Holy Letter Of His Holiness Thượng Sanh. 1

Foreword. 2

Confidence Of Shorthand Board. 4

01- Method Of Saving World Of Caodaism.. 6

2. Humankind Must Seek Immortal Remedy As Rule Of Law.. 10

3. What Is The “Long Hoa Hội”?. 13

[Universal Judgment] 13

04. Caodaism With Sacrifice Doctrine. 16

05. Quan Yin Buddha Represents Mercy And Patience. 18

06. What Is Difference Between Religion And Party?. 20

07. Religion Chief Nguyệt Tâm Chơn Nhơn [Victor Hugo] 24

08. Religious Law Relates To Secular Law.. 25

09. Unjust Capital Sentence Of Society. 28

10. Holy See As A Mirror To Enlighten Belief. 31

11. God Comes To His Children Eternally. 35

12. Merit Of Spiritual Pope. 39

13. Doctrine Of God And Human In Concomitant Rule. 45

14. Feast Of Great Sakyamuni Buddha And. 47

Female Cardinal Lâm Hương Thanh. 47

15. Meaning Of Human’s Life. 52

16. Jesus Christ’s Piety To Supreme Being And Supreme Being’s Sentimentality To Him   56

17. Sporting Spirit Of Sacrificed Saints. 59

18. Ceremony Of Beginning Spring. 61

19. True Religion Purpose Is Mutual 64

Solace And Share. 64

20. Third-Year-Jubilee Of Caodai Solider 66

21. Being A Human In Society, Must Seek Method To Establish Position  68

22. Whenever Humankind Loves Together, That Day Will Be A Peaceful Happy Day  71

23. Supreme Being Is Father Of Soul And. 75

Mind And Physical Body Are Created By Holy Mother 75

24. Influence From Tao Of. 76

Đức Thái Thượng Đạo Tổ. 76

25. Fervour Of Đức Cao Thượng Phẩm.. 78

26. Feast Of Cao Thượng Phẩm.. 79

27. His Holiness Hộ Pháp Reports The Journey To Đà Lạt 83

28. Report Of Journey To Nam Vang. 86

29. Prosperous Country Ceremony. 91

30. Reply To His “Longevity Ceremony” At Great Terrace Of Universe Concord  92

31. Thousand Karma Fire Carriages, A Drop Of Holy Water Extinguish Them   95

32. In Burying Ceremony Of Archbishop Thượng Sách Thanh (Đỗ Văn Sách) 98

33. Pain Of Supreme Being’s Holy Body. 100

34. No Wandering Spirit, Only Demon. 103

35. Sacrament Administration Ceremony For Student Priest Thượng Sang Thanh  106

36. The Noun Of Evil And Right In Religion. 107

37. Vietnamese’s Heart Breaking Sight 111

38. Administer Sacrament For Three Populous Families. 112

39. In Feast Of New Graduate Musician. 114

40. Feast Of Interim Pope. 117

Thượng Trung Nhựt 117

41. Amnesty Period Of Supreme Being. 122

42. Graduation Ceremony Of Noncommisioned Officer [First Honourable Course] 123

43. Sanctify At Enlightenment Palace. 124

Celestial Cavern Of Joy. 124

44. Supreme Being Opens Divine Path To Eternal Life. 126

45. Enlightenment Palace – Celestial Cavern Of Joy Is The Divine Door To Eternal Life Of Souls  127



Thiển nghĩ đến lời Thánh Ngôn Đức Chí Tôn truyền dạy: “Vậy Thầy khuyên các con đứa nào có trí lực bao nhiêu khá đem ra mà thi thố, chớ đừng sụt sè theo thói nữ nhi, vậy cũng uổng cái điểm linh quang của Thầy ban cho các con lắm. Các con hiểu à”. [Thánh Ngôn Hiệp Tuyển Q.I]. Với lòng trắc ẩn, ưu tư về mối Đạo vàng, người dịch chí nguyện truyền tải lời vàng, tiếng ngọc của Đức Hộ Pháp hầu đóng góp vào cơ xiển dương phổ hoá triết lý của Đại Đạo. Với tài hèn, sức mọn trước biển Đạo Pháp vô biên, người dịch không sao tránh khỏi sự sơ thất trong việc chuyển dịch. Ước mong sao tài liệu này sẽ được những bậc cao minh xem xét, tu chỉnh, hoàn thiện để dâng lên Hội Thánh Đại Đạo.



I think about the teachings of Supreme Being: “So I advise you that whoever has mental power much or less, he should use, do not be shy like female characters. That is very useless regarding to the sacred light blessed by ME” [Collection of Divine Messages, Volume I]. By compassion to precious Religion, I wish to translate preachments of His Holiness Hộ Pháp, containing sublime philosophies in order to contribute propagation to Great Way. Due to limited ability in infinite Tao, I may not avoid error in translation. I wish to be corrected by intellectuals, so that the book will be respectfully submitted to Sacerdotal Council of Great Way.


 Khai Tâm Quách Minh Chương

Holy Letter of His Holiness Thượng Sanh.






No.: 121/TS


( 45TH YEAR )





Respectfully addressed to: Hiến Pháp [Juridical Renovator]

Chief of Justice Department

Ref.: Sage letter No.: 15/ĐS dated 12th June 1970

Dear Gentle Brother,

In according with your suggestion, I agree to let Department of Religious History publish to propagate His Holiness Hộ Pháp’s Preachments from 1946 to 1955 at Tây Ninh Holy See.

Selected lessons for publishing must be censored by Bible Censoring Department.



Holy See, 14th May Year of Dog

(17th Jun. 1970)





These preachments in this book are the precious speeches of His Holiness Hộ Pháp, a Head of Great Way - Third Period - Universal Salvation, a great man of generation, so the edition and collection Board was founded with Đức Thượng Sanh’s agreement to promote the edition and collection toward those Preachments. Now, this work has been obtained a satisfactory result, consequently the Board carries out to print for all followers to comprehend these precious speeches.

In the History Religion Board of Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation, the Easter-Wester, ancient and modern books in library are available for researchers and believers. The books of “Preachments” of His Holiness Hộ Pháp will be stored in this Library for readers coming to study.

His Holiness Hộ Pháp is one of predecessors founding the Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation, who firstly implemented Three Ways: “Virtue way, Service way, Speech way”.

About the Virtue way, He is the first person who followed sacred call to found a Religious source for all humankind to enjoy the great favor of the God - Supreme Being.

About Service way, He both did the virtue way and did service of founding religion. From nothing, he created the material things, held the winds to create a Great Work of Religion on this earth. If he was not a Venerable Man, how could he be successful?

About Speech way, He handed over the precious speeches in Preachments that we are reading. The readers and all followers should pay attention that there are other sublime teachings.

For the sake of Juridical Renovator [Hiến Pháp] of Divine Alliance Palace [Hiệp Thiên Đài] holding the position Chief of Religion History Board, I respectfully introduce this precious book to the readers that these book are worthy to be handed down forever.

Yours sincerely.

Juridical Renovator Trương Hữu Đức.





For each chaos, it is the time books become bait for the fire. Looking back the history: events of “Part of Books”, appropriations of book happened as a corollary toward history events. This status has been lasting for era; those are the methods of malefactors in targets for carrying out the Ignoramus Policy and Strict Acculturation.

Those sad experiences are reasons pushing us to try to carry out collecting these documentaries.

We think that: “If documentaries of prayer-book were just stored in a concentration place, it could not prevent cruel people destroying books”. Consequently, we have decided to make many copies for many entrusted people who were faithful to the Religion to be able to die in order to preserve Immortal’s speeches that He represented the God to preach the Tao.

If the situation changes unfortunately, the separations of books will happen again. We think that among these separations of books, some will be fully kept by the enthusiastic people.

This work is not a work of a person or an association but a work of nameless persons devoting all abilities in order to serve the preserve ideal for the dogmas tradition of Caodaism. While this book is giving to you, there are some passionate persons exhaustedly slump down in acting this ideal.



Our action was not a superficial idea in a short time, but an aspiration during the chaos. We always prayed the Supreme Being and Mother Buddha/Holy Mother to be blessed that we could a fortune chance to act that aspiration.

Nowadays, the vista of the sky has been bright, the aspiration has been completed. We would like to fully submit to the Sacerdotal Council all documentaries written and collected by us in years with following up the purpose of preserving the precious speeches of His Holiness Hộ Pháp.

From this time, the copyright fully depends on the Sacerdotal Council. We would like to hope that the Sacerdotal Council authorize to be censored and published so that everyone can know the cherish teachings of His Holiness Hộ Pháp that He loved to teach us when He was here, on this earth.

Holy See, 15th June Bính Ngọ/Horse Year (1966)

Shorthand Department













Preachment done at Holy See, Night of 30th December Mậu Tý year, dawn of January Kỷ Sửu year due to Lunar calendar [28th January 1949]

Tonight is the new year’s eva. The old year Mậu Tý year [Mouse year] passed and new year as Kỷ Sửu year [Buffalo year] comes. For sake of Đức Lý Giáo Tông [Spiritual Pope], Bần Đạo/I wish Supreme Being’s Holy Body and all His male and female children in congratulation. We are enjoying under mutual union of bliss tonight. Thinking that in beginning time of new year, all spirits of Supreme Being have offered three precious objects as physical body, mind, and soul to Supreme Being so that they might become tools for Great Mercy Father to save living beings.

Tonight is similar to nights of 24 years ago. We always mind by spirit and virtue as sacrifice of animal on Supreme Being’s holy altar in order to wish Him pardoning humankind’s sins. We always see blessing that humankind is pardoned yearly. The pardon is not for Vietnam only but must also petition for whole humankind having that bliss. That is our mission and our cause of life requires us that: Living to execute the significant mission only, entrusted by Supreme Being.

In one year passing, we did not see any bliss coming to humankind all over world in spite of Asia and Europe, except more pains. They are living in concerned situation that they do not know when war comes. At a moment ago, Bần Đạo/I administered sacrament at the throne of lotus already and Hộ Pháp [Dharma Protector] saw significance of Kỷ Sửu year that the Religion would become more glorious by a method to make usefulness for humankind.

 We know that we have a special grace of Supreme Being that we seek that grace to spread it for humankind firstly. We want humankind to have the grace as us. We need to execute one thing, which is our petition to Supreme Being for all Vietnameses as a race as His hostage, selected by Supreme Being in order to save all human beings. We petition for on special grace, which is not different from their infinite heart.

 The humankind must turn over mutual spirit of loving to protect their mutual life in order to exist because there is not any other method to solve the mutual murder on this earth. We should look at diminutive issue to presume major issue. In spite of Vietnam or this earth, the organ of contrast makes people reversed just by two words of “yes” and “no”. The “yes” can preserve humankind while the “no” is enough to cause wars and humankind may fall into destroyed situation.

 It is queried that if whole Vietnamese race may petition for their “yes”? Surely! Whenever people have a same state with any organ and good and bad have a limitation, is it possible that they do not dominate the bad when they see it?

Thinking in reversibility, people are never perfect. Only one reaching the perfection is our Great Merciful Father. All spirits in this Universe are not perfectly good. The Great Merciful Father holds a pen to draw two words “perfectly good”, so that they imitate His way to gradually become perfect spirits. The Divine Spirits hold power to protect Hiệp Thiên Hành Hóa Palace [Palace of Divine Alliance for preaching] may be perfectly good in our thought that there is just one way compared with Great Merciful Father. We are also same. Our action is to study the Supreme Being’s step, to presume His way. Although it is not perfectly good, it gradually becomes good by our force. The Religious Politics Organs exert to think and seek method of presuming in order to know good or bad for decision to the utmost. We presume to draw our perfect conformation. If we do well, we will be possible to save world.

 He looks at that perfect spirit by its existence if it is possible to solve and preserve life of all living creatures for foremost humankind.

 Can we presume? If following Religious framework of Supreme Being to meet our desire by our utmost force, we will do successfully.

 How harmful! In this atom era, the Supreme Being puts that power in humankind’s hands and if a mad man throws a bomb, it will kill whole people. Only the mad man explodes the atom bomb on this earth to murder whole humankind.

 Must be perfectly good to protect all living creatures for foremost humankind’s life. However, humankind’s spirit reaches the utmost level of religion and Supreme Beings entrusts them the life and death. Their right to murder or protects is due to them. The Supreme Being entrusted them that special right. They must be wise, glorious and pious as supreme divinity to protect their life.

 If they are still ambiguous not to control their life, their annihilation will be on their top of their fingers. The divine secret lets them reveal to obtain throne of Immortal, Buddha, hence the supreme dignity must illuminate their obtainment. On the world, people have obtained inestimable object as atom bomb, which becomes a mutual annihilation tool instead of an immortal method.

 If in their hands, they hold Taoism secret dharma but they do not execute the incomparable law right, their virtue cannot help them for their throne of Buddha; all infinite dharmas of spirit and mind will become a sharp sword to destroy them.

 They have known the Supreme Being to obtain all dharmas of Taoism appearing on this earth. They have kept dharmas of Taoism in hands to control their life and death. If they can obtain throne of Buddha, they will fall into self-annihilation.

 Bần Đạo/I think that Supreme Being coming to save world, it has not been fallen into that situation yet. There must have one method. He comes to unify our methods, which have not been executed with conformation yet by us.

 The method of saving world comes from Religious method. We can create methods to save world. Its achievement or failure is due to virtue and heart of all children of Supreme Being in this Religious gate.



At Holy See, night of January Kỷ Sửu year [1949]

Today is the Feast of Great Merciful Father as Supreme Being.

 The Caodaism has been propagating for 24 years. Under our consideration, who found it? The Supreme Being just came to found it. If we say that: the Good Gather has been living with us for 24 years, I think it is not excessive.

We should think about bliss that we enjoyed that grace of Good Father. We consider for what Supreme Being came to live with us? Bần Đạo/I think that all children of Supreme Being understand in your determination.

He came with a necessary promise that His coming was to rotate dharma and change world as His sure promise to humankind by one word, one race, one society, one religion. If we do not have an integral belief to that promise, or we are not sure about the infinite divine spirit, who is able to execute; we all will make a question in doubt. If having a doubt, we have to study it.

 Now, all children of Him apologize to Good Father, we then consider us as onlooker to calculate if the apology gives us a good result. We see surely that there is not any matter; spirit is created with a visible body in this Universe, happening outside that power. We have known well that we only apologize to Him under a role of secular persons in order to consider God’s speech if it is possible or not. By objective reason, we consider a very difficult and important promise. While humankind is anxious in half death, we also forget to study the organ of changing world and know it is possible that it effects on the highly important and necessary mysterious organ of save of Supreme Being.

Without any strangeness, we see all visible living creatures such as plants and insects. It is not necessary for us to mention and discuss its wholeness; the elements of those species still have a special spiritual power. We try considering an inanimate object such as a piece of stone; it still has its value. For precious stone containing gem, it has a special value in its group. That gem is a lord of stone. What does that lord of stone do? It plays a role of stone to specify stone’s value.

We mention metal listed from lead, zinc, iron into silver and gold. The gold is lord of metal with a special value to specify the metal value.

 Among living creatures, it is not necessary for me to discuss much. The mankind also goes under that way. In a nest of ant, termite or bee, we also see one lord that all remaining ones must obey that lord. The lord masters its society to specify value of ant or bee.

For mankind, in spite of despitefulness or praise by deny royal power in a society, people also must accept one government control for their existence.

If it is the government by people, let people overturn other class. For an example, in Communism, everybody is people. Why did they set the class of mandarin up? Consequently, overturning a class is an odd theory of half-death. We turn back to look at a State trending a government by people; for the National Master or Controller, their oppression is much more ones at most of more cause and appearance in front of people’s sight, which make them believe. It is not right without truth because it is to bluff people.

In this society, we see two reversed different powers fighting. Those are powers of democracy and monarchy.

 If we infer by mind, we will see that both ones are same. No one is better than other one because they have a same shadow from a framework using justice to bluff people in organ of world. In spite of democracy or monarchy, they are the method to oppress people because there is no just balance on this earth. If it existed here, the Supreme Being would not come to sign the peace treaty with human beings. Only law of love contains justice, therefore there is no true law on this earth.

Actually, what is humankind looking for? They are looking for justice, love law. Where must they look for? The Supreme Being has conferred that law of love already, but humankind has not found it yet. The humankind is aspiring much. The justice comes from law of love. The justice does not exist on this earth in spite of democracy or monarchy.

The Supreme Being comes to sign a treaty with a slavish, humble race, so that He insists for two significant issues for humankind. Those are law of love and justice.

He has signed, promised with His Holy Body [Sacerdotal Council] as Vietnamese race to create form of love law. If all Vietnamese people use justice as a form, He will use that form to create a remedy saving life of humankind.

 Bần Đạo/I and all His children replied on His remedy to found the gate of Caodaism. At this time, no way can prevent our achievement. If it becomes a reality with a form in local nation, we will see all nations of world will also change its form and real form suitably, so that they may enjoy His reviving remedy. It means the world will trend to make humankind united in one. We look back the first war; the humankind tried all to set up United Nation Association. In the second war, they did not forget it; in contrary they sought method to improve it more. What is the Union of Nations? That is an united association gathering humankind in one.

 The Supreme Being says:

“Humankind will have one race, one society, one religion”. I think it is not distant. Why must Supreme Being make that remedy? He makes to let them use, so that we may revive not to let them go to their annihilation. 




At Holy See, night of 14th January Kỷ Sửu year [1949]

Today is fifteen of lunar moth of Thượng Ngươn [First Circle], Kỷ Sửu year. Bần Đạo/I remind the Supreme Being’s Holy Body and all His children: Bần Đạo/I like explaining that the Last Circle of Third Manvantara is going to the end for First Circle of Fourth Transition coming. Each Circle contains 12 thousand years, 30 thousand years of Third Manvantara. Therefore, Buddhism prayer and Buddhism prophecy or Catholicism predicted that: The end of Third Manvantara is the beginning of Fourth Transition with Hội Long Hoa [Dragon Council/Universal Judgment]. Regarding to the Bible of Catholism speech: There will appear a final judgment of Supreme Being on this 68th globe.

 What is the “Long Hoa Hội”? Long Hoa Hội is the trial time for all souls in spite of devil throne or deity throne in order to specify their examination in creating divine throne.

We understand that: one transition has an examination. If transition ends, that time is the Last Circle to specify throne of souls. The Bible of Catholicism tells there will have a general judgment, but it is the time to specify throne for Buddha.

Consequently, in Holy Mother’s bible telling: divine examination for our throne is at this Universal Judgment. We know well that if we learn well or badly, we still feel worried and palpitated although we believe in our pass with talent and virtue because that is our day of examination showing our lesson.

At this time, the spirit of all living beings as humankind on this earth is not different from that individual’s spirit that they are also worried. They do not know their pass or failure in examination. We see humankind is worried now.

Alas! We see an animated context of mutual murder with wars, calamities, karmas. Will there have that final judgment? It is not different from subpoena of Divine Court.

That is a karma of humankind in spite of Orient or Europe. If paying attention for particular research, we will see karma law of incomparable power of eternal life sight.

The divine power of eternal life governs the Universe that it is unnecessary for us to worry failure, injustice. At this time, we have not yet known that the Europe may avoid a third war under a chaos. We then open the history of humankind and we see that their karma shows the justice. The Europe country comes from Aira race as race of India occupied all. The indigenous people occupied their state, murdered uncountable lives. If borrowing, they must pay that debt. In final time, they pay that consequence to specify their destiny. We have seen it thoroughly but do not see remote sight happening. The Vietnam is not a exception because there is not any sentence, which may be missed at final judgment. They must pay all to specify destiny of humankind.

If humankind does not pay principal and interest, they will have no way to specify their destiny and the injustice for devil throne and Buddha throne cannot be determined for souls. As the divine life gate needs a worthy exemplary, they must judge sentences in final time.

Our Vietnam is fighting together. It is not different from Tây Sơn sentence fighting against king. At that time, what Tây Sơn did is the borrowing and payment happening till now. We need payment for that debt. Without payment, we have no way to specify our Vietnam’s destiny.

We feel happy for one issue: our payment is possible because the payment possibility leads us to honor condition. We know that after payment, the rich and honor condition coming in front of our sight. That consequence is similar to that Supreme Being lets us purify our karma so that He makes precious throne as incomparable throne for us. That worthy throne has been intended for Vietnamese race.

The Last Circle must change into First Circle. What is the First Circle [Thượng Ngươn]? It is a Circle we are desiring.

 At this time, the humankind is wishing a Circle of Spring that foremost Vietnamese race has venerated, which is effected from continuously ancient time. I think its shadow is an unknowable power of Fourth Transition [Tứ Chuyển].

 It is the time of First Circle to create position for a race considered perhaps as His hostage, who will guide whole humankind stepping on infinite path of bliss. The Supreme Being leaves Vietnam throne nowadays. Actually, we make a conjecture that: In First Circle of Kỷ Sửu Spring, it will bring Vietnamese race a bliss that we cannot know it.



