry for me. Bần Đạo/I entrust that association fully. One step of progress makes change of Nation. Therefore, we have to try our best effort.

Before end of speech, Bần Đạo/I say the thanks to all people of Secularity and Religion.



On occasion of birthday 5th May Quý Tỵ year [15th July 1953], His Holiness Hộ Pháp exhorted the pardoned offenders [over 20 persons]

Today is your free day to go back your family. You must see your citizen obligation over your country. When returning your family, you must work hard to nourish your wife and children prosperously. You should not do damage over your country, but you must do how to be worthy in reorganizing the Nation.

For human on this earth, nobody is perfect. Your unrightful action is a kind of disease that you need to give up, in order to do useful action for Nation’s great task nowadays.

You should remember that.




His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at Holy See, night of 15th May Quý Tỵ year

Bần Đạo/I let all Supreme Being’s children know that tomorrow is the ceremony that we welcome the Relics Pearl of Sakyamuni Buddha. We can say that we are pleased because the Holy See receives that precious pearl. Long since only Indian Buddhists enjoy that bliss.

After leaving the earth, His Bhandanta [Most virtuous Monks] took His body to cremate to remain a little of bone. His Disciples worshiped those as precious things, which means that they worshipped their Master.

This Holy See is also a place for His seat. We also receive a bliss because a Bhandanta of Indian Buddhists offered a Pearl of Relics to the Holy See.

Bần Đạo/I would wish all Supreme Being’s children to welcome crowdedly. Our Religious Virtue responding to the Sakyamuni Buddha will make the Supreme Being pleased.

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach the Love Law and Just Power, which are not limited in space and time. Indeed, the Supreme Being comes to form the His Holy Body as this Sacerdotal Council replaced His image on this earth, as this 68th globe, to essentially let humankind know that: He comes to share misery with His children. He leans on the physical body as the elements, as good human on this earth to form the Sacerdotal Council called as His Holy Body. He entrusts that law to the Sacerdotal Council. However, that law does not contain many things. It just contains one things only. His law is the Law of Love, called as Law of Mercy. For His rule, that is the Justice.

At our See, there are Three Saints signing the Peace Treaty with the Supreme Being receive the Law of Mercy, called as the Law of Love to save His children, so that they can return to their old throne. The Supreme Being’s power applies the Power of Justice only.

We try using our earthly mind to study the Law and Power to know why He takes two tools entrusted in our hands and asks us to replace His image. At this pulpit, Bần Đạo/I often preach that: we should lean on diminutive to reason the great issue, lean on the smallest issue to reason the greatest issue. That is the cause without strangeness.

Indeed, we live on this temporary earth with two knots of debt:

1. The debt of blood is the debt to our parents.

2. The debt over Creator is the debt over the Supreme Being.

Those two debts can be called two Gods: upper God and lower God. We have understood their nature well already.

When our parents bear us, do they only wish that we love together? Due to that love, our parents preserve our life, nourish us to become good man. Is the Love Law is the top of the mission of parents? We need not answer, but we can understand it.

Now, they establish a family with children, daughters-in-law to become a Great family. What do they want when they combine all spirits? Do they pray for one thing that all members in Great family love together only? They wish that thing only. Is it the natural law of parents that the Creator has predestined. We cannot deny except for a determination.

Our strict rule of family always keeps children in harmony, in living under mutual love. We know: “Bear child, not bear his nature” because each child has specific spirit, ability and path. Nobody is same to any person. If the family has same children, that family will enjoy good bliss.

We find that children in a family do not resemble for their character. If we want children to be in harmony, in mutual love, the strict rule of family must be in exemplary, which means that the Way of parents must behave to their children by power of justice. How the earthly framework of parents is, the Creator law is same.

What does the Supreme Being want via the natural law? Does He want humankind to admit fellow human in blood sentiment, in same Father? If all Supreme Being’s children knew that: “People born on this earth, with miserable situation love, help together to share misery mutually”; the Supreme Being would not come to form the Religion. However, what purpose does He come to form the Religion? Does He come to seed the grain of Love, to seed compassion in His children’s mind? We find that it is the evidence. That Law of Love in Heaven throne is His Holy Body on this earth. As we receive entrusted mission from Him, we are an element of Sacerdotal Council.

How strange! We obey that Law of Love and we hold the power, which is the power of justice. Actually, all we cannot deny that. Contrarily, in the Supreme Being’s Divine gate and in infinite love, the incomparable boundless power of justice does not belong to His children. That is the natural issue.

Bần Đạo/I say that the Law of Love is not limited in direction. We can say that in a family, we have sons and we have to seek daughters-in-law of other Family. If we have daughters, we have to marry off our daughters to other Family. Just by that way, they can live in our family under the balance. That is about no limitedness and direction, let alone the Supreme Being’s infinite love.

Bần Đạo/I only remind an important issue, so that His female male children hear and pay attention much.

The human in childhood contains nothing. However, we become old, we will find that our tears in our life have dropped for our grandfathers, grandmothers, parents, uncles, relatives died. That love in blood makes us understand how its value is. Be careful! We are painful, miserable, compassionate in miss, thus we have to worship by rites. The filial piety must be in that way. However, be careful! Nobody knows that they are standing in front of us in body of child, we behave to him frigidly, or hate him. When returning the Divine world, we look at him and feel ashamed.  The ashamed feeling makes us reincarnated.

I am sure that there is no other pain, ashamed feeling, which can be compared with that situation in the Divine world. 


His Holiness Hộ Pháp exhorted Teachers and students at the Reward Ceremony at Đạo Đức Học Đường school on 17th May Quý Tỵ year [27th June 1953]

Dear Male Female Canonized Dignitaries, Officials, all people attending this reward ceremony to make it more solemn, Bần Đạo/I pardon to let me exhort my children.

Children as teacher of Đạo Đức Học Đường school [meaning: Moral School]! Your sacrifice from beginning time of Religion to this time has fostered your generation’s spirit and mind to the end of success. Such this achievement with your great work has been recorded by the history.

Today, your Master/I come here not to say the thanks to you because the speech at mouth contains meaninglessness. Master/I wish you a thing that my love combines with you because it is the precious thing of a Master for you.

We are born on this earth in the Vietnam country, we are an element of society at most. Bần Đạo/I usually say that we have one body, one head as others. If we can do efficient things to fix the society’s destiny, the race’s destiny and Nation; that achievement is due to our determined effort and will in unanimous cooperation, in united spirit, to have an agile ability.

You are same to me/Master. Master/I recollect the beginning time of Religion, I was solitary, oppressed by force at the Religion in the stage of embryo as a tender egg. The secular situation was in independence. People were poor and compatriots faced on misery with the death in front of sight. The death gradually came to make my spirit very painful. However, Bần Đạo/I always determined to show my desire to save the nation, to save people. Thus, that spirit helped to reach that desire. If we teach youth of our next generation in the unanimous heart and virtue, we will be able to save national destiny and race from dangerous situation.

Consequently, we have to try to do. You find that how was the beginning time of Religion? How was your country? Master/I have the brain as you. The strangeness is due to the Supreme Being’s miracle that the He granted it to Master/me to unite your spirits in oneness in conformation. Master/I explain, so that you can understand more that: At that time, people oppressed, disdained Bần Đạo/me much, but Bần Đạo/I received solace because Bần Đạo/I myself said that: my unique body can be trampled by you, but you never trample the future backing.

Due to that determined and brave will, this moral spirit has been progressing forever in union to be a steadfast and stronger weapon to fix the national destiny at this time.

Your spirit is same to my spirit. How your will for your younger generation under your training is, my action to you was same. It gradually progresses to a feature of beauty. We try to make it in its conformation to train the race’s future, so that we will have a good future for nation and race.

