Rev. Religious Conservator Ho Tan Khoa

Translator: Khai Tam Quach Minh Chuong


* * *


We have ever already mentioned the evolution path of All Living Beings, which is the Divine Path to Eternal Life called as the evolution path from material to plant, animal, to the rank of human. For each rank, it requires to spend ten thousand years and reincarnations.

Consequently, from the time of a human in the fetus, he had to sustain the influence of karma that the material must sustain the circle of Eight Souls.

Due to that cause, when we exist in the fetus, we have been sustaining many debts in previous lives of evolution path from the material to the human. Therefore, each reincarnation sustains a deep ready debt even we have not done to cause guilt.

After being born from our mother, the debt of society begins occurring. The first one is the debt of giving birth and nourishment, of feed, of study, of family sentiment of parents, brothers, sisters, kinship and friends. When we grow up, our debt of husband and wife comes to us; in this situation, each demand in the daily life is a chance to borrow the society debts. That is the fixed debt in a reincarnation. By the reasoning for consideration over a full reincarnation, each human must sustain the favor of evolution to the human position, to sustain the favor of the humankind’s support then. Due to those favors, the human’s soul must rely on the boundless birth and death circle. When does that circle of borrowing and paying end?

That is about the primitive cause. For our karma besides debts that we have caused, we must sustain debts of persons who sacrificed for our life. That is the depending items of our productive karma.

Our daily rice bowl nourishing our physical body comes from the favor of many people’s exposed tiresomeness in producing the price, including the farmers and animals ploughing, developing the paddy field for sowing rice. When the rice seeds grow up, them require many people’s effort in transplanting them. After transplanting step, people must care for them, pull grass, keep water level, prevent insects and birds. When they are ripe, they must cut, thresh paddy and do how to have white rice. They continue to wash and cook rice. The dress we are wearing is an achievement from many people’s tiresomeness that we must sustain those debts as they must produce thread, weave, cut into pieces, assemble to have a completed dress for us. What we mentioned do not include the debts of persons who created machines, tools, scissors, needles…

Those are two specific examples, so that we are aware of great abundant debts that we must try to pay them.

When we are thoroughly aware of reasoning, we should seek methods to clear those debts. At that time, we will see that this physical existing body does not come to this earth because of the private purpose, but joint matter of humankind.

Therefore, there is nobody who has the right of living because of individual, which means to the egoism. On contrary, we must sacrifice our life to serve the humankind by many methods that people used to call “live unselfishly”.

We should also remember that the debts over our fellow human’s support, feed, wear, housing are not that we can rely on the property to pay the debts. However, we must rely on our sincere, frankness for service to save the miserable people. It means that we must use our effort to exchange another effort, but we must not rely on our money to appreciate it to disregard our fellow human’s effort. That is the Tao.

In the Religious path and secular aspect, people often face on many tricky problems. As they have not understood the reasoning thoroughly, many disorder issues happen to make the humankind miserable, to make the Religious organ of saving humankind not completed, to make the true Religion still dull.

If we reply on the reasoning to reflect and contemplate the issue, we will find that we do not know when we can clear this society debt. In that case, must we sustain the wheel of reincarnation eternally?

No! it will not happen so if we know the determined evolution law of all living beings that we sacrifice the physical body on this earth.

All physical bodies on this earth must be the sacrifice on the secular path.

Moreover, in the Religious gate, we know that the Supreme Being and Divine Spirits attach special importance to the frank heart and only evaluate preciousness via the Heart. Consequently, if we know thoroughly, we will be able to clear the debts called as the society favors in one reincarnation that the Invisible Divine power lets us do when we sacrifice our physical body completely to serve the humankind or people around us, but we never pay attention to individual interest. It means that we must have a completely altruistic life without any egoistic point even the visible result is not much worthy.

However, our frank heart and the firm resolution for sacrifice cover completely. If we execute it accordingly, the Divine power will clear our debts in one reincarnation fully.

When we hear this issue cursorily, we think that it is easy to execute it. However, the correct execution is not easy at all. For long since, there have been nobody who sacrificed their physical body and they did not get any thought about their minor individual interest in spite of spirit interest or interest of reputation.

Via the past, we just find an exemplary in the Buddhism to express this point, but a few people can thoroughly understand its meaning.That is a Buddha, who is normally called as “Ông Dám” worshipped at back of Pagoda.

The cursory story is: He was an unlearned and honest person, who would like to stay at a pagoda to make merit. His obligation was to boil water of sacrifice, to boil water for everybody in the temple.Although he was very dedicated for his obligation, people in the temple scolded cursed. Especially, young novices often did that.

However, he sacrificed himself happily for his obligation without any lament.

He often buried a burning coal, so that at the midnight, he would fan the coal to boil water, so that the Monk made ceremonial offering to the Buddha because there was not match.

One day, there was the malice person sprinkling water to extinguish the fire. At midnight, when he got up to burn to boil water, he could not boil water. At that period, the houses were still sparse. If he needed fire, he had to overcome a forest with many cruel animals. Due to his obligation, he ignored his body and went out to get fire determinedly to boil water for offering to the Buddha in time.

Therefore, he crossed the forest by himself at midnight.

In the middle of forest, he met a tiger intending to eat him. He petitioned to the tiger to let him get the fire in order to boil water for offering to the Buddha in time and he would come back to surrender. The tiger accepted that petition. Then he got the fire and boiled water for offering water to the Buddha in time.

After that, he kept his promise, therefore he went back the forest discreetly to surrender to the tiger. How harmful! He met the old tiger telling that its teeth were not hard and sharp while his bones were hard. Consequently, it could not eat. It requested him to climb up a tree and to jump down, so that his bones became flaccid. He also agreed to sacrifice this body fully. He climbed up a tree highly and jumped down.

The story tells that when he jumped down, he was saved by a Buddha and the tiger was the Buddha who transformed to be the tiger to make a try for his heart. The story seems like a mythology story. However, its meaning expresses a complete sacrifice with a selfless spirit in the nonprofit purpose. By that way, the Divine power will attest the Buddha throne. It means that he cleared his debts all in a reincarnation. People called him as “Ông Dám” [Express: dare to do things that other people do not dare to do] because he had executed an action that nobody dared to execute it.

For the sacrifice, the Divine power only attests the FRANK, SINCERE HEART without the nonprofit purpose. If the unobtrusive sacrifice is, the more precious the spirit is, but the Divine power does not care that the result of sacrifice is great or minor.

If the sacrifice is noisy, sensational under the reputation purpose, that sacrifice has not value over the Divine power.

Consequently, whoever wants to clear his debts all in a reincarnation, must dare to sacrifice his body completely to serve other people.

However, how many people who dare to execute that?