At Holy See, night of 23rd January Kỷ Sửu year [1949]

Tomorrow, Bần Đạo/I will have to go to Sài Gòn again to solve significance, which is to stop blood between Vietnam-France.

The Religion we are follow it must have its special spirit, which just has enough authority to undertake a hard obligation. Bần Đạo/I have said that: it brings an organ of saving world put on this earth. My wish specifies to have a method to prove that it has a power for saving world, so that it has a value and reason of existence. Otherwise, the Caodaism is just an unreal doctrine.

All children of Supreme Being still remember perhaps my return from Ocean Island after five years of exile in foreign country. When returning homeland scarcely, Bần Đạo/I saw a ruinous chaos, authority reverse of state, king obliged to be abdicated to let the great work of 4,000 years descended by ancestor.

How tragic! When Bần Đạo/I was absent, Supreme Being’s children sacrificed lives because of Religion and Secularity. A loyal generation in patriotism sacrificed with blood because of piety to Supreme Being, of loyalty to Sacerdotal Council to seek achieved independence for state. That form with that sacrifice should have been existed, so that they could enjoy the bliss! How harmful! The achievement just done was appropriated to make them lost standpoint, to make Supreme Being’s children endured under a slavish situation once. Where does it accident come from? Everybody understands very well. In that case, Vietnam has to receive a great grace of France in front of international states. The world also acknowledged the France had sacrificed their life in Vietnam to help Vietnam to disengage disaster of Communism. Alas! If you red French newspaper, you would know the condolence speech of French Mister that they sacrifices lives of French soldiers as children of France in order to disengage disaster for Vietnam race. In spite of falsity or reality, all states heard great knightliness of France to Vietnam.

 You maybe know a Religion representing the soul of Vietnam at this time has obtained a position in heart of all people on 68th globe with only one representative of Caodaism as Bần Đạo/me. Consequently, the Caodaism must sustain a hard trial. Bần Đạo/I thought that if Bần Đạo/I did not have enough virtue to save dangerous situation, at least Bần Đạo/I would have a whichever method; there was no reason to keep silent to look at terrible accident of humankind. For that reason, Bần Đạo/I had to use a method of suffering disgrace misery to fix with situation in order save condition. Therefore, Bần Đạo/I had to follow generation with utter loyalty to state, so that they could sacrifice their life because of doctrine.

 Nowadays, that time has elapsed. Therefore, Bần Đạo/I confess to cease fire determinedly of Vietnam and France. Nobody has the authority to kill together anymore.

 Bần Đạo/I decide to cease-fire and I also execute my decision into the last. Although both parties do not accept it, Bần Đạo/I dare to exchange my life for a method to end murder disaster happening between Vietnam and France.

From this time, Bần Đạo/I declare that the struggle in blood must end completely without more blood.



At Holy See, night of 18th February Kỷ Sửu year [1949]


Today is the Jubilee of Quan Yin Bodhisattva. Bần Đạo/I often say that in divine world of eternal life, the Quan Yin Bodhisattva is one Spirit having a most powerful and greatest family. The appearance cause of Quan Yin Bodhisattva comes from the ethereal body [pháp thân] of Từ Hàng Bodhisattva. The Quan Yin Bodhisattva came to let us know her cause. Quan Yin is the time of creation law for Universe. That is a very great spirit similar to His Holiness Lý Thái Bạch [Ly-Tai-Pei], who is one spirit of light. The Halo of Universal Monad [Thái Cực] appears and has its light as a lamp has light from a fire. That light is His Holiness Lý Thái Bạch. The Quan Yin Bodhisattva has assumed the unified imposing power without our discussion that everybody knows how imposing Her power is. The womankind should pay attention for this preachment much. Our time is to mention the time only. We must be patient, merciful, concord. If we are hurried, we will not be able to see the time in front of our sight.

Her soul as Her nature proves that: One Spirit has 52 incarnations on this 68th globe. She undertakes a greatest mission at the time of that this globe has not changed its look yet, extending until present fourth transition [tứ chuyển]. The Quan Yin Bodhisattva has been assuming power over Universe for 52 incarnations.

She has descended this earth in some incarnations because Her merciful, concord nature and spirit of Tao. Who is the Bạch Vân Monk [personal name. Name: white cloud]? She is Bạch Vân. Nowadays, she appears to undertake a important organ in Third Universal Amnesty.

The previous of Bạch Vân Monk was the Quan Yin Bodhisattva descending in China. After that, She descended Vietnam called Thanh Sơn Đạo Sĩ as Trạng Trình. Thanh Sơn Đạo Sĩ descended in France by Ralagode Bourgall. Among 52 incarnations, there is one important effecting incarnation with Vietnamese race. We have a great bliss because She descended Vietnam two times. In first time, She incarnated via a woman as Thị Kính and we also know already who Quan Yin is. Consequently, in this Third Universal Amnesty, Supreme Being selected one noble Spirit descending this 68th earth and we also know Her name. Specially, Supreme Being selects the Spirit with a deep affection with our race, with a merciful, concord nature. We should not study Her remotely except for Thị Kính. We see the character of Thị Kính representing nature of Quan Yin Bodhisattva. Her nature is mercy, concord, patience, goodness, pardon for all injustices to sustain the time and win the time. That is the Quan Yin Bodhisattva. The soul of Quan Yin is the time, therefore Her nature never loses heart or animated or hurried. She is an imperturbable Spirit. For that reason, in Her incarnations, people accused Her unjustly in many things. However, Her merciful and concord nature could sustain miserable and unjust aspects. Whoever can sustain those situations is an imposing, efficient Lawyer in divine world of eternal life to protect womankind. We feel very happy. Bần Đạo/I wish in determined speech: a great bliss for souls belong Her family, which is greatest honor and important in divine gate of eternal life in spite of gate of Celestial Court or Nirvana.



At Holy See, night of 27th February Kỷ Sửu year [1949]

Our Vietnamese race is progressing to an important stage as a stage to decide its destiny. Consequently, tonight, Bần Đạo/I postpone preaching the evolution on divine path of eternal life, in order to explain about Religion and Party with their differences.

 Bần Đạo/I have seen the unmindfulness of all Vietnamese people in this stage. That unmindfulness makes race’s spirit anxious not to control our actions over our state, not to know value of Religion and value of Party in order to specify value of each organ. We must consider difference carefully by examining good or bad to know their value.

Formerly, when buying a hammock, our forefathers counted strings of hammock. They checked detail of product carefully before buying them. Nowadays, people are unmindful not to study its conformation. It is not strange for one Religion, which is especially different from Party that we may see two different appearances. The Religion is humankind’s spirit on this earth to orient their body into the misery delivery organ by humankind’s spirit, which requires its lack. The Religion then comes from that.

Similarly, in Europe of Moise religion preserved for present Hebrew, it had to pass some centuries, then separated different Parties. Those Parties divided into four or five branches made National people chaotic. In case of that national people’s ununited spirit, it became chaotic for its body of politics. Therefore, the spirit of Europe races also became chaotic. They then studied the prediction telling that: there would have one Savior descending. They waited, requested until the Jesus Christ controlled their spirit.

It is similar to India with an ancient Religion divided into many Parties. For that reason, the India with many races assumed authority of moral spirit at that time with the spirit divided into many Parties. Their society was obviously divided into ranks. It made human beings very miserable. People in a same state considered as mutual hostiles. Now, we may see the Untouchable race [people that we cannot touch them] still does continuously in India. They then studied prediction telling the Buddha’s coming. Many monks waited in hurry that some ones stood by one foot all their life, others did a handstand, others lied on thorns to wait Buddha coming. They waited Sprit coming to found Religion.

Nowadays, why does Caodaism appear? As material civilization progresses out of humankind’s thought, it makes humankind’s spirit dependent to trend to a life as an animal, to leave human obligation. They ignore human beings. As they care material conformation too much with happy, luxurious life, not to pay attention to spirit. They trend to materialism, do against spiritualism to lose human dignity, not to be worthy under role of man. All states on this earth see a danger on future path, therefore humankind wishes a method to specify their dignity in order to control physical body. As the humankind wishes, the Caodai Religion appears now. The Religion with its appearance contains all spirits of humankind.

Now for Parties, I will mention Party of State after mentioning Religious Party. We see Parties of Catholicism such as: Saint Bernardin Jessuites, Mominicaine. Those Parties replied on the cause of Catholicism as the Taoism having two special and important disciples of Tao-Tzu, such as Dương Châu and Đặc Địch. Dương Châu maintained the conscience doctrine while Mặc Địch maintained the supernatural doctrine. There are many different doctrines in Confucianism. Khổng Cấp as grandchild of Khổng Tử [Confucius] receiving grandfather’s teaching showed the mean doctrine while Mạnh Tử is Tử Tư’s student used the humanity doctrine as a basis. Therefore, there are two doctrines as two Parties. The Caodaism has been existing for 24 years. As its spirit was strong, Parties changed too fast, such as Tiên Thiên, Ban Chỉnh Đạo,…people saw the Caodaism’s influence to separate as Branches.

Now, for Parties of National Issue, they also reply on Religion for their progress. Among politics Parties of humankind, most of them in Europe are effected by Catholicism in their achievement. It is similar to this Orient that we also see Parties such as Hòa Hảo Buddhism with Minh Sư, Minh Đường,…, which come from affection of Buddhism. The Caodaism currently has 12 branches united in Hậu Giang province, a guerrilla base due to resistance for National Issue.

The Branch status is different from Religion. The Religion is a mother while the Branch is a child produced from Religion’s spirit. In Caodaism, Bần Đạo/I see if they can see their value that Supreme Being’s children are still very unmindful. I feel sad to see that they leave mother for child. They are too stupid.

 Now, we mention the Nation. People obviously see Parties fighting to create chaos, accidents, hostilities such as Communism Party, Vietnam National Civil Party, and Party of National Issue appear more and more to make state chaotic. Each Party always determines to fight containing the obtaining meaning for sovereign force of state. Moreover, there are individuals proclaiming themseves King. That dream is the dream of Biên Hòa hospital [psychiatric hospital]. We try studying why they do not specify value of esteem or disdain. The King appeared to found dynasty passing 4,000 years. That appearance came from Religion with its phenomenon of Confucianism of Religion. It is the Religion. The Party is only Party. The esteem and distain are already clear. Although Parties compete in Royal power of Bảo Đại king, Bần Đạo/I make sure that they have no way for victory. People thought the chaos would appear when Bảo Đại returned.

Bần Đạo/I assert surely that: when He returns here, children also follow Him if all wishes of National people are satisfied. When He returns, everyone will follow Him because the different value of both sides is very clear that one side is the appearance controlled by Religion while other side is of Partied fighting for throne only. At most, they are same to Thái Sư [Great Tutor] usurping Loyal throne we often see. After all, they will fall, die without action. It is unreasonable and shadow when we let them make worrisome. We must know its value for our determination.

 Consequently, when hearing radio telling that His Holiness Hộ Pháp brought issue of Vietnam for discussion worriedly, Bần Đạo/I smiled only.



At Holy See, night of 22nd May Kỷ Sửu year [1949]

 His Holiness Victor Hugo called himself Nguyệt Tâm Chơn Nhơn is a Divine Spirit in Quảng Hàn Cung [Palace in Moon]. When descending earth, He was born at Besancon town, France on 26th February 1802. He died in Paris on 22nd May 1885 lived to be 83 years old.

From the opening time of Caodaism in Cambodia, He descended via séance under name of Religious Chief Nguyệt Tâm of Foreign Sacerdotal Council. He was a celebrated poet in France in 19th century. When He was young, He often travelled in Italy, Spain then returned Paris. When He was ten, He was talented for poem and literature. His works were brilliant with deep meaning when he came of age. For that reason, He was famous under a greatest poet among famous men at that time. His reputation gradually was put at Academy and He became a Greatly Honorable Meritorious Official of France Dynasty at that time.

 After revolution 1848 in France, He won election for Lower Chamber to preserve the politics and law in His state. When receiving that important obligation, He demonstrated eloquence and defended France for interests many times with just reasons and foremost freedom. At that time, France was not peaceful, therefore one internal trouble happened on 2nd December 1851 after 3 years. He had to leave Paris for foreign countries. Until 1870, He went back politics on 4th September when He was 68 years old. From that time, he served people and state hard until He died.




At Holy See, Mouse time 5th June Kỷ Sửu year [1949]

Tonight, Bần Đạo/ I preach doctrine related to Material Dharma telling the Religious Law concerned with Secular Law obviously.

We see the Supreme Being’s Universal creation organ has been serving the True Dharma for All Living Beings preached by me already, telling that: land must sacrifice to serve plants by nourishing plants. The plants then sacrifice to nourish animals that human is the first rank of species.

 For that reason, old law forces animal to sacrifice to human by service, however the service could not sacrifice excessively by life to nourish human. As people misunderstand the true dharma, they go on the wrong way.

Now, we go to next level that human must sacrifice to serve the God. Everybody perhaps remembers old law. In Ancient period, when offering sacrifice to God, they killed, barbecued man as animal. The sacrifice by human was applied to offer to Supreme Being. Bần Đạo/I refer to history, it occurred forty thousand years ago. For that law, we may know how many lives for sacrifice to Supreme Being.

Recently, in history of 6,000 years of Jacob king, referred to Hebrew’s Religious law, the law of human murder for sacrifice to the God is still maintained now.

Does Supreme Being need that? Does Supreme Being request that? Bần Đạo/I assert the no surely.

As He creates All Living Creatures and serves them, it is impossible to let humankind take their life as sacrifice to Him. We see that the law of service for all living creatures is applied from material to humankind. We may see a queen bee with its service. It has always a queen power, therefore it has its reproductive obligation of species.

In Ancient time of 150,000 years ago, the mankind did same under one same law. Religion named the Manager. Other races used Pali as Manu. The Queen bee and termite also do same by serving most in bee nest because it has to produce its races.

We look at dynasties in society with a politics related to people under a law that people must obey that law. Therefore, it needs a court. It means that the King must serve people. However, the King cannot undertake great role, it forces to found a Court with Prime Ministers to District Chiefs united as a Politics, a state representing King in order to serve people.

We see each species such as queen termite, queen bee as lord of bee and termite species. Their service also is also depended on a court as a best method of controlling. What does King found a Court for? He wants to produce thousand and million bodies to serve people in his state. Now for Supreme Being wanting service to all living creatures, how must He do? In order to serving the living creatures, He must reply on all living creatures to serve all living creatures. He uses land to nourish plants, uses plants to nourish animals, uses animals to serve mankind. He uses that basis for service. It is same to a King founding a Court, who serves people by replying people. There is one framework only. Now, the Supreme Being comes to found Religion. He wants to serve human beings on this 68th globe obviously.

Actually, we see that the queen termite has to become a lord because it wants service to termite species. The queen bee has to become a lord because it wants service to bee species. As a King wants to serve people, he has to become a King.

 Consequently, the Supreme Being is God because He wants to serve all living creatures. He founds Court as Sacerdotal Council as His Holy Body. He wants His Holy Body to have enough power for service. Therefore, He only founds and grants a special power to His Holy Body as a part of Him. That is Him.

He founds the Holy Body on this earth similar to Court in Celestial Palace. We still see the Holy Body as Sacerdotal Council with enough thrones of Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha. It is not a dream. He remunerates for people’s service only.

Therefore, Supreme Being comes and replies on human beings to be His Holy Body. He has to remunerates, has to pay mankind expensively so that mankind serves Him. He remunerates by coming to sign the treaty with humankind for foremost Vietnamese race. “If you represent Me to serve My children, I will have an obligation to grant thrones of Deity, Saint, Immortal, and Buddha for you. Do you accept? If you accept to be a slave of My children same to My wish, will, I will pay you expensively. My payment is positions of Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha. I obviously hand over the organ of saving world in your hands. Whatever you obtain on this earth cannot be denied in invisible world by Me.

As He replies on us to be slaves of His children on this earth, He brings throne of Deity, Saint, Immortal, and Buddha to us.

 If we obtain that, when returning to divine world, Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha and Supreme Being will never deny us and there is no law to deny or change our throne because of our service to all living creatures on this earth. 



At Holy See, night of 15th June Kỷ Sửu year [1949]

By the way of preachment over contrary of Secular Way and True Way in service organ over All Living Creatures, Bần Đạo/I preach the issue of capital sentence in society used to control world under unjust method. The evidence is that Supreme Being entrusted Bần Đạo/me with an important and different mission. He advised Me many times how to exterminate the capital sentence used by society under unjust method, how to display the Religious flag in states, how to make those religions become a holy land. It means that there will have no power trespassing it to protect mankind’s life on this earth. The achievement or failure is replied on it with one question mark.

Bần Đạo/I obviously try to serve Supreme Being by serving humankind. When staying at Madagascar island, I knew two scholars belonging Malgache race. They were sentenced with insurgent sin that they campaigned to restore their nation. The France court displayed the capital sentence. Bần Đạo/I called to petition for cancellation or other replacements. How lucky! On this earth, France is brilliant by civilization, which initiated the human right that everybody knows this. Now, Bần Đạo/I feel glad to see that sentence judged again.

Moreover, when Bần Đạo/I met former emperor Bảo Đại in Đà Lạt [Đà Lạt province/city in Vietnam], before leaving, I also gave Him a secret formulary to restore nation. In that secret formulary, the first point is to cancel capital sentence and to grant amnesty to all prisoners. Why did Supreme Being advise Bần Đạo/I exterminate capital sentence and to fight for last purpose? It is because that it is unjust on this earth. There is no power on this earth or Universe managing life of All Living Creatures. We may use what we own it. We cannot own it, which does not belong to our control. If dispossessing it, we are sinful because the life is not controlled by us. It belongs to God’s control. Only Supreme Being has power to decide it. Besides the power of God as Supreme Being as our Great Merciful Father, there will have no other power to decide our life and death. Moreover, we know that mankind born on this earth has three reasons: 

1. Pay karma.

2. Learn.

3. Create throne. 

Coming to pay karma is to be slave of world. Learning is to be student of world. Coming to create throne is to be arduous student of world.

 For a long time, is there any a master having the right to murder his servant unjustly? No, there is not. In spite of a animal such as a horse, which if it does not accept riding, we will let it carry car. If it does not carry car, we train it to plough. We do not murder it just because it is not useful for one issue. The mankind coming this earth is same. They are servants to pay their karma because their spiritual wisdom is not enough to protect their innate conscience. The human beings on this earth lack of teaching method. They still have many contrary things for someone, who is not perfectly good, perfectly humane. We wonder that: on this earth, who dares to say that he is perfectly good, perfectly humane?

 The Jesus Christ says: “Nul n’est parfait ice bas seul notre Père au delà des Cieux qui est partfai”. It means “Nobody on this earth is perfectly beautiful, perfectly good except my Father in Celestial Palace only”.

 For organs on earth for souls coming with secular body to learn, what have they learnt on the earth? We only see this state fights against other state for life. The strong people oppress weak ones. The rich people browbeat poor ones. The injustices are full on this earth without extermination method. This state is stronger than other country; then they support weapons to incite the mutual murder because they are used to murder. We murder them, they come back to murder us because we teach them murder. We then continuously murder them.

 If politics on this earth awakens to respect the life of fellow human beings, do not teach humankind the cruelty. Saint said: “Without teaching, Saint is still good; With teaching, Sage will be good later; the Stupid is still unhonest despite teaching”, continue to ask: “Being good without teach, isn’t that a Saint? Being good later with teaching, isn’t a Sage? Being unhonest despite teaching, isn’t that the Stupid?”.

 The human beings on this earth include many ranks. How can the stupid become a Deity or Saint? The stupid knows the method top control world. We see that the teaching method to people is unjust. How can people avoid being cruel? The human beings at this time are cruel because their master teaches them cruelty. Until they become cruel, those master murder unjustly. Teach the good! If teaching them the good, but they do bad, murder them!

 How monstrous! The Secularity and Religion are always contrary because they want to separate power. They fight for mankind teaching, also prevent Religion so that they may teach people the cruelty. If displaying the justice of conscience court, how does it become if Religion sues Secularity? Why do they fight for right to teach mankind cruelty?

 After killing other ones, what will they answer the question of conscience court? Bần Đạo/I assert surely that although I have a last breath, Bần Đạo/I will fight to exterminate the capital sentence of humankind determinedly. 



At Holy See, night of 1st July Kỷ Sửu year [1949]

Tonight, ceremony is rather crowded however Bần Đạo/I try waiting more times. If Supreme Being’s children are diligent to study morality, Bần Đạo/I will preach secret dharma in next times. Now, Bần Đạo/I explain the Holy See over Religious Branches and Secular Parties. We move towards a stage to undertake an important obligation in supporting secularity in order to reconcile Religions. That obligation is not easy to execute if our spirit is not determined for destiny. Is the Holy See a location for Supreme Being’s Holy See holding the Religion? For its value, people will affirm it by looking at actions of all Supreme Being’s children as whole His Holy Body.