Male and female students! This earth contains two powers of spirit:

1. The word of “Talent”

2. The word of “Heart”

For the words of “Talent” and “Heart”, previous philosophers reckoned that they belonged to invisibility. However, our ancestors as our race described clearly, thoroughly without dubiousness.

At this time, are two spirits as Talent and Heart parallel, which fights together to orient for humankind and to fix the race’s future? Yes, they are. However, we need to re-consider the situation to know clearly that: The words “Talent” and “Heart” are fighting together at this time to fix the humankind’s destiny.

In Europe, the word “Talent” seems to win the word “Heart”. Where does the word “Talent” push the humankind into? We wonder that two great wars in Europe induced humankind to kill together. Is it a good lesion for the word of “Talent”? The word of “Heart” still disappeared uncertainly in time.

Does the Supreme Being come to make the word of “Heart” brilliant in this Orient? Bần Đạo/I believe that point determinedly. If the humankind does not believe the word “Heart”, but rushes into the word “Talent”; they will fall into the path of extermination. Thus, we must admit that: two words of “Talent” and “Heart” are parallel. It is impossible if we have the Talent without the Heart. The converse case is same.

Those two spirits of humankind must be parallel to preserve the humankind’s life forever on this earth. At this time, the frightful issue happens to the humankind’s future destiny that they will “enjoy” a future reward or punishment. Those two masses of spirits contain the boundless power, which can save the humankind’s life on the earth, which is called as “Heart”, but it can destroy the complete humankind on this earth, which is called as “Talent” showing in power of atom.

Is that power is a medium for the “Heart” and “Talent” in experiments? Master/I wish that you look at and follow the “Heart” as your standpoint purpose. The word “Talent” is surplus because your race’s “Heart” has been spent 4,000 years under independence of powerful races in most China and the “Heart” has been protected immortally. That “Heart” is not far from us because it exists in your mind, in your ability and you only gather people’s future to be the tool, in order to orient your future. 



His Holiness Hộ Pháp exhorted Teachers and students at the Reward Ceremony at Lê Văn Trung school on 18th May Quý Tỵ year [year of Snake]

Dear male female Canonized Dignitaries, male female Officials, I thank you because you condescend to attend the ceremony to make it more solemn. Bần Đạo/I pardon you to have some speeches to Military who contributed merits in building this Lê Văn Trung school.

Children of Military! Master/I say the thanks to you and confess that: Master/I have enjoyed your bliss that you contributed. You have won front battle and also have got perfect for the aspect of spirit. For your action, long since the force aspect, no many nations on earth have done. Master/I have said that will of your action done nowadays is a rare matter in force aspect, which will set up the example on over the world.

Master/I usually say and think myself that if Master/I did not entrusted the phrase of “Life Protection-Humanity” to your hands, in order to protect the Nation, to uphold your younger generation so that they can live and live in the Religious gate because the Religious gate is the Eternal Divine gate, which saves them from misery, makes people awake; you try thinking where would drift. You look at the world in this period that people are using the strength to oppress weakness, using the wisdom to disdain credulity. What power do they lean on? Do they lean on the troop force to do pitiful things? You perhaps do not understand thoroughly. Master/I show you the European civilization “Secular Hand” while the Oriental civilization uses this trick. The military of nations do not serve the truth for humankind little, but they oppress about heart aspect much.

We try thinking about our society that despite of a feast, an association, we express indiscreetness in exemplary, they will complaint and disdain us and reckon that we are not worthy to be parallel in society with them if there are some persons prissy.

There is another reason that one person, who killed one person is forced and sentenced into Just Court by the just law of society, which forces him to compensate one life. We try making a query that for persons who killed uncountable people in battles, they are promoted and respected and people raise them to the top with full reputation badges at their breast; in that case where do we find the justice of society? It has not been the society of humankind yet.

Conversely, such a society is the enemy of humankind. Consequently, Master/I feel proud of you. I/Master entrust you happily and proudly to hold the knot of Life Protection and Humanity because your sight is about spirit aspect, not reputation which kills the humankind’s life inhumanly, unreasonably because of interest.

Children of Education! You have received the mission of educating the future spirit for your race. Master/I feel satisfied about that point. You should try to do more a little.

Bần Đạo/I recollect the beginning time of opening the Caodaism, there was a Teacher coming to query the Supreme Being, who called Himself as A, Ă, Â at that time. The A, Ă, Â answered:

“To teach children, teach yourself first,
Education merit is as important as the work of giving birth.
Religion and earth, must know earth is import,
One bright light point is a holy soul

The Supreme Being only mentioned about one point of bright light. Therefore, you teach your younger that bright point of light. You try to teach the students as your younger brothers, who will succeed the work of Caodaism, of Nation and race. You will find that they will not be haughty. Despite of a prissy person, he must lower his head to respect and praise the noble proudness. Bần Đạo/I Myself see your noble actions and Master/I must lower respect and praise you. Master/I say the thanks to you to help Master/me enjoy that bliss. 

Male female students! You have looked at your brothers already, how do you fix your future destiny? You have seen scanty, hard, miserable life of your Teachers in front of your sight that Master/I never see that your Teacher’s life carries  a little of bliss. If you want to show your gratitude to your Teachers worthily, Master/I only wish you to become wiser to make reputation, in order to make your Teacher’s glory brilliant. That is my confidential word placed in your mind, so that you orient your future. 

At this time, in your Religious path, there are two important points over spirit: Love and Honesty. If you can keep those two points, Master/I make sure that on how difficulties and obstacles you have to face in your progress path, it will still change easily and smoothly. Bần Đạo/I assert this issue determinedly.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached in the Enthronement Ceremony for Buddha Relic at Holy See, night of 18th May Quý Tỵ year [year of Snake] 

Today, we celebrate an inferior Ceremony [Tiểu Đàn] of Buddha Relic-in-place of the Sakyamuni Buddha. Bần Đạo/I have placed the Buddha Relic at Dome of Canonization [Nghinh Phong Đài] for three days, so that the Supreme Being’s children can contemplate the Sakymuni Buddha. Todays is the third day and Bần Đạo/I do sacrament His being seated. We happily receive the blessing that of Supreme Being grants us the favor at the Holy See. It means that the Supreme Being takes the Sakyamuni Buddha so that He lives with us. Bần Đạo/I need not describe how value and bliss are. 

Strangely, the Supreme Being’s actions always make us surprised. What is the Sakyamuni Buddha Relic? Bần Đạo/I explain to all Supreme Being’s children: Before the Sakyamuni left His body, He had given a testament to His Disciples that his body would be incinerated. In spite of burning the body, it never burnt all, it still remained some pieces of bone, which were not burnt and called as Relic. 

Afterwards, the England cooperated with India unearthed to have a box covered by crystal with a phrase on face “Relic of Sakyamuni Buddha”. At that time, the England kept that box of Relic. After that, the India became independent and claimed it back. However, at that time, the sovereignty fight revolutions were still under the United England. Until the India became independent, the Buddhism system of faith declined much. Among 3,500 people, the Disciples just reached 10 million Disciples. Therefore, due to national chaos, the government kept a part, and let Sri Lanka kept a part. Rev. Narada Théra offering the Relic to the Holy See is the Sri Lanka people. 

The Sri Lanka has ever offered the Buddha Relic to the Japan through Indochina [Saigon] and that ceremony we very solemn. Rev. Great Monks can see in front of your sight how intense the Buddhism faith of Vietnamese is. 

Luckily! Mr. Bửu Chơn is Vietnamese as a Disciple of Rev. Narada Thera – Deputy Pope of Sri Lanka Buddhism. Mr. Bửu Chơn wanted to beg for that Pearl of Relic to place in Vietnam. Thus, the Rev. Narada Thera gave Vietnam three pieces of Relics: one piece for Mahayana [Đại Thừa-Great Vehicle], one for Hinayana [Tiểu Thừa], and one for Hinayana Buddhism in Kim Biên [Belong to Cambodia]. 

