Dieu et Humanité - Amour et Justice
God and Humanity [for] Love and Justice
天 上 天 下 博 愛 公 平
Thiên Thượng Thiên Hạ Bác Ái Công Bình

May the Great Way (CaoDai Religion) be proclaimed widely
May salvation be granted to all
May You bless with forgiveness all Your disciples
Grant peace for all mankind, and
Deliver security for our Divine Temple.



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Includes information on the history, organization, philosophy and practice of Caodaism

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Our Divine Mother of Carramar: The Australian Điện Thờ Phật Mẫu of Caodaism / Christopher Hartney   [HTML]    [PDF]

Giới, Đường Tới Thiên Đường : Precepts, The Way to Paradise / HT. Lê Văn Thêm

Cao Dai - A Way to Harmony / Hien Tai Hum D. Bui

99 FAQ’s about Caodaism / Tùng Thiên Từ Bạch Hạc - translator: Từ Chơn

The Teaching of the Great Way : Giáo Lý / Tiếp Pháp Trương Văn Tràng

A Brief Introduction to Caodaism

The Collection of Divine Messages, Volume I
Thánh Ngôn Hiệp Tuyển , Q. I

The Collection of Divine Messages, Volume II
Thánh Ngôn Hiệp Tuyển , Q. II

Collection of Selected Holy Messages - V.I -[eBook / PDF]

Collection of Selected Holy Messages - V.II -[eBook / PDF]

Divine Messages
(in Collection of Divine Message, Vol. I)

History and Philosophy of Caodaism [PDF]

Official Declaration Addressed by the Founders of CaoDai Religion . . .

The New Canonical Codes : Tân Luật

Pháp Chánh Truyền
The Religious Constitution Of Caodaism

A Sermon Given by His Holiness Hộ Pháp Phạm Công Tắc At the Tây Ninh Temple, on 15th Day of the 7th Month - Year of the Monkey [16th August 1932] (The true doctrine. of The Third Great Universal Religious Amnesty: What is the Dao? Who is God? and A Poem Given by Victor Hugo through Séance 20th of April 1930, 1AM / Translator: Từ Chơn - Editor: Dr Christopher Humphrey Hartney). [PDF]

The Path of a Cao Đài Disciple

Divine Path to Eternal Life (35 Sermons of His Holiness Hộ-Pháp P.C.T.) / Con Ðường Thiêng Liêng Hằng Sống

Bí Pháp (The Esoteric Doctrine of Caodaism) : Sermons by His Holiness Hộ Pháp Phạm Công Tắc / Translators : Christopher Hartney & Từ Chơn

Cao Đài Esoteric Practice : Esoteric Practice Teachings of Bát Nương Diêu Trì Cung

Discussion On The Tao - Questions & Answers [pdf]

Sermons Of His Holiness Hộ-Pháp From the Series The Divine Path to Eternal Life (AUDIO)

A Gift to Australia: Caodaism and the First Caodaist Temple of Australia

A Strange Peace : Đạo Cao Đài And Its Manifestation In Sydney/ Chris Hartney
Ph D Thesis , University of Sydney, 2004.

Caodaism - Spirit-Writing and Revelation in a Vietnamese New Religion
Janet Hoskins -
IKGF Erlangen, Published on May 4, 2020 [YouTube]

Allocution Prononcee Par Le Senateur Hong Son Dong, De Religion Cao Đài, Au Sujet De La Paix Au Viet-Nam [PDF]
Le Caodaisme
Le Caodaisme En Images / by : Marg Gab Gobron
La Constitution Religieuse Du Caodaisme [PDF]
Histoire du Caodaisme [PDF] / by : Gabriel Gobron
Petite Guide Pratique / S.E. Hồ Bảo Đạo [PDF]

JAPANESE / 日本語 / Nihongo / Tiếng Nhật
Kaodai Kyo No Rekishi/History of CaoDai Religion [PDF]

CHINESE / 中文 / Tiếng Hoa
Tian Dao & Shi Dao Jing / Kinh Thiên Đạo & Thế Đạo [PDF]
法正傳 / Pháp Chánh Truyền [PDF]
新律 / Tân Luật [PDF]
Vietnam's Cao Dai . . . , by Xu Wentang / 越南的高台教:一個混育宗教的探析 , by : 許文堂 [PDF]

Online Fulltext Books in Vietnamese

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