Bần Đạo/I remember the beginning time of Religion in Tây Ninh province with a decisive speech of Supreme Being promised with human beings. He promised that: “Everything is at Tây Ninh only”. In spite of material dharma or secret dharma, despite Religious status or Religious aspect, His Religion always appears at this location only.

At that time, everyone was indecisive. Bần Đạo/I was also same. Perhaps the Supreme Being’s children was similar to Bần Đạo/me because the Supreme Being’s true doctrine had not appeared with a real aspect yet. At that time, it was too difficult to specify its conformation because secular power was strong in oppression. For Religion power, Religions had enough imposing ability to exterminate it. Moreover, His children at that time were not crowded because of newly born Religion. Most of them were poor civilians and Religious managers at first time were also lonely not to know to make their destiny. When hearing “Everything is at Tây Ninh only” spoken out by Supreme Being, Bần Đạo/I just saw that the Religious situation was so poor that there was not what to build a pagoda, such an extent that we had to borrow Từ Lâm Tự [pagoda] of Buddhism of Giác Hải Monk, which had been built a half. They lent us to reply on us to complete the pagoda by our capital investment. When the Religion [Caodaism] was just declared, the Secular power and Religious gathered to oppress, wanted to humiliate and Caodaism by claiming the pagoda and by dismissing. They dismissed us urgently and we had to leave immediately. After buying Long Thành area [belongs to Tây Ninh province] with a forest of high trees, wild beast, tigers, but it was told that “everything is at Tây Ninh Holy See only”. At that time, if someone did not have a steadfast belief, he would run away only. Actually, some ones renounced Caodaism due to that reason. For some ones having a little bit of belief, they stayed to look at how the future would happen; when it became, they would follow; if it became failed, they would oppose and leave away. However, there was another group, who believed in Him fully by loving all living being and respecting Supreme Being’s children, caring the future of human beings. We wonder that: If Supreme Being’s promised was not real, how would the Caodaism be able to reach achievement? For that reason, those people saved people enthusiastically. The Supreme Being’s promise helped them to have a belief to execute work successfully to save situation. They saw humankind in misery, therefore they sacrificed to create work for humankind. In over twenty years, Bần Đạo/I have been seen many lives buried by poison water and disease. I look at the Holy See but see many graves with blood.

 Some of them lived as salves for Secularity to create Religious work. The present aspect is due to sweets, tears of Supreme Being’s children. For that reason at the beginning time, the feeble Caodaism oppressed by secularity had to been faced on criminal law. Consequently, the status of religious branches appeared everywhere. Do you know the religious branches? They were people running away. What Bần Đạo/I want to say is that they want to run away, we had no way to keep them, just let them run everywhere. They founded religious branches and they asserted that here the God was not their God. They determined to create one personal God. We later accepted to close doors in dishonor under people’s abuse and disgrace. We closed doors to train younger brothers having patient heart. Nowadays, the Caodaism work can reach this achievement under 24 years of your completion. The Religious work has come to a noble level over a standard people disdain Religion. It perhaps reached a glorious palace, which is steadfast without being afraid. We are not only afraid but also own Secularity and Religion. Dear you! Bần Đạo/I stand at this pulpit under Supreme Being’s command, as your eldest brother in order to tell you the confidential speech and advice that: When you were oppressed, you scared, had to protect by fighting. At this time, although you get strong already with enough authority, enough ability, you should renounce fight replaced by your mercy to save world. Qua/I let you know that great legacy of Religion is worthy for brother and master role of people. It is not necessary to more fight, but we need mercy to behave to Parties under their mistake. Nowadays, they repent their mistake to come back. You must remember that this See is the public See of Supreme Being’s children, not is your private legacy even you deserved credit in building. However, it is not owned by you. It is owned by all children of Supreme Being. When they come back, do not maltreat or despise them to make Supreme Being sad. In contrary, all males and females must use infinite passion of Supreme Being, and image of Great Mercy to solace them, concede food and residence to them so that they save living beings towards aspect of soul. That is my confidential speech. Qua/I petition for your behavior over Parties of National Issue. Your Religion is same to: a big and fresh tree, transparent and pure stream that they also want to reside to let their spirit be fresh. They come to reply on your shadow to create their position. You should be merciful to love in order support them. You are brave under sacrifice your life to protect their interest without boast. They come to Religion under your protection and you let them reply to create their dignity, they then help you amend the world. Do not be ungraceful to them. They reply on you once or longer, but you have to let them know to be graceful with humanity. Although an Emperor holding legacy does not observe humane morality, he has no value. You ask them to follow your example to them and consider how your behavior to them is, at this time the Holy See towards all living beings is same. They are honored at this time and their humane spirit will help their dignity one day.



At Holy See, 15th July Kỷ Sửu year [1949]

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I feel happy when seeing the crowded ceremony. At least, it should be diligent like this. If everyone is always diligent in ceremony days, Bần Đạo/I will begin to preach Secret Dharma. We have passed two times. We will wait third time more.

 Today, Bần Đạo/I explain the important issue about present stage essentially to help Supreme Being’s children know the way to found their legacy on earth. Obviously, the difficult time is the time of Caodai Religion towards World as all States.

Actually, male and female children of Supreme Being always understand that the Caodaism is not only a Religion but also a Religion including Religions. It is not a Religion only, but the Caodai Religion [refer the High Palace coming from the Vietnamese noun phrase “Cao Đài”]. The word “Great Way” used easily is not due to our wish but it is just used by Supreme Being only.

For a long time, all human beings have not known what Great Way means. He has been granted all living being for thousands. Nowadays, His children know His coming and knows that this Great Way was founded by Supreme Being and Hộ Pháp descended to hold the Secret Dharma. Bần Đạo/I remember other Religion as Catholicism. When the Jesus Christ granted power to Pierre Saint, He ordered that He had granted power to Catholicism within 2,000 years, there would not have any power overturning it under waver. The Jesus Christ asked disciples “who Saint Jean Baptiste is?” They replied “that is a prediction Saint”. The Jesus Christ asked “who am I?”. All disciples replied “You are the prediction Saint as Saint Jean Baptiste”. Only Pierre Saint said: “Ignore people’s determination, I assert that the Jesus is the Savior as Supreme Being descending”. The Jesus Christ taught His disciples in front of Pierre Saint “that determination is not done by this physical body, but done by this soul. The Pierre name means to the stone. On this stone, I found my altar that the hell can not reach it”. Actually, the Jesus Christ grant to Pierre Saint and until now, there has not been any power make Catholicism anxious. It still exists here forever.

The Caodaism is under the Supreme Being’s coming. He said “I come to you, live with you, bring the true dharma to you to deliver you, will grant universal salvation to all living creatures again. I decide to live with My children eternally, until seven hundred thousand years”. He stays with His children, therefore He comes. The good human beings are predestinate souls coming from Him. They come from His infinite divine soul, to become a His Holy Body as Sacerdotal Council at this time. He promised to His children eternally. We wonder if the Supreme Being’s determined speech towards this Religion can be compared with Jesus Christ’s power granted to Pierre Saint before. We should consider His grant to us to know its value and to know the Caodaism executes “God and Human united in one” as a delivery organ for all living beings. As the Caodaism is higher than all Religions as above explanation, what must we do? The Supreme Being’s Holy Body [Sacerdotal Council] must execute as a role of God on this earth.

Executing as God is not easy. To be the God is to have the method to guide Supreme Being’s children into gate of concord universe satisfying people’s wish, expect and belief. At this time, we may see all state such as foremost Europe wants to seek a delivery path containing the divested fight. Where does war come from? It is because the spirit of human beings is not united. It means the spirit does not control world. The present humankind on world surrenders their life to the slavishness of body with a cruel desire. By physical body, we cannot satisfy them. They scare the physical body and know that the religious power controls them. They still know that the control power of physical body will push them into self-extermination. They scare it so much. How harmful! when they scare hostile, they continue to reinforce more to make their state more powerful. They use weapons cruelly and they think that they are protecting peace. Unexpectedly, it is completely contrary that we never imagine. They scare hostile but seek hostile. They scare death but seek method of death. They use the method of death to seek life method. It is impossible. Why is it? At this time, the great third war is going to happen because of no mutual confidences happening many times. The humankind has been unconfident, immoral. Consequently, the true way with real passion as the Religious gate is the method to deliver them easily.

How harmful! They hover not to see a real path because this nation does not believe other one. For speech in a family, parents and children do not believe together much less than world. If there is no moral restraining family regulation justly in beloved status, that family will also become chaotic much less than states of world. The humankind is making many injustices increasing more and more. We never see its reduction. It cannot avoid a re-action to do against helplessness of society. For that reason, the miserable play happens in mutual murder. Assuming that different races fight together, but they still fight in spite of same race. Therefore, self-extermination occurs.

Whenever, the Caodaism has enough spiritual power to display the justice and love as a remedy for disease without treatment method, that day will be the time of universal peace and universal concord. We wonder: Can the Caodaism execute? At this time, all states keep and seek souls of intelligent people of upper class and we find the danger because they are looking for method as a blind soothsayer. At this time for method of delivering all living beings, Bần Đạo/I feel honorable to see the Caodaism displaying the method they always wish. Their eyes have seen delivery aspect. People have seen it. Bần Đạo/I assert the path will save people and deliver them. However, there is an important issue that Supreme Being Holy Body [Sacerdotal Council] must do how to be worthy for role of God on this earth.





At Holy See, night of 18th August Kỷ Sửu year [1949]

Today is the Feast of Đức Lý Đại Tiên [Great Immortal Ly-Tai-Pei] as the Spirit holding power of First August Ruler/Nhứt Trấn Oai Nghiêm [There are Three Rulers representing Three Religions as Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism] in Celestial Palace. By His service, Bần Đạo/I also need to remind His merit under role of First August Ruler undertaking Religious mission, and role of Pope of Great Way-Third Period-Universal Salvation, as the eldest brother of whole Holy Body of Supreme Being.

Bần Đạo/I remember the previous embryo that the Religious Politics had nothing. Bần Đạo/I was oppressed by power, therefore I did not know yet my value with a mission entrusted by Supreme Being at that time. However, I dared to receive that mission, therefore I could do nothing.

At that time, the Caodaism was still immature, weak, feeble without any ability and Đức Đại Tiên [Great Immortal] taught many advices. He only taught and advised by soft speeches. There were many Divine Teachings but they did not find out about meaning. They did not also know their value. He came to hold power of Religion, as power of. As He loves Supreme Being intensely, He obeyed to hold power of Pope of Great Way. However, if He interfered male and female Canonized Dignitary, the Supreme Being would complain, blame to ask not to make their spirits collapsed. They did not read Supreme Being’s Divine Teachings but continuously intended to vandalize Religion. Now, there are some Dignitaries Bần Đạo/I do not name their names. When His Holiness Lý admonished, Supreme Being felt sad such an extent that He moaned via a poem:

 No bliss comes to father in front of children’s misery,

 Nobody feels indolent when being cut intestine.

 Grant power but scare power to sow division,

 Intend to throw the supreme throne away.

 At that period, He was angry with His Holiness Lý reproving His children, He could not be joyful. Bần Đạo/I really knew discord of our Supreme Being and Eldest Brother. Bần Đạo/I did not understand anything, did not know my obligation how to do well. I only knew theory without execution.

At that time, Supreme Being was afraid that Bần Đạo/I listened to Đức Lý. The Supreme Being always dissuaded me in each séance: “For everything, you must obey Master/me. Do not obey Thái Bạch!” At that time, it was too difficult for Bần Đạo/me if I did not obey His advice. If just let it be in like that, the Religion would not avoid extermination for foremost internal upheaval. For externality, Parties ravaged the true Religion of Supreme Being. He came to show Bần Đạo/me the Religion’s danger with such a situation. He asked Bần Đạo/I to obey Him, so that the situation would be saved, otherwise the Religious Politics would be exterminated. One side was the teaching of Supreme Being and other side was the teaching of Eldest Brother. I could not choose the way between two sides. It really made Bần Đạo/me distraught within continuous 6 months. I always shuttle back and forth amazedly at natural forest with thoughts. My mind was very embarrassed.

Đức Lý came to teach some issues and ascended. The Supreme Being then came and told me not to listen that instruction. It made me be in impasse. He held my hands at table from 9pm to 4am not to let me go anywhere. He forced to obey Him by showing all enough dangers of Religion. He told that if I did not decide, I should leave Caodaism firstly. The first leave would be better. Bần Đạo/I saw many reasons, therefore I had to obey Him. He felt so happy for after I had obeyed His order. However, Bần Đạo/I did not understand His bliss. That is because I obeyed to receive the dharma of divine power.

Three Palaces have three persons ruling:

1. Octagonal Palace [Bát Quái Đài] is ruled by Supreme Being, as Lord of Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha and all Living Creatures.

 2. Palace of Nine Divine Planes [Cửu Trùng Đài] is ruled by Pope [Giáo Tông] as master of Sacerdotal Council.

 3. Palace of Divine Alliance [Hiệp Thiên Đài] is ruled by Hộ Pháp.

For those three Masters, if two Masters of Palace of Nine Divine Planes and Divine Alliance Palace separate, there is not way to submit petition to Octagonal Palace as the Supreme Being’s power. Two Palaces of Divine Alliance and Nine Divine Planes united are the Supreme Being’s power on this earth that there is no more power, which can exceed power of Octagonal Palace.

Once I obeyed Đức Lý [Pope], the Great Merciful Father was disappointed. Poor Him! The Great Merciful Father knew not to have any way to protect other persons any more because Đức Lý determined to dismiss persons with evil intention out of Religion. The Great Merciful Father knew not to avoid production of religious branches. In that case, there would not have any way to save and put down revolt and Supreme Being’s true Religion would become valueless. When I obeyed Đức Lý, the Supreme Being did not come within three months. When the Supreme Being came to organize an enthronement ceremony [lễ đăng điện] to restore the Pope power and He just called Đức Lý but Đức Lý petitioned to resign throne of Pope. Alas! That time went on an upheaval. Until the Supreme Being recalled Đức Lý and the Supreme Being could not put up resistance against Him more. He often reminded the Sacerdotal Council of Divine Alliance Palace and Palace of Nine Divine Planes to organize the enthronement ceremony solemnly when He returned His mission. He then sat on His throne and held pen to write: I thought there was no Emperor who could wrote a speech as Him. In Collection of Divine Messages, there are four very quaint sentences of poem written by Him:

 “Cửu tử kim triêu đắc phục hườn,

 Hạnh Phùng Thiên mạng đạo khai ngươn.

 Thế trung kỵ tử hà tri tử,

 Tử giả hà tồn chủ “tịch hương”.

 “Cửu tử kim triêu đắc phục hườn”: I have died for a long time on this earth but today I am revived in Supreme Being’s Holy Body.

Hạnh Phùng Thiên mạng đạo khai ngươn”: bliss to receive the Divine mission to come for opening circle. Why did He mention that? Bần Đạo/I have explained that at the end of Last Circle of Three Transition/Manvantara to begin the Fourth Transition, He came because of cause.

Bần Đạo/I assert surely that: If other Spirit was not Him, He would not be able to execute well. He comes to opene the First Circle of Fourth Transition.

 Thế trung kỵ tử hà tri tử”: the people on earth scare death but they do not know what the death is. He asks and answers:

Tử giả hà tồn chủ “tịch hương”: is the religious name of womankind. The womankind is the existence of humankind. If saying death, what does it mean why He comes to own womankind? What does He hold the seed of world for?

Now, I mention His authority. He just held pen to write:

 “Ánh Thái Cực biến sanh Thái Bạch,

 Hiện Kim Tinh trọng trách Linh Tiêu.

 Quyền năng vưng thửa Thiên Triều,

 Càn Khôn thế giáo dắt dìu Tinh Quân”.

 “Ánh Thái Cực biến sanh Thái Bạch”: When the Universal Monad [Tai Chi] exploded to create light of Universal Monad. That light is Him. Only Supreme Being holds dharma. Everybody should know that when Supreme Being held dharma to create two Supreme Ethers impacting together to explode. That mass of fire created the Universe and the light of Monad is Thái Bạch.

 “Hiện Kim Tinh trọng trách Linh Tiêu”: this earth receives always that light, which is controlled by Him.

 “Quyền năng vưng thửa Thiên Triều”: is the power to obey order of Celestial Court.

 “Càn Khôn thế giáo dắt dìu Tinh Quân”: all palaces in this Universe are ruled by Him. 

“Tinh quân thọ sắc thuở Phong Thần,

Cho đến Đường triều mới biến thân.

Thái Bạch Kim Tinh đang trị thế,

Trường Canh trích tử đến thăm trần.

Động đình thi rượu đong muôn đấu,

Bồng Đảo Câu Tiên nắm một cần.

Vâng lịnh Ngọc Hư nay xuống thế,

Tam Kỳ độ rỗi các nguyên nhân”.


“Tinh quân thọ sắc thuở Phong Thần”: He obtained His throne and power conferred at the Deifying time.

“Cho đến Đường triều mới biến thân”: Until Đường dynasty, He appeared.

“Thái Bạch Kim Tinh đang trị thế”: That Soul is holding power to rule world.

“Động đình thi rượu đong muôn đấu,

Bồng Đảo Câu Tiên nắm một cần”: at the Động Đình, if mentioning His name, everybody knows Him.

 “Bồng Đảo Câu Tiên nắm một cần”: in Fairy-Land, He holds the Celestial Book for Confucianism.

 “Vâng lịnh Ngọc Hư nay xuống thế”: at the time of Great Way-Third Period opened, He obeys order of God Court [Ngọc Hư] to rule the Religion.

 “Tam Kỳ độ rỗi các nguyên nhân”: He saves 920,000 men of original soul [nguyên nhân] at the Third Period.

 Bần Đạo/I forgot to speak out His quaint prediction. One day, He came to teach me. He asked me to obey Him “If you do not obey me, one day the disaster will come with extermination or achievement and you will load greatest obligation firstly”. At that period, Bần Đạo/I understood nothing. Bần Đạo/I thought obligation of whole Holy Body of Supreme being, million persons! Why is that charged only by me? That prediction is to mention the time of entrusting Pope power to Bần Đạo/me to rule Palace of Nine Divine Planes too. If Bần Đạo/I did not obey, I would load obligation all. If I did not obey Him, who would I hand over this obligation to? At present time, in that case I did not obey Him, now I just leave without ability to stay with Religion.

 Bần Đạo/I would like saying that this world holds rule power of whichever religious organ or law decision done under Eight Religious Decrees to found state’s politics as Him. Bần Đạo/I had not seen yet Đức Lý issuing Eight Religious Decrees but He could founded it completely. We should venerate and respect Him. We scare the Spirit saving Religion too much. Bần Đạo/I also compliment and respect Him until end of world.

 If the Caodaism exists forever, the merit of His Holiness Lý Giáo Tông is always in mind of human beings.



At Holy See, night of 27th August Kỷ Sửu year [1949]


   Today is the service of Confucius as Đức Đại Thần Chư Thánh Văn Tuyên Đế Quân teaching the Confucianism. Bần Đạo/I have repeated His Religious life many times. As tonight is His service, Bần Đạo/I preach the doctrine of God and Human with concomitant rule.

   We know that He is the Jesus Christ’s forebear but He was less happier than Jesus Christ. At pre-500 years, humankind’s psychology did accept His doctrine yet. Moreover, His coming contained a meaning of a philosopher only. He was not brave and honorable with a noun of Supreme Being’s child like Jesus Christ. Although the theory is unique but His Religion does have less bliss compared with Jesus Christ’s Religion. He only cleared a proof of a Spirit ruling Universe. That Spirit was called “Nhứt Đại” [Great Unique] by Him only. That is the God but He did not speak out as Jesus Christ. He only proved a supreme spirit. His failure came from that cause. The Jesus Christ’s advantage is that He asserted there was a Father, who was Supreme Lord of Universe.

   If we know to use philosophy, we should follow the great thinker as philosopher Descartes telling: “Je pense donc je suis”. It means “I think I have that amount only”. The mankind is the animal on this earth that we see the existence, activity, operation, movement because the mankind is the animal. Without activity, the mankind will die. In its activity, there are two special parts:

   1. The activity of physical body as our movement at this time, we must operate everyday to have life. We must die obviously without operation due to natural rule.