In Vietnam, the Sakyamuni Buddha’s Disciples of Hinayana branch enjoyed bliss in union while the Mahayana branch still was in demur. Thus, the Hinayana branch received and the Mahayana branch has not received yet without determination. They discussed to build a special Tower for worshipping Relic. For that reason, Rev. Arada Thera entrusted the Queen Mother because Rev. Narada Thera let the Queen Mother decide freely. 

Three Bodhi trees were given: one for Hinayana branch, one for Cambodian Buddhism Hinayana branch, one for Mahayana was taken to the Holy See. Especially, the Pearl of Relic in the Holy See is the private gift of Rev. Narada Thera – Deputy Pope of Sri Lanka Buddhism. We find that the difficulty of Relic delivery to the Holy See is due to the great merit of Protector of Republic Relief [Bảo Sanh Quân] of Divine Alliance Palace [Hiệp Thiên Đài], who was the Deputy Prime Minister Lê Văn Hoạch. He suffered many difficulties that all Supreme Being’s children could see. He condescended to beg that Pearl of Relic. Therefore, on the day of His return to Saigon, Bần Đạo/I on behalf of all Supreme Being’s children and Sacerdotal Council said the thanks to him already. Bần Đạo/I will give an order to the Religious Politics Organ to make a Letter of Gratitude to His merit. 

All Supreme Being’s children have heard the preachment of Rev. Narada Thera over the Great Buddha as the Sakyamuni Buddha. He said that the Sakyamuni Buddha was same to us because He had a body, a life, a death as us. He was not a personality in mythology. However, His sublime to His spirit and His previous cause reached the Buddha throne. He reincarnated with a physical body as everybody. 

People have admitted his soul’s precious sublime before the reincarnation. Religions always do the same that they want to idolize their Religious Head at an extraordinary position and they obviously fabricated many reasons like influences of mythology. People’s spirit always scare death and want to live, moreover they want that life to be immortal in their mind.

Harmfully! The Eternal World does not exist on this earth with our physical earthly body, but that Eternal world exists in the Divine invisible world. This earth contains misery only. However, as they want their Religious Head to be extraordinary, they fabricate many doctrines of mythology. At this period, science overturns that reasons scientifically that they cannot deny. 

They said that the Jesus Christ was naturally born by a chaste female. In the Jesus Christ’s Religious biography, His father was Saint Joseph and His mother was Mrs. Marie. They also said that the Sakyamuni descended at Mrs. Maya’s armpit. They considered the Lao-Tzu in same thought. At this time, all followers of Religions solve those matters difficultly. They used the mythology reason as a truth. 

Harmfully! The truth made all human’s faiths in chaos. We know that the Creator body contains two parallel Yin and Yang to produce form called as life of whole creatures on this earth. Just for this power, if it did not contain the negative pole and positive pole, we would have such this bright light. 

For our breath, if we did not have the Yin Gas called as the Hydrogen and Yang Gas called as the Oxygen, we would not live surely. We need not discuss much. If the Universe did not contain the harmony heat and cold, all living creatures on this earth would not be able to live here.

 Much less the Creator law forces to us to have parents, to have Yin and Yang of our parents to produce our human sentiment. Consequently, the Sakyamuni Buddha was born as everybody, but His cause was sublime and His throne reached the Buddha throne, thus His wisdom and enlightenment reached extraordinary level and the Sri Lanka called Him as “Mu Ni”, which means to their incomparable Sage. They idolize the Sakyamuni Buddha’s throne worthily. For the Jesus Christ, due to His lucid mind of Celestial, origin, they call Him as “A Saint over Saints”. The Lao-Tzu and Confucius are the same. Their previous origins are extraordinary. They also had an earthly body, a life, a death, a mind in misery as us. 

Bần Đạo/I wish that the Supreme Being’s children understand that truth for your cultivation, perfection how to be extraordinary, how to be able to see and understand the Supreme Being’s nature, in order to learn the light of wisdom that the Supreme Being grants to be thorough as Him. 

If the Rev. Sakyamuni became a Buddha before, I will be able to become a Buddha because He gave witness. Bần Đạo/I desire that the Supreme Being’s children try to learn as Him to become a Buddha as Him.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at Holy See, night of 30th May Quý Tỵ year [year of Snake]

Male female youths!

 Tonight, Bần Đạo/I have a special preachment for you. The Religious fortune future and the Supreme Being’s Holy Body’s future are created for you and you will succeed our will, you will lead to reputation to become an element of Supreme Being’s Holy Body one day on this earth. Qua/I want you to study, thus Qua/I explain for you, so that you step in the path of exemplary. Qua/I mentioned the perfection, which means the cultivation of nature to be worthy for your important future mission one day.

 Today, Qua/I preach the truth and good of humble character against the its reaction: haughtiness.


We try considering that on this earth, we have a body as everybody and we make a query if we have more than others. We have nothing, which is more than others are, but why are we haughty? We are born from our mother under a law as we. We wonder if we have more than two thousand seven hundred million people. Why are we haughty? We are like a grain of sand of desert.

According to sentimental reason to discuss, we have one head, one body, not have more than others in order to be haughty. If we discuss due to the conformation, how our body is, our fellow’s body is same. We cannot lean on reason to say that we are better than others are, in order to be haughty. For discussion on the aspect of spirit, we wonder why we are granted the wisdom, cleverness, knowledge of good and bad, to lean on the spirit to orient our life if our life has been in exemplary. Alas! If our fellows are more disadvantageous than us for intellectual spirit, we will find that our better point is due to our little better religious cause only. Their religious cause is lower than ours only. If discussing about the religious cause, we are better than them in a little bit. We just reach a little bit only, it is not enough for us to feel haughty. Conversely, if our fellows are lower than us in religious cause and their karma is more than us, we will have to love them, to feel pitiful for them. How can we hate them, consider that they are lower than us and we are higher than them. It is unreasonable.

Now, we examine the reactive power. We try thinking that we must be humble or cunning. If a man has ever been cunning but he never condescends to pamper others, people never love his life. Despite of stage of young age or 100 years old, he has to learn forever and we never say that his knowledge is enough. Even his is 100 years old, he has to learn secular books, books of Sages, to learn the cleverness of spirit moral religion Head bequeathed. If he is not humble, nobody teaches him and even hates him. If he is not humble, they will perhaps ignore him to let his miserable destiny because they hate him and they never teach him, thus he never becomes better. Although we are at youth, we are humble to serve one old man, the old man will teach us. We are youth, but our wisdom is good as old men because we are humble. For persons who are always haughty, people feel dissatisfied because of their haughtiness, thus their value is meaningless. Moreover, that haughtiness also annoys people to hate more for their reputation even they have a great learning.

For the humble nature, we discuss due to conformation aspect. We know ourselves thoroughly, thus we always seek method to learn unceasingly. If we are always humble to understand us and know others, our humbleness reaches the good point even our knowledge is not large. Due to our humbleness, people love us, support us, guide us, raise us to a worthy position. They also respect us due to our humbleness. That point produces the more advantages. For haughty person, even he dies, they never mind him because they hate him. How harmful! they can lean on us for their experiments.

Now, we base on the spirit for discussion about humbleness. It forces us to be humble because we have nothing enough.

Such the Confucius was taught by Hạng Thác [when Hạng Thác was a child]. When the Confucius met the Lao-Tzu and showed His human ethics to build the society on the earth. For us, we think that His Way is immense, but it was still lower in front of the Lao-Tzu. Therefore, it could not satisfy the human’s desire. As the Confucius’s doctrine was low while the Lao-Tzu’s Tao was profound and the Confucius was young and Lao-Tzu was old, therefore the Lao-Tzu criticized the Confucius.

We wonder that such Saint Confucius was taught by a child, criticized by the old man, but He was humble. Therefore, we admit that He was a living Saint on the earth.

The haughty persons just perform antics only. Their value contains nothing.

Bần Đạo/I say: The haughty persons are false without value to live with others in society because they have lost their spirit and conformation.

Indeed, Bần Đạo/I used to preach about our life that it is a normal reincarnation only. People never like the haughty nature. We consider that the haughty nature never brings an interest for our life.

Bần Đạo/I used to preach that the love is a Divine legacy. If all Supreme Being’s children form it, you can still reach achievement despite of Nine Holy Grades of Lotus [Cửu Phẩm Liên Hoa] in Paradise [Cực Lạc Thế Giới].

Bần Đạo/I have ever said: If we induce our blood relatives to love us, that obtained value is the value of copper.

If we induce strangers to love us, that obtained is the value of silver.

If we induce our hostile to love us, that obtained value is the value of gold.

If we can obtain those three precious things in our life, despite of Nine Holy Grades of Lotus in the Paradise, we can still enter it.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at Holy See, night of 14th June Quý Tỵ year [year of Snake]

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach the spirit power over conformation or the spirit power over the body. By clearer way, it is the Divine power over our action in life.

Bần Đạo/I have read a newspaper about the discussion that the Eastern Germany praises to put up resistance for inhuman action of Communism. How pitiful! Such that powerful nation is in defeat now, divided into two parts. People are oppressed under two oppressing powers.

The first is the Allied democracy of Western Germany and the second one is the Russian party, as the Communism of Eastern Germany. Therefore, the workers have nothing to fall to the strike to protect their interest. For any good or bad methods, the Government decide everything.

It is same for workers! It is also same to master! The Communism policy firstly upholds worker’s interest, which means that they use master’s legacy to corrupt the worker’s heart. What purpose do they have to corrupt the worker’s heart? They do so to hurry them to execute the revolution successfully. When they reach achievement, they hold power in hands and gradually touch destination purpose as the master’s interest. It means that they destroy worker’s interest. It makes worker’s life difficult, deprived, poor. Especially, the nation has just spent the war of defeat. The nation is poor, people become miserable and they continue to suffer the autocratic sovereignty. They cannot stand such extent that we face against amour, gun by hands. They risk their life to oppose the Communism power. Consequently, Bần Đạo/I say that: In spite of the strong conformation power, it can prevent to make people’s spirit dependent. That is the truth.

We find long since that is there any force of conformation, which makes people afraid? They only use their body to be their force. Whoever follows their order can live. Whoever follows their order will be killed by them. The conformation power takes people’s death as the basic only. Thus, it makes their spirit well-known to consider the death as diminutive issue only. Actually, the death over them contains nothing while there are some persons who kill themselves because of miserable situation. They die under a little bit of value only, but they are not sure. One day people consider their life cheaper because the sovereignty over the physical body is an animal only. If there is no spirit sovereignty, it will be destroyed. If they want to maintain, their spirit controls the sovereignty because the spirit holds the sovereignty, there is no force, which can oppress it.

We may see that the Catholicism was oppressed by Jehuda under a strong force. He destroyed the Religion when the Religion was at the embryo stage. We find that nowadays, this Religion masters people’s spirit. The death was sacrificed to Religion, thus we can see clearly that the See of Catholicism was built by blood of Marty.

When the Buddhism was at the opening stage, the Brahmanism counted on their power in hands to make uncountable miseries. The Buddhism leaned on the Nava citizen, nowadays the Buddhism has been propagating on over the world and the Buddhism’s strength will exist forever.

For the Caodaism, what did we see from the Supreme Being’s True Doctrine of embryo stage? People applied power of cunning ruses, false accusation, immoral action to us, which means that they sought methods to destroy the Caodaism in the embryo stage.

How strange! There was no force, which could oppress the spirit of Religion. Consequently, the Caodaism still exists nowadays. Bần Đạo/I assert that: it will progress to the top point of reputation incessantly how to save people from misery. Conversely, if people are still miserable, painful that there is no organ, which helps to solace them; it is because that the strong conformation power forces them to dance only. However, the spirit power always masters it.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp exhorted on the opening ceremony of Training School in Giang Tân on 24th June Quý Tỵ year   [3rd August 1953]

 Master/I greet Military Sergeant Corporal!

Master/I have entrusted the teaching ability for next young generation to you, so that you fix the Military’s future destiny. The success or failure is due to your clever teaching over your younger generation, so that they make virtue, make merit and fix the future destiny of Nation and race.

Children as students! Master/I used to tell you that: Master/I have suffered difficulty situations that it is sure that there is no religious head, who must suffer trials as me. Master/I tell you frankly that I entrust the future to you for your decision. I have ever said that your Ancestor’s 4,000-year-fortune-family was bequeathed. Master/I appoint you to execute, not to let you step on other path. Why is it? As you are man, Master/I cannot let you escape from a very Divine mission in protecting your race by your blood. Master/I have suffered agonizing things over Religious aspect. Master/I have to do how to prevent powers, which oppress you in dependence. Master/I have fought in sufferings, thus at this time your Master/I let you be far away the slavery. You perhaps understand Master/me via this point.

From my return time from foreign country, in front of your sight, you have seen my actions as the Colonel Chief Advisor tell you. Actually, if there was not the extraordinary spirit, we would not have the determined mind value for success or failure. Between those things to fix your Nation’s future destiny, you perhaps also acknowledge that my teaching sacrifice always steps with your action. That is the truth!

Master/I have changed step by step patiently. My change is also due to fix your Nation’s future destiny. Master/I do not only tell you or hostile to know, but also want whole humankind and races on this earth to know. Therefore, my win is a win over that aspect.

For over seven years, Master/I have guided you to step on the incessant path of fight without a limit or destination. You have spent your efforts of blood and the result of your work to point out our race’s destiny is at this time. You have to decide a method of fixing your future destiny personally. Thus, Master/I taught the Military to re-open the Training School, in order to gather the Moral spirit to teach people, to comfort people, to implore people, to cringe people. However, those actions were not enough. It forces me to lean your fight mission to have enough the decisive power. Master/I tell you that your fight mission must be under the flag shadow of “UTTERLY LOYAL TO COUNTRY”, but must not use the power of murder and weapon to fix the national destiny and to force people to obey our power. No never! It still misses the soul: which is the spirit power. If the spirit power is weak even you have a great fortune with a strong power for murder, you will be able to conquer people never.

The old saying tells: “In battle, we can kill General, but conquering people’s will is not easy”

Indeed, if you want to get win, the win is ready at your hands because you have sacrificed your blood much. Consequently, you must consider and scare that power to fix your destiny.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at Holy See, night of 29th June Quý Tỵ year [year of Snake]

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I discuss about two words of Truth and Falsity.

For foremost aspect of Religion, if we call something as the Truth, it is called as Right while the Falsity is called as Evil. The religious used to display he is right by using those two words. We borrow the French to express that Truth: “Le Vrai est en rapport avec le bon Raisonnement”. It means: “Truth must be supremely truthful”. That right must match with the nature of the truth.

People have discussed much about two words of “Truth” and “Falsity” on the earth. People want to seek the truth of Materialism. They base on the life as the basis that the life appears in an animal on this earth. They must do how to preserve that life even they do inhuman, immoral actions to protect their life. They only protect their life more than others and they consider it as the truth for them.

That doctrine used to be applied and made statement from the persons who progress their secular path.

On this earth of this epoch, that doctrine made people very keen. Actually, their truth is completely called as the peremptory doctrine.