   2. There is other activity, which is invisible that we can see it. However, we see and assert the spiritual activity happening. Therefore, two activities of mankind are divided into two parts:

1/ Secular activity

2/ Religious activity

As this earthly body is an animal, it must operate as animals, as its sensation of body and it has been able to operate due to soul. For that reason, the Supreme Being creates form for it. He also arranges rule to let its spirit control its body because if He lets its physical body control its spirit, it would become infatuated, would go to self-extermination. Consequently, when looking at the special part of Tao, we have to look at our Secularity that we have to live in society under life of national framework of race. Thus, framework of law is decisive for all. Over that life




At Holy See, night of 7th April Kỷ Sửu year [1949]

Tonight is the Feast of Great Sakyamuni Buddha, coinciding with the feast of our Eldest Sister Female Cardinal Lâm Hương Thanh. I do not know that is a random or predestination that Female Cardinal died on the Feast of Sayamuni Buddha. According to my knowledge, She adored Buddhism intensely above all others. We may say that: The Cardinal Hương Thanh belongs to the top of people’s register. When Supreme Being did not open the Caodaism yet, Cardinal Hương Thanh had only followed Buddhism. She herself told me this issue. When She was young, She paid attention to Buddhism. No body knew there was predestination or no predestination of Supreme Being that when repeating Buddha name, the Supreme Being stood inside and called Himself Tam Thiên Đại Thiên Thế Giái [Three Thousand Worlds of Great Chiliocosm]. The Supreme Being is the Buddha, therefore She loved Him intensely. When Supreme Being opens the Caodaism, it is the ameliorated Buddhism.

Today is the service of Sakyamuni Buddha and our Eldest Sister, we should pray to His soul and Her soul as Long Nữ [Nagakanya – domestic of Buddha Quan Yin Bodhisattva] by our heart. All of us know that secret.

The Female Cardinal is the avatar of Long Nữ. Who is Long Nữ? She is the domestic of Quan Yin Bodhisattva. Bần Đạo/I understand the secret of Quan Yin Bodhisattva receiving an important mission from Đức Di Lạc Vương Phật [Maitreya Buddha/ Next Buddha] who rules supremely the Boat of Wisdom. Consequently, the Quan Yin Bodhisattva can not descend earth. The Long Nữ herself volunteered to cooperate with other Souls from Palaces and Hộ Pháp in order to open the Supreme Being’s True Religion, to save all living beings by salvation, to make a delivery.

 Today is the Feast of Sakyamuni Buddha, we should know the sublime doctrine reached and preached by Sakyamuni Buddha. According to Buddhism as an ancient Religion that Bần Đạo/I was used to preach existence of Buddha appearing when mankind came to this earth. The Sakyamuni Buddha was influenced from that Buddhism and His soul Himself undertook a mission to save 10,000,000 men of original Soul to return to old throne. Due to that mission, He had to seek a delivery method so they people could obtain divine position.

 Why didn’t men of original Soul return to old throne? Why was there a mission to display a delivery method to 10,000,000 men of original Soul so that they could obtain their throne? What doctrine did He find for human beings to avoid being banished? He understood: Four Noble Truths are causes making men of original Soul banished without delivery. He displayed the delivery organ from misery “Four Noble Truths”. Consequently, His sublime doctrine would help 10,000,000 men of original Soul return to old throne. Due to my knowledge, He intended to descend earth so that creatures supported made His tower of thirty six Lotus Petals.

I think that although Buddhas in Nirvana with Lotus Petals at Pyramid are more sublime than Him such as Amitaba Buddha, Their Lotus Petal has not been equal to His lowest grade of Lotus Petal, which is extremely creditable. I assert surely that there is no Buddha with braveness to create a Lotus Petal, which is reputable similar to His lowest grade. Bần Đạo/I also assert that it is too long for Him to visit this earth because He scared most. He stopped after creating His lowest grade of Lotus Petal. It is extremely creditable because of spending many miseries.

 How harmful! The people, who have not obtained the miracle secret of creation, think about it under easiness. They think about obtainment just by eating and living. That awkward status happens because mankind’s spirit daydreams, misunderstands that the eating and living are enough for obtainment of Tao.

 Looking back Sakyamuni Buddha’s life, He enlightened in Tao when He was 32 years old only. He enlightened in Tao easily that it is not humankind’s daydream doctrine. We saw He needed nothing. His life displayed a ascetic until he was 82 years old. At the last year of His old, He still propagated Tao. At His leave earth, He did not stay at any pagoda and lands offered to Him by other people. He died between two trees of Bo-Tree. Although He was 82 years old, He did not accept leisure but carried a Bowl to beg food for miserable invalid children. The Sakyamuni Buddha sustained miseries and betrayals. His disciples also sustained to live by begging. It is unnecessary for me to explain situation much but everybody knows status of carrying bowl. Is it full? His Disciples sustained austere things; when going to Benares region, that race ate fish. All of them ate rice with fish except most beloved disciple as Vadatha long fasted. We should think of six thousand disciples going everywhere and begging and they would eat what other people gave.

In Benare region, people gave fish. The disciple Vadatha said whoever ate fish was not a Buddha. It would be stable if applying law. When Sakyamuni Buddha authorized to eat fish, the disciple Vedatha induced to separate and leave with a few people with action against Sakyamuni Buddha. The issue was not serious but they betrayed Religion as the Caodaism that Religious branches appeared to exterminate Caodaism.

At one afternoon, when He was meditating at mountain foot, Vadatha rolled stone to kill Him. Is it possible that a Buddha dies in His boots such that way? There was a tree preventing it and a piece of stone fell to make His left leg bled. He started to hold His head and saw Vadatha on mountain. The Sakyamuni Buddha said: “why do you dare to make Buddha bled?”. It is said that Vadatha died due to that action and Vadatha’s race was vanishing because Vadatha killed Buddha, not to care Buddha’s life.

How quaint! The Jerusalem was a non-violence region but “Juif” as Hebrew killed Jesus Christ judged “your state must sustain a ruin situation and their race must be sentenced to be transported. Your national prestige will disappear. Whenever you may restore your state will be the end day of world”. For “end of world” used by Catholicism, it is very quaint and random we should pay attention to it. Nowadays, Supreme Being opens Caodaism, the Israel [Hebrew] restores their state with non-violence people in order to return to original. It is the Supreme Being’s amnesty day for offenders as the top people of humankind, as non-violence Israel. We think about it only to know Supreme Being coming to found His Religion in order to save living beings by universal salvation.

Bần Đạo/I predict that: “The Hebrew restored their state. We will do same to the “non-violence” race” to return to original because of receiving the amnesty of Supreme Being. The punishment judged by Sakyamuni Buddha is same to the punishment of Hebrew judged by Jesus Christ. After that, that is an amnesty. You consider His promise for execution. Whoever is still ambiguous, will die without existence of soul.

Due to the universal amnesty for living beings, Supreme Being comes to found it. That organ exists obviously. If we do not think about it, one day of return to Bạch Ngọc Kinh [God’s Court/ Jade Palace] without soul, when Divine Spirits prove this issue, we will not be able to cheat.

It is a great bliss for humankind! It is a great bliss for souls having a cause to admire Religion at the time of Supreme Being’s coming to live with people. If it is possible for delivery, Bần Đạo/I are not sure that this globe must change by a third time to be delivered from karma in order to return old position.






At Holy See, night of 30th October Kỷ Sửu year [1949]

 Tonight, Bần Đạo/I cease to preach Secret Dharma with an explanation of reason. Are we living in an animated condition because of continuous fight of spiritualism and materialism? In spite of canonized Dignitaries or male and female followers as a part of Supreme Being’s Holy Body. He creates our spirit because of His love. He creates divine thrones for His beloved children on this earth. He asks to sign a treaty with Him in order replace His image, to behave to All Living Creatures by spirit of mercy and justice. It means we must replace His image to harmonize All Living Creatures to unite with Supreme Being. The meaning is that He grants us a mission of harmonizing Religion and Secularity.

 The materialism is a theory of secularity while the spiritualism is a Religious theory. We ought to have followed the spiritualism because we have a mission of control replacement for spiritualism. Therefore, we have to pursue the spiritualism most. As we have signed a treaty with the Supreme Being to preserve justice for spirit harmony between Religion and Secularity, we should not collapse due to that justice.

 We study and look back to know a reason that the Caodaism does not use any superstition for strong belief. We do not need to do against, but use true doctrine all on this earth only because although we are false to Religious life or Secular life, that falsity makes the Creation organ collapsed. We do not need to trend to normal falsity anymore but exterminate that falsity. Moreover, at the circumstance we are executing as a medium between Religion and Secularity, we should not reply on power of superstition as our means to win evil power, which makes mankind’s spirit shifty. One discussion is using base methods to create a reaction in order to devalue the true Religion of Supreme Being. Bần Đạo/I tell truthfully to exterminate that crafty and dishonest falsity. To devalue is not easy. The person who can make a superstition is me, however I do not execute it because Bần Đạo/I use true doctrine of Supreme Being to teaching His children only.

Bần Đạo/I make friend with His children only, therefore Bần Đạo/I have not yet sat the living Buddha throne granted by Supreme Being. Actually, the superstition does not exist and it is surely unnecessary. Consequently, Bần Đạo/I cease the secret dharma and true doctrine. If preaching with a victory by using superstition power, it is cowardly. Therefore, Bần Đạo/I do not use it. I will use it when it is necessary. Bần Đạo/I promise to use the teaching method Supreme Being’s children only.


Now, Bần Đạo/I like preaching “Meaning of Human’s life”. Do we come this earth with a physical body that must know what meaning the life contains? As being born as a human on this earth, we should understand that life meaning thoroughly firstly. Consequently, from ancient time to this time, the mankind’s spirit has been pursuing always. That is the reason for appearance of Religions.

We observe doctrine of life all to know its reason. Our life has two parts obviously.

 1. Life of material. By a clear way, it is a life of animal method.

 2. Life of spirit is a brilliant life method. We see the eternally mutual fight of two powers. Therefore, the spiritualism and materialism appear. We try thinking about mankind’s history that mankind says the theory of “Human knows human most”. What for do we know us? We know us to understand our life thoroughly.

 We look back Ancient time, ancestors for foremost great men such as Socrate in Europe. At that stage, He displayed the theory of Supreme Being in Universe, which was applied with a reaction that people considered Him a national hostile. The power was so strong at that time. They sentenced Him by capital punishment. They gave Him a poison cup. When being confined in prison, He could discuss with philosophers. When they gave a poison cup to Him to ask Him drink, He held the poison cup and said goodbye to His friends by a calm speech.

 He said: “I know that: Besides Creation organ of secularity, there is the important invisible organ too. I assert its existence. Therefore, I wish this death so much. When drinking this poison cup, I will meet sages. Nothing is better”. After speech, He held the poison cup and drank it.

 At His moribund time, His disciples asked: “After death, where will you do or what will you do?” He smiled and said: “I have not known yet if I will be a lord of this Creation organ to rule great organ of Universe or I will become a foot of a grasshopper. Whatever happens, there is a Spirit holding decide me how to do always, I will follow it”. His death towards Him was disregarded by Him.

 After Đức Lão Tử [Lao-Tzu] had reached Eight Diagrams [Bát Quái], He left Châu court for Côn Lôn Sơn [Côn Lôn mountain] for resting. His disciples asked: “What for do you go to Côn Lôn mountain? Will you have bliss?” He answered: “Only my knowledge makes a particular interesting bliss for me. It is unnecessary to explain how that bliss is. However, I want to tell you only that: my knowledge makes me be able to enjoy the interesting solace of that life”.

 The Confucius left field of mandarin to teach His disciples but people considered situation unfortunate. However, His unfortunate time happening to Him was the time He was a mandarin of Châu dynasty, Tề dynasty and Yên dynasty and time of travelling states.


The time of living with His seventy sages, three thousand disciples was His happy stage because He knew His interesting life. He just felt happy with His Religious life only.

 In contrary, we look back life of Tần Thủy Hoàng, Sở Bá Vương. With nothing, they built emperor throne, oppressed people’s spirit at that time. They killed cruelly, executed everything by using their cruel power.

 How is the Tần Thủy Hoàng’s life? We look at his life and understand. Before his death, he moaned: “I can win the collecting talent for emperor legacy. I can not win death only”. Therefore, he asked other persons to seek the eternal remedy. He was such superstitious that he ate horse’s scrotum to live. However, he had to die.

 Nả Phá Luân had a chance to build a emperor legacy such an extent that Europe and satellites obeyed at that time. However, he had to die in Le Saint Helene prison.

 The most luxurious and rich king as Louis (XIV) of people was a Heaven King that all people had to obey, respect, him. In Europe, He was considered as a Suzerain of people at that time. He had everything with infinitely luxurious condition. His Palace was protected by seven turns of soldier to prohibit death happening to His Royal Family. However, it was impossible, the death came to His descendents. After that, He descended throne to his paternal grandchild. He moaned: “How harmful! My strict Royal rampart could not prevent the death coming to me”.

 Our luxurious position is similar to a tiger , which takes a bait and eats fully then lies for sleep but others also scare. However, it has not known the love. Nobody sees Whale’s life but it always saves whichever boat sunk. The tiger’s life is not worshipped by people but people worship Whale’s life.

 Those two special lives are lives of spiritualism and materialism. Bần Đạo/I describe them so that each child of Supreme Being examines for meditation.



At Holy See, night of 24th December Kỷ Sửu year [1949]

Today is the feast of Jesus Christ as Christna Buddha descending in Europe with a Religion. On yearly Christmas, our Caodaism also venerate Head of Catholicism as our Buddha. We consider Him a Head of a Religion existing on this earth. The Europe civilization was holding power for people for near 300,000 years.

Every year, if preaching His history, it becomes superabundant. Consequently, Bần Đạo/I today preach His piety to Supreme Being and Supreme Being’s sentimentality to Him. We saw and will see an example of “Gentle father – piety child” that it has not happened on this earth.

 After Jesus Christ had received a baptism from Mr. Saint Jean Baptist at Jourdais at a riverside, there was a halo appearing on air, lighting to His head to create three white pigeons and voice sending from the air: “My beloved child! I have entrusted in you”. At that time, the Jesus Christ was admitted as a beloved child by Supreme Being. Consequently, He had a right to call Himself child to Supreme Being and to call Supreme Being as father. He did not want to call father, but also wanted humankind could that special favor all as being children of Supreme Being as Him. Thus, the Catholicism has been propagating all over world.

We see His three-year propagation. He was terrorized, forced, oppressed by Moise power similar to our condition we have spent it. The Catholicism has been examined forever. He was killed by Herode Antipas of Palestine. Now, that situation is still happening.

By looking back, that time was the near coming of important mass of Polse Religion. On that ceremony, prisoners would be acquitted form capital punishment. For two persons: one robber as Baraba who killed many people without calculation, received the capital punishment done among Juifs people as Israel; Jesus Christ was sentenced for “charming rebel people”. People asked: who do you want to acquit. They answered to acquit Baraba and kill Jesus Christ.

Within three years of religious propagation, what do we see? Three years are not long for propagation because Israel became a colony from Roman’s hands. His propagation was not effective at all. Consequently, they sentenced Him as a thief and robber with a same judgment compared with killer. They hammered nails on Cross.

In Religious history, there was a person named Christ sentenced to death because of being deceitful. They said that: “You charm children of Juifs, you are sentenced to death, hammered on cross”. He died under that way. If there was no Divine eye of imposing Supreme Being, the Jesus Christ’s death would fall into oblivion only. There would not have any most Holy. The Supreme Being had promised, admitted child. Consequently, He lived with complete piety by offer His life to make Supreme Being’s name noble, in order to help humankind enjoy special favor granted by Supreme Being. That displays to help Supreme Being’s children know Jesus Christ’s piety to Supreme Being that there has not been any Religious Head doing that.

At final time, they hammered nails on cross. He was going to leave physical body in thirsty status because they famished and let him be thirsty. He knew that if asking water, they would give bitter bile. However, he could not sustain anymore, he petitioned for water. They took stone to dip bitter bile and gave Him. He drank bitter bile to undertake humankind’s miseries. After drinking, He held His head up air and said: “I have finished my mission entrusted by Father, so kindly offer my soul to Father’s hands”. After that, He died immediately. His piety was completely maintained until last time to Supreme Being. For Supreme Being, if He did not keep sentimentality towards His beloved child with a piety heart, the Jesus Christ’s death would be same to a death of a prison to death only, would not sit at Religious Head at very precious Divine throne on this earth until 2,000 years (point 1949) while the Jesus Christ executed His piety to Supreme Being within three years only. The Supreme Being has paid honor to Him for one thousand nine hundred forty nine years as this year. That lesson is useful and previous for Supreme Being’s children, who are staying in His arms. For us, is it possible that there is only one person with a piety to Supreme Being, as Jesus Christ?

Bần Đạo/I make a question. If there is one person with a piety heart to Supreme Being, as Jesus Christ, all children of Supreme Being will be very happy. If there is one person like Jesus Christ, how will humankind feel?

Bần Đạo/I let all children of Supreme Being study and let you do like Jesus Christ. In that case, the humankind’s bliss will be able to be described.



At Đại Đồng Xã [meaning: Great terrace of universal concord] on 25th December Kỷ Sửu year [1949]

Firstly, Bần Đạo/I would like saying thanks to Canonized Dignitaries of Sacerdotal Council of Nine-Divine-Plane Palace and Divine Alliance Palace, Charity Body, Soldier and all Supreme Being’s children coming here today to attend the memorial service for souls of soldiers sacrificed.

Bần Đạo/I am a Religious Head, it is unnecessary to express it but all of your also know how my heart-rending is. Each person can consider it.

 In continuous twenty seven years, from the time of opening Caodaism, I have followed an invisible shadow of Supreme Being to receive a divine mission to take His true doctrine into this earth. He entrusted me a most difficult obligation, which is to save slavery yoke for Vietnam in order to create a harmony sentiment between Vietnam and France to be come an example of psychology style for humankind on this earth. In order to make two parts harmonized justly and worthily, at least, we must do how to let the honorable aspect of two parts be equal. Consequently, Bần Đạo/I make a value for Vietnam how to be equal to all states of world by using Vietnamese race as Holy Body [Thánh Thể] of Supreme Being [Đức Chí Tôn] in order to seed the His True Religion into everywhere on the earth.

Alas! There were many sacrifices for foremost time of my exile in foreign country. When returning to fatherland, the war had begun; Supreme Being’s children sacrificed their blood to complete their divine mission.

When standing here with my speeches, Bần Đạo/I confess that: Bần Đạo/I never think about that case. The more I think, the more I remember the infinite secret of Supreme Being pre-predicted via a poem granted in Bính Dần year [Tiger year] as newly born Religion.

 “Don’t think of ambiguity for Deification,

 On ocean, who has ever met Me,

 Reply on earth to awake world,

 Same to replying on pen of Hồ”

 Actually, Bần Đạo/I did not think about thing that He predicted: the present situation is play of Deification redone.

In front of Death Tablet of Holy Souls of Soldiers, Bần Đạo/I think that it is not different from Côn Lôn mountain of Lao-Tzu [Đức Lão Tử] that He endured miseries to found the Deification Board. How many miseries He endured, Bần Đạo/I also endure that amount today.

How drops of blood of Supreme Being’s beloved children there are, there are that amount of lives of Caodai heroes sacrificed. Each blood drop is a pain united together.

To want Vietnam’s future to be able to hold head up states of world without disgrace, at least, among National People, among children of Vietnam, they must be enough brave with enough spirit, enough virtue, intensely loyal patriotism in order to bring a real bliss to Vietnamese race. For persons we want to seek….Bần Đạo/I pardon to say that they only appear in this Caodai gate.

For each life, we obviously see that human who dared to sacrifice displays a worthy child of nation and race. Those heroes are worthy children of Vietnam, loyal race of Vietnam because they dared to sacrifice to their Fatherland. We make a question: can we find them or not when we lost them? Bần Đạo/I make an ambiguous question…The future will tell appearance or disappearance clearly. Bần Đạo/I wish an issue that those sacrifice examples will be in mind of Caodai soldiers. Bần Đạo/I wish and think that eternal remembrance is the noble reputation of Religion.



At Holy See, 1st January Canh Dần year [16th February 1950]

Bần Đạo/I recollect Bính Dần year at this time, this day of last year; Supreme Being came via a séance. At that time, under Đức Cao Thượng Phẩm [Cao Quỳnh Cư – Director of Secular Affair belonging Divine Alliance Palace] and Bần Đạo as mediums, He asked both of us to stand up. He told by writing: told His female and male children to handle under séance pen, so that He blessed everyone. The séance pen was lifted and everybody executed. Tonight, He also does like what He did in last year. At this time, in my mind, Bần Đạo/I assert that: this yearly time of this day, He always stays at His children. Tonight, He also blesses His children specially and specifically. We should assert and believe it.

We can assert that: 24 years ago, He said that it would be just worthy for us under a role of His Holy Body [Thánh Thể] to do how to make Vietnamese race independent from slavery. That divine difficult mission was entrusted in Bần Đạo/me to execute it.

Alas! Bần Đạo/I recollected the time of over twenty years ago that if He asked to go to Heaven to unravel the sun and moon and to put them on this earth, I thought about it is possible. For delivery from slavery for Vietnam, Bần Đạo/I was not sure whether I would be able to do successfully.

At this time, Bần Đạo/I see that He kept His promise with execution for all children of Supreme Being. By looking back, no year is contains bliss like this year.