In this century of mechanism developing civilization, if there is no fight for life protection, people’s life faces on many difficulties. Due to the reason of difficulty, in the case, people cannot have enough ability of fight, they seem to be eliminated from society. Consequently, they need to fight with a win. They sometimes meet advantage to win and hold power as the lord of lives. In this case, they call it as the truth, which is best, most truthful. That discussion is due to the Secular custom. Due to the Religion, before Religious Heads obtained Dharma, they had considered that beside their spirit over them, them over them, there was not any truth on this earth. Thus, they sought their conformation of self to know them only. In Europe, Mr. Pythapore and Philosophers founded that truth that the French calls it as “Conscience”. It refers a person who only finds his conscience. He thinks that the life with his fellow’s life is the falsity, which does not contain any truth in front of his sight. His life is also false to them, which means that he knows that his body deceives him.

 In order to find the truth, they must seek the truth in their spirit and mind only. They take the mind over the spirit, which is their truthful self only.

 Therefore, that is the reason of Taoism doctrine “Seclude from world to seek Immortal”

 We try making a question that for two doctrines in front of us, which is true?

 Luckily! The Supreme Being let the Lý Giáo Tông teach. We were discussing that doctrine excessively. Đức Lý Giáo Tông told that: the truth is that we do how to know we are true, is the truth. We have not done truthfully yet. If we want to know the word of truth, we will see our life firstly, which knows that we have nothing beside we have to share life to live together.

 Meanwhile, we receive a sperm of our father and blood drop of our mother to have such this body. It means that we have been in debt of blood called as the life debt. If we deny that debt, our disclamation is unreasonable.

 Now, our life leans on society, as our fellows who live with us, help our life, share foods, clothes. What aspect do we share with them? They help us uncountable things while we consider persons who helped us, as the unreal one.

 Indeed, the Supreme Being’s doctrine shows: “Your truth must condescend to compassionate miserable persons. Whenever you still see miseries in front of you, but people cannot exterminate those miseries, and you do not solace, support them to reduce their miseries, you will never obtain the right of Tao”.

We find that the Jesus Christ shared pieces of bread, pieces of fish for the poor persons.

We find that the Sakyamuni Buddha beg and nourished poor persons at Cấp Cô Độc Viên garden.

We find that the Lao-Tzu was a mandarin, but He resigned position to teach a student as Doãn Hỉ. Due to injustice of society, of life on the earth, thus we find that for method of solacing the spirit, all Religious Heads always use that method of “compassionate to miserable persons”  to be the truth.

Actually, whichever religions do not follow the doctrine of Supreme Being and Đức Lý, even how their doctrine is sublime, they have not shared misery with people; we will obviously wonder if it is a true religion.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at Holy See, night of 14th July Quý Tỵ year [Year of Snake]

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach Love Law and Just Power of Supreme Being who came to sign the Peace treaty with us, to place true doctrine in our spirit.

Bần Đạo/I preach the Law of Love and Just Power over humankind’s present life. We find that whole humankind on this earth, powerful nations, races are in chaos and the humankind does not enjoy the peace that the Supreme Being has promised, because the Love Law and Just Power have not appeared on this earth.

  “Human’s heart is very miraculous”! The human’s heart always changes in illusion. According to their natural law, they want to harmonize humankind’s psychology. Especially, the intellectuals of humankind set up too many laws, too many powers. However, the more there are many laws and powers, the more humankind faces on chaos. At this time, the politics of nations on this earth are converse. They want to seek a solution to harmonize humankind’s psychology to reach the peace.

  How harmful! They have studied many methods, set up many laws, but it is impossible because those laws happen due to their relative law, but they are still mutually contrary. The unique law is the Law of Love, but they always forget it.

  Harmfully, they ignore it, the human’s heart is not basic in exemplary. We try thinking that if there is not the law of love in a family, the husband does not agree with his wife; the wife does not agree with her husband; children do not obey their father; the father does not agree with his children; the subject does not obey the lord; the lord does not satisfy the subject; how is that family? We lean on the diminutive issue to examine major issues. A family just needs a strict law of family only, which is called as law of love. If somebody ignores that law, it is impossible. The strict law of family forces them to follow the law of love.

  We wonder by a question and find evidence that: our children are not older than us, the law of love forces us their natural law.

 How strange! Our children have enough rights to command us because the love takes advantage of us only. We try depending on the extremely diminutive issue to compare with greatest issue of humankind and we find that if we throw the law of love, the humankind’s life will fall into the mutual extermination, to make this earth declined, to make humankind’s psychology chaotic.

 We find well that people say that they are seeking the peace, but that peace does not contain the law of love. In that case, that is like seeking a needle under sea only.

 The law of love is the exemplary for us to fix the just power in family. If the wife is not just to her husband, the husband is not just to his wife; the family never reaches the harmony. If the King is not just to the subject, the subject will not be just to the King. If they do not use the heart and mind as the exemplary, the nation never reaches the harmony. If humankind does not behave justly, the humankind will be forever chaotic, never enjoy bliss.

 Actually, the Supreme Being’s law placed in the Religion is the Law of Love and the power of Justice.

 Whenever the humankind takes advantage of that law and power, they will bring bliss and peace to people in future, otherwise the mutual murder will still happen incessantly.



Inaugurating Ceremony of Management Board Office of “Flower Dragon” market on 15th July Quý Tỵ year

  If the humankind gathers faiths in one mass, the humankind can do everything. Bần Đạo/I can see the business from the spirit union. Your prosperous leisured life coming from the justice and compassion helps Bần Đạo/me enjoy bliss on this earth.

  The New Year is coming. Bần Đạo/I count on your all good faiths to help the Management Board and Sacerdotal Council to finish the Long Hoa market [Marker of Flower Dragon] [at this time, it is temporary]. When it is finished, Bần Đạo/I am sure that your life will progress to reach a joyful level and our common house is a Family to train youths to succeed the Supreme Being’s Holy Body with their ability and will to save human beings from misery.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp exhorted in the Inaugurating Ceremony of Management Board Office of Long Hoa market on 16th July Quý Tỵ year

Firstly, Bần Đạo/I would like saying the thanks to Canonized Dignitaries, Officers, leaders of Religious Politics Organs.

When coming back, Bần Đạo/I heard your sentiments to me about my small merit and Divine mission that Bần Đạo/I have to execute them. Foremost male female younger brothers as the beloved children of Supreme Being must understand what my Divine mission is, so that you have enough spirit and courage to fix the Religious mission over the Secular mission.

In this 20th century, the humankind’s spirit on this earth has been reversed by the materialism or even Bần Đạo/I assert that: the humankind is miserable about their spirit. If they were not miserable, the Supreme Being would never come. He came here because of humankind’s misery, to your National Way as your Ancestor’s bequeathed, called as the Confucianism to save humankind.

Indeed, Bần Đạo/I did not think that the traditional custom 4,000-year-civilization of your Ancestor today becomes a precious thing for humankind. It is true that Bần Đạo/I never thought about it. It becomes the spirit and intellectual as the soul of humankind.

Bần Đạo/I find that the Supreme Being comes to grant a reviving remedy to humankind from your Ancestor’s infinite previous legacy. It means that the Supreme Being comes to use the Confucianism to change the world, moreover our Great Merciful Father also creates the Sacerdotal Council.

Today, Bần Đạo/I stand here and explain clearly what His Sacerdotal Council is. Bần Đạo/I have ever said that: as the humankind is miserable, the Supreme Being comes to share misery with His children. The Sacerdotal Council replaces His body to suffer misery with His children. That is the truth. Thus, He entrust the mission to His Sacerdotal Council. Especially, Bần Đạo/I knew clearly at the beginning time. He entrusts the misery saving organ to His children to replace His image, in order to share misery with His children.

Master/I have said: Under the Supreme Being’s flag shadow of saving from misery, as all Canonized Dignitaries-Religious Politics Organs, Bần Đạo/I have trained the important mission how to let you enjoy bliss, let you reduce your misery. Qua/I tell frankly and Mr. Khai Pháp [Juridical Reformer – one of Twelve Zodiacal Dignitaries of Divine Alliance Palace/ Thập Nhị Thời Quân Hiệp Thiên Đài] stands here and acts as a witness: When the Caodaism was feeble and poor in oppression and difficulties, Bần Đạo/I spoke to the government of France that: Whenever whole Religion, as Supreme Being’s children still poor, Bần Đạo/I do not do anything except for making them to revive under the glorious bliss. You recollect that at the poor and miserable stage, Bần Đạo/I tried to use nothing to build conformation, much less than we sit in the Supreme Being’s beloved heart, nowadays. It means that we are sitting in the Holy See. Our life protection mission over you to reach bliss is the important mission of all Canonized Dignitaries of two Palaces.

Today, Qua/I enjoy the bliss and feel honorable when I am entrusted the important mission of Sacerdotal Council by whole Supreme Being’s Holy Body. Qua/I am in role of interim Eldest Brother of Supreme Being’s children. You also know that it makes me so worried. Qua/I am afraid that your life faces on feeble situation only.

Qua/I recollect even 2 years ago from the time that Qua left the Enlightenment Palace [Trí Huệ Cung] to come here to bless for Long Hoa market [Flower Dragon market]. on 2nd May Tân Mão year [year of Cat due to lunar calendar], the market began to be built. Until this July Tân Mão year, we spent 2 years only to finish the market. You find how the human’s faith is. If the humankind gathers their faith in oneness, you can finish everything. Qua/I still know that business depends on your flexible spirit to induce Qua/me to enjoy this bliss, which is your great gratitude for me.

We try thinking if you have shown your gratitude more than. No! Qua/I only wish one thing that every family has enough legacy for life happily to nourish children in path of learning, and you do how to be glorious and luxurious. My most wish is that point.

You should not think that the Cross-Road market has a miracle. Qua/I only find that the Cross-Road market is very comfortable but narrow. Qua/I only know that: your spirit has progressed only. Moreover, you lean on your organizer only. Those reasons show us know how the Cross-Road market is. It has advantage terrain for greater activities.

Consequently, Qua/I use the 47 hectare-forest that there has not been any a market like that long since. You may see that this area will be dense in some more years. Now, Qua/I see the jostle already. Qua/I manage how to enlarge more for you. Qua/I speak out my most important point: in next year, you will help Management Board. All Supreme Being’s children at Long Hoa market will contribute to the Sacerdotal Council by their tax, so that the Sacerdotal Council will build the Long Hoa mark completely. After that, Qua/I am sure that: your life will improve more and more. The more your life improves, the more the next generation’s future that Qua/I entrust is ensured. Qua/I desire that all Families of children, who are your trained children, will succeed Our legacy to be the Supreme Being’s Holy Body. They show all their efforts, abilities to save people from misery. That is my wish, which is that you help them fix the Religious future.

You should remember that: that will be your Ancestor’s glory.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp taught in Holy Order Distribution Ceremony Dignitaries of Music Department for local religious service in South, North, Middle and Kim Biên Religious Country on 18th July Quý Tỵ year

            Dear Leaders of Religious Politics Organs,

 Today, Bần Đạo/I come here to attend this ceremony to welcome all Dignitaries of Music Department, who receive the mission in amending the Rites and Music due to the true doctrine of Caodaism.

 Younger brothers and children! Master/I feel pleased to see your heart with a path of forming your legacy cleverly. Qua/I used to tell you that: If a Religion did not have Rites and Music, its beauty of Dharma in spite of Material Dharma, Secret Dharma would never reach perfect beauty. Qua/I have ever explained to you why the Music is the Rite. As you know that the framework of Music comes from the spirit. Qua/I indicate an evidence that when you in spite of all you in Music Department from a Musician to the Assistant of Rites and Music [Tiếp Lễ Nhạc Quân] hold a musical instrument and play it, every person has a specific style because your spirit through your playing skill carries a specific spirit.

 Actually, the Music is produced from the spirit, but what is the spirit? The spirit is the soul of Way. Why is the Music the Rites? We can look at the rites of secular way that when you perform in a concern even every musician has a specific, good or bad style, which means that they are mutually different; but you must follow the long rhythm. If you do not follow it, you never perform in a concern with other musicians.

 Actually, the mutual harmony framework is called as Rite. Therefore, Qua/I continue to explain you to understand that the Rites and Music come from sound.

How strange! Now, Qua/I tell you to know that only Vietnam race with our Confucianism culture carries the Music, which comes from the sound and races on this earth also admit this point. The Chinese or races with the influence from the antiquity civilization of Confucianism contain Music and the Music’s sound is the Rites. The evidence is that Qua/I have read a discussion in United Nations: if all races on this earth kept the Rites as the China under their antiquity Rites, the contradict hostilities in the United Nations Assembly would never happen. They happen because of their no Rites. Due to no Rites, the humankind suffered two times of global war. You consider and find that as they have no Rites, they give a slap on table and leave Assembly of United Nations while the Rite is the Music. Qua/I look at the evidence that a French says: “La musique adoucit les moeurs” [Music appeases spirit]. The Music makes custom and manner beautiful. The France does not only confirm this issue, but all powerful nations of Europe also confess this point.

Indeed, at this time, Qua/I sign the Holy Order to appoint you to go everywhere with an essential purpose which is that you use the harmony language, use the flute which Trương Lương [張良] used it to destroyed a mighty army of Hạng Võ [項籍], exterminated the Sở dynasty’s legacy and recovered it for Hớn dynasty. Only Trương Lương’s flute could do that only.

   Nowadays, Qua/I entrust you the mission how to induce people to hear your Divine flute, so that your race’s spirit grows up for a glorious future. You sweet voice can make people awaked to give up cruelty, to bring a harmony, noble, comfortable and beautiful path with a victorious moral spirit to save humankind’s life because they are falling into the path of extermination at this time.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at Holy See, night of 30th July Quý Tỵ year [year of Snake]

Dear Canonized Dignitaries and two sexes Disciples,

When Bần Đạo/I went to Saigon to open an Assembly, Bần Đạo/I knew that: in Religions for foremost Catholicism, they gave an order to celebrate a praying ceremony so that, all National material and spirit forces would unite together for an objective of “Great Unity” of all Vietnamese to be a backing for Bảo Đại State Head to discuss with France, so that we would become a member of United Nations.

Our independence execution is not a problem because whether we like it or not, we must reclaim our independence by ourselves.

The truth in our nation is that from old movement to this time, the nation has contained many ruses. Previous Kings also applied, the French power also does. They use the separation method. Bần Đạo/I think that the nation is same to an ancient tree living for many years, but people’s mysterious hands oppress the tree’s body and change it into an ornamental tree for their relaxation.

Luckily! The Supreme Being made that case disappeared. Bần Đạo/I myself received the mission to take the oppressed ornamental tree to plan it on the piece of rich land, so that it can become an ornamental tree. What is the purpose? The purpose is that whole humankind can hide under its shade.

Actually, my journey is to open the “Great Unity” Assembly only, but I have not formed the United Nations in great unity yet. The powerful and secret persons with enough ability sought ruses to destroy secretly. However, Bần Đạo/I let Supreme Being’s children know that: The divine order is in hands. Bần Đạo/I assert surely that there would not have any ruse which can prevent my progress path to save the Vietnamese race that the Supreme Being has entrusted me. There would not have any power which can prevent the progress. Bần Đạo/I assert determinedly that it will reach win.