Bần Đạo/I confess that from the time of being born to this time, Bần Đạo/I have not ever enjoyed bliss like this year. It is extremely happy! Bần Đạo/I am satisfied to execute the divine mission of Supreme Being. The Supreme Being granted to the flag of saving world from this Caodaism gate, in order to deliver slavery of Vietnam, in order to claim National independence. When Bần Đạo/I stood at this pulpit at previous time, there was nothing. Now, Bần Đạo/I dared to undertake and protect independence and union of Vietnam. It must be successful. Now, it is successful.

 Bần Đạo/I am 61 years old when Canh Dần year [1950] comes. On this temporary world, this is the first time Bần Đạo/I may enjoy the infinite bliss granted by Supreme Being.

 Bần Đạo/I want to repeat and to witness for all male and female children of Supreme Being that if all Supreme Being’s children with just some million souls having a steady belief as Đức Quyền Giáo Tông Thượng Trung Nhựt [Interim Pope], Đức Thượng Phẩm Cao Quỳnh Cư and Hộ Pháp Phạm Công Tắc, Bần Đạo/I dare to ensure that: you can move Bà mountain to Saigon City. We can say that this Caodaism is successful due to Thượng Trung Nhựt’s belief.

 Bần Đạo/I tell you that the independence and union of Vietnam have been done well. Bần Đạo/I stand here without lie and prepare to kindly receive the infinite bliss granted by Supreme Being.

 On 5th January Canh Dần year of lunar calendar coming nearly, all Vietnameses will be very joyful. Whoever knows it will welcome an honor. That time is the time of bloomer in front of their sight. 

Bần Đạo/I will arrange how to let manifestation be ceremonial to support the children’s spirit of Supreme Being and all National People, in order to enjoy the bliss that they have been waiting for over 80 years.








At Holy See, Mouse time on 8th January Canh Dần year [1950]

Tonight, if raising hands and counting, we may see that Supreme Being has come for 25 years with His True Religion as method to save world. Bần Đạo/I recollect His coming; He recommended His children with a divine mission of descending the earth with Him, to come to unite in order create His holy body. Within over twenty years, we feel melancholy when looking back His tiresome miseries to mind. The Great Merciful Father is merciful, humane without discussion. He came to guide person by person, to seduce person to person and He brought an infinite precious holiness to exchange for our passionate heart to be an organ of saving world. Bần Đạo/I confess that when He just came, most of us did not understand Tao at all even our brother who had received a mission in hands, as being His holy body did not understand meaning of Tao too. They only closed eyes to follow Him. For Bần Đạo/me, at that time Great Merciful Father [Đại Từ Phụ] spoke an important speech to me: “Tắc, do you accept to offer your physical body so that Master/I found Religion to save world?”

Bần Đạo/I replied determinedly that: “My race is still in slavery, fatherland is still being depended, how can I have a religious life?” He smiled and said: “You can not do those matters, let Master”. Bần Đạo/I recollect the “let Master” used easily by Him. However, over twenty years have elapsed already. He promised that issue when He just came to Cao Thượng Phẩm and Bần Đạo/me end of Mouse year. According to our earthly character, we feel sad perhaps but we are living in time while Supreme Being lives in space. We count day by day, month by month, year by year while He only takes His decision as basis. For that simple promise, nowadays we can see that He never breaks His promise to us. If we consider His organ done to deliver Vietnamese race’s slavery, we will see a stern activity that our earthly mind can not divine and Bần Đạo/I want to say that: there is no earthly person who can execute successfully. To deliver Vietnam’s slavery, His infinite power was used to operate international States to make an ebullience war of world, to hurry backward states fighting for their possessive right, for independence of their race and state. The possessive right is their decision right for their life. In this Orient, whichever backward states can be delivered; they can fight for independence and union. The Vietnam fatherland also progresses upon that framework to decide its destiny. The condition of independence and union of Vietnam contain many severe issues, which can not be done by earthly mind. Therefore, it needs Supreme Being’s hands and His children. At this pulpit, Bần Đạo/I do not tell a lie that Vietnam is upon most difficult condition. Vietnam and Vietnamese race have been in sentiment dept to Him that we do can not know to value it. His heart wants to seed a sentiment debt to Vietnamese race. What is it for? We make a question. To be enough fundamental meaning, Bần Đạo/I say that His wish is very simple with a very low value that He just wants Vietnamese to become His holy body [Thánh Thể = Sacerdotal Council] replacing His image to share His miseries, to help Him support miserable people, to solace humankind’s heart in continuous pain happening to their fight for their life. Their fight is to seek their independence to protect their life. Without exemplary for their psychology determined, even they fight to create their living right, they need Humanity at least in order to help mankind’s life. They must not protect their life by usurp other people’s life. Bần Đạo/I assert that play brings you a karma only. The Supreme Being coming to found His True Religion is to essentially to help them not fight life together, to solace. That is His will.



8th January Canh Dần year [1950]

Dear male and female Canonized Dignitaries, Sacerdotal Council,

 Dear Mandarins, Dignitaries,

Dear comrades and Caodai soldiers,

Bần Đạo/I are now standing at this Pulpit with a sentiment, which is different from two previous times.

Bần Đạo/I confess that I have been taking the divine mission to harmony people’s psychology, have been taking divine organ entrusted by Supreme Being, have been taking the love theory and merciful theory to save humankind’s situation in extreme upset. It is afraid that their ardour fight to decide their living method, which pushes them into the path of extermination. Without moral power to preserve Humanity steadily, they will fall into the path of extermination only.

Dear Sirs, whoever steps on fight path, always looks at victory path only. For path of loving human, they throw it away outside their action.

Bần Đạo/I recollect that after my exile of 5 years in foreign country, I see a chaotic condition with war happening in fatherland. The existence and perishableness of race maybe go under the international evolution rule. 

Nowadays, for their fight power, we know well that there is not any power dominating humankind’s ambition to decide their destiny for existence and independence on this earth.

Although we have known such obligation, there is one most compunction happening to Religion’s dear Vietnam. Even Bần Đạo/I represents the International spirit, I confess my race is still Vietnamese that Bần Đạo/I have been still in sentiment dept to Vietnam. Bần Đạo/I must pay that debt.

One whole fight life is to deliver slavery for Vietnam because it is not due to race ambition but justice.

Nowadays, Bần Đạo/I still go to the end, however the reason of slavery delivery for races is the first one.

Bần Đạo/I know well that the fight repeals sentiment. However, there is one issue making a noise that leaders for fatherland’s path exterminate the intense true patriots ruthlessly because of ideal and party fight.

Bần Đạo/I feel most amazed: for the great achievements of Caodaism when staining on 9th March 1945. For that military feat, whole Vietnamese people should have been in debt to them. In contrary, when Bần Đạo/I returned and saw sinless believers of Supreme Being and National People standing between two arrows of France and Viet Minh Communism.

Alas! Many lives have been sacrificed due to injustice and inhumanity. This is the reason Bần Đạo/I step out the fight and stand between in order to protect sinless National People from cruel murder. 

That is the reason why the Caodai military between two arrows to resist the arrow of France firstly, to resist the arrow of Việt Minh [Communism] secondly, in order to protect lives of Vietnamese race.

Due to mercy and love heart, due to divine noble ambition of National People, we determinedly sacrifice to raise the flag of: “Life Protection-Humanity-Universal Concord” according to love and mercy. The main purpose of Caodai Military is put on the flag. They want to save situation to restore National Prestige.

 Today, Bần Đạo/I stand here without shyness of my old age. I am 61 years old to enjoy a last bliss due to divine justice on this earth by Supreme Being that Vietnam is independent and united and the Vietnam race is delivered from slavery.

Bần Đạo/I like saying thanks to all soldiers sacrificed because of that obligation.




At Holy See, on Mouse time of 15th January Canh Dần year [1950]

Tonight is the full moon day of First Circle, which is the most important ceremony of Caodaism at the embryo time. Normally, people in spite of mandarin, four social classes and four works: Intellectual, Farmer, Industrialist, Businessman, Fisher, Woodcutter, Ploughman, Breeder often attend the ceremony of a new year to know their result within one year passing. Nowadays, Bần Đạo/I imitate them to calculate how our value with a role of a part of Supreme Being’s Holy Body is.

 Sacerdotal Council, male and female believers of Disciple rank! Listen to my clear speeches: The Supreme Being’s Holy Body is not only the Canonized Dignitaries but also other parts in His True Religion. You must know that for your physical body, your brain, face, hands, legs are only important, but also a stem of hair, a nail. For parts in Supreme Being’s Holy Body, Qua/I tell you clearly that those are not only Canonized Dignitaries but Supreme Being’s map draw clearly: The Great Merciful Father is above, you are below! The Supreme Being’s Holy Body does not include Canonized Dignitaries only. Now, Qua/I tell you: tonight, Qua/I preach for male and female Disciples and younger generation. Must pay attention much! As being a human born in society, we must obviously seek method to establish our position. Everybody is same, however every one’s ambition always wants to do how his value is higher than others. After establishment for our position and fame, in spite of wish or dislike, we still examine to value to know which class it belongs to, to know at which level our position and fame is. That is a natural cause for everybody’s mind. We see that a normal mandarin or Emperor holding the power to dominate people has an ambition to do how to hand over his noble fame so that people venerate and respect him. For that reason, mandarin field hands over the living method “Three Principal Social Bonds and Five Constant Virtues” [Three Principal Social Bonds: King-Subject, Father-Child, Husband-Wife. Five Constant Virtues: Compassion, Humanity, Behavior Rule, Mind, Loyalty. There are three more ranks of people entering administration, who must have enough uprightness, immaculacy handed in people’s mind with a worthy value. The rich work hard so that they save their property to beautify their fame and reputation: we are not luxurious but we have property, it is alright if I feel impressive. That is the natural cause of epoch that taking value to measure value to know how it has brought value to us. Nowadays, we do same. You also obey a divine miracle speech of Great Merciful Father coming to us by a supernatural method as a nib. He comes to be close to us, to love us and all of us follow and see, then go after Him. We sustain many miseries, difficulties in Religion. At least, we must study meaning and value of our sacrifice. We must do well to specify our value.

 Bần Đạo/I tell you that in spite of High Officials, Princes with a great infinite wealth, just one life makes it stopped. We may see the world with Tần Palaces, Hớn Palaces to consider if they still maintain their value now. We may see a world domination power with its noble fame and reputation on this earth that humankind has established position on this earth. We do not feel strange by reading some history pages that their wealth handed on this earth generation by generation with many stages. Its existence is not different from a flower in blooming in morning and fading in afternoon without any value. We mind to compare much and we just see a shadow as the light of Sun crossing a window only without any importance. Of course, we now see a path in front of humankind inducing them for fame, power. We raise a spirit balance to define its value and we see no value, which is not different from a dream or yellow millet dream [reader should read this story]. We took our fame before our awakening of Caodaism , stood in middle of a path Supreme Being would be passing, however we did not see His shadow, we still enjoyed the smell of life, His divine smell. We knew that He replied on this physical body to be a Boat of Wisdom [Prajna] to save world, to use whole spirit and mind to be a sentence of prayer without word in order to operate humankind’s spirit in progress towards their humanity, in order to preserve the life on this earth, in order to offer this physical body to Supreme Being’s hands so that He establish method of delivery from misery. It is not only for world but we also undertake the divine mission, which is more previous than previous time that we use our souls as an example to save souls banished, to make them noble and honorable. Bần Đạo/I explain those preliminarily so that all children of Supreme Being pay attention to consider it then to specify your value.



At Holy See, night of 1st February Canh Dần year [1950]

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I explain where the finding for bliss of humankind pushes them into.

One ceremony comes after every one 15-day-time. After ceremony, all of us are tired. It lasts one hour and thirty minutes or one hour and forty five minutes. Therefore, Bần Đạo/I normally try to recap neatly in a nutshell, however I cannot preach many important issues in short time.

Truthfully, there are many subjects Bần Đạo/I write in a collection book for humankind’s life on this earth. For their life, we wonder whether they can seek their bliss. It is not possible…they maybe get a shadow of bliss only; they can not find it.

This earth contains two issues:

1. Seeking shadow will push them into the path of extermination.

2. Seeking bliss leads to the universal concord.

We try thinking about Buddhism doctrine telling that: when we come to this earth with physical body, we endure attachment of four miseries [birth, oldness, disease, death]. When we face on misery, we desire bliss. However, where do we seek it?

 Bần Đạo/I tell you truthfully that the bliss humankind is looking for now, is a daydream, which is not different from looking for fish on tree. For value of humankind in their miserable situation, Bần Đạo/I do not deny their engross endeavor, which proves a progress stage, a civilization epoch of atom period that they can fly on Heaven, submerge in water, exterminate this globe, can do what they like because their examining matter to penetrate things helps them have chemical method to create machines. For examples, for flying on sky, there is airplane. There is submersed ship if they want to go down water. There is motorcycle helping them to run faster. Those require money, therefore they must work to have money. When having money, they can go to air or down water easily.

 We look back the Supreme Being’s speech in prophecy when the Catholicism was established: “You! live. Can live with your sweat and tear”.

 To seek bliss requires money, but seeking replied on humankind’s sweat and tear pushes humankind into animated fight for life and death.

We try thinking to be brave to admit the reality whether our life from birth contains any bliss. 

We see that humankind’s misery is not different from a human who has a boil, he feels painful and afraid then to touch it forever. He scares forever but he is always painful. Is there any body, who scares to extract it on this earth? Nobody dares to do that. As we are miserable, we need seek a method to exterminate that misery.

We see that humankind’s misery is not different from a human who has a boil, he feels painful and afraid then to touch it forever. He scares forever but he is always painful. Is there any body, who scares to extract it on this earth? Nobody dares to do that. As we are miserable, we need seek a method to exterminate that misery.

Consequently, the animated fight for bliss contains competition for life. The fight is due to unreal bliss, therefore they must exchange bliss by their sweat and tear. The exchange requires the animated fight happening now for that unreal bliss.

We may see two theories at this time:

1. Communism

 2. Capitalism

They are fighting together. One side sees their bliss with ready properties; they want to go to Heaven and want to go down water to seek bliss. As they can do that, they fight and murder together. Other side tells that I must work so that I can live happily. If I have property, I have right to enjoy it. They are fighting together because of two theories. They fight but that fight causes hostilities leading to the extermination. They scare hostilities very much, scare war coming because the future is not same to two previous wars but it is the atom hydrogen war. They are not due to human’s life but they run frightfully to seek the unreal bliss. Therefore, they fight together forever. As they are frightened of war, they call upon peace by their guns and arrows. They are living contradictorily. While they are frightened of war, they create war.

 Firstly, they scare war, therefore they seek peace because the peace is a method for their life. The war is the self-extermination while they wish to have bliss for their life. Unexpectedly! Seeking unreal bliss pushes them to death.

Consequently, they found United State Alliance….The cunning play always happens that strength wins weakness, wisdom exists, and stupidiness is oppressed. There is no reality, how can they have world peace? If weak countries were not usurped on this earth, the peace would come back.

Two previous wars pushed humankind into terrible murder.

 Now, they want to seek a method to harmonize two theories. One side tells to use the proletarianism to protect people’s peace to reach a concord world.

 Other side tells that: must execute to make bliss for humankind by strength to make riches as the method of competition robbery.

 At this time, two theories are fighting together…There is a quaint thing, which will happen in front of our sight. How strange! The Supreme Being’s miracle lets Vietnam perform an extraordinary play…This time is the time we are delivering from slavery and we can speak out in advance that Vietnam is equal to all states on over world. 

How harmful! Vietnam is a battlefield of two blocs fighting together, which are bawling in Vietnam region.

 Will it become a battleground for all States?

 (When Bần Đạo/I speak out, people will reckon that I am superstitious). Bần Đạo/I say that: If Vietnamese race protects their life firstly to make an example for all States imitating, the Supreme Being will perhaps gather all states in front of Vietnam and Vietnam will have a secret speech to tell them that: Humankind’s seeking for bliss is unreal. All your methods are wrong except one incomparable method: whenever humankind wishes peace, takes their body to help humankind’s body, takes their body to help other ones; the bliss will come true.

 For your methods executed, they are same to water drops of rain falling.

 As you are mutually deceitful, you never reach the bliss.




At Gratitude Temple on 15th February Canh Dần year [1950]

Today, we discuss a matter that we need to discuss together. If we believe surely that: Mother Buddha [Holy Mother] is our Mater, we must believe in Her. According to my thoughts, all things belonging this physical body are created by Holy Mother. The Great Merciful Father is the father of our soul only as our secular parents. Our father grants us one drop of sperm and our blood is from our mother. The Supreme Being grants one light as a soul while our mind and physical body are created by Holy Mother’s hands. For those two sovereignties, if we petition to be delivered, there will not have other wisdom compared with the petition to Supreme Being. For our physical body, if we are painful, the petition to Mother is surer. We may obtain many things from petition to our Mother but petition to our Father just reaches a failure only. Is that right? Especially, womankind has to reply on Holy Mother stronger. When you bear weak children or have a low belief, why don’t you go to Mother for petition? The Holy Mother Herself has enough power grants Her children. For married believers, you should serve Holy Mother and petition to bear good children as sublime souls coming to us. That issue is very wise. Remember that if we believe it surely, it will surely come true. Bần Đạo/I find that womankind is very chilly for that issue.




At Holy See, Mouse time of 15th February Canh Dần year [1950]

Today is the feast of Đức Thái Thượng Đạo Tổ [Master of Daoism/Taoism/太上道祖 - 太上老君/ Lao-Tze born in China at Thương dynasty]. Bần Đạo/I and Great Canonized Dignitaries always explain His Religious History yearly. If explaining again, it is not useful because everybody knows already. Today, Bần Đạo/I preach influence of His Daoism only.

At the chaotic period, Bần Đạo/I say that humankind is travelling on the path of interest replied on His sublime doctrine handed over. How is the influence from that doctrine? Bần Đạo/I would like to try discussing, so that children of Supreme Being should study it more.

His Holiness Thái Thượng Đạo Tổ used the spiritual basic to control human’s life. The human’s life can progress forever for spiritual intellect. Actually, humankind has reached sublime things from that doctrine for foremost intellectuals, who have reached the secret and ability of creation body in order to cultivate this present life. We think that we have touched a rather high point. Bần Đạo/I say that the atom epoch humankind has obtained due to the special directions to the secret mystery of creation power.

However, after obtaining ability of creation body, instead of serving humankind by morality and humanity, they do contrarily. They use talent cultivated and collect power of creation body to be a weapon to exterminate humankind.

Actually, the atom of scholars, Doctors has reached that point. His Holiness Thái Thượng Ngươn Thỉ had known in advance. However, His will was to preserve human life, not exterminate life as present people.

His esoteric is at the spirit practicing energy to essentially obtain the atom. That is the energy practice secret. He had known and obtained 2,500 year ago. He had thought that the ability would protect our soul wining reaction of our physical body, our spirit would control our life.

How harmful! The missionaries thought of enough ability to protect humankind’s life by that sublime doctrine.

In contrary, we saw that missionaries hurried to fight in battlefield only. We see history handed over that Taoism doctrine induced chaos, not to maintain peace.

Whenever humankind knows the point of reality of that doctrine to serve humankind with their wisdom from His ability, at that time humankind will enjoy His favor put on this earth.



At eight o’clock 1st March Canh Dần year [1950]

[At Tower]

This day annually coming is the day of all children of Supreme Being with a regret at Him for foremost me. He is my friend, your brother. If His Holiness Cao Thượng Phẩm [Director of Religious Affair] were still alive, He would be happy to see the bliss of Vietnamese race, to see the Caodaism reaching a point of undertaking a Divine important mission to decide the future destiny for all people. If you know the value of His death, you will regret very much.

His Holiness Cao Thượng Phẩm did not only love Vietnam fatherland intensely, not only care to deliver all races from slavery, but also loved whole humankind confined by society injustice. Due to justice, love to humankind, He sacrificed His life in order to receive the Flag of saving from misery of Supreme Being. Qua/I tell you truthfully that at the time of His merit ending nearly, as the time of return to His throne, He regretted one thing only that He would not have any time to shoulder your miseries to build aspect of true religion, in order to deliver humankind under Society injustice. He regretted one issue only. In His poem, He mentioned intensely beloved Vietnam. He knew that:

1) Vietnam will become a divine torch to enlighten whole humankind so that they know their meaning of live.

2) Vietnam will become a symbol for a flag of saving from misery.

 3) Vietnam will build a reputable palace for whole His Holy Body put there, and show hands to guide people to execute His life protection.

You must know His miseries in trying to build Vietnam firstly, so that humankind has a torch shadow later. What a pity! The achievement just comes now. If He was alive now with a noble mind, determined will, intense love for human, He would perhaps help us obtain many stronger achievements, values and fortunes.

What a pity! We have lost a spirit, an ability helping us execute a divine mission. At this divine time, His soul is staying with you for foremost Military to hold a flag to protect life and humanity.

Now, Qua/I think you can reach victory to bring bliss to humankind. If you must fail, the humankind future will be pending under a question mark containing an ambiguous danger.