My first method is to call all National Parties of France and Vietnam not to use the ruses, but use the just doctrine for mutual behavior in order to meditate situation and bring the interest and bliss to two races. Especially, the Vietnamese race has reclaimed the independence and our great spirit fortune with a 4,000 year-civilization, a manner and a politics style that from the Antiquity to this time, all races have been suffering much slavery. They always want to reclaim their dependence.

How harmful! there is a very bitter issue that they must sacrifice their blood too much. At this time, we determinedly sacrifice to reclaim country that our Ancestor bequeathed.

Bần Đạo/I have pursued the commencement of “Great Unity” Assembly for two years for achievement. In spite of power force, it is just a position of theory. It never prevents our fight power.

Bần Đạo/I celebrate the “Great Unity” Assembly to organize the Communication Committee from South to North, in order unite National forces together in oneness, which it same to the order of Bảo Đại Emperor, who entrusted me. A Committee is formed to sign the treaty with the France because French Government has not remained the right to sight the treaty, but they let people’s right for decision.

The Rev. State Head wanted this method so that, one day Vietnamese will not be able to say that the treaty done with France was not due to Him or His Government. That is because He wants to carry out word “Citizen is Precious”. From this time, it is called as “Citizen’s right”. Bần Đạo/I worried that Supreme Being’s children were waiting, thus Bần Đạo/I came back hurriedly to attend the final month ceremony to show you to know the assembly’s result. Bần Đạo/I will go back there to continue the assembly in order to take the most important purpose to build the united Nation and race. Bần Đạo/I will attend the National People Assembly.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at Holy See, on 30th August Quý Tỵ year [year of Snake]

[Feast of Great Immortal Li-Tai-Pei]

Tonight is the feast of First Imposing Governor [Nhứt Trấn Oai Nghiêm] as the Pope of Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation.

We feel very honorable because of favor of Supreme Being, who granted us a Divine Eldest Brother with an incomparable miraculous power. Bần Đạo/I recollect the beginning time of Religion. At that time, Bần Đạo/I did not have any faith such extent that the Great Merciful Father felt laughable. The Supreme Being went to my house in Buffalo year to teach Great Brothers as Religious Dignitaries at this time. He went house by house to visit His each child. Bần Đạo/I did not have any faith, jus followed to hear Poems. This reason made the Great Merciful Father laughable. Poems granted were all good except my strange poem:

            “Depressed for no differentiation of good bad,

            So sad to see second youngest child.

            Master promises to give legacy if wish riches,

            Legacy and merit must be parallel”

The Great Merciful Father added words “Child!” Within seven months of staying in Thủ Đức district [Saigon capital] people faced on disease. They got dropsy and died. Many people died. The Supreme Being asked to go there to save them in Thủ Đức district within seven months at the Temple. Due to teaching with the pen of Đức Lý in seven months, Bần Đạo/I could understand the Tao. There was the best thing that His things that He taught via séance are my strong sides in my life.

Bần Đạo/I prove the strange holiness of our Eldest Brother that the Supreme Being had selected. It is not necessary to repeat many times for all Canonized Dignitaries as the Supreme Being’s Holy Body. My speeches are essential to tell all Supreme Being’s children to fix your mind and to have enough faith. Bần Đạo/I will report enough Supreme Being’s predictions gradually. Bần Đạo/I confess that I leaned on His teachings to have a strong faith. If there was the Divine incomparable miraculous Eldest Brother, my important mission would be ambiguous, feeble, low faithful, low determined, low steadfast in spirit. Bần Đạo/I think that if lacking those things, the Caodaism would not reach such this achievement. All Supreme Being’s children know that there is not any religion, which can reach a great expansion, noble glory, prompt propagation within over twenty years as the Caodaism of Supreme Being. Today, Bần Đạo/I prove the truth that the Religious power can obtain this noble level because of grace of Great Immortal Li-Tai-Pei as our Divine Eldest Brother, as our Spiritual Pope, who holds the incomparable Divine power, who holds the invisible power. Bần Đạo/I leaned on Him, so that today Bần Đạo/I have such this power and expansion ability. There is one issue that Bần Đạo/I need to recommend firstly. Woe betides to persons who think that He is invisible! Woe betides to persons who do not have enough faith to disdain Religious orders and His imposing power! The persons who offended against Heaven Law will not able to avoid His punishment. The Supreme Being’s children can see His justice. He teaches: Must make Merit, make Virtue, make good Speech, called “Three Works”. He is very just, imposing. His Divine throne never protects us defectively. The Supreme Being considers Him as a Commander. His power is too great. In the God’s Court [Ngọc Hư Cung], His power is very important, great. All Supreme Being’s children should believe Him. Bần Đạo/I advise you on issue that all you keep moral without error. Especially, do not reply merit to disdain the order. Woe betides to persons under His imposing punishment!  Bần Đạo/I and Him have built the Caodaism, thus Bần Đạo/I assert that issue. We believe Him, who is a just, imposing Divine Spirit but He is compassionate. We have received a great solace in our life because we are being protected by Him.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at Holy See, on 14th September Quý Tỵ year [year of Snake]

Tonight, everybody attends the service fully. Bần Đạo/I guess why all you attend service fully. If you did in normal services, it would be a great bliss in this Religious gate.

It is a natural law that if the father is absent, all younger brothers will always look at their brother’s all actions carefully. The Supreme Being’s Great Family built for His children happens under a same natural law. All Supreme Being’s children perhaps want Bần Đạo/me to report the 17 days in National Assembly. That is the reason why all you attend the service fully.

            There is an issue, which makes Bần Đạo/me afraid. Under the Divine mission entrusted by the Supreme Being, Bần Đạo/I must place the innate conscience on this earth with a wish how to make all Supreme Being’s children, whole humankind harmony in mutual love, so that they recognize the fellow as brothers and sister in blood.

            It is not because of different color skin, different race, so that people live separately, mutually kill. The persons who have compassion on people, always feel painful when they look at the tragic situation in front of us, much less Bần Đạo/I received a Divine mission from the Supreme Being to help all His children love together, to propagate the true Doctrine to teach human beings in order guide them to the Universal Concord. Vietnam and France are beloved friends, who have lived together for over 80 years. However, is it possible that I cannot bring an intense harmony love to enjoy bliss and peace.

            In this assembly, Bần Đạo/I only get one target to seek the harmony method to let two races understand together, in order to solve a painful problem which is that as they did not understand, they mutually killed.

            Harmfully! the Rev. State Head entrusted the mission in the National Assembly to me. Actually, long since there was not any meeting that I worried as this during 17 years.

Harmfully! Vietnamese lost their spirit that there is no way to guide them, so that they step on the path of humanity and justice as two issues which were fixed by the Rev. State Head.

1. How to make the Vietnam independent. This aspect is the natural thing.

2. How to seek method to communicate with France.

For first point, the France decided themselves because they called upon Vietnam on 3nd July that the France decided to turn back the independent right to Vietnam fully. It will become boring because we repeat many times. The France would turn the independence to Vietnam. Thus, that issue of independence is solved easily because the France returned the independence to Vietnam. The difficult issue is to communicate with France that Bần Đạo/I worry this point only because Bần Đạo/I myself that the relation between France and Vietnam has not been complete yet. The Vietnamese will perhaps criticize France. Thus, Bần Đạo/I worry and suggest one point that Vietnam receives the independence firstly. After receiving, forming the Parliament, we will decide method of communicating with France to avoid a problem that Bần Đạo/I have predicted the extremist action as one just happening in that the France suggested that the Vietnam’s independence would be under United France. Consequently, this point made two races chaotic that they did not know where they should step on. With France, they worry that one side in living with France for over 80 years will not have ability to protect their independence.

With Vietnam, they worry about one issue that Vietminh thinks: not reclaim everything completely, always fight in wars, except for complete independence which is suggested by Vietnam. They lean on the issue of independence as a bastion, a weapon to rebel.

All Vietnamese people want to reclaim the complete independence successfully, so that Vietminh cannot lean on any reason for continuous fights. Two above mentioned wills are reasonable, however the matter is that both sides do not understand together. Thus they have not decided yet. Bần Đạo/I feel painful for an easy issue that there has not been any method yet to make both sides understand together to bring the peace to Vietnam and France. Bần Đạo/I only pray to the Supreme Being that if the mission is entrusted to me, please help it be done to make two races understand and love together. The internal issues are solved not to let foreign country pay attention. Bần Đạo/I only desire one issue that if the Caodaism shoulders a mission to harmonize people’s psychology over faith, society; the Divine power will help Bần Đạo/me act humanity, act the method to bring peace and bliss to whole humankind.



His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at Holy See, on 14th October Quý Tỵ year [year of Snake]

Today, the Caodaism gets one more age. Actually, if it was not the Supreme Being’s incomparable miraculous power to change the National Religion, it would not reach such a noble and glorious point in a short period.

The Caodaism as our Ancestor’s Way has been lasting over twenty years only if we calculate from the time of changing the world. However, the Supreme Being’s Holy Body and all His Male Female Disciples should remember that: Your Ancestors have been 2,500 years old. Must remember that point!

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I keep the promised done last day. Bần Đạo/I tell the Supreme Being’s Holy will clearly and tell what He wanted. At this time, all you are querying this issue. The internal Religion faces on many difficulties even it faces on all aspects of difficulty.

However, for me, Bần Đạo/I find that every time that the Caodaism suffers disgrace and difficulty, Bần Đạo/I feel happy because it is the time that the Supreme Being cleans, beautifies, so that the Caodaism can reach the noble position. All Supreme Being’s children should believe me to consider if it is right.

The present difficulty which humiliates the Caodaism more, is going to beautify the glorious incomparable throne. In next short time, if Supreme Being’s children are religious, you will understand that issue thoroughly.

Conversely, when you face on difficulty in religious life, you should remember my advice to smile at it. Be happy! because it never happens wrongly. You look back and you can see how the glory of Caodaism is in this next stage. 


His Holiness Hộ Pháp preached at Holy See, on 29th October Quý Tỵ year [year of Snake]

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach: What is the Supreme Being’s Holy Body? His children’s deliverance power is in His hands.

The Natural law of Creator contains one framework only. The Supreme Being places the golden rule in Universe uniquely. If we pay attention to study to know that the natural law exists diminutive matters, we will know the nature of great matter.

We observe a human born on the earth. From being born to youth stage of 30 years old, we find that we are still stupid.

In our physical body, there are three precious things as “Essence/Body [Tinh], Gas/Mind [Khí], Spirit [Thần] that the Supreme Being granted them to us.

The Essence is our physical body called as our conformation of animal.

Our mind is the Gas.

Our Soul is the Spirit.

If those three precious things are not harmony, we cannot reach good point. It means that if the human’s three precious things were not united together, the human would not a human.

For that reason, with our wise nature knows life, death and moral spirit. The Supreme Being’s Holy Body [Thánh Thể] and two sexes of followers pay attention to my preachment. The Supreme Being’s Holy Body does not only include the Sacerdotal Council, but also includes all His children in spite of Male, Female and newborn babies because of their “over hundred thousand reincarnations, they meet Tao”. Due to that fortune, they are born and nourished by you. The Supreme Being came to select when you are newborn. You gradually have wise mind and He lets us attend His Holy Body, called Canonized Dignitaries, also called as Saints. Therefore, you become “self-reliant in thirty years old”.

Your Divine position on the earth as Deputy Chief of Religious Village [Phó Trị Sự/ 副治事], Legislative Executor of Religious Village [Thông Sự/ 通事] [Sub-Dignitaries in religious village] are corresponding to Pope and Hộ Pháp Thrones, and you can know your celestial mission. It is very strange that the Supreme Being uses the justice to form His Holy Body. He places a framework, a law of Creator, a Great family, which are not different. You can find that the Supreme Being lets the Disciple be corresponding to the Great Merciful Father, lets Deputy Chief of Religious Village and Legislative Executor of Religious Village being corresponding to Pope and Hộ Pháp thrones, lets Chief of Religious Village [Chánh Trị Sự/ 正治事] be corresponding to Cardinal [Đầu Sư]. You try thinking if His Holy Body’s framework takes any mistake.

 For example, a pip of mango sown will become a mango tree. A pip of jackfruit sown will become a jackfruit tree. When you sow a pip of jackfruit, you know surely that you will have a jackfruit tree. The law is unique. Qua/I think about cruel intention, they think that they can destroy the Supreme Being’s Holy Body when there is nobody left. They never destroy in spite of Sacerdotal Council or Disciple. Whoever intends to destroy the Caodaism should not be born, that is the better way because they cannot destroy the Caodaism. That is unique law.

 Today, Qua/I preach the essential issue of delivery power to you. You should consider that your legs, hands, body or spirit and mind always contain premonition.

 How pitiful! People do not love together, but hate together. If they hate together, it means that they hate the Supreme Being’s Holy Body. If hating the Supreme Being’s Holy Body, you will not be able to deny your sins when you return the Divine world to face on me standing at the Paradise gate. If you cannot love together, you must not hat together. 





His Holiness Hộ Pháp exhorted in the Promotion Ceremony of Major General Nguyễn Thành Phương of Caodaism Military Generalissimo on 1st November Quý Tỵ year        [6th December 1953]

Dear Canonized Dignitaries, two sexes of followers, Guests, representatives Governors of France and Vietnam,

 Bần Đạo/I say the thanks to you with you attendance to make this ceremony more solemn. Bần Đạo/I would like pardon from you because Bần Đạo/I wish to express my sentiment to Officers and Caodaism Soldiers.

 Children! Your Ancestor’s antiquity civilization bequeathed is the Confucianism that your Master/I am selected with a Divine mission by the Supreme Being to protect that civilization. Master/I recollect the time when the Confucius asked His Disciples, foremost His Seventy Sages. He studied nature of each disciple and asked:

 -  If Tề nation fights Triệu nation or Yên nation fights Tề nation, what will you think?

 All Disciples also said: we must combine forces to become a strong power to fight against Tề nation. He said: That method only protects our national destiny, it is not a universal concord way. Only one His top disciple called Nhan Hồi Master as Nhan Uyên said: if I face on that situation, I myself will select a just viewpoint to avoid the mutual murder.

For Caodai Military, when Master/I returned from Foreign Country, Master/I confess to you that I decided to let you sacrifice in war of Communist side and National side to avoid the mutual murder.

 Actually, our flag of “Life Protection-Humanity-Universal Concord” with four words of “Utterly Loyal to Country” is meaningful. Master/I decided to sacrifice your life to protect your race’s life.

 Nowadays, your path has reached a progress due to our friend as France, who understood the misery and difficulty and helped us have method of communicating with France, in order to build the peace under the justice and freedom peace. With my fixed intention, the situation has reached an achievement. You try to progress with a distance in front of you. If there are favors of Supreme Being and Holy Mother to make it finished sooner, your sacrifice will be reduced.

 Children! That sacrifice has wasted many lives and blood. Actually, my tears of blood have shed much. Master/I wish to do how to stop the war soon to bring the peace and bliss to your Nation and race. Master/I entrust that future destiny to you. You maintain your ability as you did before.

 For foremost New Generalissimo - Major General Nguyễn Thành Phương, Deputy Generalissimo - Colonel Lê Văn Tất, Principal Counselor Commander Lê Quang Thế, Master/I entrust the future bliss of your nation and race to your hands. The achievement or failure will depend on your wisdom, incomparable religious compassion.

Master/I count on you.







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