You must be determined. Now, His soul is staying with you.



At Holy See, night of 1st March Canh Dần year [1950]

Tonight is the feast of His Holiness Cao Thượng Phẩm. Bần Đạo/I will replace His speech to preach one subject. The Supreme Being came here one day with two persons only. If Bần Đạo/I preached, Đức Cao Thượng Phẩm was a hearer. If Đức Cao Thượng Phẩm preached, Bần Đạo/I was a hearer because the Supreme Being’s essential coming was to teach the preaching method.

At that moment, Đức Cao Thượng Phẩm paid attention to present China status. We have seen an animated miserable play in horrible mutual murder in front of us that from the national foundation of China until this time, it has not ever happened like this. China is the location of Confucianism, which has become weak. Therefore, Supreme Being created an ancient civilization, which has been propagating for over 2,500 years. The foremost Vietnam has been under influence of that Religion and the Vietnam civilization also appeared from that Religion. The most important issue is that we have to admit the Caodaism using that basis. All of us must pay attention to the ancient Religion future as a basis for human spirit done by Supreme Being.

At that time, Đức Cao Thượng Phẩm also thought about that issue. He queried that China dominated a greatly powerful country using only the greatly basic spirit to dominate people peacefully, however now it pursues a modern civilization called as chemical civilization by us. It only exists by fight, by using strength as its basis, which is the weapon to dominate secularity. Two methods with two actions in front of humankind have displayed that which is good, which is bad, which is successful or failed. For the great civilization dominating people, God and Human dominate people together obviously. The issue, which makes us most moved, is the play happening that we do not know when it ends. What a pity! The China owns such a civilization with an extraordinary strength, but it must be in murder condition nowadays.

Last day, Bần Đạo/I went to Kim Biên [belongs Cambodia] and met a Mandarin Des Basaords. He asked a strange issue by mentioning Confucius born sooner than Jesus Christ 500 years, Mahomet born later than Jesus Christ 500 years. After this query, Bần Đạo/I see they had a same future because their theory of God and human dominating together. Bần Đạo/I immediately answered: “those three persons are apart 500 years but they were same in one only”. He smiled and asked if Bần Đạo/I had observed the doctrine activity of three Religions that God and human dominating together. If it did not occur in that way, where would human’s life and death go to? Would their activity exist? Would it be eternal? Otherwise, the extermination is coming from state domination, which is at great thinker’s mind of humankind. We see that battlefield for life ignores death and battlefield cares death but ignores life. Two reasons are different.

How harmful! If whole humankind enjoyed the moral middle infinite doctrine of Confucius, handed over, the humankind’s destiny would not reach a dangerous point, which damages their future, and perhaps pushes them into extermination. There are two quaint doctrines:

1. One side directs this physical body. I know my life, but death by fighting for life, by eating meat or by killing people.

2. One side says that I ignore my life; this body is not remarkable. I just esteem my soul.

Two sides are also excessive. How can it avoid animated spirit body battle on this earth? Due to that fight, humankind becomes chaotic not to know whichever one to reply their body for existence.

After Đức Cao Thượng Phẩm’s discussion, it is the time for my discussion. The His Holiness Cao Thượng Phẩm’s theory is the alliance of God and human that humankind is querying by a question. There has been nobody solving this issue. They carried out or did not carried out but humankind spirit is still ambiguous without a truth. He said: “if we are living with a truthful Religion, they also have enough three principal society relations and five constant virtues to live in doctrine of true religion” They take their lives determinedly to protect other people’s lives. Whoever does not have ability to protect him, lives as an animal only. You all living beings and it will let you know a noble and marvelous doctrine.

You have no secret, it means you will not exist!

Even you are strong with a life under a strong method, even you are weak with a life under a weak method, you can not own that life and this temporary life does not contain a real life. The real life is the life containing origin and sovereignty, which comes from Creator’s hands. That is the real life. It means we must admit the God dominating our physical body and soul.

If there was that power, we would say that nobody scares others, nobody esteems because of living as an animal. We must fight, compete lives to support our life. When we die, it will become an animal only without meaning. If accepting that theory, we believe in nobody. If believing destiny, we will scare this Spirit who can exterminates our physical body and soul banished into hell. That thought proves our scare. If we scare, we will be able to maintain existence. Otherwise, the battlefield happens continuously forever.

He looked back mutual murder in China and He said that we have enjoyed a favour, such a sovereignty of God and human dominating together while people are following up life fight. They murder to die because of life fight.



At Holy See, Mouse time of 13th March Canh Dần year [1950]

Tonight, Bần Đạo/I preach to you unusually. As previous times, Bần Đạo/I see Supreme Being’s children pick up a noisy for my journey to hear new and understand Religion’s activity. Consequently, I always report to you. As I was tired yesterday, today I will report to you. Otherwise, my conscience feels unpleasant. I let all of you know to avoid being duped by other people.

Now, the humankind spirit on this earth is falling into indefinite status. As they created karma, nowadays they must endure society injustice. As such many causes, now they must endure indefinite status that I cannot live leisurely but run in an indefinite circle. The society used force to kill animal as a basic with plays of strength wining, of weakness failing, of intelligence existing, of stupidiness disappearing, which created an infinite karma on this earth that they must pay for this debt now. We can be out of the animated circle because we reply on Supreme Being’s private favour, which leads us to the restful condition and we can see people standing at cruelty.

In front of our sight, a play lacking morality is happening. Especially, the basic human ethics have been falling into ruin. They will be destroyed more because they lack experience. Due to lack of experience, they continue mutual animosities, mutual hates and they cannot have a method to create bliss. They must have mutual confidence. Otherwise, humankind never has a peace.

The Vietnam was also caught at condition. They was being endured that karma for over eighty years of slavery. In order to preserve lives for Orient races, they had to fight against Europe. The future decision for Vietnamese race is same to that case. At this moment, the violent war is still continuing forever because of their lack of experience. Due to lack of experience, they kill together in spite their fellow human being. If lacking of reconcilable experience, chaos occurs without method to seek bliss. This chaos comes from no confidence. For Vietnam, despite facing to world, we also win due to Đức Bảo Đại’s lead [Bảo Đại emperor] that 28 countries have admitted to be independent and despite Russia with Hồ Chí Minh’s lead, that side also admits Vietnam’s independence.

For present condition, we obviously use intellect to decide not to let other people dupe any more. Bần Đạo/I see that at this time, Vietnam has been independent in front of admit of all countries. With wish or without wish, there is a strong evidence. France cannot go back not to admit Vietnam’s independence.

Now, we mention our internal authority of Vietnam. We have been appreciated for over eighty years. Now, we must claim that property right determinedly. However, our internal power is still queried. The government of France wanted to make an experiment to hand over that authority but they wanted to hand over to person, who has ability to preserve it. The France is afraid of one issue that the authority handed to a person who cannot keep it will be snatched. Consequently, they have not handed it yet due to internal power. In order to be not denied by people, at least military must be united to protect authority obviously, put in front of people’s sight, so that we have enough method, enough ability to preserve our independence. There will not have any reason France does not turn back us. The humankind has admitted independence, they must turn back.

Before France appreciated our country, it had been a completely prosperous peaceful country. We had got a Civilization, manner, ethic with a 4,000-year-steady politics handed by our Ancestor that we do not need to petition or reply on others. Before they applied whichever method, now we also do by making a copy.

If asking us to be in France Union, the France Union must turn back our internal authority. Otherwise, nobody has right to force us to offer our property to them. If there was any country with a being brave to speak out by those speeches that status would not maintain until now. For a long time, nobody has said it except my mouth just done. At this time, Bần Đạo/I have handed over Military to State Head Bảo Đại. The military must be handed over to His hands for His victory. From this time, Caodai Military does not exist anymore but it is a basic of Vietnam future, as Vietnam Military.

Bần Đạo/I went to Đà Lạt [Đà Lạt city] and stayed in Sài Gòn city within one week for complete arrangement for organs to help Vietnam Government change into the united and dependent purpose as France’s promise in front of admit of all States.



At Holy See, Mouse time of 27th March Canh Dần year [1950]

Today, Bần Đạo/I stand at pulpit unusually. I know that all Canonized Dignitaries, Sacerdotal, male and female children of Supreme Being always wait news from my each journey. Therefore, despite going everywhere, I always report to you, otherwise you are very agitated.

For a long time, Bần Đạo/I have not ever enjoyed a happy period with a great-satisfied victory as my journey to Cambodia. Actually, eleven year had elapsed and Bần Đạo/I went back Cambodia. Before 2 years of exile, Bần Đạo/I had gone there once. After that, Bần Đạo/I was maltreated by exiling to Foreign Country. When going back, Cambodia was in chaos with a trouble accident as others. However, they still had a more virtue that the sabotage in their country happened less. Therefore, Bần Đạo/I was not shameful to go to that race containing the spiritual mind. Bần Đạo/I saw its strong progress in a short time that people have to think and look at their spiritual mind.

Besides their people’s spirit progress, Bần Đạo/I also met their Head as their Emperor, who is not lower than others towards spiritual morality. By their noble mystery, their Way can make humankind’s moral spirit increased.

Bần Đạo/I began from Holy See by motor. However, they advised me to journey by airplane. Bần Đạo/I decided to go by land. What did I go by land for? In order to look at how my beloved race was living, to see if their salvation life was in progress. Bần Đạo/I felt happy to see their prompt progress. The houses near to Vietnam border were destroyed except that they still exist from Swvay Rieng province [Cambodia] to capital, however they were damaged a little bit. When reaching Kim Biên, I saw a strange progress, a moral change, an economic change, a military change, a brilliant politics change with many aspects.

A country quaintly enjoys a favour with a private bliss, therefore Cambodia has been progressing well. Bần Đạo/I saw that from King to people and mandarin field have protected their politics smartly. They fought towards spirit intellect by determined mind but they esteemed people right, country right more than interests.

Bần Đạo/I might see the freedom of their country from Svay Rieng province to Capital. In their country, they displayed Religious flag along streets to welcome their Religious Head freely without fear. Especially, in Ba Nam, they displayed banners and flags loudly at streets. Their decoration was very nice. Bần Đạo/I was welcome solemnly.

For days in Cambodia, Bần Đạo/I, Secular Conservator [Bảo Thế], Religious Legislator [Tiếp Đạo] were free without any inconvenience. Especially, we stayed in Capital under a strict watch, with esteem behavior. Bần Đạo/I and friends felt very moved. We also invited Mandarin Sáu Desesseares in Cambodia for meeting and it made military satisfied with an esteem to us.

We continued to go to the King. He welcomed us at His private residence by royal rite, which is applied for His beloved relatives. That generous welcome without fancy made very surprised for King’s behavior.

When arriving destination, Music department went to King throne to display national fag. We hurriedly got off motor, music was played, soldiers holding gun welcome us. We went to the national flag to hold a ceremony. We then entered Palace while we were holding that ceremony next to soldiers holding gun. In Palace, He saw us coming, He requested soldiers to go out to welcome us. We did not think about His generous welcome. When arriving, we saw Him wearing nice Western clothes with an intelligent face as an Emperor. He held two hands with a bow. It made Bần Đạo/me kowtowed. After that, Bần Đạo/I shook hands with Him equally and entered Palace while we were talking together. His Palace is normally used to welcome His honor guest. He invited Bần Đạo/me to be seated. Bần Đạo/I resigned Him. However, He determinedly resigned Bần Đạo/me. He only sat at on side to talk to Bần Đạo.

In His discussion with Bần Đạo, Bần Đạo/I saw that He was a Kind loving country, people strangely. Bần Đạo/I talked to Him after selecting worthy words. Bần Đạo/I felt honorable to see Him to make Vietnam and Cambodia united, to bring bliss to two races.

The issue He spoke to Bần Đạo/me should not be repeated. He spoke to Bần Đạo/me determinedly: He wished one thing that there would have a method to unite two countries in order to specify the country’s destiny. He moaned how to unite two countries under Supreme Being’s decision. Bần Đạo/I did not know how to bring a result yet. Bần Đạo/I wished to meet Buddhist King. After that, He said surely that “how Religious Head is, the Buddhist King is same”.

After visiting Prime Minister, we knew their wish and mind. When leaving King’s Palace, we got news of Buddhist King inviting to Norodom Temple. When arriving at Temple, the Buddhist King also welcome and behaved to a Religious Head. For me, before entering the Temple, Bần Đạo/I had advised my friends to hold ceremony. They imitated what Bần Đạo/I did, therefore Soldiers did not lose ceremony because according to Buddhism, they hold ceremony strictly.

The ethic talk contained same ideas and feelings over Dogma. At this time, Bần Đạo tell you truthfully that doctrine of Cambodia and Vietnam King can combine together. If the divine favour of Supreme Being, Caodai Sacerdotal Council will be able to unite with Cambodia Religion to be in one in order to take ethic Dogma as a Boat of Wisdom [Prajna] to save people.

After Bần Đạo/I had entered King Palace, Bần Đạo/I had a most strange sentiment even the Palace is not strange to me; Bần Đạo/I obeyed Supreme Being’s order in 1927 to go to Cambodia to meet Sisoh. Bần Đạo/I had to wear Cambodia clothes because of going with Old Man Silipe so that I were guided to Sihohvade.

Before leaving Temple, when looking at old pictures, they induced me to recollect my old friend as Mr. Silipe with many difficulties because it was not easy to enter Palace. At that time, there was one person named Trần Thị Hương, who was very beautiful. I did not know why she was arrested to offer to Norodom king to be an Imperial Concubine. That king behaved to her very generously. When Norodom King died, Mrs. Trần Thị Hương was still alive. They build a tower for Norodom, among three Imperial Concubines, her picture also existed there (naked picture). In this ceremony, after ceremony, She left Palace and felt ashamed and lovelorn to die. Supreme Being nominated as Nội Quan Thần Nữ [Female Angel Mandarin]. Thị Hương also descended via séance. When Bần Đạo/I went to Cambodia and entered palace, Bần Đạo/I remembered to call Her name. Bần Đạo/I still remember that goodwill so that Bần Đạo/I executed Celestial Tao successfully.

What a strange Palace! When talking, there were three or four people looking behind. Bần Đạo/I glanced to one only. They saw Caodai religion, they would know Bần Đạo/me. If someone knew Caodaism with a grace, he would feel extremely happy. If someone knew Bần Đạo meeting Sihohvade last time and I was welcomed under Imperial Ceremony by King, he would be satisfied without fancy. Bần Đạo/I was staying there for one week.

When going to Sài Gòn city to meet military parties, Bần Đạo/I acknowledge many good issues that they were going to execute. If it is executed well, the Vietnam’s future will become good due to the private favour of Supreme Being. If Bần Đạo/I spoke out, everyone would be satisfied. However, Bần Đạo/I cannot speak out now because there are three secrets. After being executed well, Bần Đạo/I will preach to all Supreme Being’s male and female children.





2nd May Canh Dần year [1950]

Today, before recollecting glorious merits of Đức Cao Hoàng, who was a blood of Nguyễn family, was a hero not to hesitate life, death, miseries to build a country like brocades from Southern Gate to Cà Mau [Cà Mau province] that we are descendents enjoying now.

Bần Đạo/I tell Caodai’s guideline summarily. It is necessary to remind the guideline and standpoint of Caodaism at this time because Caodai’s guideline relates to fatherland’s existence or decadence and country’s prosperity and decadence closely.

For physical body of Caodai disciple, it represents the resoluteness, sacrifice, devotion to country because they believe that a race without its country, it will be able to do nothing. It is same to that one race having a country without religion will be a secular body given by God that they do not have any soul to control their life.

For metaphysical aspect, Bần Đạo/I have ever explained many times that the soul of immoral human is always dominated by the physical body to fall into lust field, to compete vanity, proudness. He will not have any elevated instinct, wise mind to think of his race. In contrary, the soul of religious human is the soul of Supreme Being created, which always chooses a brilliant path, avoids gloomy path, dares to sacrifice all for Country interest because he thinks that if the Country has its sovereignty, the country will have the Religion; if each Country has a National Religion, race in that country will find the life reason.

When mentioning Đức Cao Hoàng’s achievements, Bần Đạo/I see that He was due to country’s interest, not want Vietnam map to be erased in generation’s mind by time. Therefore, He passed through hard trials to restore country for next generation with a brocade land.

Although our Vietnam is in invasion danger, every Vietnamese must follow our clear-sighted monarch Đức Cao Hoàng who got great pains building country, with an independence recovery will. Nowadays, we need such a monarch to preserve race, build country. Who is that monarch, Bần Đạo/I Đạo am still waiting?



5th May Canh Dần year [1950]

   Before saying the thanks to all male and female children of Supreme Being and His Holy Body [Thánh Thể] as Sacerdotal Council, Bần Đạo/I would like bow my head in front of neighboring countries having close sentiment to appoint Ambassadors coming to attend this ceremony. Bần Đạo/I would like saying thanks for deep affection.

   Dear Sacerdotal Council, Male and Female believers and foremost youth, children, My speeches are to place in youth and children above all others. Bần Đạo/I think that Bần Đạo/I perhaps belong to persons who are sixty-one years old with an infinite bliss.

   Moreover, over twenty-four years, Bần Đạo/I have not ever imagined an infinite favour of Supreme Being granting to this Vietnamese race at the time of that people’s heart is shifty; the moral spirit power falls into decay; people’s spirit is miserable because of lack of solace method. We have seen many injustices of society happening in front of our sight with many terrible plays that we cannot describe them by language. Bần Đạo/I just want to say that at the chaotic period, humankind’s ethic was going to fall to decay; Supreme Being came. He came and carried a simple method to build His True Religion. Bần Đạo/I recollect the beginning time of His coming that He only petitioned for three precious things as Three Treasures from His Disciples:

   1. Physical body.

   2. Mind.

   3. Soul.

He needed Three Treasures offered to Him so that He created the organ of saving world.

At that time, we did not understand meaning. Many people and many Disciples made a question that what power did Supreme Being petition for three treasures to create?

Dear all children of Supreme Being, those three treasures contain valuelessness. He takes His few Virtues to create a form of an infinite passion mass. There is a thing we feel most surprised that for a long time, human beings have understood the incomparable power of love power, however they have not yet understood value of united love to be a method of saving world, or to be their guideline to create their bliss in their life. In contrary, they have been uniting spiteful spirit to make this earth bloody for many times. Humankind fights together because they commit a breach of trust and they know spitefulness more than union love.


The Superior Master Sergeant of France, Mr. Maréchal Lyautey said that: “One ne peut pas réalier sans avoir de I’amour” If Bần Đạo/I say more: “et un peu de justice”. His worldly-wise thing is to observe condition and his direction to specify the reality.

Bần Đạo/I am standing here to confess that: you and all children of Supreme Being! Do not think that now, Qua/I can just enjoy your spreading bliss in front of sight, but Bần Đạo/I had enjoyed bliss before Supreme Being united you to be His Holy Body in His infinite love mass in order to create a great divine family with friends, father, brothers, younger brothers, relatives, race that there has not appeared on this earth. People on this earth have not ever imagined its value. The secular family exists or disappears here while your great divine family exists eternally without extermination. You should think about it. Whoever enjoys that value will be able to understand its sublime taste. The favor rewarded by Supreme Being is much more valuable and precious.

You are me/Qua. Qua/I am you. Despite all male and female on this earth know to unite together to be a family on this earth successfully, that will be a great divine family. The humankind must have and they must execute it successfully. If they are unable to execute, the bliss of universal concord will never come.

The Supreme Being’s world saving flag displays the great divine power at this time and it will execute its incomparable power as our power of infinite love.

Whenever humankind loves together as Supreme Being’s teachings, that time will be the happy day for humankind with their obtainment. We see that what Supreme Being said is not new because there were two Spirits doing before:

The first Spirit: The Spirit everyday held a Bowl to beg to provide “Cấp Cô Độc Viên” [Anathapindika] to breed poverty-stricken people. That is the Sakyamuni Buddha.

The second Spirit: The Spirit broke bread into pieces, shared fish pieces in spite of His clothe of “Tam Tinh” He also took off for ragged people. That is the Jesus Christ.

Bần Đạo/I assert that two Religious Heads built the moral spirit foundation in Orient and Europe, which are Catholicism and Buddhism. Those things were executed and handed on this earth with a great spirit, which is due to love competence of Spirits. Actually, there is nothing new at all.

The misery delivery flag of Caodaism is the love only. The next one is the justice. If executing two things successfully, we will be able to bring the real peace to this earth.

Bần Đạo/I would like saying thanks to whole Sacerdotal Councils, male and female believers, Military and children, who made My life glorious, made Bần Đạo/me enjoyed a profound taste of love of all Supreme Being’s children.



At Holy See, Mouse time of night 1st June Canh Dần year [1950]

Bần Đạo/I have not attended service for a long time. Bần Đạo/I see that the Holy See seems rather void.

Today, Bần Đạo/I am still painful but try to attend service because of an important issue.


On my birth anniversary, Đức Hoàng Thái Hậu Từ Cung [Queen Mother] and Đức Bảo Đại [Bảo Đại king] presented a Back Copper gift. Bần Đạo/I understood that hidden intention that they wanted to share merit to Holy See. Consequently, Bần Đạo/I put in middle of Holy See hurriedly and offered their prayer: “People are peaceful, Vietnam is eternal, the prosperous legacy of Nguyễn dynasty can be perpetual”. Today, Bần Đạo/I attend service due to that reason.

By this way, Bần Đạo/I should tell all children of Supreme Being to understand one thing, so that you can know one issue in advance to get worldly-wise enough for future of Religion and Secularity.

After this, it is afraid of humankind’s sentence coming from society injustice caused before. Nowadays, its karma is coming.

The war 1914-1918 passed. The Supreme Being came to teach humanity to give trial as their karma for humankind on this earth. We see may evidences in front of us with cruelty and society injustice on this earth that there is not any mouth, which can deny that sentence. The karma comes obviously because there was cause. For life and death in Religious gate, they are meaningless. People think that living is to pay debt for physical body only. The death is the delivery organ coming. Consequently, Bần Đạo/I assert that if we understand it, we will wish death much more than life. However, due to consideration for Divine Virtue of Supreme Being, death due to humankind and death due to spirit contain bliss. The death for paying karma does not contain any taste.

Over war 1914-1918, Supreme Being said “If Religion is propagated later one day, it damages human beings for one day”. Therefore, He hurried His Holy Body to display the misery delivery organ to save humankind, in order to call humankind hearing His merciful and passionate speeches. Bần Đạo/I thought that Supreme Being came to essentially build Religion and hurry His Holy Body to receive His order in order to gather His children all firstly to wait Him. His speech was to hurry His Holy Body to come this earth at most to do as your will that they would save humankind all. However, the humankind’s cruel fire is in thousand carriages, how can His drop of Holy Water extinguish them?

After war 1939-1945, the third war is coming nearly. In front of our sight, we see a misery without discussion. A great war proves karma humankind must pay it. If the karma modification is to reduce sin, the sacred greatness of Caodaism will progress for one more step.

However, whole Holy Body should be calm not to be conceited. Bần Đạo/I advise a necessary issue to whole Holy Body of Supreme Being that we should gather to be an infinite love mass. The miserable days will become normal. People do not understand to separate, then the miseries will more and more follow up them. The youth should remember my advice always.

Bần Đạo/I tell you that this great legacy’s existence and disappearance are due to wise spirit. You must be wiser, lucider with more morality to hold the next future. That is the youth.

There is one more thing: Womankind and children at your hands. Bần Đạo/I assert that they will succeed work at this Religious gate, therefore you must take milk drop of mercy and love of Supreme Being in order to breed them. They will continue to succeed the Religious cult.


Bần Đạo/I recommend children to you.



At Gratitude Temple, 19th June Canh Dần year [1950]

Dear Saints, Canonized Dignitaries of Palace of Nine Divine Planes,

Today, all of us in spite male and female endure a general bereavement of a fellow sustaining miseries with us. That is the Archbishop Thượng Sách Thanh died. The world is unchanged that this physical body just maintains in a short time only. In spite of a too short time, we also leave an intense profound sentiment. If there was that natural law, our life would perhaps become insipid without meaning. As we follow up Supreme Being’s dharma, today we feel happy because we know a fellow, who is completely loyal to Sacerdotal Council, completely pietistic to Supreme Being and Holy Mother. At this time, our friend enjoys a private favor granted by Supreme Being.

How pitiful!

We see the merit of our fellow as Archbishop Thượng Sách Thanh who endured miseries with us. From the time of abolishing secular life for religious life, he only cared Religion in spite of poor family. He just cared Sacerdotal Council, not care family.

The Religion was going on many tragic situations containing the decay and trials but he took care execution because his mind knew his thought and activity, knew to execute his mind actions, not to want speak out. His character was reticent too. From the coup d’e1tat, the Military wondered all that one sick and weak person was always agile not to stop execute Religious works without rest. In spite of feeble body, he cared most, cared Religious future, Secular future. He did not speak out but he did. Why is it? It is due to his ardent patriotism and love to race. There is one thing that for Religious aspect, he determined to take his body to execute by his ability, to display justice so that all people would know how the infinite Religious power was. His will did not contain speech but action only without thought, without language. His sketch merits are listed until now:

§ 4th October Bính Tuất year, he started his merit.

§ 11th October Bính Tuất year, the Holy Order appointed to undertake Chief of Religious Religion [Biên Hòa, Đồng Nai province].

§ 12th August Bính Tuất, the Holy Order appointed the Interior Institute Intendant [Thượng Thống Lại Viện].

§ 17th April Mậu Tý year, he was promoted to Archbishop

§ 11th March Canh Dần year, he petitioned to rest for convalescence. Bần Đạo/I saw he was feeble and sick, therefore I requested him to rest. Otherwise, he would not rest to serve Religion determinedly until his death only. As Bần Đạo/I knew, I let him rest. However, in his convalescence, he did not rest at all. He never took a rest because of such his mind. He always cared not convalesce despite his old age that people normally enjoyed leisured age as a basis. He still continued to help religion, sought conditions for religion and secularity so that they could enjoy gift blessed by Supreme Being.


Actually, the merit of our fellow enduring miseries with us is offered by us and Bần Đạo/I just offered his soul to Supreme Being so that Supreme Being established position for him. Younger brothers, children in bereavement family should remember my teachings all. If the divine gate is still open, your father perhaps enjoys infinite love in the divine eternal world. That sight is real happy sight and this sight is the miserable sight only. He sacrificed his life to build work, which is not your secular work because in spite of honorable secular work, it is still meaningless. What does it remain anything for states, lands, emperor legacies created for a long time? In contrary, your father found an honorable path for you. That is the “Religious work”. If the religious work exists, your father’s swear, blood still exist. If you protect it, that is your piety. All fathers have loved their children, cared their children but they did by many different methods. Your father has built a legacy for you that you cannot blame him. Your father has executed worthily as being a father. Bần Đạo/I like bearing a witness to your that your father is a worthy father.



At Holy See, night of 1st July Canh Dần year [1950]

Today, Bần Đạo/I preach the pain of Supreme Being’s Holy Body [Thánh Thể].

When specifying Vietnam’s destiny, we understand enough that: even how human has a victory spirit on this earth, the earthliness still belongs to earthliness. Consequently, Supreme Being says that on this earth nobody is perfectly good and whole people are not perfectly good. It means that on this earth, humankind never reaches good perfection.

When Supreme Being came to open Religion, He signed the treaty with us by forcing us to execute His misery delivery organ successfully, to highly appreciate two words of love and justice. He exchanged divine throne of Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha for us. He wished such that amount.

How harmful! When He came to Vietnam enduring the independent accident, the possessive power for Religions does not feel happy to see His flag of misery delivery displayed well and secular power does not feel happy to see His misery delivery doctrine too.

How harmful! He selected this slavish race to be His Holy Body. Of course, it is impossible to deny the pain of His Holy Body as all His children in Religious gate. What kind of miseries the Religion has been sustaining, all children of Supreme Being as His Holy Body has been enduring same.

Alas! How many miseries are there? If we did not take the name of His Holy Body, we would write a book to relate pains and miseries we have been enduring for a long time. It is sure that: Nobody will not tear when reading it because the present policy applied is the doctrine of closing eyes, of baring teeth. That is the fight doctrine of humankind but we display the misery delivery doctrine with humanity handed by Vietnam’s Ancestor to execute it. That execution is too difficult without description. There! Vietnamese race is fighting to specify its destiny. One side just takes the race spirit to be basis to specify Country. That is the National side. Other side replies on International force to be a fight power for them. Among two paths, which path must Supreme Being’s Holy Body do on?

If we have to go with the misery delivery flag with the word “humanity” defined by Supreme Being, we will not be able to go on other path besides the National path. If we fight, it is not easy to specify its destiny. By fight, is it possible that we take resentment to exchange resentment, take rancor to exchange rancor? If applying that for execution, how will Supreme Being’s Holy Body become? It will become earthly. We do contrarily to take grace to treat to resentment.

Whole Holy Body of Supreme Being! At this time, people are thinking. Especially, Vietnamese race wonders by their normal psychology: Caodaism is trampled by people and Caodaism is in slavery. Can they avenge obviously? They are very stupid that have done contrarily against Vietnamese race. The highest doctrine of taking grace to avenge with mercy and love in Caodai gate has been degraded. We still understand that issue because have done and accepted. However, we know the present belittlement will become a great honor for Vietnamese race in future.

How they feel animosity against Vietnamese race, the future will fix them with a sentiment debt to Caodaism gate such amount. How harmful! Unquestioning people killed Supreme Being’s children ruthlessly while they were fixing the future destiny for their Vietnamese race.

On this earth, there is nothing we can own it by petition and robbery in Caodaism gate. The Vietnam’s honor comes by blood drop of humanity that we think nobody has been able to do except Caodaism only. In that case, how can Supreme Being’s Holy Body avoid misery?

Consequently, Bần Đạo/I advise that you come on joy to consider it as honor value, those miseries will become noble. The Jesus Christ died on Cross as an animal of sacrifice to Supreme Being last time. Nowadays, we take all spirits and moralities as an animal of sacrifice to Him.

Come on joy, come on superiority! Nobody has done yet long since but we are possible and we have done. Therefore, we are worthily happy and such sacrifice brings the noble value to us.



At Holy See, night of 14th July Canh Dần year [1950]

Today is 15th of Middle Circle due to lunar calendar [July]. The issue Buddhism misunderstands for long since is about ranks of soul that people normally call wandering spirit. There is no wandering spirit.

Or persons who were going to reach peak of Tao perhaps met demon of animals. Most of them are children. As they are animal soul ranks, they are always young and they make paper clothes to give them.

There is no wandering spirit. If Bần Đạo/I do not have a mistake that there was a wandering spirit who was a girl called as Thanh Tâm Tài Nữ died, who took a bath and died at Cap St. Jacques because of drowning. Although Thanh Tâm Tài Nữ died so, she is not a wandering spirit.

The ranks of soul obtaining human position are never lonesome. In Invisible eternal life world, they still have their family, friends, relatives and brothers. There is not any soul who obtained the human position, called as wandering spirit. If it exists, it is due to people’s imagination. They think that, he died without descendants succeeding and nobody serves him, his grave is lost and he becomes a wandering spirit. That is not a reality.

Bần Đạo/I repeat again that there is no wandering spirit, only demons of animal. For souls are prayed by us on full-moon day of Middle Circle [July], we essentially pray so that they can be delivered from their karma. People perhaps knew a secret that demons of animal often devastated to people to seek food. However, on Middle Circle or First Circle, we chant and pray for our Ancestors and fellow friends who have just died.

The service is the day so that we remind pain and separation in our life. Out death is to meet together in invisible world of eternal life. Despite our sentiment by vegetables, our deep affection is valuable. The value is due to our love and commemoration for them because life is in front of us and we see them in spite of their death. That is our human Ethics as foremost manner of our Vietnam.

Bần Đạo/I repeat again there is no wandering spirit. Whoever obtains the human position on the earth even how he is lonesome, will still have friends, family. Among us, nobody is lonesome. It is afraid that our friends, brothers living with us do not have a religious life and when they return the divine world of eternal life, they cannot meet us. That is most unfortunate and awesome. Otherwise, there is no wandering spirit, only demons of animal.

Bần Đạo/I continue to preach three circles. Why are there three circles in Universe? When Universe was created, the vitality had firstly covered all. After transforming, all living beings were created. The time of Supreme Being appearing is called First Circle [Thượng Ngươn]. He appeared and held that cosmos fluid formed due to vitality. It is that word of energy [His Holiness Hộ Pháp pointed finger at Hộ Pháp coffin Tower containing the Chinese word of energy].

The next is the Middle Circle [Trung Ngươn]. The Supreme Being created all living being. Human also belongs to that. The time of that Supreme Being granted a soul and they became wise and brilliant than all living beings is called the energy descent. Thus, His Holiness Hộ Pháp displays a mystical gesture of hands called Middle Circle by two hands combined together as the combination of Yin Yang as Supreme Being’s celestial divinity granted to human divinity of mankind.

For Last Circle [Hạ Ngươn], Supreme Being granted Spirit. It means the Supreme Being throne grants thrones of Deity, Saint, Immortal, Buddha to all living creatures, so that soul can obtain thrones. The living beings reincarnates by birth and death to reach dharma for their divine thrones. The Supreme Being’s coming to earth is to execute that essentially. Consequently, when Hộ Pháp displays mystical gesture of hands called Last Circle, it is the time of offering tea: two hands capsize together. The left hand as Yang is above and right hand as Yin is above. Two hands put on Kim Tiên [Golden Whip – precious staff of His Holiness Hộ Pháp, used to exterminate evil] to send down in order to grant spirit to believers. Those are three Esoteric Dharmas.

Now, the First Circle comes again. In Universe, the Sun is one seven globes. The humankind goes around those seven solar globes for one circle called a great transition [đại chuyển] containing: 61,000,000 year [sixty one million years is one transition]. Within sixty one million years, if we consider it, we will see that this globe regenerates after its death with 61 x 7 = 427-million years and the earth died once and its remain is the moon.

From its regeneration until now, it has elapsed three transitions leading into First Circle of fourth transition. Each middle transition spends 61,000 years. Last transition spends: six thousand one hundred years. One Descent spends six thousand one hundred years divided into Three Circles. Therefore, one Circle spends two thousand three hundred thirty three years. After 2,333 years, 33 days, 33 hours, 33 minutes…there will have a Divine Spirit in Buddha palace and Immortal palace descending earth to change Tao. Consequently, the image of Universe contains three Circles of all living beings creation.

The Middle Circle is the Circle of energy descent. If believing in Supreme Being, we should pray to Supreme Being to awake mankind’s spirit intellect so that their soul is holily enlightened and wise to protect their life.

At this time, do not pray for wandering spirit, but pray for Supreme Being’s children so that they have enough ability to enlighten their soul and protect their life only.



At Holy See, 19th July Canh Dần year [1950]

The advice of His Holiness Hộ Pháp: there is one issue that you should pay attention how to send holy remains at Holy Land after death because on this earth, there is no place which is better than the Holy Land. If your remains are sent there, a great bliss comes to your descendants.

The precious thing of Holy Land is that Six Dragons keep seal. Therefore, the Holy See locates at middle of six dragons huddling together.

In spite of old Paradise [a name of a Caodai cemetery in Tây Ninh province to bury Caodaist’s] or new land, they are the cemetery including 50 hectares in Long Thành. Bần Đạo/I know China that if their grandparents or parents die, they will wait to choose good date or good land with dragon jaw despite waiting some years. They just bury after finding it because in China, many people know astronomy and divination well.

Most of them are rich. Nowadays, Vietnamese race has a fortune because Supreme Being has determined that Lạc Hồng race would enjoy bliss and bless in future. Whoever has good fate to be sent his remains, is very happy.



At Holy See, night of 1st August Canh Dần year

[12th September 1950]

Today, Bần Đạo/I preach the noun of evil and right assigned to Religion by people. We use their meaning in Religion firstly.

About Tao aspect, we have to examine its deep meaning to know human’s duty thoroughly. It means to how humankind’s duty on this earth must do.

Is the human is an animal among all living beings with creator? Why does Supreme Being descend in an animal?


He obviously intends to assign them. Therefore, He grants an incomparable power, which is more intelligent than all living beings. The wisdom becomes a lord of foolery. It means that Supreme Being wants mankind to be a lord of all living beings. It is unnecessary for us to study and consider meaning of being a lord. What is our duty for all living beings? We have appeared due to the creation framework. It means we receive grace of Creator Supreme Being, who grants a holy divine so that we can undertake a role of protecting His creation organ. We preserve the creation law easily but it is not easy for us to destroy the creation law.

We consider this globe. Before its death, uncountable souls had obtained Buddha thrones. This earth in its previous life helped many powerful spirits holding power in this Universe. There are other places. Bần Đạo/I have ever preached that on this globe at that time, the Meitreya Buddha who is dominating Universal power, was a gorilla only. The Sakyamunia was a boorish man. Within three great transitions, the Sakyamuni Buddha and Meitreya Buddha have been creating their throne imposingly and honorably in such way. The Supreme Being essentially grants this globe with a school to train and allocate certificate to Buddha.

The protection for creator has no extermination right, just has preserve right only. The preserve organ belongs to the right. The extermination organ is evil. By examining under our reason, in spite of matter or spirit, they are the medium for humankind to push souls to evolve to Buddha throne. For conformation aspect, whichever organ without usefulness for creator body is useless to humankind.

The humankind life protection in creator framework, which means that whichever organ supports and protects life of creator body, protects the life of all living beings on this earth, is right. Whichever doctrine helps humankind to protect the creator organ steadily and solidly, it is the right. Whichever doctrine induces humankind to kill together, it means that it is the evil.

We see that the creator body was in that way, not except Caodai gate. In Monarch Way and Heresy, we see that the monarch’s discipline goes on the right path only, therefore it forces to protect human’s life in society. It means to the state protection done by the right heart to specify human’s destiny. That right is Monarch Way. The doctrines or organs doing against that right to make people chaotic, upset to heart not to know to esteem mutual life, to murder together, to make divine law troubled in extermination, are Heresy.

It is so luck for us. The Supreme Being came and said determinedly: For things on this earth such as traditional faiths at the first revived globe, all living beings were still untutored that they have been progressing continuously into Buddha throne or into throne similar to Me/Master have been going under the cause of word of Tao. Those are God and Human coming from “Reliron” and “Relior” [French]”. Whichever organ connects human and God, it means that Supreme Being comes to us. He said: “I come to teach a doctrine so that you can know it. Your worship is to adore you and Master/Me only because this organ has two mastering powers:

1. Master

2. Humankind as you”


We only reply on two Spirits. What did Supreme Being ask us to do for preservation? He leaves a law as love and justice in front of us. For examples, a dog bears some puppies. There is a person to beg. He looks at them to choose a nice puppy. He only selects the nice one to breed because of his love. A person plants a tree that he likes it. As he loves it, he plants it and protects its life.

In order to protect the creator law steadfastly, mankind replies on love only. That love framework fixes us to help and preserve the creator body only.

For love, that love is not that we need this but do not throw others, we praise that but refuse others. Otherwise, we must take justice to fix due to creator framework in order specify our life maintained. To be protected, we need justice and psychology.

For society, as being born in a state, in a race, we cannot unknowable for how our obligation to our race is.

We are born in a state due to national grace. We reply on it to set up our position and specify our destiny. If we have not identified love yet, our human obligation is not true. Due to obligation, due to that justice, due love, we sacrifice to serve people all.

For that service organ, the Supreme Being asks us to offer our physical body, mind and soul all so that He creates a service organ for humankind to preserve the creator organ steadfastly. It means that He leads us going on the right Way.



At Great Terrace of Universal Concord on Mid-Autumn festival, 15th August Canh Dần year [1950]

For heart breaking sight of Vietnamese at time of state foundation, the painful situation made Bần Đạo/me moved with emotion. With a comparison about 5 years of exile in Foreign Country containing many pains, it is not necessary to clarify but the Supreme Being’s children can know to specify thoroughly how its value is.

Bần Đạo/I would like to assert that: the miser in 5 years of exile in Foreign Country is not equal to seeing a heart breaking play in front of my presence that Vietnamese race murders Vietnamese race. Bần Đạo/I have sacrificed my life wholly to create bliss for all children of Lạc Hồng race that Bần Đạo/I am a member of that race.

The fight by body sacrifice to be a general value for Religion and Secularity never knows to step back to whichever difficulties with many miseries. There is no ability, which is able to prevent My steps. Bần Đạo/I determine for victory to reach the final purpose.

Actually, the Religious Administration has not ever made Bần Đạo/me satisfied. Nowadays, Vietnamese is fighting to deliver from slavery happening for eighty years. Taking civilization, highest spirit of race to be a value is the method of claiming independence and union. The action for our country is the Dharma. The essential point for fight by Dharma is the liberation conception for Vietnamese race.

Today, we are going to reach purpose. The continuous miserable sight has been spreading out in front of Vietnamese’s sight that they gave the independence and union to Vietnam by communism. However, Bần Đạo/I do not blame their fight because they always fight to create general bliss for their race wholly. There is only one thing that they murdered their race.

Bần Đạo/I scare one thing only that 80-year slavery of a state with twenty five million people has not been able to reach a victory yet and scare that people apply the materialism of foreign countries to make Vietnamese race devastated. The race then becomes slaves or Mườn, Mán, Lô Lô [refer people who are cruel].

Nowadays, they want to live in nation of emperor. We must be careful and pay attention that Vietnamese race must be wise and lucider. The existence or failure destiny or victory is in front of our sight. We must not let enemy use ruses to make corrupt use of our blood and Vietnamese race must go on the path of self-extermination. This is that we damage us by ourselves. Even how Supreme Being saves this situation and fixes a noble future, we will not be able to save that situation. We must love and unite together to reach a victory only.

At this drastic time, Bần Đạo/I predict that: If Vietnamese race does not believe together to let the Northern dependency happen again, there will have no method to deliver from slavery.



At Holy See, 16th August Canh Dần year [1950]

Today is the feast of Holy Mother.

Qua/I determinedly let your family enjoy Supreme Being’s favor so that you master ceremony to understand that: there are many brave determinations that males and females as parents of children have undertook a divine obligation assigned by Supreme Being and Holy Mother. It means that Souls are coming to be His Holy Body [Thánh Thể]. You have undertaken an important duty in protecting the precious object of Supreme Being and Holy Mother with entrustment and recommend. Qua/I advise you yearly that even children are due to your blood to create conformation, those souls are your friends that Supreme Being entrusted in you. You should understand that: Before Supreme Being came to this earth, do you know who coming to you firstly? Qua/I say: He had come firstly. Among His Holy Body selected by Him at this time, Qua/I know how difficulty the father in family has to endure. Qua/I also understand your miseries that you have to work hard, manage to breed your children. The Sacerdotal Council will know that one day.

Qua/I tell you clearly that: for visible body created by Supreme Being: do you know whom it will be given to?

It is essentially to create legacy for you. Qua/I tell so that you can understand except Holy See and Temples Qua/I do not dare to mention because those are gathered with an image to be Greatly Holy. What Qua/I mention is the property for you to breed your children. Whenever Qua/I see your miseries, difficulties, pains in front of my presence, Qua/I am brave to take tile by tile off to breed them. Qua/I ask you not to neglect them to fulfill ethics of parents. Even Qua/I do not speak out, you also know this issue well.

Qua/I repeat again, you have whole right for teaching because the Supreme Being has entrusted you.

Whenever you cannot breed them, hand over Qua/me to hand over Sacerdotal Council. Hand over Qua/me when Qua/I am alive. Qua/I prohibit and Qua/I do not let them be poor and hungry. Qua/I tell you to understand that you must take the milk drop of morality to breed your children. Your rice to breed them is the rice of morality.

In contrary, if you do not fulfill the divine obligation entrusted to let them be cruel as normal people, your sin will not be forgiven in God Court [Ngọc Hư Cung]. You should remember that Qua/I always want to share your misery by building Orphanage, Đạo Đức School [full Vietnam name of school: Đạo Đức Học Đường. Meaning: Moral School], by building the teaching organs to help you. However, firstly the efficient Teacher is you. The teachers can train not their good nature. Their future is due to you. You must set up a framework, strict power in family. Whichever family has cruel children that family will have to endure misery.

The Sacerdotal Council will determinedly punish person who not fulfill obligation. Qua/I tell you that you have to examine if you are able to breed them. If it is impossible to breed them, hand over Qua/me but you have no right to neglect them. That is the most necessary thing.



At Musical Department, night of 16th September

Canh Dần year [1950]

The Rite and Music are two important things of Supreme Being. When He came, He still paid attention to those two things. We should know that the Caodaism is the Confucianism to change world. It means that all societies and people on this earth reply on decently amended Confucianism to correct people. We may see that their moral essential society seems to be reversed because of spirit crisis. The Confucianism was built society in Orient from Three Emperors to Châu dynasty, Mr. Châu Công amended to Tân Dân [personal noun: New Citizen]. The rite and music came from Huỳnh Đế and Châu Công. Actually, we should know music that many musical instruments are played with an only harmony in one sound. That harmony comes from music.


The rite and music come from sound. Therefore, we see that although how the civilization of all States is, they still understand the China’s progress, they will praise. Long since, on this earth there is only China with Confucius [Đức Khổng Phu Tử] amending rite and music completely. Therefore, the rite and music become a medium tool for all states at this time by using rite and music for foreign relationship to avoid grievance. We have seen the situation of all states causing wars because of ignoring that rite.

The musicians should know yourself that you play as secular ones to become despicable. If you want to know its importance, open history to know that despite a civilization state, it cannot refuse music.

You have to know its essence which is used by people to measure and understand it. Therefore, each state has a national piece of music. Qua/I tell you to know clearly that this time you hold a musical instrument to have a personal value to respect yourself. When Qua/I learnt dabbler music, Qua/I did not need praise and disparage of somebody. Holding a musical instrument with an equal sound is similar to talking about spirit with our musical instrument. Especially, His Holiness Cao Thượng Phẩm was alive, He considered the musical instrument as an intimate friend. Qua/I disregard all common languages. When hearing the musical language, Qua/I know it is my intimate friend with its brisk profound. Consequently, for discussion by mind, Bá Nha [Chinese] was Tử Kỳ’s intimate friend as an example for people. When holding a musical instrument to play, we seem to fly on sky. The musical sound sometimes is suitable for our spirit, we will feel out of physical body with an incomparable spirit. That is the musical instrument’s ability. Other people can just comment its harmony only. The essence, respect or disregard are known by us only. If we find the disregard, it means that they disregard. At this time, you may think about its limitation and it can be our friend. For its sense, at ancient time, strategic people considered it as their friend because of its sense. How our ancestors were friends to it, we are friends of it, nowadays.

For passed people in this examination, the path of Holy Body is spacious for you to go ahead unhurriedly. Qua/I hope that whoever holds its future must know the value, harmony sense, graceful, gentle and worldly-wise sound. The mettlesome music done by you will have a value one day, and will be in influence on national sound. That is your musical instrument, which will be the nation’s future and destiny. Remember that you must respect yourself. You respect yourself so that people will respect you later.








At Holy See, 15th October Canh Dần year [1950]

Today is the commemorative day of Interim Pope. All of us should pay attention to commemorate our greatest eldest brother, who is our beloved brother.

If we recollect Supreme Being’s Religion twenty four years ago, it was not like today. Bần Đạo/I think that if that time was this time, our eldest Brother of Palace of Nine Divine Plane [Cửu Trùng Đài] would not endure miseries many times with tears because of Religion. The True Religion was facing on the time of that human’s spirit intellect was reversed by chemical talent without their self-control.

It was the time of that materialism overturned spiritualism and the moral power had to steps back in front of spirit intellect force. Humankind thought that their spirit intellect could control the future and they refused the moral spirit doctrine.

At that time, Supreme Being came with a Religion that humankind has ever got it. Therefore, how could we avoid thousand miseries and difficulties. Now, we recollect difficulties and how their reaction created obstacle. The Supreme Being’s Holy Body as Sacerdotal Council all endured a powerful force oppressing the spirit and conformation because of France’s hands. We should also study the commemorative date of our eldest Brother by “making glorious firstly helps riches later”. It is not useless at all.


In Caodaism, Supreme Being highly holds the Flag of saving from misery on this globe to save world. Consequently, we can know humankind’s soul divided into three ranks:

1/ Man of original soul [Nguyên nhân].

2/ Man of impure soul [Hóa nhân].

3/ Man of preserve soul [Quỷ nhân].

As it is an universal salvation organ, we do not hate anybody at all. For this reason, the Caodaism propagation of Supreme Being reached a prosper with an extraordinary declaration that we cannot image the activity of whole Holy Body doing at that time.

How harmful! the belief mass was being gathered over 10 years. In opening ceremony done at Gò Kén pagoda, the Great Merciful Father [Đức Đại Từ Phụ] still let demons interfere in great ceremony by that He extended ¾ for souls. How could we avoid demons attending with their complete right to make a trial to make people’s belief chaotic. The hostile, disdain battle happened similar to a newly built honorable tower and He let His hostiles destroy. We had to re-build as the beginning time. We had to spend two years to propagate, create human’s spirit again. Consequently, the psychology of human beings has to be ambiguous.

Bần Đạo/I witness that despite great piety children of Supreme Being as male and female Canonized Dignitaries receiving the Celestial mission were also ambiguous and their belief contained nothing. As they lacked that belief, that belief made Sacerdotal Council opposite to fight power together. In that trial of fight for power, the Heresy religious branches appeared from that.

Now, for His life, He was the Senate person in South as a eldest Brother of people at that time. He held power although that power was lower than the colonial power of France.

For top aspect in society, He was not only a top person in Vietnam but also our eldest Brother had a specialty that a few people dare to despise. From South to North, nobody did not know his reputation. Due to habitual practice, people toady, seek method to be close to Him when He was in power, so that took advantage of our eldest Brother’s reputation and bought it to look for interest of power.

Within twenty four hours, Supreme Being asked Him to leave legacy and dissipation. The Supreme Being assigned 24 hours only. Within 24 hours, our eldest Brother had to fast [eat vegetarian]. Within 24 hours, our eldest Brother had to hand over legacy to others. Within 24 hours, our eldest Brother had to resign the dignity of Senate to offer His physical body to Supreme Being to create a flag of saving from misery.

In that condition, people saw that the luxury and power were left all from a top position to a lowest position. Therefore, people disdained because they would not have any interest by replying on our Brother. They became to be unfaithful.

Many speeches fabricated with many things were done by people. They discussed everything. At that time, His value and life were disparaged unreasonably by people that we cannot image the selfish world.

About Religious power, it is unknowable that Supreme Being had assigned Ngô Văn Chiêu as Caodaism’s Pope. Supreme Being asked to sew within 10 days but He then asked to stop. Ngô Văn Chiêu was demoted. It was very harmful. That dignity is pending only for other people but our eldest Brother had to shoulder mission of authority. This issue made the psychology of Religion and Secularity chaotic and unobvious and spites appeared with religious branches, which wanted to overturn the Sacerdotal Council.

How harmful! He had to endure a difficult case, an unexpected injustice that He could not defend for him. Behind our eldest Brother, all male and female Canonized Dignitaries, and male female disciples were ambiguous. Behind our eldest Brother, there was no support that brother or younger brother died, they endured by themselves. They ignored together without mutual protection. Without support, thus it could not avoid the powerful force oppressing and imprisoning to humiliate.

We recollect that if our eldest Brother did not enough moral spirit and talent intellect, it would not be easy for him to win a chaotic fight. They imprisoned within some days because of no money to poll-tax for Caodai followers. They also imprisoned Ngũ Đẳng Bội Tinh [title of Mr. Thượng Trung Nhựt]. When going out of prison, He took off and returned Ngũ Đẳng Bội Tinh because it was valuable. If it had a value, they would not disparage him by that way. Although He returned it, they did not dare to receive and they entreated and gave it to Him. That is our eldest Brother’s condition.

How quaint! On this earth for long since, there has been no person who has a strange belief as Him.

Nobody knew doctrine of Supreme Being’s true religion. People had to have intellect to think and consider for their belief on the earth. We have to our spirit intellect to study His belief thoroughly.


At this time, Bần Đạo/I stand here to make a question for why there is that belief. He descended from Heaven to obey the divine mission. He obeyed the Celestial order. It means that He heard the Heaven’s call to know clearly. If saying that: the belief understands thoroughly, Bần Đạo/I have not got spirit intellect to image thoroughly yet.

Bần Đạo/I stand here at Palace of Nine Divine Planes and see that the male leader had a very steadfast spirit. The female belief was not same to mankind at that time.

The mankind enjoys a favor of Supreme Being. Nowadays, the power of male Palace of Nine Divine Planes is built due to the strange belief of Interim Pope Thượng Trung Nhựt, handed over at that time.

Bần Đạo/I assert justly that when the Great Canonized Dignitaries enjoy a luxury glory on this earth, the Palace of Nine Divine Planes cannot have the right to ignore our first Person building a belief mass handed over. The His Holiness Interim Pope is the person giving a greatest favor of Supreme Being’s Holy Body of Nine-Divine-Plane-Palace.

Bần Đạo/I stand here to witness to all generation believers with my speeches: Bần Đạo/I on behalf repeat that every time there is a reminder, that is method for all Caodaism believers return favor to Him.







At Holy See, 15th October Canh Dần year [1950]

Tonight is the Last Circle ceremony [Lễ Hạ Nguơn] that Bần Đạo/I have preached it already about Last Circle of Third Transition beginning First Circle of Fourth Transition. Bần Đạo/I remind again so that all Supreme Being what the Dragon Flower Assembly is. Bần Đạo/I have explained this globe and if calculating due to maths, one transition includes 61,000,000 years called one century.

One transition is divided into three Circles. Therefore, one circle of a great transition includes twenty million three thirty three years and thirty three days, thirty three hours, thirty three minutes. On circle appears a Dragon Flower Assembly.

At this time, the souls in Universe on this 68th globe attend the examination. After this examination, we will progress more. At this time, it is the time that there is the infinite divine power of Supreme Being to cite and specify throne.

Bần Đạo/I do need to tell. The compulsion period is difficult but the open period is easy. The Supreme Being came to give the word “amnesty”, therefore we consider to understand that: He has come already and He has known His children had been enduring miseries already. There were many methods of delivery for misery on this earth. For long since, how much humankind’s heart has been enduring tiresomeness, He has been also enduring miseries such that amount. He came with Dragon Flower Assembly to essentially preserve the word “amnesty”. Just one thing can help us understand the how His infinite love is.


Bần Đạo/I tell you truthfully that in this period, if we do not seek delivery method for our Nine Generations of Genealogical line and Seven Generations of Ancestors [Cửu Huyền Thất Tổ], there will not have any period to be able to save them. There is no period like this happy period to do that.

Consequently, all male and female Supreme Being have an intense love to our blood drop, mind wholly to be tranquil in order to pray to save Nine Generations of Genealogical line and Seven Generations of Ancestors.

Bần Đạo/I can say that at this time, those souls can be sniveling to Supreme Being. As He is ready to grant the word of amnesty, He will give you what you beg Him.



23rd October Canh Dần year [1950]

At this time, it is impossible to delay more because the race is waiting you to lead them to a high purpose which is to court for real independence and union.

The Caodai soldiers will be their breath. The Caodai soldiers will be the origin of their life. They have seen the union, united race done from Caodai soldiers, therefore there is no reason that you do not save them to execute our divine purpose which is to hold life and humanity, independence that nobody had the right to hold it. There were separation and encroachment because our race was enduring the domination for over eighty years with a weak spirit. Nowadays, we have acknowledged the path and step, therefore you have the right to hold that independence. If there is someone using cruelty with guns, underwater ships, airplanes to do contrarily Heaven Way, humanity; you have a fight mission to oppose that cruel power in spite of sacrifice with the last blood drop.

Our Ancestors had been fighting for four thousand year. Bần Đạo/I will follow that will to fight on the path mapped out readily by our Ancestors. Master/I will lead you to follow and Master/I assert surely that we will get victory determinedly.




At Holy See, night of 14th December Canh Dần year [1950]

Tomorrow will be the Dharma Sanctification at Celestial Cavern of Joy – Enlightenment Palace [Thiên Hỉ Động – Trí Huệ Cung]. Bần Đạo/I feel happy because I have fulfilled my special mission. Long since, Bần Đạo/I have preached the conformation of Supreme Being for many times.

Bần Đạo/I have shoulder the material dharma of Palace of Nine Divine Palace [Cửu Trùng Đài]. Building the cause for Religion is not my mission. Bần Đạo/I have helped them do that. Today is My happiest day that Bần Đạo/I am in good health to hold Secret Dharma entrusted by Supreme Being. That is my special mission.

Hộ Pháp’s coming is essentially take 9,200,000 men of origin soul as my intimate friends who have been banished on this earth without method to be delivered. To take my intimate friends, Supreme Being asked to use the universal salvation Dharma for living beings.

Today is the day that Bần Đạo/I open the Divine gate and give a power to those Men of original soul to deliver by themselves with two Precious Treasures:

1. Fan of Exteriorization [Long Tu Phiến] of His Holiness Cao Thượng Phẩm handed.

2. My Golden Whip [Kim Tiên].

They are combined with three Invisible Circles as the Miraculous Light of Three Religions as the conformation of Universe and they also represent our Crown Chakra [Huệ Quang Khiếu].

What is the Golden Whip? It represents the Universal control electricity that location contains the electricity as energy. We reply on it to be able to open Eight Doors. In human’s physical body, there are Seven Doors and there is another one called Crown Chakra. As it is the electricity, we necessary to open it.

By clearer way, human has Five visible senses and Six invisible senses which need that Golden Whip with its enough power to open Six senses.

Fan of Exteriorization can operate Universe due trained ether to bear. It has the right to train the ether and collect it to put in energy.

The human who can obtain it reaches the Dharma. The human replies on it to cultivate Sperm changed into Energy, to cultivate Energy changed into Spirit.

That is the Secret Dharma sanctified at Celestial Palace of Joy – Enlightenment Palace. All of you see nothing but it contains an infinite unlimited dharma. The delivery is done or not done due to that only.



At Enlightenment Palace, 16th December Canh Dần year [1950]

Bần Đạo/I like saying thanks to all male and female children of Supreme Being, foremost His Holy Body.

Now, if we know how the favor granted by Supreme Being is, this will be a happy day that we cannot describe it because we have spent for 20 years to endure miseries due to Religion to have to shoulder painstaking things towards both physical body and soul.

Nowadays, the Supreme Being has opened for us a Divine Path to Eternal Life and Bần Đạo/I obeyed His order to found a delivery station for whole humankind on this earth.

Bần Đạo/I tell you that: From this time, the Divine gate of Religion is wide-open. Bần Đạo/I call all Supreme Being’s children that whoever belongs to the rank of 9,200,000 men of original soul should be enlightened to return to Supreme Being.

This gate is the gate for you to obtain Dharma to deliver yourself in order to return to Supreme Being because Supreme Being has supported. If we do not come, think about it, you will fall into Hell surely. At this time, you must not blame the Supreme Being that: not love His children, not displays the universal salvation organ on this earth to save human beings.

Bần Đạo/I like saying thanks to all children of Supreme Being again.



At Enlightenment Palace, 26th December Canh Dần year[1950]

Today is the important preachment day. All of your try to listen clearly to avoid the later regret. Bần Đạo/I wish all of you to listen clearly.

Before my speeches begun, Bần Đạo/I thank all of you as children of Supreme Being. Especially, Bần Đạo/I thank His Holy Body as Sacerdotal Council ardently.

Dear friends, now Bần Đạo/I release Hộ Pháp position in temporary. At that time, I am your fellow follower only. Bần Đạo/I release the Hộ Pháp position in temporary to come His children with an ardent sentiment. Hộ Pháp is also a Divine friend of His children.

The Enlightenment Palace [Trí Huệ Cung] is a universal salvation organ appearing at this Caodai gate. Bần Đạo/I tell you that: it is not ours, our special legacy but it belongs whole humankind on this earth because it represents the greatest image of Supreme Being on this earth. When it represents the greatest image of Supreme Being, there is no power, which can have the right to hold it because it is a special legacy for whole humankind as all children of Supreme Being. It does not permit the party, religion or race discrimination on this earth.


The Celestial Palace Gate of Joy [Thiên Hỉ Độn] is the Divine Gate to Eternal Life of all souls. Therefore, it never accepts attachment or slavery for any thought but it represents the infinite incomparable power of Supreme Being who always creates great works for His children as humankind on this earth.

It has come. What has it come for?

It comes to make friend with His children all. It must have an ardent tolerance love, not to discriminate thought or conformation. If it unjustly contains a spirit for a direction, it will offend the Supreme Being’s infinite power.

Actually, There is no discrimination towards race, thought, and party for all children of Supreme Being as My fellow believers. Bần Đạo/I have received the Supreme Being’s order to come to make friend with His children for foremost 9,200,000 men of original soul. Enlighten for dream! For people’s conformations coming from human’s mind, there has been nobody, who holds delivery power, therefore, 9,200,000 men of original soul are still banished.

Bần Đạo/I start to call Supreme Being’s children, foremost 9,200,000 men of original soul [Cửu nhị ức Nguyên Nhân] to awake to look at Enlightenment Palace. To obtain the delivery organ, they must enter that door only to enter the Divine gate to Eternal Life that Supreme Being has created separately for each people.






Office Committee of

Religious history                 


(49th Religious year)

Tây Ninh Holy See


Sincere Gratitude

Dear Gentle Brothers, Gentle Friends, Gentle Sisters, Gentle Younger Sisters,

The first and second volumes of PREACHMENT of HIS HOLINESS HỘ PHÁP and Biography of HIS HOLINESS INTERIM POPE were published and released for all religious believers. Those reply on honorable Benefactors to reach a perfect achievement.

Today, we continue to publish the “PREACHMENT of HIS HOLINESS HỘ PHÁP, volume III” in a difficult condition because prices are raising and our finance becomes scancty with many obstacles in printing this book. However, we have overcome everything due to the patient endeavor and honorable Benefactor’s support towards spirit and money.

Due to wholehearted help, today we can overcome all difficulties to publish the volume III of PREACHMENT of HIS HOLINESS HỘ PHÁP.


We wish that Gentle Brothers, Gentle Sisters, Gentle Friends, Gentle younger Sisters will sympathize with our difficulty in publishing this book because prices are rising.


Yours Truly,

Religious History Committee






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